Martina’s Corner

Oh HO HO HO so many things to talk about in this blog post!

Oh ho ho!

Let’s start with some terms for those of you that are new to this realm!

Manhwa 만화 is the Korean name for print comics/cartoons but the term is now expanded to embrace webtoons (comics on the internet) as well.

Manga 漫画 is simply the Japanese name for print comics and because I grew up mostly reading manga I can’t seem to shake the term even when I’m talking about Korean comics. BAH! I’m sorry! Now why don’t we just use the word comics to describe both Korean and Japanese comics you ask?

Manhwa and manga are indeed comics but if you say “I like reading comics” most people will assume you’re talking about American style comic books such as X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, Archie Comics, and so on. If you say you “I like reading graphic novels” then you’re in a new realm of comics as well. The style of drawing, the length of the comic, the colours being used, the plots, even the direction you read it in can all differ depending on what country’s version of a comic you are reading. So the different terms are necessary to help people easily discuss and differentiate.

When it comes to the word “anime” it is originally used to describe animated TV shows and movies produced in Japan but I think most anime fans have expanded that to mean animated TV shows/movies drawn using an Asian style of animation. The specific attributes and animation techniques that go with anime style animation is very different than most American/European styles of animation, hence, many people call Korean (or other Asian countries) cartoon shows, anime. Technically Korea calls it something different but I don’t know anyone that uses it. I think it’s safe to say that anime now describes a style of TV show or movie animation, more than just one country’s animation. For example, the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender is actually created by an American TV network and it is described as an anime by most people. Even though it was made in America, it uses an Asian style of animation making it described as an anime, not as simply a TV cartoon series.

Now onto my favourites! I’m sure I forgot something important because I’ve been reading/watching for so long. I’m scared to think what I forgot! Also, I’m combing both manga/manhwa/anime in this list because sometimes they overlap into two categories. I’m dividing them according to my own personal genres because sometimes you want to read action stories, sometimes you want to read about high school drama, and sometimes you want a combo of everything! Hahaha!


Cowboy Bepop
Attack on Titan
Hellsing / The Legend of Vampire Hunter
Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
Blue Exorcist / Ao no Futsumashi (thank you to the Aussie fans who gave this manga in me when we were in Australia)
One Piece
Fairy Tail
Death Note
Princess Resurrection

Romantic Action (hahaha get it?)

Sailor Moon / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Vampire Knight
Perfect Girl Evolution/My Fair Lady

School Life Meets Romance

Hana Kimi / Hanazakari no Kimitachi e / For You in Full Blossom
Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! / President Is A Maid!
Mei’s Butler/Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Switch Girl
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Ouran Host Club

Just Plain Old Romance

The Bride of the Water God / Habaek-eui Shinbu (manhwa)
Black Bird
Absolute Boyfriend / Zettai Kareshi
Crazy Girl Shin Bia

Just Awesome Studio Ghibli

Princess Mononoke
My Neighbour Totoro
Spirited Away
Castle in the Sky
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Howl’s Moving Castle

Simon’s Corner

For starters, I really wish I could have participated in this video. Unfortunately, I had a terrible headache. It was raining pretty hard that day, and I – at times – get bad headaches during rainstorms. Phooey! I would have loved to have talked about this as well.

But Martina, as you can tell, is more than capable of talking about animes and mangas. She’s definitely more into them than I am. All of the animes and mangas that I got into are because of her. The two that I watched outside of Martina’s influence – Samurai Champloo and Attack on Titan – were suggested to us by friends, but we weren’t really that into either.

Samurai Champloo isn’t terrible. It’s just…umm, a bit disjointed for us, which we should accept since we’re talking about anime, after all. But the soundtrack is just awesome. I think it’s by Nujabes, and we got so into the soundtrack that we started listening to his other stuff, and it’s bloody phenomenal. Summer Gypsy is a glorious song.

But, err, yeah! The anime itself! It’s cool. We’ve only gotten maybe, say, 5 episodes into it. Not fully sold on it.

Attack on Titan is annoying us to no end. At first it started off as a brilliant concept, a great metaphor for how society is oppressed and getting crushed by senseless beings of gluttony, that don’t need to eat to survive, but just eat for shits and giggles. It’s very much got a 99% vs 1% kind of vibe to it, and mirrors how the 1% are eating into everything else not for need, but because they’re assholes.

That, right there, is a great concept, and exceptionally relevant for our time. Pair that with the awesome animation of the fight sequences, and the whole steampunky system of their grappling hook system, and it’s got a pretty amazing aesthetic as well. Lovely! Well, for the first few episodes at least. By the end of it, it totally loses its focus. The plot stops making sense. The characters, especially Erin, become dumber by the day. I appreciate Erin’s passion and dedication to the cause, but for Christ’s sake I don’t want to hear him have a monologue about it for 10 minutes of every 22 minute episode already. Shut up Erin and just do your damn job!

The Last Airbender & Korra are two animes that I don’t remember how we got into, but they’re lovely. Just so lovely. I was highly skeptical about them when we first started, because it’s not, umm, from Asia, right? I like cartoons, but they have a different feel than animes.

Anyhow, my concerns were quickly quelled. Avatar was lovely. The characters were all charming and not in the least bit annoying like Attack on Titan. Everyone had distinct personalities. The uncle was charming to the point of tears. The villains were awesome as well. The animation in the fight scenes was top notch. Just…wow. Great, great stuff.

And then Korra came afterwards, which takes place in the same universe as Avatar but a few generations later. I didn’t love the characters as much, but it was still highly satisfying. Especially in the second season, when they do the origins story, the animation at that part was very distinct from the rest of the show, kind of like the game Okami if you ever played it, and was jaw dropping.

Both series are very inspiring and have great philosophical messages to them as well. They’re easily some of our favorite animes ever. Check them out if you haven’t yet. Hotdamn they’re good. AND THE BIG FLYING SPUDGIES IN AVATAR AHHHH!!!! SPUUDDDGGYYY!!!

So that’s all we’re going to talk about for now, but we’d love to hear what you think! What did we miss out on? I know there are thousands upon thousands of things to talk about. We’re definitely going to watch Sailor Moon, TOGETHER! Oh! I forgot to mention that as well. I watched Sailor Moon as a kid, before I met Martina. I AIN’T ASHAMED! So I’m excited for both of us to watch it together. Let us know what you think, if you’ve seen it or not, and if it’s worth watching. I don’t want to be disappointed!

Also, if you like our TL;DRs, make sure you click on this pretty button below so that you don’t miss out on any more of them. Every click brings you one step closer to Sailor Moon Mondays! Ha…no. Well, I wonder. Sailor Moon Mondays? That sounds like a bit of fun, actually :D

OH OH OH! Also, if you live in or near Sweden, we’ll be attending and also cosplaying at NärCon 2014 which is being held at Linköping University on the 24-27th of July! Come on out to to mingle with other like minded people! Oh and Soozee has been working hard designing a special tote bag which is only available at this event!

  1. annathebanana

    You guys should try Sword Art Online. It’s really cool.

  2. Khokai_10

    Here are the manga/manhwas I’ve read so far and also finished

    In alphabetical order

  3. Shadowhawk6776

    Ok, I have so many mangas/animes/manhwas/manhuas(Chinese) that I like so I’ll try and keep it short. Oh and I should warn you that these go from cutesy romance to action packed thrillers)

    Manhwas (I believe most of them are ongoing webtoons from Naver)
    A Thousand Years Ninetails
    Cheese in the Trap: LOVE this one
    Cheonsaeng Yeonbun (Soul Mates)
    Cherry Boy, That Girl
    Crazy Coffee Cat
    Muyong Jiyong (Useful Good-for-Nothing)
    My Heart is Beating
    Orange Marmalade
    Speak Through Colors: As an artist myself, I really liked this one
    The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon
    The Gamer
    Twelve Nights

    Mangas (Definitely forgetting some)
    Adarushan no Hanayome (The Bride of Adarshan)
    Bartender: Love this
    Billionaire Girl: Sadly the ending was axed
    Kiri no Mori Hotel
    Oresama Teacher
    Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to (The Prince, the Witch, and the Princesses)
    Real Account: So twisted
    Strobe Edge
    Witch Craft Works
    Wolfull Moon
    Yakitate!! Japan: Somehow I ended up reading 242 chapters of bread making

    Animes (Missing some of these as well)
    Air Gear
    Angel Beats
    Antique Bakery
    Blue Exorcist
    Baka to Test
    Black Cat
    Death Note
    Gatchaman Crowds: Love the music, the bright colors took a while for me to get used to though
    K Project
    Last Exile
    Nabari no Ou
    NHK ni Youkoso
    Otome Youkai Zakuro
    Persona 4 The Animation: Amazing
    Samurai Champloo
    School Rumble
    Spice and Wolf: One of my all time favorites
    Sword Art Online
    Tamako Market
    It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!

    Manhuas (Chinese comics)
    1/2 Prince (similar theme to Sword Art Online)
    Kuang Shen
    Legend of the Sun Knight

    I’ve got to admit, Noblesse and Bride of the Water God are pretty good.

  4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day:I cannot say this is shoujo (it’s clearly not) But this anime has a romantic genre which is really good.
    Durarara and baccano: both of them are from the same author so they are really close to each other. Have many character(like really many) and at first they are confusing (you may drop them becuase of that ) But they are so different from other anime and worth watching them.
    I also like Ouran high school a lot. It is sort of making fun of shoujo anime but in the meanwhile uses a benefit of those aspects of shoujo. really funny.
    Black butler is clearly a fun anime. It is a weird anime at some points. But really fun.

    Watanabe’s recent work seems to be fun. you should try it.

    This season’s barakamon is really fun. specially the little girl. She is so full of life it makes you fill better instantly. The voice actor is an 8 years old girl, So I think it is one of the reason.

    The anime Chihayafuru is a shoujo, But I think it is more of a sport anime. the Romantic concept is really well developed.

  5. Simon, that’s for you -> http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=552960 ! It’s a webtoon called “The Gamer”. :) Someone might have suggestad it already, because I think it’s become popular. There are up to date englidh scanlations but they are umm(illegal).

  6. You should read the Korean webtoon series Kubera. It’s my all-time favorite cuz it’s sooooo awesomeee~~~ you can read it online at http://www.mangahere.co/manga/kubera/ it’s still ongoing tho

  7. Taiga

    I love Bride of the Water God (I own almost all of the volumes) and I recommend it to all my friends! I would suggest you read Special A and High School Debut they are sweet and cute and I adore both!

  8. Martina, I <3 you…so and like my fellow nersties I must recommend Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and obviously the manga is incredible! Also, one of my newest favorites is Kamisama Hajimemashita – it's a really fun high school romance type :) My favorite shoujo anime is still Ouran High School – also an awesome manga. And my husband finally convinced me to watch Dragon Ball and it's old school, but so fun! Miyazaki = <3

  9. misohappy

    I usually like shorter animes, but I’m a sucker for Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew! My favorite shorter animes are High School Of The Dead and Elfen Lied and Fruits Basket. :D I also love horror manga, especially ones that get made in J-horror movies. I’m reading Uzumaki right now; the manga is amazing so far but the movie wasn’t as good. :/ Ah sooo much to watch!

  10. Tory

    I had entirely to much fun watching this video, strolling down memory lane ^^! lol And sorry Martina the live action version of Ouran High School Host Club did happen, and it was awesome!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!

  11. I watched Attack On Titan right after watching this video. I marathon-ed the anime and read all the manga released to date. I love it so much. I thought the anime was perfect. It reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist in a good way. For a long time I never thought they’d be an anime that’d impress me more than FMA: Brotherhood, so I’m very happy to have watched/read Attack on Titan.

    I have to disagree with your opinions on Eren. I might be the minority here, but I like Eren as a character. I find him very relatable. He wants to fight and help humanity very badly, and he has the power to do so, but he cannot control that power, and thus, fails. He is often conflicted, angry and frustrated. I think that’s how I feel in real life. We really want to succeed in something, to do well, and we know we have the capacity to do well, but no matter how hard we try, sometimes things don’t go our way. And sometimes that brings us down or infuriates us, like how Eren feels. But I know Eren has a strong drive from the cause, and watching him, I know I can learn a thing or two from him. I like that he isn’t perfect, and even though he has a great power, he’s not the strongest or the smartest. That way, I can think of him as the underdog and root for him. Some people might not like that he depends on other people (like Levi or Mikasa), but again, we have people we depend on too. He makes mistakes and he deals with them in an immature way, but I’m sure that will change. It’s still early in the story. I’m sure Eren will grow as a character and as a hero.

    I like most of the characters. I don’t mind the monologue because I’ve come to expect those kinds monologues or internal conflicts in stories like this. (I survived the Ender’s Shadow Omnibus/Saga. This, in comparison, is nothing).

    Everybody is giving suggestions, so I guess I’d like to give mine too. For something old school, I recommend checking out Rurouni Kenshin (or Samurai X). For something more recent: Law of Ueki & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. People have recommended me Gintama and Akame no Kill, but I myself have not checked them out yet.

    Thank you for making me watch Attack on Titan. The first opening is so awesome~! I’ve probably watched almost all the covers of that song on Youtube.

    • julzanne

      I definitely angry with you about Eren. I didn’t find him annoying or frustrating at all, unlike Armin which I think needs to step it up a notch.

    • I think it could be different for people who watch it while it was ongoing and for people who watch it all at once. And also your right, it reminds me of FMA. So close to each other.

  12. summer_choi

    I agree with you about Eren! Btw there’s a old romance manga I’d like to recommend; “Garasu no Kamen” or known as “Glass Masks” something like that.. It’s about a stupid clumsy average-looking girl (she grows prettier though in later chapters but still, she’s not pretty) who only excels in acting. Thats why it called ‘glass masks’ I think, she’s able to pull that fragile ‘masks’ very nicely on stage. You SHOULD read that in case you haven’t, it wouldn’t be dissapointing I promise! :)

  13. PandasAndKpop2

    Someone already mentioned Fullmetal Alchemist, but it is worth mentioning again. It’s more of an action manga, and it is wonderful. And the theme song for FMA:Brotherhood is great. Another is Fruits Basket. LOVE it. All-time favorite manga/anime. It’s a romance manga/anime. Some other anime/manga/manhwa that I like are:
    Special A (manga/anime)
    Idol Shopping (manhwa)
    Love in the Mask (super depressing at times) (manhwa)
    Meru Puri (manga)
    Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume (manga)
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (manga/anime)
    Cardcaptor Sakura (anime/manga)
    Meine Liebe (manga)
    He’s Dedicated to Roses (manhwa)
    Tokyo Mew Mew and Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode (yes, I admit that I read the manga… :P) (manga/anime)
    Millenium Snow (though it wasn’t completed when I read it… and idk if the mangaka ever went back and finished it… btw, the mangaka is the same as Ouran High School Host Club) (manga)
    My Girl by Sahara Mizu (this one is adorable. :D) (manga)
    Wait! Wolf (manhwa)
    Aaaand I’ll stop now before I get too carried away. :P

  14. coyo kaleido

    Fullmetal Alchemist is my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite anime.

    If you’ve never seen it, watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. If you’ve seen the original, still watch Brotherhood ’cause it goes way further into the story.

  15. Sazzy

    BRide of the water God is amazing. The artwork is sooooo good. I can see why it takes a long time to bring out one chapter. But they story recently is dragging a little and I want it to get to nitty gritty!!

    Hana Kimi’s first live action was amazing! It really made me laugh the it was a great choice in cast. But then a few years ago, they stupidly decided to do a remake with new actors. I have no idea what crazy notion brought them to this conclusion. But they should have been shot, the same goes for those with the Korean version. As much I like MinHo, this drama just seemed to pointless and I could get to episode 3 or 4 before deciding to give up and not finish the series.

    Favourite Animes/Manga:
    Ao No Exorcist
    Skip Beat
    Kimi ni Todoke
    Ao Haru Ride (This is a new anime, which I haven’t seen the anime yet, but I am following the manga)
    Noblesse (I love the artwork and I am so glad to see its still going)
    Until Death Do Us Part (This is a very interesting manga that I stumbled upon when looking for something to read. Its about a blind samurai, sounds a little strange, but its a great read.

    Rurouni Kenshin is currently my personal favourite. With the second Live Action being released here in Japan tomorrow. Its getting the recognition it deserves. The manga is great, long but great comdey and action scene’s. The anime I saw first and I really enjoyed watching, but I got a little confused when it came to the OVA’s because of the different art styles. But still worth a watch.

  16. nurika

    I actually started to read Bride of the water God and thought it was amazing and just beautiful.
    Some of my favorite Anime’s and Mangas

    Skip Beat! (An amazing and funny story and a awesome Anime)
    Vampire knight (I love their voices in Japanese but I can’t watch it in English)
    Naruto (Great series even if its getting to be a bit drawn out amazing in Japanese can’t watch it in English though)
    Sailor moon (All hail the moonies!)
    Hana- Kimi (Loved the series and Loved the Taiwanese version and Japanese version of the Live Actions wasn’t impressed with the Korean)
    Pandora Hearts (Its a really interesting series!)
    0-7 Ghost (One of my absolute favorites!)
    Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Relaod Gunlock/ Saiyuki Reload Blast (All the same series omg what can I say about this glorious manga series! The anime is so riddled with hilarity and bromance I love it!)
    Le Chevalier D’eon (A very good series and one I highly recomend)
    Red River aka Anatolia Story (By far one of my favorite Mangas that I hope they turn into an anime)
    Fushigi Yuugi/ Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (A very good series and one of my favorites, the anime is also really good)
    Ouran high host club (I love this series and the anime!)
    I have so many! I will stop here for now though!

  17. slackerco93

    Hey Martina! I really want to thank you for introducing Noblesse, it was soooooo good that i finished the series (up till the latest chapter) in two weeks! Most of the time i read it while i was doing my internship hahaha!!

  18. Harumi

    My favorite anime/manga would be Fairy Tail. I absolutely LOVE the art, and story and its really fun and sad and also like 100 more. i also liked tsubasa reservoir chronicle (the manga) and ouran hshc which was one of my favorite highschool anime/manga

  19. indescribable music

    i’ve been waiting for this video for such a long time! i also have a notebook where i keep track of all the anime/manga that I’ve watched/read!

    some of my favorites:
    Death Note
    Natsume Yujincho
    Nabari no Ou
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Soul Eater
    The Devil is a Part-Timer!
    Pandora Hearts
    Log Horizon
    Kuroko no Basuke

    Akame ga Kill!
    One Piece
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Zankyou no Terror

  20. I am seriously shocked at the level of enthusiasm (or rather the lack thereof)for Gintama in this comment section. I cannot stress enough as to how much I love this anime. IT IS, FOR REAL, THE FUNNIEST ANIME I HAVE WATCHED. It combines the awesome hero-centered fantasy story arc of typical fantasy shonen series with its own hysterically funny satire along with satires of other series and does it brilliantly. Some of the character portrayals are slightly problematic, but it manages to poke fun at those too. Gintoki is one of the most dynamically complex characters I have read about in a long time in a mainstream shonen manga.

  21. Makona Chan
    Makona Chan

    It’s only been in the last year or so that I’ve been into manga and stuff, but by FAR my favorite manga is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. The art is amazing and the plot is even more so! I still have to read and watch Inuyasha and Bleach because they look like AMAZING series. :)

  22. JcasePrivateEYE

    Someone has probably already said this But you have to watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (the Manga). School Rumble is a must.

  23. My favorite anime is Sword Art Online, beautiful mix of alternate reality/video game they made. I really have to start reading the mangas.

  24. Kyo15

    Read Sun-ken Rock the art is beautiful and Hirunaka no Ryuuse. Also I highly recommend CLAMP! the group is awesome, the art it’s just beautiful.(CardCaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Xxx Holic, X/1999… so much more from CLAMP) =3 <3 N.Y.C.

  25. LJ135

    I’m glad i am not the only one who thinks that about Attack on Titan. I wanna talk more about my opinion of it but I don’t want to spoil anything (I’m also caught up in the manga). But I love some of the choices in manga and anime, especially Studio Ghibli!

  26. Animefilledsoul

    Have you ever heard of myanimelist.net??? They also have one for dramas— it’s mydramalist.net!!! It lets you create a list of all the things you’re watching and/or reading (it has manga and manhwa too!!!) and I am obsessed it is my life— it helps soooo much!

  27. CitrusTingle

    TOWER OF GOD!!!!!!!

  28. TheBurbster

    I’m kinda in Simon’s boat, in the fact that most of the animes and mangas I’ve gotten into were suggestions from either Tumblr or friends. That being said, I wanted to put in my two (late) cents! =w=
    1) Attack on Titan – TOTALLY agree with you guys about Eren. He’s honestly so hard for me to take seriously at all, though his perseverance is pretty impressive. The main reason it’s still my favorite animanga is mostly because of basically every other character (and their amazing development that Eren somehow missed out on??), the really unique dystopia, and the absolutely stunning animation and aesthetics (which I really miss when I’m reading the manga tbh).
    2) Death Note – Another one you guys mentioned, but that I still wanted to put on my list. This was one of the first mangas I read, and the first one that I can say I really got invested in and became a fan of. Still haven’t finished the anime – mostly because I can’t take Light as seriously with that voice acting – but the manga was so awesome, and at the time, had the most developed plot I’d seen in an animanga. (I need to finish the anime soon and see if that still stands true for me after having had more exposure to the glory of animanga.)
    3) W-Juliet – I’m not sure if this is an anime, but this was the VERY FIRST manga I ever read and finished. It’s a shoujo, about this tomboyish girl and the new girl in school that she becomes best friends with…only to find out that “she” is actually a boy crossdressing to prove his acting abilities to his family and get there approval for him to pursue an acting career. I haven’t read it since my first read, so I don’t know if it’s glorified in my mind, but it does hold a very special place in my heart. At the very least, it was a cute and fun manga, nothing too heavy and something I read in a weekend (versus the month that it took for me to sort my way through Death Note’s dialogue-heavy plot).
    4) Free! – I just recently finished watching this one, and I’m going to go on to the next season sometime this week. I won’t bother with a summary, since several people have already described it, but it’s just as they say – a very fun and heartwarming anime about the importance of friendship and teamwork.
    Honestly, I guess I’m still a bit of a newbie in the world of animanga, so I don’t have as many favorites yet, but I’ll definitely be using your guys’ list to find some new ones to dive into! :)

  29. LadyHoozer

    I loved fruits basket and Detective Conan. . . gah although it’s been forever since I read any manga so all the other ones that I’ve read are not coming back to me. Is Marmalade boy a manga? I’m pretty sure I’ve read that one too. Haha my crazed manga reading eventually reached a point where I started flipping the pages in the wrong direction and reading the speech bubbles in the wrong order on graphic novels!

  30. andre

    I LOVE all of them and recently found Nobelesse in WebToon LINE and now i’m addicted to it… Awesome!!! ;)

  31. Maryinthesky

    Martina, I agree with you, I love Hana-Kimi,the japanese version was amazing really funny, but korean version wasn´t that great. Also I´m a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Versailles no bara,Sakura Card Captor and Rurouni Kenshin (they´re part of my childhood memories <3 ). Now I really recommend you NaNa and Paradise Kiss from Ai Yazawa, great plots, great characters, anime and mangas are amazing, and even the live action version (in NaNa case) is really good. And also I have a confession, of course after watch live action version of NaNa I started to dream about the korean version and the cast… but I don´t think this could happen because the plot is a little bit TV-17. I hope you can read them c: (one little thing… for me Kim Jae Wook could play Takumi from NaNa perfectly well)

  32. b2utiful--starlight

    I’m super late oops, but Martina if you really like the super pretty and detailed artwork then I 10000% recommend some of CLAMP’s manga series. CLAMP is a group of 4 women that work together and have created a ton of amazing series. Here’s just a few of my faves ;u;
    Tokyo Babylon- my all time favorite series of anything ever. It’s fairly short (only 7 volumes) and it was made in the early 90s so it has that older style that turns a lot of people off from it unfortunately. It starts off really simple, there’s only 3 characters that stay relevant throughout the series. It’s basically about a young exorcist named Subaru(lol) who is head of the Sumeragi clan who uses their powers for good, and their opposing clan is the Sakurazuka who uses their powers for evil. (they’re basically assholes tbh) I can’t begin to stress how many beautiful messages this manga gives and how many topics it tackles, from how rape jokes can further wound a victim to the struggles of a person who goes to another country illegally. Just read it pls
    X/1999- Tokyo Babylon was the prequel to this series, but the main characters in Tokyo Babylon aren’t the main characters in this one. The short version of this is the world is ending, one side wants to destroy the world and the other is wanting to defend, lots of talk of destiny, etc etc etc. Lots of talk of destiny and kind of slow at times, but still good, although it was never finished and left off on the worst cliffhanger EVER.
    Cardcaptor Sakura- Magic girl manga! If there’s a CLAMP series you’re familiar with, there’s a good chances it’s this one. It’s obviously geared more towards a younger audience, but that never stopped me. Basically Sakura comes across a book, opens it up and immediately loses all of the Clow cards (we all make mistakes Sakura its ok), and since she lost them she has to capture them again. I adore this series, all the characters are precious. Probably the only series I’m gonna mention by them that won’t crush your heart because CLAMP sure does like their angst.
    Tsubasa Chronicles- Yes yes yes yes. Okay so this series is where CLAMP takes all of their characters from their past series and recycles them. Tsubasa is basically CLAMP’s own AU. Sakura and Syaoran, the main characters of Cardcaptor Sakura, are the main characters of this series as well. However they’re not the same characters as in CCS, they’re in a parallel universe, so in Tsubasa, Sakura is actually a princess and Syaoran is an archeologist, instead of them both being cute lil elementary school kids. The story is that Sakura loses all of her memories, each memory turns into a feather and is scattered through all of the different universes. (Sakura sure does lose a lot of really IMPORTANT THINGS) Syaoran is sent with Sakura to have his wish to save Sakura granted by the Time-Space Witch. At the same time, Kurogane and Fai (these two are the only characters in the entire series that are original and not recycled from a previous series) arrive, also wishing for the ability to travel between different universes for their own reasons. The Witch requires payment from each of them, Syaoran’s being that each his existence will be erased from Sakura’s memories completely even as she gets her memories back. And from then, the 4 travel searching and it’s really really good okay just trust me. I guess it’s even more exciting to read if you’re familiar with their past series so you can recognize all the old characters, but you don’t have to know anything about them to understand
    xxxHolic- This is basically Tsubasa’s counterpart I guess? The Time-Space Witch (Yuuko) is the female lead in this one, Watanuki is the main character who can see spirits and asks Yuuko to get rid of his ability. In return, however, Watanuki has to work for Yuuko. It’s actually really funny, but has it’s creepy moments. Tsubasa and xxxHolic are two completely different series, but you’ll sometimes see the Tsubasa characters or references to them in it. It’s similar to TB with how it has a lot of deeper meanings to it and it’s just a lovely series (that I never finished, I should probably do that eventually.)
    *deep breaths*
    I forget how much I adore CLAMP’s series sometimes. I keep all my feelings locked up inside for so long, ooops.
    Some other series I like are Loveless (gay cat boys that fight?? idk), Fruits Basket (hopefully I don’t need to tell anyone what this one is about ok isn’t it basically a classic?), and Maria Holic (lesbian goes to an all girls Catholic school to find her true love but instead finds herself mixed up with a crossdressing boy lolll).
    And now I’m probably gonna go start re-reading Tsubasa because wow it’s been so long!

    • TsukinoUsagi

      Yay CLAMP! I’m so glad you mentioned them! Xxxholic is one of my all time favorites. The manga is really long and takes some sad turns, but there’s just something about it! <3 I love Japanese mythology brought to life… err page/ screen.

    • Kyo15

      OMG, a CLAMP FAN!!!!! yes all the ones you mention are great! Tsuabasa C. is just great putting all so many characters from their previous stories in… it was GREAT! and Fruits Basket is an awesome manga/anime, love KYO! =3. and Maria Holic is also a nice story. =)

  33. 항상 재밌게 잘 보고 있어요^^
    한국인도 잘 모르는 한국에 대해서 재치있게 설명하셔서 볼때마다 흥미롭네요^^

    우선 웹툰으로 유명한 이거 먼저 보세요^^
    유투브에 리액션 동영상 있는데 재밌어요.호러물 별로 안좋아하신다면 지송..ㅠㅠ;;

    옥수역 귀신

    봉천동 귀신

    마성터널 귀신

    한국 웹툰에도 노블레스 외에 재밌는거 많아요.
    동물 좋아하시는거 같은데 강아지,고양이,새를 주 소재로 한 웹툰도 꽤 있답니다.
    그리고 한국은 출판만화 시장은 대여서점이랑 정부의 청소년유해매체(만화,게임)지정으로 이미 거의 없어졌어요…ㅠㅠ

    내 어린 고양이와 늙은 개

    죽음에 관하여

    Oh!My God(작가가 둘다 대학생인데 학업때문에 중간에 끝났지만 재밌어요)

    용이 산다


    신과 함께(저작권때문인지 네이버 웹툰에서도 유료화했지만 재밌어요.그림체가 좀 별로지만..–;)

    신의 탑


    심심한 마왕

    죽은 마법사의 도시

    닥터 프로스트

    http://webtoon.daum.net/webtoon/view/mhz(원래 사이트)

    개와 토끼의 주인
    http://webtoon.daum.net/webtoon/view/dogandrabbit(원래 사이트)

    네이버나 다음 웹툰에서도 재밌는거 많은데 완결된거 위주로 몇가지 추천합니다.


    실질객관동화(위에 실질객관영화랑 같은 작가)

    선천적 얼간이들


    야옹이와 흰둥이

    우리집 새새끼(유료화됐네요ㅠㅠ)

    인간의 숲(유료화한건데 이건 꼭 보시길!)

    마음의 소리(한국의 문화와 언어를 숙지하셔야 재밌을지도 모르겠네요^^;)

    마지막으로 요새 일본에서 뜨는 망가중의 하나 원펀치맨도 추천드릴께요^^

  34. IscreamDIJA

    Okay so lately (a long time) I haven’t been keeping up with all the anime & manga, so my list might be a little old. Nevertheless I thought I would share my list with you guys.
    Manga/ Manhwa
    The One- Nicky Lee (still reading). This manhwa is sick I mean I breezed through the chapters in two days, and I’m starving for more. Lele is a female lead that gains confidence and she gains it fast. Yes she’ll cry (when don’t they) but she doesn’t cry every other chapter and when she does it’s a reasonable situation. I’m a person that likes tough female leads, ones that can take care of themselves. And don’t get me started on the male lead *whispers* he’s a twin!! In my opinion the story isn’t slow, the author travels at a fare pace with the plot and character development. I thought the idea of the modeling world was not dried out and she put real names and situations one might go through (I guess). The art is fantastic, beautifully drawn.

    Koukou Debut- Kawahara Kazune (finished). I read this manga a while back so my memories of it are a little shady. But the gist of it is about Haruna a tomboy who strives to be girly and get herself a boyfriend (crazy plot twist right!). I know the plot is stretched out but I do love the comedy Kawahara sensei presents at times it did make me really laugh out loud and there was a non-existent tear jerker here and there. But that doesn’t mean there were’t any annoying times where Haruna felt insecure and started to boo hoo (I’m really selling this aren’t i). Honestly this manga has it’s ups and downs, and I decided to stick through and it, and I’m glad I did. I hope you like it too.

    Beauty Pop- Arai Kiyoko (completed). THIS IS MY MANGA. Okay so I read this like 3 years ago so the details man they are gone. But I do plan to re-read it, that’s how much I love it. Kiri isn’t your typical female lead, in my opinion she’s an invert but she is really funny. In the manga she want’s to be a hairstyles and she is a prodigy so cutting and styling hair is like baby steps to her. I loved that she stuck her principals even when she met new people and things got sticky. It’s hard to find a lead in general that sticks their ground and every thought isn’t “what should I do”? “Is this right”? The character and plot development is reasonable and I would complain about the slow romance but the leads have good chemistry and it was a funny journey.

    You’re So Cool- Lee Young Hee (completed). They bicker and fight much to my delight. I never thought I would love to see two people argue until I saw this couple Seung-Ha and Nan-Woo and polar opposites. He’s tall, rich and popular; while she’s short, clumsy, and poor. Its not our typical cinderella story. She doesn’t sit down and wait for her prince she goes and fights for him. Her passion for Nan-Woo can be a tad annoying sometimes but the comedy makes up for it. The art isn’t the best I have seen but it isn’t an eye sore.

    He Was Cool- Wui Yeoni (completed). I forgot whether I read the manhwa first or watched the movie but It doesn’t matter because they are both funny and cute. I wouldn’t say it was an all time fav but it did tug some heartstrings. It showed me you can fall in love, even if you were bullied into it?! Ye-Won thought she was tough until Eung-Song came along and pushed her right into place. After their fiery internet argument fate tied the two together and may I say they are a matched made in manhwa heaven. I laughed so hard my stomached hurt!. I thought the art was amazing and it’s a nice short read.

    Hana Yori Dango (everyone know about this right). Since the odds of someone knowing this are 99% I won’t give a summary. I’ll just say my ratings, I hope thats okay…..
    plot: 8
    character development:9
    art: 7 (since it’s old school)
    romance: 10 ( What an I say other than the fact that Makino was loving the crew, she put her heart into her love interest and he returned the favor)

    Last Game- Amano Shinobu (Still reading). I have yet to finish this manga, I think it’s on-going not too sure. But I do like it, it grabbed my attention from the start. Theres nothing like a clueless female lead to make you growl at the computer in aggravation. But even though I know the romance would be slow I never once stopped reading it. The art is cute and Kujou has this appeal that makes you keep wanting her to see the love in the air, why her heart is beating fast. I feel as if I’m helping a baby take it’s first steps (let’s a tear drop).

    Bride of the Water God- Yoon Mi Kyung (still reading). THE ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL MY EYES ARE BLEEDING. Whoo the art in this manhwa is like no other the clothes and faces are so different that it hurts my heart I didn’t find this earlier. So far Soah has been an amazing female lead she tries to understand a different world and the gods hat live in it. She’s open and not dumb. Although I am at a part where she’s kind of upsetting me (ugh) but hopefully she’ll see the error of her ways soon and women up. Habeak is another darling, he is a weird little/big fellow that I have yet to figure out. I hope this manga stays this way, I have high hopes.

    I have other mangas and manhwas but these are ones that speak out to me in the shoujo section. I usually drop a book if it gets too slow or fustruating. For example am I the only person that gets upset at authors like Hwang Mi-Ri and ( forgot her name at the moment) who have these great ideas and they start off with a punch and kick but after that they start losing the fight. And I wold understand if it was one or two of their books buts its’s mostly (tell me if i’m wrong) all their books?! IT DRIVES ME BANNAS; I can’t be the only one here!!!

    Anyway I would give all of you guys smooches if you can recommend me some manga and manhwa even anime because my anime senses have dimmed down. As you can tell I’m more of an romantic comedy person but I would like to expand my horizons mangas like katekyo hitman reborn and bleach appeal to me (don’t get me started on HunterxHunter, once piece and Naruto). And (looks around shyly) if there are any yaoi lovers I would love to get some recommendations there too, preferably something to challenge Totally Captivated, Ten Count, Finder and Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai; or is that even possible?

  35. anonabot

    – xxxHolic
    – MPD Psycho (I refuse to believe the live version exists)
    – The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
    – Saiyuki and all it’s spin offs
    – Wild Adapter
    – Legal Drug and Drug & Drop.

    – Cowboy Bebop is my all time favorite anime and I hope the talk of a Keanu Reeves as Spike live version is just evil rumors
    – FLCL
    – Witch Hunter Robin
    – Paprika – movie
    – Paranoia Agent
    – Blue Seed
    – Evangelion
    – Rahxephon
    – Elfen Lied (and manga) – I’m not even going to see Lucy, which we all know is Elfen Lied
    – Ruroni Kenshin (manga also)… I really should have studied in college.

  36. TiffanySylvia

    I have a few manga and anime that I can recommend you, Martina!
    (I’ll give three each, otherwise I’d be here…FOREVER!)
    I’m so glad they don’t have word limits anymore and I don’t even know if you’ll see this, haha! xD
    1) Houou Gakuen Misoragumi – on going.
    Genres: School life, Comedy, Romance, Gender Bender
    Kei is a girl who is only interested in other girls, however, after being tricked by her mother she enrolls into an all boys high school…to normal girls being surrounded by hot guys at an all boys school might be heaven, but to Kei, it’s hell! How is she supposed to live in environment without any girls and try her best to hide her real identity?
    (This is one of my favourites, it’s really funny and cute and the main guy is really different from your usual main guys and really, Kei doesn’t even need to worry about hiding the fact that she’s a girl, she was born to be a man…)
    2) Toukyou Kushu – on going.
    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Seinen
    (The anime for this manga is currently airing, but it only has twelve episodes and how is that supposed to accommodate over a hundred chapters that are already released? The manga is amazing though, I think you’d possibly enjoy it?)
    Ken Kaneki was your average university student, he ate the food that others ate and has crushes on cute girls, but what happens when the cute girl he’s crushing on is actually a monster, what he knows as a ‘ghoul’ who eats human flesh…and she decides she wants him for supper?
    (Kaneki gets better, trust me on that one).
    3) Koe no Katachi – on going.
    Genres: Slice of Life, School Life, Shounen, Romance
    Shouya Ishida wants to escape boredom, but when the new girl, Shouko Nishimiya transfers into his class and he finds out that she’s deaf, he goes about getting rid of his boredom in the wrong way…by bullying her. The manga concludes of Ishida’s story five years later and wanting to meet Nishimiya one last time…
    (This story is actually truly amazing, it’s so heart warming but also heart breaking and makes you feel the harsh reality of the world…)
    1) Free!
    (You may of heard of Free!, but trust me, don’t judge it too harshly, it’s actually really funny and the second season, Eternal Summer, that’s currently airing, is off the limits, it’s brilliant!)
    Free is pretty hard to explain, it’s basically an anime based around friendship and swimming. And, well, there’s a guy obsessed with water, a guy who looks like a shark…lots on fan service and oh, they all have girly names and………I’m not making Free sound appealing at all and wow, I should’ve chosen a different anime, but it’s just funny and stupid and I like that? Doesn’t mean you will though. Sigh.
    2) Natsume Yuujinchou
    Natsume Takashi is just a normal high school student…except for the fact that he can see spirits, just like his grandmother Reiko, who used to bully the spirits and bound them to a book. The Book of Friends, that Natsume has now inherited…and so, with the “protection” from a powerful spirit named Marada (his appearance is a cuddly looking lucky cat…Natsume named him Nyanko-sensei), he now makes it his goal to give all the names back to the spirits inside of his grandmother’s Book of Friends.
    (I love this anime, it’s literally, probably my second favourite anime ever, it’s wonderful and so calming to watch).
    3) Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)
    (I highly recommend the manga for this too because the anime was never truly complete…even though it’s still so great).
    Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. Kuragehime Tsukimi, a girl who adores jellyfish, lives there happily with her friends who all have nerdy obsessions of their own. Their peaceful lives gradually start to changed when a beautiful woman helps Tsukimi out of a pinch. But…after allowing the woman to stay in the apartment, it turns out “she” is really a “he”.

    I’m so bad at trying to make the super good anime and manga appeal to others…I hope that you see this Martina and give the ones I recommended a try! :)

  37. RiceBall123

    Tower of God is my favorite webtoon! Black Haze is sooooo good too aha.

    I have category I call “Strong to More Strong” where the main character is already super strong and then just becomes stronger:

    Black Haze- Love Rood ahaha.
    Tower of God- The first season is one of the best things I ever read. So well done.
    Nanatsu no Taizai
    Shokugeki no Souma- Super chef main character with a super-super chef dad.
    Yakitate!! Japan- Such gags xD. The title is pun too!
    Addicted to Curry- I love cooking manga.
    Great Teacher Onizuka (kind of but this is super great)
    Soul Cartel
    City of Dead Sorcerer
    Trump- Summary does not give it justice.

    Tale of Felluah/ Pellua Iyagi- This is relaxing to read, and the characters are all very likable.
    Cheonsaeng Yeonbun- Drawings are beautiful.
    Kurenai Ouji
    Last Game- So cute!

    Liar Game
    Dr. Frost – This and Liar Game are kind of pyschological ones. Both require intense thinking.
    Kubera- The plot is seriously well done.
    Black Behemoth- The bond between the MC and friend is amazing.

    I read The Bride of the Water God, but I just got all the characters mixed up lol. One thing I recommend that’s not a manga is a book called The Name of the Wind. Waiting for the third book to come out D:.

  38. kimmilee

    what about Pokémon ,digimon and winx club

  39. MyEternity19

    I just started reading the manhwa Noblesse. So far its really good. I love anime so much! I just finished watching Soul Eater. That was really good and I’m planning to watch the continuation Soul Eater Not. Most of the animes and mangas that I love, you have already mentioned. But it’s really cool that you like anime, manga, and manhwas!

  40. ImJustLikeMe

    Super late to the party, but wanted to comment anyway (because I get super excited when talking anime/manga/drama).

    In terms of anime worth watching (no particular order here):
    -HunterXHunter (though I have to own up, I’ve not yet watched the new adaptation, only the older one). If you make it all the way through, the Greed Island Arc is SO GOOD.
    -Ghost Hunt
    -Chrono Crusade
    -Another (this if you like creepy mysteries)
    -GetBackers (this one is quite fun)

    -Her Majesty’s Dog (also SO GOOD!)
    -Defense Devil
    -Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – Akai Hitomi wa Shitteiru
    -Ao No Exorcist

    And I agree with one of the comments further down, you should definitely watch the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi!!!

    Hopefully you get down to the bottom of the several hundred comments XD Awesome to see yours/everyones suggestions!

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