So for those of you that have been wondering where we have been, and why there aren’t many movies we’re putting up, that’s because we’re currently not in Korea. In fact, we’re writing this blog post from Paris, France! Due to all the differences in internet speeds and all the traveling we’ve been doing, we haven’t had a block of time long enough and internet connection reliable enough to upload our day one Europe adventures, but today is that day!

Our mini-European adventures all began in Norway and, let’s just say, what a totally lovely first stop we’ve had! Despite there being a little blip upon landing with two pieces of our luggage going missing and Martina forgetting her passport AT the lost luggage desk, it was all nicely resolved when the airport found our luggage that night and Martina’s passport was brought to the airport Police the next day where she picked it up! PHEW!!! Otherwise we’d probably be writing this blog post from Norway without having left the country yet.

The night we arrived in Norway we were met by a lovely welcoming party at the airport all decked out in traditional Norwegian clothing and waving little white Eatyourkimchi flags! EIII!! How awesome! The first thing we noticed as soon as we stepped outside was the clean yummy smelling air (which Seoul does severely lack) and so we acted like weirdo dog people and smelled the air like crazy. Seriously. It’s something people take for granted, but we spent the first ten minutes outside talking about how clean the air was.

Luckily, our Norwegian greeting party from Omona didn’t abandon us right there and then at the airport. Hahaha! But seriously, we were a little bit crazy after sleeping for just one hour in Seoul and then getting up for a 10 hour flight, then a three hour stop over in London’s Heathrow Airport, and another two more hours flying to Norway. The travel crazies are hilarious. *LONG STARE starts drooling*

Okay, so we only had one day before our meet and greet, so in that day we had to get back to the airport to pick up Martina’s passport, and then we had the chance to see a bit of downtown Oslo. Did all of you living in Oslo notice all the SONE signs? So Norway’s big into SNSD then? GET IT!? GET IT!??? “Sone” means…”walk” I think, or something? They looked like walk signs.

Also, we notched that Oslo is a very dog friendly country. We were really jealous of all the dogs indoors and on public transportation. Also, thanks to the Omona organizers, had a chance to try some traditional Norwegian food which a lot of Norwegian people may not have even tried, such as Reindeer Stew (I’m sorry Rudolph), Sheep with Cabbage and Mini-Potatos (not lamb), and Seafood Soup. It was all really fantastic! We also tried some skollybolly, which I’m sure I misspell and mispronounce: it’s this ring of bread with coconut flakes on it and a cream in the middle of the ring. It was great!

But, errr, Norway is pretty freaking expensive. I guess it’s manageable if you live in Norway and earn salary in Norway, which would match the cost of living there, but I saw Snickers bars in vending machines that cost five US Dollars. HO-LEE-SNAP. We wanted to get some water, but then when we saw that it cost four bucks a bottle, we split one between ourselves…for the next two days.

Anyhow, in the video we also included our new travel Bingo game. We found that our travel videos are mostly us just eating stuff. Why not have a game that we can play as well? So we thought of this, and it’s keeping us pretty entertained. We’re in Paris now and we’re still not done yet. But one of us is close! We’ll keep posting videos of our travel and hopefully you’ll soon see who wins :D

Our next video should be of the Norway event. Unfortunately, the main file of us going on stage got corrupted. OH GOD! We’re trying to fix it so we can show you what it was like. But you’ll see us having fun the day of as well. Stay tuned for more, by clicking on this pretty button right here:

  1. I now know why there were so many bananas lying around in Oslo. If you take a look at this video right here, you’ll see they were shooting something for a TV-show in the same area where they threw bananas. Some people probably just discarded them random places. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjU_v6SWvDU

  2. I am pretty sure of this “skollybolly” is “Skolebolle” “schoolbum” or something like that >> HAHA xD And yes I think we do take the fresh air here for granted sometimes! I do…

  3. Wouldn’t there be some way to get a bingo sheet for foreign students
    (foreign to the U. S.) staying in the U. S. to improve their English? I
    mean something to get them working on improving English beyond the
    classroom experience…?

  4. Hello! I hope you guys are still having a ton of fun, I’m just wondering what day you’re back in korea again?

  5. I’m in Bergen … ugh you guys are so close yet so far away … >.<


  7. It will only take 30 seconds of your time http://www.playgalaxymusic.com/events/dance/index.html?id=123# please help me out fellow Inspirits xoxo

  8. You guys should visit Pewdiepie! (I think he’s in Sweden right now..) I love bingo sheet games! and I love the Junsu traps! you should post the bingo sheet, except change a few like the ones specific to you guys! I would love yo guys forever! wait, I already do! Saranghae!

  9. Oh man, Simon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cap you were wearing in the video!
    May i ask where you got it from?

  10. Guys!!!! To think we are in the same continent right now, I’m moved! ;___________;

    Anyway, coming to Europe and not seeing Italy? I hope the day will come even for this…If you ever want to visit South Italy, I suggest you to come on Summer and to my region (Calabria)…. You’ d have a good time and I’d come to welcome you in folk cloths too! ^_*

  11. oh no photobombed guys is cute O_O

  12. That guy was kinda cute…

  13. I want to meet you! I live in Oslo!!
    Guys please vote me up so they can see this!

  14. i like that amsterdam is a country here.

  15. European countries are so pretty they look like paintings. ^^

  16. Thank you Slartibartfast for making such wonderful fjords! :P

  17. Can I just say that the food at that restaurant looked absolutely delicious. Because wow, that looked fantastic.

  18. Norway, Sweden, Amsterdam and Poland… which one is wrong in this list… hmm let me see. Ah yes, Amsterdam… It’s not a country ;)

  19. Puerto Rico xD lol the dog at 5:00 looks just like my friends dog! I see lots of delicious looking food and such beautiful architecture! That photo you guys posted on twitter was so pretty!

  20. In Sweden and Norway you shouldn’t buy water on a bottle but drink the tap water instead. It is delicious!!

  21. Norway’s awesome! HAve fun there. And remember, Oslo is on a fjord (I remember being confused about that).

  22. Oh man if you lost that stuff in a US airport it would have been gone FOREVERRRRRRRR

  23. My mom really liked the Bingo game you had going on there :)

    Also, the European food. Which we are very unfamiliar with. None of us have been to Europe, except my dad, I think.

    It looks like a very beautiful continent :)

  24. You lovely guys! I really enjoyed this WANE! TwT
    Your travel videos are my favorite! I can’t travel atm, and you’re my little fun window to the beautiful world. At least for the time being. I really appreciate this!! (Now i have a new destination on my travel wishlist too)

  25. I’m pretty sure that lake, is not a lake :P
    I bet it’s the Oslo Fjord. For all you uneducated people: a fjord is the sea running in-land, like a reverse river, so it’s salty :P

  26. Loved this video! I love the bingo sheet idea, very clevar gaiz :)

  27. Were the people who u were eating with at the table nastys?

  28. “Don’t touch the bananas! Its a Junsu trap!” Mwahahahahaha! Man! I WISH it were that simple to trap Junsu! Just leave a trail of bananas leading to a pile of bananas with a net overhead…..genius! XD

  29. I want to go to Norway soooo bad! That breakfast looked so amazing. Oh to have good cheese again…*sigh*

  30. Everything looks so fancy! That last restaurant you ate at looked like it would cost really expensive.

  31. May I be the first to correct this misunderstanding: The “lake” you could see from the hotel room balcony is no lake, but a fjord. It is actually the ocean (salt water). We call it “Oslofjorden” (lit. The Oslo Fjord). It is not as spectacular as the ones on the west coast (http://www.fjordtravel.no/images/hurtigurten/Geirangerfjord@Per_Eide_FjordNorway.jpg), but still. There are ships arriving and departing for continental Europe every day. :) It is a common misconseption. :D

  32. i would say Simon was correct. A videobomb is 30 photobombs per second (depending on what was the FPS you were filming at). However, the bingo sheet says photobomb with his hands only, which he did not. So, Martina still wins LOL.

  33. I actually filmed you two when you went on stage in Oslo for about 20 min. You know, just for fangirling :3 It’s absolutely not great, but if you want to, I can give it to you (since yours might not be fixed)?

    Tittibars for everyone!

  34. Aha! I have found a game I can play with my husband on our adventures! First test on our honeymoon! Thanks, Simon & Martina! ^^

  35. :O But I think you can just drink water from the tab in Norway and in most countries in Europe as well. Some might not taste as nice as others but yeah you can just drink it without getting sick. In the Netherlands you can drink from the tab, France as well.

    SO I would say if you are in the Netherlands for Example just take on of the bottles you might still have and fill that with water for when you travel around. It’s really a lot cheaper then buying it in the supermarket or train station.

  36. That bingo sheet is such a fun idea! I’m so excited that you’re in Europe. Soooooo close yet soooo far :D

  37. Someone in Norway is trying REALLY hard to snag themselves a Junus with all those banana traps in the park.

    Also I’m really craving butter bread now. That was stellar food porns shot you made of buttering that bread.

  38. Looks like you guys had fun! Looking forward to day 2 and looking intensely to see if I find myself in the crowd x)

  39. Ekte smør: Real(ekte) smør (butter), so “real butter”. We have an offspring of butter here in Norway that acts the same way butter do, and looks the same, but it’s made differently.
    And the other thing you ate, quite honestly it looked like a meatball Simon^_^

  40. Ugh I miss you!! ;;__;;

    -fellow nasty from Sweden who can’t let go of Sunday’s happenings-

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