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Our Interview with Baths

March 25, 2014


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Hay guise!

So, yes, this is very different than the things we usually do. We were a bit confused when we were asked to do this, but we said, umm…hells yes! Baths is awesome! I’m not sure how many people here are into Baths or would find this at all interesting, but – hey – it’s Open the Happy! We can post random stuff there :D

Anyhoodledoodle, we hung out with Will for dinner. Really cool guy. I was surprised. His music is, at times, darker. And we don’t know many Western Indie artists, but the ones that we’ve encountered have, at times, been disturbingly odd. But Will was hilarious! He was so damn chipper and keen to see the different things around Seoul and to try out food, and just to talk about anime culture and music and coffee shops, what Sacramento’s like, and just a whole lot of fun stuff. He wasn’t a pretentious artist like he had every right to be. We had a great time.

After hanging out with him for a bit, I was worried that his show was gonna suck. Rolling Hall is a cool venue, but there are times that I think the sound’s a bit off, but I’m not adept enough at sound terminology to know why. Fortunately, I didn’t need any of that for this concert. It rocked. Seriously the best Western act I’ve seen perform in Korea. If you like Baths’ music and have the chance to see a show, go for it. It’s great!

We went to the studio after the show and shot this video. We explained the whole awkward bit to him beforehand, and he was prepped, so as not to be freaked out, and he took it like a champ. Since when are we conventional in our interviews, anyways? Since when do we interview non Korean music, as well? This, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the first, and probably the last as well, for any other acts that see this and say “hell no” in the future. Um…congrats, I think?

I’ll leave it at that. Hope you dug this interview a bit. If you’re new to Baths, we’ve made a playlist of some great songs, embedded above. “Lovely Bloodflow” has been on loop on my iPhone for a while now. “Ocean Death” doesn’t have a full track out yet, but you heard snippets of it in this interview. It’s pretty damn good.

Big thanks to Lasrevinu for bringing Baths to Seoul, and also to Loose Union for letting us use their concert footage. Woot!

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