We really like the movie “Lost in Translation.” Any foreigner in Korea will easily be able to relate to it (or at least parts of it), and it’s got an absolutely killer soundtrack as well. We strongly recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Anyhow, the whole point of this Lost in Translation plug is that we keep on wanting to make artsy fartsy movies over its soundtrack. We have our first installment today. We were on Line 2 of the subway the other day, (the same subways from the Spudgy’s Car Accident post, in which we show you how Awesome the Subways are here in Korea) and we started shooting the scenery outside. We cut the footage up, shifted it around, and slapped on Brian Reitzell’s “On the Subway” from the Lost in Translation soundtrack. It’s nothing special, but at least you’ll get to see a bit more of Korea. UPDATE: We got nabbed by YouTube for using a song that isn’t ours, so we had to replace it with a NIN song. It kinda fits, but not as good as the first one. Sorry!

  1. I am planning my trip to SK and this old little videos are so helpful. Thank you!!! =D

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