Ok guise: we’ve been working on this for a long time now, and we’re really excited to share it with you! Now presenting: the Eatyourkimchi Winter Hat Line and Adorable Pin-On Patches…*echo echo echo* So before you check out the store, we wanted to show you guise the process of how we make our hats and patches. Soo Zee has been documenting our local Korean manufacturers…who might I add, are adorable. We want to clearly let you know that all our clothing is made from local Korean manufacturers. We want to support and create ethically made clothing, and so we do not use any companies that outsources their work to factories in China, Bangladesh, or Thailand. It’s impossible for us to know what is going on in a factory that we can’t visit, and despite the cheaper costs that come with outsourcing, I hope you can all understand why we won’t support it.

The Pin-On Patches

So with the patches Martina sketched the designs on paper (she looked like a cute five year old in deep concentration with a colouring book) and then Soo Zee scanned them into the computer and used Illustrator to make them into vector files. Afterwards Soo Zee sent the designs to our local patch makers to discuss anything we needed to change. Sometimes the colour we wanted was not available or a small detail wouldn’t turn up properly so we had to simplify the designs to make them clearer. The patches are thick, super colourful, and have a strong safety pin glued on the back so you can pin them anywhere! We’re working on more designs, so we’ll keep you updated whenever we add something new.

Beanie Bunny

For our hats, we first had to make sample hats to see how they fit. We’re working on two hats, one is the Bowler Cat Hat and the other is the Bunny Beanie. You might have seen Martina wearing a black Bunny Beanie in some of our videos lately. That was our test hat to see how it dealt with everyday wear. We were really happy with it, it didn’t lose shape or stretch out or anything, so we placed the order to have 5 different EYK Crew colours made: Martina Hot Pink, Soo Zee Purple, Spudgy White, Meemer Black, and Simon Chocolate Brown. It could be Leigh Chocolate Brown too!!!

So all the hats are hand sewn in Korea at our local Korean hat manufacture so that’s why we have to put our hats on pre-order. Since it’s not coming from a machine, it takes time for them to sew everything. We’ve included some lovely little details on the Bunny Beanies: a Spudgy, Meemers, or EYK tag on the back which was designed by Soo Zee. And on the inside of the hat is our “Made in Korea, Love the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio” tag. If you can’t tell, we love adding little personal details. :D

Bowler Cat Hat

As for the Bowler Cat Hat, we had one custom moulded and you might have seen Martina (and Spudgy…hahah on Instagram) wearing a black Bowler Cat Hat with a ribbon on it! The hats themselves are all ready but we picked out 5 different ribbon details to add to each hat: Black with Pink, Black with Green, Bubblegum Pink with Black, Spudgy Blue with White Polka Dots, and Martina Pink with White Polka Dots. Since they are all delicately folded and hand glued onto each hat, it’s taking some time, but these hats are really high quality, can be worn anytime during the year, and I cannot WAIT to seem! Freaking out!

Pre-Orders Are Available

So for now, they Bunny Beanies and the Pin-on Patches are available in the shop for pre-order now. Please note: they’re on preorder, and won’t be shipped out right away. It’s going to take around two weeks for the hats to arrive. Once we get them in our hands, we’ll start shipping them out RIGHT AWAY. If you’re going to wait to buy them till when we get them, please be warned, we will ship out in the order that people placed their orders, so pre-orders get first priority! I hope we can get the hats in your hands by Christmas!

Express Shipping

If you’d like express shipping, please send us an email with the subject line “EXPRESS SHIPPING” and include your order number so we can let you know the price. We’ll be using EMS to express ship and the package will be trackable, but the price changes based on each country.

Yeah! So we really hope you like these hats and patches. We’ve been working on them for so long and put a lot of love into them, and they’re items that we want to wear ourselves. We don’t want to just sell a boring hat that you can buy anywhere. We want our love for design and our passion for fashion to show in our work. Martina’s creative juice is always flowing. She’s happily doodling away working on Korean food patches now, so if you have any suggestions for an EYK character you want to see or something else, let us know!

  1. How do the sizes run on those knit caps? I’m thinking of ordering a black one, but I have a largish head and would like to know ahead of time how it’ll fit. Can Simon wear one?

  2. Soo Zee taking care of all dat swag!

  3. i noticed that in the patch options, there is a choice of a Soy Un Dorito patch set. But i dont see it in the patches section, may i ask what they be looking like?

  4. I know I already asked this, but does anyone know how big the bunny beanies are? I have a pretty large head, like…watermelon sized? LOL
    But I guess don’t want to buy the hat and then it doesn’t fit me D:

  5. Hey, who are your local patch makers? Do they have a website..?

  6. OH NO WAY. I’ve been looking for a hat like that (the cat bowler one) everywhere! I actually wanted a straw one, but still! Now I can support you guys AND get an awesome hat AND not have to order from some shady ebay store. win-win-win…win..(win? I lost track.)

  7. Those patches are super cute! I love the idea of pin-on patches but I think it would also be really cool if you guys made magnets like that too! Like for a refrigerator or something. Just a suggestion <3

  8. I was just wondering about the size of the hats? My head is almost the size of a watermelon, and most hats don’t fit me LOL

  9. More behind the scenes videos with Soozee please!!!

  10. In my quest to be a cat lady, I need that bowler hat. I’ve been eyeing it since you’ve worn it in your videos! Oh and for Meemers and Spudgy, ever thought to make a simpler patch without the crest(?) and banner?

  11. love love all the beanies’ colours (esp the purple one!!!) :3 so many choices of patches to choose from ;-; WANNA GET THEM ALL!!! mannnn tough choice to make here….. haha

  12. Will the hats be able to reach a Korean address by 22 Dec? :) I have a friend over there but she needs to vacate her dorm by the 22nd.

  13. I used to dislike wearing hats, but now they are coming in handy (especially since I am trying to grow out my hair and hats hides the awkward phase my hair is going through)…. And the Beanie Bunny (s?)/Pin-on Patches seems perfect, very adorable! You guys are so freaking creative!

  14. I saw the option for the Soy Un Dorito patch but I can’t find an image of what it would look like. I’m really excited to see these, I’m so buying one!

    • I was about to ask about that too~!!!
      I was hoping they’ll post a picture of it or something. Or even told us what it looks like, because as of now I’m just kind of assuming it’s the same thing that’s on their Soy un Dorito shirt.

  15. I just can’t get over the fact that the pink sparkly hat I sent to Simon and Martina is being used in the outfit of such a popular character! And now it’s on the Fangurilla patch! :D Sending that hat was probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. Haha

  16. The pet shop boy…..argh…. the Patch Shop Boy is cute… just like the patches :D

  17. These are adorable. Thanks guys!

  18. I so wish I could quit my job, move to Korea, and work for EYK. Everyone seems super nice and cool. Plus, SooZee is there….. SIGH….

  19. Woo, just pre-ordered a brown beanie with chubby cupcake patch! <3 <3

  20. I think you guys should also have Bananas!! And Doritos!! Maybe with little sayings or something!! X3

  21. OMG Was Soozee just singing G.O.D’s Friday Night?!

  22. what does the soy un dorito patch look like? it’s one of the choices in the order form but there’s no picture for it on the site!

  23. Which patches do the beanie + patch combo come with? Or is it a surprise?

  24. I really, reallllly want to know how old Soozee and Leigh are!!!!! RREEEAAAALLLY BAD~~~~~!!!!!

  25. These are so cute!! I’m waiting to see if my friend wants anything, and then just combine the shipping here! I’m so excited to place my first order!! ^.^

  26. daum, that patch shop guy was sooo cute~!

  27. JUST BOUGHT the pink hat with prince meemers PIN YAYYYYYYY!!

  28. Things that would be cool, if someone took the Spudgy White hat and dyed a blue streak down the middle of it. XD

  29. Simon and Martina (or Soozee~)
    I have a question about the hats…. How well do you think they would fit/work with a pony tail/bun? That’s how I wear my hair over half of the time but I need a hat… and those hats are ADORBSS~

    thankkksssssss (if I can afford it.. I might just get one anyway and wear it when my hair is down/braids/low pigtails. ^^ )

  30. When do you think you’ll have the bowler cat hats up? I want to buy everything together.

  31. Also, that Martina cupcake looks like it was inspired by the fanart I drew with all you guys as cupcakes. Especially the hair. ^^ *forever delusional* xD

  32. the new hats remind me of azumanga daioh’s father hats.

  33. I really like all the new merch – so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
    But I was wondering how securely those pins are glued to the patches? Would it wreck the patch to take off the pin and so that I could then just sew the patch on to something like a backpack? judo gi? jean jacket? y’know? Come to think of it Martina, if you have a gi (karate gi or judo gi), wouldn’t it be adorable to cover it in these patches? (eyes totally sparkling at the awesomeness of cutie killer Martina in a pink patch-covered gi!)

  34. I love the bowler hat. Just a suggestion: I love your prints but I just don’t wear t-shirts. You guys should consider making them prints on canvas or something. I would totally buy the soy un dorito one and hang it up on my wall!

  35. are you going to make more patches designs soon? I want to order some, I loved them but if you’re going to have more designs maybe I should wait to order??

  36. Hi Simon and Martina,

    I really really love this Winter series! I would love to wear them in the winter. However, I will be in Korea with a group of friends for a month (from mid dec to mid Jan)! So we were wondering if we could place our orders in advanced and collect it from the EYK studio instead?

    That would be really great and you guys need not ship it back out to our home country when we are all in the same country!

  37. I respect you guys so much for using local manufacturers. Ever since i heard about the accident where one of those factorys that you mentioned, collapsed, and hearing that the people there produced the most common brands that i wear almost every day and that they do it in so horrible conditions, made me so horrified that i feel guilty every time i shop in one of those stores. It makes me slightly happier that you aknowledge this, i hope more people realize it. .-.

    • It’s something we take seriously, which is why some of our products take so long to put out, and why some products that we had plans for never see the light of day.

      • I think it’s great too, as in school a while back we watched a video called “Santa’s Workshop – Inside China’s Slave Labour Toy Factories”. It shows the awful conditions that workers work in. Go EYK for supporting fair working conditions! Can’t wait to get the hats! ^v^ *Fluttershy squee*

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