Ok, so we had a super awesome time today. Coffee levels high, excitement high, Leigh and Soo Zee both present. Feels like we were all a big happy family together. And we got some really awesome stuff. Let’s start off by saying thank you to everyone who sent us amazing stuff:

Melody from Arizona
Madeline from Wellington
Kimberly from California
William and Chloe from Australia

Let’s just say a few things: Loved the fairy wings. Totally hilarious, and must must MUST be used in one of our skits in the future. Really liked the lemon chocolate, which wasn’t as bad as someone on Twitter said. LOVED the Marvel shirts and comics and the really cool chocolate. We usually don’t gorge on snacks that much in our videos, but – whoa – the flavours were so interesting! We had to give them all a shot. And loved the book and Tim Tams as well. Thank you all for being so thoughtful.

Leigh’s here for the weekend to help out with a few things. We’ve got a really fun WANK planned for Saturday. It’s not a full weekend ultra elaborate planned video, but it’s still gonna be cool! And it’s gonna be DIFFERENT than what we’re usually doing. Hopefully we’ll be able to make more videos like this one in the future, if you like em :D

And then Sunday we’re going to be taking part in the YouTube Music Awards. It’s like, pretty big and official. We thought we were just gonna wheedle our way backstage and break into people’s greenrooms and get kicked out, but turns out we’re part of the show. YouTube officially even tweeted our video about it:

Guise, WE’RE SO NERVOUS! This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. Someone save me! I don’t even know what to wear. I don’t have celebrity clothing. You know what I mean. Celebrities have clothing that looks better than regular people clothing. We don’t have that. We’re just gonna look like two dorks that got backstage somehow. FUUUUU! Someone, plz halp. No clue what to wear, what to do, what to say or think. Just…gonna run for it. EEP!

We’re excited though! It’s gonna be really cool. Just…gotta not be nervous. AH! It’s so weird doing stuff live in front of humans! Anyhow, I’ll stop whining now. We’re gonna go out as the whole Eat Your Kimchi crew for dinner now to talk about the things we need to do for the week. Click on the button below if you want to have all the top secret infos, like TOP’s home address and front gate passcode :D

  1. I’ve tried the bacon, the potato chip and the honeycomb. They’re so good. Chuao Chocolate seem to be “savor a bit at a time” chocolate as opposed to “eat the entire bar at once” chocolate.

  2. Yes! Their factory is 3 blocks from my home. My favorite is Spicy Maya and the Honey Truffles. I was just there today actually. I was taking a friend of mine for her first pilgrimage to my favorite food store. :D

  3. this end of this week is the only time I can watch your livechat…. .____.


    P.S: Simon looks great with the glasses!

  4. Finally had time to watch the live chat. I was too tired to get up at 5am. *sad face* BUT, I’m really glad you liked my box…I was beginning to wonder if it had gotten lost in the mail. The shirts were all from San Diego Comic Con wayyy back in July. The chocolate came from a local maker, they have a café near the beach that I frequent (I LURVE THEM). They have a ton of flavors so I’ll send more with a few choices for SooZee that aren’t so spicy. Their specialty is truffles but I didn’t think those would make it.
    I’m sorry Martina, I looked all over but couldn’t find a really cool women’s Wolverine Shirt. I’ll keep a lookout for one though.
    Your reaction answers one of my questions I’d wanted for a TLDR: Do you find superfans of geek culture there too. I wondered if you found fellow Dr. Who fans, comics, Trekkies, etc. Apparently not. lol.

  5. If you guys haven’t figured out an outfit yet, I think you guys should go with something just your style. For simon, idk if this is your style, but I can sorta see you with suspenders idk, if you go with a dress shirt and dress pants, that would look really EYK. For Martina, a dress like the one you wore to the sistar/mblaq/wg interview would be cool. I’m pretty sure the YTMA’s aren’t a SUUUPER strict dress code event…right?

  6. since ‘ryeowook’ watched the live chat, both of u totally had improved to pronounce his name properly….tq ‘ryeowook’… hope s&m do livechat at home sometimes… missed ur ‘children’ so much…

  7. y?u talk abt that old korean man?

  8. Usually on Fridays, but they are planning more than one next week, so I don’t know when the other one will be

  9. While waiting for your livechat, I started to watch your old videos…. I then I missed your LiveChat. >~<

  10. aaawww Simon getting kicked by some drunk old man!!!
    Fairly Odd Parents!!! i miss that cartoon!!!

    aw man both Taemin tshirts are awesome!!! i can’t choooooose!!!

  11. You guys always look good! Don’t be nervous turtles, maybe follow some cool fashion blogs for inspiration if you are really that worried, some cool ones guise a lot of them are exasperating… try Garance Dore maybe??

  12. Simon you should wear your blueish-green plaid shirt with the thin pink tie and maybe with the suspenders. I always liked that outfit. Do people say ‘outfit’ anymore when referring to a whole set of clothes they are wearing. I can be so old fashioned sometimes. What do the kids say nowadays? (note: I’m only 26. Well turning 26 on the 18th)

    Side note: I’ve had that honeycomb chocolate before!

  13. “It’s so weird doing stuff live in front of humans!” LOL! XD

  14. at first I was like “cover tattoos” (I have tatoos and I always cover them during official meetings), but then I thought “who am I to tell you that”. black dress for Martina and suit for Simon and funky accessories for both of you, that is my idea :)

  15. omg, I’m not the only person who eats zucchini noodles!! I love them with Alfredo sauce

  16. Sigh, youtube issues today. The livechat video kept stalling after 3 seconds every time I tuned in live and now I get an error every time I try to view it here. Guess I’ll have to wait to watch it. The snippets I saw were hilarous though – FAIRY SIMON?!!!!

    Anyways, what should you wear? Since you asked here are some ideas/advice – I guess I really have to make Martina that dress after all but I don’t know her measurements……..?

    Martina: Wear a dress, this is non-negotiable. Don’t try to go red carpet, you don’t have the right outfits and they will just get in your way anyways. Either go with your Betty Page-pinup look (hardcore) or with something super funky. If you can ditch the glasses (maybe they are comforting to your nervousness though?), do it – too much glare with all the lights, otherwise pick something matte. If you still have that powder blue mini-dress from way back, you could wear it with some funky colourful leggings (not the bears, they are cute but way not flattering) and some cool big hair ornaments. Alternatively, if you have a pinup dress that is of an expensive material (i.e. not cotton), go for that but no bracelets (too Grandma with that look). Just don’t wear your bodycon dresses, not because of the fit, but because they will look cheap next to the ones on the celebs. If you wear a hat, don’t wear one with a big brim/bill because they sometimes cast big shadows in photos. Mixing different sizes of stripes OR different sizes of polka dots all of the same colour pallet (like black and white, or blue and white, or red and black, etc.) is hot right now (in Korea), if you have something in your closet for that. I would advise against going for the “quirky” look, it makes it look a bit like you don’t belong (i.e. the comedy act hired to entertain the stars backstage which you are not) and you totally DO belong. You can also put a mustache somewhere unexpected on your outfit (not in the front, like somewhere you have to look to find it) and then you can stick it on your face for effect if you need it, it might help with nervousness if you bring props in your pockets or as ornaments just in case you need inspiration.

    Simon: Absolutely no jeans unless you have super trendy designer textured jeans that also cover your ankles. If you have a tux or suit, wear it. No t-shirts, just dress shirts. I think that a mandarin collar looks good on you but a super funky tie would also be good. If you feel that a jacket would be too hot or too much, you certainly sport a vest well and you seem to have a bunch, just pick something that matches Martina. Use colour as your funky-ness, rather than cut or fabric. If you have a Dr. Meemersworth sticker or patch, you can sew it like it’s trying to get into your pocket. Glasses if you must, but try to make them as matte as possible. People want to see your faces, not your masks. It might be funny if you went sharply dressed then included your fangurilla beret in your pocket or something. You have lots of suits, you’ll be fine, just remember not quirky, but funky (think SUPER FLY!) – feel the line of difference between the two for this type of event…….

    You can also just throw all that out the window, pull out ZZTop’s “Sharp Dressed Man” and play it while you go through your closets and perhaps you’ll find something you want to wear that way. ^_^v Or ask yourselves, what would G-D wear? Whatever you pick, I’m sure it will be fine. Don’t be nervous, you’ll probably be the least nervous ones there since your embarrassment tolerance is high. There’s always the ultimate escape clause – DIARRHEA! FIGHT-TING!

    • This is great advice.

      A few of my own notes:
      Cleavage used wisely is a great accessory. For women. Men, not so much.
      Avoid any accessories that make noise that can be picked up by body mics.
      Funky is great but keep it to one accessory. Like a fascinator with simple earrings or a checkered bow tie with a black shirt and pants.

      Trying not to be nervous is a waste of energy. Everyone has a certain amount of anxiety before a public appearance. Yoga breathing helps, being crazy prepared helps, having alternate emergency back up plans help. So breathe and keep going until it is over.

      In about three weeks, go out and invest in real evening clothes. A tux for SImon a real gown for Martina. You may say that you aren’t red carpet people all you want. The truth of the matter is that you have had two of these events in the past year and you are probably going to have more. Man and woman up and get the right clothes for the occasion. You will feel less awkward and fish out of water-y if you look the part.

      Have fun.

  17. Super impressed by name dropping of Oyamel in DC. The goat tacos are amazing, but I don’t know anyone else who has been brave enough to try the grasshopper tacos. But they sell out regularly, so good job on eating them!
    PS, they are totally a real thing, and pretty widely known around DC.

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