Eat Your Kimchi

Nikuman – Japanese Magic Steam Buns

Magic steam bun

Aww yeah! Something more lighthearted to kick off the day right! We were planning on this being our first video of the year but then we got emotional so yesterday’s video happened. But we’re calmer now. Collected. We wiped away our tears from reading the comments and are here with the full focus of writing a blog post. So here’s a more fun video about Nikuman, aka Japanese Steam Buns, aka many other things.

I’m going to start with something basic: how many of you have walked outside on a cold day with a warm beverage in your hands, like a coffee or hot cocoa? That warmth in your hands that forms a little personal forcefield of steam around you is a deeply satisfying warmth. I hope you’ve had that experience before in your life because we know a guy from Whales that hasn’t. I remember him. We spoke with him about it many years ago. Mike was his name. And we asked him about it for a solid 20 minutes or so, like “man you sure you haven’t done it?” and other really concerned questions. Concerned as if we had heard that he’d never had someone sing happy birthday to him, you know? It’s something fundamental you need to experience. Some of you are from warm places and won’t know that feeling, that’s fair, but Mike was from Whales! It’s cold there!

So, now that we got that over with, steamed buns in a Japanese winter are a lovely small gift for yourself. The winters here are mild. 8 degrees, 10 degrees. Just a little chilly but not in any way comparable the frozen apocalypse happening in Canada right now. How do you people leave your houses?! It sometimes gets down to 0 degrees here in Japan and I start to question the necessity of my going out. If it was -30 here I’d have sealed myself indoors and hoped I had enough food to last the week. I wasn’t such a baby before. I grew up with that kind of cold. Now I’ve been softened, babied by the mildness of Japanese winters.

Ah, stop Simon. Steam buns! We’re talking about steam buns! I tell you what: you hold a steam bun outside in Canada and you’ll get something inedible instantly. It’s too damn cold in Canada.

Steam buns! They’re delicious! Go out and eat them! Walk outside with one. Hold it with both hands, take a bite, and look around at the city as the bun warms you inside and out. Try all the different flavours. Or just try one random one. All of them are fun. Some more than others, as we saw with the Pizza Man, but altogether they’re a great experience, and can make a special memory that will stick with you forever. If you can survive the Canadian winter that is…

And yes, it’s time for a revamping of this website. We haven’t changed much anything in, what, three years now? We’re going to fix a lot of the things we didn’t like about this site, make commenting (I think) easier. And it won’t be such a headache as running a server and hosting a WordPress site. Cuz damn, this shit is expensive and takes so much time. I’m ready to take things easier. Make a post, publish a post, boom! No worries!

A friend of mine with a popular website made the move over to Squarespace and swears by it. I’ve been looking into it for a while now but never pulled the trigger. Then Squarespace contacted us and it seemed like the time was right. New year, new site! If there’s anything you wanted changed about this site, we’d love to hear it.

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