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Open the Happy Loot Bag!

January 27, 2012


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Hi guise!

So we did a super serious topic on Bullying in South Korea yesterday, and we’re happy to see that’s its generated some really good discussion. But over here at the eatyourkimchi household, we like to balance out the serious with some silliness. That’s why we opened up our new channel, Open the Happy, to share with you all the different things that make us happy, and hopefully, you happy too. Think of it like a loot bag that you get after a kids birthday party, filled with wonderfully but totally useless stuff! Hurrrah!

We set them up in a mini-playlist in the video above. If you’re on a mobile device, I don’t think YouTube playlists work, so we’re posting the videos (and their info) here below!

Intoxicating the Noraebang with Junsu:

This is pretty much a guarantee every time we go to Noraebang. Imitating Xiah Junsu and making sex to the ground and air are also a guarantee. KEEEEEEYS AND TOUCH ME! RUB MY BANANAS! If you’re at a Korean Noraebang and want to sing it yourself, the number (and I’m pretty sure it’s universal) is 27160. MEMORIZE IT, and create sweet, sweet glorious lovemaking music next time you’re at the Noraebang and traumatize your friends! We sure do!

Spudgy’s After Bath Crazies:

He’s normally a really chill non-moving dog, but Spudgy, too, has a wild side. Give him a bath and he gets all crazy. Supposedly the after bath crazies is a common phenomena for dogs? Dog owners, is this true for your dogs too? I’m not sure, but we find it amusing. Go Spudgy Go! Yes, he’s not fully crazy, but – compared to how tame and sleepy he usually acts – this is as wild as he gets!

Oversized Cell-Phone cases:

We spend a lot of time at our local coffee shop 12dal and we really love the people that work there. The owner just bought these two cases for her and her boyfriend to use, and she knew that Martina would love it. Yes, Martina totally lost it when she saw these. Stitch is, after all, her favourite Disney character. These phone cases, though, are huuuuge! Isn’t one of the best aspects of the iPhone its small size? Why bulk it up that much? *Martina takes over computer* BECAUSE THEY’RE ADORABLE THAT’S WHY! The freakin ears POP open! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!! They only downside is that it looks like you murdered Stitch and stuffed your phone in his body…oh…. O__________________o

Martina singing “Lonely” in the shower:

Story behind this: it was my birthday on the 20th of January (yay!) and Martina had to go out that day to buy presents and prepare for my birthday. Problem is, she had to go alone. I couldn’t go with her because that would ruin the surprise, obviously! Why is this a problem? Because the two of us are practically joined at the hip. We live and work together all the time. Whenever we have to be apart from each other, we feel sad (cue rainbow vomit here). Yes, we’re big sucky babies without each other, so Martina sang a song to represent her feelings, 2NE1’s “Lonely”. She sat in the shower on her sad little shower stool and burbled out the lyrics for 20 minutes or so. Little did she know I recorded all of it. Ha!



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