I’m telling you, there was something mighty foul about our attempt to film this WANK. The universe was fighting against it, really really really fighting against it.

So here’s the deal: last week we filmed our Samgyeopsal and Soju FAPFAP late Wednesday night, at something after midnight. Why? We were filming our WANK in Hongdae that day, but then – all of a sudden, mid filming – all of our batteries died. Even our backup battery. Just PFFFFT done. Finished. We went to the Canon shop close by to try to pick up some new batteries or chargers and PFFFT that place had shut down. Cross the street to the department store to try to get it there. Also, no luck. So we filmed the FAPFAP that night instead, and decided to film the rest of the WANK the following week on Wednesday, which was yesterday.

Fast forward to two days ago at the ZE:A Interview event. Our interview with them was great, by the way, and we filmed it all and are almost finished editing it. But, right after filming our interview with them, we try to go to their showcase to film some of that…and our camera broke. It just wouldn’t read any memory cards anymore. We tried four different memory cards, all of which said “NOOOOOOOOOOO I WON’T READ YOU!” So we thought that we’d have to buy a new camera, which – let me tell you – video cameras ain’t cheap! Luckily, we have a friend who let us borrow their camera while ours is at the repair shop for the next two weeks. So, we do have a camera to still film with.

And then comes the silliness that occurred yesterday. We made it back to Hongdae, with all of our gear, and were all ready to film the WANK. We had planned on going to the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop. If you don’t know what that is, one of Korea’s best dramas ever took place there. We wanted to go and re-enact some scenes and have some general lols. Well, we came up to the coffee shop and started filming our intro to the shop and directions on how to get there, when their staff comes out and says “NO PICTURES and NO VIDEO” before we even enter the coffee shop.


So I – Martina here – ask to talk to the manager so that I could explain that we’re not working for a TV show or anything like that. We’re bloggers, and we want to promote their coffee shop to our audience, so that people would know how to find it when they visit Korea. Instead of giving a decent answer in an apologetic tone, the manager was so rude and responded grumpily that his coffee shop was private property, and that no one is allowed to take pictures or videos. And I’m not over-reacting here. I’d understand if there was some reason behind this banning of photography and video. I just wasn’t given a shred of decency from this guy. Instead, he seemed SO angry that I would ask, and almost shoo-shoo’ed me away with a wave of the hand. Again, I tried to explain that we had come there just to film in his coffee shop since Coffee Prince was my favourite drama, but he was just gave a firm and stern “NO,” without even any eye contact, and rudely walked away.

Now look: I totally get someone politely saying, “I’m really sorry, but we just don’t allow filming and pictures in our coffee shop, it disturbs the vibe, bothers the customers, I’m allergic to the chemicals in film, [some bogus reason or another] I’m so sorry” and so on, but this guy was so quickly annoyed by it, and he refused to even look me in the eye. We’ve had stores tell us before that they don’t want to be on camera, and we understand them, and find somewhere else, but we’ve never been dismissed so brusquely before. Ever. For someone who is riding off the fame of an old beloved TV show, you’d think he’d be more understanding of people excited to visit the shop as a tourist. It seems more like he doesn’t care about making a good impressions, because he knows people will freely visit and give him money. Well screw that. I had lots of money to spend there, and I won’t give him a dime of it, and I strongly suggest none of you do so, either.

After all that, the waitress changes the story and tells me, “oh you can take pictures, but no video.” Okay, so which one is it? And what’s the reason for photos but no video? You’re still going to get my money when I buy your over-priced coffee. So I said, okay, thank you, and we went across the street instead to Coffee Lab, one of the most famous coffee shops in Hongdae–famous for making good coffee, not for having an asshat for a manager being the filming location of an old TV show.

Being rude to someone who hasn’t been rude to you and who has expressed how excited they are to be in your coffee shop is just a flat out dickheaded move in my books and I will not recommend anyone waste their money at this shop. The prices on the menu were so overpriced (as in, $7.00 for a latte..whhhhaattt??). Only one floor was open, the patio was dirty and closed, and the rest of the coffee shop was in dismally poor condition. This coffee shop certainly doesn’t embody the happy and light feeling of the true Coffee Prince Coffee Shop. Go there if you want your memories of the Coffee Prince drama to be crushed.

After this experience, we told our Korean friends about how disappointed we were and how rude this guy was, and it turns out there supposedly was a scandal a few years back about this owner. So MBC (the Korean TV station that had hosted the Coffee Prince show) had paid the coffee shop owner to keep the coffee shop with its memorabilia in tact, since it was such a popular location for tourists to visit. However, the owner was secretly charging tourists (especially Chinese and Japanese visitors) extra money to take photos and to be in the coffee shop. When MBC found out, they pulled their support of his shop and tried to open up a second location that wasn’t run by a shady manager. I remember seeing the other shop opening and being surprised that Coffee Prince would open a second shop, but now I don’t know what happened to the other shop. I’m guessing it closed down due to lack of visitors since it isn’t the original one. We also heard from other people who know the managers from nearby stores, and they all said they won’t support that shop because the manager is such a jerk. So there you have it! Essentially, this coffee shop is only in business because of the sign tacked above it. Stay the hell away from it.


Anyhow, after all was said and done, and the curse of the Coffee Prince had finally beat us into submission, we did the only thing that we could logically do at that time: went to a kitty coffee shop and played with kitties. Much better experience, with lots of nice kitties. What are these kitties with such stubby legs?!?!?! Has anyone seen such cats before? I don’t know. All I know is all my feels are better after playing with them.

Ah! Sorry this WANK sucked, guise. Hopefully next WANK won’t be so sucky. Otherwise, we have some bloopers. Moar kitties involved!


  1. I actually went there this weekend (in the area, figured it could be fun). They have a sign out front asking people who only want to take pictures to stay outside, which I completely understand and respect. I took a few photos when my friend and I went in after we ordered, and nobody told me I couldn’t. The staff (didn’t meet the manager) was super bubbly, and although the drinks were a bit overpriced, it was still kind of a neat experience. :)
    Maybe things have changed since your last visit? Or maybe I went on a really good day haha.

  2. So what’s the review of Coffee Prince? It’s like the best drama ever, but does their coffee live up to their name? Do they deliver, and make it really authentic just like the drama?

  3. New owner, you can take pictures now. You should still buy something before taking pictures out of politeness though

  4. Possible world-wide Nasty project: Buy that place out and make it into a place Coffee Prince fans can be proud of. Hmm…

  5. The cats with the stubby legs are Munchkin Cats. They’re a specific breed that I first hear about back in the 90s, shortly after the breed was recognized by I-forget-which breeding association.

  6. Our friend has a stubby cat called Delilah – they said it’s a Manx cat and I hear they often have stubby tails. Too cute!

  7. Does anyone know the song at 4:40?

    You guys are great, I just love your sense of humor!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  8. wheres the cat place?

  9. omg i l <3 coffee prince!

  10. did you film some of your dino/unicorn dancing here???

  11. I think the stubby Kitties are called Munchkins. They are so adorable! I am sorry you had such a bad experiance; soe peole are just jerks!!!
    Keep Blogging!

  12. The cats with short legs are called munchkins, no joke.

  13. Those Stubby legged kitties are called munchkin cats :D
    Aint they just the cutest!?

  14. The short-legged-kitties are scottish fold munchkin kitties and I’ve always wanted to have one badly! They are adorable!!! :) Even though this didn’t work out as planned for you guys I still very much enjoyed watching it and OMG I WANT THAT ICE CREAM!!!

  15. That’s very sad to hear about the rude manager. When I visited the shop a few years ago with my friend, they had no problem with us taking pictures and videos. May be it was under a different manager then. However, I have to agree that the coffee there is extremely expensive.

  16. can i ask something.. it’s just that i really wanted to goo there but but is it really that bad? when you went there, are there any costumers?

  17. on a sidenote, that’s probably the best mandu place in Seoul, everyone should give it a try :)

  18. It would be nice if you had maps in your entries showing exactly where you’d gone WANKing and FAPFAPping. I can sort of locate things on Naver Maps on my iPad, but it’s not often easy.

  19. Reddit is now aware of these so-called cat cafes. You’re welcome.

  20. I went to Molly’s Pops a few days ago and I asked the Pop Barista if she knew who Simon and Martina from EYK. And she was like YES! I saw them on YouTube and I told her thats how I found Molly’s! We had a moment.

  21. Aaawii, I wanna go to the kitty coffee shop!! The kitties are so cute and fluffy… they’re so fluffy I’m gonna diiiie! heehee… … … And someone should give that manager a serious wedgy!!!! *really angry angryface* … fluffy… kitties… aahhh~… I’m good… ^__^

  22. LOOL F***Fake?!? What’s that place?!

  23. I pay $7.00 for a ice blend at coffee bean and I just don’t care if it is overpriced unless I am broke lol

  24. I went to the second Coffee Prince shop last year. I didn’t know it’s been changed to a Chef Restaurant =( I would’ve taken more photos then =( It wouldn’t have been disappointing. Chill vibe, awesomely comfy and circular chairs, cute servers ;D I was curious about the cat cafe across from it. I’d go if I wasn’t allergic to cats =P

  25. LOL at that Engrish sign!

  26. weeeeeeeeee~ i will go to the kitty coffee shop!! ^^”

  27. Hey guys do you think you could tell me how to get to the shop with the kitties? I would like to visit that place who I visit Korea in October. So tell me please?

  28. I think kittens with stubby legs are called Scottish folds. Here’s my favourite one!


  29. I know that some camera batteries are not cheap but you guys should really invest in a charging station and have all your batteries on there so when you’re going out you have a battery in the camera and a back-up battery if the first one drains. THE ONLY reason why I suggest this is because that’s what my husband does for his cameras. We have a sofa table in our bedroom that basically is the battery charging station. There is nothing but power strips and battery parks all over the table and most of the time there are batteries parked in every spot that requires one. He never runs out of power on his camera(s) now. Peace!

  30. It’s called a munchkin kitty! :)

    Sorry about how crappy your wank went. You tried so hard for us! Hopefully things go better next time. :D At least kitties and coffee helped make it better!

  31. OH GOD. I know you guys were upset that things didn’t turn out how you wanted it to, BUT I SPAZZED SO BAD WHEN I SAW ALL THE KITTIES. ‘SPLOSIONS. EVERYWHERE. Thank you.

  32. “And that’s it for this week’s WANK, we’re gonna go drink.” OMG.

    Still, inadvertently the best WANK ever because although I loved Coffee Prince and am very sorry to hear about its state of disrepair (asshattery) I do happen to also FREAKING LOVE KITTIES YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY CAT FEELS I GOT WHILE WATCHING THIS THING.

    I will absolutely be visiting that Kitty Cafe when my friend and I visit Korea next year and getting that ice cream. I also love delicious ice cream bars as much as I love Coffee Prince. So really, this was basically the best thing ever, although it was so frustrating for you guys.

  33. omg backpack sweat gross, i feel for you guys it 28 degrees over here in western canada!!!

  34. The cat in the kitty coffee shop has short stubby legs because it’s a genetic mutation and they’re called “munchkin cats”. People found them cute so they kept breeding them and now I guess they’re a new breed of cats. :)

  35. Can I ask where Molly’s Pops is? Looks so good and I want to go~

  36. The kitties with stubby legs are called dwarf cats. They’re like a
    designer breed and wicked expensive. My friend had one and it cost him like $600 USD. She was so cute though! 

  37. I was sad for you that things kept going so awry, but as soon as you showed the kitties I became instantly elated. New favorite WANK. =)

  38. OMG . . .OH NOOOOOOO . . . TT_TT . . . . I feel so sorry you guys couldn’t make the WANK properly (Especially ’cause WANK are my favorite videos and PLUS: Coffee Prince is at my top 3 drama list ). Anyway, I’m just happy you guys still make the video and I truly hope next WANK could be awesome (I wonder if they regret it for not letting you film there). FIGHTING !!” >_ó*

  39. same here!!been there and it was AWFUL!!didn’t waste any of my money there cause they were quite rude! were shocked with the condition too and very disappointed with just everything!!! 

  40. Haha, Lovey Dovey playing in the background :) Sucks the coffee shop was mean/closed, like when I went to find Lolita shops in Toronto, 2 out of 3 had shut down :(

  41. I want to go to the KITTY COFFEE SHOP.


  42. I want to go to the KITTY COFFEE SHOP.


  43. The manager needs to go to a doctor for some checkup… But at least you guys had a fun time with the kitties~~ oh and could you tell me the ice cream store that you guys went with like unique menus wine strawberry and so forth thank you and I really love your videos and I will support you guys till the end~~~~ SHAZAM (is this correct??)

  44. O.o There are places in Korea where you can just go and pet kitties?!? Is that right? If so…..THAT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!

  45. this manager is hell disgusting~ yuck~

  46. ewww! that manager is hell disgusting~

  47. OMG THAT IS ALL MY MOM HAS BEEN DRINKING THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE IN SALT LAKE CITY! GIN AND TONIC! with a little lime OMG that is too funny and ironic! :3

  48. Not sure if anyone has told you guys yet, but the kitties with the short stubby legs are called Munchkin Cats!

  49. Best. Bloopers. Ever. I <3 cats so much.

  50. S-Mart couple, you guys are the bestest. 

  51. Kitties with tiny, stubby legs?? Munchkin kitties?! :D I think that’s what you’re talking about! I love those kitties, they’re my favorite! I will have one of my very own! One day…

  52. awww that sucks that he was such a douche bag about it! 
    I mean seriously it’s FREE promotion, what kind of manager would turn that down!!! 
    That strawberry and wine ice cream pop looked DELICIOUS and Martina you’re looking great! 

  53. S&M Even though things didn’t go as planned this is one of the reasons why you WANK, to show us different parts of Korea and tell us about your experiences. Since you told us about your experience with the place and how you were treated we know that if we’re ever in South Korea to never go there unless we like being treated like crap. They don’t even let you sit down to order and the coffee isn’t that great (which make the prices even more outrageous) so I know that you guys (especially Martina) wouldn’t have liked it anyways.

  54. I’ve been there! And it’s really so overpriced! Unfriendly staff, bad coffee (seriously, as a coffee drinker, I’d say the coffee is really bad!” unkept shop. We all were pretty moody by the time we finished there. And decided to cheer up our day cycling around Han River. Hahaha.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re telling people not to go there. It’s definitely not worth it, and just crushes our fascination over the drama!

  55. Aw sounds like an awful experience. I’m glad that MBC doesn’t support the guy so that’s good! I wonder what got up his booty? Seems like it’s disappointing. :( It would still be fun to go and see the actual shop in person though. It’s my favorite drama ever and I’m such a Eunhye fan girl for so many yrs now so it would be just a great experience being on the same step she stepped on lol. The kitties were so super cute! I love how some had bowties on omg aw. 

  56. Guys! Don’t feel bad!!! i still loved this wank… and i mean what person doesn’t have a bad day every once in a while right?

  57. Hi Simon & Martina

    shout outs to you guys from NYC 
    Recently found your site and I must say I Absolutely love your site and look forward to watching  & reading your work. 
    Keep it coming!

  58. Just in case no one’s answered the question, the stubby legged cats are a breed called ‘munchkin’ (no joke). Some people are against the breeding of them because they think the genetic mutation that causes the short legs also causes other problems, but in reality it doesn’t really do anything except make stubby legged cats extra cute. 

  59. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE’S A CAT COFFEE SHOP IN KOREA!! seriously what am i doing here wherever i am?! seoul seems like the most idyllic place for a urban freak like me!

    and you know guys, your wank was awesome! even with all the difficulties, to end up at a cat coffee place! i’d be crying joyful tears lol and those popsicles seemed like the most delicious things ever too… buuuuuuuuuut i got so excited to hear u were going to drink later! lol you should do a drunk w.a.n.k some time!! or have you already?! :P

  60. omg A KITTY SHOP! I wanna go… disappointing about the Coffee Prince coffee shop! Best series ever!

  61. Your batteries died, and then your camera went “I NO WANNA WORK FOR YOU.”

    I wonder if it was a sign from Korea to not go there, like: “I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GO THER OR EL–I WAAAAAAAAARNED YOU! TWICE!”

  62. You should visit some of the traditional sites/ attractions in korea that came out in dramas! Like that one palace place from rooftop prince (: I’m interested in seeing more of the traditional stuff!

    Sorry to hear about all the suck, but in the end, making a wank about kitties and ice cream was amazing! :D and also – not sure if someone already answered this, but those short-stubby-legged cats are a breed called munchkin :D so cute right!?

  64. I went to the ’1st shop of coffee prince’ before. The staff insisted that we must order a drink or a cake each (There were 4 of us) before we can sit down. They showed impatience when we were deciding what to buy, we can’t even take a seat 1st while we decide. But we did managed to take some photos. One trip is enough, won’t ever go there again.

  65. kawaii_candie

    awww, wow, that is SO lame… but sounds like this guy is digging himself into a bankrupcy hole with his douchey attitude… still sucks though :(

    but omg, homemade popsicles!!!! i wanna go there :)
    and the kitties were so adorably cute….
    and ending the whole day with gintonic doesn’t sound like it was such a waste of a day after all ^^

  66. i hate mean jerks like that guy! but hey, if you are ever in tokyo again, there is this really awesome coffee prince shop in koreatown where they have cute servers and you can take pictures with them! i throughly enjoyed the eyecandy! ;)

  67. man that really sucks… me and my friend were going to go there but didn’t get enough time to… can you please go to cube cafe for the next wank??? pretty please with cherry on top!!!

  68. The kitties with stubby legs are called munchkin cats. They’re like the wiener dog of cats. They’re sooo cute!

  69. kitties with stubby legs are called munchkin kitties! it’s a mutation, but they’re so adorable =u=

  70. I got angry reading the rant because you guys are such NICE people. You guys didn’t do anything wrong, and the manager gives y’all an attitude. RUDE. You guys don’t deserve that negative response from anyone. Hope bad karma gets to him. Anywhoo. Y’all are awesome. I enjoyed the video x] It wasn’t crappy at all. Love all of y’alls vids. KEEP BEING AWESOME, GAIZ ;D

    Btw…that ice cream place look so good and CUTE. I want to go to Korea someday. I’m on a diet as well and watching some of y’alls vids make me hungry x]

  71. He’s just afraid that no one would come after they’ve found out how poorly conditioned it looks. Nothing to be grumpy about! His loss.

  72. WAIT! Kitty coffee shops are a thing? I must go visit one. That has to be the most amazing idea ever, because everything IS better with cats.

  73. OOOH! Can y’all make a video recommending good kdramas? I watched “You’re Beautiful” because you talked about it in a video and now I’m definitely watching “Coffee Prince”! There are soooo many too choose from and I just don’t have enough time to waste it on a bad drama. Plus I trust your opinion :) Sooo… please, please make a video on kdramas!?!? Kansamnida!!!!

  74. I have GOT to go to this KITTY place when (ever) i get to KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOO THE KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    also, yes, there is a breed of cat that has the short stubby legs, but i forget what it’s called. <3 thanks for brightening my day, guys! <3

  75. If the manager is such a jerk and it is well known, how does he stay in business?

  76. A friend of mine told me not to bother with that place because they shoo people for “overstaying” too — drink and run, not fun.

  77. Too bad you had a bad day. Thanks for the warning.
    I hope someday you do a WANK video at one of Hong Seok Cheonʻs restaurants. *nudges* ;)

  78. The short legged kitties are known as munchkins they are basically the kitty equivalent of dachshund without the potential back problems!

  79. That truly is bummer that you guys were unable to film inside the cafe. I really enjoyed the drama, especially the sunflowers drown on the walls. Well, at least you guys were able to get ice cream. As always, i enjoy your blog.

  80. that cat with really short legs is a munchkin cat!

  81. The short-legged kitties are a breed called Munchkin, and the ones with the folded ears are Scottish Fold.

  82. YAY another EYK video is out I’m so dissapointed about the coffee prince thingy, on your behalf. Stupid manager. By the way thank you for the heads up on that. However, it was an awesome video

    ermmm what’s wrong here … It seems more like he doesn’t care about making a good impressions …… has K-Pop finally gotten to you kekekekekeke

  83. There are 7 Coffee Prince shops in total;
    http://coffeeprincekorea.com/ -> Store -> 매장 안내. This franchise is not owned by MBC and is still growing in the market. Also they do not overly use the fame from the drama like the way you are describing – if you ever visit their websites or other shops than the original one.Your rant is really 저질 and needs to be polished to be professional.

  84. Now, you can’t deny this manager is a “Wanker” (with or without pun)

  85. I’m sorry you guys had such a tough time!
    There a couple breeds of cats with short legs, but the most common one is called the Munchkin. I feel bad for them, but they’re still cute.

  86. ahhh this makes me upset b/c I was looking 4 places to go in Korea and I’ve been going by filming locations and that would have definitely been high up on my list. But don’t worry I shall not be going there! However, so that the Coffee Prince experience isn’t totally ruined for you guys you should check out some other locations the show was filmed at. http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/CU/CU_EN_8_5_1_26.jsp There a restaurant on here which Han gyeol took Eun Chan. =)

  87. The kitties with the short legs are called Munchkin kitties! They’re one of my favorite kinds :) They’re adorable. I’m sorry your experience was so poor.

  88. I’m sorry things did not go the greatest for you, but I must say I loved the Kitty Cafe and the ice cream shop. That Kitty Cafe looked so AWESOME!!! I love kitties!

  89. You’d think a shop owner would like as much as possible PR. Good PR + more customers = profit. If he doesn’t like PR he might as well close the shop.

  90. The stubby legged kitties are Munchkin cats :) Soo cute!

  91. I’m glad that you guys made this trip because now everyone will know somethings are meant to be kept as a fantasy. I went to coffe prince cafe about 4 years ago, all excited like you were, but was devastated by how the owner was maintaining the place (the charm was definitely gone) ;((
    The coffee was ok, but no where near the price they were charging (yes, it was also over-priced four years ago) and all the staff, who were very dull btw, did not care that I had problems with their service. I don’t know what I was more shocked by, how the staff never approached the customers, or how the place sending out such sad vibe.
    I tried to settle with the pictures of framed autographs of the cast members in the cafe, but was disappointed nonetheless.

  92. 21anis

    sorry for that crappy experience, but at least now we know the reasons to NOT go to that Coffee Prince coffee shop, thank u for the insights..wow, the manager, what a jerk..btw, it wasn’t such a sucky WANK guys, it’s pretty random n i love popsicles n i especially LOVE CATS~ :3 miauu~so i enjoyed watching this WANK too^^ those stubby legs kitties are called munchkin if i’m not mistaken, they are like the ponies of cats, the smaller n shorter groups of cats, like chibi ver :p the one with folded ears n stubby legs i think is called scottish fold? i’m not sure..cats are adorable creatures~ (^^)

  93. Actually… even if the WANK did suck… it was fun to watch. you guys still managed to pull it off. I applaud your hard work! I’m always happy to see you guys post new vids ♥

  94. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    *sigh* I want to go to Korea so friggin bad :(

  95. They are called munchkins! If you go to the animal planet website you can look up breeds for when you get a kitty. There is also like a quizy survey thingy to find the best breed for you ^_^ .

  96. Nice idea. I should really try to do some WANA here in Amsterdam and visit some coffeeshops. Although, it will be a very different adventure. I had to come to Korea to find out that coffeeshops actually sell coffee…

  97. Methinks Simon and Martina should get a big funding pool going so they can buy the shop from that manager and totally bring it back to the vibe that it was in Coffee Prince! ^^ *sighs longingly*

  98. Virtual ((HUGS)) for that huge disappointment and the stupid asshattery. :(

    In other news, I had to pause at 7:37 because it is just full of WIN :)

  99. So.. does that mean we don’t get to see ZE:A’s interview with you? and we won’t get the Limited Edition CDs? :(

  100. The kitty with stubby legs is called a munchkin. Yeah it’s funny! They got that name for how short their legs are.

  101. I think the cats are from the munchkin breed, they have short and fat legs.. It’s a pretty rare breed. I would like to visit that shop because of the cats, cause I haven’t seen one :)) Do you guys know if they breed them in Korea?

  102. The cats with stubby legs are called munchkins ^_^

  103. Although i didn’t watch the drama but i was surprised to hear that such thing actually happened o_o And this is for the rude manager for cheating tourists and fans money and feelings t(-_-t)

  104. OMG I can’t believe it! Stupid & rude manager!! X/ I’m sorry for all the craziness that happened while you guys were filming~
    well at least you discovered a delicious popsicle store!!! :D

  105. wow.. what a rude owner! No
    one that rude deserves to own such a popular place. I’m sorry your trip
    didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Although I have never visited
    Korea, if I did go one day I would NEVER go to that shop now that I know
    what the owner of that place is like.

  106. wow.. what a rude owner! Can’t they force him to be out of business? No one that rude deserves to own such a popular place. I’m sorry your trip didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Although I have never visited Korea, if I did go one day I would NEVER go to that shop now that I know what the manager of that place is like.
    Thanks for sharing!

  107. I hope that the guy has to sell the coffee shop somehow, and then people should know that it has a new owner. THEN I think that the Coffee Shop will be a hot spot in Hongdae:D

  108. Am I the only one who actually found this WANK enjoyable? What made this WANK was Simon’s random kitty coffee shop idea hahahaha

  109. Oh man that sucks I DK that drama, I’ll make sure not to visit the place at least :P Incidentally the weather that day looked appropriately crappy and I noticed the table with the dumplings for that day was totally barren….another sign! eek! BTW I totally LOVED the big bang parody video. It is like a fanfic come to life! I’ve seen the boys over flowers one too hilarious! TOP and G-dragon camping it up with some excellent subtitles.

  110. lol at the kitties with stubby legs! I experienced the same thing when I when to Japan. I went to the Calico Cafe and a few of the cats have just little nubby legs. like cat dachshunds haha. maybe it has something to do with being in asia? bred that way? Idk they’re still cute with their nubby legs ~<3

  111. Thank you so much guise, for trying so hard to Wank for us! We love you!

  112. What a pity, a store like that could’ve been so popular with the right staff. I know where I’m NOT going for the remainder of my vacation in Korea

  113. IKR! soooo many people been saying abt this. Nothing like in the drama!! Grr ,their waitress (my experience) are so rude. I was there last time, so while waiting for other to make their order, me & my sister snapping some pictures before we’re rudely told not to. They said we must order first b4 taking any pic or anything, BUT WE’RE IN FREAKIN LINE ALREADY!! cuz of that, we just went out,crappy services deserve none of my money >:( & I din went inside the 2nd branch near the Hello Kitty Cafe

  114. wooow what a butthole! >:( just mooching off the fame… (shakes my head in digust).. he should die from…. poop…. ing. or something =_= some ridiculous reason as well :O

  115. well, you know, sometimes bad things have to happen, but either way you had fun with the kitties, you’ll find a better place to do another W.A.N.K episode, so don´t be too disappointed Martina, and have fun with little Spudgy hahaha

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    When I go to Korea, I’m definitely going there. *o*

    p/s: that manager suck. he should be fired

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  119. ddkrnaddict

    that manager sucks.

  120. Same thing happened to me. I’m surprised you guys were even allowed to film outside. One of my friends from Taiwan came to visit and I took her there. She was just taking a pic outside by the sign before going in (to buy horribly overpriced coffee) and two of the “princes” rushed out and told us it wasn’t allowed and basically shooed us away before we could even go in. Grrr… When I saw “Coffee Prince” on the title of ur vid, I knew it was ill-fated. ㅠㅠ

  121. Wow, what a crappy excuse for a human being. I’m glad you guys at least found something to do after such a crappy experience. I will be honest those cats were freaking adorable! What was that place, was it like the Doggy Cafe you took Teh Spudgy to, or did those cats leave there and people just come in to get some happy?

  122. Well Coffee Prince was my first K-Drama, and so I’m uber bummed over the shop situation, but nothin’ doin’. I’ll have to visit the kitties when I visit/move there instead, and keep the story in my heart.

  123. Well he is not the only one remember the soup nazi from seinfeld, well anyways he got so famous after being in the show but guess what he close down cause he couldn’t stand that more people even tourist would come just for his soup or to take pictures with him… So fame is not for everyone, that is one explanation another one would be that he moved from NY to Korea and now he’s the new manager of that coffee shop and since fame ruined his life here he is afraid people might recognize him and start all over asking him to repeat the line “no soup for you” over and over again. Serously who cares is his lost because even from america people buy what you recommend at least I went to amazon to buy the bb cream you talked about in your blog and there are comments like I got this because martina showed how to use it… so I did buy that and more from etude on amazon and then your soup app I bought one too cause I couldn’t find the one you talked about for my phone, I got the gigantic cups you used on how to make kimbap which I tried and gave up, and now I found a friend that could do my cupboards as cute as yours and if I knew where to get them I would buy them and I looked for more stuff you guys talk about in your blog, so as I said is his lost. Who knows I might go to korea and just ignore his coffee shop.

  124. Don’t feel bad guys! Sorry it was so frustrating, but you did the right thing by not supporting his business! The kittens were adorable! ^_^ All of your videos are great; don’t worry about the manager troll!

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  130. The kitties with the short legs are munchkin cats!! They’re actually a relatively new breed created in the ’80s in the US and they’re sooooo cute!! You can find articles on them on wiki and such~ I was introduced to them by my Japanese friend! :D

  131. Wow, as a Korean myself, I feel sorry for you instead. He should’ve been polite to you guys, sigh :( That ignorant manager should be spanked ^^ and learn his lesson. How can he not be aware that his behavior can affect future customers or the reputation of the coffee shop? I hope he sees your videos! and apologize! (i guess i’m expecting sth too big from an ignorant guy)

  132. WTH?! i can’t believe such rude, selfish, and blatantly money-hoarding people exist. thanks for saving us all from what couldve been a crushed coffee prince dream!!

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  135. Kimmicci

    Thank you Simon and Martina for going through the hardships like this for us. I wanted to go there but after what ur experiance was like, I’m not. Thank you for telling us and I’m sorry that had to happen to you.

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  138. Aww…but kitties do make everything better. My two always give me love and laughs and help me act civilized toward people after a bad day. Wish we had kitty cafes in the states.

  139. Awe I’m sorry you guys had such a crappy experience with the coffee shop, but eventually that business owner will get what he deserves.
    About those cats with the stubby legs they are called Munchkins- heres a very informative youtube vid about them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rDCHxLh6IM

  140. http://dmaps.kr/b4cx

    I finally found this shop on Daum 지도! I’ve always wondered where it was.

  141. You have the power to make it happen- Michael Soward 9:55 ;)

  142. Man, there goes my Coffee Prince dreams.-_- And to think I really hoped to visit that shop when my family and I visit Korea! Argh. >.<

    Anyway, don't worry about this WANK, Simon & Martina. This didn't suck at all. The cute cats made up for it and of course, the popsicle shop! You guys still made my day with your vids! Keep making 'em! :)

  143. The breed of cat with the “stubby” legs is called a munchkin. The long-haired variety is called a napoleon.

  144. I LOVE COFFEE PRINCE I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS I agree with everything you said Martina^^ Rant away :D

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  147. that guy sucks. never going there

  148. I think those kitties are called Munchkins, no lie.

  149. Those kitties are called Munchkin cats, they’ve been bred to look extra cute! Sort of the like the sausage dog of the cat world!

  150. I also liked the drama, but I like cats more, so kitty coffee shop sounds like almost heaven to me <3

  151. Wow, that guy was just an all around jerk, that deserved the famous k-drama slap in the face!

  152. well the coffee prince shop has something that the other shop doesn’t, cats. >.<

  153. props for your persistence!

  154. I’ve already read a few frustrating stories from people who visited the shop. From over-priced coffees to dirty, ugly conditions. There were really no good feedbacks of the shop. So, I decided straight away not to go there when I visited Korea last summer.

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  159. Those kitties are called Munchkin kitties and it is apparently caused by a “naturally occurring genetic mutation” according to Wikipedia. I want one!

  160. Jerks will be jerks wherever you go, they just ruin our days. The fact that you guys tried to show us a good experience in the Coffee Prince shop means a lot because i know that i wouldn’t have had the patience to deal with that manager! I love you guys for that :)

  161. It sucks that you had to go trough that, I feel like hugging you now ;_; and omg kitties *_*

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  163. Oh wow. And I was actually so SAD that we didn’t have time to stop by while we were in Seoul a couple months ago, now I don’t feel so horrible. I have the same level of love for Coffee Prince like you do and I *also* annoy husband to death about how I LOVE IT. But anyway, sorry for the really awful experience. I seriously hope fans would come across your video and not support his business. But it doesn’t change the fact that this makes me really sad as a fan of the series. I sincerely hope the owner a lifetime of spoiled milk and burnt, day old coffee.

  164. I think that dude needs to hear what the five fingers says to the face… Just sayin’.

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  168. Soompi reviewed that shop aswell, and had the same bad experience.
    The cat with short legs are called Munchkin ^^

  169. wow, that guy was rude…!
    but why are korean people so racist with foreigners, really? i mean, before i watched your videos about korean information and stuff i was really excited about going to korea for 9 months this summer for a student exchange, but then i saw the bully video and the friends in korea video and i was like….YOU MAKE ME CRY..!! haha, and it really made me feel bad…i don’t get it, why are they so racist and why do they have the whole hyung and sunbae stuff??
    Now im not really into the korean culture anymore…but it’s not like i hate them or anything and im not blaming simon and martina, it’s just that it seems really hard to live in asia without being left out…
    and sorry for my crappy english…

    • Confucianism is the reason, and that doesn’t make any culture worse than another. The differences in world cultures are what makes the planet interesting. Also please don’t lump one set of people’s experiences on making friends as how an entire region would act … people are different in Taiwan, Japan, China, etc. “racist?” Seriously? Just one guy who acted like an ass, doesn’t mean racist.

  170. The kitties with the “stubby legs” are a breed called Munchkins. :) They’re one of my favorite breeds.

  171. Aw Martina! That guy needed a punch in the face..with brass knuckles. I’m glad you guys got to enjoy ice cream though at the end. I’m putting that on a list of things to do when I visit Korea.

  172. All your videos make me want to visit Korea!! Thanks

  173. The manager still charges extra to be in the coffee shop. My friends visited last summer and said they had to pay extra to drink their coffee INSIDE the cafe instead of just drinking and leaving. What a scammmm.

  174. The kittehs with stubby legs are munchkin cats! (no joke!) I’d love to visit a cat cafe, but I have horrible allergies. -_-

  175. Martina!!! You’ve been look extra-super-pretty, as of late…

    ….thought you out to know……<3

  176. Maybe you should go to Secret Garden’s coffee shop instead! The coffee kiss place!

  177. wow…I was really planning on visiting that coffee shop to relive my ultimate obsessed kdrama at the time. Thanks for making this video/post, guys! Won’t be getting my money or support for an overpriced latte. Boo. :(

  178. the kitties with the short legs are a new breed called munchkins. It’s sorta the same reasoning behind making doggies short legged also [like the Spudgy!]…a lot of cat breeders think it’s horrible to limit cats, and compare it to declawing. The legs are short so they can’t run away from danger as quickly.

  179. I love how you can hear Lovey Dovey in the kitty shop (I REALLY WANT TO GO)!!! and those popsicles look amazing!!!

  180. hi simon and martina!! i went to the coffee prince shop and i had the same unfortunate experience..the manager was awfully rude and very unpleasant..if it wasn’t for the drama i would not waste a second of my time there..the place was shabby which made me super sad..and judging from your video of the front yard..i guess it has become shabbier..not daebak :((((

  181. Ah no! =/ I’m sorry that you guys had such misfortunes. Whether or not you put out a new vid this week (I know it’s very tiring) I hope it’s a better week for you than this was. Also, I’m still sending you coffee and other fun things (this is Keetani from the chat), where can I get the address to send you my package? ^^

  182. I has also disappointed by the coffee prince shop, when I went to korea, the set has very degraded but at least they let us take pictures in front of the sunflower.

  183. I’ve been there with my family about 2 years ago. That ***** manager probably wasn’t there at that time since we managed to snap quite a lot of pictures. Thank God

  184. stubby legs kitties are a new breed called the Munchkins. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munchkin_%28cat%29
    And that rude owner is getting what’s coming to him f you ask me… his shop is slowly but surely going decrepid…

  185. my friends experiences the same too!! Instead of being greeted with handsome and cute GUYS like the drama did, they were greeted with RUDE and ANNOYING GIRL staffs. It should be fixed soon or the hallyu fan would totally be pissed off

  186. Its okay Simon and Martina! That was definetly one of my stops for Korea for next year but I guess I can cross that off my list! This is the exact reason I watch you guys! Thanx and keep up with the great work!

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  190. i think you guys need a cat in your lives. you can get a long-haired cat and dye it pink!

  191. Some people just make horrible decisions without rhyme or reason… I’m sorry you two please have a happier week … being disabled and not leaveing my room there are places i long to go (Korea!!!) And you bring that to me… you shall never know how much that means to me !!! Miriam oh ans simon will you be my friend ??? Martina too ???

  192. While I’m sorry you guys had such a rough time, I just have to say you make even a crappy day look totally fun and amazing. Thanks for all you go through to bring us such amazing videos and lots of laughter!

  193. cats make any bad situation better

  194. Where is the cat place???

  195. Coffee Prince is not only my all time favorite drama, but one of my all time favorite TV shows. The character development, the conflicts between the characters were so real and believable even in what at first seems like a ridiculous situation. Yoon Eun Hye’s performance was so incredible I get tears just thinking about it. T_T

  196. The cats with short legs have a genetic mutation and are a new breed called Munchkins. All of the cats were so cute. Hope they could cheer you guys up. :)

  197. wow wat a rip-off guy. i’ve run into ppl like that they are lame. hopefully his business closes. he’s so stupid even MBC and other shop owners stopped supporting him with their business. a name can’t keep that place open forever. they will close; eventually.

  198. theres a coffee prince coffee shop in seoul (kangnam, yeoksamdong)! i wanted to go but never had the chance to go in while i was still in korea :( its in a pretty plain-looking building so the outside doesnt look anything like in the drama

  199. Well that’s a bummer. :( CP was one of the first Korean dramas I watched and to this day remains one of my favs. Well, once the management gets turned over we can all flood the place again.

  200. ahhh don’t u just hate ppl like that? retarded. even MBC knew he was crap and the other store owners knew he was crap that they pulled all their support and business from him. u_u wat a retard manager. makes no sense. mayb the place will close soon hopefully.

  201. Wow, you guys that really sucks that the manager did not let you do your stunt there, but okay better thing will come and besides you researched the situation a little further and realized that it was not worth it. So what I am saying is that the cats where 100% better than the original plan. Thanks for that WANK!

  202. The kitties with short legs are munchkins! They weren’t bred for any specific purpose. It just so happened a cat gave birth to a litter of kittens and half of them ended up having short legs. One of those kittens grew up and had short-legged kittens again. And the breed was created :)
    They are very sweet tempered cats and deal well with children and people handling them, which is probably the reason the coffee shop had some. You don’t want a coffee shop full of angry or shy cats. Bad for business o.o
    Sorry about all the crap ya’ll dealt with with the shady owner. Poo poo on him. Booze and cats solve all of life’s problems!

  203. i was totally planning to go there when i’m in seoul this fall :/ and re-enact the man-or.alien-scene :D hmmmmm maybe i’ll take some videos secretly and in-your-face them to the grumpy manager :D

  204. You guys are awesome! Thanks for going on that crappy wank to give us some laughs and show us some cool parts of Hongdae. And I will try in my heart of hearts to not let that awful manager ruin my love for Coffee Prince. What a clown shoe!!!

  205. Haha those popsicles looked amazing!! At least one good thing came out of your horrible day…

  206. ahahaha simon you have to open your legs for the camera XD?

  207. Aww I felt your rage about the coffee shop! It’s sad not being able to have a glimpse of what the shop looks like now but that manager was downright rude and his coffee shop doesn’t deserve anything anymore, not a single dollar, not even a blog feature especially from you guys. Besides it was already immortalized (in all it’s glory) by the Coffee Prince drama so I think it’s better keeping memories of the shop that way instead of seeing it in it’s faded glory as you have said.

    On another note, the kitty cafe made up for the whole tragedy of this shoot because, OMG they’re soooo adorable! How can cats have those stubby legs? Our cats would look malnourished (yet tall) beside those fluffy kitties! Thank you for that random instinct to go in there, Simon!

    And I also gotta say, thanks a lot for this video, guys! Props to you for being able to pull it off and keep your cool despite the series of unfortunate events that happened in this shoot. I really, really appreciate this video. Thanks a lot! Wishing you a very successful and fun-filled WANK and FAPFAP for next week! :)

  208. come on guys! it didn’t suck. it was a fun video to watch and informative nonetheless. plus, there were kitties involved! enough said!
    … aaah, and seeing the Hongdae streets again, with all the colours and cute clothes and cafes and gorgeous edible stuffs… T_T i so wish i was there right now.

  209. About those cats. I’ve heard that they’re called munchkin cats, hence the stubby legs. They’re super duper cute in my opinion :D

  210. wow, sorry to hear that :( evil people will be evil -_- but hey, i really enjoy the vid and im sure many other did too, so no worries :) thanks!

  211. No Engrish? No dire consequences? I’m so sad… :(

  212. Now I am dissapointed. You guys made funny video anyway. I want more. I am planing to go to Korea next year

  213. We’ve been in Coffee Prince in Tokyo ahaha and one of them even took a picter with me. I filmed a bit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqoal0KSYj8&feature=relmfu

    • That place looks really nice and you can hear people happily talking and a good vibe with the place. Maybe Simon and Martina should go to Tokyo haha.

  214. Wow, that’s disappointing :/ I wanted to visit that coffee shop too…Thanks for your advice though..sucks the manager was such a jerk.

    The kitties were really cute though and the popsicle looked delicious!

  215. now i have a new goal in my life as a freshly graduate – to become a manager of that coffee shop to make things better xDD

    anyway, thanks a lot for your video! kitties a so lovely *______*

  216. The stubby legged cats are called Munchkin Cats!!!! So cute!!! But seriously, why is that place still open? I mean, if I worked there and had such a terrible boss i would quit, revolt, have picket signs everywhere, play some Big Bang “Fantastic Baby” to show I am revolting while also looking like I’m “cool”, and bring justice to all Coffee Prince Lovers.

  217. KITTIES~!

  218. Well, that sucks. I thought that I was unlucky…

  219. Yay! I know what kind of cats those were. They are called munchkins. Such a cute name for such cute kitties.

    Sorry about the manager guy. I get so grouchy when I encounter rude people. I’m a nice person. You guys are nice people. We could have a nice people party. But then there are rude people who are rude without provocation. Grrr……

    I enjoyed your wank even though it didn’t go as planned. Yummy ice cream! Cute kitties! Funny Simon and Martina! Learned about where not to go in Korea! All wins for me.

  220. whats that guys’s attitude, why he so damn rude? HUUUHHHHH?!?!?!??!?!?! btw thanks for the videos guys!! :D Love the bloopers and KITTIES!!! :DDDD

  221. Those cats with short legs are munchkin cats :D If u search scottish fold munchkin on google so many cute cats pop up :D

  222. The stubby-legged kitties are called Munchkins. The breed became popular after it was officially recognized by the TICA in the mid-90′s.^^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munchkin_(cat)

  223. AWW such a shame you guys didn’t get to film there, but oh well. At least people know that it isn’t a good place to go now.
    I looove cats so much!! <3 they are such stress relievers when you pet them haha. I think that cat is called a Munchkin. They come in different shades and coats, they are soo cute! Anyways hope you guys make more WANKs :D

  224. Awwww I love dwarf kitties. They are born like that.

  225. woah, really bad luck! I feel so sorry for you guys .__.
    if I were anywhere near you, I would give you cookies now! <3

  226. i am so sad, I love that drama, EYK buy that damm place and show them how to do a real drama coffee shop, we could have big screen tv playing drama all day and EYK yep I think we should. :)

  227. I’m sorry that you guys had a bad experience, but thank you for pulling through it and posting this video! Much appreciated! (^_~*)b

  228. Oh wow… I went here last year and though I thought everything was expensive, there were a good amount of visitors. I can totally say that you can take photos (my friends and I took a ton), but I honestly went because I’m a fan of Coffee Prince and it was an accident (we were walking around the neighborhood and then I saw a familiar looking sign). ^^ Sort of saddened that the manager’s such a jerk, though. I actually wasn’t going to visit again but this gave me a good reason. The staff that were on duty the day I went were pretty nice – and multilingual. :]

  229. I can’t stand rude people. Excuse me while I go buy plain tickets to punch someone.

  230. Wow! Sorry bout to Wank bad things….. they should b nicer to yall

  231. My name is molly :D
    I should go to that popsicle place <3

  232. OHMYGOD! THOSE CAAAAAAAAAAAAATS! I’m gonna die. TT_TT They’re so cute. Why are they so cute and princess-y?! Those legs! I WANT THEM!!!

    Even though you had a pretty bad time with that douchebag of a manager, those cats and that delicious pops so made up for it. I really enjoyed this video. :))

  233. Yeah, it’s so disappointing… Anyway, after your first vid (and next, and next, and…) about Cafe with cats I think that it must be my first step in Korea… I really like cats. (I’ve got two lovely cats)

  234. I’m so sorry that you guys had to go through that. What a terrible manager!! I remember when I went there and it was closed and just abandoned-looking. I didn’t even realize it was still in business.

  235. Martina, you dont you two take us with you for the clubbing, drinking and nightlife in Korea? I think viewers are curious about those aspects of Korea too. Hope you can do a video about that one day :D

  236. What a shame about the coffee shop, but seeing the cat cafe was so awesome. I’m hoping you guys will do a full on WANK at a dog/cat cafe sometime!

  237. That sounds like an awful experience! But the kitty cafe is the best thing ever!! I want to go. I missed the engrish tho u.u

  238. I was planning to go there when I visit Korea >.<
    After reading this article, I decided not to go there..
    This is what they get because of their rudeness towards international blogger LOL

  239. OMG THE CAT HAD A BOW TIE!!! That right there would make me forget about all the bad luck. Then Simon started grooming himself and I remembered it again along with gaining a permanent image in my head…. But I think the cameras were acting up so that wonderfully awesome place(excluding the butt coffee shop places) is kept a secret from the unworthy.

  240. Wow, I really wanted to visit that shop one day but I trust your judgement and since you guys seem so nice and they were so rude, I don’t think I’m gonna go there anymore.

    • I totally have the same thinking as you :( I’ve seen many bloggers that visited Korea that did not visit the cafe due to the price and many kind of just don’t wanna say much about it,I have a feeling it may got to do with this.


  242. Awwwwwwww, that’s horrible! =.= I hope no one else visits that Coffee Prince Coffee Shop ever again! That’ll teach that rude manager! >.<

    Anyways, I enjoyed this WANK episode, as always. OMG! Those cute kitties!!! Me wanna hugs them! *O* And that random puppy on the street was cute, too! ^^ And thanks a lot for all those shots of Hongdae. I hope I can visit Korea someday and I'll definitely go there!

    Hope there are no more mishaps on your next WANKing adventure! :D

  243. such a same :( in a few weeks me and a few friends are going to korea and on our to do list was visiting the coffee prince coffee shop! but after hearing this from you guys and reading about it, i think we’ll snap a few pictures from the outside while drinking our coffee from Coffee Lab ^^ .

  244. PunkyPrincess92

    i loved that drama too!!!!!!!!!!
    aaawww i wish you guys were allowed to record!!!Hello Kitty Cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
    aaahhhh kitties!!! kitties everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! so cute!!
    too much kitty cuteness in this vid!!!…….and then Simon……
    wow those ice creams looked delicious!!!

  245. Loving Simon’s stance to fit into the intro’s shot with Martina. xD

    Super sadness about the coffee shop, but at least kitties and homemade ice pops help to make things better~

  246. awww I’m sorry! D: It was still funny though!

  247. i have to say that really beats the cake >:T

  248. haha i gotta say that was my favourite wank ever LOL

  249. aww that sucks :( that manager sounds like the biggest jerk ever.
    but at least you got to see the cats! so cute! :3 I really want to go there now and cuddle them all! xD and the ice cream looked good too :P

  250. Aww, such a hard day for you guys. Kitties will always make things better!

    I do believe that the cats with stubby legs are Munchkin cats. They’re bred to have short legs.

  251. Wow, Coffee Prince is also my favourite drama. Hong sisters really wrote a good scenario. Of course actors (Gong Yoo is awesome, Yoon Eun Hye did a great job! I don’t like Korean actresses in general bcoz of specific way they act in dramas but Yoon Eun Hye is a big big exception!) were brillant as well. Not to mention the music… Anyway, such a pity about the Coffee Shop :c. Who would expect that, wow ><

  252. Wow. Thats a bit sucky :( ahh well, we can just remember it the way it was… by watching the drama again :)

  253. That’s disappointing. I visited the shop a few years ago and was able to take pictures and it was a fairly enjoyable experience. Drinks were expensive though.

  254. Everything was against you this week
    How can it be so different?
    ~I almost did not believe it. O-M-G.

  255. Wow, never knew the coffee prince shop had so much drama! MBC should make another drama about the coffee prince shop drama, lol.

  256. The guy needs a high five.. in the face… with a chair ^^ But at least there’s a new EYK video out ^^

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