Woohoo! Long time Nasties will remember when we did one of these videos for myISH long time ago, when we outlined the 7 Most Bizarre Kpop Videos. This week, we’re doing another video for them as well. Woohoo! They talk about Kpop often: it seems only fair that we should be able to talk there once in a while as well!

Anyhow, we decided to look more into special Kpop Covers, since we were so especially inspired by 4Minute’s reinterpretation of Milkshake. We asked you on our Facebook page a short while ago if you knew of any good covers, and you shared a bunch of awesome ones with us. Thank you! We used a lot of your suggestions in this list.

Side note: we didn’t pick and Jay Park of LED Apple covers. That’d be cheating! They’re fluent in English, and so mentioning them in this playlist wouldn’t be fully fair. Our idea was that lots of people who don’t speak Korean do covers of Psy videos. Why not see what it’s like for people who don’t speak English to do covers of English songs? Some of the covers were really quite bad, and we didn’t include those. The rest on our list, though, were really quite cool, we think.

Also, ultra mega props go out to Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. Respect level up 100 points for them. And we’re not being snarky here. Really: we loved how they covered Sexyback, because it’s JUST LIKE HOW WE COVER KPOP SONGS when we go to Noraebang. So often we’re ultra inspired to sing a song when we’re in the noraebang, and then we type it in and we realize, holy sugarbeans, this song is way too fast and we don’t know 80% of the words. Can I just sing the chorus? TAKE EM TO THE CHORUS! “Lipstick” was so difficult to sing. All we know is “Lipstick Stain no me no” and then “OH MOH MOH MOHHHHH!”

So, that’s it for the playlist. Did we miss out on any good covers? Let us know! Also, there was a point to this week’s playlist as well:

4Minute’s “Milkshake” – Never forget.

  1. you that KBS Gayo Daejun a few years ago where Davichi with 2 other singers (forgot) were singing Stand Up For Love. I thought it was beautiful

  2. Jonghyun’s As long as You love Me

  3. I lost it during the sexy back vid, hilarious.

  4. I know I’m really really late XD
    I dunno why I haven’t seen this video before >:|
    anyway the only cover I haven’t seen mentioned in the comments (haven’t read them all though :P) and that I love is “Greatest love of all” by WHITNEY HOUSTON covered by JUNSU (Xiah) when he was still a trainee at the age of 14 <3
    I'm so sad it's so short, but I don't even know if a longer version exists, if it does, give me the link please (*° o °*)/


  5. Taeyeon singing Hush Hush was brilliant. She didn’t have too much engrish and she might have changed the lyrics a bit, but she was dancing and her voice was phenomenal. Taeyeon singing Take a Bow was good as well, as well as her cover of L.O.V.E. Speaking of L.O.V.E., SHINee also did a good cover on it (not as well as Taeyeon, but hers barely had an accent and, well…) and Onew “scatted” a tad during the saxophone part.

    Also, any and all of Onew’s English covers are brilliant surely.

    T.O.P’s cover of No Diggity was great too! :D

  6. One of my favourite artists sings English songs well (I think)… But maybe I’m biased by my obsession with him – Park Hyo Shin’s and Tei’s duet cover of Beyonce’s Listen and Park Hyo Shins version of Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 Is also good. Whilst it is in Korean, and technically similar to JB singing in English, Park Hyo Shin is amazing covering everyone. His cover of Taeyang’s only look at me is much more interesting than the original. <3 for 박효신!

  7. too bad the video was done BEFORE B.A.P had their America tour and Daehyun & Youngjae covered “I believe I can fly” that would’ve been a worth a mention!

  8. Have you never heard INFINITE’s Sungkyu singing in English?! He doesn’t speak English at all, but he can sing it amazingly well and sound fantastic doing it. That boy’s voice is like warm honey. Here he is singing Insomnia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ptb5prduGE and here he is doing an almost perfect imitation of the lead singer from The Calling’s voice in “Wherever You Will Go” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjalF3syZm0 I DIED when I heard his voice on this one.

  9. Eunhyuk also did an AMAZING cover of “Cracks of My Broken Heart”, though I remember hearing you say you dislike ballad-y songs, and this is an extremely pretty song, so you probably would not like it as much as I did. Anyway, Martina, not to make you feel worse, but Eunhyuk’s got a six-pack too.

  10. I only laugh, because while many Americans are hating on the Korean pronounciation of “their” song, I appreciate and love it every time a Korean idol covers an English song. It shows us how small a language barrier can actually be when it comes to music. The words aren’t what matter, it’s the feeling you get from a singer that counts. ^^ <3 :)

  11. Brown Eyed Girls did a superb job at covering Emotions by Destiny’s Child! You guys really gotta check it out if u havent already~ These girls are so amazingly talented! Their harmony <3 & how original of Miryo to include that rap hihi :D Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evo-lHK8-lY

  12. not sure if this has happened already or not, but shinee has a couple more covers, especially a beautiful one of jason mraz’s i’m yours, which shares the unique honor of having a cover done…on their cover…of a song…yea. blew my mind too. cover…of a cover…how…?
    anyways, here’s the link :)

  13. I’m REALLY surprised you guys didn’t include Younha’s cover of Viva La Vida


  14. I personally love J Min (Ting-G)’s Cover of Nobody’s Perfect, its a really beautiful cover :)


  15. Oh, found another one with SM artists, and it even has a good english in it! (And it´s great!)


  16. now that I looked through some videos on you tube another pretty good cover would be Super Junior K.R.Y – She they were good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scmFDFuc6O8

  17. To all my nasties out there recommending GREAT Kpop covers. My After school classes “WILL LOVE EM!” Thank you guys.. <3 <3 <3 (I teach in Daegu, South Korea)

  18. Led apple and hanbyul music note covers they coverd Justin,Jason Maraz,queen ,Bruno and others

  19. recently in jan or feb of 2013, seohyun of SNSD covered a taylor swift song while she played the guitar. AWESOMMEEEEE

  20. Some covers I would suggest:
    * Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE) “Umbrella” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N12WdhBOwGk
    – hands down my fav cover of this song EVERR. The smooth guitar, the dreamy voice, all perfectly in the mood. Makes me hypnotized whenever I listen to it. Jonghyun’s English though…. well, he’s been always admitting to struggle in it :P

    * Jonghyun (another one :P) and Onew (SHINee) “Because of You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoF-anaaUZQ
    – this one might be a sentiment of mine… nevertheless, their distinct voices match well with the song. Great quality of covering (not of the record itself)

    * Infinite “Can’t help but wait” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMWwEdANIrw
    – YOU’LL LAUGH SO HARD. I love this cover, I think Woohyun and especially Sunggyu’s voices match awesomely to the song, but Hoya’s and Dongwoo’s rap made me suffocate :D their EngRish is so adorable xD :D:D:D [Inspirit here so no hate]

  21. I see that you haven’t forgotten ‘Milkshake’…yep, that’s a keeper :))

  22. omg jyj junsu’s timeless.!!!! original by kelley clarkson and justin timberlake. i love that song!!!

  23. MAx Changmin with “More Than Words”, Xiah Junsu with “All Rise”

  24. You missed guckkasten the saddest thing. He said he had such trouble memorizing the english. xD But he did soooo awesome~

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IItWiodOz-E&list=PLbQ544A8tEmt1FExFCc3C6pc7fKCYSoKj
    The band is called The Solutions, and the song is called Tonight
    if you haven’t heard this song.. its really seriously awesome, and i have no clue if any members are native English speakers, but the accent makes me think second language? either way, i love this song and its in my playlist lol

  26. Exo covering Open Arms, they did a great job in my opinion ;)

  27. My favourite is definitely K.Will and Hyorin’s cover of Whenever You Call by Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight. They both sound so amazing!!

  28. Thanks for sharing these! They were all pure gold, and you made me fall in love with Taeyang all over again. ^_^

  29. I am a SJ bias so I can only give covers that SJ did, but yeah. It might be hard to tolerate the fangirl screams though.. haha but yeah. Both covers my SJ’s Ryeowook, he sounds amazing when he sings in English.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja-d57Pww5w&list=PLF51578E24A62BBCD&index=10 (Insomnia)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5SXz6kE6v0&list=PLF51578E24A62BBCD&index=67 (Moves Like Jagger)

  30. Pardon me if this has already been mentioned and I just missed it, but I can’t believe you didn’t mention Jang Keun Suk’s cover of Timberlake’s Sexy Back. Sure the singing isn’t great and the video quality is a bit lacking, but his PG-13 dance moves and all around hotness surely make up for all that. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJqZuPfS7BA&list=PLUVT54DGDV-gVsN-dVeuGpE3OsDlmdJwn

  31. martina i love you you are the best!!!!

  32. There was also a great cover of Mariah Careys Whenever you call by K.Will and Hyorin! I was so amazed by their vocals…

  33. I’ve personally always enjoyed Jisook’s cover of Ne-Yo’s closer.


  34. Eunhyuk with “I’m yours” is kind of sweet! :D Amazed how he (or anyone else singing in a foreign language, for that matter) could remember all the words and everything. I know what foreigners sound when we sing Gangnam style “nanananananana 여자!!! nanananananan 여자!!!”

  35. You should check out Sungmin from Super Junior covering Falling Slowly…It’s quite awesome IMO XD

    Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2fv88IOtPc

  36. APink’s Eunji’s cover of “I Love You I Do”
    A clip that was release prior to APink’s debut to introduce Eunji as a member of APink.

  37. APink’s Eunji’s cover of “I Love You I Do”
    A clip that was release prior to APink’s debut to introduce Eunji as a member of APink.

  38. FT ISLAND did a rock(ish) version of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAKEu3pZo9M

  39. Secret’s English covers have impressed me. Check out their cover of Amerie’s Take Control, Stacie Orrico’s STuck and Song Jieun’s I Have Nothing.

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