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So, yes, we are not doing a WANK this week. If you follow us on Facebook, you’d know that yesterday we announced that we wouldn’t be WANKing this week. People from Chosun TV came over today, on Wednesday, to do an interview with us. That meant that yesterday, on Tuesday, we had to clean our apartment for, like, the first time in…forever. Gross! Bathrooms are so nasty! Seriously dust: what’s your purpose in this world apart from pissing people off? Yargh!

Anyhow, just because we were preparing for Chosun yesterday and filming with them today, that doesn’t mean that we’re not putting up a video today. Not at all! We’ve got a few videos in store for today, in fact. It’s time to Open the Happy again! We’ve got another playlist full of random stuffs. We’ve arranged them all in a playlist, which you can watch in one click above, and we’ve also embedded them individually here as well, for you mobile device users :D

1. Open the Happy Fan Mail!

Open the Happy Mail Box

They did not fit into our PO Box. They have a crate for us instead :D

It’s been a while since we’ve checked our P.O. Box. We were finally in the area, so we decided to stop by and pick up a package or two. Holy crap were we surprised! This is the biggest fan mail haul we’ve ever made! We were thinking we’d get a couple letters, maybe a box or two, but THIS?! This was unreal. Usually we look into our PO Box, which is roughly the size of three laptops stacked together, and we see a red stick that tells us to go upstairs. Feels like we’re begin grounded for something. Anyhow, we go upstairs, tell them our PO Box number, then they go to the back, pull out a couple of boxes, and make us sign for them. This time, though, they waved us to the back. We followed them and saw the mother load. WOW!

Thank you so much, everyone, for being so freaking generous. We filmed for over 3 hours and we had to whittle the footage down to 10 minutes so it wouldn’t be too boring, so sorry if we don’t show everything in the boxes, but we can ASSURE YOU, we appreciated everything! Really, OMG, really. We got so much awesome stuff, and we’re completely blown away by your kindness. We love you guise. Thank you :D

2. Faking it with Chosun TV


We’ve already talked a bit about Chosun TV interviewing us. After the interview questions, they wanted to record us in action. Unfortunately, Wednesdays are not action days for us. Wednesdays are editing days. BO-RING! So, we do what we’ve often done for video interviews: fake it! On a side note: I really hope they don’t use the audio for this…because that would be awkward.

3. Spudgy Sucks at Burying Bones


I’m not sure how else we can describe this. Spudgy was given a bone that he didn’t want to immediately eat. So he tried to bury it. But where do you bury it in a hardwood floored apartment? Simple: you push around a pillow with your face in hopes distracting people from the real location of the bone: right there on the floor with nothing covering it. Oh Spudgy! Not the brightest of dogs now, are you?

4. Simon Overdoses on Ranch


Yes, this is a tiny video, but we thought it was hilarious at the time. Simon always brings his mini-ranch with him to our local favourite 24 hour Korean restaurant (run by friendly mom-like Korean women). He wanted to put a bit of ranch on his cheese donkatsu (like a fried pork schnitzel). Turns out that the bottle’s lid snapped off and well…you’ll see.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. Thanks for letting us Open the Happy with you guys again!

  1. This is so great! I want to dig into your happy bag too, it looks yummy :) And Martina’s look in the Chosun video! Awesome!

  2. They should change the name permanently. Hidden Valley Special Canada Sauce.

  3. Poor Simon and his ranch! I must say it was funnier before I read some comments though, I thought he had said “Canada salsa”, and I laughed so hard! Made me wonder what other North American/Western things they have to explain in odd ways! :)

  4. My Sharona! :D Very nice.
    Also, yes, MN = Minnesota :)

  5. does anyone know what was on simon and martina’s ipads? was it like a video editing app cuz i’m kinda looking for one :) 

  6. Can you please give me your mailing address? I have some Hidden Valley to send to you. The company contacted me (sent 3 bottles) and I really want to hook you guys up. Both me and the company rep who contacted me.

  7. I want to send you guise some fan mail to go on your wall :DDD I will…. SOON~~

  8. omg I’m soo sending you guys something! It’s going to be my goal!
     I recently discovered your youtube channel through a n article and ever since then i have become a huge fan! :D i occasional impress people with information i learn about south korea in your videos :D

  9. It’s fun watching you guys open your mail and chomp down on the food. Speaking of food, I want to see you guys do more “how to make Korean food” videos or at least more cooking videos. Where’s a follow-up to the gourmet Korean ramen video?

  10. love your videos and love  youre hair colors please respond

  11. that’s exactly how my dog buries her nylabones in my bedroom too!!  and she tries to push the carpet over it but it just looks like she’s rubbing her face =)

  12. Glad that you guys got everything alright. Was really beginning to worry there for a little bit.  Customs can be killer :P  Enjoy all the noms!!!!  Hopefully will see you guys this fall when I come for school!  Keep being awesome!!!

  13. You guys are gonna get so fatty fat with all that candy! Give some to me too~~~

  14. Martina, your haircut for the Chosun TV interview is gorgeous!!!
    + I wish people would send you other stuff than junk food (Well, I guess I could do it instead of complaining about other ppl generosity! lol but I’m cheap..oh well maybe someday)

  15. Aww I love your make-up look Martina , can you make tutorial out of it ? :D

  16. Aww I love your make-up look Martina , can you make tutorial out of it ? :D

  17. omg, you guys are so lucky!!! and those big giant Reeses?!? wtf?!? where can i buy them!!!

    this was really fun ^_^

  18. special canada soseu haahahahha

  19. I have to get my but in gear and send fanmail to u

  20. I have this P.O box address:
    Eat Your Kimchi
    Bucheon Woochaegook
    Saseoham #38
    Jung 1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu
    Bucheon-Si Gyeonggi-Do
    South Korea

    I think this one is from your older videos… Is it still the same or has it changed?

    My dog, Daisy, she tries to bury her food in her dish by dragging her nose on the carpet.. I wonder if she gets carpet burn on her nose… That would hurt..

  21. You guys are the best, I would like to send you guys something also but what’s the address

  22. All I can say is…loved it!! Simon, my God was I laughing like a goofus while you were ‘ba-ha-ha’ing! Oh my.

  23. OMG! A Sabahan sent fanmail? Awww Yeaah!

  24. Sarah from Maryland is awesome!!!  I wonder where she got those huge PB cups?  Sarah if you see this comment, please let me know!  Also, loved the Lord of the Rings figures.  I love LOTR!

  25. have no fear Simon more ranch is on the way!!!

  26. Ranch is special Canada sauce?  

  27. Spudgy is so cute!
    My dog always hides her treats in my lap, the same way spudgy does with the pillow, and i’m pretty sure she thinks I don’t know whats shes doing beacuse if I even look at her she grabs the treat and hides it under my pillow. Also not the best hiding place.

  28. This makes me think, I should make something for you and send it… but you got so many Sim Martina and Spudgy digures… hmm… *goes to consider other options*

  29. Spudgy is so cute. xD My boyfriend loves watching him hehe. And I really feel like I should send you guys some stuff too now. :O

  30. Oh God, people send you guys so much nice things! D: and then the coolest thing I think of sending to you is: A DENTIIIIIIIST .A. hahahaha

  31. OMG ! how many sweets! Take care or you will have diabetes hehe just joking 

  32. the best i’ve ever seen  a dog bury a bone was my sister’s dog who was born with no eyes. she’s hid her bones so well that we couldn’t find them and have to ask her to show us…of course, she thought it was the greatest game and would bark loudly when we got near where ever she had hidden something. then we’d have to dig for it. 1/2 the time we couldn’t find the darn thing and end up finding it come laundry day as she had buried her bone in some dirty clothes. hahaha

    also, for SIMON – at the end of the videos, what popped up as “related” videos was this…

  33. Ohhh, I’m sad that you could not WANK this week, it is my favourite segment, but thanks for Open the Happy, just the name makes me feel better^^

  34. aahh i found you have a grammatical error on your paragraph where you explain spudgy trying to bury a bone. It is on your fourth paragraph. It says “But where do you bury in in a hardwood floored apartment?” Do you see it now? and you call yourselves english teachers buah ha ha  haha 
    Love you guy and your videos
    Eat your kimchi all the way wwhhheeee!!!

  35. I almost died laughing with Simon and the camera crew behind him. “BAHAHA! BAHAHA! This is Mordney! BAHAHA! BAHAHA! This is getting repetitive!”

    i would LOVE to send you guys stuff. Whats your PO Box address.?

  36. Lmao, so I wanted to send you guise stuff from Ottawa right…but that plan didn’t go as well as I thought it’d be. Lost your address to send it to, lost some foods to the fams. So time to go shopping again, yay! OH!!! Have you guise had “Jolly Rancher Soda” before?! omfg its so yummy.

  37. What is the PO box address? I cant find it anywhere on the site T-T

  38. Oh my gosh! Martina! I love your hair and make-up in the video where the people are interviewing you! It’s so pretty! :D besides the things people are sending you, what other things do you wish people would send? Requests please!

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