Odd Korean Beverages

There are a few unfortunate people we know who hate Korean food and can’t break out of their North American eating habits. It’s for people like this that we feel most sorry, because we’re finding so many exciting things to eat and drink here in Bucheon, Korea, and it’s a shame that they can’t be as excited as we are. In fact, we would assume that most people watching this video would be grossed out, just as we were before we tried these drinks out. What we have here is a video of some of the weird drinks that Bucheon has to offer. After all, we can make lots of videos about weird Korean food and strange Korean restaurants, but how often do you see videos about weird Korean drinks?

In this video you’ll see a bunch of stuff that you probably haven’t seen before; we’ve got some sweetened Barley Milk, nostalgic Rice Drink, pulpy Aloe juice, and more! Just about everything we drank was really intimidating before we tried them, and required a lot of courage before we took the plunge. Though they’re not especially delicious, we can’t honestly say that they’re disgusting. They’re just sweet – very sweet – because it seems that everything in Korea is twice as sweet as it would be in the rest of the world. We definitely won’t be drinking these things again. This doesn’t go to say, though, that everything Korea has to offer beverage-wise is gross; it’s just that we’re not particularly fond of the rice or barley or bean flavored stuff.

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