Remember a while ago when we did the 2PM Interview that fell through? That was quite upsetting, but we were reassured by a lot of people that sooner or later something else would come by our way to make up for it. A couple of weeks ago, it actually did.

We were invited to be on the show “Running Man” with a few other bloggers, including Fat Man Seoul, Roboseyo, and Zen Kimchi. Awesome! They wanted us to be the food judges, somewhat Iron Chef style. Three teams of celebrities made food, and we had to pick the best dish.

The whole experience was quite interesting. We showed up at 2AM to start filming, but we didn’t actually get in front of the cameras until almost 5AM, and then were on for just the judging, which was something like five minutes long. A winner was declared, the winners celebrated, and then voila! Show was over! We got to see a bunch of stars, like 유재석, Lizzy from After School, the guy with the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and such. At the end of the show, though, we got to pull aside Nichkhun from 2PM and have him say something to the camera. Martina knew that her school was having their annual festival, and so she asked Nichkhun if he could give the school a shout-out along with some words of encouragement. He was really kind, and agreed to do so. Awesome!

We won’t be able to put the video up ourselves, because it will be copyrighted and YouTube won’t like that, but if we ever do find it online we’ll share it on our Facebook page. If you happen to see it yourselves, please let us know how it went! Our Korean isn’t really that good, so we hope we didn’t embarrass ourselves! Also, we’d like to say thanks again to JB and Annie over at [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for being so thorough with all their Korean subtitle translations! We owe them big time :D

  1. I’d love to be on Running Man. Now all I have to do is get famous in Korea and learn the language. Achievable enough, right XD

  2. omg lucky you, I’m a hardcore fan of Running Man!!*___*

  3. Goshh, i m really dying here, he is one of my ultimate bias …. soooo cuteeee,……. i m so jeolous T.T

  4. sorry to ask but what episode is this?? :)

  5. lol, was this the fabled show where u guys had to over-over-exaggerate ur expressions when tasting the food or have the director ask for retakes?

  6. It was never put up. ><

  7. omg! I watched this episode! AND NOW i have to watch it again, cos i didnt know you guye back then XD ahhhh so awesome

  8. OMG, AWESOME!!!!!!

  9. You guys are sooo lucky!!!! You got to meet Nichkhun!!!!

  10. OMG I saw the actual video for this! It’s at a site called baykoreans.net and it was awesome!!! Here’s the link http://baykoreans.net/index.php?_filter=search&mid=entertain&search_target=title&search_keyword=%EB%9F%B0%EB%8B%9D%EB%A7%A8&page=2&division=-236171&last_division=-85942&document_srl=140516

    I also saw Lizzy, 송중기(aka the guy with the perfect skin), and 닠쿤. You guys were the judges right? I saw it live, but I live in California so I had to stay awake until 1:00 in the morning…..But it was worth it to see you guys 

  11. Joon-Ki - 
    the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal :D

  12. “the guy with the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal” haha joong ki xD

  13. can i say something? hold the fangirling for a sec…2AM TO 5AM…do all stars film stuff in the middle of the night? and they dont even look tired…poor nickhun..poor every other kpop star..its all bcuz we expect to much out of them


  15. If anyone want to watch this episode of Running Man with simon and martina, catch it on http://www.isubs-squad.com/download/episode?e=62 (you need to register before viewing it, it’s that simple)

  16. you guys were great, i watched it

  17. which episode number was it?

  18. Got soooo cracking happy to read Sungkyunkwan scandal. I hope you can make a video review about that series

  19. my MOM recommend ‘eat your KIMCHI’
    So I study english with this site><
    Thank you!!!!
    I want to see you someday~

  20. nichkhun is soo handsome. i would love to vist korea someday !!!

  21. 닉쿤은 천사가 틀림없어요 ㅠ0ㅠ Nichkhun is angel !!

  22. I love Martina and Simon!!! I wish you were my teacher T^T

  23. what episode of running man was this?

  24. Hi Simon and Martina, I just tried Vimeo from China, unfortunately we can’t load the website. I assume it is blocked from China as well. Would you mind if we re-upload the Video on our forum or onto Tudou.com or Youku.com which are two Chinese video channels. These channels have control on some videos that people from outside China won’t be able to view.

  25. Hi Martina, I am one of the manager from a fan forum in Chinese which is called Baidu Ain Joongki Bar(
    ) I just saw this video from your Youtube channel. It is very excited to have a chance to watch the Running Man filming from your prospective. We would like more Song Joongki’s fans in China to watch this video and know about Running Man filming scene. However, Youtube is blocked in China so fans cannot watch video on Youtube from China. We would appreciate if you could please allow us to re-upload this video in our forum so that fans could watch this. And we would probably translate this article into Chinese so that the fans could know the whole story. Please let me know if you will be happy with this. Thanks a million!

  26. Saranghae NichKhun Oppa! He’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  27. i love you u :)

  28. He’s so adorable and I love that you put an english meter there. lol! I hope you guys get to do more fun stuff like this in the future!!! =)

  29. Ah you guys are too awesome! :D i love you guys haha bringing the best to us ! thanks you gusy for sharing!

  30. i think the boss of SM Entertainment was also there….idk…i thought i saw him…hehe….

  31. jealous mode here.. what does nick said.. gosh he's so perfect..:P

  32. Nichkhun's English meter rating should be 6, he is thai-chinese american.
    He has 0 korean blood in him.

    But awesome! I am so jealous that you got to also see 유재석 and 하하 from 무한도전. Its my MOST favourite shows! I wanna meet 노홍철 I love him so so much!

    Peace, From fellow canadian in Seoul! <3

  33. Thanks for sharing this video. I'm so jealous that you got to meet Nickhun. I wonder if I'll meet any celebrities while I'm in Korea. I'll be there in a few more days. :)

  34. !!! i've watched this before but i JUST finished watching Sungkwankyun Scandal this morning, so while watching it again (don't know why i did, just felt like it) I recognized Song Joong Ki! ahh, so exciting! :D

    also, i heard nothing of martina mocking anyone. hum…weird that anyone would think that, seeing as how you guys love korea so much…

  35. Just saw the episode yesterday. Too bad your part so limited.
    Did the food really tasty? Cause the cooking process a bit of mess here and there. Hahaha…

  36. After watching the episode there was one thing that struck me.

    Martina was caught criticizing HaHa's lacking english skills.
    It really did not put you in a bright light at all, especially since you did somewhat whisper it.

    I would suggest you think before you speak, and show a bit more respect to other people.

    (You yourself admit that your korean is lacking, but still behave like that.)
    (Does that in your eyes make me an uneducated person if I am not able to speak a non-native language in my own country?
    Personally I consider english to be my fourth language (when it comes to how often I need to use it),
    and I am happy if someone tries to use a regional language, no matter their skill-level, then to go straight for english when they try to communicate.)

  37. WOAAAAAAAH ! You guys are so lucky to be able to meet with Nichkhun :) You guys are so awesome and famous too <3

  38. after i saw the running man last week, i knew you guys would make a video with him. hahahahahaha and i'm right ~

  39. Y’all are famous!

  40. How great was that!!

    you guys are so lucky! ^^, really.. being there with Thai prince :D, and he's so kind!

    thnks for sharing~!

  41. Ye!! Omg Nickhyun was kind to comment for you guys. XD I am a fifteen year old girl and I am a diehard kpop fan… All because of the how to dance kpop 2009XD
    I have a Korean friend who is slowly teaching me Korean and it is my dream to teach In Korea.

  42. Omg How did you get to be there? Do you know someone that has connections with famous kpop people? :O

  43. You can download the full programme .avi video here. 1GB. Episode 19. http://www.kpopella.com/2010/running-man/

  44. iSubs subs every single Running Man episode here: http://isubs-squad.com/index.php . It'll probably be up in two or so weeks.
    Here's their site: http://isubs-squad.com/index.php
    They upload it on stream, here, though: http://www.dailymotion.com/isubs (I think they like people asking for permission to link videos if it's embedded on another site, just send them a message or something, though, because of the subbing issues and all. :) )

  45. what did your class say when they seen this? lol.

  46. พี่คู้นนนนนนนนนนนนนนนน….ทำไมน่ารักเยี่ยงงงเน้คร่าาาาาา

  47. nichkhun can speak so well <3<3<3

  48. I spot Cutie pie Song Joongki "the guy with the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal" cooking with Jihyo! You guys are super lucky!

    Im totally huge fan of Running Man (and also EatYourKimchi of course!!) sooo Imma keep my eye on the subbed video… iSubs (http://www.isubs-squad.com) might be doing this episode!

    ~ missmanderley

  49. OMGGG THATS INCREDIBLE!! >w< seriously :) i love running man :D and zomg cant believe you met song joongki (perfect skin guy 8D) and yoo jaesuk >.< and lizzy :D she's so cool ^^ and obviously, nichkhun; SO LUCKY!! i'd love to meet any of them :3

  50. Oh !!! Thats freakin awesome *O*/
    i wish i was there *O*/

  51. you guys are like the coolest teachers EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!! HANDS DOWN! i wish we had teachers like you in brazil :(

  52. Oh my my, lucky you ^^ I'll have to find the Running Man somehow to watch it now. But I thaught it'll be the same as with the 2PM interview, but it's for real… Gosh ^^

  53. Wow… amazzzzzzzzing!~ I want khuntoria to get married in the future lol, their the BEST couple.

  54. Wow that's cool :D If you have the chance, record the reaction of your students when you gonna show that clip XD Would be a funny thing to do ;)

    By the way, I love your blog ! <3

  55. Martina.. Simon.. you guys make me happy kahhh… XDXD

  56. the shooting was at night?? oh my haha

  57. Just watched it online! It was hard without subs, but I guess I should practice before I move ^^;;
    Lol even on national TV Simon wears his awesome t-shirts. Also jealous that Martina's hair always looks amazing T_T (you don't mind a little shameless flattery, right?)

  58. Have your students seen the shout out yet? If so how did they react? I bet they entered into warps of delight and jealousy, I know that's what I would have done.

  59. My mom watched the episode of Running man before I had a chance too and she called me just to say that the canadian couple that I like is on running man. She was very excited. haahah

  60. Omo…. is that Lizzy from After School/Orange Caramel too???

  61. Martina looks soooo happy :p I. would. be. geeeeeeked :D Neat.

  62. I watch Running Man every week and when I saw the teaser with you guys, my reaction was, "Woah! Superstah!"

  63. Ahhh~~!! What was it like just being able to see some of the most famous people in Korea IN PERSON?? Also how did the staff treat you guys? Were they accommodating or did they just ignore you guys until they needed you?

    • The staff was really busy filming everyone upstairs while we waited for a few hours downstairs. They called us up when they were ready for us, we did our part, and then we were done. Huzzah! The stars were all quite nice afterwards. Nichkhoun talked with us for a bit, while the other stars took pictures with other people. Yeah!

  64. I watch this show every week. I think it's getting as popular as the 1night 2days show. I also check your blog weekly :) "WTFFFFF isn't that simon and martha!!? WTFFFFFF" That was my first reaction. You guys are famous now WOOOOT

  65. Haha, I love Roboseyo photo spamming you in the background!

  66. Even though I've never met you guys I've been following your blog for a long time and I think I was more excited to see you guys on my TV than any celebrities I've seen! haha~

  67. lucky! wish i could switch place with you guys, well only martina. it would be weird if i was a guy.
    love your other videos btw. keep it up!

  68. how can we view it with the eng subs?

  69. I just did a fan-girl spazz! *Squeals like a little girl*

  70. Oh yeah, here's an alternate link (kpopella) : http://www.kpopella.com/2010/running-man/ << episode 19

    Nice job guys! Cool to see bloggers I read on a show that I watch regularly.

  71. *Fan girl squeal* Okay so I'm a 28 yr old woman and don't really get too excited over idols much but Nickhun is one I adore. He's just too cute and his English was really good. I was impressed with what little I heard him speak and he was very polite. How awesome he did a shout out to y'alls students. I'm glad to hear their company made up for the last little oopsie. Very nice and special. His little hat was too cute. Y'alls Korean seems to be a lot better too from your earlier video's (well I would hope so lol). Maybe now since you guys sorta know each other more you can get in at other events lol like the MAMAs. Next you guys have to meet 2ne1 and Big Bang and SNSD and I'll die a happy fan girl lol.

    • Nichkhun went to high school in the US (California) to be exact, and was born here , so his English is completely fluent. That would be why it's good. :] His accent just pops out now since he's been in Korea so long and he knows too many languages.
      lolz, you guys were lucky. Though the getting up early part…not so lucky…Running Man takes forever and a half to film, though it's extremely entertaining to watch.

  72. Oh my goodness, I think you inspired me so much that I need to move to Korea and be your groupie. Please accept my request :P. I have some dog-petting skills that I'm sure would be invaluable.

  73. Hey! I'm in the middle of watching Running Man, and all of the sudden, I'm like, "wait, that's Martina and Simon! Holy cow, I read their blog!" Pretty random, pretty awesome… now back to variety show fun…

  74. oooh Song jong ki(from sung kyun kwan scandal) was there too ! I really like him you're so lucky !!

  75. LOL! That part with the special sauce and trying the first bite of meat is hilarious. Nickkhun's English is pretty good. I'm really surprised that he doesn't have much accent either.

    • I think he actually grew up and went to school in America, but he was recruited to work for JYP and they told him to learn Korean, so I think he speaks english originally.

  76. That is sooo not fair!!!!! I so want to be on a Korean Variety Show. Alas it has not happened. I don't even know how that even works. It also doesn't help that I live in Mokpo. I'm sure Nichkhun was super cool…sigh.

  77. Oh guys, I'm so happy for you~~ This is so awesome, I feel as if I had been there XD Running Man happens to be one of my favourite korean variety shows, right next to Family Outing (1st Season) and We Got Married.

    It's only a shame you didn't get Joong Ki (that guy with the perfect skin from Sungkyunkwan Scandal XD) to say some words~ I'm a huge fan.

    Waaaaah, so awesome~~

    • There were a lot of people we wanted to talk to, but they all pretty much ran for it. And when they saw our camera I'm pretty sure they ran for it even more, because they just spent the entire night in front of 100 cameras. Ha!

  78. BTW, Martina's face while being side by side with nichkun was priceless… xD
    And glad Simon's soooooo tall, got to watch everything withouth anyone blocking.

  79. That's the power of Eat your Kimchi!! ohohoho!! at last you catched one 2pm!! :_D

  80. I like kimchi :)

  81. Nichkhun <333
    You're so lucky.

  82. Waaah! you saw song joong ki and nickhun.i love them both. nickhun is so awesome being able to speak a lot of languages. :D

  83. (Posted also on Facebook) I was watching it over and over again….In your video, no one was talking to Nichkhun and he looked a bit sad. Was it just the way your clip was edited, he was really tired, or what?

  84. OMG i recognized the guy from Syngkyunkwan scandal also. You didn't talk to him though, i would have liked to see something with him. Now the guy you featured, he's from 2PM? i didn't know him, but he's gorgeous.

  85. what do you mean the guy with the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it's "THE" GUY from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. so Naïve, if i was there i would be spazzing everywhere. lol

  86. You are going to become the cooles english teacher in korea =)
    [You should improve your korean so... the next big deals are around the corner ;)) ]

  87. waaa soo cool ! Bravo you guys !

    i love song joong ki!!! (he's the guy with the perfect skin lol) and nichkhun of course<3333333
    gahhhhhh so jealous!! this is seriously so awesome that u guys were on the show + meet all the stars!!

  89. You get so much opportunities! Aah! Lucky!

    You also brought the English meter xD But I wish he spoke more English, though… :P
    Nichkhun will remember this day forever:') Meeting cool guys like you

  90. OMG! you guys are so lucky!! NIchkhun!! <3

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