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Eatyourkimchi in Norway: Day 2!

October 19, 2013


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Hello everyone! We’re back in Korea and ready to get back to making videos! Oh man we miss making videos SO BAD! It felt really weird being away from it for so long. We started to feel a bit itchy. But now we’re back in Korea! We arrived yesterday at 9AM, suffered the wrath of jet lag throughout most of the day, and woke up today at 3AM, ready to get back to work! We’re not sure how much longer we’re going to last before jet lag kicks our asses, but we’re aiming to release all of our Europe footage this weekend, if possible. Sweden should be done today. Paris, Warsaw, and Amsterdam are in the works!

But first, Norway! First, let me say how sad we are that we lost some of the footage. For those of you who came to the event, thank you! All 300 seats were sold out. We walked on stage to a loving, welcoming sea of Nasties, and recorded it on camera, but then the camera fell and corrupted the file. OH NOES! But we got other stuff on camera, like Martina out in disguise. BUAHAHA!

You know, we debated this for a long time. Would people recognize us in disguise? Martina got spotted when she did so in Australia. This time, we planned a distraction technique. I’d go out as bait, Martina would go out in the back. BOOYA! It worked perfectly. We feel kinda mean being happy about it. Ha! Would have been great if someone recognized Martina.

Otherwise, we don’t have much more footage from Norway. Right after the event, we went back to the hotel, overwhelmed by warm, loving feels, packed our bags, got into our pyjamas, and then ate pizza in our room with the Omona staff, who – by the way – were all lovely. Really. We had such a great time with all of them. They were exceptionally helpful, and also really professional at the event, and it went by so smoothly. Norway, if you’ll ever have us again, we’d love to come. Just make sure the Omona staff are a part of it, because they know what they’re doing :D

You can check out some pictures we took from our night below. We had more photos, but some of them got eated in the camera dropping incident. The rest of our journey had lots more photos, which we’ll be sharing as well:

For photos from the fan meeting, stay tuned to Omona’s Facebook page. They’ll be posted there! Woot.

Lastly, you might have noticed a screen for the YouTube Music Awards in this video. We’re trying to promote the event. It’s happening November 3rd. It’s starting off in Seoul. It’s gonna be cool. We know this. Trust us ;) Stay tuned to the YouTube Music Awards page for more :D



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