Hi guise!

So we did a super serious topic on Bullying in South Korea yesterday, and we’re happy to see that’s its generated some really good discussion. But over here at the eatyourkimchi household, we like to balance out the serious with some silliness. That’s why we opened up our new channel, Open the Happy, to share with you all the different things that make us happy, and hopefully, you happy too. Think of it like a loot bag that you get after a kids birthday party, filled with wonderfully but totally useless stuff! Hurrrah!

We set them up in a mini-playlist in the video above. If you’re on a mobile device, I don’t think YouTube playlists work, so we’re posting the videos (and their info) here below!

Intoxicating the Noraebang with Junsu:


This is pretty much a guarantee every time we go to Noraebang. Imitating Xiah Junsu and making sex to the ground and air are also a guarantee. KEEEEEEYS AND TOUCH ME! RUB MY BANANAS! If you’re at a Korean Noraebang and want to sing it yourself, the number (and I’m pretty sure it’s universal) is 27160. MEMORIZE IT, and create sweet, sweet glorious lovemaking music next time you’re at the Noraebang and traumatize your friends! We sure do!

Spudgy’s After Bath Crazies:


He’s normally a really chill non-moving dog, but Spudgy, too, has a wild side. Give him a bath and he gets all crazy. Supposedly the after bath crazies is a common phenomena for dogs? Dog owners, is this true for your dogs too? I’m not sure, but we find it amusing. Go Spudgy Go! Yes, he’s not fully crazy, but – compared to how tame and sleepy he usually acts – this is as wild as he gets!

Oversized Cell-Phone cases:


We spend a lot of time at our local coffee shop 12dal and we really love the people that work there. The owner just bought these two cases for her and her boyfriend to use, and she knew that Martina would love it. Yes, Martina totally lost it when she saw these. Stitch is, after all, her favourite Disney character. These phone cases, though, are huuuuge! Isn’t one of the best aspects of the iPhone its small size? Why bulk it up that much? *Martina takes over computer* BECAUSE THEY’RE ADORABLE THAT’S WHY! The freakin ears POP open! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!! They only downside is that it looks like you murdered Stitch and stuffed your phone in his body…oh…. O__________________o

Martina singing “Lonely” in the shower:


Story behind this: it was my birthday on the 20th of January (yay!) and Martina had to go out that day to buy presents and prepare for my birthday. Problem is, she had to go alone. I couldn’t go with her because that would ruin the surprise, obviously! Why is this a problem? Because the two of us are practically joined at the hip. We live and work together all the time. Whenever we have to be apart from each other, we feel sad (cue rainbow vomit here). Yes, we’re big sucky babies without each other, so Martina sang a song to represent her feelings, 2NE1’s “Lonely”. She sat in the shower on her sad little shower stool and burbled out the lyrics for 20 minutes or so. Little did she know I recorded all of it. Ha!

  1. I will say, my dog doesn’t get after bath crazy’s , she gets after bath insane’s. She goes wild and insane and shes like a rocket

  2. After a bath, my dogs does a crazy stomp dance and rolling on the bed.

  3. My friends and I went to a Korean Noraebang in LA this past week. We couldn’t understand much because everything was in Korean but we typed in the number for in Intoxication and you would not believe our shock when it started playing the song! Thank you so much Simon and Martina! You guys made our first Noraebang experience so memorable XD

  4. I think the after bath crazies are universal because my two dogs would get really crazy and start running around everywhere. Especially my chihuahua she would rub her face on anything that’s cloth material..whether its the sofa or the floor and she wont sit still for a few minutes…which is unusual cuz she’s usually always napping. By the way After Bath spudgy is adorable!

  5. We should go to NoRaeBang with you guys when we visit Korea ;)  Oh and my dog has like 10 times crazier energy when she’s done bathing!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Simon!

    My dog totally got the bath crazies. Its weird, when she was in the tub standing there soaking wet looking utterly pathetic the last thing you would expect would be for her to get all excited and run around. Maybe they are so glad not to be given a bath that they celebrate!

    My dog also got that way when my mom would vacuum. She was always afraid of the noise it would make so my mom started ‘vacumming’ her after she was done with the house: she would take off the fluffy brush attachment and make a ‘vrrrmmmm’ noise and rub our dog down with it. After that, my dog enjoyed the vacumm cause it meant there was a good pet in it for her!

  7. hey, love these videos that are not necessarily themed but just show you guys having fun in and around korea! :)

  8. Question! where can i buy one of those IPhone cases? and which gen. is it? u think i can get it online?

  9. I dont know what to think -___-

  10. so those stitch cases you got are all over China. I hope you didn’t pay much for them because they are like 15 RMB (like $2) in Shanghai. But those aren’t even the most ridiculous ones – they have serious 3D cases of every kind here.

  11. you should call Caessar Millan in dog whisperer whenever Spudgy is getting crazy :p

  12. 1. I totally want that iphone case. I will research this in 1 minute.
    2. I have a shih tzu (Annie, Ann, Annie-bananers) and she totally gets the after bath crazies and also has the crimped hair thing. Her after bath crazies we call “Racetrack” bc we have couch sectional and she racetracks around the front and back of it 3757 times. 
    3. noraebang was epic. thank you.

  13. did yall crimp spudgy’s hair?

  14. OMG THAT CASE. Get em. GET EM.

  15. Do you guys have other noraebang staples?
    My friends and I have a couple as a group and individually. I sing “Only One” by Yellowcard, which was originally completely unknown to my friends and now all of them know it almost by heart as I found out during our New Year’s Eve outing. xD

  16. Hi guise! My dog does the “crazies” after a bath too! We just tell him we’re going to “get him” and try to make a grab and he starts running really fast down the hall and in circles! LOL! It’s really funny! Spudgy looks adorable while wet though. xoxo

  17. Sorry, I’m working one handed due to a cat laying on my arm, so I didn’t get to finish the previous post.  Obviously, you now have to get the iPhone case after posting that shower vid.  As I stated before, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  And yes, the cat is still there. She allowed me to finish typing GRUDGINGLY!

  18. Simon, you forget the first rule of marriage:  If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! 

  19. I was going to get an iPhone 4 but my parents didn’t let me ㅠ. ㅠ

  20. Peer pressure!!! Thaty case is too amazing for words!
    May I just point out the irony of asking for us to peer pressure Simon after such a serious video on bullying and peer pressure earlier this week…


  22. you’re such a sweet guy~ for posting up her singing lonely *hint the sarcasm* XDDD


  23. Simon, if ya love Martina, buy her an iPhone!! I’ll count as a Valentine, b-day. and X-mas gift, COMBINED!!
    /pressure Simon/

  24. i love stitch! OMG! THAT IS SOOOOOO  AWSOME! PLEASE GET ONE! (and get me one!! >.<) 

  25. My dog totally goes crazy after baths. I’m not sure why either.

  26. After bath crazies are normal for all dogs :) my Maltese terrier used to run up and down the hallway after baths like crazy and then go rub herself all over our sofa

  27. stitch!!!!!! ahhhhh i want one of those cases
    but….i don’t have an iphone..
    stitch is the best,i repeat the best disney character of all

  28. I have two dogs back home (a german shepard/husky mix and a beagle) and they both get the crazies after their baths. They rip around the house like the Tasmanian Devil!

  29. omg i can’t get over how adorable spudgy is!! what an amazingly cute dog <3

  30. Spugy really made my day~ Cute little doggieeeeee! <3


    Love Spudgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just resemble to much to my 2 last dogs one was brown (playfull) and the other white (he was soooo grumpy when he was old) =( they where the same race as Spudgy

  33. these are so awesome. and yeah my dog goes completely nuts after a bath, and whenever we show her a towel….but meh. and those cases = WANT. lol :)


  35. My ferret is Crazy Spudgy all the time :)

  36. Simon, you have the same birthday as me! ^w^

    Also, my dog does that too; he goes insane after you give him a bath. xD

  37. I wonder what Martina’s intial reaction was when she found out you recorded her. XD

  38. Happy Belated Birthday Simon!! 

  39. omfg it seems i’m gonna love this new channel even more than i exprected >XD my fav part – martina singing under the shower >XDD

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