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Our Interview with Block B

November 13, 2012


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Yes! Finally! Our interview with Block B is up! Oh God! This took forever to publish, but it’s finally here. And we’re giving away a few Autographed Block B CDs to make up for it. You’ll need to know the Nillili Mambo video if you want to win, so check it out if you haven’t seen it already:

But first, let’s talk about the interview and things you don’t see in this video:

1) This was one of the most fun interview experiences we’ve had with Kpop idols. Block B are not only outgoing and just hilarious, they’re also very candid. We’ve found that in our interviews idols oftentimes give very safe generic answers to questions, but Block B was a lot more forward than what we’re used to, and we totally respect them for it. Now I know a lot of you were harassing us online, “where is the interview!?? Where is it!!! GAHHHHH” One of the reasons the interview took so long for us to publish is because we can’t just put up whatever we want for ANY of our interviews. After we film something with any kpop group, we always give the management team a rough copy and let them approve it. This just took a lot longer to approve than usual. So, we had to take out some answers, some TOTALLY AWESOME ANSWERS WE’LL NEVER TELL YOU ABOUT. Oooh you’d like to know all of the juicy details, wouldn’t you? Well, basically they just said that Eat Your Kimchi is the best site in the universe and you Nasties are awesome. Well, they didn’t say that. Moving on…

2) We had a hilarious skit with Block B, inspired by you guise. Well, inspired by Tumblr. We’ve seen lots of gifs and pics of Block B making funny faces. We did a skit in which we had a funny face showdown. Block B kicked our asses in it. P.O in particular had an amazingly deep face. Problem is, we had to cut out that skit, because, well, it was just too silly for the management to handle. We’re pretty upset about it because it was gold, GOLD I SAY! Buuuut these are some of the problems we face with cultural differences between Korean ideas of how an interview should be and North American ideas. I think our goal is to show famous people acting down to earth and fun, not being afraid to make silly faces on camera and act out of their normal roles, but I guess not everyone agrees with us. I suppose it’s better in the long run, because we can’t have footage of Block B beating us at funny face making. WE REMAIN THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS!

3) We cut out another skit. We proposed to Zico on behalf of one of you who begged us on Twitter to do so. We got down on one knee, asked him using your Twitter name, and we got his answer! Well, you’ll never know what that answer was, because we had to cut that out as well. No skits were approved for this video. Sorry! I guess now you’ll never know about your beautiful future with Zico, with all the babies you’d have, the lovely life you’d live. But then again, maybe he rejected you. ENTER SUSPENSE MUSIC!

Block B and Martina

With that said, it’s time for the Autographed CD giveaway. WOOT! If you want to win, we’re giving away the CDs to our YouTube Subscribers, Twitter Followers, and Facebook Fans. If you’re any one of these, here’s what you gotta do:

On YouTube
1) Click this link to Subscribe to us on YouTube
2) Either in the comments to this post or our YouTube video, tell us what you think happened to the diamonds at the end of Nillili Mambo. The answer that entertains us the most wins!
3) If you chose to leave your answer in the comments here, leave your YouTube username in the comment as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed :D

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3) Similar to the YouTube thread, in the comments to that contest thread, answer the same question.

We’ll pick three winners and announce them in next week’s Kpop Music Monday Blooper reel, which for those of you that don’t know, is located on our bonus channel: simonandmartinabonus So much bonus!



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Our Interview with Block B


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  1. Actually I have watched more than I want to admit Kpop interviews and I think they are so much more fun then American interviews by far. That’s how I started to like Big Bang, although they’re more serious now.

    3 years ago
  2. Simon & Martina!!
    Since Block B is no longer under their label, can’t you release the extra scenes?! Pleaseeeee~~~

    3 years ago
  3. Did anyone else think Zico was being wise during the first question? When he goes, “ehhh” to Martina? Both Kyung and B-Bomb shot him a look. I love Zico, but It made me go “hmmm”. *wondering*

    3 years ago
  4. So, who won?

    3 years ago

    3 years ago
  6. PLOT TWIST: Zico’s an insane lonely person who has no friends so he made imaginary friends (other Block B members) and thought up the whole thing. And so, the diamonds are all in Zico’s head! Hehe.

    YOUTUBE NAME: Theoreoraindrop

    3 years ago
  7. I think that Zeco’s hair came to life and stole the diamonds out of the case when they were not looking.

    3 years ago
  8. I’ll bet the diamonds ended up being super-shiny explosive bombs, sort of how they do things in a scifi movie. That’s why everybody was running away in the end!

    3 years ago
  9. Kat

    I think Zico was hired by Song WooBin to steal the diamonds and give them to him. But since he couldn’t tell his crew that or he would have to share the money, he pretended to lose them before making the trade. The diamonds were actually stashed in the pockets of that awesome pink coat of his.

    youtube name: Kat O. (bigsisterraerae)

    3 years ago
  10. I got suspicious on Jaehyo. In the MV, Zico who got the diamonds give that to Jaehyo and P.O who got money (not diamonds) give that to Kyung.. and at the end.. Zico seems opened Kyung’s bag (containing the money) and nothing in there.. But Jaehyo is still hold the bag (containing the diamonds) and Zico didn’t open it and then Jaehyo easily runs away with the two member. So, I think Jaehyo stole the diamonds!
    Oh god! I watch the MV over n over so careful! pleaseeee hope I win it! because I really really want the album! not bcz it’s signed.. it’s because I’m Indonesian, I live in Indonesia and no one sell the album here!! I’m BBC and this is BlockB 1st album! huaaaa i want it! hoo pleasee

    youtube.com/user/itsPutriii <— this is my youtube account. what must I do again for get the album? T_T

    3 years ago
  11. Poem : Block B and the lost diamonds
    On a cloudy day Block B
    Ready to conquer BBC
    Set foot on land
    Not knowing what would happen beforehand.

    While they were meddling with gangsters
    One of them stole diamonds,
    When others were just being pranksters
    Zico wanted to help the eatyourkimchi funds.

    Zico started running
    Chased by gangsters, Taeil, P.O and B-Bomb until the end
    While Kyung just wanted to eat chicken
    And Jaehyo was just rolling rolling
    Down his sexy window to a lady
    Who kept looking at him like he was crazy.

    Unfortunately, sad events occured
    U-kwon who tried to help, got beat.
    Kyung, didn’t have the chicken to eat.
    And after a long run, the diamonds dissapeared.

    Who was to blame ?
    Block B or the chicken ?
    Zico got angry,
    Because he could no longer help eatyourkimchi.

    Youtube user : KawaiiKuroNekoSan
    Here is my entry, I hope it is not too late, if it is it’s ok just let me know what you think of my Block B poem ^.^

    3 years ago
  12. The woman from the beginning,the one who was doing Zico’s nails,that girl took the diamonds!

    Im a big block b fan! I WANNA A CD *____*

    3 years ago
  13. They interact when they meet on the stairs, one of the diamonds fell because the lock was damaged by hitting the briefcase on the floor to open, the diamond wheel to fall through a crack and end up in a small pile of straw in a cumulative corner. The second diamond briefcase falls crashing against the window frame where Kyung & Jaehyo run away when cornered on the roof, but this is the chance to fall into the same corner with another diamond and even this is not sufficient to the pile of straw nest happens to be the partner of the hen rooster so insistently pursuing Kyung, but does not end there because all that chicken was owned by the masseuse who was with Zico at the beginning, so the mystery of the diamonds is chan chan chan! … The girl has a massage, as it was to gather eggs from the chicken and found 2 diamonds instead!

    My ID in YouTube: AikoSora

    3 years ago
  14. In the video, there are two cases. The first one was with Zico and the second P.O grabbed. While Zico has the one with the diamonds, he passed it to Jaehyo who was busy with a girl and Jaehyo left later. Then after a bit, everybody was fighting and after they fought and gathered at the fountain place. If you didn’t notice, Zico only checked one suitcase and not the other one where the diamonds most likely could be.. and the person holding that case was still Jaehyo but he ended up running away with 2 other people because Zico was about to shoot them in result of an empty case.. so in conclusion, Jaehyo probably still has the diamonds and maybe gave one to that girl that he was with earlier on(since you know.. he was getting pretty close to the girl.. XD oooo nasty) that OR while everybody was dancing at 3:31, there were no cases seen right? So the directors probably took the cases for a moment and took the diamonds secretly for themselves and gave them back empty cases when they needed to film the rest of the action scenes ^^

    YouTube username: moonlightgirl23

    3 years ago
  15. Youtube user: Linzer007 BTW, your link for the youtube video goes to U-Kiss’s interview. :)

    Obviously, Kyung fed them to his chicken because me, like a loser, watched and realized that Pyo gives the case with the diamonds in it to Kyung and next thing we know is Kyung is chasing the damn chicken. That is really a terrible way to do that. It’s easier to sneak up on it. (Says the girl from a town with a festival called Chicken Days)

    3 years ago
  16. They’re too obsesed by them, they dreamt about became pirates and they’re not! And those diamonds has never existed …

    Youtube name : Rom’zz Defay (with Google+)

    3 years ago
  17. The diamonds were actually tiny aliens, and they were left in the open on purpose so that they could infiltrate Block B’s home and eventually take over their bodies and make their fans into space servants.

    3 years ago
  18. my youtube name is mslili723

    my sister and I have been watching this music video for some time and this is what we came up with:

    the suitcase came from those guys in suits which was then passed to zico who brings it to taeil. they bring the suitcase around and it somehow reaches jaehyo who was kissing some girl. as what simon and martina pointed out, the girl was caught laughing. this laughing was actually a clue of what happened to the diamonds. she took the diamonds while he was distracted. noticed what she was wearing? she was wearing a red dress, much like what secret was wearing in their poison music video *gasp* this was another clue to what happened. we have arrived to a conclusion that this girl was actually in leagued with secret all along. she was actually laughing thinking that they have fallen for her trap. and how did it reach secret you may ask? in the poison music video, the diamond was stored in a vault, a vault that they knew the code of. we think that kissy girl gave them the code. and how did the diamond reach the vault? she was pretending to be in league with the male people who tried to kill one of the members. so to summarize everything, here was their plan:

    1. kissy girl gets the diamond from block b (special thanks to jaehyo)

    2. she pretends to be in league with the male people who tried to kill one of the secret members

    3. she makes sure she knows the code

    4. she gives the code to secret

    5. secret gets the diamonds

    6. secret makes a hit song out of this whole experience

    and ta-dah!!

    how ’bout the other diamond? we think that she kept it for herself. or did she? we got a sneaky little girl on our hands. so watch out! thanks for reading! I actually really want to win this for my older sister. it was her birthday last november 14 and I didnt give her a gift yet. hehehe.

    3 years ago
  19. I think that the girl in the red dress stole the diamonds when Zico handed them off. As soon as the briefcase is in her reach, we can no longer see her hands. Then, she smiles smugly and waves coyly, she looks way to happy for a girl who was ditched. That explains why Zico was trashing the bar that she was at.

    Youtube account: PrincessHanaka

    3 years ago
  20. It
    was the same kpop gnome that steals practical things from kpop
    videos.Common booty (hahaha pirate pun) include umbrellas on a rainy day
    (or in a rainy room…), roads for their cars to drive on, bluetooth
    for when they actually get to drive, wet wipes for ghastly
    makeup done by the other evil kpop gnome, pants, bullets, sometimes just
    a sleeve or the lower half of a shirt or just the entire back of it, allergy medication (notice how they are
    always blinking and/or tearing up in videos, usually with just one eye
    at a time), etc. In this case since Block B plays on a completely
    different field than the gnome is used to (what!? pirate plot!?no lovesick
    drama? no aegyo?no compilation of dancing shots and FART moments!?), the kpop gnome decided to up its game and steal the
    diamonds. xD Without this gnome, kpop videos would just not be the same!
    Youtube username: mseyadayada
    Thank you for all of your hard work!

    3 years ago
  21. Well,.. being the genius that i am I have come up with the solution that is 100% true and will answer your question.
    But first I want to ask you a question!
    Have you ever thought about what happened to the parrot?
    Now i know what your thinking, “What parrot could this genius be talking about?”
    I am talking about the fact that this video is pirate based and not once have I seen their parrot.
    I mean come on! Every pirate has a parrot and throughout the video i haven’t seen a single one! So i have come up with the perfect conclusion:

    There was once a parrot but, before Zico was in the mood for a hand massage, he and the parrot got into a fight because Zico didn’t have enough money for the massage and he wanted to borrow some. The parrot refused to lend him some and then flew away due to his frustration. While Mambo (Yes Mambo is in fact the parrots name, he and me were old school friends) was angrily flying away he saw two “gangsters” walking towards a large building talking about how they wanted to get a hand massage. An evil plan arrose in his tiny brain.

    He flew down and talked to them about how he’ll pay for their massage as long as they win against him in a water drinking contest, first person to down two water bottles will win the money. The “gangster” knew they would easily win against the little parrot and accepted the contest. They won, got the money and walked happily into the building. The parrot flew away smiling, even though he got into a fight with his master he still wanted to please him. The parrot knew what was in the breifcase. He proceeded flying to a different location. A secret location.

    As the men walked into the building and into the back room they saw that a men was already getting a hand massage. Frustrated, they set the briefcase down and decided to wait. Being as dumb as they are they opened the briefcase and examined the content. Zico heard the clicking sound of the briefcase open and ordered the massager lady to take the towl off his eyes. As she bent in and asked him whether or not he wanted some fancy scented lotion. He flicked his hand and the lady took that as a yes and went to go get some. Zico looked into the mirror and saw the two large diamonds inside the case. Then the two men realised they shouldnt have drank so much water because they had to go to the restroom, like REALLY bad.

    Zico thought of two evil plans. One was to snatch the briefcase while the men went to the restroom together. The other was to ran away with it so he could avoid paying, he didnt quite have the money for his massage and he couldnt be arrested again, his mother would give him an earfull… He really wanted to avoid that.

    While that was happening, Mambo was just getting to his second owner. As he flew in he saw his other master in a big black chair facing away from him. He landed as he heard, “Ive been expecting you mambo, did you do your deed? Did those idiots fall for the water trick? Did that Zico boy snatch the diamonds, that will be mine soon?” Mambo replied yes to all three. “Good,” said the mysterious man, “my other helper is all ready in place and is waiting for her bait. You may go now and send the message to her,” Mambo nodded then flew away. The man laughed an evil laugh then turned around in his overly-large chair. He fixed his short mohawked hair and smiled.

    Helper number two got the news and as the strange oranged hair boy ran into the trap room chasing the decoy chicken, he was grabbed and knocked out by someone. That someone quickly came out of hiding and grabbed the diamonds out of the briefcase the orange haired boy, who is Kyung, was hiding from the men with the guns. Doing it for a guy named Taeil, and a cute/sexy beast named P.O. The mystery helper ran away with the large diamond as her pink hair fluttered in the wind.

    Sound familiar DOESNT IT?

    It should because YOU TWO STOLE THE DIAMONDS!!!! Dont deny it. I know it was you two! Ive petnapped your precise parrot and he’s told me everything! EVERYTHING!!!! I’ll only return him if I get one of the three autographed cd’s!! If i dont, then dont count on getting your bird back, and i’ll be sending you a specail kind of soup, *insert evil face here*

    Wanna know what kind of soup it is?? I’ll give you a hint,…

    IT’S BIRD SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAWHAHAHAHAHAmyyoutubenameisFelixis NazarioMUAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    3 years ago
  22. As you can see in the video, badass Zico first steals the case (1) containing the two diamonds and runs to Taeil.
    While this is happening, P.O and Bbomb is playing cards and gets into a fight and takes away the case 2.
    Eventually they all get chased by the gangs and while in the run, four of them all run into each other.

    They were hesitant for a second but finds a way to escape, to the stairs leading down to the basement where Kyung is preparing for his lunch! If you can see, P.O is on the lead, followed by Taeil and Bbomb right behind him. Remember, Taeil is holding the case with diamonds and Bbomb holding the other case.

    However, when they got to the basement, P.O is suddenly holding a case and he’s actually with Taeil, not with Bbomb. HUH?!
    Anyways P.O passes on this case (which one?) to Kyung. But of course, Kyung has no idea what it is and doesn’t even bother to look at it. He’s busy preparing for his lunch.

    Assuming that P.O and Taeil ran off together, then where are Zico and Bbomb (who’s holding the other case)??
    Surprisingly, Zico had the other case. Luckily he finds his friend and leaves the case to him. Jaehyo was with this sexy lady but quickly leaves her, with Bbomb still nowhere to be seen.

    Jaehyo and Kyung, both carrying the two cases now, meets up with Ukwon.
    Ukwon helps them escape while he’s dealing with the gangs. (which was a FAIL xD)lol
    But in the end all of them meet up by the fountain. Bbomb IS there finally.

    Zico opens up only one of the cases and during this process, Bbomb is cautious and looks around.
    When Zico finds the case empty, he is shocked and starts chasing the members.
    NOW. You see that Jaehyo is holding the second case. But Zico doesnt realize this and Jaehyo&Kyung&Bbomb runs away in the same direction.


    when the members were being chased down the basement, the case Taeil had been holding was switched by bbomb, who was right behind him. Neither P.O or Taeil knew this and passed this fake case to Kyung. He knew this wasn’t the case containing the two diamonds so he just resumes chasing his chicken for lunch. Makes sense, right?

    Now how did Zico have the case? when Bbomb switched the case, he quickly took out the two diamonds. (the case is actually very easy to open!) After Bbomb takes out the diamonds, he just passes the case to Zico.
    Zico, without a second thought hands the empty case to Jaehyo and leave right away. Jaehyo KNOWS this is empty too. Jaehyo then meets Kyung. They’re both holding empty cases and they both know it. (thats why they fist bump). Poor Ukwon doenst know..

    In the end, Bbomb shows up and gives them a hint that the diamonds are safe. So in the end they run away together successfully.
    But why is jaehyo still holding an empty case? why, they’re gonna need a place to put these huge diamonds!!!!
    WOOOW you sneaky Bbomb, Jaehyo, and Kyung. hahahaha

    The scene where they’re in a ship together happened before their betrayal. LOL and that’s why zico is screaming with anger at the end! xD

    urmy0asis (youtube username)

    3 years ago
  23. Block B seem like the biggest bunch of LADS ever! It’s refreshing to see a group like that rather than ones who just politely answer everything, like when Martina addressed Zico for the first question and his response was “Uh.” and the guy beside him just cracked up. They seem like the kind of guys who would embarrass each other just for the craic :P

    3 years ago
  24. ewwww

    3 years ago
  25. It’s [mr] simple. Zico is already a wanted criminal at the start of the mv, as we can plainly see a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster with his face on it in the barbershop. So, why would the diamond goons leave the suitcase there when they went to the “bathroom”? Because it was a trap. A glorious trap. These people were looking for all of Block B, and what better way to do that then by baiting them. What they weren’t counting on, though, was the existence of another case that would be taken off the hands of their gambling friends that contained not only a massive amount of cash, but another set of diamonds, the real ones. That’s right, the ones Zico and B-Bomb stole were fakes! So, When P.O, B-Bomb, Zico, and Taeil met up and switched cases, Zico and Taeil thought the diamonds were safe with P.O. and B-Bomb, when the real ones finally ended up in their hands. P.O. and B-Bomb hand their case off to Kyung for safe keeping (Kyung now has the fake diamonds), but he’s too busy catching that chicken and leaves it behind. Meanwhile, U-kwon has his own suitcase, a third one added into this crazy mix, and he’s fooling with his pistol. In another place, Zico, now split up from Taeil, hands his suitcase (the cash and real diamonds one) off to Jaehyo, who’s busy with his lady friend. Eventually Kyung, Jaehyo, and U-kwon all meet up in one place with all three of the suitcases. The goons find them, but U-kwon fends them off (and gets royally beaten) in order to let the other two escape with their own suitcases. His suitcase, after all, has no relevance to the plot. Zico is now seen running away with B-Bomb, and Jaehyo with Kyung. But where is P.O. now? They all meet again at the end of the mv and open Kyung’s case to find it empty. Jaehyo’s on the other hand, is never inspected. So where was Taeil the whole time they were running? It turns out that when Kyung was chicken-chasing, Taeil snuck in and stole the contents of the suitcase (aka the fake diamonds). What’s his motive? He wants to get back at EYK for making fun of him in Nanlina and thinks that buying their love would be the best option. But Taeil is caught by P.O., who knew that leaving the suitcase with Kyung was a stupid Idea and decided to watch over it from the shadows. P.O. and B-Bomb didn’t know that there were diamonds in the suitcase that they stole, so they would never miss them. P.O. lets Taeil keep one of the diamonds and takes the other one for himself (not knowing that they’re fakes). And Jaehyo’s lady friend? She works for the gangsters who are looking for Block B. She calls Jaehyo over to her place to hide him from the goons for a while, and he ends up bringing Kyung along. Who says women can’t be sneaky? She ends up slipping them some sleeping pills and raids the suitcases while they’re out cold. Because she knows that the real diamonds are in the suitcase with the money, she takes them out, hides them, and pays no attention to the fake diamonds that are missing from Kyung’s suitcase. She thinks that leaving the counterfeit money in there is enough of a consolation prize (because real goons dont use real money to gamble). When the coast is clear, they leave to meet up with the rest of Block B, not suspecting a thing. When P.O. tries to buy himself a Ferrari with his new fortune, he learns that the diamond is fake from an expert appraisal, and decides to hide this information from the rest of Block B because of his immense shame at being gullible. Taeil, on the other hand, tried to exchange the diamond for cash in order to donate the money to EYK’s fundraiser, learns the same thing as P.O., and ends up doing the same. Finally, things come full circle. P.O. and Taeil swear themselves to silence and think it better to leave Kyung to face Zico’s wrath, and Jaehyo’s case is never opened because they know that all that’s in there is money (which they will later find out is counterfeit). The goons/gangsters who were after Block B also gained nothing, and decided that Block B was too dangerous and that they’d never try to catch them again. And THAT is what happened to the diamonds. The End. (It really wasn’t that [mr] simple xD) I hope you guys had fun reading my take on the mv’s plot! :D

    My youtube channel is ShiftryEyes and I will never regret subscribing to you guys! OH hey I made a rhyme! xD

    3 years ago
  26. Hi I’m spzimefrk16! :D Well I think that the suitcase that bbomb and P.O. Stole had nothing in it, in the confusion they switched suitcases with Zico and when Zico got angry at them at the end they just ran away with them. They should have been helping Zico, but come on guys, they’re pirates!

    3 years ago
  27. ~~~ Alrightt seeing as the last place the case was, with the diamonds presumably inside, was the scene with Kyung and the chicken :]] I also believe the chicken took the diamonds while Kyung was busy running through the place with a pan. Presumably , the intelligent chicken knocked the unsuspecting idol unconscious in all its cock- fighting glory in revenge for the fear of begininng a mambo- licious dinner. The devious chicken went rougue nasty mod and then proceeded to sell the diamonds to the highest kpop bidder, which was likely Hyuna, who is always in need of new bling bling diamond rings and experimentation for the creation of her new product diamond ice cream cream cream. Hopefully Block B has learned a few important lessons from this fiasco.1. JaeHyo should’ve learned of the dangers of soul eating women from Bilasa. Her kind strikes again :ooo ; 2. A good pirate should always have bullets,and a good criminal always runs after stealing something and not lifting the stolen goods for all to see.. 3. no one should habitate places that so obviously display WANTED ads featuring them, 4. most importantly, never underestimate a chicken. ~~~

    ~~~Youtube name : ciellepuff

    ~~~ Simon and Martina, thank you so much for all of your amazing videos and interviews :]]] <3 <3 kamsa hamnida, saranghanda

    3 years ago
  28. HAHA!! omg!! I just watched the video over carefully and I actually know what really happened to the diamonds!! XD

    Ok, so you know how there were 2 suitcases? The one Zico stole and the one P.O stole?
    and P.O gave his to Kyung and Zico gave his to Jaehyo, right?

    Well, in the end it was obviously empty because it was the wrong one!!
    loool yup, thats right; ‘Z’ opened the suitcase ‘K’ had- the one that had the $ in it!

    and you can see that ‘J’ is still holding the suitcase he got from ‘Z’ in the end- even leaning on it and running away WITH it after ‘Z’, you know, like threatened him with a gun and all =P but anyway…

    ‘J’ didn’t say anything b/c 1- he doesn’t know what ‘Z’ is looking for, 2- whats in the suitcase he has, and 3- ‘Z’ didn’t give him time to tell him that he has the suitcase Zico gave him

    I’m pretty sure Jaehyo is gonna be happily surprised when he opens that case later lol XD

    NOW, the real question is: What happened to the MONEY?? hmm…lool =P

    YouTube username: angelfree84

    3 years ago
  29. There’s a serious answer and an obvious answer to what happened to the diamonds. First though, everyone had clear motives for wanting to steal the diamonds. P.O. wanted to use the diamonds to buy a new hair blow drier, so he could stop pretending that guns being pointed at him were hair driers. U-Kwon wanted to use the diamonds to buy more bullets, or maybe a new gun for that matter. Kyung wanted to use the diamonds to give to the chicken as a bribe, it seems to be the only way to capture that chicken. B-Bomb wanted to use the diamonds just as a source of cash so he can stop having to gamble so frequently. Zico could’ve just hidden the diamonds in his pocket and felt like playing a prank on everybody at the ed. The serious answer would be that Jaehyo is still holding the other brief case which could clearly have the diamonds in them; the brief case that B-Bomb and P.O. stole could’ve been empty which could’ve gotten mixed up and mistaken for the brief case Zico stole. The clear obvious answer though is that Taeil stole the diamonds so he could go back and properly pay for all that candy…yummy delicious candy.
    Youtube username: Blondesaxplayer
    I already posted this on Facebook too, just throwing that out there. :D

    3 years ago
  30. Simon and Martina hired the chicken to convince Block B to do an interview with them. As the chicken was stalking Block B, Kyung saw the chicken (hungry because they rest of Block B ditched him) he started chasing it with a frying pan. But P.O and Taeil had to ruin the moment by showing up and handling Kyung a mysterious briefcase as they ran. The chicken continued to stalk Kyung only and tried getting revenge for almost eating the him. Jaehyo and Kyung meet and started running with the briefcase but Kyung had to go to the bathroom because last night he ate something bad. So he left the package with Jaehyo but he got distracted by some beautiful ladies. So the chicken got the brief case and changed it with a blank one when Jaehyo was flirting with the girls. When Kyung and Jaehyo where done they went to meet up with the rest of Block B, to see the diamonds. But the chicken was already leaving for paradise and laughing at them. So the chicken threaten them to do the interview but he didn’t return the diamonds back because the chicken is now having fun in Las Vegas~ Block B is forever sad because they lost their diamonds to a chicken.

    youtube username: neonxl0vee

    3 years ago
  31. Somewhere on the cutting room floor is this scene from the music video: http://youtu.be/JhBxT8sckV4 (username: striketoburn)

    3 years ago
  32. Hi this is JIA H. I am sorry. I gave you the wrong username. This is my actual username; saltandlightlover201. Newbie youtube problems!!!

    Have a nice day! by the way my answer is called The
    Fate Of the Lost Diamonds. my name is Jane.

    3 years ago
  33. UGH…i really dont like when entertainment companies dont have a grasp of what the international audience wants….WE WANTS THE FUNNY!!!!!

    3 years ago
  34. The Fate Of the Lost Diamonds ( A fictionally true story about the fearless pirates of Block B and their nonsensically awesome NILLILI MAMBO) By JIA H

    Now the story of the Block B is quite simple and their hunger for superfluous things is rather obvious in their selection of these, ostentatious rocks. So they turn a couple of tricks and what do you know? They have succeeded in stealing the fancy rocks from the ignorant and ninnyhammer-ish, excuse my language, gangsters. But alas! oh dear! when Block B finally escapes, they realize that the diamonds have gone MISSING! Now of course their is a perfectly logical explanation for this unexplained human phenomenon,called theft more commonly known as “the-five-finger-discount.” In this case, it all started with a kiss or perhaps more of an almost-kiss. I know what you are thinking, how does romance relate to pillaging booty. I meant booty as in treasure and loot! Geez! Get your minds out of the gutter! So anyway here’s how it all went down: Jaehyo, being the handsome and sultry gentleman that he is, walks into a bar for a refreshing drink. Out of the corner of his eye, he catches a fair-skinned and rather leggy, if I do say so myself ,Asian woman. And so, out of natural instinct, he goes over their and asks, “Hey girl, Can I buy ya a drank?” ( Eatyourkimchi, Simon reference) , to which the lady responds, “oh why yes, handsome stranger. You look like a respectable young man from a wealthy family seeing as how your shirt is all unbuttoned and stuff!” The two really hit it off and one thing led to another….and another…. and another…need I say more? Just then the two love birds were rudely interrupted by Zico’s call for protection of the booty! Again just loot! WOW! you really need to work on that. In a rash and intense moment, Jaehyo takes the briefcase containing the very expensive diamonds. What he did not realize was that the lovely-one-night-stand lady had already rigged the briefcase and stolen the diamonds! She was in line with the moronic gangsters and got the revenge that they were not able to get themselves due to their lack of brain cells! In the end she cut the diamonds up and sold them on the black market. They have never been seen since….So take heed to these wise words of wisdom future pirates and pillagers: Never trust the hot one-night lady in red. Cause she could very well be your worst nightmare! And so BLock B lived not-so-happily ever after.

    The End

    Hope you liked it! my username is JIA H

    3 years ago
  35. This is what happened;
    When the guys at the candy cart start getting chased, they were in a hurry to put the diamonds back in the case so they could run away. They ended up dropping the diamonds under the cart. Then some candy obsessed child walks up to the cart to get his candy and he drops his money, he bends down to pick up the money and BAM! he finds the diamonds. He decided to buy out some of the candy businesses so he could always feed his candy obsession!
    Youtube name: Himeko1313

    3 years ago
  36. The diamonds fell into the pond

    3 years ago
  37. My YouTube username is: nataliexsaur

    When Zico ran with the diamonds, he went to Taeil in order to open the briefcase. But, Zico was only using Taeil for his own advantage. As the men in black suits approached them, Zico stuffed one of the diamonds in his enormous coat. Zico gave the briefcase to Jaehyo because he knew that Jaehyo could never be able to steal anything since he doesn’t notice things easily. Zico planned on taking the other diamond once everyone was gone. Once Jaehyo closely looked at the briefcase, he noticed the broken lock; he planned to take the diamond once Kyung, Zico, P.O, B-Bomb, and Taeil arrived at their secret hideout. Jaehyo called his closest friend, U-Kwon, and told him to create a distraction. U-Kwon decided that he would shoot the men in black suits, but his plan failed. He forgot to load his gun (oops)! As the men in black suits brutally beat U-Kwon, Jaehyo hid in an abandoned room behind the club/bar and took the remaining diamond. Once Block B reunited at their secret hideout, Zico opened the briefcase for everyone to see. Instead, he showed them the empty briefcase Kyung was carrying. For some strange reason, everyone thought the diamonds were missing. Seeing the panicked look on their faces, Zico commanded them to look for the diamonds. Zico ran off with the diamond he had in his coat; everything was okey dokey since he managed to fool everyone else. Jaehyo ran in the opposite direction with U-Kwon with the diamond he took from the briefcase. Jaehyo was planning to use the diamond to buy food; he figured that the diamond must have been worth a fortune. He was just delighted that he would be able to eat and drink something other than cocktails for dinner. U-Kwon doesn’t know about the diamond Jaehyo took, so he won’t try to stop Jaehyo or attempt to steal the diamond from him.
    So in the end, Jaehyo and Zico both took a diamond without the others finding out ^^

    3 years ago
  38. oh guys the link which should lead to the video of youtube is the one to the ukiss interview O:

    3 years ago
  39. Well… It has to be the lady who’s in the bar with Jaehyo. It’s not like she’s laughing when Zico comes in because she finds the situation quite hilarious, no no no. She knows that she’s going to cheat Block B on their diamonds, and she’s laughing at them. Must have been during that scene with B-Bomb in the middle of the bar scene that she stole the diamonds.
    When I think about it, she might have been the same lady as the lady in the first scene, who gives Zico a hand massage. He just told her off, and she didn’t get any payment, now did she? Of course it would only be fair if she stole those valuable diamonds of Zico’s. You gotta pay for the things you buy after all.

    Youtube account: Chochanie
    ( http://www.youtube.com/user/Chochanie?feature=mhee )

    3 years ago