We got the chance to sit down with Clazzi, leader of Clazziquai Project, and talk to him about his music, his inspirations, about Kpop and its globalization, and other things.

It’s difficult to say how this interview all started. We’ve always been huge fans of Clazziquai. We would wake up to Chocolate Truffles back when we were teaching, and played that album on loop non-stop for months. But that was a while ago, and Clazziquai hasn’t put out an album in a while. So, when we heard Clazzi release his first single, How We Feel, we rushed to listen to it, fell in love with that song as well, and did our best to promote it in our last K Crunch. Yeah. It’s that good.

We decided to ask Clazzi on Twitter if we could interview him, not only because we’re big fans and we thought it’d be totally freaking cool to hang out with Clazzi in his studio (HELL YEAH!) but also because we want other people to know about him and his music (which we put together in a cool YouTube playlist after this interview). More importantly, we got to speak with a very important figure in the Korean Music scene on his thoughts on Korean Music. The two of us are just outsiders looking in and expressing our thoughts on the Korean music through our Western (and often ridiculous) perspective, so to be able to speak with someone in the industry is really interesting for us.

Hanging out with Clazzi

Seriously, the hand placement looks worse than it actually was

More importantly, Clazzi’s studio is pretty damn swag! Maaaaan we would love to work in a studio like that! What surprised us the most, though, was Clazzi’s humility. When we talked to him off camera, he was surprised that we knew his music, and was thankful that we liked it. Seriously? If I made music like Clazzi I’d be like “Do you know who I am? I’m Clazzi! Damn right you like my music! Now line up to the left behind the thousands of other people who want to give me high fives!” But he didn’t have that attitude at all. He was so soft spoken, so hospitable, and just a really cool, down to earth guy, without any of the pretensions that he most certainly should have.

Anyhow, make sure you pick up his latest single, “How We Feel” on iTunes, and if you want to get in touch with Clazzi, check out his Facebook Page or check out how Clazzi makes music on his YouTube page.

We hope you liked the interview. This is, really, our first serious interview ever. That interview with U-Kiss a while ago was more of an impromptu chat than a proper interview, and we totally didn’t get to plan that out right. We’d like to do more interviews like this in the future, hopefully. Let us know what you thought of it!

  1. This is one guy I would LOVE to work with. His music makes my heart feel as if it isn’t moving, kinda like when you meet eyes with your crush. I know that music has affected me if that ever happens. This guy is amazing. How did you come in contact with him?

  2. I can not imagine that the interview ends up being a very unbiased and present the appearance of cool! I was never hear Clazzi but unfortunately I know first Humming Urban Stereo is first duet with Wheesung. Keep it on guys! I hope you can serious (or maybe semi formal?) interview like with Brian Joo, Jay Park, Tablo….. sounds fun right? I’m waiting for the other artists interview!!!

  3. i would love to live a day in this guy’s mind and experience his creative process.

  4. whut? djclazzi prolly doesn’t even know just how many people are fans of his music. i was browsing on the internet the other day and stumbled upon a russian? german? contemporary jazz music website that has clazzi’s entire discography. kekeke. it was amusing, but so awesome at the same time. i really wish there were more producers who do the same type of music as him that are known and not just underground like he says.

    thank you simon and martina for doing this interview!!! maybe next you guys can try to get an interview with teddy and kush. haha.

  5. YOu guys are sooo awesome for making this interview and Clazzi definitely needs more recognition, same money the korean entertainment companies are paying other musicians to make their music, could have been given to Clazzi and I bet with the fame idols have plus the awesome music CLassi makes could equal to something definitely amazing. Like I found out about clazziquai project from you guys mentioning it earlier, but came to listen to HOw we Feel because of clazzi and my fav 2am member seulong in it. If more collabs like that ones were made…..ehhh people would be just blown away by his amazingness. AGAIN thank you SOO MUCH FOR THIS =)

  6. This interview with Clazzi was really great I really enjoyed it…and Clazzi seems like a really down to earth type of guy and his music is pretty awesome. I didnt even know who he was until you guys shown the song How we Feel…by the way really like the song

  7. i enjoyed the interview and it was greatly done. I listened to this song when it came out but didn’t know who Clazzi was, but he did an awesome job on the song. Hope you guys have more interviews like this. 

  8. Great interview!  It was really exciting to see because I’ve been a big fan of Clazziquai for about four years now.  My favorite question was the one about the genre.  I’ve had a hard time explaining what type of music it is to my friends.  Usually I just end up saying its really cool so just listen to it!

  9. Loved this video interview! If you can, please do more of them! Have a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

     ♥ you guys! ..& all your fun vids!

  10. OH! amazing! How come he has no place to make a show?? ..u.u
    Now that you are friends with YG… Big Bang next? jejeje

  11. I think it’d be great if you guys could do more interviews like this one! I really enjoyed it :D Hope you could interview Alexander! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Lee_Eusebio

  12. thanks for that interview… will be on the look out for future events from him for sure….we can only hope…

  13. really want to know that what’s the name of the intro BGM!!!  reply me !  XD

  14. He seems like a really “real” guy, and it shows in this interview. I really agreed with his international view of electronic music and club scenes. It used to be that techno was sort of an underground thing that only people who went to raves really knew about and enjoyed, but singers like Rhianna (who I wasn’t surprised he mentioned), have been integrating techno into their music. I’m not surprised he mentioned Rhianna, because she has been using techno so heavily lately. Anyway, I was already a fan of Clazzi’s music, but its great to know that he’s such a down-to-earth guy. Thanks for this interview!

  15. Interview Brian Joo. I get a kick out of watching old clips of him.

  16. I’ve never heard his music before, but I still found this interview really interesting! Well done, hope you can do more things like this in the future! I also liked how you (or rather he) changed between english and korean ^^ Who translated it? :)

  17. alright now interview teddy and then that will lead you to bigbang

  18. AMAZING!!!! you guys need to interview Tablo, Jay Park and San-E like ASAP. <3

  19. i think it’ll be cool if you guys keep doing this although i know it’s hard to always have these types of interviews but it’ll be cool if you guys interview music producers, composers, indie artists, DJ’s and more. examples like Teddy Park, Shinsadong Tiger, Dok2, Tiger JK, Tasha, Epik High, Standing  Egg, etc etc. people like them really deserve recognition for their good work. 

  20. More with Fluxus.  MOOOOARRRRRR. 

  21. Simon and Martina,
    interview Peter Pan Complex. Have of you heard of this Korean indie band? 
    This is one of their songs. 

    This is a excellent interview. Keep it up.

  22. This interview was totally awesome and I hope you guys get the chance to do some with other artists later! Actually preferably sooner :P Haha and I really loved the bilinguality^^

  23. I really like all Clazziquai songs. I love Skyscrapers from ZBAM. Whenever I pictured DJ Clazzi, I thought of a cool guy who wears sunglasses indoors. But he has a very appealing boy next door quality.
    Simon and Martina, I hope you can do more interviews like this. I started watching all your archived videos and its funny to see your earlier videos when you were stumbling in a new country. Now you are practically experts. Do you speak perfect Korean now?
    Why did you change your website background?

  24. Love the new video. The clean, professional look and editing just blows me away. You two are on another level now. This really reminds me of the celebrity interviews shot for Entertainment Weekly, except without that one annoying announcer :p. Keep it up. I hope to see more interviews like this in the new year.

    P.S. Clazziquai Project is one of my favorite groups and knowing DJ Clazzi has more stuff ready to come out has me overflowing with excitement.

  25. lol truthfully I never knew he existed. But when I saw this interview I was desperately wanting to hear all his tunes but I wanted to finish the video first so yea lol and he’s kinda cute >.< wth  anyways, you guys did a good job on this interview! 

  26. This is great, the quality is excellent and I like how the video focused mainly on the artist himself and showed him in different angles and stuff, kept it interesting.  Clazzi is great and he seems so humble just from watching this video.  His music should get more attention because it’s just that good.  

  27. PINK FLOYD! You sir, have awesome taste.

  28. It’s nice!!! I love Clazz music!!

  29. nice interview guise!
    he’s one of my FAVORITE artist.
    just wondering who translated his korean? their staff? Clazzi himself?

  30. Great job, guise! I hope you could do more interviews in the future. It would be a wonderful experience for you, and an opportunity for us to know more amazing artists like Clazzi.

  31. The chance of getting Clazzi to Norway (/Scandinavia) must be something close to -110%, sigh. (Clazzi I wuwr youuu!<3)
    Anyway, I absolutely adore this interview. Your questions are awesome, the chemistry in the room seems great!

  32. This was a fantastic interview!  A friend of mine introduced me to Clazzaquai and Casker before I ever discovered idol music.  I could literally listen to Clazzaquai non-stop for days.  In fact, I have.  It’s such great music and it has such a unique feel to it and it’s great for any kind of feeling. I’m so psyched for you guys that you got to interview him and I hope to see more music from him in the future!  Great job, guys!

  33. Ah, have you guys been taking video editing classes? The quality has improved a lot!!! Also, really like the new logo~

  34. he seams like a really cool guy! you guys did a very good job o/
    listening to the playlist you guys did im actually starting to like him a lot, so thumbs up for you!

  35. OMFGGGJDFBNHJVB UIVDBHUVJN I LOVE YOU CLAZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 

  36. Clazziquai Project is the first Korean music act that I was introduced to over six years ago. I am very selective when it comes to music and he is definitely one of my top favorite musicians of all time. He IS that good. Simon and Martina you two are awesome and I’m so thankful that you two were able to interview him. I was deeply touched by his humbleness. I am definitely buying his new album when it drops. “How We Feel” is my favorite song of the year.

  37. wow you guys surprised me! it is so awesome you got to talk to him. I hope you’ll have more and more opportunities to interview Korean artists. thank you!

  38. This interview was great and it was neat to get a view of his studio! I hope you get to do more of these interviews in the future ^_^ I got all giggly when he mentioned maybe doing a concert in Canada. Maybe in Vancouver, his hometown? Eh?


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