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So, yes, this is very different than the things we usually do. We were a bit confused when we were asked to do this, but we said, umm…hells yes! Baths is awesome! I’m not sure how many people here are into Baths or would find this at all interesting, but – hey – it’s Open the Happy! We can post random stuff there :D

Anyhoodledoodle, we hung out with Will for dinner. Really cool guy. I was surprised. His music is, at times, darker. And we don’t know many Western Indie artists, but the ones that we’ve encountered have, at times, been disturbingly odd. But Will was hilarious! He was so damn chipper and keen to see the different things around Seoul and to try out food, and just to talk about anime culture and music and coffee shops, what Sacramento’s like, and just a whole lot of fun stuff. He wasn’t a pretentious artist like he had every right to be. We had a great time.

After hanging out with him for a bit, I was worried that his show was gonna suck. Rolling Hall is a cool venue, but there are times that I think the sound’s a bit off, but I’m not adept enough at sound terminology to know why. Fortunately, I didn’t need any of that for this concert. It rocked. Seriously the best Western act I’ve seen perform in Korea. If you like Baths’ music and have the chance to see a show, go for it. It’s great!

We went to the studio after the show and shot this video. We explained the whole awkward bit to him beforehand, and he was prepped, so as not to be freaked out, and he took it like a champ. Since when are we conventional in our interviews, anyways? Since when do we interview non Korean music, as well? This, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the first, and probably the last as well, for any other acts that see this and say “hell no” in the future. Um…congrats, I think?

I’ll leave it at that. Hope you dug this interview a bit. If you’re new to Baths, we’ve made a playlist of some great songs, embedded above. “Lovely Bloodflow” has been on loop on my iPhone for a while now. “Ocean Death” doesn’t have a full track out yet, but you heard snippets of it in this interview. It’s pretty damn good.

Big thanks to Lasrevinu for bringing Baths to Seoul, and also to Loose Union for letting us use their concert footage. Woot!

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  1. Over the past 3 hrs, my affection for Miasma sky just exploded. So my appreciation for this interview also just exploded too I guess.

  2. You guys should check Gogol Bordello. I think you might like it or at least laugh at it. Hahaha ha ha ha…

  3. loved it seriously its so funny watching the person getting interviewed freaking out and going wth am i doing here

  4. Is this the same artisit? Because I absolutely love it and only found it a few days ago and my gosh, EYK always seem to post something that’s relevant to my week! XD

  5. can anyone till me when royal pirates are being reviewed!!!!!!!!!???????????? please

  6. haha love the interview! he seems like a really cool guy! I love that you guys are into doing different things for your videos, this was hilarious, i loved it. Simon’s fan-boying was really, really good.

  7. Man me and Simon have super similar music tastes, I wonder if he has a last.fm

  8. omg wait baths songs are really nice actually

  9. I’m really glad that you got to interview a western artist that I like. I like your interviews with Korean artists and I always find myself wishing that interviews like that existed with the bands that I like from non-Korea countries.

  10. Wait, Baths as in Baths as in band I totally adore? Oh my, oh my. I never thought you’d listen to this kind of music, but I’m so glad you do! Indie is such an amazing genre and Baths makes it even better. And Will is so awkward it gets totally adorable. I’m so happy right now, gaaaaaah! Oh, and please come to Europe, as in Portugal, pretty please?

  11. Lol oh the awkward Ness Monster creeped out from the depths of lake Awkward XD!!!!! The interview was cool, not used to the indie scene yet but I’m getting there. I actually did like some of the songs after the interview they were pretty good and would listen to Baths anytime. It was my first time listening to Baths so hopefully will hear more from them in the future.

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the best albums of 2013 video you made a while back. It introduced me to a lot of great music, and I totally love Baths, so seeing this interview was awesome :). Also I’m really surprised by how similar our tastes in music are, pretty bizarre.

  13. I don’t what you’re all talking about re: awkwardness. That interview was really good!

    No, I mean it. Really good.

    No seriously, it was really, really good.

  14. Ok I am listening to Baths right now on Xbox Music …was not sure ..and then by the second track I was hooked. Just like EYK to stretch my ears to new places. Thought interview was great!

  15. Great interview~ I enjoy seeing that other people are also awkward as well. I love baths! I got to see him live about a year ago and it was awesome show.

  16. I screamed when I saw this. In an odd way I wasn’t surprised to see that you guys interviewed them at all. I had no idea who they were, never heard of them or any of their songs, until Simon introduced us to them on his personal playlist. After that I couldn’t download their stuff fast enough, and they’re been at the top of my playlist since.

  17. If you ever want to become professional interviewers- by all means go for it! I always love your interviews even if I am not a fan of the artist.

  18. How can a MV be so beautiful and creepy at the same time :) ?

  19. What?! What?! He’s from Sacramento?! I live like a half an hour from there!! OMG AND HE TOUCHED EYK?!!!….O___O

  20. Thanks for introducing me to some cool new music. ^_^v I liked the interview but……maybe it wasn’t awkward enough? It felt sooooo legitimately awkward at points that it didn’t feel like you were doing it on purpose, just that Simon was spacing out and, maybe mocking Will? From the blog, it’s obvious that you weren’t doing this but…..I squirmed in my chair and was tempted to walk in circles to get rid of the jibblies as well some of the time. Maybe some visual cues/fx as to the deliberate awkwardness would have helped.

    Cyber_3 – wondering why interviewing an artist you liked was weird for you, your location doesn’t dictate what you enjoy…..

  21. Please slander Paris Baguette more!…. seriously they need to be destroyed. And thank you for some cool music to listen to while working!

    • I’m assuming just the ones in Korea have extremely sweet and disgusting bread. Paris Baguette in Korea assumes all Koreans want sweet bread, like even things supposed to be savoury are sweet. But when exposed to good quality bread, Koreans do like it, it’s just that Paris Baguette has spread like a disease across Korea and 99% of what they sell is very unhealthy greasy sweet bread. Even being in the countryside… there is still one within walking distance of me right now.

      I’d be interested in trying the ones in the US because I’m sure they are quite different to what they are like here.

    • Yeah. There’s one in Berkeley, CA that is ok. Some of their pastries are too sweet/greasy, but for the most part they’re a good bakery.

  22. This isn’t the type of stuff I normally listen to but it is nice to change it up every now and then. The vocal style reminded me a little bit of Native American music. I had a friend growing up who did jingle dress dancing for Pow Wows and I was invited to come with her once and the vocals and drums there were amazing.
    It felt like I was listening to another world this morning.
    Great interview! Hope you have more chances like this!

  23. Haha Will’s reaction is exactly how I react when people compliment my art.

  24. Glad you guys got to interview a Western Indie artist that you are really into. It may have been random for you guys but it was indeed memorable. I was a bit nervous about the uncomfortable intro, uncomfortable makes me get up and walk around in circles. Actually I wondered at first if you both were to tipsy for an interview XD Then you progressed into a great interview and it was nice hearing how his time in Korea had been.

  25. My Awkward-Meter broke while watching this interview. :D

  26. whoa, that first minute was intensely awkward! lol

  27. wow Simon….you were pretty creepy here…
    ahaha this was a fun interview to watch!

  28. I guess we all have preconceptions and misconceptions about a new country. Actually I feel that happens from state to state IN the same country. It is nice to see people open about other cultures. Brazil will be holding the World Cup this mid year and FIFA has released an honest, yet a not so nice to draw attention to our behavior as brazilians. How do you guys react nowadays, with this preconceptions and misconceptions when speaking of Korea?

  29. hahaha I think you broke him at the end Simon^^ fun interview (but only use this type for like a very few bc this is kinda like only good the first time. and you said so in you blog post so why am i writing this?^^errrrrr)


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