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Our Experience at KCON

October 19, 2012


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It’s turning out that these WANKs aren’t really adventures around Korea lately. Last week’s was on our trip to Mexico, and this one is for our trip to California. Both trips, though, were Korea related, for Korea festivals…so that counts, right? Next WANK, I’m sure, will be IN KOREA itself. Unless we get flown out to some other place (Singapore: make it happen!)

Anyhow, this whole KCON event was a very bizarre experience for us. It was great in many ways, not-great in many ways, and overall totally not what we expected. For starters, we expected to make a video of the event! We wanted to walk around, show off some of the tents and what people are doing, grab some food, ask people some questions, and just get a good feel of the vibe of the event. We didn’t expect that we’d be unable to do this.

Turned out that as soon as we tried to get out there and start filming, we were surrounded by you awesome Nasties! OOH YOU SO NASTY AND SO…PLENTIFUL! We did not expect so many Nasties to be there. Like, seriously. It got to the point that security had to be called and we had to be escorted back to the VIP area. That sucks! Totally, freaking sucks, and changed the day for us entirely.

What security told us made sense: it was a safety issue, and people could get hurt. We were hoping that we’d be able to talk to people on the other side of the fence, but then a crowd formed, and we had to move away from it, because security said that people would be crushed. So, we’re not blaming security or KCON for anything. We’re just upset that it had to be that way. We want to be able to just sit down and chat with you guise, do some nasty poses and roll down some sexy windows, talk about Korea and living in Korea or visiting Korea, talk about Kpop and Kdramas, and just be able to interact with you people in person, away from our computers, you know? It just felt all so overwhelming to us. Even when we did our autograph session, we wanted to chat with all of you, but it turned out that the most we could do was just sign something quickly, maybe put in a doodle or two, say a quick thank you, take a quick picture, and…that was it! It was just a conveyor belt of rushed signing and picture taking, and it made us really quite sad.

We don’t want it to be that way. We want to hear what you all have to say, but there just isn’t enough time for it. The venue was too big, I think. I don’t know. It’s such a stupid complaint from us, I know. “BOO HOO HOO! So many people wanted to talk to us! We’re ungrateful snobby fartsuckers!” I really hope it doesn’t sound that way. We’re really so overwhelmed that so many people are so supportive, and we really just wish we could do a better job of thanking you and speaking with you. There were even people who cosplayed as us! We really wanted to run off the stage and hug them and take pictures with them, but we couldn’t without causing a security issue.

Long story short, we never thought we’d have so many people watching us, and we’re totally unprepared on how to handle it all, and we wish we could speak with you all individually, but that totally wasn’t possible this time, and while that’s a good thing that more people like us, it also makes us sad that we were incapable of interacting with you the way we’d want to.

I can’t even imagine how Kpop idols feel. The riots that formed over them were a lot bigger than those for us. How do idols feel about it? We keep on thinking to ourselves that, well, they’re in the business for that purpose. They want to be famous and successful. So they prepared themselves mentally for it. But us: we never thought we’d need security to walk us from place to place. NEVER CROSSED OUR MINDS EVER.

Ok. I’m babbling. I think you get what we’re trying to say, right? We would like to show you some cool videos from the event, though, even if they’re not ours. For starters, we got to speak briefly with Bruce Automatic, the guy behind Junsu’s “Uncommitted”! WOOHOO! Check out the video here:

For starters, THAT’S AWESOME! What makes this even more awesome is that Automatic tweeted this video to Junsu, to which Junsu responded “Oh my god sun!” Which, I would assume, means that Junsu is happy that we like his song, which – obviously – means that we’re best friends now and can get that interview with him easily. Right. RIGHT? BRUCE I HOPE YOU READING THIS! Hook it up!

No, but seriously, we wanted to say more to answer this question, but our voices were starting to fade after doing so much talking already. We were fighting our colds and pink eyes, and were totally floored by the end of this panel.

Here’s another question from our panel about how to make Kpop more accessible to the West. We got an easy, $20 solution. TELL ME I AIN’T RIGHT ABOUT THIS!

Come on! Get an English proofreader! Enough with this “we write Engrish in our lyrics because Korean people think it sounds cool.” If that’s the case, then just use proper English that’s cool as well. It’ll be cool to English listeners and Korean listeners. Won’t that be a win-win situation, instead of a win-lose situation? DO IT, YO! It’s so easy to fix, and will make Kpop so much easier for newbies to get into.

Next is a video of our second panel, the Up Close and Personal with YouTube Idols panel. Here we are answering a bunch of questions during the Q&A session, including shots of the AWESOME AWESOME people who cosplayed as us. Ha!

Last video is by The Verge, which is, like, our favourite Tech News site. Yeah. You read that right. Tech News. I read that stuff, alright?! Anyhow, when they said they wanted to interview us, I thought “you’re not really our target demographic, but I don’t care! You’re the Verge! Sure!” So here’s the video. It’s really quite awesome: one of the best Kpop video documentary thingies I’ve seen in a while. Not cheesy, beautifully edited. The cameras they had were so damn sexy. OOOOH SO NASTY! Anyhow, we’re in the video for a bit. This is right after our last panel, and we were pretty exhausted, so I hope our answers are kinda coherent:

Lastly, we want to end this off with a great big thank you to Patrick Rogers. He went through great lengths to be able to come to KCON to be our photographer for the event. More importantly, he was such a great help throughout the entire day in more ways than we can explain. Thank you, Patrick! Here are some of the pictures he took from the day. They’re so awesome! There’s a lot more in the full set if you check it on Flickr:

8058 KCON 126991 KCON 127039 KCON 127073 KCON 127077 KCON 127284 KCON 12
7292 KCON 127371 KCON 127373 KCON 127376 KCON 127377 KCON 127382 KCON 12-Edit
7384 KCON 127385 KCON 127387 KCON 127388 KCON 127396 KCON 127397 KCON 12
7402 KCON 127405 KCON 127408 KCON 127410 KCON 127413 KCON 127414 KCON 12

KCON 2012, a set on Flickr.

And lastly LASTLY, we have some extra scenes as well. Here’s more footage of the cosplayers, from our camera angle, as well as Simon having a conversation with a fake Spudgy:



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