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Our Favorite Korean Indie Songs of 2012

January 7, 2013


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So, yesterday we talked about our favorite Kpop songs of 2012. But we didn’t talk about any indie music on that list, which is what this list is for! In fact, a lot of the songs on this list we liked more than the songs on yesterday’s list. There are some totally phenomenally rocking songs that we’ve totally abused in our iTunes. So, we’d like to share them with you here as well.

Also, we’re really starting to rethink the ways that we consume music. Some of these songs we’ll have higher play counts on our iTunes than other Kpop songs that we love, but that’s not necessarily because we like those songs more. I think because we live in Korea, when you walk on the streets in a busy area you’ll hear Kpop played everywhere outside of stores. So, if you’re out for a couple of hours and hear Super Junior a few times, you won’t really feel the urge to listen to it at home, right? Our iTunes will have low playcounts for songs that we like, simply because we hear them everywhere else. I just thought I’d get that out there, because some people see our Last.fm page and ask us “Y U NO PLAY ____ U PHONIES!” So…that’s why!

Otherwise, back to the songs: we’re all about supporting artists and their work, so we made a list of the songs we talked about in this video and links to buying them on iTunes. I know some people think iTunes is the devil. We don’t know much about it, but what we do know is that it’s one of the easiest ways for people to have access to artists outside of their home country. There are Korean online music shops but FFFFUUUU they’re far too difficult for the non-initiated to use. So, we figure it’s better for people to buy songs on an imperfect service than to not buy their songs at all, no? Also, we’re not sure what’s so bad with iTunes. If anyone wants to let us know, please share!

Neon Bunny “Oh My Prince”

Gogstar “Panic Attack”


Park Ji Yoon “Tree of Life”

Heart Shake “Turtles Swim Surprisingly Fast”

Venus Kim “Exercise”

Glen Check “French Battalion”

THE KOXX “Love Dance”

Superkidd “기분 좋아”

Honorable Mentions:

Telepathy “Techno Shoes”

DJ Glazzi “How We Feel”

Or, if you’d rather just watch the videos on YouTube, we have them embedded in the playlist above, so check them out there!

And, lastly, just like yesterday’s list, I’m sure there are some awesome songs that we totally forgot about that we’d be ashamed of not including if we remembered what those songs were. John Park’s “Falling” was an example of that for yesterday, for which – after people brought it to our attention – we literally shouted out expletives for forgetting. So, please let us know in the comments what Indie songs you loved the most this year, and hopefully we can shout out some more in frustration for not including them. YARGH!



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