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One Year in Japan

One Year in Japan

Welcome back everyone! We’ve had quite an uneventful January, but today is a very special day: IT’S OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LIVING IN JAPAN! Yes, it’s been a year, and we did a lot more in this year than we ever expected. We had a really magical year, guise, and so we wanted to look back a bit, both for you older viewers and feel a bit of nostalgia, and also for you newer viewers. This past month was a big month of growth for us, even though we didn’t post a single video for almost a month. So hello to you, both old and new. Welcome to the party!

We have a playlist for all of the videos we used in this video, if you’d like to view them. Making this video really made me smile. We sometimes get so caught up in the grind of editing and planning that we forget to take a step back and look at what we’ve done as a whole, and when I watch this video I can’t help but laugh at the silly times we’ve shared.

Moving forward, we’ve got a bunch of fun things planned for this year. Other restaurants saw the Saito Sushi video, and they like it and want us to shoot something similar with them, so we’re going to be able to show you some absolutely amazing restaurants and godly chefs in upcoming months. We’ve got a bit of travel planned as well, so we’ll be able to show you more places around Japan. And we’ve got some bigger personal things we want to do this year as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to share those (if our plans go well). And no the plan is not us having a baby. I know you might have thought it but that’s not in the plans for us.

Tomorrow’s my birthday (yay!) so we won’t be able to post any videos then, but I think we’ll have something up for the 21st. Almost done editing that video, too. Stay tuned.