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The Be Happy Montage!

May 6, 2014


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So, this is just a short video that doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason. It’s just made to make you feel happy and warm on the inside. Basically, it’s just a bunch of random videos that we’ve taken over the past few months, including shots from Martina’s birthday, a lot of Spudgy and Meemers vids, and other random things. I feel like I need to sing the THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITTTEEE THINGSSSSS musical breakdown…

So essentially a few days ago, we were feeling creatively down due to an accumulation of various events. To begin with, we haven’t been in our regular workflow lately because Martina’s best friend Jackie came down to visit for a week and we were very busy with her, and then Martina’s other best friend Alex came down to visit for a week right afterwards and so we’ve been thrown out of our normal work flow. It’s strange how being disrupted from your normal routines, even with sometime positive, can cause problems! It’s nothing for us to complain about, of course, we had an awesome time with our friends! This was the first time any of Martina’s friends had a chance to visit her in 6 years so it was a great time. But what we’re saying is that we were just really distracted.

On the negative side, Dr.Meemersworth is still struggling with his illness and we’ve been taking him to the vet every week to get his little bladder checked. One week he seems like he’s on the mend but then the next week he struggles and pees out blood. It’s very upsetting and we’re keeping a close eye on him. Today we got good news! His bladder looks very clean and if we maintain his medicine and new food, he might just be okay! But on the positive side, we’ve also been happily working on coffee shop ideas as well as another awesome project that we should, hopefully, be announcing next week. But on top of our good news, the ferry disaster has really put a somber cloud over the country, and it’s hard to feel happy with such sad things are still going on.

We feel happy, we feel sad, we feel happy, we feel sad. So we decided it’s time to put together a video to try and remind us of the positive things in life. To try and remember some happy things and to get a nice warm feeling going in our tummies. It’s not fancy pants or anything like that. It’s just a – hopefully – fun and cute video, and we hope it can make you feel happy if you’re feeling down.

Sometimes, when Martina’s feeling down, I pull out a box of crayons and her drawing pad, and set her down to draw some doodles. When she is feeling sad, being creative and just making something, even if it’s not a masterpiece, can really help her out at times when she’s not feeling her best. Sometimes it’s in the form of baking sometimes it’s drawing, and sometimes it’s editing. This was an editing output for Martina! Does anyone else have creative outputs that they use to help lift their moods? I’d love to know!

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