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Our Interview with Clazziquai Project

February 6, 2013


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And here it is: the first ever interview in the Eatyourkimchi Studio! We pushed hard to get this interview done in time for the promotion of their latest video, Love Recipe, which just came out today, so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

We feel so grown up now, with a real interview in our real studio. Feels so legit now, no? Yay! Funny side note: we actually saw the video before it was released, and before Clazziquai Project actually saw the final product itself. Ha! That was a weird feeling: being shown a video before its release. That’s weird man. Weird.

Anyhow, even though Martina wasn’t here, this interview was just super fun to do. Seriously, there’s so much in the interview that we cut out, simply because the videos would be too long. And if Martina was here the video would be sooooo much longer, because she’s so much more sociable than I am. Clazziquai Project had great stories to tell, great attitudes, and are just cool people. They’re not like “We’re Clazziquai Project: you insufferable peons! We are adored by Korea!” They could go that route, though, and I’d understand. But they didn’t! They were very chill and very playful, and we hope they can come by the studio whenever they have a new video out.

Also, we like the idea of dividing up our interviews into two parts. The first part is them talking about their song, video, and album, followed by a lead into their video, and then followed by your questions. It breaks up the interview from being too long, and it also gives their video more views, which is what we want to do with these interviews. It’s almost like a talk show, in a way, except much more edited. We have to cut out all the times we say “errrm” and “aahhhh” and “ooops I didn’t mean to burp that loud.” Interview burps are the worst. They’re bad on camera, completely unprofessional, and far too common in interviews. P.S. That was a joke. We don’t burp during interviews.

On that note, we’re also giving away THREE COPIES of the new Clazziquai Project album, “Blessed,” and it’s gonna be covered with their signatures. OOOOH you want one, don’t you? We want to give it to you! Here’s what you gotta do to get us to want to give you one!

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We’ll pick three winners and announce them in our next Korean Indie Playlist segment on March 3rd. We’re picking that day for reasons that will be clear later. More top secret stuff we can’t talk about ;)

And, lastly, we have some extra, behind the scenes footage of what it looks like on the set of Eatyourkimchi studios, with Clazziquai Project. OOOH: this is what it would look like if you worked for EYK! Music people walking around, hanging out, having fun. HA! No, that’s not what it looks like here most of the time, but here’s a look at what the day was like a bit:

Lastly, thanks to WorkPeople for hooking us up with the Sticker Booth machine, which we have aptly named the Mini Mini Marshmallow Sticker Booth. It was fun having Clazziquai Project in there, and we can’t wait to have other people in there as well. Soon, we’ll wallpaper the entire place with tiny, silly stickers. EVERYWHERE!



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