So, this is just a short video that doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason. It’s just made to make you feel happy and warm on the inside. Basically, it’s just a bunch of random videos that we’ve taken over the past few months, including shots from Martina’s birthday, a lot of Spudgy and Meemers vids, and other random things. I feel like I need to sing the THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITTTEEE THINGSSSSS musical breakdown…

So essentially a few days ago, we were feeling creatively down due to an accumulation of various events. To begin with, we haven’t been in our regular workflow lately because Martina’s best friend Jackie came down to visit for a week and we were very busy with her, and then Martina’s other best friend Alex came down to visit for a week right afterwards and so we’ve been thrown out of our normal work flow. It’s strange how being disrupted from your normal routines, even with sometime positive, can cause problems! It’s nothing for us to complain about, of course, we had an awesome time with our friends! This was the first time any of Martina’s friends had a chance to visit her in 6 years so it was a great time. But what we’re saying is that we were just really distracted.

On the negative side, Dr.Meemersworth is still struggling with his illness and we’ve been taking him to the vet every week to get his little bladder checked. One week he seems like he’s on the mend but then the next week he struggles and pees out blood. It’s very upsetting and we’re keeping a close eye on him. Today we got good news! His bladder looks very clean and if we maintain his medicine and new food, he might just be okay! But on the positive side, we’ve also been happily working on coffee shop ideas as well as another awesome project that we should, hopefully, be announcing next week. But on top of our good news, the ferry disaster has really put a somber cloud over the country, and it’s hard to feel happy with such sad things are still going on.

We feel happy, we feel sad, we feel happy, we feel sad. So we decided it’s time to put together a video to try and remind us of the positive things in life. To try and remember some happy things and to get a nice warm feeling going in our tummies. It’s not fancy pants or anything like that. It’s just a – hopefully – fun and cute video, and we hope it can make you feel happy if you’re feeling down.

Sometimes, when Martina’s feeling down, I pull out a box of crayons and her drawing pad, and set her down to draw some doodles. When she is feeling sad, being creative and just making something, even if it’s not a masterpiece, can really help her out at times when she’s not feeling her best. Sometimes it’s in the form of baking sometimes it’s drawing, and sometimes it’s editing. This was an editing output for Martina! Does anyone else have creative outputs that they use to help lift their moods? I’d love to know!

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  1. Your videos always make me smile, but this one made me extra smile!! I really needed this, THANK YOU! :D

  2. Wah, this is my new favorite video. It’s got you guys, meemers, the spudgy, cotton candy, carnival rides, and catnip bubbles <3 Thanks! You sure know how to make a person happy!!! :D

  3. Really needed this video after a long and stressful day. Meemeers is so big now! I still remember when he was a “girl” XD

  4. This was such a lovely video! It made me smile, but also miss my cat at home… pets definetely are the best! :)) I hope that our comments will make you feel happy and cherished just like you make us feel cheerful with every video you upload! <3

  5. FI…NA….LLY!!!!!!

    for the past 2(?) weeks or something i’ve been coming to this site but i haven’t been able to post a comment! so just now i had the sudden thought of seeing if the Disqus commenting part loads in incognito mode…and IT WORKS!!!
    so weird!! i’m gonna have to come onto your site in incognito mode now!!

    i missed sharing my useless comments on here!!

  6. I make jewelry (wirewrap or chainmaille). Sometimes I bake or cook. Creative outlets help cheer me up as well. I’m glad that Meemers is on the mend. It’s hard when a furbaby is not feeling well. Now I need to find Catnip bubbles here in the States!

  7. This video is going on my I need a happiness fix list. Made me smile and aww and forget all my stresses. Your pets are too cute! I look forward to see the Spudgy in September!

  8. Awww I love you guys! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! This vid deff made me happy :) Sending love from nz!

  9. In answer to your blog: I like making gifts for my family and friends. That purpose drives me to make them maybe cards, origami, flower arrangements, food, etc.
    I also have a guilty pleasure of making calendars and agendas with boxes, stickers, and colors….gets me through a hard school/work week…DON’T JUDGE ME!

  10. Experimental slow motion moments on point ^_^
    I can’t get over Simon’s scream
    I remember your Lotte World video and when you went on the gyro drop ride
    At first I thought it was someone else screaming but now I know Martina was not lying XDDDD

    By the way I want the background tracks on this video! Both songs pleeeaasse! Preeettty Pleeeaaase!

  11. This video made my morning, especially Simon’s screaming!!

  12. This is just too adorable! Love the video! (Especially the part where Simon is screaming) :P

  13. when I’m upset, I also like to do something creative. I usually draw, or go for a walk with my camera and take photos or short videos of random stuff like leaves or rain. I also sometimes write fanfics, especially if I’m in school since I can do that on my phone and my teachers seem to mind it less than random doodling, for some reason.

  14. I’m having such an awful day (/week/month/year), seriously little things like this stop me from dwelling on unhappy thoughts too long and moving on to motivate myself. Thank you Simon and Martina! :) Do more open the happy videos?

  15. I started a 7-week dissertation-writing institute today, and this was just the sort of happy I needed! Thank you for making me smile! Someone give Meemers a hug from me. :)

  16. oh god the footage on that spinning ride of doom i started feeling nauseous ughhh
    but LOL simon screams like a girl! AHAHA and MEEEEEEEEEEEMS!!!!!!!! oh god that cat. that. cat. he makes my day like nothing else.

  17. This was lovely and so cute! Thanks guise! And poor Meemers. My cat had a similar problem, but once we put him on special food he was alright. Hopefully Meemers will be totally ok again soon too :) When I’m feeling down I either listen to music or play my guitar (I’m not good at it, I won’t play in front of people, but it’s super distracting and soothing just for myself) or I bake or work on my cross-stitch. Anything kind of productive and creative and fun^^

  18. So, cats and food? Yup. Definitely a recipe for happiness.
    Creativity definitely helps with dark moods! When I’m feeling stressed, I play the guitar and sing on top of my lungs and it soothes me. When I’m really down, I bake cupcakes or cookies. It really helps.
    I should bake cupcakes. Even though I’m feeling okay for now, after a difficult period.
    My other trick for getting out of a funk is changing something. Anything. New haircut, new sheets, new handbag, redecorating your house, moving your furniture around, you name it. Making little changes in yourself or your surroundings can really help start over and go about your day-to-day life in a new state of mind. Sometimes all you need is realising that one chapter is over, and find the courage to turn the page! =)

  19. This is extremely appropriately titled. :) Thanks, guys!

  20. This video made me smile a lot, and I really needed it! I’ve had a bad month so thank you guise!

    btw, Meems with the bubbles is soooooo adorable! And I love the slow motion parts of the video :)

  21. Damn, this just brightened the hell out of my day! Must remember to watch it when I’m feeling down. The slo-mo was HILARIOUS!

  22. Creative outputs you say? Fanfiction :) haven’t done it for awhile though, been busy with work, website and waiting for an interview reply. I’m so anxious! I can’t wait to edit it! I’m so EXCITED!

  23. Wow! What a super terrific video, we watched it several times in a row it was just so heart-warming! The music was a terrific match in both cases too. Simon, I scream like a girl on rides too if I’m having fun! LOL! The slow motion with sound was A-MA-ZING!!!

    When I am down, I usually snuggle my son or husband or cats…..if that doesn’t work, gotta go for a nice long leisurely bike ride in the country, sometimes a drive in the country if I am lazy…..

  24. Epic slow motion simon screaming… Better than how a woman screams (especially me)

  25. This really made my day! When Simon was on the amusement park ride screaming I suddenly started laughing and the rest of the video was a real treat of happiness… That cotton candy! and the cute animals! (>____<)

    I really can tell you that the video served it purpose. Suddenly I felt really light and happy even if I haven't been especially sad or depressed before watching it. Sometimes you need fun and happy things even if you don't know that you need them.

    As for me I really can understand the thing about an creative outlet when you are feeling down. I often cook or bake when I am under pressure or sad over something. Another thing I often do is walk. An hour long walk by myself in the woods can really help me to put things in perspective and give me strength to continue on. I think doing something, whether it is creating something or relocate to get a new perspective and new surroundings, kick-starts the will to make something better, to climb out of that black hole you are in. Thank you for making my day better!

  26. Can you do a video on the theme parks? (unless you have already?) For science! The indoor theme parks seem like so much fun in Korea! I’ve only been to outdoor ones! Also cant miss the Suzy/2PM/SNSD waterpark lol

  27. I was so close to snorting the water I was drinking out of my nose. So close!

  28. the best part was when it was in slow motion

  29. These videos were freaky deaky adorable, especially the Meems! I hope he feels better permanently with the new food/medicine. Oh, and happy Children’s Day and Buddha’s Birthday! You guys never fail to cheer me up when I’m stressed. Thanks guys! On a side note, who’s ready for AP Exams? No? Me neither! D:

  30. Oh Meems….first off, I’ve gotta say I applaud your commitment, not many would get their drugs right off the floor with such style and purpose. But on the same token, that’s the floor yo, ya might want to lay off the ‘nip for a few.
    Feel better Mister! Like now!

    And Spudgy kills me. Ever single time he slaughters me with his adorableness.

  31. What’s the title of the background song? The video definitely made my day!~

  32. I laughed so hard at that moment too ! And martina laughing during Simon’s scream was awesome

  33. Catnip bouncing bubbles??? o.O
    If only I have a cat…..Meemers and Spudgy is too cute here~ XD I’ve got to say, feels weird seeing Spudgy run cause all he does in KMM is badass dancing! XD

  34. That make me happy and i needed it ! Thank you !!!
    I love the music background by the way

  35. I gotta say Simon definitely has the most manly scream I’ve ever heard. I gotta say it’s weird to see a video of Meemers and Spudgy and not hear them talking. This did put me in such a good mood and I really needed a pick me up so thanks guys!

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