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Let’s Open the Happy everyone! Today I want to do an easy hair tutorial for curling your hair with no heat. In fact, we’ll be using a t-shirt! That’s right I said it, a t-shirt. Well technically you can use any material you want but most of us have old t-shirts lying around…that we can destroy. I learned this age old Canadian secret from my mom, who used to curl my hair like this for special occasions when I was a kid. Since my hair is so fine and thin, heat has never been the best option for me, plus this is so easy to do. I do it whenever I’m too lazy to dry my hair or when I take a night shower. I hate night showers! My hair will merge to the shape of my pillow case and dry in the most unsexy awkward pillow wrinkle fold. BUT NO MORE!!! T-shirt curls FTW!!!

That’s pretty much all I have to say in the blog post because I don’t want to take away from the video of me screaming like a dinosaur and curling my hair. Oh, one last thing: it might be awkward to roll your hair like this at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. Send me pics if you try it out so we can OPEN THE HAPPY together!

  1. how did you get to first spray beer to your hair? LOL (sorry for my english :S), but I like the idea of going to the club and then not smelling lol

  2. So, does this also work for SUPER thick hair? I have really thick hair, and I have a lot of it, so doing this would probably take me awhile, but would it work okay? I’m reluctant to make the effort if I’m told my hair won’t react the same way thinner hair would.

  3. that is sooo cute, i would do it if i had fine and thin hair but i don’t… i have this curls that look Drop Dead Gorgeous when wet, when it drys the curls loosen and frizzes *Unsexy…* and i can’t blow dry my hair for my life!!!! *was never taught that skill cuz my can not go near my hair she tried to do it once…i had a Afro…
    no es bueno…* but when bone straight it looks great! that is what happens when you mix Spanish curls hair with Indian thick hair. its a Blessing and a Curse…

    • I have hair with this texture! I find that 2 different things usually work for me.

      1. Find some gel or mousse to hold the wet look. I prefer mousse because it dries matte. Hairspray might work as well, now that I think about it.

      2. When your hair is damp. pull into a low bun with a scrunchy and let it dry. Take out the bun and you might have some lovely waves.

  4. martina is sooooooooo cute!!!

  5. Would be so cool if Martina did a make-up tutorial of her look in The Grasshoppers Song review~ it was so cute! :3

  6. my mom was doing this for me a lot when I was younger!! waaa memories!!

  7. lol Love it, even though I have super curly hair and wish I had straight hair like yours hahahaha I still enjoyed watching it. 

  8. My hair used to be SUPER curly as a kid, now it’s just long and wavy. I always wondered how it would look if it was curly again, I’m going to try this tonight I think. It’s storming and I have nothing else to do. XD

  9. wow cool! I have a question though martina~ Do you have to put in hair spray or anything? Or does it stay really curly throughout the entire day?

  10. http://i42.tinypic.com/33yjaf8.jpg mineee! Thank you, Martina <3 BUM SHAKALAKA! Greetings from Poland :D

  11. brings me back to the sleep overs i had when i was a kid haha 

  12. Haha, I curl my hair like that too (last time I used a used up bed sheet). 

  13. Haha, so old school. I love it <3 My mom once told me about how her mother would tie all of her and her sisters' hair in rags every night before bed. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. But man, imagine doing that to 3 heads of hair every single night. My grandmother was a dedicated woman, lol.

  14. Oww I have to try this!!! And the T-shirt idea is great because it’s simple!! love it! ^^ 
    ps. are you going to post more make up tutorials?? I really liked the Wolverine one =)

  15. Hah, yeah, I was just thinking that I might die from tedium and/or frustration before I finished doing this to my waist-length hair (especially since I’m not exactly dexterous). I’m too much of a ~hippie~ (read: lazy bum) to style my hair. Looks really good on Martina though.

  16. …duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, this is SO awesome. I’ve never eveerrrrrrr thought of that.
    Thanks Martina! :D <3

  17. Omg now I can use my old t-shirts haha I’m so doing this next week!

  18. she is singing her version of Bad Boy by BIGBANG XD n the second song she sings is Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG :D

  19. OK i have crazy straight hair! So i really want to try this :D BTW martina love u jamming to BIGBANG its what i’ve being doing all week :D Hope u are feeling better! Thank u guru-in-the-making :)

  20. ąhaha, I was doing it when a was a little kid :D
    but sucha strong curls isn’t good for me I look like 5yo and my chubby cheeks are more chubby and so on :C
    but yeah this is cool tutorial :D

  21. That is so awesome! Must try it… probably will tonight :|

  22. that’s awesome!!! i have shorter hair now and want to curl it but using my straightner to do so only makes it wavy. i’ll have to find an old t-shirt…

  23. Hahaha the t-rex clip. It’s things like that that make me love your videos. My hair requires an act of God to stay curled. I was hoping my daughter would get my husband’s perfect spiral curls but no luck. I don’t think icould get her to hold still long enough for me to do this. It would be socute if she would :)

  24. It’s business, it’s business time.

  25. I absolutely adore you =) Love that you’re jammin’ to Bad Boy by BB, lol I’ve been doing that for like a week now like everywhere, even douggie-ing on the streets… =P Thanks for this awesome tutorial, its very simply and you get a great result! 

  26. I am so going to try this… and you are SO right about girls having straight hair wanting to have curled hair… hahah that is totally me… thanks for the tip! I actually was wondering if you’ll do more tutorials about how you do your hair! it is great how you fix it ;) 

  27. Once when I was a kid my mom made me get a perm and I really thought I looked awful. Since then I have always appreciated my straight hair and have no desire to curl it, but I think I am one of the few people that is happy with my natural hair.  

    • SAME! I have multi-textured hair (one of the not-so-awesome parts of being mixed ethnicity!) and once my mom encouraged me to perm my hair when I was 10..the lady turned me around in the chair and I HATED IT. My mom was pissed because I was rude and cried..but my hair was horrendous! Never ever again, now I just let it be what it is.

  28. I can’t say neapolitan either I just call it napoleon ice-cream lol

  29. waaaaah martina u r a life saver~!! i’m gonna try it for sho (: my hair too tend to get the shape of the pillow after the night, so i sometimes need to wash ma hair like everyday if i want them to look decent >.> but this thingie will save me some time xD thankz again & i’m waitin for next supa tutorials :D & since ur ancle hurts (btw how are u today? :D), u r more stuck in da house, so… make moar osom tutz…?? >XD

  30. We actually have some kind of weird things that you use to make curls like this! They’re soft and are made out of fabric, and one end has a pointy end you stick into the other end, so that it forms an O, instead of tying it like you do with the shirts. Super useful! Cause I can never decide on what shirt I want to kill…

  31. how about big big curls? :D

  32. ohh are these like those soft, bendy plastic curlers? i have them, they are so much better than heated curling irons! You can move around and dance whilst curling your hair! 

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