Hi everyone.

We just got the call that Martina’s grandfather has become very ill and might not make it through. We’re flying out of Korea immediately and will be in Canada with our family. We won’t be updating our video segments or any of our social media sites (tumblr, twitter, Facebook, etc.) until we’re back. We wanted to let you know so you weren’t worried about our sudden silence. Thank you for understanding.

Simon and Martina

  1. I really hope that your grandfather gets better please take as much time as you need xx

  2. Be well, kids. I’ve lost all my grandparents and parents too, so you’re doing the right thing by making time to be with him now. Take care.

  3. Best wished to Martina and her Grandfather :(
    Take your time.
    I hope he gets better soon! Be safe!

  4. i hope that your grandpa gets better soon

  5. Oh man that’s so sad. I wish u guys the best. :[

  6. I will keep you guys in my thoughts! Tell martina’s grandfather that we hope he gets better!

  7. Take care…your Nasties will be here waiting for you and sending our love to you and your family.

  8. Take as much time as you need. Martina, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather being ill and I hope everything is ok. Hwaiting! I’m so glad Simon is there to help you and to be there for you, and I’ll tell you all of us are here for you too. I’ll keep your grandfather in my thoughts and prayers. <3

  9. wow i didn’t know you guys made a video, u guys do love us.
    considering the situation, idk if i would have wanted to make a video.
    much love to u guys and family <3

  10. Best Wishes guys.( not to down play) while you guys are there you should stock up on Doritos and ranch

  11. I pray your grandpa will recover…try to stay in high spirits. Nasties will miss you and support you the whole time. We all love you guys!

  12. Aww! Us Nasties Are fine! I hope everything works out. :(

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about Martina’s grandfather, I hope everything is ok. Best wishes for both of ye and your families. We are all sending our love and support!

  14. oh.. that’s a sad news.. :( .. I hope your grandfather will get well soon.. take your time and have a safe trip!

  15. i don’t think either of you are religious…but I’m still praying for both of you and Martina’s family. Take care and safe travels home to Canada.

  16. There’s no rush to come back! Come back when you guys are ready. FIGHTING MARTINA! You can do it! Best wishes to you two and your families, from all us nasties

  17. My prayers go out to you and your family. I hope everything turns out ok. Have a safe trip.

  18. Our hearts are with you, and we hope all will be well. Take all the time you need we love you no matter what.

  19. I hope everything turns out for the best..Stay strong guise…much love + support

  20. I knew something was up. Prayers are definately coming to you and your families. Thanks Simon and Martina for your hard work.

  21. Love you guys–My thoughts go out to you :)

  22. I’m praying for you and your grandfather, Martina. I hope everything goes okay and whatever happens, we’ll be there for you. <3 <3 <3

  23. Our hearts go out to you, family is the most important! Thinking of you and hoping for the best! <3

  24. Stay strong guys! our thoughts are with you and your family!! <3 Heres to grandpa! *cheers*

  25. Praying for you and your family! We love you both and will be keeping you in mind during this time. Take as much time as you need…your family should always be your priority. Like good k-poppers, we will wait for you and greatly “anticipate” (as so many bands say) your comeback! Blessings to you both during this hard time. -Nasties Worldwide

  26. I miss you guys and hope everything is alright with the family. I will praying for your family’s quick recovery.

  27. OMG!
    hope everything goes okay.
    praying for your families.

  28. Don’t worry about time, be strong, have a safe flight and hopefuly everything will work out for Martina’s grandpa =) .. Best wishes !!

  29. I’m so sorry to hear about Martina’s grandfather. You’re in my thoughts. ;( Stay strong!

  30. its alright :) i hope martina’s grandad feels better :)

  31. Take as much time as you need, serious. You have managed to take care of all us nasties by replying to our comments on facebook, twitter and email. I think its time you guys take care of yourselves and family. Best wishes to Martina’s grandpa. Nasties send all their support!!

  32. Oh no!! I hope he recovers, you are all in my prayers. <=::/

  33. Best wishes and prayers to Martina’s grandfather. Please take as much time as you need, us nasties, as nasty as we are, will be here. We have your backs. Stay strong!

  34. Be safe and take care of your family, and know that you and your family will be in my prayers as this goes forward

  35. Please take your time, I am sorry to hear about this…. best wishes that you will be healthy.

  36. Im really sad to hear this.Take as much time as you need, us Nasties are praying for you and your family. Stay strong we’ll all be here for you x

  37. I hope everything is fine ! Pray hard for martina’s grandpa.

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