Ok, so this isn’t a real KpopCharts Update, because there’s no point in us doing those yet, since next Music Monday will be on Infinite’s “The Chaser,” since they won the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday award for our EYKAs. Yes, that means some other band has just been screwed over for this week. It would probably be Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy,” buuuuut since it just came out it will probably hold on tight for two weeks. TVXQ’s “Catch Me” held on for almost three weeks. Girls’ Generation can do the same, right. RIGHT?!

Anyhow, since we’re not promoting voting on the KpopCharts, we thought we’d talk about our favorite Kpop songs and videos of the year. A lot of the time, what gets voted into first place on the KpopCharts doesn’t represent what we personally like the most. So we wanted to talk about those videos here – yes – not as thoroughly as we would in a Kpop Music Monday, but at least you can know what songs we happen to love.

Mostly, it was the girl groups that got the shaft this year. The first half of our talk is mostly about the girl groups that didn’t get voted in, while the second half is about the boys. We did review all the boys we talked about. We just wanted to talk about how our opinions changed of those songs and videos. For those of you who are upset that girl groups get the short end of the stick on the KpopCharts – believe me – we’re upset as well, and we want to give them a bigger chance. We’re trying to find a solution for it on the KpopCharts. We think we’re almost there. And – no – us doing TWO KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS A WEEK is not the answer. We need some equalizing factor…or something.

Anyhow, I’m sure a lot of you will be like “Y U NO MENTION ____” Yes, we can’t talk about every band that is out there. We just wanted to talk about what stuck out for us the most. I’m sure there’ll be other bands and songs that pop up in our minds later that we’ll be like “oh! We should have mentioned them!” but it’ll be too late. Also, there are some bands that we distinctly were NOT impressed with, which we will IN NO WAY MENTION OUT LOUD. We won’t incur the wrath of the internets. But, let’s face it, some songs and videos sucked hard. We just won’t say which ones :D

Yeah! So that’s it. In case you haven’t seen some of the videos, we put them in a playlist below! Check it out from the second video (we don’t know how to embed a playlist starting from a specific video, rather than just the first. Sorry!)


  1. i really liked shinees nightmare but they never made a video for it T^T

  2. I don’t like rap, hate rap, never liked rap, hip hop, hep hap what ever you want to call it, are K-pop music Mondays getting into my psyche? Something in my tiny brain snapped this year and now I love Block B, G Dragon, Big Bang, Epik High, and I just voted for Infinite H without you. Oh eyk it’s in my brain now.

  3. Speaking of awesome Kpop songs that they didn’t make videos for: Super Junior’s Gulliver (Sexy, Free and Single album) and TVXQ’s Our Game (Keep Your Head Down album).

  4. why dont u do what u do for the wanks and faps. one week boy group next week girl group.


  6. Im hoping for Catch me mv review and for Mine mv of kim Jaejoong this upcoming jan. 17 =)

  7. I totally agree with ‘What is Love’. Normally, you listen to a kpop song a couple of times and then it’s sort of’ ‘meh’, but I have literally listened to ‘What is Love’ hundreds of times and I can’t get enough. I like to think of this as EXO’s debut, and next to SHINee’s ‘Replay’ as one of my favourite debut songs ever. If only… (still not over ‘prologue song’ srs SM srs;;;).
    I would recommend giving EXO-M’s version a listen as well. Chen and Luhan are amazing .
    If you haven’t explored the MAMA mini album, Angel (Into Your World) is another beautiful ballad, even if you don’t really go in for slower music normally. ^^;
    Anyway, some of my personal favourites~

    - Ga In’s Bloom mini
    - EXO’s What is Love and Angel
    - SHINee’s Sherlock mini
    - Brown Eyed Girl’s Midsummer’s Night
    - Zico on the Block
    - Everything Junsu did ever bless his soul
    - Lunafly’s existence continues to be magical
    - Infinite, B1A4, 2NE1, Mystic White, Sistar, T-ara ect.
    - SM the Performance ‘Spectrum’. Really, I was totally ready to hate this song but it’s really good?

  8. block b’s NILLILI MAMBO all the way!! <3 AWESOME SONG AMAZING MV so underrated…T-T

  9. I have to say that my favourite songs of the year were probably Bad Boy by 100% and Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon. Though Sexy Love and Mama (if you get rid of the horrific narration) are close behind.

    And I agree with some of the other comments — sometimes I think you should just review a group you want to review.

  10. Martina!!!! You’re wearing a sweater I wanted to buy on e-bay but lost the auction :)) did you buy it on e-bay from a China seller? :P

  11. G-DRAGON – 결국 Eventually (feat. ?). for me the best song on the album and the lyrics in that song is just

    Definitely two underrated rookies in 2012 is EvoL and Glam

  12. I really loved Hyuna’s Ice cream, chocolate ice cream CREAM CREAM CREAM CREAM

  13. Can you talk about Block B and whats going on with them and there company?

  14. Totally agree with the comments below. Perhaps an alternating cycle of 1st and 3rd Monday’s are for boy bands and 2nd and 4th for girl groups to keep things fair. Also someone suggested and it’s a great idea that maybe once a quarter you guys pick a video you want to review. I’m still shaking my head over the fact that Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” didn’t get reviewed. If ever a MV was made for a Music Monday, that was it.

    Some picks for my favorites of 2012:

    Secret – Talk That
    Girls Generation TTS – Twinkie
    Kara – Pandora
    Jewelry – Look at Me

    Spica – Lonely

  15. Touch was released in 2012? I thought it was released in 2011 for some reason :S Anyway I don’t really have a specific favourite kpop song this year but I really like The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill. I’m not really a fan of Sunny Hill’s music but this song I like and has possibly one of the best intros ever IMO. I also like Lovey-Dovey Plus by Speed even though it’s a remix. Lipstick by Orange Caramel is awesome too plus the video is just win. Other songs I like from 2012 are Catch Me by TVXQ and Janus by Boyfriend. Again I wasn’t that much of a fan of Boyfriend before but Janus is just awesome. I always imagine you need to be standing infront of a epic fan whilst singing it xD When I first heard Catch Me I wasn’t that keen on it because of the dupstep but I’ve heard other dubstep and the drop in Catch Me isn’t that heavy. Infact I don’t think hardcore dubstep fans would even call it a drop. xD

  16. Favourite
    GD: Light it up & That XX
    Sistar: Alone

    Lee Hi: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Epik High: Its cold (feat lee hi)

    Bigbang: Monster & Fantastic Baby

    Jay Park: A happy ending

    Juniel: illa illa

    ft island: severely

    YG biased. not listening to much outside of YG,

  17. I loved G-Dragon’s mini album, too! I wasn’t completely won by That XX, because it feels so, idk, weak? 결국, Today, One of a Kind, and Light It Up are my favorite tracks, but I know so few people who like them as much as the title tracks.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite songs! I’ve had the playlist running while working this morning and it’s been awesome~

  18. My favourite three songs of the year were BTOB’s WOW and Boyfriend’s Janus and, from non-single perspectives, ZE:A’s S.A.D. (Something In A Dream). I was a casual fan of BTOB before this song and not a fan of either of the other two bands, but those songs just really blew my mind a bit with just how good they were.
    I also like PHANTOM’s Burning (but I’m biased), Boyfriend’s Good Night and ZE:A’s Dirty Cat, and there were plenty of female songs I loved, like TTS’s OMG and Baby Steps, everything Girl’s Day released, EXID’s Every Night and KARA’s Pandora, but those are really the ones that struck me as being genius.
    Aside from that, I liked all of your female choices (I’d definitely agree with Dalshabet and Orange Caramel!) and What is Love, but I’m not really into SHINee/Big Bang or SJ’s singles (Papillon was fantastic though).

  19. I share a lot of similar opinions with you guys for this list! Orange Caramel, T-ara, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, & Shinee’s singles that u mentioned were awesome, i loved them! I don’t usually like Super Junior’s singles, but SPY and Sexy Free & Single were so good, 2 of my favorite kpop songs ever.

    A couple of my other favs this year:
    - BtoB “Wow” (favorite MV of 2012, and LOVE the song! Wish it had been voted in for Music Mondays! would have loved to hear your opinion)
    -EXID “Every Night” – So good/smooth. I really like that kind of style. (like WG “두고두고 (Long long time),” GD’s “That xx”)
    -SNSD Taetiseo – “처음이었죠 (Love Sick)” – (super smooth too)
    -idk if these are favs, but I listened to U-Kiss “Stop Girl” and Fiestar “Vista” many MANY times.

    I just want to add a special note about BtoB’s “Wow” – That music video blew me away! So yes, it didn’t have much story, but that was just filler for the dance part for me! The song was so upbeat/energetic and awesome, and I loved their dancing and attitude/energy. The dance was awesome, it looked so fun! (haha the butt part). But their energy- i didn’t know they were a rookie group! It was all pretty old school, reminded me of Backstreet Boys haha. I would have loved to hear what you guys thought of it (..though maybe not if you hated it lol), but alas, it was not voted in (and from the looks of this video, possibly not one of your favorite songs this year). I loved BtoB, but there were so many amazing rookies in 2012. BAP were probably my fav rookie group b/c of their unique concept compared to most boy groups, and they were such a powerful group! I’m one of the ones who loved “Stop It” as a song and I really liked the MV. I thought the cute music video concept was something that only a group like BAP could do! They are such a strong/tough group that they brought a really charming and funny spin to the whole cute thing.

  20. Whoa, after watching this vid I feel obligated to share my favs of the year! (no one actually needs this, but I’m inspired by your talking :D)

    So, I really liked the Like This song… I sing all the time… Cooking (add so me sugar – Lke this yo, like this), playing game(especially when I win – coz Like this yo, like this!), just walking… and literally all the time… most of times no one understands me, but they have to deal with it) So, awesome song, and it’s still playing in my head…

    Sistar’s Alone is freacking awesome. And so is Miss A’s touch. I liked touched more than other miss A’s songs and mvs… And video is really-really-really beautiful. Perfect.

    What Is Love… I thought I was the only one who liked that song))) It really took m from the first time, and I just listened to it like whole week… and I learned the chorus lyrics ))) Still love it, and it seems like it was released goddamn long ago ))) After this I expected other Exo’s song to be that good… but I don’t really love their other song. At least as much as this one )) The chorus is soooo good… especially the part before the slow motion )))

    BAP were just great the first part of the year, and warrior with power are goddamn goood songs… WE GOT THE POWEEEER! Yeah, that was incredible) Lovee both of these) And Block B. I still can’t write the name of the song correctly, so let’s just assume we all know what I’m talking about) nilililillalala nilili la nilili mambo~~

    I loved Ailee’s Heaven so badly… And her other songs were great, she has an amazing voice… But heaven is just perfect. Really beautiful song, and her voice is soo gorgeous )) I liked her a lot.

    What else? Epic High’s Up is also one of my favs. Bom’s voice in the chorus and that low background phrases… lllove it!

    Big Bang is a hole other story for me, as a VIP, so I don’t want to talk about them and Jiyong as I’m going to be biased… But I need to say, that Fantastic Baby is the song of the year for me. )

    GD’s whole album is super good. He has so many different song, and all of them are brilliantly done. I loved That XX for those english parts. This really sounds so good… Just…aaaaah, so good!

    I also really, really like Missing you ) I kind of forced my niece to play it on piano (yep, I have that kind of power :D ant though, she wasn’t really resisting it ) so we sing it together, and it is beautiful.~ Today is really good also. I don’t care, coz we’re wild, we’re rolling stones~~~ And Light it up ))) Yeah, that one line, saying: Those mother*ckers don’t know how to act is just strong as hell. Great one! And Crayon is… Well, let me stop right here, I’m getting biased ))) I think, you got my point)

    So, overall I want to say that actually i’m not really into k-pop, I’m into BigBang… but these songs were so great, they made me look away from BB for a moment. And I want to that EYK for that, coz usually I never listen to k-pop except for BB… and I noticed most of these song thanks to you )) Yep, like this, yo, like this )

  21. Another rookie girl group that deserves mention is Exid for their tracks “I Feel Good” & “Every Night”. I Feel Good is a great going out anthem and Every Night may have a totally absurd video but that melody is just infectious!

  22. I think my favorite song was Dancing Queen by Crayon Pop….the song really surprised me for a rookie group and the thinking dance is so wonderfully quirky. Much less, who doesn’t like “Dancing in the moonlight” at times?

  23. My favorite song of the year is a three way tie between EXO’s “What is Love”, GD’s “Missing You” and Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”. They received almost equal plays on my iPod. I had lots of other songs that I LOVED, but those were the ones that got an instant grin every time I heard them. My boyfriend isn’t even into K-pop but thanks to Simon’s many renditions of his personal version of the lyrics of “What is Love” , I got a drunken “I LOST MY PANTS!” shouted at me from the other side of the bathroom door the other night when I was showering (lmao so much). Thanks for letting us into your home/lives guys and sharing your warmth and humor. It’s appreciated every day. I liked K-pop before I found you, but you’re the reason why I love it :D

  24. I agree Martina, TOP and Bang Yong Guk are so HOT!!! askjfjaksd

  25. So happy Martina thinks B.A.P are rookie of the year! <3

    Block B are totally (one of) my bias group, but I have to say that it is because of their music that they are and that is why they are my song of the year. Picking just one is difficult, if you haven't listened to their Blockbuster album you NEED to. Their cover version of Romantically was phenomenal, Taeils scat – need I say more? Of course Nilili Mambo, NanrinA, No Joke, Mental Breaker, Movies Over. I also need to mention Zicos Mix tape releases, if you haven't listened to his solo stuff i recommend you do. I'll Treat You Better was definitely my favorite, was shocking how great Zicos vocals were.

    other songs I got into – Infinite – The Chaser. I haven't gotten into much of their other work but really loved this. BtoB – WOW. At first I thought it was a bit 90s, but it totally grew on me. Bad Boy – Big Bang, That XX – GD, Warrior – B.A.P, What the Hell – B.A.P, What Is Love – EXO, I Love You – 2NE1.

  26. Sistar – Alone. It’s like “Missing You” by the Stones redone as a disco-reggae pop song. Brave Brothers keeps tinkering with it, rearranging the beat, coming out with remixes, etc, but nothing he’s done can match the original because the original is perfect and can’t be improved.

    Anyway. ^^ Besides the ones you guys mentioned, some other 2012 standouts for me (that have been generally overlooked as far as I can tell) are Ukiss Believe, Kara Pandora, Epik High Wrong, BTOB Wow, Crazyno Musiche, EXID Every Night, B1A4 Wonderful Tonight (unplugged remix), Brave Girls Nowadays You and E.via Night Blooming Roses. Also 4Minute Volume Up, which could easily be on the Sexy Mr. Saxobeat playlist you guys have going on in this post.

    • I love how everyone has a different favourite from Epik High’s Album!
      Totally agree with you on the Sexy Saxobeat in Volume Up, soo good!

      • It’s a really good album!

        I like Wrong because I like the way it sounds, rock guitars underneath a pretty, classical-sounding arrangement, sad sad sad vocals that overlap each other, the kind of circular beat. And also because it’s social commentary – think how many of those “words you shouldn’t say to someone you love” (not that I always agree) pop up in other Kpop songs.

        What’s your favorite song from 99 :D

        • My fav would have to be 비켜/Get out of the way. After listening to the album, it was the one song that I kept coming back to over and over again. Normally I’m a MV fan, so I tend to stick to title tracks from Korean artists, but I absolutely fell in love the beat of this song and the raping. There is something about the song that is so energizing, I just want to get up and jump, and the fast raping between Mithra and Tablo, amazing!

        • Oh, I haven’t listened to that one in a while. Time to listen again! :D

        • :D I’ve started listening to Wrong again XD and looking up the English translations for the rest of the Album too.

  27. Wow awkward. I figured that Exo-K’s song was the only one i haven’t heard so I listened to it thinking “I don’t get it…Why did they love this so much?”
    20 minutes later and I’m still listening to the song because I’ve had it on repeat LoL damn. that is a REALLY good song!

  28. my favorite songs were. Sistar- Alone, 2ne1- I love you, and Exo-K- This is love. I think the Exo-K Album is great! i bought when it was released and fell in love with mostly all of their songs.

  29. Here is my long long list of favourite songs of the year in alphabetical order of artist haha (I wanted to shorten it but….it didn’t happen sorry):
    Ailee – Heaven
    AOA – Get Out
    B.A.P – It’s All Lies and Warrior
    B1A4 – Tried To Walk
    B2ST – It’s a beautiful Night
    BigBang – Blue and Monster
    Block B – Nillili Mambo and Narina
    BTOB – WOW
    Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending and If You Really Love Me
    C-Clown – SOLO and In the Car
    Exo – What is Love
    f(x) – electric Shock
    FT ISLAND – I Wish and 보내주자 from Five Treasure Box and the entire Grown-Up album ~my favourite song being Even Had I Lost A Friend (Probably my favourite song of the year!!!)
    GD – Missing You
    Infinite – The Chaser
    IU – Peach and Don’t Like Her
    Juniel – Babo ft. Yonghwa and Bad Person
    K.Will – I Need You and Please Don’t
    KARA – Pandora
    MBLAQ – The entire “100% Ver.” album except for Hello My Ex; so This is War, Run, 낙서 and She’s Breathtaking
    Miss A – Touch
    NELL – White Night
    SHINee – I like the full Sherlock album but particularly Sherlock is my favourite
    SISTAR – Alone
    Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song
    Super Junior – Spy and Sexy, Free & Single
    UKISS – Doradora, Believe, Te Amo, Stop Girl and Remember (beautiful balad by Soohyun and kevin only)
    Urban Zakapa – I Hate You and River
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    2am – I Wonder If YOu Hurt Like Me
    2NE1 – I love You

  30. I really really do not like the boys of INFINITE but their songs are so catchy! I really love The Chaser and their debut song Comeback Again.
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    BEAST – Beautiful Night
    BTOB – WOW and Stand Up
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    Super Junior – Sexy Free & Single
    U-KISS – DoraDora
    KARA – Pandora
    EXO-K – Angel
    C-CLOWN – Far Away Young Love
    Nine Muses – Ticket
    BIGBANG – Bad Boy.
    Those songs have not come out of my head!

  31. oh i forgot GaIn’s Bloom, Miryo’s Dirty, JYP’s You’re The One, JoKwon’s Animal and Sunny Hill’s Goodbye For Romance :D i’m sure i forgot many others great songs

  32. mmm what song stuck out for me the most… i think that Blue and Bad Boy were 2 of the most amazing songs of this year (and i’m not saying that because i’m a vip, i was really disappointed by Love Song last year), i loved also :

    GD’s That XX

    Se7en’s When I Can’t Sing

    BoA’s Only One

    miss A’s Touch

    Sistar’s Alone

    4minute’s Volume Up

    Orange Caramel’s Lipstick

    Block B’ Nilili Mambo

    MIB’s So It’s Only Hard For Me

    Nell’s The Day Before and White Night

    and so many others, it was really a good year for korean music :D for the rookies, i really like C-Clown and Juniel, i love their music and their voices

  33. I have many favorites from this year, but a lot of them were already talked about in KMM. However, I fell in love with Suju’s Daydream off of Sexy, Free & Single. I guess it didn’t get much attention, because Spy and SFS were so wildly popular, but it was a damn beautiful song. So many feels for that song!

  34. We totally have the same taste lol, Lipstick, Like This, Sherlock (espc. the dance version video) and Nilili Mambo are my favorites for the year. I’d like to see you do more your choice Music Mondays because I love you introducing me to me to stuff I might not have heard otherwise.

  35. I so want to like orange caramel’s lipstick, but it is hard for me since the song has been ripped off, The same (awful) song was in an Eurovision contest (don’t remember when, plus don’t remember the name of the song). I must say, I prefer the Korean version, especially with the music video.

  36. Starting with bias because TVXQ is my everything and I have to mention them everywhere ;~;, Catch Me was the most epic comeback of the year, the dance, the song, the vocals, the outfits, everything was perfect! And in comparison to how I reacted to KYHD two years ago, I fell in love IMMEDIATELY with this song. No wait needed. The moment I heard the “Catch me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” I was hooked. Whereas for KYHD, I had to listen to it a couple of times before I grew into it. So Catch Me really took the top spot for me. And this album is SO GOOD. I have bought the album probably 20 times in total because it’s that good. No, that’s not the reason, but I did buy a lot of copies and I think it was 100% worth it. All the songs in this album are amazing. I had an exceptionally good time jamming to Gorgeous and I Don’t Know. And the ballads are all amazing, I Swear probably takes the top spot for me overall for 2012 because of how beautiful it is. For their repackaged, it took me… 2 weeks or so to fall into the charm of Humanoids. I didn’t entirely enjoy it in the beginning when it first came out but now it’s another one of my favorites of the year along with Here I Stand. But I can’t put it up on top since Catch Me caught me a lot more quickly.

    Now for Junsu~ Tarantallegra had to grow on me because it really isn’t my favorite style from Junsu. But, once it did grow on me, I was singing it everywhere despite my utter fail at pronouncing the lyrics. But even though I very much love this song, I love Uncommitted more because gosh that song is just amazing. It is addicting and Junsu’s vocals shine through and I can’t help myself when it comes on, I always have to sing along. For the rest of the album, I thought Around & Around was really good and really beautiful. I love singing along to this as well ^^. And Set Me Free is one of those songs I can’t help but rock my head to. After watching Rooftop Prince, I Hate Love takes a special place in my heart as well. Junsu’s emotional singing and the beauty of the song itself matches perfectly. Junsu has so many lovely songs in his album. I love them all ^^.

    As for a less biased view, (but still biased in certain ways) I have a lot of songs that I like from this year most never made it to my
    iPod but I still like listening to them. As for the songs that made the biggest impact for me, I’m going to start with The Grasshopper Song – Sunny Hill. This song is just so much fun and so meaningful. I honestly wasn’t a Sunny Hill fan prior to listening to this song but it really gets to you and the way they had different artists featured in the performances made each performance very enjoyable.

    It’s War – MBLAQ, the song that really got me to listen to The Grasshopper Song. But gosh this song came out so long ago it really dropped on my list ;~;, so I’ll just say, the MV and the performances for this were ALL AMAZING. MBLAQ really started the year at a high bar. They have such a great stage presence, which is what I love most. Even though they promoted this along with Run, it isn’t my favorite from them for 2012. My favorite is actually 100% from their follow up album. The song is so jammable. I just love the beat and lyrics.

    Because It’s You – Lee Hyun. This song is so beautiful. The lyrics are so touching and Lee Hyun is such a great singer, I couldn’t help but love this song. The saxophone in the background as well makes the song even better.

    Severely – FT Island is certainly near the top of my jams for this year. Despite being a slow song, the lyrics really got stuck in my head and I just adore this song and how amazing Hongki sounds. I Wish is a good song but Severely really tops it for this year.

    Venus – Shinhwa. I do not consider myself a Shinhwa Changjo and I honestly haven’t really fallen in love with Shinhwa’s old songs yet but this song is just wonderfully addicting. It’s not my style but I still love it. Certainly one of the best comebacks of the year.

    Alone – SISTAR. This is partially biased now because SISTAR is my top girl group. Alone is so different from their usual style and I honestly prefer this style most because it really showcases their voices. The dance is so seductive and elegant and the outfits they wore for the performances really are gorgeous.

    Electric Shock – f(x). I have to admit the song loses its charm after a while but I can’t deny the fact that this song stuck to me the moment I heard it for the first time. Again, another song that is not my style but it’s just SO GOOD that I couldn’t get it out of my head.

    Loving You – SISTAR. Another SISTAR song, but I’m really doing this by release date and if I remember correctly Loving You came after f(x) xD. Another perfect jam. The dance is not my favorite but the song is just so much love and so much FUN. I love dancing to it and singing along and just feeling FREE~ The lyrics are so adorable and Bora’s rap is definitely my most favorite of all her raps so far~

    The Shadow, Only One – BoA. The Queen is BACK! After a VERY long awaited comeback. Ballads are really my style of music, but The Shadow has so much SWAG, it tops Only One for this one. Best part of Only One performances have to be the YunBoA couple dances (biased). They have so much chemistry together it really suits the song. And BoA’s amazing dancing had my jaw on the ground. I can not get enough of The Shadow. I listened to it once and I was hooked. I had it on repeat for so many weeks. And let me just say, BoA’s album is FLAWLESS. All the songs are perfect! I especially love Hope~ 100% my style haha.

    Get Out – AOA. Only rookie group on my list, haha. ChoA is amazing and I love her. I saw a few of AOA Black’s performances of this song and I loved it so much. ChoA has amazing power in her voice and I think it really made the song better. The lyrics are so sassy and I had it stuck for a week. Not as long as some of the songs before this one, but still pretty good.

    Please Don’t – K.Will. Putting the video aside, this song is perfect. K.Will really has the best songs for his comeback. I loved I Need You as well from this year. Both are favorites for this year but Please Don’t more so because of how sad and heartfelt it is. An emotionally beautiful song.

    I Will Show You, Heaven – Ailee. I know Heaven was released much earlier in the year but I’m putting this last because Ailee is special and I love her. This list is so biased, despite my effort in trying to make it unbiased haha. I personally really thought I Will Show You is better than Heaven (very slightly) because how she transitions the song from a slow sad melody to a faster paced and self confident one. I love that part of the music, especially when the artist is singing about being independent (much like my love for Get Out as well). So this song really takes the top spot in terms of Ailee’s title songs this year. Heaven is still her debut song so I thought it should be mentioned as well. Love the transition for that one as well and Ailee’s powerful adlibs. I can’t wait for her next comeback!

    No lie, this is very biased… minus The Grasshopper Song, everything is biased haha. And slightly unbiased for AOA as well since I don’t usually like rookies so easily. Anyway, 2012 was a great year for KPop and TVXQ (^^). I’m looking forward to 2013!

  37. I absolutely LOVE/ADORE/COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT EXO’s song what is love!!! ” IIIIIII Lost my mind!” that’s my favorite part XD

  38. ktaeng

    I think Dalmatian’s E.R. was one of the best. One of, because there were so many 2012 songs I loved. I don’t follow them and I didn’t even hear the song until months after it came out, but when I did I just couldn’t stop listening.

  39. BTW, this is actually from over a year ago but I found this Mandapop song (Chinese pop) a few months ago… does anyone know BY2? They have a ton of songs but You Mei You (means “Yes or No?” or “True or False?”) is awesome:


  40. Does anyone else like Crayon Pop’s Bing Bing? Or love EXID and SPICA as much as I do?? :p

  41. Thank you for listing so many great girl groups! However… I do really have a thing for EXID now… Every Night is one of my fav songs this year. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! It doesn’t hurt that they are quite possibly the most beautiful out of all the girl groups IMO… Sistar and Secret rank high for having some curves though :p OH!! and Crayon Pop is underrated! Their newest song is weird for sure but for some reason I like the quirkiness. Bing Bing is the best though.

    SPICA is the best though for hands down incredible talent. I’m not sure they’re getting enough love in SoKo… I hope they are, they deserve it.

    Despite all the girl group love I am actually straight believe it or not lol.

  42. *took cellphone, went to music section* Big Bang – Blue, C.N Blue – Come on, Epik High – don’t hate me, Block B – Halo, Nilini Mambo, GD – One of kind, Crayon, FT Island – Severely, I wish, BAP – Warrior, INFINITE and Sunggyu – Only Tears, PSY – Gangnam style. I think there are more…

  43. My thoughts exactly , plus junsu – tarantallegra,j-min – stand up , u-kiss – stop girl and a few others that i can’t think of right now~

  44. My only favorite songs in 2012 was ALL ABOUT UKISS ..kekeke..from their all japanese album (cannot even count how many they released in 2012 just for japanese albums LOL )to Doradora ,Special to kissme album ,Stop girl XD i guess in 2013 ,they will have hundreds of them ..my pocket is complaining already LOL

  45. I also felt that it was unfair to the girl groups that had worked really hard so I suggest that: (If it doesn’t take too much time and effort, of course) I think you guys can create a separate poll for girl groups. You can review one boy group/singer video for one week, and a girl group/singer the next! That way each gender can get equal amount of reviews! (But would also result in numerous unhappy fans, YAY! *Sarcastic cheer*)

  46. Aside from my obvious YG bias for BigBang and Epik High ( Happy Birthday to Mithra, my same age friend) in 2012 I really enjoyed:

    a. Block B- the entire ‘Blockbuster’ album was pretty stellar. I liked ‘Nillili Mambo’, but my faves were definitely ‘Mental Breaker’ and ‘No Joke’

    b. Sistar- ‘Alone’ – Honestly I liked Loving you too but I find that my favourite Sistar song of all time is Sistar19 ‘Ma Boy’ which was not even from this year.

    c. Sunny Hill- ‘ Prince and Princess Charming/Is the White Horse Coming’- As catchy as ‘The Grasshopper Song’ was, the quirky nature of this song had me up and dancing all the time.

    d. UKiss-’Tick Tock’ Korean Version- I also loved Stop Girl, but Tick Tock was amazing last year and it was still amazing on the Doradora EP this year.

    e. Super Junior- ‘ Spy’. I gave in to the earworm that was Spy ( and Sexy, Free and Single) you guys are right about this song being great as a motivator in the mornings.

    f. BAP- ‘ No Mercy’- I pretty much loved most of their stuff this year except for stop it. I liked Crash as well.

    g. Wonder Girls- ‘R.E.A.L’- the Wonder Party EP was pretty solid. Not many people like the awkward rapping in this song but I find it refreshing and fun to sing along with.

    h. J.Min- ‘ Stand Up’. Technically an OST song but I can’t resist it. I also downloaded the whole ‘ To the Beautiful You’ album. There are some gorgeous pop tracks on that OST.

    i. Secret- ‘ Poison’. Gosh, never thought I would like a song with a crotch dance, but yep, I did.

    j. Jay Park- ‘ Know Your Name’- his New Breed Album was also pretty awesome.

    k. Primary- ‘?’-the guys on this track are awesome, nuff said.

    l. 100%- ‘Bad Boy’ – something about this group really attracted me. I loved the live version of this song.

    m. Naul- the entire Principle of my Soul album. That whole album is soulful and terrific.

    n. K.Will- ‘Please Don’t’ Love his voice, love the conversations this video provoked. He is also pretty hilarious.

  47. Here are some groups’ song that i became a fan of :) A full review for it.

    1. TVXQ – Humanoids

    i used to not like TVXQ , but then somehow, this song really caught my attention. Their dance was energetic their solo was heart warming, their music video was confusing sometimes, but i learned the video through out, so i became interested in TVXQ.

    2. Dal Shabet – Have, Don’t Have

    i’m not really a fan of Dal Shabet. It was a coincidence that i heard their song when i was watching Kpop Countdown Inkigayo. Their dance was really funny, and the song was really catchy. Before i knew it, i was already following their dance move! haha

    3. Big Bang – Blue

    this song was the first song i heard from Big Bang. i listened to it mainly cuz my crush liked this song. so i tried listening. the song and the melody accompanying it was so beautiful! thats when i started listening to more of their songs and became a VIP :)

    4. K.Will – Please Don’t

    K.Will didn’t really attract me before. His previous song “I Need You” was really nice, but it wasn’t a rememberable song. Thus, this song had an impact on me. i realized that his voice was powerful and the song is very beautiful as well. The video made me cry and get confused. But oh well, i like K.Will now :’D

    5. T-Ara – Sexy Love

    to be honest, i am not such a big fan of girl groups as i am a girl. the first time i heard this song, the beginning of the song attracted my attention. it was so weird , somehow i was listening to the song throughtout the end. i am a fan :D

    6. Orange Caramel – Lipstick

    first of all, i didn’t even want to listen to their song again after hearing their song called “Funny Hunny” . but i recalled that Funny Hunny was quite an addictive song with the chorus “My funny hunny, i love you~~” . So i tried listening to Lipstick. turns out the video was hillarious! the song was up to beat, and it made my day.

    -Well, i guess these are it. You told us to choose the groups that are not our Bias or something like that. Aha! How about u guys? Mind sharing your thoughts with me?-

  48. Brittainy

    Hmmm this is hard – I started off with a short list but took too long writing and more and more songs just kept on appearing. Keep in mind these lists are not in any particular order.

    - Whole Albums –

    GD – One of a Kind
    I loove Light It Up, and That XX and Crayon are so different but SO ADDICTNG. Uncensored ver. of That XX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcJIHHiyMEA

    Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single (and SPY repackage by extension)
    This album was seriously fantastic, with lots of variety. Excluding singles, I especially loved Rockstar, From U, Butterfly and Gulliver.

    EXO K/M – MAMA
    The only song from this album that I didn’t ADORE was Angel (sorry exotics!). Really well done first album for a rookie group (generally with mini albums I’m lucky if I like more than 2 of the songs, and I hate it when they cheat and add an “instrumental” of the single)

    Block B – Blockbuster
    Really really well done. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was! I love the opening song.

    BAP – All of the Above
    I didn’t fall desperately in love with Stop It or Crash (still liked them but I don’t really rock out in my car to Stop It…), but everything else? YES PLEASE

    SHINee – Sherlock
    While I admit the first three songs (Sherlock, then Clue and Note) can get repetitive for obvious reasons, for the purpose of my sanity I only count that block as one song ^^. Special mention goes to Honesty! Major kudos to SHINee for including such a heartfelt acoustic ballad that highlights each of their lovely voices to perfection (groundbreaking for an SM artist :P). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDfX8rFWKak

    F(X) – Electric Shock
    I got a little bit tired of the actual single, but the rest of the album is very refreshing and a joy to listen to. I especially love Let’s Try.

    - Individual Songs – (I’m including japanese singles if I liked them enough!)

    Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra, Choiza – THE CYPHER 2012 (not sure if this counts but HOLY BAJEEZUS it’s so good!!! Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUc_NLNu4YU
    Big Bang – Blue
    Epik High – It’s Cold
    Junsuuuuu – Fever, Tarantallegra
    SHINee – 1000 Years Always By Your Side (The other sm artists have to dance in boxes because they gave all of the plots to shinee I guess…)
    Miss A – Lips, Touch (zomg I discovered this one late, I avoided Miss A because of Bad Girl Good Girl and now I seriously regret it, lol)
    Batoost – Midnight, Beautiful Night
    C-Clown – Far Away… Young Love
    Bilasa – Tried to Walk
    2NE1 – I Love You
    BTOB – WoW
    Yoseob – Caffeine
    BoA – The Shadow
    Boyfriend – Janus, Love Style (the pink floral suits KILL ME but I love both of these songs xD)
    Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment (*drool*)
    Wooyoung – Sexy Lady
    U-Kiss – DoraDora, Stop Girl
    TVXQ – Viva, Gorgeous, Humanoids
    K.Will – Please Don’t
    SNSD – I Got a Boy **Hana’s Edit Ver ONLY** — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRBXM7JprXg

    - Honorable mention for stuff from 2011 or before that I just started listening to that makes me go AKDFJLHDJASJDF -

    **Tablo – Try**
    SunnyHill – Midnight Circus
    GD&TOP – Don’t Go Home
    IU – 4AM
    Kim Kyu Jong – Yesterday

  49. What I put in my playlist for last year, which means these songs rocked my world, Kim Sunggyu’s Another Me, Lunafly, Nell, SM’s J-Min (Stand Up and Beautiful Days), B.A.P.’s Voicemail, Shinee’s 1000 Years (Japanese single), U-kiss Stop Girl, Infinite Infinitize, Wonder Girls Wonder Party, T-ara Day by Day, Leessang, Busker Busker and a lot of OST songs by various artist.

  50. My favorite K pop songs of 2012 would be……….

    1. Turning to dust ( Roy Kim & Jung Jun Young) ( no.1 fan of this duo here!!)

    2. Fantastic baby(BIG BANG) ( what can i say,it’s my ringtone..:D)

    3. Nalili Mambo ( Block B) ( Became a BBC this year…….wish all the best for them…U_U)

    4. Caffeine ( Yang yoseob) / Cherry Blossom Ending(Busker Busker)

    5. Alone ( Sistar) ( I don’t like Loving U that much though…@@)

    6. I LOVE YOU ( 2NE1)

    7. Missing you ( G Dragon ft. an awesome lady i don’t know…..but she sure is amazing!!..:D)

    8.All for you ( Seo in guk & Jung Eunji) ( that’s it,i’m watching Reply 1997 tonight again ……for 4th time…:D)

    9.Heaven & I will show you ( Ailee)

    10. When I can’t sing ( Se7en) / It’s cold ( Epik High ft.Lee Hi) / Midnight (B2ST)

    Yeah,yeah,it’s right!! I love YG family……..and audition program?? :D

  51. : What is love! ^^ I really really like that song. <3 Every time I listen to it, It always puts me in a, ripido flipido get in slow motion, world ;) know what I mean? =3

  52. Oh my, Exo-k What is love is just great1 Thanks for recommending it.

  53. .___. what about Secret?

    I loved pretty much every BAP song. :D

    I loved Secrets Poison and Talk That.
    Also, Shinee’s Clue+Note was awesome.
    Loved beautiful Night

    But I think that Epik Highs “Don’t Hate Me” was THE song that I never expected to become one of my faves of the year because I didn’t really know about them. And the song was awesome sauce. Hands down. <3

  54. G.NA’s song featuring the guy from Phantom, it’s one of my personal favourites along with U-Kiss’s song (that I can’t remember the titles of!!)

  55. Tbh, the song to me that got me was Primary’s ? (Question Mark) ft Zion T and Choiza of Dynamic Duo. At first I wasn’t all that of a fan of Primary, but once I listened to his title song, I was just so amazed at the beats he made in that song. When Zion T’s and Choiza’s voices were added, I just the thought the song was just perfect. Especially the music video, really loved the concept they put out. Another song I also loved this year is Primary’s Love ft Bumkey and Paloalto. That love song was just amazing, with Bumkey’s soft singing and the beat mixing well together.

  56. Well first off, Simon, I have to respectively disagree with you about Stop It. That is actually my favorite B.A.P song to the day, possibly because of the trumpet or trombone thing during the chorus and just the overall instrumental composition(that’s usually what gets me into a song anyways) Now for my favorite songs of 2012:

    1) Sexy, Free & Single- Super Junior (yes, my bias group, but I could literally listen to this song on repeat for the next ten years and not get sick of it, possibly because the style changes so much in it like I Got A Boy)

    2) In The Air- B1A4 (this one actually doesn’t have a mv, but I am so obsessed with this song, it’s like a party song but also has slow moments but I love it so much omg helpp)

    3) The Chaser- Infinite (AMAZING GROUP(really though) Awesome choreography, Sunggyu and Woohyun have some of the best vocals in Kpop, Hoya is so utterly multitalented and wonderful and Dongwoo is just happy and smiley all the time, and this song literally I can listen to it no matter what mood I’m in and it will make me feel happy)

    4) One of a Kind- G-Dragon (Honestly, my favorite of all his new songs, and I’m pretty sure this song tipped me over into VIP territory cause it REALLY got me into Big Bang. I don’t like sad or slow songs(that xx) and crayon was okay in my opinion, but One of a Kind was just epically awesome. Like, please release this song in English in the U.S. GD. PLEASE)

    5) If You Love Me- NS Yoon G & Jay Park (This song just makes me all nostalgic cause it sounds oh so 90′s. Plus, NS Yoon G’s voice and Jay’s smooth rap *le sigh* perfection in a song)

    6) Machine- EXO K (Again, no mv for this song, but it’s currently my favorite EXO song of all time, and although I liked both the K and M versions, Suho’s “su oebseo, bwabwa!” just made the song for me. Not to mention the drumkick sounds in the chorus, the robotic composition was awesome)

    7) MY MY- APink (Maybe it’s just the girly girl in me who loved the cute video and wardrobe, or maybe it’s my Reply 1997 Eunji biasness speaking, but I really do love this song. It has the same sort of nostalgic feel as If You Love Me, this totally could’ve been a Jump 5 or A*Teens song)

    8) Pandora- Kara (Coming from someone who is in no way a Kara fan, this song with it’s catchy trumpet-y chorus and electronic sound has repeatedly come back to my mind over and over again since it came out)

    9) The Shadow- Boa (This song did not get nearly enough attention as it should have. In my opinion, it was so much better than Only One, although this could again be coming from my distaste for slow songs. The choreography was amazing, as Boa’s always is, and I absolutely loved the chorus)

    10) I Got A Boy- Girls’ Generation (Yeah yeah yeah, I know this only came out a few days ago, but I have not been able to stop listening to it since then. I know a lot of people complained(and probably will continue to complain) that SM put way too many musical styles in this song, but I really loved them all, and I actually thought they complemented each other very well. The “Oh, oh-oh-eh-oh!” and “Neo jallasseo jeongmal!” parts were so so so so good, and I actually kind of enjoyed the rap parts? Yeah, Yoona and Hyoyeon aren’t the greatest rappers in kpop, but I didn’t think they were terrible. And the slowed down diva part I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY 100 PERCENT ADORED. I really really hope this song gets reviewed in 2 weeks even if S&M totally rip it apart because it currently is dominating my entire life and I love it^^)

  57. I’m more of a Big Bang, 2NE1… obviously YG base kind of fan, but I honestly — hands down — loved Z:EA’s Aftermath.

  58. mekko

    Favorite song of the year: Infinite’s “The Chaser.” I didn’t think too much of it when it first came out, but it’s really grown on me. I’m not an Infinite fan either, but their dance moves and the AWESOME song won me over. Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick” is a close second though.

  59. I fell in love with the Eko kids too! a friend made listen to MAMA and History – dont know if those are 2012 songs but they are amazing, and super addicting too. :0 Im a new fan :D

  60. Hands down Phantom!!! They rocked my 2012!!

  61. How did I forget Spica’s ENTIRE Painkiller album. Especially Anger, and No More, and forget especially this or that, the entire freakin’ album

    • SPICA are amazing. I finally got my hands on their first mini and I was blown away. Every song is awesome. Need to add Painkiller to it now and look into their new album!

  62. Ok, so ruling out everyone I started the year being bias towards these would be my favourite songs of the year.

    Tried To Walk by B1A4
    Russian Roulette by SPICA
    1,2,3,4 by Lee Hi
    Mama by EXO
    Severely by FT Island
    Day By Day by T-ara
    Volume Up by 4minute

    from my bias list:
    Monster and Bad Boy for Big Bang
    Without You and That XX for GD
    I Love You for 2NE1
    Touch for Miss A
    Don’t Hate Me for Epik High

  63. I listened to Orange Caramel’s Lipstick because of you guys, and I got absolutely freaking addicted! I already liked Funny Hunny (also after hearing you guys talk about it), but I hadn’t kept up with the group. The video is hysterical. So wonderfully funny.

    I became a big fan of almost all of the BAP singles this year, and Junsu was good. Hmmm what were some really good ones that you guys didn’t mention..?

    Oh! Block B’s Nillili Mambo… and Sistar’s Alone is pretty addictive. Secret’s Madonna (although it didn’t come out this year, I heard of it this year =P)

  64. You guys forgot about BoA! :O Yes, she is my bias, but I believe that she had such a great comeback this year with “Only One” and its choreography in the video, as well as the video itself. “The Shadow” was also a strong song with a nice music video with meaning. She is the Queen, yet she has not been given the spotlight yet on EYK. I want to at least see what you guys think of her and her works last year. -_-

  65. Ga In’s Bloom! I loved everything! From the song, to the very artistic and beautiful MV, and the mini-album. I barely listen to girl/solo artists, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I even showed my oldest brother(he listens to indie music and old rock and basically hates the stuff that I discovered on my own) and he loved it! He claims Ga In is the “only good kpop” and even went far as to get the whole mini album! I was really disappointed that she didn’t get reviewed… Top ten songs of the year for me! ^_^

  66. This was funny, especially the “you touch my parts baby…” Lol!.. Anyway, i was dissapointed that T-ara wasnt reviewed because people can’t move on about the controversy, and i thought it was a great Drama MV too.. But there were many girl groups that released awesome songs also rookies that had to chance on the kpop charts because many fangirls are biased on here! I hope there is a solution to this, and i know you guys wanted girl groups too, lol! Well i list the top 10 videos that werent reviewed that were my favorite of 2012 ang my TOP favorite rookies and impressive groups that made great debuts/comebacks of 2012.

    Top 10 Songs:
    •Day by Day & Sexy Love- T-ara ( Both were great songs, lyrics, and awesome Drama MV whch were 2 parts.. And the sexy love robot dance was great!)
    •Dancing Queen- Crayon pop (awesome dance, outifts, and song)
    •Posion- Secret (i loved the song and the MV, great comeback)
    •Pandora- KARA (i loved everything, KARA was awesome, & this was close to being reviewed)
    •STYLE- RaNia (I loved the song, one of my favorites this year)
    •Heaven- Ailee (was a good song and the MV was great, it told a good story)
    •Lipstick- Orange Caramel (it was funny, good dance and and song to dance and sing to)
    •Get Out- AOA (i like the mv and how they played instruments, they showed a variety of talents they had! They are like a female F.T Island)
    •We Are A Bit Different- EvoL (It was a awesome comeback, one of my favorites this year!)

    TOP 10 Artist/Groups of 2012:
    -T-ara (they had great comebacks this year also because their Drama Music Videos which i love like Lovey Dovey, Day By Day & Sexy Love.)
    -EXID (their debut and comebacks were ALL great, really love this group)
    -AOA (Elvis and Get Out were both great, and one of the best rookies of the 2012)
    -TVXQ (all their comebacks impressed me and i loved them all, i especially love Catch Me)
    -Block B (Nillili Mambo was the best from them!)
    -KARA (i loved their comeback Pandora, i cant wait for their next comeback)
    -Hello Venus (one of the BEST rookies of 2012, and they’re awesome, of course, they’re from Pledis <3)
    -Spica (another rookie group that impressed me. Well their members are experienced, so not technically rookies)
    -Ailee (great rookie with an unbelievable voice, impressed me on Immortal Songs 2, i fell in love with her <3)
    -Dal Shabet (love their Funky-Electropop Concepts)

    Well these are my opinions!!!

  67. did I mention akdong musician’s “don’t cross your legs” and “you’re attractive” were also great :D

  68. Hi!! It’s my first time posting a comment here but I’ve been an avid fan of Eat Your Kimchi since I don’t know. I just couldn’t help but post one because I like the topic so much that I want to tell my fave songs from 2012. It’s a challenge since I’m a YG Stan.

    I love all YG produced albums/songs last 2012. Lee Hi’s 1,2,3,4. Fell in love with it the first time I played the song. I was surprised at how good Lee Hi’s voice was. 2NE1′s I Love You is still addicting to me. The instrumental ver. of it is phenomenal Teddy and Lydia Paek did a great job. The band ver. of I Love You from their concert is even better. They also performed it in SBS Gayo Daejun (Is it okay to mention this?) so I fell in love with more. I loved all songs Big Bang released this year but I kinda got tired of Monster after listening to it repeatedly and all of its versions, from instrumental to Japanese, so I skipped it in my MP3 player (not delete..yet). Psy’s album was great but aside from Gangnam Style, I only liked the song featuring LeeSsang. GD’s album was just plain great. My most fave is Light It Up and the least is Today. I loved every single song in Epik High’s 99 album esp. 비켜 (Move or Go Away?).The last two songs from the album felt like it is full of hope, I don’t know it sounds refreshing specially coming from them. They don’t sound like they are sulking/moping anymore compared to other albums.

    Non-YG songs/albums that I liked:
    Ailee’s album specially Heaven
    Block B’s Blockbuster album specially Mental Breaker and Movie’s Over (Zico is the next GD for me)
    Beast/B2st/Batoost’s Midnight Sun and Beautiful Night
    Na-Ul’s album Principle Of My Soul-sounds like I am in a cafe enjoying my coffee
    EXO-K’s album I like all the songs
    Shinee’s Sherlock can’t remember any song from their album aside Sherlock
    FTIsland’s I wish specially with their Gayo Daejun performances
    BAP’s Stop it (I hated it at first but it grew on me)

    Teen Top’s songs because I love Niel’s voice I find it sexy

    I think that’s it.Anyway the post already long and I apologize. It’s my first post so I’m talkative. Oh Martina, I do agree with you that Shinee’s performances at Gayo Daejuns were all phenomenal. My favorite one was from KBS then MBC (It’s okay right?To mention them?No one kill me or anything?), SBS was the least. For Big Bang, I think they brought the house down at SBS (their’s the best for me) but they lacked at MBC because they performed the songs as is without tweaking it a bit but still the energy was fine specially at the last part. BTW, love Lee Hi’s I Love You ver. Her voice fits in the song.

    Love you Simon and Martina for your insights on Kpop and the culture with a twist of your goofiness. I learned and laughed a lot! Excited to see your studio!

  69. I have to say, Sunny Hill (Grasshopper Song & Is The White Horse Coming), Ga-In (Bloom), B1A4 (Tried to Walk), and After School (Flashback) had some amazing songs this year. I was surprised by the no mention of Ga-In and Sunny Hill especially though. I agree with most of ya’lls choices though

  70. mmm… So many songs…My favorite song of the year would have to be ZE:A’s Pheonix. As soon as I heard it I instantly fell in LOVE! I never heard or knew this song until my friends showed me it! BEST SONG EVER!!

  71. the chaser by infinite was my favorite song!

  72. Mmm
    LEDapple Let The Wind Blow
    NU’EST Face
    BAP Warrior
    Block B Nilili Mambo (DEFINITELY my pick-me-up song)
    BigBang Fantastic baby

  73. Agree with Martina about Rookie, then with Simon about Stop It ARGGGHHH

  74. 1) EXO – history, what is love, into your world
    2) super junior – Spy
    3) DBSK – viva, I swear
    4) J-min – Stand up
    5) ailee – heaven
    6) Junsu – I turn around and around
    7) f(x) – Let’s try, beautiful stranger
    8) Se7en – When I can’t sing
    9) shinhwa – Hurts
    10) Kim jong kook – Men are all like that
    11) T-ara – Don’t leave, Day by day

  75. My favorites were:
    1) Tried to Walk B1A4
    The MV was so pretty and i just love songs that have a sort of eerie wind blowie sound in the background (kind of like super juniors it’s you)
    2) No Mercy BAP
    Perfect song to motivate me!
    3) Nillili Mambo Block B
    I was never really in to Block B, but the instant I watched the hilarious MV and listened to the crazy addicting beat, I coulsn’t get the song out of my head
    4)That XX G Dragon
    I basically listened to this song on repeat for weeks. It’s beautiful.
    5) Stop Girl U-Kiss
    Again with the wind blowie background song haha U-Kiss has a habit of putting out amazing songs every time they make a comeback.
    6) Alone Sistar
    I don’t listen to many girl groups, but this song is wonderful to listen to driving at night (random i know, but try it!)
    7) To You Teem Top
    Teen Top had many comeback this year, but the dance and MV to this song really won me over.
    8) Cherry Blossom Ending Busker Busker
    This song is so simple and beautiful, it really lets the vocals shine. Plus the MV is adorable ^^
    9) Please Don’t K. Will
    Along with having the mega plot twist of the year MV, this song brings me to tears whenever I hear it.
    10) Sexy Free and Single Super Junior
    This song is amazing to dance to, and I love how even though they are a huge group, each member gets to shine

  76. I know you guys aren’t reviewing Japanese songs anymore, but some of my favourite songs this year were Japanese, such as SNSD’s All My Love is For You and SHINee’s Dazzling Girl and 1000 Years.

  77. Oh, no bias? *hides B1A4′s album & photobook behind back*

    Actually my pick of the year is definitely Epik High’s “New Beautiful”. No question, no hesitation. It wasn’t one of their headliner songs, but it’s my favorite! The sound is danceable and empowering, and the lyrics are perfect~

  78. How about Sistar’s Loving U? I really hoped that video was reviewed for KMM ^_^

  79. I just watched the Miss A – Touch. Wow! I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it. The video and song was awesome. I really really loved the dance.


  81. I’m not sure if its the camera angle, or if some of the canvases aren’t straight. I was completely distracted in one of your other videos as well. I just want to come and straighten the pictures XD hahaha
    I tried to make a list of my Top 10, but couldn’t do it. I got to a playlist of about 50 songs XD and still felt bad for missing some songs/artists.
    In reading through the comments, I’m glad to see that almost all of my favourites have been included by one Nasty or another. But there is one song in particular that I haven’t seen mentioned yet and that’s Verbal Jint’s ‘You deserve better’ featuring Sanchez (from Phantom)! http://youtu.be/0Wns2mn0kcQ I love this song soo much!
    oh and B2ST’s Not me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGjt9WVF2xU
    T-ara’s Lovey Dovey… anyone?
    Otherwise I love everyone’s favourites of the year and there are a few songs that I’m going to look up! I hope 2013 is just as good!

  82. I really loved D-Unit Luv me song.

  83. My favorite songs/songs that I play over and over again this year include:
    Infinite’s The Chaser – this might be my favorite song of the year
    4 Minute’s Volume Up – I absolutely love the sax in it, even though I know that wasn’t your favorite part of the song.
    Son Dam Bi’s Dripping Tears – I don’t even know why I like this song so much but I can’t stop listening to it
    BtoB’s Wow – so freaking fun an catchy!
    And I really like Exo-K’s whole mini album. It’s actually one of my most listened to kpop albums. (this coming from someone who voted for BAP as rookie of the year)

  84. Junsu – “No Gain”, “Fever” & “Tarantallegra”
    Ailee – “Heaven”
    Sistar – “Alone”
    MBLAQ – “Scribble”
    SPICA – “Russian Roulette”
    Two X – “Ring Marks”
    Secret – “Poison”
    Block B – “Nillili Mambo”
    B2ST – “Beautiful Night”

    There are more, but this list will be too long…

    Ahhhhhhhh, it had me singing it for about a month and a half. ;A;

  86. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yektYTjixnE

    Decided to show my favorite kpop songs in video form..

  87. Probably I forgot a lot of but songs that BLEW MY MIND this year would be crayon-GD this song was love at first site every time I listen this song my volume button goes UP and I go cra(yon)zy!! and 1234-LeeHI, normally when I really like a song I only listen that song a thousand times and I get ‘tired’ of it (because I heard it too much, but this song… it stays addictive a last one Nilili mambo- BlockB…DAEBAK!

  88. My favorite song is from a rookie that never made it to the top 10 in the Kpop Charts. But when I heard their song and their dance version (not their music video) I instantly fell in love with the song that I kept playing it over and over for two weeksXD And its Far Away…Young Love by C-Clown :)

  89. According to my iTunes, the song I listened the most with a number of 539 is Missing You Like Crazy from SNSD’s Taeyeon. I just really like her smooth and strong voice, as well as I admire how she is able to put so much emotions in a song. Blue from Bigbang, Twinkle from TTS, Catch Me from TVXQ and Tarantallegra from Junsu were really daebak to me for 2012! :) (I am being sincere here, not biased) :D <3

  90. My favorite songs this year were Big Bang’s Blue, Bad Boy, Monster and Fantastic Baby, Shinee’s Sherlock + note, 2NE1′s I’m the best and I love you, Dalmatian’s ER and Hurt me, GDragon’s Crayon, Super Junior’s Spy and Rockstar, Mblaq’s Run but the album that blew me away and still can’t stop listening is Xia Junsu’s Tarantallegra. OMG that is an AWESOME album from start to finish! First time I saw Tarantallegra’s video I stayed there watching completely in awe cuz Junsu’s dancing was out of this world!! I said, “Who the hell is this guy?!!” I became a JYJ fan because Tarantallegra! :D

  91. Can we choose Japanese songs by Korean artist? If yes, I would definitely pick a song “Give Me Your Heart” by Park Jung Min ;) This song is just too amazing!

  92. My 10 favorite songs would probably be:

    1) Face-Nu’est


    3)Nillili Mambo-Block B

    4) Nanlina- Block B

    5) The Chaser-Infinite

    6) 60 Seconds-Sunggyu




    10)She’s My Girl-FIX(Holy crap this song is so beautiful)

    These songs get stuck in my head every time I listen to them^^

  93. You know, if you don’t find a technical way of equalizing the votes, why not just dedicate one Music Monday every quarter or so in which you pick out a song/MV you’ve been really wanting to talk about or believe got buried by the local EYK fan favorites? I mean, general consensus is all well and good, but a touch of KINGLY POWER has its place now and then! Ho ho! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

  94. My favorite would be Xia “Tarantallegra”, because it has a different beat to it!

  95. LOVE that you guise did this!!! Many of your favourites made it to our K-pop Awards ^^. http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2012/12/k-pop-awards-best-of-2012.html

    I totally agree with you about listening to the songs sans head phones. I am totally in love with GD’s album. My fave from the album might be “Light it Up” – ah, I just love it!!! I also really loved Hot Potato’s “Pillow” which I became aware of because of your awesomeness!!! Thanks for all you do to spread the Korean and K-pop love!

  96. Well as others have mentioned, 2012 is my first real dive into the world of K-Pop. So because of this, my favorites are the songs that have helped me keep a growing interest in the genre.

    Lipstick by Orange Caramel – I want to say that this is the song that got me into K-pop in the first place. Yes, I knew of Psy’s Gangnam Style before but I just thought it was more of a blip on the viral radar. I remember first seeing the video on one of the Major League Gaming Starcraft 2 tournament streams and I kept wondering “Who are these girls? Why are they singing about lipstick? and Why the hell are they playing ping-pong?” The song really grew on me and the video is just a great mix of cute, quirky, and just plain full of fun. Oh my, when I found out that OC was a sub unit of Afterschool, holy crap…. but more on that later.

  97. Ely May

    My 10 favorite songs of the year (without being biased) are:
    - Volume Up ~ 4minute
    - Ticket ~ Nine Muses
    - Bad Boy ~ 100%
    - It’s cold ~ Epik High
    - Crayon ~ G-Dragon
    - Monster ~ Bigbang
    - The Chaser ~ Infinite
    - Punishment ~ Roh Ji Hoon
    - 60 sec. ~ Kim Sungkyu
    - Alone ~ Sistar

  98. ooooh… favourites… well, here are some of my personal faves.

    Tarantallegra by Xia
    Blue and Fantastic Baby by Big Bang (basically, the whole Still Alive album was gold)
    Sherlock by Shinee
    The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill
    I Love You by 2NE1
    One of a Kind and That XX by G-Dragon
    Twinkle by TaeTiSeo
    Poison by Secret (yeah, I know the dancing is kind of gross, but I love the song)
    Roulette, Painkiller, and Lonely by SPICA, one of the most underrated girl groups EVER

    Everything TVXQ did this year, I loved. The song Catch Me was just okay, but the album it was part of was INCREDIBLE. I love almost every song on it. My favourites are Viva, Getaway, How Are You, Gorgeous, I Swear, and Humanoids! I loved their Japanese stuff this year too. I am so proud of those two. *_*

  99. I was really impressed by Infinite’s “The Chaser.” I’d never really paid a lot of attention to them, but that song is easily in my top three songs of the year. It’s probably only bested by Younha’s “Supersonic.” (That album was definitely my favorite of the year.) Top ten would probably be in this order:

    1. Supersonic – Younha
    2. The Chaser – Infinite
    3. Stop Girl – U-Kiss
    4. Face – Nu’est
    5. E.R. – Dalmatian
    6. Wow – BTOB
    7. Catch Me – DBSK
    8. Burning – Phantom
    9. Talk That/Poison – Secret
    10. The Reason/Sherlock – SHINee

    But there were so many awesome releases this year.

  100. AHAHAHA. I respect those who can come up with Top 10s, ’cause I’ll probably end up ripping my list in half. But I can do with alphabetical order for favourite releases in 2012, chosen for the fact that I can listen to them on repeat for a dozen times and not get bored xP

    Ailee – Evening Sky/Heaven (It’s a tie for me)
    B.A.P – It’s All Lies (Their ballads pack as much punch as some of their singles)
    Busker Busker – First Love
    EvoL – We Are A Bit Different (Especially love the chorus; spray paint trend in MV though)
    Excite – Try Again
    EXO – Angel (Personally feels like a crowd-pleaser in general)
    GaIn – Bloom (There’s this and there’s HyunA, but Ice Cream’s not on the list)
    Lee Hi – 1,2,3,4 (How would you describe the style of this song? It’s refreshing :P)
    MBLAQ – Love is Coming a.k.a Beautiful (Truly beautiful; a genius’ creation)
    Phantom – Hole In Your Face (I cheated. Single was released in 2011, but the album wasn’t released until 2012; simply love the song too much though)
    Seo In Guk – Time Machine
    SHINee – Honesty (SME has a crowd-pleaser in every album)
    SiSTAR – Alone
    Song JiEun – It’s Cold (From the “Take Care of us Captain” OST; a ballad that turns into a power ballad)
    UKiss – Stop Girl (Stop-t-t-top this song, it’s too catchy!)
    Yang Yoseob – Caffeine

    Yah, it’s practically all Idol groups (some maybe more popular than others, but still…) If it’s a song that’s not from an Idol group, it’ll probably be Acoustic Collabo’s 사랑이 멀어져가 (Receding Love) and Neon Bunny’s Oh! My Prince. It’s a fairly long list, but when you can’t be biased and it’s been a good year in KPop, it’s hard to make a selective decision xP Hope 2013 will make my decision even harder!

  101. Ohh, favorite songs~
    In no particular order, rather thinking about how many times I put them on repeat:

    Gangnam Style – PSY

    Sherlock – SHINee

    Nanlina, LOL, Did You Do It Or Not, Action, Nillili Mambo – Block B

    MAMA – EXO

    Warrior, Unbreakable, Power, No Mercy, What the Hell – BAP

    The Grasshopper Song – Sunny Hill

    Like This – Wonder Girls

    You’re the One – JYP

    Let’s Try – f(x)

    Sexy Free and Single, Rockstar, Spy – SuJu

    Torn Heart – Ivy

    Face, Action – NU’EST

    I Love You – 2NE1

    Uncommitted – Junsu

    WOW – BtoB

    See Through – Primary

    Touch (regular and Newport mix), I Don’t Need a Man – Miss A

    The Shadow – BoA

  102. The first that comes to my mind is Big Bang’s Fantastic baby.
    I’m not such a BB fan especially since I’m a little fed up with everyone speaking how amesome they are and I don’t exactly like their style,sometimes I find it kinda forced just so it could be weird and strange (same like Shinee’s clothing BTW :D). But this song… this song… It totally blew me away. I was so addicted to it the first month I couldn’t stop singing it and got frustrated because no one else understood why I was all: Wow, Fantastic baby or Moma, I wanna be your lover or Nanananananana… Grah, it was so good! And I trolled every person I know with it ^^^
    Shinee – Sherlock.
    Yeah, I can’t be 100% sure I’m not just a little biased since I am a shawol, but I really respect everything that Shinee does so far. I completely agree with you guys that this is probably the best live singing-performing group out there. They are just so very incredibly talented, every single one of them. Sherlock was a great comeback song, the dance was just amazing, the beat was new, the whole sounding was gorgeous. I loved it!
    TTS – Twinkle
    I’m slowly starting to see why GG are so popular. I’m not a fan of their songs really but lately they had done some great stuff. Starting with Twinkle which is an amazing song, I especially love the vocals in it. Now I got a boy rocks too! I hope they will continue in this direction.
    Super Junior – Spy
    I watched the live versions first and don’t really care for the MV; but I really wanted it to be review for the Music Monday because it’s such a great song. When I listened to it the first time I kept my mouth open all the time, I was shoked, stunned. And it didn’t close for several minutes after the song had ended. I’m so impresed with it, it’s reaaaly catchy and the dancing is creative and beat is amazing and… WOW! It’s deffientely one of my favorite Suju’s song and definetely one of my favorite songs at all! I love it!
    These are the songs I will remember 2012 with. I definetely forgot something but oh well…

  103. No order :

    The XX – G Dragon (awesome)
    Mama – Gangkiz (love the whistle part, like the video, love the dance)
    Lips – Miss A (no video but such a great song)
    Fantastic Baby – BigBang (wow, fantastic baby, dance, woohoo, boom shakalaka…)
    I Wish – FT Island (can’t get enough of that song, video is great, but he should lose the tiara)
    Have, Don’t Have – Dal Shabet (song is just so great)
    Bloom – GaIn (the sexy video, but so freaking long intro, the song is just awesome)
    Lovey Dovey – T-ara (love the song, totally love the zombie version)
    Hey You – CNBlue (video not so much, song is stuck in my head)
    Like This – Wonder Girls (love the dance, so simple yet so cool)

    Welcome 2013! I’m excited to see (and hear) what’s in store for us this year!

  104. awww, I love you Simon&Martina! Eversince my friend showed me your videos, i instantly fell in love with you guise! I can’t imagine my YouTube days without youuu.. Thank you so much for all your witty and interesting videos that never fail to make me laugh. HAPPY NEW YEAR to the both of you and I reallly wish one day, I will be able to find a partner and we can be as loving as you two :D *hugsandkisses*

    my favourite song of the year, not having ANY bias, was in fact BigBang’s FANTASTIC BABY!! Played that 600++ times O.O!

  105. No Mercy, What Is Love, Oh My God and Don’t Hate me!!!!!!

  106. best song was led apple’s time’s up underrated but amazing song

  107. First of all, the songs I can’t get out of my head:

    * Sistar – Alone
    * John Park – Falling
    * BoA – Only One
    * Wonder Girls – Girlfriend
    * miss A – Touch

    You made me think for over 3h about the songs~ which turned out in huge playlist.. I just couldn’t choose only few~ Your job is tough.

  108. Favorite songs…. Nilililili mambo mambo XD, GD’s new album, and Boyfriend’s Janus. Thank you Simon and Martina for another year of dedication to your fans and your helpful and hilarious videos. Watching kpop music mondays has helped me find so many more kpop bands to love :3

  109. It’s really hard to choose… So many amazing songs came out 2012 that i still listen to…
    Carry on & Vampire – ALI (she’s a wonderful singer)
    Only One – BoA
    It’s Cold – Epik High feat Lee Hi
    Supersonic & Run – Younha
    Alone – Sistar
    Venus & On the Road – Shinhwa
    Catch me – TVXQ!
    Uncommitted & Tarantallegra – Junsu
    Blue – BIGBANG
    Volume Up – 4minute
    Stand Up – J-Min
    Sherlock – SHINee

  110. Haha I’m glad you brought that up about learning body parts through songs, I actually used Sexy Love and GD’s CrayOn to remember body parts for my Korean vocab!

  111. The list you’ve made has almost every of my favorite song of the year.
    There’s one missing though : I love whistle in song (I totally loved Troublemaker, the whistle part is my cellphone ringtone) so Mama from Gangkiz is one of my favorite song of 2012. The drama mv is good, not awesome, but I like it. And I really like the dance (in the dance mv) with the hand moves for the whistle part. in fact, I like all the hand gestures they do.

  112. Finally someone who loves Orange Caramel as much as I do! Unfortunately, this group is so underrated! Every time they have a new song, I vote for them on your kpop charts like crazy, but they never make it T__T
    one day….one day…*sigh*

  113. Funny you guise mentioned T-ara’s “Sexy Love” and Wonder Girls’ “Like This” right off the bat. Those were my two most recent downloads. I liked “Like This” so much I wrote my own review about it on my blog a couple weeks ago. http://dtglobal.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/quetzalcoatl-would-like-this/
    So good! I also really liked f(x)’s “Electric Shock” and T-ara’s “Lovey-Dovey” this year. Keep up the good work Simon and Martina! You guise are my number one source for new Kpop.

  114. batoost’s “i knew it” they had a teaser and thats as far as it got, and some out even now i love playing it on my ipod

  115. Ah you guys are such electronica junkies :p

    Here’s my favourite Korean songs of the year (in PLAYLIST MODE!!): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmhZeTp2c040YWe4bS9ihShlLlwihI8ns&feature=mh_lolz

    Random thoughts I had while watching this:
    - You’re eating my macadamia nuts!!! :D
    - Martina’s talk about OC was prematurely cut off D: Like….like what? Like this yo? (Nine Muses too T_T)
    - I apologise for not nominating Nine Muses or Dal Shabet for anything. Nine Muses was originally nominated for Best Dance, and Dal Shabet for Most Bizarre, but yea, they got removed in favour of more outstanding videos.
    - It’s kinda sad, but while I watched this I kept thinking about the hate comments that could result from this…. =_= It’s sad how people nitpick everything you say these days.
    - I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Simon’s favourite GD song was Without You? It’s full of autotune but the girl was great. And I don’t expect you to love Light It Up as much as I did – hip-hop ain’t really your thing huh?

    You’re still trying to convince people to stop being biased? Wow. I admire you. Keep it up yo!!

  116. I just became a kpop fan at the end of last year, so I might get mixed up and mention some songs that came out earlier than this year haha. Forgive me, I’m a newbie! While SHINee has blown my mind and become my favorites as a result of their SHEAR TALENT (they are head and shoulders above most other kpop groups – and I say this as someone who tends to prefer female groups), I’ll try to be unbiased haha. Obviously, I loved Sherlock and all of it’s various remixes, but here are some other songs songs that really stuck out to me as amazing…

    Nell’s The Day Before and White Night (not sure when the second one came out but I love it). Brilliant and beautiful. Reminds me of some of my favorite Western groups and singers.

    Wonder Girls’ Like Money (I’ve listened to that song far too many times) and also I think Nobody can count since I’m pretty sure they released the Japanese version this year. :) I actually didn’t like the song Like This all that much. Though Wonder Girls in one of my top five favorite Kpop groups, Like This was just kind of blah for me. The Wonder Party album has a couple of songs I think would have made better singles than Like This. R.E.A.L. could have had a really cute music video. I’m Sorry is a good song too, these girls have terrific voices and lots of charm.

    Sunny Hill’s The Grasshopper Song. Not much to say, just catchy and clever.

    EXO-K’s entire album was flawless – I bought it because every single one of the songs they released this year were just some of my favorite kpop songs period. Martina, you’re my girl, but I’m with Simon on this one – EXO trumps BAP. Although, in my humble opinion, Nu’est were the best rookie group this year. Still, I want to put pretty much every EXO-K song on this list. What is Love is one of my VERY, VERY favorite kpop songs, Mama is actually a really good song for getting others into kpop (and the dancing in the video is great), History is so much fun to awkwardly dance around the house to, Machine could have easily been a single, and Two Moons is addictive.

    Nu’est’s Face. Great song, really raw depiction of school violence, and Aron’s English rap at the end is really terrific and charming. It seems that even in North America, where I am currently living, depictions of high school often seem to be created with rose-colored glasses. Face is one of the first times since I was in high school that I’ve seen a depiction that really took me back to my actual experiences in public high school. I know that everyone’s high school is different, I went to a fairly rough school, but I really related to the depiction of high school shown in Face.

    Yoseob Yang’s Caffeine. Beautiful, beautiful song. I find the bad English kind of endearing.

    SNSD’s The Boys actually came out at the end of last year, but it’s the reason I got into Kpop so I’m just going to slap that on the list too.

    I agree with you on Orange Caramel’s Lipstick. Great song, adorable and clever video.

    T-ara’s Day by Day is a beautiful song, it’s really too bad it got overshadowed by that scandal for many fans. :(

    2ne1′s I Love You is just gorgeous. The video is beautiful too. Very soothing and relatable song.

    GDragon’s One of a Kind. One of the best rap songs of the year. Maybe tied with EXO’s Two Moons for first. :)

  117. I loved Tarentallegra by Xiah, it was really out of the box and the video was awesome. Another one of my favorite songs is Monster by big Bang. I totally love the music video and the song is just beautiful. Catch me by TVXQ. I dont even know how many times I listened to it, lost count. FT Island’s i wish, awesome song with Spanish guitars. Lastly, Exo’s Mama. Just adore that song. Don’t even know the names of the members yet, but that’s one of the best songs of last year for me.

    Oh i forgot to add infinite’s only tears, im addicted to that song. Nuest, not over you.

  118. I think my favorite song of the year is B1A4s Tried to walk, because of that song I’m now a bana so ^^ I listen to it once and I was hooked, listen to it at least once everyday :3

  119. My faves this year were

    Big Bang: Blue (!!!) & Fantastic Baby

    Junsu: Tarantallegra (particularly loved the rap by Aziatix’ Flowsik! I want a JYJ/Aziatix collab SO badly!)

    SHINee – Sherlock (Clue/Note)

    BOA – Only One

    PSY – Gangnam Style (because its phenom status doesn’t detract from its original awesomeness.)


    EXO’s Mama grew on me the more I heard it, but I think that was mostly because it reminded me so much – in essence and feel – of TVXQ’s Triangle.

  120. Im an ELF but i think my favorite-favorite song of 2012 was Fantastica Baby oh and Tasty´s You Know Me

  121. sunnyhill-> grasshopper song
    fiestar and iu -> moonlight sea
    chaos-> kiss kiss
    b1a4-> tried to walk
    ga in-> bloom
    son dam bi-> tears are falling
    glam-> party
    ulala session-> beautiful night
    boa-> the shadow

  122. I would definitley say Gains Bloom was one of the best songs this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. i dont usually like rap songs that much, but i LOVED crayon :D it just sounds soooo good and cool :) i also loved caffeine and t-ara’s day by day

  124. Okay, I have to admit I have a pretty heavy SM bias, and SHINee is just my favorite thing ever. Its unhealthy.
    Top songs of the year
    Stranger by SHINee, I was originally released in Japanese, but I like it even more than Sherlock, and I have the Sherlock album, and my favorites are Stranger, and the Note part of Sherlock. Soooo good.
    The Chaser by Infinite, I honestly haven’t listened to anything else by Infinite, but I really should because the Chaser just swept everything away and is my FAVORITE KPOP SONG OF ALL TIME! I love it so freaking much I can’t even explain.
    Fantastic Baby by Bigbang, hot damn this song makes me want to dance. I also have to loveit because I talked my cheer coach into putting it into our state competition music. She did, and we won ^_^ BOOMSHAKALAKA!
    Nillili Mambo by Block B. this song is my song for getting pumped. So much swag.
    Heaven by Ailee. So beautiful, makes me cry.
    Dazzling girl by SHINee, yeah…it’s actually Japanese, but I love it.
    MAMA by Exo. I was so against being an exo fan at first, I don’t know why. But that song is not going out of my head anytime soon.
    Lipstick by Orange Caramel, oh god it’s so cute! Too much adorableness! Too many feels! Song makes me want to act aegyo for the rest of the day,
    I wish by FTISLAND. First FTIsland song I heard, and I’m so freaking in love with it. But all my friends keep thinking they’re saying “con queso” and given the Spanish vibe, it kinda fits.

    Also, can anyonegive me the link to SHINee’s New Years performance? I’d really like to see it! Thanks! ^_^

  125. My top songs this year were
    U-KISS -Stop Girl it really is addicting
    EXID-I Feel Good
    EPIK HIGH-Kill this Love
    SISTAR-Loving U
    BLOCK B-Mental Breaker
    Urban Zakapa-All the Same

  126. 1)BtoB’s Wow was ingrained in my being since the first listen and boy did I listen to that on repeat for a long time.

    2) Probably Hot Potatoe’s Pillow is also one of my favorites. IT’S SO GOOD, and it was a big step out of what I usually listen to.

  127. BtoB’s WOW is sooo addicting.

  128. It’s so hard to choose my favorite song of the year, mainly because i usually don’t remember when songs were release. But i think that will be (in no particular order) :
    Led Apple – Let the wind blow
    Beast : Midnight
    T-ara : Day by day
    Secret : Talk that
    K.will : please don’t (but more for the video than the song, wich is great but not my favorite)
    BTOB : father and WOW
    100% : all of their song were AMAZING ( i loved Bad boy, can’t hear this song without dancing on it. and a guy like me was just <3)

    Tablo : Bad (i know it had been release in 2011, but i heard it in 2012 so it count. Plus it's one of my favourite song ever)

    Actually this year i was more impress by male group than female. But i was still disappointed that girl artist didn't won any EYK award. I mean like Aillee or juniel released awesome song and have beautiful voice. Same for Secret that i really love and non of their video have made it to the first place ( so sad (°^°)). Anyway thank you for sharing your opinion. It would be fun if you do that more often

  129. I am seriously addicted to SM songs… I actually think it’s the perfect composition and polished mixing more than the idols… SM can take my cleaning lady and make a winning song with her voice… Tho they do train and sculpt their talents into perfection. In this key my latest fetish is SM the Performance: SPECTRUM – Taemin’s voice goes smoothly into this totally bouncy and flowy retro electronica track….

    I actually loved all the songs off the SHINee SHERLOCK Minialbum…Esp the title, it’s two components (CLUE+NOTE), sweet feel-good rnb song ALARM CLOCK and one of the best ballads of the year THE REASON. Another ballad I replay frequently is Onew’s sweet IN YOUR EYES from the For You In Full Blossom OST. Hey, it ain’t bias if it’s objective!

    Among other epic ballads that got me epically snotty and teary this year were Naul’s MEMORY OF THE WIND.

    Of the rookie groups I liked BAP’s each and every song, but the best were the epic the-world-is-ending violins at the climax of WARRIOR… EXO’s mamamamamaMACHINE also made my faves list. I LOST MY MIND was great too but not better than its glorious rnb older sibling Before You Go by TVXQ (yes, SM make the most addictive songs but they are primarily out to make profit… so they recycle beats… a lot… SM fans don’t deny it).. Then there was VIXX SUPERHERO.. how good does a line like “I feel I feel fantastique” make a person feel? Super good! I’d even say fantastique!..

    Through ALONE I fell in love with Sistar and Hyorin’s Mariah Carrey-level vocal and Pussycat Dolls-level dance skills.

    I found it impossible to sit still while Orange Caramel’s LIPSTICK, and U-kiss’s DORADORA would play… addictive easy choreos FTW! STOP GIRL was another dance favorite, as were most of the songs off 2PM Wooyoung’s solo minialbum.

    Special props for the mature mature Block B album – doesn’t even sound like it was made by a company that sells idols – more like the concerted effort of a very talented underground group.

    I bounced to GD’s ONE OF A KIND, and soared on WINGS off the Big Bang album… Now anticipating Taeyang’s solo comeback!!

    Oh and this year was rich in morning “getting ready” songs. Somebody plays Sexy Free and Single, for me TIME’S UP by Led Apple, and RUN by Mblaq are vastly more appropriate. I did have a few faves off the new SuJu album. Particularly GULLIVER and PAPILLON. The first for the beat, the second for the catchiness.

    Ah yes, 2012 was the year Junsu seduced an operetta orchestra and birthed such new classics as TARANTALLEGRA and FEVER..

    Ok this is only an approximate list, I feel like I also forgot a lot, esp from the beginning of the year..

  130. It’s so hard to choose my favorite song of the year, mainly because i usually don’t remember when songs were release. But i think that will be (in no particular order) :
    Led Apple – Let the wind blow
    Beast : Midnight
    T-ara : Day by day
    Secret : Talk that
    K.will : please don’t (but more for the video than the song, wich is great but not my favorite)
    BTOB : father and WOW
    100% : all of their song were AMAZING ( i loved Bad boy, can’t hear this song without dancing on it. and a guy like me was just <3)

    Tablo : Bad (i know it had been release in 2011, but i heard it in 2012 so it count. Plus it's one of my favourite song ever)

    Actually this year i was more impress by male group than female. But i was still disappointed that girl artist didn't won any EYK award. I mean like Aillee or juniel released awesome song and have beautiful voice. Same for Secret that i really love and non of their video have made it to the first place ( so sad (°^°)). Anyway thank you for sharing your opinion. It would be fun if you do that more often

  131. My favorite song, based on amount of plays, was Sexy, Free and Single. I listened to that song a RIDICULOUS amount of times.

    Though I do have to admit to singing “One Way Ticket” anytime I was traveling or was doing something related to tickets. Mainly at the airport this summer.

  132. Some of my faves of 2012 in no real order:

    1. Fat Cat – Is being pretty everything

    2. Wonder Girls – Like this
    3. BOA – Only One
    4. Ailee – Heaven
    5. Akdong Musician – Don’t Cross Your Legs
    6. JYP – Your the One
    7. Jay Park – Know your Name
    8. Busker Busker – First Love

  133. GD: Missing you/ light it up
    TVXQ: Catch me (I didnt like at first when I saw the vid but Im too into it now)
    C-Clown: Far away … young love ( I never heard about this group before just a few months ago )
    Lunafly: How nice would it be (just now I find out that this is the title of the song , I used to listen to this song without bothering my self and search for the title)

  134. I really like C-Clown’s Far Away Young Love.

  135. Simon never actually said in the video which of the songs on the G-Dragon album he liked. XD; Now I’m curious!

  136. My Favourite songs this year that really made an impact/stuck on me based on sound/lyrics etc.:

    Exo’s ‘What is Love’
    B.A.P’s ‘Power’ & ‘No Mercy’
    Nell’s ‘The Day Before’ + entire cd tracklist of Slip Away+ white Night & Holding Onto Gravity ( I turned into a huge Nell fan this year)
    Ga In’s ‘Bloom’
    G-Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind’ & ‘That XX’
    Xia Junsu’s ‘Uncommited’
    B1A4′s ‘Tried To Walk’
    Boyfriend’s ‘Janus’ & ‘Love Style’
    Ailee’s ‘Heaven’
    2AM’s ‘I wonder if you hurt like me’
    Jo Kwon’s ‘Just A Kiss’
    Big Bang’s ‘Bad Boy’
    INFINITE’s ‘The Chaser’
    Kim Sunggyu’s/Infinite “Only Tears’
    PHANTOM’s ‘Burning’
    TOXIC’s ‘LONELY’+Get Out+No More (They brought back my rock/sent me back to J-rock/ feels~ I really really want these boys to have more recognition, especially since they produce/pen their own stuff and formed before debuting, so they’re like authentically breaking the past K-pop trend)

    and others, too many, but these were my favs!

    • Someone who knows about Toxic! I really liked Lonely (and I was also into Jrock before Kpop ^_^). I haven’t found much about the group though. Would you mind telling me a bit about them? They’re a rookie duo, right?

  137. Mine is Epik High “Hate Me” and Nell “The Day Berfore” and “White Night”. I really really love Miss A’s Touch too, not very many people liked that one, but the beats to that song is CRAZY good!

    • Though I really like 2NE1′s I Love You, Sistar’s Alone, and Secret’s Talk That, my favorite song by a girl group this year is Miss A’s Touch.

  138. for me, my fave K song of the year – i discovered it thanks to EYK – has to be Nell – The Day Before…its such an amazing song and video and i find myself listening to it soooo many times…will def be on the lookout for more songs by Nell.

  139. I have to say that I really liked Luv Me by D-Unit and Bad Boy by 100%. They are both rookie groups that are kinda being pushed out by the sheer number of other groups coming out, but I think that both were very good songs. I listened to each of them once just to experiment and they ended up getting stuck in my head for extended amounts of time. Bad Boy also had a really impressive dance to it. Rock Your Body by VIXX was also a great song. I think a lot of rookie groups out this year are really in it to win it and are putting out GREAT stuff yet aren’t doing well because there are so many great groups.

  140. My top 12 Kpop Songs for 2012:
    (I did my best to be unbiased)

    1. Evan–Trying Not to Remember
    2. Junsu/Xia–Uncommitted
    3. missA–Touch
    4. Byul–Bad
    5. Boyfriend–Janus
    6. BTOB–WOW
    7. Bang Yong Guk (ft. Yoseob)–I Remember
    8. B.A.P.–Warrior
    9. Orange Caramel–Lipstick
    10. SHINee–The Reason
    11. F.T. Island–Severely
    12. Kim Sung Gyu–I Need You

  141. Epik high: Its Cold
    Tablo!! THE WHOLE ALBUM!! <3 <3 <3
    Such soulful songs…~~~

  142. I enjoyed BoA’s song Only One and its MV~

  143. Wings by Daesung lifts my spirit EVERY SINGLE TIME! Favorite track of the year :D

  144. Here are my faves of the year in no particular order:
    B1A4 – In The Air, Smile
    EXO-K – What Is Love
    Infinite – Feel So Bad, The Chaser
    Kim Sunggyu – 41 Days, Shine, (can I just add the song that Sunggyu sang on Immortal Song? I’ll Give You Everything /watch?v=XVXIht97hpY)
    Nell – Standing In The Rain, Beautiful Stranger, Cliff Parade, White Night
    Evol – We Are A Bit Different
    Block B – Mental Breaker
    Sistar – Loving U
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick, (Lizzy solo) Clara’s Dream
    Ga-In – Bloom
    F(x) – Jet
    Teen Top – Shake It!, To You, Be Ma Girl
    U-Kiss – DoraDora
    Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
    Miss A – Touch
    Super Junior – Now, Butterfly, SFS
    Do OSTs count also? Because if so then I have to add Sung Joon’s Wake Up from SU!FBB, Infinite’s She’s A Fantasy from WIM, and J-Min’s Stand Up from TTBY.
    That’s all that I can remember right now….

  145. THIS WERE MY TOP SONGS FOR 2012! :)
    I am confident that I could show this to my non kpop friends and they would love them too :D
    1. G-DRAGON – Missing You, Crayon [Missing You.. Wow that song really touched me... I have listened to it so many times! And still do.. every time I want to sit down and relax I can listen to this... creative song too.!]
    2. Miss A – Touch & I Don’t Need a Man [Miss A is definitely at the top of my list of fav girl kpop groups.. love their songs and dances.. very creative in my opinion..]
    3. Big Bang – Ain’t No Fun & Bad Boy [Favorite songs from the album! <3]
    4. 2NE1 – I Love You [This song is so good! I played it sooo many times that even my mom knows the chorus hahaha :D]
    5. Lee Hi – 1234 [Even though she's new I love her voice already... I think it's so soulful and I think she will make more amazing songs]
    6. K Will – Please Don't [I love this song so much.! His voice is amazing!]
    7. B.A.P – No Mercy [This song I play every time I want to start a day strongly]
    8. Ailee – I will Show You [I love her voice! <3]
    9. EXO K- What is Love [This song is definitely different and impressive]
    10. Shinee – Stranger [I loveeee the beat of this song]
    11. Gain – Bloom & [I ONLY WANTED TO DO TOP 10 BUT I COULDN'T JUST LEAVE OUT GAIN... :'<... LOL]

  146. YES! EXO-K “What is Love” is also one of my absolute favorites of 2012. And I’m not even EXO-biased. At first, I didn’t really like the background music because it sounded so repetitive, but Baekhyun and D.O.’s vocals more than make up for it. Then it quickly grew on me. LOVE IT! I also love EXID’s “Every Night”. I would have LOVED to see that reviewed as a KMM. The dancing and the plot were very interesting. All of Epik High’s videos as well.

  147. I’m a VIP/Blackjack, so aside from BIGBANG/2NE1/GD which would easily fill my top 10 (I absolutely loved their respective comebacks in 2012, most of the songs were just brilliant in my opinion), here are some of my favorite songs of the year, in no particular order :

    SISTAR – Alone/Loving U
    Miss A – Lips/Touch
    T-ara – Sexy Love (and all the album)
    Block B – Nillili Mambo (and all the album)
    K Will – Please don’t
    Infinite – The chaser
    100% – Bad Boy
    Nu’est – Face
    Lunafly – How nice would it be
    Junsu – Tarentallegra
    Ailee – Heaven
    Shinee – Sherlock
    Exo-K – MAMA (yes, I loved this song)
    BAP – Warrior/Power

    Already so many ?! Well, those songs and many many others ! It’s hard to choose ! ^___^

  148. What is Love was definitely my favorite, so much so I bought both the Korean and Chinese….and memorized the lyrics to both…I like the chorus more in Chinese, but the rest of the song in Korean…

  149. Thank you~~ I didn’t find out about EYK Awards until after voting ended (but I will be ready next time!). I was a little surprised Super Junior didn’t receive an award, but I know the ones who won probably deserved those EYK awards! I’m happy you guys mentioned Sexy, Free, and Single along with Spy as two of your favourite Kpop songs of 2012 =) Super Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Could there possibly be a “first monday Simon and Martina choose the video to review” thing? As an Alaskan, I don’t really hear about many groups other than those attached to big label companies or a big fan base and I believe that is influencing voting. Your chart updates help but I think some amazing songs didn’t get chosen just because big bang or g dragon released a song on the same week. Ya know? Also it is just really fun to watch you guys review videos that you honestly enjoy. ^_^

  151. I couldn’t give a list of top 10.. there were just too many good songs out there. So we (myself and my son) have a top 15, which actually surprised me a bit. These are songs I loved so much I was willing to buy them from itunes (which I personally hate that corp. they suck. Just sayin) so here it goes…

    15 – Humanoids – TVXQ.
    Ok ok yes it sounds like human noise, but it gets my whole house up and dancing. Great song, we forgive you guys for the one really big mispronunciation! We enjoyed Catch Me too, but this one’s dance-ability was just so much better.

    14 – Hey You – CNBlue.
    This just sounds like a happy song to me. (the video sucks. LOL it made me feel car sick.) but I love the song and the sort of crooning voice of the lead singer.

    13 – Electric Shock – f(x).
    I love this song. This was the first female song I really enjoyed. And I was very happy to see that they didn’t put a “sexpot” label on all the girls in the group. It was nice to see a group of girls that was more diverse. I find it so hard to take some of the popular girl groups serious because of their ‘sexy’ image. It might be that others have the same issues (not saying all) but it would explain partly why there are so many male groups that are voted into music monday. So much more punch in the songs so much more hard hitting video’s for the guys. (for the most part)

    12 – I Wish – FT Island
    wow belt that song out hunky one! Holy crow and a cracker, this song is awesome. We’d like to know why 50 ways to say goodbye (by Train) sounds SO much like this song. Its so close. From intro to ending. However.. this one is still way way better. So its on the list of favorites!

    11- 1,2,3,4 – Lee Hi
    Lee Hi really came through with her first solo song. While her presence in video’s needs a little work, her voice definitely doesn’t. This is one even my grumpy father enjoys. My son just came in and sang along with Lee Hi. LOL yep.. great when 3 generations of my family love it. ^_^

    10 – Wings – Daesung from BigBang.
    This song surprised me, I absolutely love Daesungs voice and how uplifting it is every time I hear it. I really think he has the best voice in BigBang and It seems from the live performances of BigBang that he performs well both in the studio and in person.

    9 – Tick Tock – U-KISS.
    We found this one recently because of EYK and we were blown away! It quickly became a must have song. And with the ‘world ending’ thing that we ‘survived’ in December, we played it a lot as a sort of a ha-ha. Again, once we heard it, it stuck in our heads. Definitely, one of our favorites.

    8 – How nice would it be – LunaFly (korean version)
    this is a band that sounds good no matter where they play. This song sounds just as good in person as it does on CD. Really absolutely beautiful song that makes me think of beautiful Spring days and lazy picnics with the people you love. Now that might not be what the lyrics talk about, I don’t speak Korean fluently yet so I couldn’t say. LOL! But that’s how it makes me feel :P

    7 – Nililili Mambo – Block B.
    The video won us over, but the song made us a lasting fan. The beat, the music (including the violins), the voices, really all of it really hit home to make this one bad ass song. lovee, love, love, LOVE this song!

    6 – Tried to Walk – B1A4.
    This is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL song. The video was beautiful too, but their voices and the flowing, pulsing music. Throw in that deep voice of the tall one (yes I don’t know any of their names.. that’s probably blaspheme) its such a contrast yet it fits perfectly. Our first fave from this group, looking forward to more songs from them.

    5 – Don’t Hate Me – Epik High.
    What can we say.. this one speaks out to the rebel in both of us. And rem inds me (Shay) of the really awesome music that came out in the 90′s in the States. My son (Orion) just loves the craziness and as he says, “The chorus is so cool”. Nuff said.

    4 – What the Hell – B.A.P.
    I’m not sure many people have heard this one, but the rap and the singing in this song by newbies B.A.P. Really meshes and became one of our favorites. I really think (and don’t beat me for this) I think this band really does have a chance of dethroning Big Bang as the best group. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE big bang (as you will see farther down the list) but they’ve put together an amazing group in B.A.P… now if they just give up on the aegyo, please gods don’t do aegyo again! Hard hitting rock is where you belong!

    3 – That XX – G Dragon.
    This song surprised me. G Dragon considers himself a rapper first and foremost but wow that soft raspy sound really makes this song perfect! I can listen to this song over and over and.. (coughs) I have. Lol

    2 – What is Love – EXO-K.
    Breathtaking crooning voices. Another epic group who could very well rival Big Bang in the near future. The video’s are all stunning but the actual music is beautiful as well. Great job EXO! Give us more!

    1 – Fantastic Baby – Big Bang.
    ok.. could there be a more epic song? This song is what started my love of Kpop.. hard hitting, bad ass sound, all about being a rebel and not just going with the flow. Damn the man! With this song (and video), I converted both my children AND my mom. So 3 generations are now hooked on Kpop all because of this song and video. Epic.. epic.. I mean.. just.. Fantastic Baby!

    I can’t wait to see what the new year brings us in the way of Kpop. Really I hope for more hard hitting, dulcet sounding, can’t help but sing a long songs. There were more songs and groups I really wanted to put on this list.. but I had to stop somewhere! Lol. Hope I didn’t bore ya’ll to death. Much love.

    • Woah, someone who actually mentioned What The Hell. tbh, I prefer What The Hell over Power.

      • They really should have made a video for What the Hell. Power was great, but there is just something about WTH. I’m glad I picked it up from itunes even if i do hate that company and how i can’t play the songs on my mp3 players, and can’t burn it to CD so i can play it on my ancient stereo system or in the car. >.< itunes oh how I hate thee

  152. BigBang Fantastic Baby, B.A.P Warrior and Voice Mail, Junsu Tarantallegra, pretty much everything from Shinee, especially Sherlock, The Reason and both of the Japanese songs, Phantom Burning, B1A4 Baby Good Night.. And yeah, a lot more… :D

  153. A video that stood out to me this year was, Exid’s Everynight! A super catchy song, plus the video has a surprising twist to it towards the end~ ;P

  154. Favorites (I’m not even going to try to put them in order or else I’ll obsess about it for waay too long):

    G-Dragon: One of a Kind, Missing You, Today, Light It Up
    Miss A: Over U, Lips
    SHINee: Sherlock (Everything was girl groups except for BB so I had to add them, guess I’m the exception of Nasties. haha)
    f(x): Electric Shock, Beautiful Stranger, Love Hate
    Epik High: It’s Cold, Get Out The Way
    Younha: Rock Like Stars, SuperSonic
    Bye Bye Badman: Low, She Don’t Know, Out of Here
    J-Min: Stand Up
    Big Bang: Ain’t No Fun, Around and Around, Love Dust, Fantastic Baby
    Daesung: Wings
    Lee Hi: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favorite Video: T-ara’s Day by Day (Drama Ver.) – although the Sexy Love continuation was a little disappointing

  155. KATHyphenTUN

    Hmm. my favorites….. that’s a really tough decision! Top three Completely unbiased I would probably choose:
    Girl Groups:
    Dal Shabet – Have Don’t Have
    2Ne1 – I love you
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    Boy Groups:
    UKISS – Stop Girl
    SHINee – Sherlock
    Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

    Overall, great job on the video! I love hearing your opinions on the songs you love!!

  156. Infinite chaser :) I really can’t stop listening to it still >< so glad it's getting reviewed Monday!! :D

  157. My favourite kpop songs of the year: u-kiss – believe, boa – only one, super junior – spy, miss a – i don’t need a man, u-kiss – stop girl, shinee – sherlock, shinwha – venus, g-dragon – crayon, t-ara – sexy love, j-min – stand up :D

  158. Yay! I love hearing your guises opinions on songs :D I agree about miss A, Touch was definitely a rawresome song.
    My personal favorite song of 2012 was Stay by Shinhwa. IT IS SOOO CATCHY, much better than Venus, imo…

  159. Ah yes, Exo’s ” What is Love?” made me revamp how I sing along with ballads, mostly because of YOU, Simon. I can’t listen to this song without singing “I LOOOOST MY PANTS”. An artist that made me take a double look is Xia Junsu. I got into kpop after the disbandment of TVXQ and wasn’t familiar with the members, but when I listened to his album, I must have missed ALOT then. Xiah’s Tarantallegra was a catchy song, but I preferred his ballads ESPECIALLY “Even though I already know”. I know you guys don’t like ballads, but I can just imagine how much you guys will tear that music video apart, especially that WTF scene at the end.

    Ahem, there you go, my two cents.

    BTW, Can’t wait to hear what Jaejoong has to offer this year.

    • @LissandBliss:disqus I also got into K-pop after the disbandment of TVXQ. Xia Junsu’s Tarantallegra was the first kpop song I had ever listened to. Afterwards, the more I learned about him the more I came to have a high respect for him. Not only as a artist but a human being also. I wish Xia and JYJ the best success in their lives.

  160. You could make two different kinds of K-Pop Music Mondays… One with girl groups and another one with boy groups. Good idea, huh? *need more kpop music mondays, uarghhh*

  161. Am i the only one who was surprised to not see any Big Bang songs on the list? I thought Martina would blow Simons opinions away….

    Anyways, i am a vip but i will try to put that aside and tell you guys my favorite songs.
    I really liked B.A.Ps songs (not the cutie ones. i refuse to think they are sung by B.A.P) and god i was already quite obsessed with Sistar before (even though i am a girl) but they blew me away with Alona, Loving You and Lead Me. I just can´t stop playing these songs!
    And I am so obessed with Yoseobs Caffeine. I just love his voice! And then we have Troublemakers Troublemaker. While i hated the video i LOVED the song. Like i still play it when i want to feel all cool and kinda sexy *blush*.
    Ah yeah and there is also MBLAQs This Is War. Still love it!
    And i also really like SJs SFS. At first i didn´t really like it but after listening to it for a few times it really grew on me. I also fell in Love with TVXQs Catch Me which i also didn´t like at first but actually started to grew on me. And right after i heard I Don´t Know it was clear i was in Love…….
    Ah yes we have Lee Hi with 1234 too. I still play this song often and still like it after listening to it nonestop. I also like Epik High featuring her in It´s Cold.
    Ah we are finally at YG so i am trying to be as unbiased as possible. First of 2ne1s I Love You. I LOVE IT!!!! I can´t get tired of it. Ok and for Big Bang i am trying my best to be unbiased. I still love Blue. I loved it the first time i heard it and i am still not tired of it, while i got a little tired of Fantastic Baby. I also still love Wings and Still Alive. I actually like all the songs they put in their albums but those stood out for me while i didn´t love the others as much. For GDs Solo i LOVE That XX and Without You and Missing you….. ok i tried my hardest to be unbiased.
    Ah how could i forget Psy. I mean he should be on everyones list…… Nothing to say about it…watching the video tells you all
    I have probably forgotten half of the songs i love so much but the list is already long enough


      sorry I had to get that out of my system. For the 2012 EYKAs, there were hundreds of comments asking “Y U NO include TM?” Sigh.

      • YES THANK YOU FOR STATING THIS!! i was pissed at all the end of year awards having it on, don’t get me wrong I totally luuvvv luvvv trouble maker but it was getting awards for 2012 when it’s from 2011?? what the ?? while we have some other good duets that deserved attention like seo in guk & eunji .. and jyp and ga-in !! … it felt unfair :/

  162. Hareem Siddiqi

    Gona try reeaaallly hard to not be bias while listing my favorite songs of 2012 (no specific order)
    Block B – Nillili Mambo
    Dalmatian – E.R
    Big Bang – Fantastic Baby and Blue
    Orange Caramel – Lipstick
    B1A4 – Tried to Walk and Baby I’m Sorry
    U-Kiss – Stop Girl and Believe
    EvoL – We are a bit different
    Phantom – Burning
    Ze:a – After math and Phoenix
    B2st – Beautiful Night
    Jay Park – Know Your Name
    Wooyoung – Sexy Lady
    Heo Young Saeng – Crying
    Kim Hyung Jun – Sorry I’m Sorry
    SHINee – Sherlock
    F.cuz – Dreaming I
    Nu’est – Face
    Afterschool – Flashback
    Boyfriend – Janus
    BtoB – Insane

  163. I can’t attempt to choose favorites–there have just been too many!

    I will say that we’re hoping for a new Super Junior-M video in the next two weeks…unless that’s exempt for being Mandopop?

    THANK YOU for saying good things about SJ though–ELF gets so much crap about their music not being good when in fact the 6th album/repackage was very strong!

  164. My bias group is SNSD, but my favourite K-Pop song of the year is After School’s “Flashback”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Wow, I agree with you guys on just about everything. Especially Shinee, their live performance was AWESOME! I know you don’t review Japanese songs but Shinee’s “Dazzling Girl” was one of my favorite songs of the year. I also loved Exo-K “Two moons” and my favorite G-Dragon song was “Today”.

  166. my favoret songs of this year are :

    BTOB: WOW- i love love this song it reminds me of when i was a kid in the 90′s
    Block B: NILLILI MAMBO- because of this song i became a fan of this group
    Ga-in: Tinkerbell- it is scary how many times i have played this song
    Batoost:Beautiful Night- another song that made me a fan of the group

    i have more but i am trying not to let my bias talk *cough* Big Bang *cough* SHINee lots of my other were said in the video, it was a very good year for music!!!!

  167. Favorite songs of 2012:

    1. 2NE1 – I Love You
    2. G Dragon – One of a Kind
    3. Wonder Girls – Like This
    4. Sistar – Alone
    5. Neon Bunny – 비눗방울
    6. Miss A – Touch
    7. f(x) – Electric Shock
    8. Exo – Mama
    9. 4Minute – Volume Up
    10. PSY – Gangnam Style

  168. Lemme start my TOP 10
    1. Infinite – The Chaser
    As an Inspirit, I have no disappointment for this comeback AT ALL. Too awesome.
    2. B.A.P – Warrior
    Got too much goosebumps as the first impression, and instantly a fan
    3. Block B – Movie’s Over
    Beautifully made, so much feels inside. Zico’s voice and Kyung’s rap portray it perfectly.
    4. GD – Without You
    The lyrics. is. too. deep. i. can’t. breathe.
    5. Shinhwa – Venus
    The song is so suave. Never thought I’ll love these sexy and damn funny ahjussies.
    6. Sistar – Alone
    A great hit, no doubt.
    7. B1A4 – Tried To Walk
    Baby I’m Sorry is also my fave, but the engrish…..anyway. Again, sooo mucchh feeelss, Jinyoung is definitely our new prodigy in kpop.
    8. E.R. – Dalmantian
    The beats and chorus are great. TOO UNDERRATED :’(
    9. Sung Joon – Wake Up
    Oh my, sexy husky voice. I’m so in love with it. HOLLA SHUT UP FLOWER BOYBAND FANSS!! XD
    10. Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment
    Too catchyyy! And let’s not forgetting his burning hella sexy being and DAT DANCE MOVES XD

  169. Nu’est was actually amazing, it’s not just my fav group but they actually worked super hard at debuting this year. I also really loved BTOB’s come back with WOW. At first when they debut i wasn’t really into them. But when they came back with wow i was really impressed and my thoughts changed and they are now one of my favorite bands. One band that wasn’t really talked about thought was Shinhwa’s Return. Man was that amazing, there music video was so powerful and just good.

    As for girls Hello Venus was kind of in the shadows this year. My Guess is because Nu’est was fastly becoming popular and like you said boy’s just took over. But one thing i loved about them is they where always coming out with something powerful and fun. Good mv’s and also just great jobs done by all of them. There was no other girl groups that really did it for me. But I wish Kahi would have been talked about more. She just graduated from after school and made her way into a solo career. She is just a great and strong singer. Her song “Come Back You Bad Person” was just a strong debut as a solo artist. She is so sexy, and strong that you just can’t help but love her. she really reminds me of all the older female artists but in like a good way. Because they have so much strength and presents. which brings me to the fact that i actually personally love Pledis and they are an amazing company. they work so hard for there artists and the artist’s work so hard as well.

  170. 1 – Orange caramel – LIPSTICK – this is the greatest song EVER!! i dont usually like such overly cute “things” but this song is so funny and chatchy and waked up my ine Moe Moe :D and…its also h-awkward -.- i keep singing and dancing along, no matter if im at home, on the street, on the bus, at the hospital or at the university D:
    2 . K.Will – Please dont – as k.Will sings ” dunno why. dunno why!” i too dont knwo why i like this so much..its way too soft, smooth and simple compared to what i listen to normaly but i still cant get enought of it .<

  171. ……. SM guys bias…….. not a bad thing but i would like to now your thoughts on Nu’est

    • The boys over SM just put out some really great tracks this year! I am kind of surprised they didn’t mention Nu’est though. But maybe they didn’t catch Simon and Martina’s attention as much as they did for some of us!!

      • i agree the sm guys did put out lots of great songs. I will be hoping that Nu’est gets mentioned this year. LO/E fans lets get simon and martina’s attention. I found a great facebook page and there fans of eyk and nu’est and they call themselves Nasty Lo/e. Nasty Lo/e forever :P

  172. I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about UKiss. Stop Girl is one of my all time FAVORITE songs now!

    • I believe many people here really like Stop Girl, including me. But for me, it’s not on my top 10. IMO, their best song is Neverland :)

  173. I agree with Lipstick as one of the best songs of the year. I am highly tempted to try on the weird green bear shoes ever since I saw them in a Sport Check at Yonge and Dundas square, although they were on a ‘guy’ mannequin :S

  174. Hi.Ni – Legend of Tears (I fell in love with this song the first time i heard it. Her voice is so mesmerizing and the MV was well done.)

    Phantom – Burning

  175. SIMON
    -a girl xD
    I absolutely LOVED sexy love, I’d never heard T-ara much before their scandal and now I love them because of that song
    Also Nilili Mambo, Touch, Spica’s Russian Roulette and Alone, K-will’s Please Don’t, and Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen and Bing Bing
    and anything done by the Seeya ;)

  176. LOVING U!! … lol but if I was to step outside my bias zone I’d say the songs that stood out to me are:

    secret’s .. poison
    crayon pop’s .. dancing queen
    K.will’s .. Please Don’t
    Block B’s .. nilili mambo


  177. So because I don’t like paragraphs, I’mma make a list. My top 10 Kpop of the year (Based off the most played on my Itunes).

    1. Happy Birthday – BAP with 94 plays. This is because this song was released on my birthday, Oct 23, and I listened to it all day because it made me feel so special, like BAP made this song just for me. :)
    2. History – EXO-K with 63 plays. I love this song because I have baggy pants that I can do the plants dance to. Also this had a really catchy beat.
    3. 1,2,3,4 – Lee Hi with 57 plays. This song. My god. I love singing it. I’m a sucker for power jazz songs, especially ones I can sing along with.
    4. Nilili Mambo – Block B with 56 plays. I CANNOT SING ALONG WITH THIS SONG BUT ITS SO CATCHY. Literally, my singing of this consists of my tongue tripping over itself.
    5. Without You – G-Dragon with 56 plays. Most underrated song of his album. His choice for the featured girl, no one knows who it is, but she’s fantastic, and GD’s voice matches really well with hers.
    6. I Will Show You – Ailee with 53 plays. This song was powerful and empowering. Nuff said.
    7. Feeling – BigBang. with 48 plays. Love this song, and not just because I’m a VIP, because this was the one song that my family actually didn’t mind me singing on repeat on a 14 hour car ride across Ohio.
    8. Vista – Fiestar with 44 plays. This song is really catchy and fun, and Fiestar is just adorable.
    9. Stop Girl – U-Kiss with 44 plays. This song reminded me so much of the late 90s early 2000s boy bands of America, which I listened to when I was in elementary school, that it just grew on me so much. Also, I may or may not have a teensy crush on Eli.
    10. Party (XXO)- GLAM with 43 plays. OH MY GOSH GUYS THIS SONG’S LYRICS. IT’S SO AWESOME. I EQUATE THE LYRICS ON PAR WITH K.WILL’S PLEASE DON’T. IT’S SO ACCEPTING OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND PROMOTING LOVE FOR EVERYONE THAT I WANT TO CRY RAINBOWS. “Can I kiss you baby girl?” “Are you a boy? Girl? I don’t care – passion is the key.” ” A kiss, XXO, anyone can be my Romeo, a touch of your lips, XXO, if the heart starts to race, you’re Juliet.” ” A peace, XXO, just hug everyone, only love.” SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the only reason this song doesn’t have more plays is because I only found it like in November, and also, the English misuse in the song kind of annoys me.)

    Sorry about the long post.

  178. My favourite songs of 2012:

    Infinite – The Chaser (I’ll be listening to this for a long time… Never gets old!)
    Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song
    Ga-In – Bloom
    Miss A – Touch (But I preferred ‘Lips’ from the album. That song is soooo good!)
    T-ara – Lovey Dovey and Sexy Love (Always flawless!)
    Sistar – Alone
    Crayon Flop – Dancing Queen (Love them… Hope they get much bigger in the New Year!)

  179. As much as I really want to be bias and say U-Kiss’ ‘Stop Girl’ was my favorite song, I really have to go with Crazyno’s ‘Musiche’. The song was beyond amazing, the dancing was awesome, and Crazyno was HILARIOUS! I really hope to see more from him this year!

  180. I hope you’ll get to review videos you really want to review, when you have staff to edit and export. We can feel you’re frustration, and I hope you can feel ours. There’re no better KMM than the ones in which you genuinely enjoy yourself.

    • I can’t speak for S&M, but if they really hate this format, then why wouldn’t they change it? There are plenty of YTers who discuss what they feel like talking about, and they refuse to take requests.

      I’m sure it gets a bit frustrating when they do give their honest opinion (toned down, I suspect), but get bashed for it anyway.

      • I don’t think they hate it. I can’t speak for them either, but it seems like they love interacting with us Nasties, and voting is a part of the interaction. I just wish them to have, in the future, more chances and time to also talk about what they personally want to talk about.

      • You said it. I’m used to the bashing, but in this one, S&M were already super tactful? I felt like flipping a table when I saw this. You just can’t please everyone. =_= http://unpopular-eyk-confessions.tumblr.com/post/39635273777

        • Wow, that was interesting. I don’t see in any way how their review for SHINee insulted other groups. Some people are so sensitive. I tend to enjoy S&M’s opinions, because I think they always present their opinions in such a way that I can see their point, even if I don’t agree.

        • Isn’t that confession referring to something that was said during the EYKAs, not this video? This video is tactful. As for presenting their own opinions, to be fair, that confession said that S&M should do it. I guess I’ve just seen a lot worse confessions written on that tumblr (imo).

  181. Dang 2012 was a long year for kpop. There were soooo many new songs, looking back on favorites is overwhelming!
    But my favorites would definitely have to be:

    Teen Top – Crazy and To You (crazy made me a fan)
    MBLAQ – Run & This Is War (Run coreo was just bad ass and should’ve won them an award)
    4Minute – I’m Okay (definitely one of my fav songs ever from them, volume up wasn’t great to me)
    Ailee- Heaven
    B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry & If… (If… was the best song of that album, i wish they would’ve promoted it!!)
    B.A.P – Burn It Up, Warrior, Crash, Dancing in the Rain, Stop It (I honestly love every song they released….they deserved rookie of the year award for me. so many songs to choose from!!)
    Big Bang – Fantastic Baby & Daesung’s solo Wings (loved fantastic baby before the MV even came out and Daesungs solo was just so asjdksajdklsa perfect!)
    BTOB – Irresistible Lips & Monday to Sunday
    C-Clown – Far Away…Young Love/Because You Might Grow distant (seriously, these guys are amazing, they definitely need more attention. I listened to this song non stop for weeks!!!)
    Exo – Angel & What Is Love
    G-Dragon – Finally/Eventually & Missing You
    Infinite – The Chaser
    Sunggyu – 60 Seconds
    Jewelry – Me Too
    Secret – Poison & 1,2,3
    SHINee – Sherlock
    Shinhwa – Venus
    Sistar – Loving U
    U-Kiss – DoraDora,4U, Te Amo, Stop Girl, Cinderella
    Wonder Girls – Like Money & Girlfriend
    Yoseob – Caffeine

  182. Lol you guize it was Kim Yuna from Jaurim featuring on GD’s track, not the skater. Great song though. Definitely in my top 10 as well.

  183. I got into Kpop by the end of 2011 so for me 2012 was a year of discovering Kpop (and EYK helped me a lot! Thank you!!). To be honest, in Kpop I usually listen only to title tracks and barely ever check out the whole releases and my list would have looked different if I did, but here it is:
    Shinee – Sherlock !!! Great song, great dance and great live performances (I love it when Jonghyun is all like RAWRRR when singing this, hands down) And I know that Japanese songs don’t count as Kpop, but I have to mention this: Dazzling Girl is AWESOME!
    Younha – Run – usually it takes some few listenings before a song grows on me, but I abolutely loved Run the very first time I heard it. Like WOW!
    EXO – one of the instances when I listen to the whole mini album and I can’t really pick one favorite song. Can’t decide between What Is Love, Two Moons, Mama and Angel.
    Kim Sung Kyu – again I love the whole mini album, but if I had to choose one favorite song, I would say it’s 41 Days
    Infinite – The Chaser – one of my most played songs this year and similarly to Shinee, I never get tired of watching their live performances (they are one of the reasons Infinite became my favorite Kpop band)
    Ailee – Heaven
    Big Bang – Blue
    K.will – Please Don’t
    FT Island – I Wish
    Miss A – Touch (BTW, when Simon sang “you touch my parts, baby” I heard “you touch my FARTS, baby”… my mind is infected by fart jokes)

  184. Great choices! I didn’t like T-ara and Orange Caramel this year but well, it’s just your opinion.
    I also think Touch is and impressive song. It’s so unusual, the beat, the papapapapapapapaPAPAPAPAPA , you know? I love it.

    And YES, What is love is a perfect song, Simon, totally agree (not in the rookie part, I like SPICA the most for that part but it’s ok). I only listened to the EXO-M version of the album -I love mandarin- and it’s still awesome. The song flows naturally, it’s… *crying*

  185. favorite song is probably I Wish by F.T. Island
    PS in SEXY LOVE i heard Mouse instead of Mouth.. :P

  186. Oh that one song by UV or w/e that somehow made it in plot (shows how little I paid attention to that specific category) was pretty awesome too. lol

    lol all K-Pop songs are from 2012 to me since I just got into it because of Gangnam Style.

    Hopefully 2013 is somehow even better! (Which I think is totally possible!)

  187. awww i loooove that you love all my favorite girl bands this year!

    t-ara: i preferred “day by day” as a song BUT “sexy love” is, in my opinion, the CLUB K-POP SONG OF THE YEAR! screw the scandals! if the k-pop fandom wasn’t so delusional this song would’ve been greater than “lovey dovey” [and i LOVE lubyduby].

    dal shabet: they gave me life this year! i wasn’t a fan of their bubbly over-the-top concepts but da-hell, they’re addictive songs aren’t only amazing, but they’re concepts are actually interesting because they’re name after a desert but most of their songs are ironically bitter [hit u, mr. bang bang, have/don't have]

    miss a: touch IS one of the most refined, classy and beautiful pop songs EVER WRITTEN! courtesy of J-genius-YP!

    orange caramel: another deity of my year. they’re similar with dal shabet for me; but the OC girls are the masters of over-the-top deliciously guilty-pleasurable concepts. they’re pledis best group and it’s awesome for them, but not exactly good thing for their mother group after school.

    nine muses: THE-MOST-UNDERRATED-KPOP-GROUP-EVER. period!

    as for the boys, when i think in retrospect, the only boy group that brought me to life this year was b2st with “beautiful night”; i saw your review video and i totally agree with the lame fake fans and NYC scenarios, but the song and the mini-album are perfection. i also was fond of super junior’s “sexy free & single” but suju is SOOOOO SOOOO overrated that i biasly tend to hate them lol

    i love exo’s “what is love”, but i hate exo…. and well, that’s all for the boys. lol

  188. mine is Shinhwa’s Venus. I’m not their fan or anything, but … they made a good comeback with this lovely song and dance.

  189. i love martina’s cup..soo cute!!…even her sweater….oohh..lovely!!~~get yo CRAYON…. ;)

  190. I guess I’ll make a top ten also. (This is freakin hard!) Screw it, I’m doin 20! I hate leaving some out lol. Also only picking one from each artist lol.

    1. Milkshake – Orange Caramel (It has no MV but I liked this song more than Lipstick actually.)
    2. Sherlock (Clue+Note) – SHINee (Amazing song, amazing dance, amazing performers.)
    3. Gangnam Style – PSY (It got me into K-Pop, and it’s the most popular vid ever for a reason.)
    4. Beautiful Night – B2ST (Ummm… it’s good lol.)
    5. No Mercy – SISTAR (Hard to decide between this and Loving U… This song doesn’t have a MV so if u haven’t heard it, check it out.)
    6. Still Alive – Big Bang (Hard to chose which one, but I guess this gets slight edge.)
    7. This Person – Dazzling Red (People I like and a song I really like.)
    8. Cosmetic – Lizzy & AndUp (Totally different kind of song for Lizzy but it’s a great fit.)
    9. Think – BIGSTAR (BIGSTAR is actually one of my fav rookies because of this song and I Get a Feeling.)
    10. The Chaser – Infinite
    11. Pandora – KARA (Goo Hara, no but really the song is catchy and the dance is cool.)
    12. Lover Boy – BtoB (Video is lame but I really love the song.)
    13. Machine – EXO (This song barely gets the nod over MAMA for me.)
    14. I Love You – 2NE1 (The catchy “I Love You” part is only reason it’s on here, I should drop it farther for it not happening the last minute or two of the song)
    15. Catch Me – TVXQ (Didn’t really care for this song when it was new lol, but now it’s one of my favs.)
    16. What Are You Doing Today – Hello Venus (Their music is just so stinkin catchy!)
    17. Beautiful Stranger – f(x)
    18. Bad Man – Juniel (Good vocals, cool music, catchy chorus, and… she’s kind of cute. What more could you ask for?)
    19. Eyeline – Nana (lol totally not biased :)
    20. Don’t Forget Me – Girl’s Day

    (Honorable Mentions: Good Morning – Verbal Jint (ft. Kwon Jung Ryul) and Dancing Queen – Crayon Pop)

  191. Miryo – I Love You, I Love You (Ft. SNSD Sunny)
    Ga In – Tinkerbell

  192. EXO’s Machine has been consistently one of my favourite songs ever since I first heard it, it’s just amazing!
    G Dragon’s One of a Kind and Missing You – Missing You is my favourite off the album, and I actually don’t like Crayon that much…ha…ha ha….
    B.A.P’s Warrior/Power are tied (Powarrior!), I love both songs and videos so so so much!
    T-ara’s Sexy Love, which I still can’t stop listening/dancing to. TVXQ’s Humanoids and Android, even though Android isn’t a Korean single, but it’s just perfect. Teen Top’s To You and 100%’s Bad Boy, and Infinite’s The Chaser!
    FTIsland’s I Wish as well, and everything U-Kiss has released videos for this year.

    2012 was a really good year for kpop, as far as I’m concerned! I have cemented my love for various bands (SHINee, Big Bang, U-Kiss), and discovered plenty of new ones.

  193. exo’s angel…oh my goodness…simon and martina u guys should totally check it out! ive been listening to it for 7months straight. the lyrics are beautiful and the harmony between the members is mind blowing. Favorite song of the year…after that is definately fantastic baby by big bang and exo’s mama/history/what is love

  194. To be fair, T-ara likely didn’t get voted in because that song came out so close to their scandal. They’ve had other songs voted in before. I liked the song, but the awful rap portion totally took away from it for me. It was damn catchy otherwise.

    Since everyone else did this, my favorite songs of the year, in no particular order:
    1. Miss A’s I Don’t Need a Man
    2. BtoB’s Wow
    3. EXO’s What is Love
    4. J-Rabbit’s Happy Things
    5. Daesung’s Wings
    6. D-Unit’s Luv Me
    7. Secret’s Talk That
    8. TTS’s OMG
    9. Block B’s Nillili Mambo
    10. FT Island’s Severely

    I wish I could have listed one of GD’s songs, since GD and FTI are my favorite kpop artists, but I wasn’t blown away. And I’m not willing to pay the shipping costs for the chance that maybe it’ll sound better in a CD format with my headphones on. I’ll just have to console myself with Heartbreaker. (And bias or no, FTI’s Severely was damn good. I Wish was too average, though. Their jpop releases were stronger than that song.)

    I tried to pick more female groups (darn it if I keep forgetting someone though!), but there were so many male releases, that just through sheer volume, it’s easier to find male releases I liked. (Tried to limit to a top ten, though. SO HARD.)

    • Oooh!! Another Luv Me fan!!

      • I feel sorry for D-Unit. I feel like they were a pretty strong debut this year, but they got plagued with accusations of “copying 2NE1″ (I don’t see it, but whatever), and the unfavorable connection to T-ara. Luv Me was so smooth and easy to listen to, though. <3

    • Omg! A J Rabbit fan! I frikkin love their song happy things, it’s so bright, cheerful and innocent, makes me happy whenever I listen to it XD

  195. Well, I’ve had a couple of songs this year (or well, last year) that I really loved and listened to non-stop. Once I get into a song and like it I can listen to it for days, pressing the replay button over and over again without ever changing the song. Some of those songs were MBLAQ’s “It’s War”, MBLAQ’s “She’s Breathtaking”, NU’EST’s “Face”, SHINee’s “Sherlock”, Wonder Girls’ “Like This”, Block B’s “Nillili Mambo”, Lee Hi’s “1, 2, 3, 4″, Ailee’s “Heaven”, Xia’s “Uncommited” and Xia’s “Tarantallegra”.

  196. oh gosh… my favorites of this year? Well,this was the year that really got me into Kpop. I mean, I have been a fan since Haengbok by Super Junior (that was back in 2007!!! That feels SO LONG AGO), but I wasn’t SO into it. I was kind of an on/off fan, but it was actually SHINee’s Sherlock that got me. I was so blown away by that song and dance that I felt like I needed to expand my kpop reach away from SM groups and Big Bang. And I am so glad I did! I found so much good music! My top songs…
    The Chaser by Infinite, I mean, holy crap. At first I HATED this song so much, but after a few listens… it was so intricate and unique to anything I had ever heard in my life… I got hooked. It’s still being played non-stop on my iPod. Definitely my favorite song of the year.
    any of DalShabet’s music they released this year. Holy cow!! Their entire album, BANG BANG, is flawless! Their music is just… so catchy and good! Wow! My new favorite girl group, hands down
    Let the Wind Blow by LEDApple. I always feel so on the fence about this band because they sometimes put out some pretty bland stuff, but this song… I still am running around singing BARAMA BUREORAAAA OH OH OHHH~ and my mom is totally sick of it, hheheh
    And lastly, Tried to Walk by B1A4. I am still floored that Jinyoung both wrote AND composed this song (as well as his own solo on the album). It was love at first listen. That album was wonderful as well… ♥

  197. Glad you guys talk about Sexy Love. T-ara deserves some love there =) I watch Shinee’s performance too. Even though I am not a big fan of them, I really love their live performances. Always giving their all in the singing and dancing. Just plain awesome =D

    Too bad solo singer is not in this list. I am so so into Ailee these days. All her songs (especially live ones) is just so nice. And also John Park and Younha’s collaboration song (forgot the title =P) Gain’s Bloom too. Its mind blowing XD

  198. If I would have to pick “objectively” 15 favourites,
    I’d probably choose:

    1) Gain – Bloom
    2) Sistar – Alone
    3) Beast – Beautiful Night
    4) T-ara – Lovey Dovey
    5) TVXQ – Catch Me If You Can
    6) Epik High – Don’t Hate Me
    7) Miss A – Touch
    8) Juniel – Bad Man
    9) Dal Shabet – Have Don’t Have
    10) Tasty2 – You Know Me
    12) Taetiseo – Twinkle
    13) Glam – I Like That
    14) K.Will – Please Don’t
    15) Spica – Painkiller

    I think they are all self-explanatory, since either they were hits or the music video, concept and composition was quite original.

  199. Bilasa: (You guys actually made me interested in them. :-)) Tried to walk…the video and song are just so well done.
    Block B: (also thank you :-D ) Movie’s Over is just an amazing song, and i can’t not listen to No Joke or Halo
    B.A.P.: I wish they had promoted What the Hell. So good. And Dancing in the rain is fun naughtiness. lol.
    Aziatix: (You should so check them out. awesomeness!) Speed of light and History
    BB: Monster, Wings and Still Alive
    Epik High: New Beautiful
    GDragon: Missing you and Light it up
    SUJU: Butterfly, Someday and Bittersweet
    UKiss: Tick Tak (I really like the japanese version better), Stop girl and Time to Go.
    Junsu/Xia: No Gain (that song is just so good) and Fever (Can’t not love naught Junsu lol)

    Not so much into female singers/groups. Even non Kpop, most of my music is male based. I like the songs, just not as much as i like the guys. :)

    • I loved Tick Tack too! So good…
      Also Light It Up, I wish they had made it available to buy without buying the whole freaking album… haha

    • I really do’t see a problem with having a gender bias haha. I used to only listen to girl groups. Until someone introduced me to SHINee, and they were my gateway drug to Korean boy bands.

      • Hahah Shinee was how i got into kpop too! I was looking up a japanese movie on utube, and i looked over and there was Ring Ding Dong…which i loved..which then led me to Super Junior (Sorry Sorry) and then from there all the rest. :-D And now i’m planning my second vacation to SK and hopefully will be teaching over there in two years. We shall see! lol.

  200. The acoustic version of Beautiful by Park Jung Min at first I was all ok that’s cool then I heard the acoustic version and Wow. That was Awesome.

  201. I only started listening to Kpop around the summer of 2012 – i think it is all out of my comfort zone as I’ve been a metal kind of person. I think the song that sparked it all was BigBang’s “Fantastic Baby” with “Monster” being pretty cool too. I think after that, I like all of EXO’s songs, though I like EXO-M more, especially for Angel and What is Love. TY EYK to introducing me to Kpop!

  202. unicornsgalaxy

    This year actually brought a lot of new groups into my radar. Most of them were well established but just on a hiatus (like Shinhwa and Epik High) or I just hadn’t gotten around to listening to them. These are some of my favorite songs/groups of the year.

    Shinhwa – I can’t really pic a favorite song from their album The Return even going back into their past works (which is a lot) there really isn’t a song that I don’t like. There are a few that I could probably live without but I like them all.

    Epik High – I have Fuuko and Natz to thank for that. I actually liked Up better than DHM but I think the bonding that we all did when DHM was on the charts and we were analyzing the crap out of it solidified a place for DHM in my heart. Plus, I’m pretty sure they are…well crazy.

    Secret – Poison – Wow! I love Secret. I love the sax and just the overall smooth sexiness sound to this song. They were sexy but it wasn’t over-the-top sexy. It was more of a classy sexy.


    B.A.P – was the rookie that first got my attention. I loved pretty much everything they did up until Crash and Stop It. Those two songs grew a bit on me but I don’t like them as much as Warrior or Power.

    100% – Bad Boy – These boys have become my favorite rookie group. They keep on impressing me. They have awesome vocals that they can control and are able to sing pretty much a perfect stage live while dancing to the crazy choreography. Plus they have done some awesome covers (mostly of DBSK) which showed their vocal abilities to the max. I’m really looking forward to more from them!

    Other songs:
    Spica – Painkiller
    Super Junior – DayDream
    LunaFly – How Nice Would It Be (Korean Version)
    Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
    Miss A – I don’t need a Man

    There’s really too many to list!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Darn it I knew I was going to forget a few important ones!

      I’m adding on MBLAQ – Run and It’s War
      and FT Island – Severely

      I’m kicking myself cause those are some of my most played favorite songs!

  203. I absolutely loved G-Dragon’s album. It was wonderfully done. There were a LOT of songs that I loved this year. The ones that I really love (that you did not mention) include:

    1. Catch Me-TVXQ (I will never be sick of this song, listen to it just about every day)
    2. 41 Days- Park Sung Kyu (I know it is a somewhat slower song, but I just loved it the first time I heard it)
    3. In the End- G-Dragon (my favorite song off of his new album)
    4. It’s Cold- Epik High Ft. Lee Hi (All of the songs on EH new album were really good)

    I could go on and on, but those were the main ones that I could remember at the moment.

  204. Clearly I am biased but YAY ORANGE CARAMEL!!!

    But SHINee’s Sherlock (Clue+Note) is probably actually my fav non-OC song of the year.

  205. Well, fav song of the year for 2012 for me :

    For rookie girl band song, Hello Venus – Hello Venus (really love the catchy song lyric, not the video)

    For girl band song, Orange Caramel-Lipstick (I knew Orange Caramel from EYK when EYK talked about Orange Caramel “Funny Hunny” -thank you Simon and Martina :D- ). I like Lipstick but prefer “Funny Hunny” more, even so “lipstick” still one of the best for 2012. “Funny Hunny” came out in 2011, so I cannot pick it T_T.

    For boy band, no rookie catch much of my interest for 2012 but if u can call Ulala Session as Rookie group, then I pick Ulala Session-beautiful Night (thanks to Simon and Martina too, I knew about Ulala Sesion :D) . Love everything from the song till the music video: D.

    But if it is not rookie, I really like Ft Island and CN Blue for boy bands. CN Blue come out with great song and good music video for “hey You”. Ft Island “I wish” has a good song, but don’t like too much about the music video, prefer “Severely” although this kind of music video already seems so cliché lol…

    There is another, the most favorite of mine, not biased, it’s just unintentionally almost all song they release, I just love them…. SG Wannabe. Though I don’t know why no song/album come out 2012. Hope there is new ALBUM in 2013 from SG Wannabe. Do u guys know about SG Wannabe? Anyone? Simon and Martina?

    • Having to read all the comments on EYK, I have come across SG Wannabe, but I don’t think I’ve heard anything by them. Can you share a link?

      PS. Funny Hunny is my favourite OC song too *hi5*


      • SG Wannabe is Trio Ballad group, maybe the reason for their lack of news is and i quote (from Wikipedia lol) “abstain from promoting their music initially, declining to appear on music shows or in their own videos; the group has stated that they wish their audience will care more about the music, rather than their appearance.” Though they still once or twice appear in tv show or music show, looks like they still do some screening for that.

        But outside group, they still do solo carrier, one of them Lee Seok Hun releases mini-album and a good one too. Though, it’s sad that Lee Seok Hun will be “off duty” for a while from music industry to do military service as active soldier T_T. Looks like my hope to listen their new album must wait for 2 years *sigh*.

        Anyway i cannot find any good website for their information even their official website hasn’t been updated from 6 months ago (or just my problem with the language lol), even for me, i know their update information from Indonesian Fan site for SG Wannabe (here the links but it’s in Indonesian : http://sgwannabeindo.wordpress.com ). But here are links for their videos, but like the quote be4, because they want people to appreciate music more than appearance, looks like they don’t even have official youtube channel, or it just the same problem again with I cannot read Korean and some channel with SG Wannabe video are in Korean lol. Anyway here the link :

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPoRgIzXm5o (“lalala” one of their old song, the first song I know about them and the first Korean song that make me fall in love with Korean ballad, the videos also very funny, thet have 2 version, and the first version is horror version lol, the link is 2nd version the song is better and clearer then the 1st version)

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tEWo-nCgAc (“sunflowers” This one is really good too.)

        • Hahaha tumben ada orang kasih liat website bahasa Indonesia :p Syukur sa mengerti ji…

          I’ve seen that Heart Project video, the one in the Brohoho brick room. I’ve also seen Because I Like You by Lee Seok Hoon – that was pretty good, I think we almost nominated it for Artsy Fartsy.

          But I’m with S&M in that I’m not a big fan of ballads, unless they have jaw-dropping vocals ^^;

        • michael milardi

          Wow you speak Indonesian very good. :D.

          And yeah lol with the brohoho brick room.

          Well, I think SG Wannnabe is ok, not jaw dropping but still really good, at least for me, and supported by good ballad song (I like ballad song with good and rhythmatic bits, almost other ballads in korea make me fall asleep after 3 song with their monotonous rhythm, even 2 AM, one of the famous ballad boy band, Im only able to listen their song for half hour and after that “welcome dream islands” lol) .

          I agree with S&M comment too, especially if I see it from company point of view. But if u think of it, even If there is someone in Korea with perfect jaws dropping voices, there is almost no change he picks ballads with so many successful boys/girl band singing pop/rap in market, At least if it was me lol, almost like tryimg to go to western restaurant want to eat noodle while u can find Chinese restaurant beside it (except if that someone become musician because he love ballads and really want to promote ballad and only God know when that kind of selfless talented Samaritan musician will come out lol)

    • You’re not alone – I know about SG Wannabe because I watched the Korean show Oh My School which had Seok Hun on it for most of its run. That said, I’ve never listened to their music before.

      • Well their voices are good, not the best but at max above average, kinda hard to find someone with perfect voices want to sing ballad, don’t you think? But their song is really cool, try listen “lalala” by SG wannabe, love the song, love their opening with harmonica, perfectly sweet song :) . try it if u have time (just don’t watch the horror mv version, not match with the feeling i get from the beet of the song lol)

  206. I love everything Big Bang does and loved everything GD did. But my favourite song by someone I wasn’t already a fan of would be Junsu with Uncommitted.

  207. 2NE1 I love you – great song!!

  208. Martina I want your sweater!!!!

  209. 2012 favourite songs… I actually didn’t listen to Kpop at all until this summer, it kind of had to grow on me for about a year until I found any songs that I liked. If someone asks me what kind of music I listen to I don’t say “Kpop” ever, because I don’t like the genre but I do like some songs within it. It’s the same with American pop music; I don’t like the gere but there are a few songs that I do like.

    So, as for my 2012 favourites… I was really impressed by B.A.P. this year, as they debuted with a fierce and so not-kpop (that was my reaction, yes). I liked most of the songs they did this year, even ‘Stop It’ (after I woke up from the shock of the first listening). But I think ‘Secret Love’ and “No Mercy’ were my favourite B.A.P. songs this year. I didn’t like ‘No Mercy’ at all when I first heard it (I don’t like rap/hiphop) but it grew on me until I was pretty much addicted to it.

    As for another group – and songs – I’d say Big Bang really grew on me this year. I didn’t like Big Bang AT ALL at first, and then I heard ‘Blue’ and GD’s ‘That XX’ and… wow. Those are absolutely two of my favourite kpop songs.

    As for Super Junior – yes, biased here – I REALLY, REALLY LOVED ‘Daydream’ and liked ‘Sexy Free & Single’, though not at all to the same extent as I like their other songs from 2010 and 2011.

    And, at last, the song and video that made me laugh hysterically – Block B’s Nalina. Me and my friend watched this together for the first time and couldn’t stop laughing.

    THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME EYK YEAR, SIMON AND MARTINA! I fell in love with your channel this year and have had many sleepless nights watching all of your videos :D

  210. Being totally biased towards nu’est I still have to say this
    One of the best songs i listen to sooooo much is Angel by exo…m (does it count as kpop…because i like the chinese more than the korean version). It’s so beautiful gosh.
    B.a.ps Goodbye is sooooo beautiful it destroys me
    T-aras day by day just great
    And also Tarantallegra! I didn’t give much attention to Junsu before it but when i first listened to it I fell in love with not only the song but to Junsus voice.
    I also got more into somehow indie kinda songs and I really really really love Tarus Orange blossom. It was my late summer jam i guess.
    And let’s not forget about Epik High (all songs of the album okay), Lee Hi, Orange Caramels Lipstick and Milkshake, I wonder if you’re hurt like me by 2am and Face by nu’est (I had to mention nu’est sorry, I fell so hard for face, I still listen to it so much)

  211. my top 10 ^^ too hard to put them in order of preference so just gonna list them XD

    1. SISTAR – Loving U (sang this all through summer XD)
    2. Secret – Talk That (loved both their songs this year but i like this one more)
    3. G-Dragon – Crayon (sing this everyday to my mum “WHY SO SERIOUS?!”…earned a slap…=.=”… XD)
    4. SHINee – Sherlock (great song and amazing lives)
    5. B.A.P – Warrior (my favourite song from B.A.P this year)
    6. MISS A – Touch (also my favourite song by MISS A, shame it was overshadowed by BB though…)
    7. Epik High – Don’t Hate Me (such a fun video with all the kids in halloween costumes XD)
    8. Lee Hi – 1,2,3 (something different and i really like LeeHi’s voice >..<

    • I love how every person who’s mentioned Epik High so far has a different favourite song. Just shows how ALL their songs are great~~ XD *is biased*

      • Haha, I couldn’t choose between DHM or New Beautiful, I love both >.< Though after some reconsideration have to say the New Beautiful is my favourite Epik High song from their latest album XD

  212. They really “stook” out did they Simon? lol!

    Ok, yeah I was a bit disappointed that not many other rookie groups were voted in this year. My list reads as:

    Wonder Boyz: Open the Door
    Cross Gene: LaDiDaDi
    LED Apple: Time Is Up
    N.Sonic: Super Boy
    Nu’est: Face

    As well as Shinhwa’s Venus and F.CUZ’s: No 1

    I’ll also sneak MYNAME’S Hello & Goodbye in there too.

    They’re my main faves

  213. Without being biased(even though they are three of my bias groups) I love SHINee’s Sherlock, Orange Caramel’s Lipstick, and Secret’s Talk That. My other favorite songs of the year for groups I’m not biased towards are definitely T-Ara’s Sexy Love, 15&’s I Dream, G Dragon’s That XX, Kara’s Pandora. Er, I have a lot actually.

    • Truthfully I liked a lot of songs this year, mostly from my favorite groups, which I have a lot of, so it’s hard to pick favorites without being a little biased since I like a lot of groups so much.

  214. I can say some of my favorite songs of the year are: A-JAX- One 4 U The video was extremely interesting and the song is so awesome. ANother one is U-Kiss Stop Girl. That song is so freaken awesome. Me and my friends don’t really like the English VErsion because the the because it’s rhythm feels different but the Hangul version is the best. Yoseob Caffeine was a really good one for me too. It was awesome to listen to alone though it made me sad some times. Crazyeno Musiche was a big one one for me also. This boy is so Genius. I don’t know if this counts as kpop, but I really Like the Akdong Musichens – Don’t Cross Your Legs. That song was freaken funny and true at the same time. T-ara Day by Day is also a favorite of the year for me. At first I think the video made me lose focus on the song, but when I listen to it by it self, I really like the instrumental to that song. I could follow the flute through out the song. I actually wanted to play that song on my Ocarina( Video Game Nerd Talking) For an Talent Show, but it “Disappeared”. (I have a feeling my mom threw it away) I can also say that When I say One Of a Kind For the first time, I didn’t really care for it. I was surprised, but I was more scared then anything else. It took me time to absorb the song and lyrics. However thats not my favorite song from the album. My favorite song from the album was That XX till my mother started to laugh at the song because of the Love is Blind Part. (My mom is weird My Favorite now is Crayon. It’s really fun, and as aVIP, I can say out all out of ALL of the songs that came out of YG Entertainment this year, This is my second favorite. My First Favorite from YGE is From Psy’s gangnam style album. You guessed it! Passionate Goodbye…You didn’t guess that? well what else could it have been? That song featuring that guy from 2Days and 1Night Season 2 that I can never remember his name is in it and his vocals are splendid The song is awesome and I cry to that one too xD. My last favorite of the year is also for the Gangnam Style album. Yes!!! it’s Psy’s Blue Frog Song!! That song is inspirational and very rockish. GD is featured in this song and he gives the song a very heavy metal feel. I think these two songs from Psys’ album are too underrated and should be embraced.

  215. Any hint on exactly what are you gonna do to make KMM fair for girl groups? :o I’m trying to think it through as well but all my solutions end up with you guys having to work extra harder than what you guys usually do…..my least painful suggestion would be that every week a guy group gets voted in for a KMM, 1 vote for a girl group would be worth 2-3 times of 1 vote for a boy group for NEXT KMM. Hope I made sense :D

    • Hahaha that system reminds me of this board game “Puerto Rico”, where every card that isn’t chosen in a round has money piled on it in the next round. And if it STILL isn’t chosen in the next round, even more money is piled on it.

      Anyway yeah, good suggestion!! Now how will I explain it to all the complaining fangirls T_T


  217. Block B’s Nilili Mambo was definitely the best song of the year. Like, hands down, 100% best song.

    Still, loved your list :P

  218. My favorite song of 2012 that i can’t stop listening to is Alone by Sistar :) whoo whoo whooo (Without you I’m fallin’ down)♫♪

  219. These were definitely my favorites:
    Nillili Mambo- Block B
    Beautiful Night- Ulala Session
    Vista- Fiestar
    No Tears- Infinite
    Aftermath- Ze:a
    History- Exo
    Wow- Btob
    Honesty- Shinee
    Butterfly- Super Junior
    Love Style- Boyfriend


  220. Ahhh, thank you for letting your opinion out on your favorite songs of the year. It’s nice to hear about your favorites of KPop for a change.

    Kind of ironic that the three weeks you aren’t having KMM are 3 weeks we would have had girl bands win! Secret – Talk That, GG – Dancing Queen and GG – I Got a Boy. Of course 2 of those are GG, so the don’t really count as they probably would be voted in any time of the year. And maybe IGAB will still win for next week.

  221. I really think that every 6 months you guys should release a kpop music monday OF YOUR CHOICE for a mv that you so badly wanted to review and didn’t get to that was released during those 6 months…so like one in June and one in December. B/c so many great songs/mvs get missed out on b/c everybody votes for the bias regardless of quality. XD It’s like fans look at your kpopcharts as a way to compete against who has the biggest fan base…which isn’t surprising. But it really limits the winners of your kpopcharts. And you end up reviewing the same group several weeks in a row at times. Example being 2ne1 and GD. (I’m a huge fan a 2ne1 and it bothered me severely that they won Music Monday like 3 weeks in a row in 2011.).
    Anyways, it would be like a “Director’s Choice Kpop Music Monday”.

    • Hi I agree it sucks when people just vote for their bias group regardless if they deserve it but sometimes the most popular bands have better songs and deserve to win like GD. I think there needs to be a separation of girl and boy groups so girl groups have a chance that’s the biggest bugbear for me :)

    • Amen to everything you said….^^….I love Big Bang but this “G-dragon gets a almost a whole month of Music Mondays” must stop.

  222. I actually liked quite a few of the rookie groups this year and all the vets really are stepping their games up. These kpop artists, new and old, have a lot of stiff competition. You mentioned a lot of my favorite songs here but there were a few others as well.

    GLAM – Party (XXO)
    Sunny Hill – Grasshopper Song (i’m still playing this almost every day)
    Leessang – My Love
    FIESTAR – Vista (seriously addicting and well, Darth Vader grooving in the beginning of the video is pretty sweet.)
    John Park – Falling
    RaNia – Style (Thanks YG…. Oooo, I’m so YG biased. lol. But seriously, just a bit. I really like this group anyway.)
    Epik High ft Lee Hi – It’s Cold
    Ga-in – Bloom

    There were also quite a few songs this year which made me feel like I was listening to a song from my youth, not 2012. On that note, I was super impressed with SPICA’s I’ll Be There and BTOB’s WOW. This is the same reason I really got into SHINee years ago. The beats bring me back.

  223. i wonder why you were disappointed by Big Bang and 2NE1? Can Busker Busker be related to kpop? If so, then he is definitely Number 1 in my Kpop Chart 2012.

    • I can’t speak for S&M, but I was a little let down as well. They relied on MR and stage effects way too much. I’d rather they just did an acoustic performance – I know they can rock it. Plus, they didn’t have their live band with them *is a Big Bang Band junkie*

  224. This was really interesting to watch, honestly.

    But every time I see this kind of posts… i realize how much videos, bands and music i don’t listen to xD I don’t know it it’s a bad thing… i don’t think it is, really, but… xD

    Anyhooooooooow… I personally like Miss A “Touch” but I had encounter a lot of people who says that it’s the worst song that they ever released D: so i’m glad you guys like it ^^ it makes me feel less alone XD

    I loved GD’s album, specially “One Of A Kind”, I personally think it’s the best song in the album… but “Crayon” it’s so addicted xD I get dress listen to it!

    I think SHINee can do better than “Sherlock”, I’d really like it they realease a ballad… they have great vocals for it! But the stages are wow, I really, really like them.

    On my opinion the best thing I listen to this year was “Bad Boy” from BIGBANG, “Catch Me” from TVXQ and “Tarantallegra” from Junsu… and “You’re The One” from JYP xD I have this thing for that song… it’s just askjdalkdkaldkaldklasdklda xD

    The albums were amazing, I was really REALLY impresed by all of them this year.

    As for the rest you’ve talked about… i didn’t like any of the songs Super Junior released this year, I was a little dissapointed because I really enjoyed Bonamana but I hope this year I get to see them more, BAP wasn’t as great as I thought they will when they debuted with “Warrior” and the rest… I don’t listen to them so, I don’t know xD

  225. Kim Sung Gyu — 41 Days …I really love this song, his new album in general is great but this song really got stuck in my head.

  226. Finally some love for Dalshabet ;_; I loved their song and video and how they were dead-panning it. Just genious. I also loved Girl’s Day’s Oh! My God, just a fun dancing song and really funny video and later their Don’t Forget Me song (while I usually dislike most ballads in kpop). I also loved T-ARA’s Sexy Love, I like it when they try to mix it up a little and the sounds at the start were really cool.

    With EXO-K’s What Is Love…. Whenever I see that name I will always hear Haddaway and see Jim Carrey headbobbing like crazy.

    • Agreed, Dal Shabet is now one of my favorite groups. I’ve liked them since I heard Mr. BangBang (still a little late to the Dal Shabet party, but better late than never).

      Wished every girl deadpanned their solo part in the don’t have version though. The one or two that didn’t really stand out.

  227. MY FAVES:

    걸어 modderpocking 본다! I sing this song all the freaking time, you don’t even know. And the video was my favorite. Ugh, my poor fingers voting for 3 weeks, but I ain’t even mad bcoz my love is pure. I flove that whole album tho, ‘If’ and ‘In the Air’ are also on my list.

    Touch! omg I played this song to DEATH, I don’t usually go for Miss A, but this song is so cool and unique


    On The Road! One of the non-title tracks from Shinhwa’s album, it’s so…soaring and uplifting and shivvery, I love it so so much.

    사랑한다면 (sp?), my fave of Busker Busker’s songs.

    Sweet Sorrow’s rendition of ‘거짓말이야’ on Immortal Song 2. Yes, it’s a cover, and a special performance on a tv show. NO, I don’t care! 8D ugh it kills me every time ㅜㅜ

    EXID’s Every Night, I love this song, ‘booty call’ and all.

    Alarm Clock, from SHINee’s Sherlock album. Gorgeous song, and they actually let Minho sing for once thank goodness!

    Crayon. Just too addictive to leave out.

    Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged). omg I just realized Ignition came out last year too, it seemed so long. This song is my favourite ballad/acoustic pretty much ever. my feels let me show u them

  228. I actually really liked Boyfriend’s Love Style. It didn’t get much attention, that’s sad( And they wore flowerprint outfits, that was awesome!

  229. Rookie group wise, I thought both Hello Venus ‘What are you doing today?’ and ‘Venus’ were both great songs and both the dancing was awesome! Videos not so much.
    Glam’s ‘Party (XXO)’ the meaning behind it was amazing, besides the vocals and dance.
    Ga Ins ‘Bloom’ was by far the best in vocals, dance, video, stage performances.Everything!

  230. I love BtoB-WOW. It’s really addicting and original. The dance in the video is really fun too. They worked really hard this year but haven’t really gotten any recognition. I think you guys are on the dot with this list. Great infectious songs!

  231. Honestly the song that I listened the most in 20112 was Big bang’s Bad boy !! It is shuch an epic song !!

  232. Well, I like mood-lifting songs the most. So for me the songs I heard all the time last year were KARAs Girl’s Power, MYNAMEs Summer Party and EXIDs I Feel Good. Girl’s Power and Summer Party are Japanese though, but at least the groups are Korean.

  233. my top 10 kpop songs in 2012 are: Nine Muses “One way ticket”, Teen Top “미치겠어”, Crayon Pop “Bing Bing”, 100% “Bad boy”, TVXQ “Catch me”, B.A.P “Warrior”, Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Ending”, EXO “What is love”, 4minute “Volume Up”, Tasty “You know me” …. :)
    it was really hard to choose only 10 ^^’ last year was full of new great bands & songs :)

  234. 1. All of G-dragon’s new album: One of a Kind and Crayon (Perfect MV’s), I’m Missing You and 결국 (Personal favorites), That XX (learnt all the lyrics to it cuz it’s just unbearably beautiful!), Today and Light it Up (both were great collaborations)
    2. Epik High- Up was an astonishing rap song
    3. Block B’s Nilli Mambo and Nanrina (holy cow! sooooo ADICTIVE!)
    4. B.A.P.’s manly songs like Warrior, Power and No Mercy (it’s sad how people did not like Stop it and Crash that much (which I grew to like and appreciate with time) simply because they did not expect such aegyo from such a fierce band… well this just shows how talented artistically they are)
    6. Big Bang’s Still Alive and Daesung’s solo were masterpieces (Bad Boy and Blue were great as well but I grew tired of them eventually -____-)
    7. B1A4′s Tried To Talk and was surprisingly very good as well (not a fan of their’s either)
    8. Teen Top’s Be Ma Girl and No More Perfume On You were unexpectedly good even though I’m not a fan of their music
    9. J-Min’s Stand Up (accidentally stumbled upon is and could not get it off my replay button for looooong)
    10. Tiffany’s 그대니까요 and ALL of Love Rain OST’s so beautiful and so touching!
    11. Ulala Session’s Beautiful Night was a BOMB! :D
    12. 2NE1′s I Love You (it’s a pity they only released this one song this whole year but it was def worth it)
    13. Ailee’s Heaven and I’ll Show You were exeptionally inspiring :)

    P.S. B2ST’s Midnight was greatttttttt as well :3

  235. Im super YG Biased and LOVE Big Bang and their glorious music:

    With that said: I freaking loved Exo and BAP.. i dont see any competition becuase they are so different.. the cutsey BAP song was eh for me but the others were amazing and EXO’s I lost my pants and Mama were awesome.. I freaking am obsessed with Big Bang but that doesnt mean I dont like anything else. If a song is epic then i dont care who sings it! Thats how i got into BB in the first place their music. Big Props to BAP and EXO.. OH and Shinee sherlock is epic also

    ps i really love Suju esp Eunhuyk but i didnt like their songs this year..

  236. Black Bag – Beautiful Morning
    I just love it, but it’s really hard to choose, because there are soo many good songs. I also love EXO-K – What is Love :D

  237. EPIK HIGH – New Beautiful

  238. UKISS’ STop Girl!!! DAmn that song was SO ADDICTIVE and the dance was amazing but above all, the class, suave and swag that UKISS put into that vid from the way they act to their costumes was amazing. And this is coming from a guy here.


  239. I absolutely loved BoA’s The Shadow (come to think of it, I never heard a single song by BoA before Only One came out) and G-Dragon’s That XX. In fact, even my parents loved these two songs and downloaded the full albums. My dad’s in love with BoA now! Orange Caramel’s Lipstick reminds me of Russian pop.=)

    • Apologies, completely forgot about I Don’t Need a Man – great message, catchy song. I loved the dance in the video, because it’s simple, a bit more relaxed than in their other videos and looks almost improvised at times, yet we all know how much work went into achieving this effect!

  240. 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

    Thanks for giving time to the girl groups that didn’t make it~ Pretty nice to hear your thoughts on what you liked instead of reviewing something that was voted in.

    Glad you saw SHINee’s stage! I completely agree. They are absolutely amazing live – dancing like crazy, belting notes out like it’s nothing. Just… wow. i hope you guys can interview them soon. ;)

    There were a lot of songs I liked this year~ And I would just love to mention and recommend them to you all, even if they don’t have a video or aren’t that well known. :) 일어나 (Stand Up) by J-Min, Run by Younha, Supersonic, and Cream Pasta also by Younha, BOA’S ONLY ONE, Pretty much every Nell song released this year, Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo’s mini-album, JYP’s You’re The One (in which, *gasp* he doesn’t whisper his initials O_O), Big Bang’s Ain’t No Fun and Love Dust, Xia Junsu’s album because most of his album is amazing, really. Ailee’s Heaven, I’ll Show You, Into the Storm. (She’s my female rookie of the year <3), EXO's Angel, TVXQ's Catch Me, 2AM's I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me~

    Okay, I'll stop now, lol.

  241. I actually really liked NU’EST Action, the whole meaning of the song was really deep and meaning and the way the music video and dance actually really suited the lyrics was really impressive.

  242. My top 3 songs that aren’t from my bias group (Big Bang) would be Younha’s “Sonagi”, Urban Zakapa “Hate You” and Yoseob’s Caffeine! <3 These songs have been on repeat on my playlist ever since they've been released. XD

    p/s: I'll have to add Wonder Girls' "Like This" and Psy's "Gangnam Style" since I danced to these songs at a flashmob for an event. It was wonderful memories~~ :D

  243. Only wonder, when you watched ShiNee in KPop Music Fest did you realized that Taemin pants were torn in the end, Simon and Martina? [Ah, pervert me!]. Then I imagine that Taemin danced ‘I lost my pants’ instead of ‘Doritoz’ :))

  244. Hm. Favorite songs of 2012.
    Songs that I play over and over again are:
    B.A.P. “Dancing in the Rain” and “What the Hell”
    Nell “The Day Before” (such a heart wrenching video, and I just keep watching it over and over again)
    Pretty much everything released by Block B. I’ve listened to their albums from this year the most out of everything. I really, really love “Movie’s Over” and “Mental Breaker” specifically.
    Infinite “The Chaser” is a favorite.
    Daesung’s solo song “Wings”
    BoA “The Shadow”
    TVXQ “Catch Me”
    ….those are the one that pop in my mind at the moment.

    EDIT: Just thought of some more. I played Nu’est “Not Over You” over and over again for days and days. SHINee’s Dazzling Girl even though it’s Japanese. I also really like U-kiss’ “DoraDora”.

    • Mental Breaker all the waaaay!

      • Ukwon’s ‘lalalala’s XD

        • I hope they’ll be able to sing it live with those ridiculous outfits and choreo one day. The showcase performance is in such a low quality and I can’t appreciate the awesomeness properly.

        • AudreyKoopman

          That would be amazing. Or if they were somehow able to give it a proper music video.
          Though at the moment those things will probably be far in the future :(

        • I’m rather calm about all this. They are big boys. They’ll be all right. In the meantime, I’m enjoying what they released so far.

        • AudreyKoopman

          I’m sure they’ll be fine. I just don’t want this whole thing to set them back or cause anymore problems in terms of future appearances or anything.

    • omg Wings, how did I forget that? I wish he didn’t go nasally at points in that song but that song is glorious ㅠㅠ

      • I’m extremely biased towards his voice. It is by far one of my favorite voices in kpop lol. So I don’t mind the slight nasally-ness :)

    • Aw yes, more love for The Shadow!

      • I love that song so much! And the video is so good!
        (Though when watching the video I have this horrible habit of just staring at the red-headed back up dancer…is this just me? lol)

  245. Exo’s what is love made me an exotic. that song was just great :D

  246. Well, I don`t have a bias…

    No, no that`s a lie. SuJu and GG were my gateway drugs into kPop, so they will always have a special place in my heart. Does that count as bias? I think that might count as bias.

    As for my favourite songs this year — outside of my biases (although I will mention that I loved Flower Power and Opera, even though they don’t count cause the videos were released in Japanese) — let me think. Shinwha’s Venus, Beast’s Beautiful Night (and Midnight, although again with the Japanese), 2NE1′s I love You (my 6 year old LOVES that song, she will randomly start belting out the English parts on her own, and when I play it she tries to sing with the Korean, so cute), B1A4′s Tried to Walk is constantly stuck in my head right now, and I LOVE it. Secret’s booby (am I allowed to say ‘booby’?) bouncing Poison was another favourite of mine, Son Dam Bi’s song (I can’t remember the name atm) and … well nearly all the songs on your list. ^_^ Except Miss A’s Touch, that one flew under my radar, I will have to go find now.

    Of course, I also must add Psy’s Gangam Style. Whenever I mention to someone that I enjoy kPop (most recently to my dad) they say “Oh, you mean like Psy?” And then I go: **record scratch** “Yes. Yes like Psy. But there’s more than just Psy. And I liked Gangam Style before it was COOL and SHUT UP!! Ya!”

    Ahem. *cough* Moving on.

    I would like to conclude by saying that my two favourite things about kPop are as follows:

    I have been inspired to learn a new language. It’s a slow process, but I’ve reached the point where I can identify when strangers are speaking in Korean in public. I only understand every 10th word or so … but three or four months ago I would have known only that they were speaking an Asian language.

    Simon and Martina. No, I’m serious. Thank you guys for all the entertainment you have provided me this year, and I look forward to more of the same in the coming years. I appreciate everything you do. Sarangheo! <3

    ((Edited to remove angle brackets, didn't realize these posts were html enabled ^_^))

    • We have a few things in common. :o) SNSD is also what got me into Kpop followed closely by Suju, so yes they are also my biases. Both Kpop and KDramas inspired me to learn Korean as well.. luckily one of my co-workers is Korean so she is helping me improve a bit faster than I would have on my own. I can also now read Korean, I may not understand most of what I am reading, but I can pronounce it. lol. I agree with your extra song choices but I would add B.A.P.’s “Crash” to that list and also Crayon Pop’s “Dancing Queen” (I haven’t been able to stop singing it.. it’s on loop on my Ipod. LOVE IT!! and the video for it is awesome as well!).

  247. My top 3: Orange Caramel’s Lipstick, EXID’s Every Night and Nine Muses’ News.

  248. NU’EST with face, I listen to it on repeat ^^

  249. here are my favorites of 2012
    * Ailee – Heaven, Evening Sky
    - I was introduced to Heaven by the chart updates and I was instantly blown away. Evening Sky is sooo dreamy that sometimes, I go daydreaming throughout the song.

    * John Park – Falling
    - I even used this song for a project when I was in high school

    * TTS – Twinkle, Love Sick
    - the vocals in Twinkle were irresistible. Love Sick is what made me bought the mini album

    * EXO – What Is Love
    - Though I’m torn with my opinions regarding EXO, this song is undeniably good

    * f(x) – Electric Shock
    - imo, best female group song of 2012

    * miss A – Lips, Times Up
    - Lips was a standout in the Touch mini album. This is the first time I heard something like Times Up in k-pop so it was also a standout

    * Lunafly – How Nice Would It Be
    - I’m a sucker for acoustic songs and the rest of their songs are also amazing

    * Sistar – Alone
    - this was my jam during May/June

    * Infinite – The Chaser
    - imo, best male group song of 2012

    * Epik High – It’s Cold (feat. Lee Hayi), 아까워 (feat. 개코 of 다이나믹 듀오)
    - It’s Cold is simply beautiful. 아까워 is my favorite off 99

    * 2NE1 – I Love You
    - though some of my fellow blackjacks don’t like it, I love the song because the structure of the song makes it fresh and its like you don’t get bored with it

    I guess I have alot of favorites.

    • First Epik High mention!!! *fist pump* :D

      • Never expected to like the album. I was never interested with them til I heard It’s Cold and the rest of the album.

        I tried to be unbiased that I forgot to add my bias group’s song, Tried To Walk. XD Setting bias-ness aside, that song is really beautiful. It also pulled in new fans for the group if we look at their chart performances with In The Wind.

        • Haha, I might be one of those “new fans” though I’m no longer a teenager so my heart can’t be conquered. :P I don’t like cutesy boy bands so I never was interested in B1A4 before, but Tried to Walk is a beautiful song. I also CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! Ahem. I was even more impressed when I read that Jinyoung composed it himself. Idols who have a hand in creating their own music always earn extra bonus points with me. One of the other songs on the album that I liked was also made by Jinyoung. Safe to say that I’ll keep an eye out for other songs that he works on in the future.

        • that, my friend, is one of the reasons why I don’t regret being a Bana. Never was a fan of cutesy groups before but they had something right from the beginning that caught my attention. Maybe it’s the live performances. Some k-pop groups tend to suck live but B1A4 is another story. . .

  250. Songs that got stuck in my head were NS Yoonji’s If You Love Me, Punishment by Roh Jihoon, Don’t forget me by Girl’s Day, 100%’s songs and Lunafly’s… I hope you get the chance to interview Lunafly~~~^^

  251. Thank you so much for highlighting the ladies. Miss A’s “Touch” would be absolutely perfect in both audio and video aspects if it wasn’t for the occasional weird stretching editing of the video (what the hell is that and how is this supposed to look even remotely good?).
    I’ve never heard Nine Muses’ Ticket, but I’m listening to them right now and rather like it.

    I can’t do the “best of” thing. Singling out one (or even ten) out of hundreds is way beyond my capabilities.
    So I’ll just mention two positions I’ve been listening to on repeat the most (and more recently):
    Raindrops by Verbal Jint
    빗물구름태풍태양 by SARAM12SARAM
    They sound so GOOOOD. It’s insane.

  252. For music mondays, maybe you can just alternate between boy groups and girl groups for every other week? Like, keep the same chart and just take the top rated boy group for one week, and top rated girl group the week after. Just a suggestion :)

    And my favourites of the year were Nillila Mambo and Mental Breaker by Block B, Let the Wind Blow by LEDApple, Sherlock by SHINee, Angel and Two Moons by Exo-M (bias because I speak mandarin), and Light it Up by G Dragon ft. Tablo and Dok2. Let the Wind Blow might actually have been my favourite of the year; there’s something so beautiful and ethereal, yet powerful, about the song that plays really well into their voices. I really hoped that Let the Wind Blow would get reviewed for KMM, because the video was one of my favourites, but oh well.

  253. Nice to have your opinion for once :)

    Favorite song of the year ? Hard question ! So, I’m Miss A biased, so apart from them…

    - Dal Shabet Have/Don’t have -> WHY ?! Why didn’t this song wasn’t more popular in Korea ? > I discovered her in 2012, and, wow, I fell in love with her singing, I’m so sad you’ve never talked about her (just once in k-pop chart update i think), she’s great, and really funny.

    - Ailee Evening sky -> great rookie, great vocals, really nice songs.

    - Wonder Girls Girlfriend -> I listen to ballads as much as pop song i think, but this one was really good, people don’t recognize WG’s talent as much as they should do.

    Yeah, there’s more but I’ll stop here. Nice year for k-pop, even though I wished Miss A was more successfull :(
    Happy new year :)

  254. PunkyPrincess92

    yay!!!!!!!!! you guys saw SHINee at the year end shows!!!!! they made me so incredibly proud!!!
    i’m totally SHINee biased but my fave songs for the year are
    SHINee- Sherlock (of course ^^)
    Big Bang- Blue and Bad Boy
    SuJu- SFS,
    TVXQ- Catch Me
    f(x)- Electric Shock
    Junsu- Tarantallegra
    Primary- ? and a song for Nike called Naligood or something http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmuFJQ2O1QI
    Ailee- Heaven
    Sistar- Alone
    EXO What is Love and MAMA
    Younique- Maxtsep
    J-Min- Stand up
    BoA- Only one and Shadow
    Ukiss- Stop Girl
    Baek Seung Hoon- til the sun rises
    Leessang- Humility is hard
    wow……that’s a lot!! i thinks that’s all, i do feel like i’m missing something…
    but yeah LOVE these songs!!! constantly on repeat!!
    also does SM The performance- Spectrum count? that was so good!!! it’s a cover but i love it!!
    oh i love watching Crazyno- Musiche!

  255. Just to let you know.. “meh” is out for 2013 :-)

  256. In terms of number of plays, BoA’s Only One. At first I wasn’t in love with it but I don’t know why it rose above the rest. The dance is just… it blows my mind. It’s not the most epic of dances but it just does it.

  257. I loved Nu’est Face. The lyrics and the beat was amazing. It had such an amazing message and just the dance was fun too.

  258. Yang Yoseob – Caffeine, U-kiss Dora Dora Stop girl, F(x) electric shock, TVXQ Catch me, Boa only one, GD that XX, Sistar Alone LovingU, T-ara Day by Day, Geeks Officially missing you too, K.will I need you Please Don’t…

  259. OMG! This was totally hilarious!! You touch my parts(?!), baby~ Hahaha. LoLz Well, I gotta say that my favorite song of the year is UKISS’s ‘When Love Stops’. Yes, they are my favorite group, but the lyrics are so meaningful. When I first heard it, I fell in love with the rhythm and their voices and everything of the song. But when I went online and checked out the English subtitles, I bawled my eyes out. It was just so touching. Another song that I love is Sistar’s ‘Loving You’. The video showed me of how refreshing youth is and that I should use it wisely because it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, I loved the nature and views shown in the music video. It reminded me of how amazing and beautiful GOD’s creation is. Still, I loved all UKISS’s songs, but I think ‘When Love Stops’ is the best. In the whole universe!!

  260. I’ll try to be really reeeaaaallly unbiased here and choose my Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs of 2012.

    1. B1A4 – Tried To Walk (freaking amazing song and the mini-album is just so amazing too)
    2. B.A.P – It’s All Lies (never had an MV but this was soooooo good too)
    3. Ailee – Evening Sky (Heaven was amazing and so was I Will Show You but Evening Sky was <3)
    4. Gain – Bloom (although watching the MV makes the Bloom experience better)
    5. 2NE1 – I Love You (would've preferred if they were a bit more active last year)
    6. T-ara – Day By Day (Hwayoung was exceptionally great here)
    7. Secret – Talk That (Zinger singing instead of rapping? I'M IN!)
    8. EXO – Angel (perfect… just perfect)
    9. G-Dragon – Without You/Eventually (everyone loved Missing You but this track was my favorite from the GD mini)
    10. Lunafly – Clear Day, Cloudy Day (underrated band, wish people would know these guys more)

    I'm stopping at 10 because if I continue, this list would never end. lol

    • Tried to Walk!! So agree.
      OMOO GD’s Without You is my favorite too! That song is beyond beautiful, and sooo curious who’s the girl in that song. At first, I thought she’s Dara :p

      • Yay, now I know another person who loves Without You as much as I do.

        Let’s just hope that YG release his new girl group sooner than later so we’ll know the amazing voice behind Without You.

    • I love Without You soooo much from G-Dragon’s album. I’m glad I’m not the only one. :)

    • KATHyphenTUN

      Lunafly! They really have some beautiful songs!!!

    • I love Lunafly! :)

    • So much I agree with on your list. Tried to walk, I Love You, Day by Day and especially Without You. That song was the best of the album.

      Bloom is growing on me from her perfs. I couldn’t play the MV where I was and had to stop it so never went back to listen to the rest of the song, but she has performed it at the MAMA and the SBS & MBC Gayo Daejuns and yeah, I could totally dig that.

      Based on our ridiculously similar tastes there, I will make a point of listening to everything else you listed.

      • Sorry for the super late reply. Just busy with school.

        Anyways, I’m really happy to know that there are people (like you) who likes the song I like too. I really want to know your favorite songs of 2012. Maybe I’ll discover a new great song. :)

        • All good. This is my list from on here somewhere. The first lot did not start the year on my Bias list or are not on my bias list.

          Tried To Walk by B1A4
          Russian Roulette by SPICA
          1,2,3,4 by Lee Hi
          Mama by EXO
          Severely by FT Island
          Day By Day by T-ara
          Volume Up by 4minute

          from my bias list:
          Monster and Bad Boy for Big Bang
          Without You and That XX for GD
          I Love You for 2NE1
          Touch for Miss A
          Don’t Hate Me for Epik High

          I highly recommend checking out SPICA. They are awesome!

        • JammySmoochie

          We pretty much have the same biases. LOL

          Will listen to SPICA. Heard about them but too lazy to really listen to them. :)

    • I love “It’s All Lies.” It’s probably my favourite B.A.P song too even though it’s not a title song or anything :D

  261. Btob’s Wow was simply A-mazing!! Srsly it took me back to 90′s

  262. so i pretty much agree with everything (plus some..like Block B, Kim Sungkyu, Yoseob, Sistar, all of Big Bang’s Alive album) but i gotta say i really like Busker Busker’s Cherry Blossom Ending (that was 2012 right?) and Clazziquai’s Can’t Go On My Own. They’re just chill songs, but really really good.
    and i’m just throwing in BtoB’s Wow because that song is just…awesome. so 90′s boy band. love it.

    • I was very surprised with myself when I realised how much fun I have while watching BtoB’s Wow dance version. This song is definitely out of my comfort zone. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good choreography.

  263. bigbangfosho

    Falling..John Park. Awesome awesome song.

  264. My favorite of 2012 was UKISS Stop Girl….I still have not stopped listening to it since it came out.

  265. Just read the blog post and with music mondays, I thought a quick fix would be to have 2 charts, one for men and one for women. And then alternate between the two for choosing winners. Then I realized you’d have to rework points values and the age factor and all that because of an added disadvantage of it not being every week…I don’t know how you’ll end up solving it, but I hope it hasn’t caused too much stress (or moneys for your programmer).

    Now to watch the video!

  266. Ug so excited you mentioned EXO!!! I love them so much–I always liked their stuff, but once I heard their album entirely (Machine is one of my favorite songs of the year), they really sold me as my favorite group. And I agree Orange Caramel needs more play–Lipstick is just so great.

  267. Azalea

    My favorite was Fantastic baby …. Hello from México :)

  268. S&M thank you i love your videos you are some really cool ppl i <3 u both

  269. Oh noes I forgot to mention Big Bangs Bad Boy. The instrumental to that track was chilling, and the Big Bang members made that song. Definitely my favourite Big Bang track of the year.
    Oh and Sistar deserves a mention too. And 2ne1. And *insert band name here*
    God darn it. Too many good songs. *runs off to find ipod*

  270. vaxanne

    Psy’s Gangnam Style rose above the rest, also time to rest, overkill.

  271. I’ve become infatuated with Ailee’s voice, nuff said

  272. Junsu’s Tarantallegra, the entire album, was just one of the most amazing things I have ever heard! I also really liked GD’s Crayon, TVXQ’s Humanoid and Block B’s Nillili Mambo, but my favourite songs of 2012 are without a doubt SHINee’s Sherlock and Andamiro’s Hypnotize! I didn’t know Andamiro before, but Hypnotize is such an amazing song!!

  273. Sistar, Orange Caramel ande After School! Not comfort zone, its really all i heard last year

  274. I actually had to think of this. So I checked my iPod and the most played k-pop song on there was G-Dragon’s Missing You. it never got a video, and it only came out like 3 months ago, yet it’s my most played korean song. My god that song was awesome. Just typing this out now I have the urge to go listen to it.
    A close second would probably be Spica’s painkiller, they were my rookie of the year.

  275. How lovely, the playlist at the end was just what I was looking for to have some background music while playing Zoo Tycoon. (because I can!)

  276. I think one of my favorite songs that came out this year is ‘Honesty’ by SHINee. It’s really just…gorgeous and showcases the boy’s voices so well. Another Kpop song that I would list under my favorites from this year is probably ‘Sherlock’ for all the reasons you mentioned. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin are just dbfpeiurgrg amazing on stage, their voices are gorgeous live, their moves are crisp and clear and the choreography is just amazing. Even when one of them messes up a little (I’ve noticed it from Onew the most, but that’s because he’s my bias and when he’s on stage or camera I’m watching him…NOT IN A CREEPY WAY) they immediately correct it and get back into perfect form. I cannot say how much SHINee is just…amazing.

  277. Junsu song stood out to me Cx I can’t explain why but it does and I’m a bias of Shinee so I LOVE Sherlock LOL

  278. For me it had to be Crayon Pop’s Dancing Queen and also What Are You Doing Today? By Hello Venus.

  279. MENENEENE I FEEL GOOD NANAANA CHACHA – E.X.I.D’s I Feel Good, BoA’s The Shadow, F(x)’s Electric Shock, KARA’s Pandora, TVXQ’s Humanoids, Secret’s Poison. Just..anything I have on repeat constantly

  280. 2 of the best songs i heard are Block B “Nillili Mambo” and Sistar’s “Loving U”
    Here are the Links : [BLock B = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AYJZvHeKFo ] Sistar = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL2AlXWVbKU

  281. My favourite was Psy’s Passionate Goodbye which was not popular at all. Close second is big bang’s Monster or G Dragon’s Crayon.

  282. “You touch my PARTS baby”

    I’m sorry guise, have I misheard that line? Laughing like a mad man now. LOLOLOLOLOL

  283. Your food… I just woke up I’m hungry Cx btw this may be off topic Can I see you live of your studio on iPhone?

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