And here it is: the first ever interview in the Eatyourkimchi Studio! We pushed hard to get this interview done in time for the promotion of their latest video, Love Recipe, which just came out today, so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:


We feel so grown up now, with a real interview in our real studio. Feels so legit now, no? Yay! Funny side note: we actually saw the video before it was released, and before Clazziquai Project actually saw the final product itself. Ha! That was a weird feeling: being shown a video before its release. That’s weird man. Weird.

Anyhow, even though Martina wasn’t here, this interview was just super fun to do. Seriously, there’s so much in the interview that we cut out, simply because the videos would be too long. And if Martina was here the video would be sooooo much longer, because she’s so much more sociable than I am. Clazziquai Project had great stories to tell, great attitudes, and are just cool people. They’re not like “We’re Clazziquai Project: you insufferable peons! We are adored by Korea!” They could go that route, though, and I’d understand. But they didn’t! They were very chill and very playful, and we hope they can come by the studio whenever they have a new video out.

Also, we like the idea of dividing up our interviews into two parts. The first part is them talking about their song, video, and album, followed by a lead into their video, and then followed by your questions. It breaks up the interview from being too long, and it also gives their video more views, which is what we want to do with these interviews. It’s almost like a talk show, in a way, except much more edited. We have to cut out all the times we say “errrm” and “aahhhh” and “ooops I didn’t mean to burp that loud.” Interview burps are the worst. They’re bad on camera, completely unprofessional, and far too common in interviews. P.S. That was a joke. We don’t burp during interviews.

On that note, we’re also giving away THREE COPIES of the new Clazziquai Project album, “Blessed,” and it’s gonna be covered with their signatures. OOOOH you want one, don’t you? We want to give it to you! Here’s what you gotta do to get us to want to give you one!

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We’ll pick three winners and announce them in our next Korean Indie Playlist segment on March 3rd. We’re picking that day for reasons that will be clear later. More top secret stuff we can’t talk about ;)

And, lastly, we have some extra, behind the scenes footage of what it looks like on the set of Eatyourkimchi studios, with Clazziquai Project. OOOH: this is what it would look like if you worked for EYK! Music people walking around, hanging out, having fun. HA! No, that’s not what it looks like here most of the time, but here’s a look at what the day was like a bit:


Lastly, thanks to WorkPeople for hooking us up with the Sticker Booth machine, which we have aptly named the Mini Mini Marshmallow Sticker Booth. It was fun having Clazziquai Project in there, and we can’t wait to have other people in there as well. Soon, we’ll wallpaper the entire place with tiny, silly stickers. EVERYWHERE!

  1. My favorite Clazziquai song is Take A Walk. My youtube user name is ikickss.

  2. (after watching the interview) Great first EYK studio interview !! :D ….
    Love the editing!!

    I bet they were more relaxed then they usually are at interviews but they were kind of nervous ( although they tried not to be :) ) nevertheless I bet they had fun with Simon! :D they’re cute! :D Congratulations to Horan and Clazzi!

    “Love Recipe” is a pretty song. It’s a perfect song to listen to while you read a book or just stay home and look outside the window to find a sunny day sprinkled with small drops of rain :D

    Again awesome work guise!!:D Can’t wait for the upcoming interviews (and see Martina there too :) )!

    P.S: now that I think about it…my questions were kind of childish = . = I’ll do a better job next time…


  3. “Feels so legit now, no?” totally!! :D

    “and we hope they can come by the studio whenever they have a new video out.” !!

    “P.S. That was a joke. We don’t burp during interviews.” I knew it *pout*

    “It was fun having Clazziquai Project in there, and we can’t wait to have other people in there as well.” !!> . <

    "what was your favourite Clazziquai Project song ever?" It's "Dance"! I still listen to it and I don't think I'll ever get bored with it. (I always come back to it) :)

    YT username: addicted2anime123

  4. Congrats on the first interview in the studio!!! You guys are OFFISHAAAL!!! I’m looking forward to many more interviews and hijinks in the sticker booth!

    So I think Clazziquai Project is my favorite Korean music group/artist. To my recollection, their songs were the first Korean music I ever got into (via the KDrama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, way back then in 2006). I’ve really loved their music ever since. So picking a favorite is super tough. But I’ll go with the smooth and silky bossanova song “Romeo N Juliet.” A very close second favorite is “After Love {Female Version)” for similar reasons.

  5. I really loved this interview and even though I had never heard of Clazziquai Project before, I am listening to them a lot now. Though I really liked the chill vibe of “Can’t Go on My Own”, I went back and looked into some of their older stuff since I like electronica and I have to saw I fell in love with “Tell Yourself” so it’s now my favourite……but maybe partially because I work with those trains all the time…. ^^;;

    As others have said, the transitions between Korean and English were quite seamless and it was a pleasure to watch the interview.

    At the end (maybe in the outtakes and/or the main), when Simon said “Come back any time you have a new album…….maybe in 4 years….” – I nearly spit my lunch laughing! I knew that he was joking and didn’t mean it the way it sounded and I could picture him saying “damn!” in his mind…. You were obviously nervous (and perhaps tired?) Simon and I think you recovered well – LOL!

    Cyber_3 – doesn’t have a youtube, facebook, google+, or twitter account, and she doesn’t want any…..so she can’t win…….sigh………….

    • On a little sidenote, is there some way I can support EatYourKimchi without giving away my personal data to these corporations? I can’t be the only one………..maybe I am………….it took me a year to even let discus know who I am so I could comment here…….

      • At first I was like that … but then I thought I feel too much out of the loop so I just made fb, google account , twitter and tumblr… there are times when the websites say the password doesn’t work and everytime they do that I change it… but I think it’s worth it. I made friends here on the EYK pages that either had twitter or facebook …so if I wanted to talk to them further and keep in touch I needed to make accounts…and I did and I’m glad I did it :)

        • While I always like to make new friends and the nasty community seems very nice indeed, I don’t really have any incentive to give away my privacy. In my field (engineering), sometimes just having a placeholder fb or twitter account will keep you from getting interviews and a lot of potential employers even feel (wrongly) justified in asking for your passwords before they will even let you in the door. Even if you can’t access social media from work, your employer can totally monitor your off-hours traffic if you make it easy for them (very hard to prove or protest too). Make one wrong step and they likely have a file that they can use to justify firing you no matter how innocent your personal life is. Honestly, I used to work in IT and most employers consider it the cost of doing business to monitor your social media now…..if they can. They totally monitor your work e-mail btw. I also have lots of friends in real life and most of them are too busy to keep up much of an online presence. I’m not even THAT old and a lot of my friends barely even use e-mail (gah!). It’s too bad there isn’t like a map or something of where all the nasties are so that we could potentially be friends in real life.

          I would like to contribute something to eyk (other than my scintillating conversation :P) since I enjoy it so much. I know that my clicks likely don’t generate any revenue for S+M so if other means exist, then I would certainly love to explore/exploit them. That’s all.

        • … Hmm.. That is quite an interesting dilemma and I completely understand it. I try to keep my personal info safe but it isn’t always possible. Outside of buying one of their shirts ( http://www.districtlines.com/Eat-Your-Kimchi ) there is also the fact that when you view the videos ( without ad block) on this site that it generates income for them. Also there was the fundraiser last year on indie gogo where people got to contribute some cash towards the purchase of the Nasty Studio. Alas that finished but I know several people have been asking if they can still contribute.

          I don’t know if they plan to do anything like that again though.

        • Thanks for the info, I’ll look into these options…….but I soooooo loooooooooove my adblock but I guess I can configure to turn it off for this one site.

        • Quite a few people do that with the Adblock. You are welcome. That’s my job.

        • O_O that’s privacy exploitation! (if I understood well) what kind of people do that? of course you won’t access internet at work… you’re at work…but to monitor it outside of the work space it’s too much!! (ò_ó) these people should be sued!!

        • It _is_ privacy exploitation. Not to get into it too much, but every major and minor corporation does it around the world. There are apps/software that are designed specifically for this, the monitoring is all computerized, doesn’t require any tech savvy at all…it searches periodically and trips on certain words/combinations and then a report is created and stored until needed.

          I try to stay off the corporate radar with my personal life and I am honestly too busy to be updating my page/tweet/whatever. I’ve also seen too many women discriminated against just for getting married because their boss is worried about them getting pregnant….and yeah, don’t try to come back to work after having a baby, you’ll be put in the corner or laid off (since they are expecting you to get pregnant again). Totally innocent parts of your personal life that can affect your career path in a negative manner, even though they shouldn’t.

        • *sigh* I know about this side of the corporate world and it is really invasive, but they do it nonetheless. And if you protest against it, you get labelled as difficult, and it is very likely that you can be blackballed, especially if you are a woman.

  6. The behind the scenes Martina scolding was hilarious. Also loved the photo booth posing. I wish we could see the photos Clazziquai took in the booth. That would be flippin’ awesome.

  7. This was so awesome! I really love the fact that you review and feature so many types of artists. Clazziquai is such a great representation of the great things that are happening in the Korean music scene. My favourite song is “You Never Know.” I just want to turn it up, open all of the windows and dance around my living room when I hear this! I think my YouTube user name is Kelly E. Either that or jaydodo74….I still haven’t figured it out since the sync with Google login. Keep making crazy amazing videos!

  8. What a fun and humble group to have for your first interview in EYK studio…total shame Martina was not there but there will be so many more to come. Thanks for sharing as always!

  9. They look like such incredibly nice and humble people!! Love them, love their songs, love the album!

  10. I know it’s his solo work but my favorite all time Clazzi song ever is Love & Hate

    My youtube username is Starsania

    Thanks so much for the interview! It’s always awesome to hear what artists have to save about their own work.

  11. ahahahahaha he got collective editions of 19+ magazines!!!!!
    aawwww i love the sticker booth!!!!! it’s such a fun way to end the interview and it just looks so fun!!!!

  12. Love Mode is my favorite Clazziquai song! I heard this song and I found out it was in a music game called DJ Max, because Clazziquai Project had their own game. So Clazziquai was what got me into DJ Max. And then DJ Max was my first entry into K-Pop. So I owe it to Clazziquai and Love Mode for getting me into K-Pop. (Note: My Youtube username is “MerroStep”)

  13. LOVED the interview! I am so glad to be a Nasty! You guys are just awesome!

  14. As a dedicated Clazziquai Project fan for over 5 years now, it’s quite hard to actually pick one song that I can identify as my absolute favorite. After much deliberation (it’s so hard to pick a favorite when they are all so good!) I decided that Gentle Rain is my favorite Clazziquai Project song. I might be slightly swayed by the fact that I know it is one of Alex’s favorite Clazziquai Project songs as well, but also, I feel as though it is a good example of what kind of music Clazziquai Project produced in its early years and is good to compare to their current styles. It’s a calming song that really shows how wonderful Horan and Alex sound together as well as on their own, and generally always puts me in a good mood. It’s such a great song and I always find myself singing it when there is a sprinkle of rain pattering on my window. :)

    my YouTube username: dannyskye

  15. Simon you were so flushed! Do you get all red when you are nervous? I get super red splotchy face and rudolph ears when I’m nervous or overly excited or drinking. This was such wonderful interview. I have to say it was one of my favorite interviews you guys have done.

    Also, uhm Alex, yeah, he’s super cute and manly. I’d like to win him…I mean the Clazziquai CD! Off to decided my favorite song!

  16. They filmed part of this music video in a store in Itaewon! I recognize the store…I think it’s called High Street or something?

  17. That Alex. Yes indeed. All I’m saying is that when I look at him, a Barry White soundtrack suddenly appears out of nowhere. Oh yeah.

  18. Yes! Tiny bookshelf for tiny photobooks! Make it happen!

  19. it is hard to chose, but since “Can’t Go On My Own” was my first, it has the specialness factor marking it as my favorite. (notachibisuke)

  20. I really like this song because its more my style when it comes to K-Indie. I love the soft smooth sound of the song. I like my K-Indie songs to be something i can sadly sit by my window and listen to on a rainy day, or happily listen to under a tree on a sunny day, in a coffee shop or in the library, reading a good book in a random spot, or just stare at my ceiling. Alone. Just staring, listening to K-Indie. Yea, that sounds like a good time. I loved the interview, you did a good job by yourself Simon, props man! :D

  21. WOW.

    Okay so I just finished watching Part 1, and the MV, with my dad. We both found it really amusing and interesting how the interview was bilingual – slipping in and out of two languages without a hitch. OMG. So amazing, these guys. Oh, my dad also respected Horan for keeping her mole uncovered both in the interview and in the MV. Moles are awesome, man (I have 2 on my face :p)

    Now when I heard they were going all acoustic, I felt a little disappointed, because I really, REALLY liked their old electronic stuff. Go Clazzi!! Go Clazzi!! *chanting* – I especially loved Clazzi’s solo stuff; How We Feel was played on loop in my car when I drove outback for over 20 hours. 20 hours of Clazzi – no regrets :p

    But Love Recipe was surprisingly AMAZING!! All that harmonisation!! Wowie wowa!! It sounds a bit like Urban Zakapa, actually – but that’s ok, I love them too :p The video was so pretty and well-edited, heart-moving and spine-tingling. I got goosebumps everywhere. It’s so beautiful.

    I think I might actually try for their album – can I? I want a signed Clazziquai Project album…uuuggghh….but I feel kinda bad participating, Y’know how companies don’t usually allow employees to apply for contests? :p So I think I’ll just buy it. I already have all their old music, after all.

    Here’s my favourite song, btw – Tell Yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyv9cBhi7Yg
    I get lots of feels from this song, because I have self image and mental health issues – and it kinda speaks to me, y’know. Yeah.

    Now for Part 2 :D

  22. My favourite song is “I Will Never Cry” from their Instant Pig album. It’s so mellow and then the electronic parts pick up near the middle.. it’s awesome! I’m so happy you were able to interview Clazziquai, they really deserve more airtime and more people should know about them! <3 Youtube user name: MiSS405

  23. YouTube name “TimaTenshiChik”: My favorite Clazziquai Project song of all times has got to be “Tell yourself”. The song is so catchy and to me says Clazziquai when I hear it. It makes me literally bop around like an idiot everytime I listen to it haha :) I like the positive attitude and message that it projects.
    Not to mention the music video is absolutely adorably funny and so creative! Bursts of colour and silliness! Love it! All up a great song and mv that I never get sick of.

  24. My favorite song is definitely She Is… it’s the ultimate song for dramatic moments in dramas! haha. And it’s so catchy. It made me discover Clazziquai <3


    By far, strangest gift question was the best XD XD

    Martina is suffering from a TERMINAL CASE OF CUTENESS

    I love that it says Fluxus music. Makes a connection to Yoko Ono lol.

  26. Looooooved the combination of English and Korean in this video, and the fact that you captioned in both languages. Also, nice use of different camera shots — it made it more interesting to watch than if you had just turned the camera to face them and left it there. And, the sticker booth… I mean, really, what’s there to say that could ever do justice to the awesomeness that is the sticker booth?

  27. So of my favorites song are be yourself and lazysunday morining but all their songs are awesome . If I ever need something cheerful or relaxing I just look for their music. youtube username Sakuchan 191

  28. For me the most touching Clazziquai song is “Hold your tears” … I can’t hold myself every time that I heard it ….This song has such great feeling that I can’t evoid sing louder thinking in my friends and how they help me and how I want to help them too…..

    I don’t know how to explain exactly how I feel when I listen “Hold your tears” …But it’s an incredible feeling, and this song really cheers me up … reminds me that life can be better if I’m not alone, if I can count on someone, and if that person can also count on me…and not just on a romantic way…..every time that I heard this song I remember my friends and my family….persons who truly love me and are there for me always…..

    Youtube username: Rafaela S

    And I have to say that it’s a great interview… Alex, Horan and Clazzi has a really good mood…They are really funny and nice!!!!

    Simon you’re a lucky guy!!!! …and again I feel sorry for Martina T_____T”” I think she would enjoy a lot this interview

  29. I am so happy for you guys! I contributed to your studio and I am so glad I did – this interview brought tears to my eyes, not because I am a fan of Clazziquai (although I am), but because I am so happy to see your dream realized with your first official interview!!! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see more interviews and fun happenings in your new studio!!!

  30. I loved them in the Sticker Booth! Talk a little… then oh it’s getting ready to take the picture *POSE* then go back to messing around…*POSE*. So cute!

  31. 1) I love Horan’s speaking voice so much. It’s so sultry and wonderful.
    2) CONGRATS DJ DADDY CLAZZI and cool tie dude.
    3) I like you, Alex. You’re funny :P Stay funny.
    You did a great job interviewing Simon! I enjoyed the editing of the video and you chose really good questions.
    As for the contest, my most favore song by Clazziquai is a tie between “Love Again” and “Tell Yourself” I just really enjoyed Mucho Punk in general.
    YouTube name: thereadingchica

  32. Fun interview, but the shots of Simon’s mouth seemed distracting; I’d rather see more of the artist.

  33. I know you guys like trying to bring lesser known artists to our attention but I REALLY want an Orange Caramel interview! >_< See if Lizzy still remembers you! (Hey wait, they still haven't won on here so it's not like they're THAT big.)

    But yeah was an entertaining interview even tho I didn't care for their song very much. I like how they all spoke in English quite a bit. And their English was pretty good.

  34. My favorite clazziquai songs are Romeo and Juliet & Love Ends <3

  35. My favorite song is most definitely “She Is”. I don’t know why, it just has such a relaxing feel and I could get a sense of a million different vibes. So much feeling. Woo.


  36. My youtube username is katibear1000 :D I think my favorite Clazziquai Project song is “Tell Yourself”. It has a musical color that never gets old~ It also makes me reminisce a lot, since this has been one of my favorites for a few years. Plus the beginning part is really unique ^^ Thanks Clazziquai~!

  37. Ah… our little EYKs are growing up and getting all professional!!

  38. Can’t wait to see more interviews of different Korean artists!! Keep up the great work EYK! FIGHTING!! ^^

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