Ok, so this isn’t a real KpopCharts Update, because there’s no point in us doing those yet, since next Music Monday will be on Infinite’s “The Chaser,” since they won the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday award for our EYKAs. Yes, that means some other band has just been screwed over for this week. It would probably be Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy,” buuuuut since it just came out it will probably hold on tight for two weeks. TVXQ’s “Catch Me” held on for almost three weeks. Girls’ Generation can do the same, right. RIGHT?!

Anyhow, since we’re not promoting voting on the KpopCharts, we thought we’d talk about our favorite Kpop songs and videos of the year. A lot of the time, what gets voted into first place on the KpopCharts doesn’t represent what we personally like the most. So we wanted to talk about those videos here – yes – not as thoroughly as we would in a Kpop Music Monday, but at least you can know what songs we happen to love.

Mostly, it was the girl groups that got the shaft this year. The first half of our talk is mostly about the girl groups that didn’t get voted in, while the second half is about the boys. We did review all the boys we talked about. We just wanted to talk about how our opinions changed of those songs and videos. For those of you who are upset that girl groups get the short end of the stick on the KpopCharts – believe me – we’re upset as well, and we want to give them a bigger chance. We’re trying to find a solution for it on the KpopCharts. We think we’re almost there. And – no – us doing TWO KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS A WEEK is not the answer. We need some equalizing factor…or something.

Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you will be like “Y U NO MENTION ____” Yes, we can’t talk about every band that is out there. We just wanted to talk about what stuck out for us the most. I’m sure there’ll be other bands and songs that pop up in our minds later that we’ll be like “oh! We should have mentioned them!” but it’ll be too late. Also, there are some bands that we distinctly were NOT impressed with, which we will IN NO WAY MENTION OUT LOUD. We won’t incur the wrath of the internets. But, let’s face it, some songs and videos sucked hard. We just won’t say which ones :D

Yeah! So that’s it. In case you haven’t seen some of the videos, we put them in a playlist below! Check it out from the second video (we don’t know how to embed a playlist starting from a specific video, rather than just the first. Sorry!)


  1. i really liked shinees nightmare but they never made a video for it T^T

  2. I don’t like rap, hate rap, never liked rap, hip hop, hep hap what ever you want to call it, are K-pop music Mondays getting into my psyche? Something in my tiny brain snapped this year and now I love Block B, G Dragon, Big Bang, Epik High, and I just voted for Infinite H without you. Oh eyk it’s in my brain now.

  3. Speaking of awesome Kpop songs that they didn’t make videos for: Super Junior’s Gulliver (Sexy, Free and Single album) and TVXQ’s Our Game (Keep Your Head Down album).

  4. why dont u do what u do for the wanks and faps. one week boy group next week girl group.


  6. Im hoping for Catch me mv review and for Mine mv of kim Jaejoong this upcoming jan. 17 =)

  7. I totally agree with ‘What is Love’. Normally, you listen to a kpop song a couple of times and then it’s sort of’ ‘meh’, but I have literally listened to ‘What is Love’ hundreds of times and I can’t get enough. I like to think of this as EXO’s debut, and next to SHINee’s ‘Replay’ as one of my favourite debut songs ever. If only… (still not over ‘prologue song’ srs SM srs;;;).
    I would recommend giving EXO-M’s version a listen as well. Chen and Luhan are amazing .
    If you haven’t explored the MAMA mini album, Angel (Into Your World) is another beautiful ballad, even if you don’t really go in for slower music normally. ^^;
    Anyway, some of my personal favourites~

    – Ga In’s Bloom mini
    – EXO’s What is Love and Angel
    – SHINee’s Sherlock mini
    – Brown Eyed Girl’s Midsummer’s Night
    – Zico on the Block
    – Everything Junsu did ever bless his soul
    – Lunafly’s existence continues to be magical
    – Infinite, B1A4, 2NE1, Mystic White, Sistar, T-ara ect.
    – SM the Performance ‘Spectrum’. Really, I was totally ready to hate this song but it’s really good?

  8. block b’s NILLILI MAMBO all the way!! <3 AWESOME SONG AMAZING MV so underrated…T-T

  9. I have to say that my favourite songs of the year were probably Bad Boy by 100% and Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon. Though Sexy Love and Mama (if you get rid of the horrific narration) are close behind.

    And I agree with some of the other comments — sometimes I think you should just review a group you want to review.

  10. Martina!!!! You’re wearing a sweater I wanted to buy on e-bay but lost the auction :)) did you buy it on e-bay from a China seller? :P

  11. G-DRAGON – 결국 Eventually (feat. ?). for me the best song on the album and the lyrics in that song is just

    Definitely two underrated rookies in 2012 is EvoL and Glam

  12. I really loved Hyuna’s Ice cream, chocolate ice cream CREAM CREAM CREAM CREAM

  13. Can you talk about Block B and whats going on with them and there company?

  14. Totally agree with the comments below. Perhaps an alternating cycle of 1st and 3rd Monday’s are for boy bands and 2nd and 4th for girl groups to keep things fair. Also someone suggested and it’s a great idea that maybe once a quarter you guys pick a video you want to review. I’m still shaking my head over the fact that Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” didn’t get reviewed. If ever a MV was made for a Music Monday, that was it.

    Some picks for my favorites of 2012:

    Secret – Talk That
    Girls Generation TTS – Twinkie
    Kara – Pandora
    Jewelry – Look at Me

    Spica – Lonely

  15. Touch was released in 2012? I thought it was released in 2011 for some reason :S Anyway I don’t really have a specific favourite kpop song this year but I really like The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill. I’m not really a fan of Sunny Hill’s music but this song I like and has possibly one of the best intros ever IMO. I also like Lovey-Dovey Plus by Speed even though it’s a remix. Lipstick by Orange Caramel is awesome too plus the video is just win. Other songs I like from 2012 are Catch Me by TVXQ and Janus by Boyfriend. Again I wasn’t that much of a fan of Boyfriend before but Janus is just awesome. I always imagine you need to be standing infront of a epic fan whilst singing it xD When I first heard Catch Me I wasn’t that keen on it because of the dupstep but I’ve heard other dubstep and the drop in Catch Me isn’t that heavy. Infact I don’t think hardcore dubstep fans would even call it a drop. xD

  16. Favourite
    GD: Light it up & That XX
    Sistar: Alone

    Lee Hi: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Epik High: Its cold (feat lee hi)

    Bigbang: Monster & Fantastic Baby

    Jay Park: A happy ending

    Juniel: illa illa

    ft island: severely

    YG biased. not listening to much outside of YG,

  17. I loved G-Dragon’s mini album, too! I wasn’t completely won by That XX, because it feels so, idk, weak? 결국, Today, One of a Kind, and Light It Up are my favorite tracks, but I know so few people who like them as much as the title tracks.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite songs! I’ve had the playlist running while working this morning and it’s been awesome~

  18. My favourite three songs of the year were BTOB’s WOW and Boyfriend’s Janus and, from non-single perspectives, ZE:A’s S.A.D. (Something In A Dream). I was a casual fan of BTOB before this song and not a fan of either of the other two bands, but those songs just really blew my mind a bit with just how good they were.
    I also like PHANTOM’s Burning (but I’m biased), Boyfriend’s Good Night and ZE:A’s Dirty Cat, and there were plenty of female songs I loved, like TTS’s OMG and Baby Steps, everything Girl’s Day released, EXID’s Every Night and KARA’s Pandora, but those are really the ones that struck me as being genius.
    Aside from that, I liked all of your female choices (I’d definitely agree with Dalshabet and Orange Caramel!) and What is Love, but I’m not really into SHINee/Big Bang or SJ’s singles (Papillon was fantastic though).

  19. I share a lot of similar opinions with you guys for this list! Orange Caramel, T-ara, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, & Shinee’s singles that u mentioned were awesome, i loved them! I don’t usually like Super Junior’s singles, but SPY and Sexy Free & Single were so good, 2 of my favorite kpop songs ever.

    A couple of my other favs this year:
    – BtoB “Wow” (favorite MV of 2012, and LOVE the song! Wish it had been voted in for Music Mondays! would have loved to hear your opinion)
    -EXID “Every Night” – So good/smooth. I really like that kind of style. (like WG “두고두고 (Long long time),” GD’s “That xx”)
    -SNSD Taetiseo – “처음이었죠 (Love Sick)” – (super smooth too)
    -idk if these are favs, but I listened to U-Kiss “Stop Girl” and Fiestar “Vista” many MANY times.

    I just want to add a special note about BtoB’s “Wow” – That music video blew me away! So yes, it didn’t have much story, but that was just filler for the dance part for me! The song was so upbeat/energetic and awesome, and I loved their dancing and attitude/energy. The dance was awesome, it looked so fun! (haha the butt part). But their energy- i didn’t know they were a rookie group! It was all pretty old school, reminded me of Backstreet Boys haha. I would have loved to hear what you guys thought of it (..though maybe not if you hated it lol), but alas, it was not voted in (and from the looks of this video, possibly not one of your favorite songs this year). I loved BtoB, but there were so many amazing rookies in 2012. BAP were probably my fav rookie group b/c of their unique concept compared to most boy groups, and they were such a powerful group! I’m one of the ones who loved “Stop It” as a song and I really liked the MV. I thought the cute music video concept was something that only a group like BAP could do! They are such a strong/tough group that they brought a really charming and funny spin to the whole cute thing.

  20. Whoa, after watching this vid I feel obligated to share my favs of the year! (no one actually needs this, but I’m inspired by your talking :D)

    So, I really liked the Like This song… I sing all the time… Cooking (add so me sugar – Lke this yo, like this), playing game(especially when I win – coz Like this yo, like this!), just walking… and literally all the time… most of times no one understands me, but they have to deal with it) So, awesome song, and it’s still playing in my head…

    Sistar’s Alone is freacking awesome. And so is Miss A’s touch. I liked touched more than other miss A’s songs and mvs… And video is really-really-really beautiful. Perfect.

    What Is Love… I thought I was the only one who liked that song))) It really took m from the first time, and I just listened to it like whole week… and I learned the chorus lyrics ))) Still love it, and it seems like it was released goddamn long ago ))) After this I expected other Exo’s song to be that good… but I don’t really love their other song. At least as much as this one )) The chorus is soooo good… especially the part before the slow motion )))

    BAP were just great the first part of the year, and warrior with power are goddamn goood songs… WE GOT THE POWEEEER! Yeah, that was incredible) Lovee both of these) And Block B. I still can’t write the name of the song correctly, so let’s just assume we all know what I’m talking about) nilililillalala nilili la nilili mambo~~

    I loved Ailee’s Heaven so badly… And her other songs were great, she has an amazing voice… But heaven is just perfect. Really beautiful song, and her voice is soo gorgeous )) I liked her a lot.

    What else? Epic High’s Up is also one of my favs. Bom’s voice in the chorus and that low background phrases… lllove it!

    Big Bang is a hole other story for me, as a VIP, so I don’t want to talk about them and Jiyong as I’m going to be biased… But I need to say, that Fantastic Baby is the song of the year for me. )

    GD’s whole album is super good. He has so many different song, and all of them are brilliantly done. I loved That XX for those english parts. This really sounds so good… Just…aaaaah, so good!

    I also really, really like Missing you ) I kind of forced my niece to play it on piano (yep, I have that kind of power :D ant though, she wasn’t really resisting it ) so we sing it together, and it is beautiful.~ Today is really good also. I don’t care, coz we’re wild, we’re rolling stones~~~ And Light it up ))) Yeah, that one line, saying: Those mother*ckers don’t know how to act is just strong as hell. Great one! And Crayon is… Well, let me stop right here, I’m getting biased ))) I think, you got my point)

    So, overall I want to say that actually i’m not really into k-pop, I’m into BigBang… but these songs were so great, they made me look away from BB for a moment. And I want to that EYK for that, coz usually I never listen to k-pop except for BB… and I noticed most of these song thanks to you )) Yep, like this, yo, like this )

  21. Another rookie girl group that deserves mention is Exid for their tracks “I Feel Good” & “Every Night”. I Feel Good is a great going out anthem and Every Night may have a totally absurd video but that melody is just infectious!

  22. I think my favorite song was Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop….the song really surprised me for a rookie group and the thinking dance is so wonderfully quirky. Much less, who doesn’t like “Dancing in the moonlight” at times?

  23. My favorite song of the year is a three way tie between EXO’s “What is Love”, GD’s “Missing You” and Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”. They received almost equal plays on my iPod. I had lots of other songs that I LOVED, but those were the ones that got an instant grin every time I heard them. My boyfriend isn’t even into K-pop but thanks to Simon’s many renditions of his personal version of the lyrics of “What is Love” , I got a drunken “I LOST MY PANTS!” shouted at me from the other side of the bathroom door the other night when I was showering (lmao so much). Thanks for letting us into your home/lives guys and sharing your warmth and humor. It’s appreciated every day. I liked K-pop before I found you, but you’re the reason why I love it :D

  24. I agree Martina, TOP and Bang Yong Guk are so HOT!!! askjfjaksd

  25. So happy Martina thinks B.A.P are rookie of the year! <3

    Block B are totally (one of) my bias group, but I have to say that it is because of their music that they are and that is why they are my song of the year. Picking just one is difficult, if you haven't listened to their Blockbuster album you NEED to. Their cover version of Romantically was phenomenal, Taeils scat – need I say more? Of course Nilili Mambo, NanrinA, No Joke, Mental Breaker, Movies Over. I also need to mention Zicos Mix tape releases, if you haven't listened to his solo stuff i recommend you do. I'll Treat You Better was definitely my favorite, was shocking how great Zicos vocals were.

    other songs I got into – Infinite – The Chaser. I haven't gotten into much of their other work but really loved this. BtoB – WOW. At first I thought it was a bit 90s, but it totally grew on me. Bad Boy – Big Bang, That XX – GD, Warrior – B.A.P, What the Hell – B.A.P, What Is Love – EXO, I Love You – 2NE1.

  26. Sistar – Alone. It’s like “Missing You” by the Stones redone as a disco-reggae pop song. Brave Brothers keeps tinkering with it, rearranging the beat, coming out with remixes, etc, but nothing he’s done can match the original because the original is perfect and can’t be improved.

    Anyway. ^^ Besides the ones you guys mentioned, some other 2012 standouts for me (that have been generally overlooked as far as I can tell) are Ukiss Believe, Kara Pandora, Epik High Wrong, BTOB Wow, Crazyno Musiche, EXID Every Night, B1A4 Wonderful Tonight (unplugged remix), Brave Girls Nowadays You and E.via Night Blooming Roses. Also 4Minute Volume Up, which could easily be on the Sexy Mr. Saxobeat playlist you guys have going on in this post.

    • I love how everyone has a different favourite from Epik High’s Album!
      Totally agree with you on the Sexy Saxobeat in Volume Up, soo good!

      • It’s a really good album!

        I like Wrong because I like the way it sounds, rock guitars underneath a pretty, classical-sounding arrangement, sad sad sad vocals that overlap each other, the kind of circular beat. And also because it’s social commentary – think how many of those “words you shouldn’t say to someone you love” (not that I always agree) pop up in other Kpop songs.

        What’s your favorite song from 99 :D

        • My fav would have to be 비켜/Get out of the way. After listening to the album, it was the one song that I kept coming back to over and over again. Normally I’m a MV fan, so I tend to stick to title tracks from Korean artists, but I absolutely fell in love the beat of this song and the raping. There is something about the song that is so energizing, I just want to get up and jump, and the fast raping between Mithra and Tablo, amazing!

        • Oh, I haven’t listened to that one in a while. Time to listen again! :D

        • :D I’ve started listening to Wrong again XD and looking up the English translations for the rest of the Album too.

  27. Wow awkward. I figured that Exo-K’s song was the only one i haven’t heard so I listened to it thinking “I don’t get it…Why did they love this so much?”
    20 minutes later and I’m still listening to the song because I’ve had it on repeat LoL damn. that is a REALLY good song!

  28. my favorite songs were. Sistar- Alone, 2ne1- I love you, and Exo-K- This is love. I think the Exo-K Album is great! i bought when it was released and fell in love with mostly all of their songs.

  29. Here is my long long list of favourite songs of the year in alphabetical order of artist haha (I wanted to shorten it but….it didn’t happen sorry):
    Ailee – Heaven
    AOA – Get Out
    B.A.P – It’s All Lies and Warrior
    B1A4 – Tried To Walk
    B2ST – It’s a beautiful Night
    BigBang – Blue and Monster
    Block B – Nillili Mambo and Narina
    BTOB – WOW
    Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending and If You Really Love Me
    C-Clown – SOLO and In the Car
    Exo – What is Love
    f(x) – electric Shock
    FT ISLAND – I Wish and 보내주자 from Five Treasure Box and the entire Grown-Up album ~my favourite song being Even Had I Lost A Friend (Probably my favourite song of the year!!!)
    GD – Missing You
    Infinite – The Chaser
    IU – Peach and Don’t Like Her
    Juniel – Babo ft. Yonghwa and Bad Person
    K.Will – I Need You and Please Don’t
    KARA – Pandora
    MBLAQ – The entire “100% Ver.” album except for Hello My Ex; so This is War, Run, 낙서 and She’s Breathtaking
    Miss A – Touch
    NELL – White Night
    SHINee – I like the full Sherlock album but particularly Sherlock is my favourite
    SISTAR – Alone
    Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song
    Super Junior – Spy and Sexy, Free & Single
    UKISS – Doradora, Believe, Te Amo, Stop Girl and Remember (beautiful balad by Soohyun and kevin only)
    Urban Zakapa – I Hate You and River
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    2am – I Wonder If YOu Hurt Like Me
    2NE1 – I love You

  30. I really really do not like the boys of INFINITE but their songs are so catchy! I really love The Chaser and their debut song Comeback Again.
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    BEAST – Beautiful Night
    BTOB – WOW and Stand Up
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    Super Junior – Sexy Free & Single
    U-KISS – DoraDora
    KARA – Pandora
    EXO-K – Angel
    C-CLOWN – Far Away Young Love
    Nine Muses – Ticket
    BIGBANG – Bad Boy.
    Those songs have not come out of my head!

  31. oh i forgot GaIn’s Bloom, Miryo’s Dirty, JYP’s You’re The One, JoKwon’s Animal and Sunny Hill’s Goodbye For Romance :D i’m sure i forgot many others great songs

  32. mmm what song stuck out for me the most… i think that Blue and Bad Boy were 2 of the most amazing songs of this year (and i’m not saying that because i’m a vip, i was really disappointed by Love Song last year), i loved also :

    GD’s That XX

    Se7en’s When I Can’t Sing

    BoA’s Only One

    miss A’s Touch

    Sistar’s Alone

    4minute’s Volume Up

    Orange Caramel’s Lipstick

    Block B’ Nilili Mambo

    MIB’s So It’s Only Hard For Me

    Nell’s The Day Before and White Night

    and so many others, it was really a good year for korean music :D for the rookies, i really like C-Clown and Juniel, i love their music and their voices

  33. I have many favorites from this year, but a lot of them were already talked about in KMM. However, I fell in love with Suju’s Daydream off of Sexy, Free & Single. I guess it didn’t get much attention, because Spy and SFS were so wildly popular, but it was a damn beautiful song. So many feels for that song!

  34. We totally have the same taste lol, Lipstick, Like This, Sherlock (espc. the dance version video) and Nilili Mambo are my favorites for the year. I’d like to see you do more your choice Music Mondays because I love you introducing me to me to stuff I might not have heard otherwise.

  35. I so want to like orange caramel’s lipstick, but it is hard for me since the song has been ripped off, The same (awful) song was in an Eurovision contest (don’t remember when, plus don’t remember the name of the song). I must say, I prefer the Korean version, especially with the music video.

  36. Starting with bias because TVXQ is my everything and I have to mention them everywhere ;~;, Catch Me was the most epic comeback of the year, the dance, the song, the vocals, the outfits, everything was perfect! And in comparison to how I reacted to KYHD two years ago, I fell in love IMMEDIATELY with this song. No wait needed. The moment I heard the “Catch me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” I was hooked. Whereas for KYHD, I had to listen to it a couple of times before I grew into it. So Catch Me really took the top spot for me. And this album is SO GOOD. I have bought the album probably 20 times in total because it’s that good. No, that’s not the reason, but I did buy a lot of copies and I think it was 100% worth it. All the songs in this album are amazing. I had an exceptionally good time jamming to Gorgeous and I Don’t Know. And the ballads are all amazing, I Swear probably takes the top spot for me overall for 2012 because of how beautiful it is. For their repackaged, it took me… 2 weeks or so to fall into the charm of Humanoids. I didn’t entirely enjoy it in the beginning when it first came out but now it’s another one of my favorites of the year along with Here I Stand. But I can’t put it up on top since Catch Me caught me a lot more quickly.

    Now for Junsu~ Tarantallegra had to grow on me because it really isn’t my favorite style from Junsu. But, once it did grow on me, I was singing it everywhere despite my utter fail at pronouncing the lyrics. But even though I very much love this song, I love Uncommitted more because gosh that song is just amazing. It is addicting and Junsu’s vocals shine through and I can’t help myself when it comes on, I always have to sing along. For the rest of the album, I thought Around & Around was really good and really beautiful. I love singing along to this as well ^^. And Set Me Free is one of those songs I can’t help but rock my head to. After watching Rooftop Prince, I Hate Love takes a special place in my heart as well. Junsu’s emotional singing and the beauty of the song itself matches perfectly. Junsu has so many lovely songs in his album. I love them all ^^.

    As for a less biased view, (but still biased in certain ways) I have a lot of songs that I like from this year most never made it to my
    iPod but I still like listening to them. As for the songs that made the biggest impact for me, I’m going to start with The Grasshopper Song – Sunny Hill. This song is just so much fun and so meaningful. I honestly wasn’t a Sunny Hill fan prior to listening to this song but it really gets to you and the way they had different artists featured in the performances made each performance very enjoyable.

    It’s War – MBLAQ, the song that really got me to listen to The Grasshopper Song. But gosh this song came out so long ago it really dropped on my list ;~;, so I’ll just say, the MV and the performances for this were ALL AMAZING. MBLAQ really started the year at a high bar. They have such a great stage presence, which is what I love most. Even though they promoted this along with Run, it isn’t my favorite from them for 2012. My favorite is actually 100% from their follow up album. The song is so jammable. I just love the beat and lyrics.

    Because It’s You – Lee Hyun. This song is so beautiful. The lyrics are so touching and Lee Hyun is such a great singer, I couldn’t help but love this song. The saxophone in the background as well makes the song even better.

    Severely – FT Island is certainly near the top of my jams for this year. Despite being a slow song, the lyrics really got stuck in my head and I just adore this song and how amazing Hongki sounds. I Wish is a good song but Severely really tops it for this year.

    Venus – Shinhwa. I do not consider myself a Shinhwa Changjo and I honestly haven’t really fallen in love with Shinhwa’s old songs yet but this song is just wonderfully addicting. It’s not my style but I still love it. Certainly one of the best comebacks of the year.

    Alone – SISTAR. This is partially biased now because SISTAR is my top girl group. Alone is so different from their usual style and I honestly prefer this style most because it really showcases their voices. The dance is so seductive and elegant and the outfits they wore for the performances really are gorgeous.

    Electric Shock – f(x). I have to admit the song loses its charm after a while but I can’t deny the fact that this song stuck to me the moment I heard it for the first time. Again, another song that is not my style but it’s just SO GOOD that I couldn’t get it out of my head.

    Loving You – SISTAR. Another SISTAR song, but I’m really doing this by release date and if I remember correctly Loving You came after f(x) xD. Another perfect jam. The dance is not my favorite but the song is just so much love and so much FUN. I love dancing to it and singing along and just feeling FREE~ The lyrics are so adorable and Bora’s rap is definitely my most favorite of all her raps so far~

    The Shadow, Only One – BoA. The Queen is BACK! After a VERY long awaited comeback. Ballads are really my style of music, but The Shadow has so much SWAG, it tops Only One for this one. Best part of Only One performances have to be the YunBoA couple dances (biased). They have so much chemistry together it really suits the song. And BoA’s amazing dancing had my jaw on the ground. I can not get enough of The Shadow. I listened to it once and I was hooked. I had it on repeat for so many weeks. And let me just say, BoA’s album is FLAWLESS. All the songs are perfect! I especially love Hope~ 100% my style haha.

    Get Out – AOA. Only rookie group on my list, haha. ChoA is amazing and I love her. I saw a few of AOA Black’s performances of this song and I loved it so much. ChoA has amazing power in her voice and I think it really made the song better. The lyrics are so sassy and I had it stuck for a week. Not as long as some of the songs before this one, but still pretty good.

    Please Don’t – K.Will. Putting the video aside, this song is perfect. K.Will really has the best songs for his comeback. I loved I Need You as well from this year. Both are favorites for this year but Please Don’t more so because of how sad and heartfelt it is. An emotionally beautiful song.

    I Will Show You, Heaven – Ailee. I know Heaven was released much earlier in the year but I’m putting this last because Ailee is special and I love her. This list is so biased, despite my effort in trying to make it unbiased haha. I personally really thought I Will Show You is better than Heaven (very slightly) because how she transitions the song from a slow sad melody to a faster paced and self confident one. I love that part of the music, especially when the artist is singing about being independent (much like my love for Get Out as well). So this song really takes the top spot in terms of Ailee’s title songs this year. Heaven is still her debut song so I thought it should be mentioned as well. Love the transition for that one as well and Ailee’s powerful adlibs. I can’t wait for her next comeback!

    No lie, this is very biased… minus The Grasshopper Song, everything is biased haha. And slightly unbiased for AOA as well since I don’t usually like rookies so easily. Anyway, 2012 was a great year for KPop and TVXQ (^^). I’m looking forward to 2013!

  37. I absolutely LOVE/ADORE/COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT EXO’s song what is love!!! ” IIIIIII Lost my mind!” that’s my favorite part XD

  38. I think Dalmatian’s E.R. was one of the best. One of, because there were so many 2012 songs I loved. I don’t follow them and I didn’t even hear the song until months after it came out, but when I did I just couldn’t stop listening.

  39. BTW, this is actually from over a year ago but I found this Mandapop song (Chinese pop) a few months ago… does anyone know BY2? They have a ton of songs but You Mei You (means “Yes or No?” or “True or False?”) is awesome:


  40. Does anyone else like Crayon Pop’s Bing Bing? Or love EXID and SPICA as much as I do?? :p

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