Alright! Last Star King post ever! Turns out that Star King won’t let us upload the video to our channel and they’ve decided to upload it to their own channel. So be it! We can at least embed the video here to show it! We can’t upload it to our own channel because SBS will take it down. We can’t put the subs up for this, either, because we don’t have access to their channel to upload the subs, and even if we did, we don’t know enough Korean to be able to translate it. Really sorry!

Anyhow, you’ll see that the video is a lot shorter than the clips we included with Super Junior and f(x). Basically, the premise of our segment was that we would come on stage with the Mission Impossible theme, be amazed that we saw all the kpop idols, and then we’d kidnap them and sell them to Kpop fans overseas. That’s why we say “Chabawa”; supposedly that means “kidnap them”? Anyhow, these sales of Kpop idols overseas would, in turn, make us rich. What they say afterwards, we don’t know. We think Shindong is scared to go and people laugh about it. That’s our guess.

Funny story about that Mission Impossible scene: they opened the doors before we actually got on stage. Smoke erupted, the theme song played, and we were still running to get on stage. That made us laugh. Second time the doors opened we were there and ready. Huzzah!

Afterwards, they talk about our videos and our site a bit and what we do. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like they mention our site name or YouTube channel anywhere. It’s like “hey guise! These people make a cool site! Good luck finding it!” Are we wrong here? Our Korean isn’t good enough to know what’s going on – which would explain the confused looks on our faces. Ha! Also – someone told us this after watching the show, so we’re not sure if it’s true or not – but supposedly they said that we’re rich from our site now? Or something like that? We don’t know about that. We know we’re not rich, though! We wouldn’t be eating as much ramyeon if we were! Or maybe rich people eat ramyeon also? Don’t think so…

We were supposed to discuss our international viewers, what artists they seem to respond to the most, who they’d like to see overseas, and what countries have the biggest kpop fans (according to our site, that is). Then SM Entertainment, represented by f(x) and Super Junior, were going to send a message to their international fans and thank them for their support, which is why in our Super Junior clip you heard them speak in many different languages (including Polish – WOOT WOOT!).

We’re just really surprised at how short our segment was. As you saw, we had a lot of extra footage, and there was even more that we didn’t include. Guess that’s just how TV works! Also, another thing that makes us laugh, I think they call us the Daebak Pubu (or the cool married couple). Is that right? We saw that as the tag for their YouTube video, as well as in the video itself, we think. Cool! We’re known as the cool married couple!

Simon and Super Junior

Simon scares Super Junior

And, for the record, because everyone seems to be confused as to our height, Simon’s 6’4 and Martina’s 5’7 and a half. Yes, we’re big. In fact, it’s the first thing people say to Simon when we meet. “Oh! You’re so tall!” We don’t seem that tall in our videos because – as some of you might remember from our Arirang TV episode – Simon squats for most of the video so he can fit in the frame.
Looks like Super Junior didn’t see that episode, and were also surprised at how massive Simon really is. Really felt like saying “YER A WIZARD HARRY!” or “YOUUUUU SHALL NOT PASSSSSS” most of the time, but decided not to. Ha!

Anyhow, if you’re worried by us posting this on Monday, and think that we won’t post Music Mondays, don’t worry. We’re editing it now. We just had to post this video with Star King while it was still fresh :D

  1. yoona is the best of snsd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like Marina and Simom. you guise are so funny. Don’t be upset if StarKing undervalue your channel like that

  3. Oh my god they picked like… the most embarrassing videos… XD

  4. Hahaha, actually they were laughing at Shindong because since he saw that he was going to be sent to Norway, he said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t even know where Norway is!”

  5. This is amazing i love that you picked Amber she is my fav. and she is probably the only one on the stage that understood everyone haha. since she can speak english and korean.

  6. don’t u have any vid with infinite? 

  7. Don’t know if somebody already ask that…..but do they sell DVD of variety shows with eng sub??! I really wanna see some of the episodes of Star King and Star Golden Bell but can’t find any subs…so I wanted to ask if they sell  that, cause I would buy out the store o.o

  8. i dont understand it!!!!! i need to work on my korean

  9. Oh Holy Macarony! NORWAY???? Why? I don’t even…Is it really that many Norwegians watching your show? If that’s so. THAT*S SO AWSOME! (Everyone in the room: Norway, where’s that?)
    Even though I couldn’t understand anything. T_T SJ is SO SHORT! I know that Simon is tall, but Martina is like average hight in Norway and still they’re like one head shorter than her. ^^

  10. It says ‘대박 부부’, bubu is couple, and debak, you know what it means. :)

  11. WOW! i wish i was on this show!!!

  12. I saw this really really late but: omg yes Norway!

    and what shindong: you don’t know where Norway is? T_T …siiigh

  13. what was that thing that simon said, it sounded like “handong dunong” or something :/ and the koreans obviously got it. what was the joke?

  14. If I had the confidence: “So, Amber….What did they just say?”
    But you guys are so lucky! I just started to get more into your vids and such(My best friend showed me some of your videos this weekend and I used to watch you guys a lot…I don’t quite know why I ever stopped…). I feel so jealous of you guys! Get/got to meet so many K-pop idols! :O

  15. you guys didn’t show us your dance part

  16. that pic of simon scaring super junior is the MOST EPIC pic out of that day’s episode!

  17. Ahhhhhhh! Wow! You guys are seriously livin’ the dream. You two are the same age and height as my husband and myself, you were English teachers in Korea like we were, you have the same camaraderie and sense of humor that we do… and you’re sharing the stage with KPop groups the likes of f(x)! I’m sure you’re stoked, but I just wanted to let you know how stoked I am for you!!

  18. UHm little note uhm shindong is not netherland it’s norway… (just realized it!) 

  19. Jordyn-Team DJ Joyride

    Eunhyuk AND Amber! You guys have taste. XDDD

  20. haha you guys are funny. i really like that picture of you Simon next to Super Junior with the words “HOLY SHIT”. made me had a good laugh

  21. LOL U guys were funny!! Now even the kpop stars have got to know about ur hit Youtube show!! Congrats!!

  22. martina i love your “dara” hair!

  23. XD They look soooooooo frightened !

    I couldn’t help laughing. I also love the picture where the Suju look like there are scared of Simon. =p Now I wondered how they felt to sing to in Paris where 80% of the audience is taller (and waaaay taller than they are).Guess it must be quite impressive (particularly with all the shrieking fangirls. T.T Poor guys).Amber is really cool as well ! *o*Thank you for selling Eunyuk to France. We’ll gladly accept the offer ! =p

  24. thank you for taking amber!!!!!!

  25. I love this site, and it’s pretty much amazing! My love for K-pop is growing daily, Simon and Martina- you guys are legit :)!

  26. Epic face at 25 seconds? Check!

  27. you guys are amazing, i plan on going to korea when i’m older and u guys inspire me more. love you guys. :-)

  28. you guys are so freaking awesome!!!!!
    they should like hire you!!!

  29. Man that was short! Or maybe they only showed a portion of the show on youtube.
    But that was great! I wished they’d shown some better clips though! Manly sweeping! XD

  30. I think I heard simon say “Netherlands” as he hung the Norway card over Shindong’s neck. LOL

  31. oh my =P so it’s true that k idols lie about their height ^^ Leeteuk is supposed to be taller than Martina =) hahaha

  32. LOLOLOL at the photo~ suju is so SHORT~ >:D soo cute ;D

  33. i m korean highschoolstudent
    i think starking isn’t  so good reputation(like setting sun) in korea 
    so don’t worry about a little distortion 

  34. Do you guys happen to know which Star King episode it is? Tat way I at least can hunt it down, someone has more than likely got it up by now!

  35. lol That means their kinda shorter than me cuz I’m 5’8 and I’m only 14. I wish they had english subs my korean isn’t that good either I can kinda read Hanguel and say lots a words though . oh and Awesome job it was really funny. (^_^)

  36. LeeTeuk saying ‘DzieÅ„ Dobry Poland’ totally made my day~! Simon thaank
    you for suggesting that to him :D I’m from Poland and when I was told by
    my friend about a video with him saying hi in Polish I was like ‘what,
    how did it happen, have to see it now’. That’s how I came across
    your blog and youtube videos. And I’m very glad I did, cause I really
    enjoy your videos.

    I love that you ‘kidnapped’ Amber, she’s my favourite Kpop girl ever :D

    Simon and Martina, Hwaiting~! (:

    btw, I love your haircut Martina

  37. Umm, don’t feel bad about the show didn’t mention your site’s name and stuff. 
    As far as I know, major Korean broadcast channels never directly advertise the stores, businesses and etc in their variety show. I don’t really know the reason, but guess that’s against the law.. ?!They invite guests and visit stores to shoot their show, and generally it is also considered to be the indirect advertisement to those businesses that offer their time and/or place. For example, when you see one of those korean entertainment shows that shoot each episodes at different locations – restaurants, book stores, museums, parks and etc,., they introduce the place for sure in many ways, sometimes very detailed, but they never show or tell the audience the name of the place.

    Alternatively, some shows put up the detailed information of the business on their show website after the show got aired, but it doesn’t seem required.  

    Usually people search on big korean websites after the show if they are interested, and most of the times it’s fairly easy to find the information they need. 

  38. INCLUDING POLISH. And that made my day.

    <3 you Simon for doing this! :D

  39. wanna get to star king too at least once in my life time >.<

  40. Wow. This is so awesome! You guys are so lucky to meet Super Junior and F(x) and the others. I hope, because of meeting y’all, they pay more attention to international fans. ^^ Simon and Martina FIGHTING! ^^

  41. wow!!! it was cool guys!!! i was really surprise too see how small are SUJU members hahaha, :)

  42. HAHAHAHHAHAHA Yer a Wizard Harry … i had to do the impression of Hagrid saying that.. and the Gandalf with You shall not pass.. epic quotes lol… guys FIGHTING! <3

  43. Hahaha! Yer a wizard Harry xD, 

    Martina’s height makes me wonder how short kpop idols really are ;/ 

    Can you please try and take a pic with as much kpop idols as you can so we can see their actual height’?? xD

  44. how could they miss the page’s name!!! OMG

    It was amazing to see the artist’s reactions to the videos!

  45. You guys make Super Junior look Really Short”! heheh you do look like Giants next to them hehehe

  46. hahahah!!

  47. love this episode you guys! though i cannot understand most of it and it was short, you guys did AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  48. MC(강호동) said you could be rich.( Not you are rich) and also he mentioned that probably could get huge revenue by YouTube Ads( Gerneral thought)
    I think even though SBS didn’t mention about your website or channel name exactly, they showed the viewer your web site and more specific data( hits number and comment number and the number of member and many countries etc) i think fair enough
    Actually in the point of Korean viewer, i was really concerned about miscommunications in the show results in awkward situation but you guys are wonderful in the show and many people will notice you guys on the street.

  49. HAHAAHAHA. OMG SIMON’S TALLER THAN KOREANS <3  You guys are THE cool married couple. :) Can't wait to see more stuff of you guys on Korean TV!! :D

  50. Text: Participant no. 3 The Couple Who Have Made a Big Hit in the Korean Wave

    Simon: Daebak! (Cool!)

    Martina: What do I do?

    Simon: Honey! Capture them!

    Simon&Martina: Capture them!

    Text: Capture them?

    Martina: Hello!

    Text: Approaching Eunhyuk! Kidnapping?

    Martina: Hello!

    Text: Towards Amber!

            The Canadian Couple who have made a big hit in the Korean Wave!

            Why are they kidnapping hallyu stars?

    Simon: Shindong! Capture him!

    Text: Even Super Junior’s Shindong!

            Just how did these people make a big hit in the Korean Wave?

    Simon: Han nom, du nom, Oh, no, no, no, no! *He’s saying, “One person,
    Two people,” but the way he counted them is considered to be very rude.
    You would normally count people by saying, “Han saram,” or, “Han bun,”
    to be more polite. He was probably just saying that to be funny, though.

    MC/Host: Right as our guests have started, they’ve kidnapped our stars!
    But what is all this Canada, Norway, France, and America, and what do
    they mean?

     Text: What does this all mean?

    Martina: Many, many, many, many, many foreign fans really love these
    guys and girls. (Note: She doesn’t really say, “Many,” though it sounds
    like she is. In Korean, mahnee means many or a lot. Just thought I’d put
    that out there…)

    Translator: Everyone on this show are hallyu (Hallyu means “Korean Wave”) stars, and many people want
    them (want to see them?), but they can’t all directly come to Korea to
    see them, so we’re going to ship these stars off to each country.

     Text: Super Junior, f(x), and Infinite representative hallyu stars! Countless fans worldwide!

             Directly delivering them to each country? Unprecedented fan service! (I lol’d)

    MC/Host: You’re going to ship our Shindong-sshi off to Norway?!

    Shindong: I’m sorry, but I don’t even know where Norway is!

    MC/Host: More importantly, things that have been considered “daebak”
    (here, daebak means a big hit/sold a lot) in hallyu are Super Junior and
    f(x), but why do the both of you consider yourselves a big hit?

     Text: Why the couple who have made a big hit in the Korean Wave?

    Translator: Actually, we run a website that introduces Korean culture
    and K-pop to foreigners, so meeting and introducing these stars in
    person is a really good opportunity for us.

     Text: A site introducing Korean culture and K-pop! Thousands of viewers worldwide!

    Shindong: But I think I’ve seen these people before…

     Text: Shindong knows them!

    MC/Host: Where?

    Shindong: When f(x)’s “Hot Summer” came out, I did a search on a site called YouTube
    for it and saw these foreigners introducing f(x). By any chance… are
    you the people who film videos in your kitchen? Am I right?

     Text: Filming videos in their house?

    Translator: We’ve been introducing Korean culture through our website,
    and we have about 15 million fans in 161 different countries, and
    they’re all fanatical for the “Korean Wave”.

     Text: Around 15 million fans worldwide! Hallyu fans in 161 different countries!

    MC/Host: Iteuk-sshi, what are you holding right now?

    Iteuk: I have here a captured screen shot, and they have about 100,000 views and two to three thousand comments for each video.

     Text: About 100,000 views and 2-3 thousand comments!

    MC/Host: I think you can earn a lot of money from advertising on YouTube.

    Translator: We originally came to Korea as native English speaking teachers, but as our
    website became more and more popular, we decided to work on it

     Text: Beginning as English teachers! Now working on their site full-time! Remarkable ad revenues!

    MC/Host: They’ve changed jobs now, huh? Would you all like to see what
    kind of videos they make? Please change the screen for us.

    Crowd: Yeeeees!

    [while Martina's doing the "Heart to Heart" dance] She’s pretty good! (Don’t know who said that, though)

    Translator: We (run a show to) pick a theme every Monday to compare
    different Korean songs and then declare a winner based on whichever song
    matches that theme best. We’re comparing “Hot Summer” and “Go Summer”
    here to see which one’s better. (Couldn’t really hear ‘cuz of the,

     Text: Comparing songs based on the theme on Mondays! Picking a winner
    based on whoever they like better! (Okay… I think there was a
    misunderstanding here, ‘cuz they didn’t mention viewers voting for the
    songs; they think you guys just pick the winners each week on your own

    Translator: The winner this time around was “Hot Summer”, which we’ll be
    showing. In ways like this, we’re making K-pop more well-known.

     Text: Even the music video for the winning song! (I don’t know if they
    meant they were going to show “Hot Summer” on the show or if you guys
    actually show the winning song’s music video.)

             It’s also a good thing for K-pop! (for being “advertised” to the world through Simon and Martina)

    PHEW. Really enjoyed watching this! Hope you like the translations; I tried my best. ><

  51. I still can’t believe I’ve heard Leeteuk speak my mother tongue. THANKS SIMON 8D But why in the world did Martina not kidnap Woohyun…………………….. D: Ok, sorry, my inner fangirl is showing, but it’s still good cause I was able to see Sungjongie and a little tiny bit of his kkap dance, so life is good!

  52. jvlsdbvlvlvjLVBFVIFPIBLJDLhdvlbhl


    LOL i love f(x)'s reation when they saw that they won at the end haha 
    and the first kidnapping of eunhyuk was EPIK!! haha he was totally surprised!!


  53. OMO! I’m from Norway.. Every k-pop fans in norway when they see this is going: DAEBAK o.O

    This is so funny! :p

    What episode is this? :D

  54. haha i love how my Teukie like a maknae in this pic

  55. You guy should get your own TV SHow

  56. that’s it? i wish for more!!! anyway you are great!!! Congrats :)

  57. aww they so shouldve given you guys more airtime :( i really looked forward to seeing more simonandmartina in this episode of star king…

  58. Wow congratz guise!!!! it’s a pity they gave you so little air time!

  59. omg Martina and Simon you both are so daebak!!! <3

  60. I thought Martina was SO tall because I thought her shoes were flat.
    If you look closely, I believe there are like 1~2 inch heels inside (?)

  61. english pleaseee ToT 

  62. Amber’s facial expressions were hilarious X”D

  63. You guys are so lucky to have met them! I’d buy all super junior members, if only I have enough money… lol

  64. thats hilarious guys!
    along with super junior being scared of simon XD GOLD! PURE GOLD!

  65. YER A WIZARD HARRY! hahahahah… Simon is sooooo tall! 6’4??! Wah~~~
    I am sooooo happy you guys got to appear, and I love how the board-thing that they showed has SHINee on it.
    Thanks for posting!

  66. hahaha woohyun is just like thats not how u do the booby shake lol

  67. hi guys. you guys did a great job. just i want to tell you what Sindon said. haha. 

    He said ” I’m sorry ,but i don’t even know where is this country” it is like a expression how he’s suprised 

    about was being kidnapped.  

  68. Soooo where can i watch all of this?
    i really want to watch it, with or with out subtitles! 

  69. I didn’t understand anything but still I love the segment! ^^

  70. i would totally kill for some subtitles!

  71. And omg Simon really is tall. I so got a kick out of him next to the SJ guys and how tiny they look lol. What’s the typical height in Korea for a guy? 

  72. This looked so cute. I liked the little kidnap segment lol.  Looks like it was a lot of fun! Maybe someday you can interview f(x) and Super Junior for your site.  That’d be cool even though I’m not a huge fan of either I like them both for the most part.  I’ve only seen Amber and Sulli a bit here and there and ShinDong on some shows like “Strong Heart.” And yeah with the broadcasting license that’s true. In the show MTV has now “Match Up” with Block B and B1A4 they bleep out product names alot. They didn’t some drink that Block B did a cf though for so shrug. 

  73. So does that mean Super Junior is only 5 fee 6 and less?

    Wow, they are tiny! :O

  74. Korean broadcasting law states the stations can not outwardly advertise or endorse any product, website, or organization on public television. 

    If the public wants to find out the specifics of the items or information that was broadcasted, they need to personally contact the broadcast station and find the information that way.

    Sorry but that is just the rule.

    That is why when they refer to their competitors (MBC and KBS), they say “K” station or “M” station or electronic manufactures (Samsung and LG ) as “S” electronic maker or “L” electronic maker.

    This also applies to any advertisment that is on the sets or on each of the casts shirt, pants and such.
    The staff will either cover up the logos on the shirts with a sticker or blur it out post-processing.

    The reason why they do this? Its to be fair for others and have the broacast station be independent and not affected by how much money that they receive from the sponsors. Its to keep everything fair for everyone.

  75. Just hade to make one myself

    thanks for the inspiration


  76. Good Job! You’re great ^^ I hope to see you in other TV programm =D Once again thank you for getting SuJu to say “DzieÅ„ dobry” in Polish ^^ JesteÅ›cie najlepsi! DziÄ™kujemy =D

  77. Haha, I love how Simon thinks that the Norwegian flag is Netherlands x’D 

  78. oh my gosh! ahahah! I love that picture of Simon with Super Junior, they look so scared! Its like a scene from Lord of the Rings! But in all seriousness, Love the video! The kpop stars seemed super confused in the beginning (lucky! you got to handcuff super junior!) Good job guys! I just wish we could have seen you all dance! Hopefully they will consider touring in countries that you walked about on the show!

  79. Strasznie siÄ™ cieszÄ™, że Suju powiedziaÅ‚o “DzieÅ„ dobry” po polsku! DziÄ™kujÄ™ Ci bardzo Simon & Martina~!! Mam nadziejÄ™, że to zwróci ich uwagÄ™ na PolskÄ™!
    It’s a pity your segment was so short but I hope other tv stations would love to invite you in the future. And I loved Eunhyuk’s reaction, his eyes almost popped out haha

  80. The segment’s a little bit longer in the full episode. They were on episode 224, so if you just Google “Star King Episode 224,” you can easily find the full episode. Unfortunately, it is not subbed:(

  81. GOOD JOB MARTINA!!!! You go handcuff those kpop stars!!!!! xD I have no idea whats happening but I enjoy the facial expressions!

  82. OMG!! Thank you for posting it!!! I have been waiting for it! :D haha.

  83. Very Kool Segment but there is 1 point i dont like about it is ITz Too SHORT

  84. You guys rock! Seriously if I am in Korea next year, I have to find you guys! ^^ Based on my limited Korean, it was cool what they said about you guys. More along the lines you introduce videos, kpop to foreign fans with a a following in your home covering dances and even having the video voting at the end. Thanks to you guys foreign fans get exposure to Kpop. I wish this clip was longer. Go Martina and Simon!  (I agree the fashion for Mona Lisa is not good for poor Chundong).

  85. Ah! A Norwegian flag! How cool~ :3


  87. the SBS[HD] in the corner… lies.
    Dang wanted to see how Sungjong got kidnapped.
    Would be awesome to see the whole thing. uncut and unedited!
    But loved the segment regardless :)

  88. Was this filmed in 1965? beautiful quality SBS you dorks.

  89. Was this filmed in 1965? beautiful quality SBS you dorks.

  90. That was so awesome!  Good job, guys!  Really enjoyed it!

  91. That was so awesome!  Good job, guys!  Really enjoyed it!

  92. hi simon.  they didn’t say your were rich.  they just said that you made “enough” money or “some money to a degree” via your website.  we all know you’re not rich off of add revenue.  i mean, to get 6 figures you have to have millions of views per vid (think kev jumba, community channel, fred, nigahiga)… so we know you guys are just making enough to get by. but we know that in the futre things will get much better!

  93. Very cool segment they looked really surprised about your site, sure they will check it out when if they can figure out what its called!!!

  94. LOL I had asked about the height as well cause yay super junior look like hobbits, and if they are shorter than Martina they will be shorter than me too T_T cause I am also 5’7

  95. Aww, that was really short. :( But nonetheless, it was still hilarious. Great job, guys!

  96. I think Martina just gave me idea how to kidnap my favorite kpop idols…LOL… and is kyuhyun raising his hand to be kidnapped as well??..hahaha… too bad they cut a lot of the fun stuff u guise did!.. but anyways.. CONGRATULATIONS SimonandMartina!!!.. 

  97. It’s so funny XD but pretty short…

  98. shindong said that he doesn’t even know where is “norway”!!

  99. I love everything, but yeah I’m appauled at how they didn’t mention your channel name.

  100. awww, that was it??  i wanted to see more! 

    but lol i was totally shocked that they put in the ‘spudgy-humping-martinas-leg’ bit during her version of ‘airing out the sexy crotch’ dance….haha.  little do they know…

    short as it was, you guys did a great job! ;)

  101. You guys rock! I’m sure someone somewhere will figure how to upload this and put subs, so no worries.

  102. No special footage with Infinite? xD Though I guess none of them are good at English, and it looks like only Sungjong and Woohyun were there.

    It looks like even Martina is taller than the Super Junior guys… were you? O.o

  103. This is 대박!! Thump up for the French flag in EunHyuk’s hands! And I laught when you said “Chabawa”, because I heard “Jabbawo” looks like “Jabbawockeez”! ^^”  Even if it’s short I love the fact you are on Korean TV with Kang Ho Dong, the SuJu, F(x), and Infinite!^^You didn’t talk about Shorry J,Is he a cool guy?

  104. i was shocked bcuz on SUJU’s footage , leeteuk said words in arabic !! :O

  105. I guess.. they’re really shocked.. hahahaha!!!

  106. Woah its the guy from 2Days and 1Night!

  107. You guys are truly awesome … and Martina – your hair is out of this world! In a fantastic elastic kind of way :)

  108. A Norwegian flag! Haha, why was that picked? Wicked.

    I envy you guys right now..

    I wish I knew Korean so I could understand what they are saying… 

  109. they should have shown more but still pretty cool :)

  110. I wasn’t able to watch this episode on tv (don’t have korean channels ;-;) but I’ll certainly watch it on Internet! :3

    That short fragment is all they shown with you guys? Where’s your dancing? :<

    And you're our (Polish) heros forever <3 :D(sorry for my poor english..)

    xoxo <3

  111. OMG, I’m so happy they mentioned Poland! I was waiting so long for those videos and I was in a big shock when I saw this : )

    Thanks guys, really!
    ( @osiou:twitter  )

  112. XDD oh gosh i just thought sungjong was taemin XD ~ 

  113. edit: oops, sorry double post.

  114. Martina do you realize you had skinship with 4 Kpop idols (at least! Who knows how many more incidents happened outside this segment)?! My goodness, never wash again! Hehe.

    How cool is it that both Amber AND Shindong have watched your videos?
    I think the fact that you have Korean subs really opened doors for you guys!

  115. They don’t say you are really rich. I think maybe that person confused the discussion of your wealth of followers for a monetary wealth. They said you are really popular and had all sorts of numbers regarding fans and average hits per video and stuff. Also, they said you originally came here to be NETs but that the site has been successful and so now you work full-time monitoring that (surprise from audience and idols, and probably a suggestion/impression that you are wealthy from this internet fame, lol)

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    According to the Chinese translation, people laugh at Shindong’s part because you guys say you are planning to ship the k-pop stars all around the world for fans service(that is why all the idols look surprise ), the MC was joking and say” are you serious? Are you sure you can ship Shindong?”  Then Shindong replied “Never mind that, I don’t even know where Norway is!!!” and people all start to laugh~ :DDD  So that is why people are laughing ~

    Anyway I saw the whole show, and I was sad that you didn’t get pick in the end……(Even though the Japanese guy is a great singer, I still want you guys to get pick :(((……..) But is still super excited to see you in a TV show :DDDD CAN”T WAIT FOR MUSIC MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  158. I’ve got a question.. if Simon is 6’4 and Martina is 5’4, then how long is Super Junior? o_o
    btw can you also use cm? ‘cuz in the place where i live we don’t use inches.. (if that is what it is)

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