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We Met Nichkhun on “Running Man”

November 28, 2010


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Remember a while ago when we did the 2PM Interview that fell through? That was quite upsetting, but we were reassured by a lot of people that sooner or later something else would come by our way to make up for it. A couple of weeks ago, it actually did.

We were invited to be on the show “Running Man” with a few other bloggers, including Fat Man Seoul, Roboseyo, and Zen Kimchi. Awesome! They wanted us to be the food judges, somewhat Iron Chef style. Three teams of celebrities made food, and we had to pick the best dish.

The whole experience was quite interesting. We showed up at 2AM to start filming, but we didn’t actually get in front of the cameras until almost 5AM, and then were on for just the judging, which was something like five minutes long. A winner was declared, the winners celebrated, and then voila! Show was over! We got to see a bunch of stars, like 유재석, Lizzy from After School, the guy with the perfect skin from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and such. At the end of the show, though, we got to pull aside Nichkhun from 2PM and have him say something to the camera. Martina knew that her school was having their annual festival, and so she asked Nichkhun if he could give the school a shout-out along with some words of encouragement. He was really kind, and agreed to do so. Awesome!

We won’t be able to put the video up ourselves, because it will be copyrighted and YouTube won’t like that, but if we ever do find it online we’ll share it on our Facebook page. If you happen to see it yourselves, please let us know how it went! Our Korean isn’t really that good, so we hope we didn’t embarrass ourselves! Also, we’d like to say thanks again to JB and Annie over at [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for being so thorough with all their Korean subtitle translations! We owe them big time :D



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