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Let’s Open the Happy everyone! Today I want to do an easy hair tutorial for curling your hair with no heat. In fact, we’ll be using a t-shirt! That’s right I said it, a t-shirt. Well technically you can use any material you want but most of us have old t-shirts lying around…that we can destroy. I learned this age old Canadian secret from my mom, who used to curl my hair like this for special occasions when I was a kid. Since my hair is so fine and thin, heat has never been the best option for me, plus this is so easy to do. I do it whenever I’m too lazy to dry my hair or when I take a night shower. I hate night showers! My hair will merge to the shape of my pillow case and dry in the most unsexy awkward pillow wrinkle fold. BUT NO MORE!!! T-shirt curls FTW!!!

That’s pretty much all I have to say in the blog post because I don’t want to take away from the video of me screaming like a dinosaur and curling my hair. Oh, one last thing: it might be awkward to roll your hair like this at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. Send me pics if you try it out so we can OPEN THE HAPPY together!

  1. Dear Martina, I tried curling my hair with a t shirt, but I had a lot of difficulty with rolling my hair up with the t shirt strips, I think I was doing something wrong because my hair knots were so untidy and in the video yourdemonstration ended up being so neat and clean, I was wondering do you have any extra tips to make it easier? Please and thank you.

  2. You’re soooo good at it, I tried it and I took about 30 minutes to just do 2 strips, got 16 more to go…

  3. This is the coolest way i have ever seen to curl hair! I am going to try it out after work tonight

  4. I was wondering if anyone one African or African-American had tried this technique and how it worked out.  Pics is you have them, I’m a little wary of trying this blind

  5. Very cute video and interesting, cheap curling idea.

    “… and curly haired girls wish they had straight hair.” My hair is crazy curly (as you may be able to see in my picture <–), and while it angers me at times, I
    love it since it's fairly easy for me to care for (wash, finger comb,
    product, let air dry, the end). But I do tell people that, no, you do
    NOT want my kind of hair. They wouldn't know what to do with it…
    except maybe straighten it – which, in my case, used to take me over 3
    hours, just for it curl back up in a day or so. :P

  6. i always forget the name of neopolitan ice cream too!!!! XD hahaha
    also, how do you do the pink in your hair? do you do it yourself or go to a salon? cuz i’ve done pink highlights by myself but i’m kind of afraid to try doing the entire underneath cuz i’m not exactly an experienced hairdresser. ahaha.

  7. thank you Martina for this trick! I saw this video last night & totally had to try it. When I first took it out, i had an afro, but I pulled it back into a pony tail for a few hours and now it looks awesome! :) I’m totally doing this when I’m on my trip to Israel this summer ~ I was trying to find ways to do my hair w/o having a hair dryer :) 

  8. Finally I got to take a picture. It was my second time doing it and I still get a lot of commetst about it. Everybody is like wow, you did it with a t-shirt! So it’s kinda worth the 1,5 hour of making it, I guess…. right? Anyway thanks for the awesome tip and keep the happy coming. Love from Hungary.

  9. It´s buisness time…….aww yeah!
    You’re wearin’ that baggy old ugly T-shirt you got from work several years agoMmmm, you know the one, baby …..Flight of the choncords. GREAT!

  10. i wonder is this can be done with my shorter hair…..

  11. Can you use this for just a bit of your hair?  I want a look sort of like… Tomoyo from CCS or something.

  12. my sister does the exact same thing but she uses socks instead… i swear if i found her cutting away my favourite t-shirt then all hell would break loose

  13. Thank you for this! I’ve always heard people say you can curl your hair with fabric but I’ve never seen a demo. This was immensely helpful!! I’ll have to give it a try this weekend.

  14. omg i loovee this channel ! :D 

  15. I just roll my hair against itself (think lots of mini-buns) and secure it with a ponytail holder. Sleep overnight and shazam – same effect. This way Simon doesn’t have to lose a t-shirt, tee hee hee!

  16. This was my try at it! ;p Next time I’m definitely taking bigger chunks of hair because this took forever and I realized there was trouble when my longest hairs were so curly they were as short as my bangs usually are ;p lol but not only did you teach me how to curl my hair but it was my first chance to make a DIY cut up t-shirt! Now I have a cool shirt to wear to zumba classes and a cool way to keep my hair curled for days…seriously I would never have paid to have my hair done up for prom if only I had known about this method!

  17. omg i know the shirt Simon! Flight of The Conchords’ Business Time xD Freaking amazing! And Martina..you’re so easily distracted when doing tutorials xD Such a newru/gubi? xD I usually just curl my hair with my fingers when it’s wet and let it dry..the curls last really long :)

  18. Oooh, that was cool… But we already have those old ladies rolls x)

    Wow. Fantastic, baby!:D



  20. this is awesome! i’ll totally use this for when my curls decide to go all limp ( i know ironic, but i’m always struggling to get my curly hair curlier, it’s the humidity)

  21. I do sort of the same thing, except I don’t use a t-shirt. I just twist and roll my hair. Somehow, it stays in place. But instead of getting curly, since my hair is curly to begin with ^.^, it becomes wavy for me.

  22. I used 21 stripes and spent like 2 hours rolling it (probably it took me so long because I was watching MV’s in the same time), but since my hair is pretty much curlingproof, the effect is not  that impressive. But I still like it :)

  23. Hi Martina,

    I tried this today. It took me a while to get the hang of it. After a few hours my hair were stubbornly curly, it looked like I had an afro :)

    Umm… but it did not look good on me. So I tried my best to straighten it out before going out with my friends with the help of lots of hair clips and hair bands.

    I had tried your eye makeup method from your previous tutorial too, that worked great for me. Thanks.

  24. I do this, too! However, I use newspapers because that’s how my mother would do them for me when I was a child.

    HINT: If you use this for overnight, put some lemon juice on each strand, and they’ll be fully intact for the remainder of the next day. It’s like a natural hair mousse! 

  25. you are so fu^&*ing annoying

  26. I do the same thing using these foam curlers from Daisho.  Very easy & it only takes 4 rollers for my hair
     (for medium size curls)  since it’s only shoulder length.  People are always surprise whenever i turn up with curls LOL!  They keep asking me how much I paid for perming :)

  27. That…was the most entertaining hair tutorial ever.  I like the random songs.  I don’t feel so forever alone now, knowing there are others out there like me who sing many random impromptu songs about whatever you happen to be doing at that moment.


    *Goes off to t-shirt curl my hair*

  28. lovelovelove this, i’ve always wanted wavy/curly hair but i suck at using curling irons (why doesn’t it stay in place for longer than an hour???) and this seems aweeeessommmme, going to try this out in the future, thanks!

  29. Though it doesn’t turn out curly, i have a technique for getting wavy hair.
    Basically you split all of your hair into two section and french braid each.
    Sleep with them in or leave them in for some hours and you’ll get some pretty sweet waves.

  30. So true, I have curly hair and I want straight hair (or wavy hair really) cos my curly hair never stays straight. I’d never be able to have bangs like yours. I tried once but they never stay straight. :c

  31. If I mailed in some of my favorite American brands I use, like eyeliner and eyeshadow o.o would you try them? My friend has got me into make up =_= so now I’m going broke…Jk :D  but I do love doing my make up and Im especially loving Baby Lips by Maybeline :D

  32. Total fan of this technique! Definitely going to try this in the future.
    Also, your ‘boom shakalaka’ make me fangasm.

  33. I tried this b4..but with thin socks (dont worry they werent dirty old gym socks..i’ve actually never used them lol) ne ways..they worked almost the same way..but my hair came out a little too frizzy..nd I think it was the material. So im going 2 try this method..whenever I have the time and patience since my hair is so long right now. I really like how the curls come out on you though.

  34. Whenever I have some time and patience I’m definetly gonna try doing this :D The last (and only) time I’ve curled my hear was 11 years ago, when I was 10, with heat, but with the hours passing by the curls were… spreading? breaking? I don’t know the right word xD But it was faster than I’d thinked :P
    But yeah, I hope it works better when I do with your method :DD Thanks for sharing, Martina o/

  35. I’ve read about doing this as a kid years ago! It really is a great way to curl hair without the damaging effects of heat. It seems to work a lot better on my thick hair anyways!

  36. I am /so/ going to use this technique. Seems much less prickly/uncomfortable than curlers.

    By the way, I love you guys’ many references to Flight of the Conchords. And to HomestarRunner. And to Ouran High School Host Club… I get smile every time you mention some bit of pop culture that I know. :-)

  37. In my area, we call these rag doll curls. :) Super cute!

  38. for ladies with thicker/longer hair – Bandannas work great. the exact same technique you just roll your hair around a rolled up bandanna – normally 5 or 6 will do my hair – so the curls aren’t as tight (cause long hair and tight curls = finger in light socket at least for me.)

    • Long socks work pretty good too actually, they do for me at least. I have insanely long hair (they measured with a comb at the hair place from the top of my head down and I have over 2 feet of hair O_O) and it makes it so much easier to curl.

    • Cheers for posting this as I have very long hair that tends towards frizzy and I was wondering if I could be stuffed rolling up all of my hair in these tiny t-shirt strands! Bandanas is much more doable (for me!). Loved the tutorial Martina, and your hair looks so cute!

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