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New Video Channel: Open the Happy!

January 26, 2012


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Let’s start this by saying Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Let’s continue this by saying…sorry for not WANKing this week! We tried. Really. We tried, but it was just not working. A lot of things are shut down for Seollal, and if we went anywhere it would be very dead and deserted. Also, getting there would be hellish. Our friend came to visit us from Wonju since he has time off for the holiday, and it’s usually a 2 hour drive away. Took him EIGHT FREAKING HOURS TO GET HERE! EIGHT! EEIIIGHHHHTT!! So, screw that. No WANK this week. We’ll be WANKing again next week though!

So, what we decided to do this week, is final unveil a project that we’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s our new YouTube channel, Open the Happy!

People who stumble upon our site or youtube videos now that we have plenty of videos, often think of us as this “big” blog, rather then just two people with their own personal opinions. And now that we have more viewers, we’re starting to experience more criticism by people who think we shouldn’t say things “this way” or “that way” or that we should be doing our videos “this way” or “that way.” But, frankly, we still think of ourselves as just two normal people, Simon and Martina. We make goofy videos in our apartment about stuff we like. We don’t want to change our videos because suddenly more people are viewing them, and we miss being able to just make a video of something random, without having tons of disclaimers all over it. We just want to put up videos, you know?

After all, it’s how we started off, just shooting vids of stuff and showing it. Now it seems like everything we do is a big production that takes a lot of time to make and has to be thought out REALLY carefully or we’ll be burnt like witches. But the bottom line in, we really love making videos. We just miss making random stuff as well. And so, Open the Happy will let us express ourselves in a return to our roots kind of way. Less official stuff, more random happy stuff!!!

There are lots of small videos here and there that we just don’t have the place to put up. Our main simonandmartina channel is for our bigger videos, like Music Mondays and WANKs. Our Bonus channel is for our TLDRs and our bloopers. So this new channel will be for miscellaneous videos, like makeup tutorials. A lot of people have been asking me [Martina] to do them, but BE AWARE: I have never been trained so these are just for fun. We’ll also have Spudgy antics, delicious cupcakes and desserts, random baking recipes, happy vlogging, toys, whatevers!!! Just stuff that we like, not necessarily Korea or Kpop themed. Just things that make us happy. Hence the name. Open the happy!

So! We’re starting the channel out with two videos. The first video is just a break down of what’s in Martina’s makeup kit, since she gets this question a lot. After that, she’s posted her very first make up tutorial on CUTE WOLVERINE eyeshadow!!! You read that right, as in, the X-Men Wolverine…you’re curious aren’t you? Well check out the full blog post on these two videos here and don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel so we can all OPEN THE HAPPY together!

P.S. Yes, we meant to call it “Open the Happy” :D



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Open the Happy


New Video Channel: Open the Happy!


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  1. oh Martina btw, i wanna know how you get your bangs to look like that…. like, kinda rounded and silky looking? does your hair just naturally look like that? cuz i have bangs too and like, an hour after drying/leaving the house, they’ve gone flat again and look like crap. yours always seem to stay in place and amazing looking all through the day so… PLZ GIMME YOUR SECRETS!!  thanx ^_-

    5 years ago
  2. !! I love this idea! This is great, because yeah, I agree EYK is like a “big” blog, and it’s great and all, but sometimes I want to just watch fun random stuff by you guys on no particular schedule. So this is great. 

    5 years ago
  3. Yeay! This totally made my day. I’m excited for Martina’s makeup tips! And I’m super excited for any videogame related vlogs, Simon :| Every time I take Farkas with me somewhere, he… he always ends up really low on health while I’m battling hordes of Forsworn with my awesome dragon smack talk! :D If you can, Simon. Find Marcurio. He’s in Riften and he’s probably one of the best followers… ’cause you know, he doesn’t die so easily -_-

    6 years ago