And here it is: the first ever interview in the Eatyourkimchi Studio! We pushed hard to get this interview done in time for the promotion of their latest video, Love Recipe, which just came out today, so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:


We feel so grown up now, with a real interview in our real studio. Feels so legit now, no? Yay! Funny side note: we actually saw the video before it was released, and before Clazziquai Project actually saw the final product itself. Ha! That was a weird feeling: being shown a video before its release. That’s weird man. Weird.

Anyhow, even though Martina wasn’t here, this interview was just super fun to do. Seriously, there’s so much in the interview that we cut out, simply because the videos would be too long. And if Martina was here the video would be sooooo much longer, because she’s so much more sociable than I am. Clazziquai Project had great stories to tell, great attitudes, and are just cool people. They’re not like “We’re Clazziquai Project: you insufferable peons! We are adored by Korea!” They could go that route, though, and I’d understand. But they didn’t! They were very chill and very playful, and we hope they can come by the studio whenever they have a new video out.

Also, we like the idea of dividing up our interviews into two parts. The first part is them talking about their song, video, and album, followed by a lead into their video, and then followed by your questions. It breaks up the interview from being too long, and it also gives their video more views, which is what we want to do with these interviews. It’s almost like a talk show, in a way, except much more edited. We have to cut out all the times we say “errrm” and “aahhhh” and “ooops I didn’t mean to burp that loud.” Interview burps are the worst. They’re bad on camera, completely unprofessional, and far too common in interviews. P.S. That was a joke. We don’t burp during interviews.

On that note, we’re also giving away THREE COPIES of the new Clazziquai Project album, “Blessed,” and it’s gonna be covered with their signatures. OOOOH you want one, don’t you? We want to give it to you! Here’s what you gotta do to get us to want to give you one!

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And, lastly, we have some extra, behind the scenes footage of what it looks like on the set of Eatyourkimchi studios, with Clazziquai Project. OOOH: this is what it would look like if you worked for EYK! Music people walking around, hanging out, having fun. HA! No, that’s not what it looks like here most of the time, but here’s a look at what the day was like a bit:


Lastly, thanks to WorkPeople for hooking us up with the Sticker Booth machine, which we have aptly named the Mini Mini Marshmallow Sticker Booth. It was fun having Clazziquai Project in there, and we can’t wait to have other people in there as well. Soon, we’ll wallpaper the entire place with tiny, silly stickers. EVERYWHERE!

  1. I didn’t know Alex was from Clazziquai when I watched Pasta!!!!

  2. I like their song love recipe!! Very nice interview!!

  3. You know, I really love to participate on your contests on Twitter! It’s so easy(although, I never won), but that way suits me the best :D I guess that makes the laziest person ever….even if I know I might win something! There’s no hope for me @(o・ェ・o)@

  4. My favorite is: Gentle Rain
    Youtube username: tinkerbell4u1

  5. cadencesatire i like the song Sweety. my friend jae introduced them to me that year :) but this newest song is really fantastic too

  6. They’re my favorite group so omg thank you so much for this interview! I waited till the last minute to post this because it was so hard to pick a favorite TT^TT Like many other people, there’s too many I like, such as Tell Yourself, Love Mode, Lover Boy, Romeo & Juliet, Take a Walk, etc. But to be unique I’ll pick a song that i love that’s underrated and not very well known!
    So my favorite song is Walk Away, the bonus track from their Japanese Ver. of Love Child of the Century. Why? Because it’s a very special song, the only song that DJ Clazzi actually participated in singing! It has that classic Clazziquai Project sound in all english that makes sense :D It’s just really refreshing to hear all the members sing together and highlight DJ Clazzi for his talent as he composed, produced, and actually sings the song ^^ Sorry this is long a little long, I’m just very passionate ^^; I really want their signed album even though I already picked up a copy of the CD already…THANK YOU >:D

    YT username: gracegoesmoo555

  7. Simon & Martina for real why don’t have an interview with JYJ…Plz consider it in the future…

  8. so awesome !!! :) :D

  9. Thx for these awesome vids! To be honest, I get my kpop + indies intros & fix from you guys. My youtube prof: SkinnyMiniKiki.

    I can’t get enough of Clazzi’s 생의 한가운데. Looove it! Also, Happy new year fellow canucks. : )

  10. Thank you for interviewing Clazziquai. I love their songs and glad to see non-idol groups getting recognized. I hope you guys can interview other solo artists like Park Hyo Shin, my favorite singer. He’s working on his new album since he got out of his military duty last year, it would be great to see him here when his new album comes out. I have to say he’s one of the best singers in his generation.

  11. My favorite Clazziquai song is Take A Walk. My youtube user name is ikickss.

  12. I was introduced to Clazziquai Project from a friend who recommended it after they heard I liked another group similar to them and then he went on to tell me he had heard them from a drama called My Lovely Sam Soon. I watched it, and after hearing the song She Is play, within that first moment I instantly fell in love with Horan and Alex’s voices as they blended together and accompanied Dj Clazzi’s beautiful musical arrangements, needless to say it became my most favorite song ever~~ !! Then I knew I had to go look for their other songs. Thanks to the song She Is and that recommendation, Clazziquai Project and all things associated with them have been in my heart and have kept me company through ups and down, inspired me to be better at everything I did and will do. I can proudly say they are the only group who I have played for all moments, happy,sad and everything in between. I hope I’m lucky enough to receive a copy as March 4 is my bday * u*
    YouTube ID: Arissuu

  13. Way back in 2008 I heard Clazziquai project for the first time, and instantly fell in love. So, needless to say I was very happy that
    they were your first interview.
    I found them by accident and I don’t even remember how, but it was because of them I discovered Korean pop and indie music. Became interested in Korean pop culture and history. Surprised a few Korean newfound friends with my music taste, and even
    (might I even say) because of them, travelled to Korea. I did not understand what they sang but I was captured by the
    mellow/jazzy sound and velvet vocals.

    So, after so many years and albums, it is extremely hard to choose only ONE favourite song!
    Ethereal and lovely “I Will Never Cry”, fun and danceable “Futuristic”, or “Come to me” that I used to listen on repeat? Should I choose slow, beautiful, acoustic “Speechless”? Funky “Salesman” or sensual and boss nova like “Next love”? Oh, this is truly torture! >.<
    Well, I will have to go with good feelings in this case. I choose 80s sounds of “Middle of Life” it has that awesome guitar right from the start and then nice beat, amazing vocals, and catchy chorus.
    I love it, it just makes me smile, its like riding on a bicycle on a sunshiny day with the breeze in your face. Plus, I have good memories of dancing to this with a good friend on the kitchen tile floor in wool socks.

    Not having a fantastic Monday morning? Just listen to this song, and you are charged until Thursday!. Yeaaa!
    [youtube name: blueluna]

  14. My favorite Clazziquai song is…*sight*… it’s so hard to choose just one!… but I’ll try, just let me check through all my Clazziquai albums. Ok! I will choose that song that makes me feel special inside and I have to say it’s…Sweety from Instant Pig Album…How it says in the lyrics It brings me back to life! Every time I listen to this song I just close my eyes and feel EVERYTHING! Peace, happiness, hope and many good things I cannot describe. Plus Alex and Horan’s smooth voices, beyond description!

    YouTube username: akemihimeko

  15. I really love Clazziquai project, they were one of the first korean groups (indie groups) that I listened when I grew interest in korean music, I was so exciting when I read about their new album.. Horan is so beautiful n.n!.. I don’t know why.. they spoke sometimes in english and sometimes in korean XD.. sorry, It was a little bit hard because english isn’t my first language (I’m still learning XD). Thank you for the interview! :)! waaa horan’s wedding.. great!!

  16. I really love the cinematography – excellent style choice. It made the interview about them and not the host. This is going to sound geeky, but all I could think about was ‘Man! I could just listen to them talk every day!’ What fantastic speaking voices! It’s always so disappointing to see someone or hear them sing then hear them talk and be all ‘What is that?’ You know, like how handsome David Beckham is yet he sounds like he’s a 12 year old from the boonies. And, Alex, thank you for being honest – rapping is not for everyone. I just wish K-pop in general would adhere to that.

    Way to jump in with the ‘It had very good articles, right?’ Simon. Now THAT’S how you interview! You so NASTY! But we lurv it!

    My favorite CP song will always be ‘She Is’. It’s just such a chill song and it’s so very pretty and I STILL listen to it 7 years after first hearing it! it’s an excellent example of a sweet song that isn’t sugary – it’s very . . . what’s the word I’m looking for. . . .sincere.

  17. do someone knows hoe their album/song is doing on the charts?
    I really love the song and I hope Korea love the song too ~

  18. my favourite song is Sweety!

  19. It’s so awesome that the first group you interviewed in the new studio was CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT!!! This is so great! They’re such cool people. Good luck to Clazziquai and a special congrats to Horan :D

  20. They are SUCH inspiring people, the three of them >//< <3 *correction: the five of them, with our beloved Simon & Martina <3 (Martina HAS to be there for all the other interviews<3 though as we can see, she's there in spirit<3 Clazziquai's messages to her were adorbbbbb<3)

    And am I the only one that gets super excited when S&M are super excited for my biases? (ahem junsu/JYJ/TVXQ & clazziquai)

    Oh, and my favorite Clazziquai song ever is Romeo n Juliet. It (and Clazziquai Project) has such a special place in my heart. <3 (User: japans1girl)

    And finallyyyyyy, so so so incredibly happy for EYK. You guys have made it big time and I look forward to all your future projects. <3 I'M A NASTY 4 LYFE. <3

  21. Not to be down on you guys but I found the constant background music in this video the be quite distracting, particularly since it has such a distinctive looping sound. Perhaps it would be better if it faded out when the questions were being asked and answered, keeping it only for linking sections? If the interview is to barren without perhaps it might be worth investigating ambient noise that you could underlay.

  22. This interview was so much fun! :D Loved it!

  23. (after watching the interview) Great first EYK studio interview !! :D ….
    Love the editing!!

    I bet they were more relaxed then they usually are at interviews but they were kind of nervous ( although they tried not to be :) ) nevertheless I bet they had fun with Simon! :D they’re cute! :D Congratulations to Horan and Clazzi!

    “Love Recipe” is a pretty song. It’s a perfect song to listen to while you read a book or just stay home and look outside the window to find a sunny day sprinkled with small drops of rain :D

    Again awesome work guise!!:D Can’t wait for the upcoming interviews (and see Martina there too :) )!

    P.S: now that I think about it…my questions were kind of childish = . = I’ll do a better job next time…


  24. thank you very much for this interview, I’m discovering clazziquai only recently but I like them :) just one thing.. I found the continuous focus on the hands and mouths a bit too much, not sure if it bothers only me.. :/

  25. The Interview was amazing I finished all of it in PLAYLIST MODE!!! :)

    I bet anyone who reads my comments will say it in their best impression of S&M.

    I love how everyone was just so chill in the interview and no obvious language barriers there.

    Good Job Simon for not showing your mopey side and having fun with Clazziquai.

    I’m sorry Martina that you were not able to participate in an interview because of one day barrier.

    andas My favorite Clazziquai song is I will never cry – I love the way the vocals are arranged in an alternating pattern. It’s like a dialogue between lovers, and you can feel the pain of the speakers. In some way I can relate to it. Not in a romantic sense but the feeling of pain and regret rolled in the music. This song came out in a time when I was having a tough time and My grandma just got diagnosed with colon cancer. In a way this song spoke to me. It wasn’t all mopey but it gave me a little outlet to the pain and my feeling for what happen to my grandma. The trance part of the song also helped in a way. It gave some feelings of release and freedom to let go I guess. Sorry for being all mopey. But Clazziquai and an assortment of other mopey song did help me cope with my grandma’s death (Nov 14, 2004). May she rest in peace. Sorry for being such a lame and mopey reviewer.

    Any way congratulations guys on your first successful interview!!! I hope you have many more interviews to come.

  26. I love how the interview is in both Korean and English! I’m not sure if it was because they were more comfortable speaking Korean sometimes (I think they spoke English well when they did) or if you planned it out like that. If you didn’t,
    then please keep doing it like that! It’s really cool with the subtitles and I think it’s clever, and “fresh”. I also think it’s great that you had Korean subtitles when they spokeEnglish. <3

    Loved it! Great job!

  27. “Feels so legit now, no?” totally!! :D

    “and we hope they can come by the studio whenever they have a new video out.” !!

    “P.S. That was a joke. We don’t burp during interviews.” I knew it *pout*

    “It was fun having Clazziquai Project in there, and we can’t wait to have other people in there as well.” !!> . <

    "what was your favourite Clazziquai Project song ever?" It's "Dance"! I still listen to it and I don't think I'll ever get bored with it. (I always come back to it) :)

    YT username: addicted2anime123

  28. Congrats on the first interview in the studio!!! You guys are OFFISHAAAL!!! I’m looking forward to many more interviews and hijinks in the sticker booth!

    So I think Clazziquai Project is my favorite Korean music group/artist. To my recollection, their songs were the first Korean music I ever got into (via the KDrama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, way back then in 2006). I’ve really loved their music ever since. So picking a favorite is super tough. But I’ll go with the smooth and silky bossanova song “Romeo N Juliet.” A very close second favorite is “After Love {Female Version)” for similar reasons.

  29. Cyber_3

    I really loved this interview and even though I had never heard of Clazziquai Project before, I am listening to them a lot now. Though I really liked the chill vibe of “Can’t Go on My Own”, I went back and looked into some of their older stuff since I like electronica and I have to saw I fell in love with “Tell Yourself” so it’s now my favourite……but maybe partially because I work with those trains all the time…. ^^;;

    As others have said, the transitions between Korean and English were quite seamless and it was a pleasure to watch the interview.

    At the end (maybe in the outtakes and/or the main), when Simon said “Come back any time you have a new album…….maybe in 4 years….” – I nearly spit my lunch laughing! I knew that he was joking and didn’t mean it the way it sounded and I could picture him saying “damn!” in his mind…. You were obviously nervous (and perhaps tired?) Simon and I think you recovered well – LOL!

    Cyber_3 – doesn’t have a youtube, facebook, google+, or twitter account, and she doesn’t want any…..so she can’t win…….sigh………….

    • Cyber_3

      On a little sidenote, is there some way I can support EatYourKimchi without giving away my personal data to these corporations? I can’t be the only one………..maybe I am………….it took me a year to even let discus know who I am so I could comment here…….

      • At first I was like that … but then I thought I feel too much out of the loop so I just made fb, google account , twitter and tumblr… there are times when the websites say the password doesn’t work and everytime they do that I change it… but I think it’s worth it. I made friends here on the EYK pages that either had twitter or facebook …so if I wanted to talk to them further and keep in touch I needed to make accounts…and I did and I’m glad I did it :)

        • Cyber_3

          While I always like to make new friends and the nasty community seems very nice indeed, I don’t really have any incentive to give away my privacy. In my field (engineering), sometimes just having a placeholder fb or twitter account will keep you from getting interviews and a lot of potential employers even feel (wrongly) justified in asking for your passwords before they will even let you in the door. Even if you can’t access social media from work, your employer can totally monitor your off-hours traffic if you make it easy for them (very hard to prove or protest too). Make one wrong step and they likely have a file that they can use to justify firing you no matter how innocent your personal life is. Honestly, I used to work in IT and most employers consider it the cost of doing business to monitor your social media now…..if they can. They totally monitor your work e-mail btw. I also have lots of friends in real life and most of them are too busy to keep up much of an online presence. I’m not even THAT old and a lot of my friends barely even use e-mail (gah!). It’s too bad there isn’t like a map or something of where all the nasties are so that we could potentially be friends in real life.

          I would like to contribute something to eyk (other than my scintillating conversation :P) since I enjoy it so much. I know that my clicks likely don’t generate any revenue for S+M so if other means exist, then I would certainly love to explore/exploit them. That’s all.

        • O_O that’s privacy exploitation! (if I understood well) what kind of people do that? of course you won’t access internet at work… you’re at work…but to monitor it outside of the work space it’s too much!! (ò_ó) these people should be sued!!

        • Cyber_3

          It _is_ privacy exploitation. Not to get into it too much, but every major and minor corporation does it around the world. There are apps/software that are designed specifically for this, the monitoring is all computerized, doesn’t require any tech savvy at all…it searches periodically and trips on certain words/combinations and then a report is created and stored until needed.

          I try to stay off the corporate radar with my personal life and I am honestly too busy to be updating my page/tweet/whatever. I’ve also seen too many women discriminated against just for getting married because their boss is worried about them getting pregnant….and yeah, don’t try to come back to work after having a baby, you’ll be put in the corner or laid off (since they are expecting you to get pregnant again). Totally innocent parts of your personal life that can affect your career path in a negative manner, even though they shouldn’t.

        • *sigh* I know about this side of the corporate world and it is really invasive, but they do it nonetheless. And if you protest against it, you get labelled as difficult, and it is very likely that you can be blackballed, especially if you are a woman.

        • … Hmm.. That is quite an interesting dilemma and I completely understand it. I try to keep my personal info safe but it isn’t always possible. Outside of buying one of their shirts ( http://www.districtlines.com/Eat-Your-Kimchi ) there is also the fact that when you view the videos ( without ad block) on this site that it generates income for them. Also there was the fundraiser last year on indie gogo where people got to contribute some cash towards the purchase of the Nasty Studio. Alas that finished but I know several people have been asking if they can still contribute.

          I don’t know if they plan to do anything like that again though.

        • Cyber_3

          Thanks for the info, I’ll look into these options…….but I soooooo loooooooooove my adblock but I guess I can configure to turn it off for this one site.

        • Quite a few people do that with the Adblock. You are welcome. That’s my job.

  30. The behind the scenes Martina scolding was hilarious. Also loved the photo booth posing. I wish we could see the photos Clazziquai took in the booth. That would be flippin’ awesome.

  31. I really missed these kinds of songs. so nice ;D

  32. That was an awesome interview. I have to say Horan’s reaction to Martina not being there was by far the funniest thing i have seen in my life i really couldn’t stop laughing. I also really loved her facial expression when Alex was talking about his fan mail (the Mag) haha too funny. But man one thing i was really amazed with was how good there English is. Like it’s truly really good, and whats even more awesome is that Dj Clazzi’s son is Canadian. YAY for being Canadian.

  33. Come To Me

    Youtube: Jeffrey2091

  34. Amazing interview! Clazziquai is one of my favorite bands and I’m so happy they are back :)
    My favorite song of all time would be Tell Yourself. Followed by Lover Boy… so many choices!
    My YT name is Recoilmattz.

  35. This was so awesome! I really love the fact that you review and feature so many types of artists. Clazziquai is such a great representation of the great things that are happening in the Korean music scene. My favourite song is “You Never Know.” I just want to turn it up, open all of the windows and dance around my living room when I hear this! I think my YouTube user name is Kelly E. Either that or jaydodo74….I still haven’t figured it out since the sync with Google login. Keep making crazy amazing videos!

  36. I definitely enjoyed going back and listening through all of my Clazziquai songs to pick my favorite :) And maaaaan it was hard. But in the end I have to pick 춤 (Dance) from Color Your Soul. To me, the best Clazziquai songs were always the mellow ones that brought out the both Horan and Alex’s voices. Each of them individually are on my top-10-favorite-voices list (Alex… maybe number 1), and so I love to hear those voices as the focus. It seems so rare in music, especially in Korean music, to find real duets between male and female voices, and 춤 is evidence of why there should really be more of them. The harmony and blending in 춤 is simply beautiful. It doesn’t have to be especially complex to be beautiful – its the tenderness of the vocals, and Alex’s heart-breakingly amazing adlibs at the end. I can (and do) listen to it over and over at the end of a long day to relax and just appreciate that there are beautiful things in the world.

    (YT name: Zanai)

  37. This interview was so much fun to watch! Thank you guys~!! :) <
    YouTube Username: millehk12

  38. I love the different video edition, totally loved the interview congratz! And i dont have a particular “fav song” i love all their song and albums, but i have a fav album and is the “mucho mix” album

    My youtube user is : Ositapao

  39. What a great first interview at the EYK studio. It looked like so much fun!

    I really, really like Love Mode. The little diddly piano thing makes me happy :)

    Love Recipe is really good though too. It was so sweet and relaxing,

  40. I loved this interview so much! You’ve grown Simon! I didn’t really like the Google interviews where each question was, “so and so from blank wants to know”. This was more conversational while still crediting the curious netizens. Perfect.

  41. What a fun and humble group to have for your first interview in EYK studio…total shame Martina was not there but there will be so many more to come. Thanks for sharing as always!

  42. This is my contest entry (YouTube account: callmenoona)

    Like I said, I’ve been listening to Clazziquai since 2006. Out of the 150 Clazziquai songs that I have on my iTunes (some being duplicates because of EPs and full albums)…I’ve narrowed down the favorites to the top 30. I’ve got some of the classics like Tell Yourself and Ping and Romeo N Juliet, but also random songs like Skyscraper and Rapunzel. And it’s impossible to pick a favorite of all of those because each is important to me for different reasons. And each remind me of certain things that I’ve done, places I’ve been. So I’m choosing to pick a song that I’m more likely to listen to now. It’s something good to listen to in the cold when I’m all wrapped up now in winter. My song choice is Come To Me (Mellotron Remix) http://youtu.be/lkj-FVPb3-0 It’s a cool, mellow song with a lovely tone and great story.

    And I played (albeit only 10-20 seconds worth) all 150 songs to make sure I was choosing the right one.

  43. That was so cool you guys!! Awesome videos seriously. Fun interview, really cool graphics & music, and really clean video quality lol. (You guys always have that though, but I just wanted to mention it :P) Their song was really pretty and their music video was beautiful :) I think that’s a good idea too, that you split the interview into 2 and have the music video in the middle, for the same reasons you gave.

    Also, I wish we could have seen the photos they took! I know it was shown from afar, but maybe you guys could show all the fun photo booth stickers of the people you get to interview? :)

    [edit: and thank you for the double captions! I don't understand Korean so I appreciate the English, but it's also really cool to see you translating it both ways]

  44. O.O Where can I start I love a lot of their songs…<3 but i'll pick my first clazziquai Project song…"Tell yourself" . I swear love at first hearing, i just couldn't get it out of my head! and and…it just makes my day every time I hear it and get all happy and you know the funny thing is that I actually got to know this song and band thanks to you guys! (I looked them up after hearing it in the video where you are walking spudgy in the snow <3)
    Youtube: SweetPoisonTwins

  45. They look like such incredibly nice and humble people!! Love them, love their songs, love the album!

  46. They’re so awesome, I really love “Can’t go on my own”, it’s so catchy and international in its sound! YT: Ilbakee

  47. I’m crying so hard right now. I’m definitely going to attempt to win one of the albums…but I’ve been listening to Clazziquai since 2006 and have all of their albums (even the random EPs and Japanese releases) and how I supposed to choose just one song as a favorite?!?! Sigh…Watch this space. I will be posting something.

  48. Well it’s a
    really hard pick because I love almost all of their songs…. I guess it has to
    be Rapunzel; it’s just so chill and beautiful at the same time. The way that
    Horan’s and Alex’s voices harmonize together always gives me the goose bumps
    but in a good way! :D YT username: gladioluspalustris

  49. I love Clazziquai!!!! So excited that you guys are giving out 3 cd’s that’s SIGNED! WOOT! Ok I wanna enter this contest heehee cause I love their music! One of my favorite song from Clazziquai is “Tell Yourself” cause it’s so catchy. The music and melody is just sooo good! <3 "Tell yourself to be myself"~ that part is part of the chorus that is super catchy haha.

    Youtube Username: lisalor07

  50. I love you!! I love them!! I love their music!!! I’m so happy right now :’) !!

  51. I’m just thankful to you guys for this interview. Clazziquai are my favourite group ever and it’s so rare to see / hear their interview in English / with eng subs. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m forever thankful ^^ PS I thought Alex maybe will tell about the present he got from me a year ago, but… maybe it’s better he didn’t ;-) kkk Once again – Eat Your Kimchi – thank you for this wonderful interview. I love you guys! Greetings from Poland :-)

  52. My favorite song has to be “She Is.” It reminds me of an R&B-type of song, and it’s got an amazing sultry melody and a slow, cool tone that manages to warm me up with smiles whenever I hear it. Alex and Horan’s vocals are awesome here.

    YouTube username: kikofoshoyo

  53. Starsania

    I know it’s his solo work but my favorite all time Clazzi song ever is Love & Hate

    My youtube username is Starsania

    Thanks so much for the interview! It’s always awesome to hear what artists have to save about their own work.

  54. OMO! I’m tearing up a bit for you guys… I’ve watched your vids since 2009 and just thinking how crazy it is you have your own studio now and held your first official interview. So happy for you guys, this is so awesome :)

    • I feel so silly, can someone tell me what it is about Kpop and Korean culture in general that makes some of so sentimental over it?? There will always be a negative side but overall thinking about Korean culture makes me feel so excited and yet gives me the warm fuzzies :p

      • I think that this happens more often to people who are interested in something that takes such personal effort and exploration to follow, such as a culture outside of your own – for most international fans, the internet is their main (or only) access to all we learn about Korean culture. Putting forth that effort and befriending people that live all over the world just because we have the same interests can really make a person sentimental. ^^ In my opinion =P

  55. Clazziquai was the first South Korean band I ever heard, arround 2007. I was amazed of finding it so smooth, cheerful and how elegant it felt, but what I liked the most was that I felt happier after listening to them… lighter. Like taking a pill full of cheerfulness :)
    My favorite Clazzi song… that is such a difficult question since I love all their songs the same, but If I MUST choose one, it should be SALESMAN (from Colour Your Soul). With that song I went from listening music while walking on the street, to actually SINGING songs while walking on the street. So, Hi you guise! I’m the crazy singing lady of my block, nice to meet you :D
    Btw… march 3rd it’s my birthday…. just telling…

    My Youtube username is “Lorena Fernald”.

  56. Hey guys, thanks a bunch for this kick-ass interview and for the opportunity to win a signed CD from Clazziquai Project. I’ve been a fan of their music ever since I listened to their “Dance” song for the first time (it remains, to this day, my fave song from them). Congrats for this first interview in your awesome Studio! Wish you many more to come and all the best (all the way from Romania) ^^ My YouTube account is tearofafairy

  57. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahahaha he got collective editions of 19+ magazines!!!!!
    aawwww i love the sticker booth!!!!! it’s such a fun way to end the interview and it just looks so fun!!!!

  58. Congratulations! What a fantastic interview :) It was great fun to watch, even for someone like me who isn’t a Clazziquai fan (though that may soon change!)

  59. Wow they are so nice. I did buy the album and can’t wait for it to come to COLORADO :) and the couch OMG your first on the purple COUCH its great, glad to have you both together and say hi to my name on the WALL :)

  60. THIS QUESTION IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! I think I have 1 favourite song for each mood and almost all their songs are so easy to get into. Ok but I will try my best.

    Fill This Night, Novabossa, Speechless, Gentle Giant, Prayers & After Love II are amongst the top of my list but I would go with SWEETY.
    I love how the song randomly starts with the ‘I like it’ line. Their voices are so bubbly and carefree in this! I don’t know, this song just is so uplifting I feel instantly good whenever I play it.
    “You don’t know how I feel when you smile at me like that.” perfect line to make someone smile, right?

    Anyways Simon you did good! I enjoyed the interview and I’m so jealous of the fun time you had with them ;_;

    Can I haz a sticker if I don’t win the album? ^^;

  61. I would definitely have to say Flea is my favorite. Their songs always seem sort of upbeat, but this one was darker. Honestly, this is actually the only song I like by them right now. I like their electronic sound, but I guess I haven’t taken the time to listen to all their music yet. I will though, for sure. How could I not take the time to listen to their music when they were your first official interviewees! Congratulations guys! It really fills me with the fuzzys when I see you guys all successful. And it makes me feel like I can be too.

  62. oooh love your window coverings :D

  63. Maybe I missed it.. I have watched it several times but was there anywhere where they introduced themselves and said who they were? Of course I know their names but does everyone else.

  64. My favourite Clazziquai song is Love Mode.
    They change styles slightly every album, but I believe this song best embodies the music of Clazziquai – fun, funky and light. It’s a great song for one of those lazy Sunday mornings but all you want to do is pad around in your fuzzy socks and annoy your cat by throwing popcorn at her (Wait, only I do that?). Or, it’s perfect for a pick-me-up, because this is my absolute feel good song. You just simply have to sway to the beat.
    Most of all, the Love of My Life, Tablo, featured in it, and I maintain that everything Tablo does turns to gold. (Don’t Hate Me? What? That song never existed! No, I refuse to acknowledge its existence!)

    On a side note, DJ Clazzi’s solo album was SO. GOOD. It was definitely my best album of 2012, and the play count on iTunes borders on obscene.

    Youtube username: madelynlovedonghae
    (Forgive the dumb username. There should be a pop up saying ”will you regret this five years down the road?” when naming anything as a 13 year old)

  65. YT username: Ezra Augusto

    be honest, this is a very difficult question. However, I’ll go with
    Sweety (the Korean version, because I feel more connected with it than
    the English version).

    is my most favorite Clazziquai Project song ever because it’s a song
    that reminds me of my early days as a Kpop fan. I first heard it when I
    was just starting to listen to Korean songs, and let’s just say that’s
    one of the songs that made me the Korean pop fan I am today. It’s my
    pick-me-up song and it never fails to cheer me up. Even after 8ish years
    since I’ve first heard the song, Sweety still sounds as sweet as the
    first time I heard it.

    also a song that I would recommend to my non-Korean music appreciating
    (lol) friends because it’s a genre that’s quite reminiscent of the more
    popular genres worldwide – and their live performances of the song never

  66. Uhhmmm :|… :/… :S… >:|….. GAH, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK SUCH A DIFFICULT QUESTION!? For me, it’s hard to choose between Ping or Fill this Night. It’s like picking between a slice of strawberry cake or chocolate cake. I WANT BOTH! *nomnomnom*
    Ping is the kind of song that can lift up my mood and make me wanna dance. Fill this Night however is so smooth and their voices, ugh! Like chocolate to my ears. Though I’ve had too much chocolate latetly… I’ll go with Ping. Yes, Ping is my favourite song! *posts this comment before I change my mind*

    babyfanos on YT

  67. Brilliant interview and how lovely are they!? Cannot wait for this album (again, I wouldn’t have known about Clazziquai Project had it not been for you guys and I LOVE their other albums). In terms of my favourite song, well I’ll have to put something in order to enter the contest but here I will put the truth – it is impossible to pick a favourite, I love them all!

  68. Oh my gosh, they’re so fun to watch! I wasn’t expecting that. It’s a very pretty song too.

  69. First, I want to say how enormously, ridiculously envious I am of you guys that you got to interview Clazziquai Project. They are my current favourite active band in THE WORLD. Yes, the entire world. Thanks for this fun interview. I’m still jealous, but thanks!

    Secondly, my favourite song…

    Ah! It IS hard because Clazziquai Project have not – I kid you not – have NOT made one single song I dislike. I love their entire discography. But, there is one that I am attached to and is my favourite of them all: “Tell Yourself” off their 2009 album,Mucho Punk. This was actually the first song I heard by the band after I visited South Korea back in late July of ’09. It was also one of the first Korean songs I ever heard; and it made me an instant fan of the group. The calm, soothing vibe of the song backed with that modern electronic pop sound just hits all the right notes. Add in Alex and Horan’s always harmonious vocals and what’s not to love? It’s the perfect song to listen to first thing in the morning to get yourself going. Yes, lyrically it relates to being in a relationship, but it’s also saying it’s best to be yourself and really, that’s a piece of truth that applies to life as a whole. “Tell Yourself” is a song that just uplifts my spirits whenever I hear it and I’ll never tire of it.

    My YouTube username is Alex G.

    Thanks again!

    Also congrats to Horan for her upcoming wedding and DJ Clazzi for becoming a father!

  70. The photo-booth looks really fun. -steals it-

  71. The code-switching was very abundant in this video.

  72. Congrats Guys! I’m so so so happy for you! <3
    It was a great interview, I don't know much about them, it makes me want to discover their music ^^
    Loved the editing of the video too!

  73. Before anything, I would like to say that I loved this interview. I also liked the new look and surroundings, the idea of placing stickers on your wall of all your interviewees – plus the photo/sticker booth that added more fascination to all my other feelings.


    My favorite song… I cannot say I have one because I like most of them, but if I had to choose, based on importance rather than which I think is their best song. I came upon them when I was browsing “Lee Sungmin’ videos and came upon this SSTP video that had that song in it. I immediately liked it and searched for more of their songs so it would have to be their song ‘Tell Yourself’ because it happened to be the song that got me “hooked”. I really loved the beat and the video was fun to watch, the vocalization was great and I really appreciate DJ Clazzi’s ingenious-ness/originality. I also will not forget about Alex and Horan’s amazing voices that make the song even more perfect. It was simply auto tune done right, without all the excessive things many artist tend to put in their songs now a days. Actually I’m really debating about which Clazziquai song is my favorite because I have a lot of them in mind that could be counted as my favorite. For example, After Love, which has this really great touch to it that is hard to explain. Maybe it’s the soothing voices or the need to sway to the song and that very interesting phrase in the video. “We could fly away, fly away together. Like in the movies and shit.” Love mode with Tablo’s rap: “Vexed and stressed now, gotta confess now. Fallen angels, with nowhere to nest out. Pull my chest out, try my best to breath, but I’m frantic it must be my asthmatic destiny. They say it is best to leave your fate to the, U and I verse, do and die first…” Sorry if I got that wrong, I tried to remember it all. I also cannot say I dislike any of the songs I have heard from them because all of them have at least one thing or phrase that will make you either love it or relate to it. I will end this now before it gets any longer because the list just goes on and on.

    Stephanie Rodriguez on FB.

    bleach2294/Stephanie Rodriguez on YT (Not sure how my username comes out as, sorry).

    bunnrabbyniel on Twitter

  74. I love watching this very first interview from your studio! I was excited to see the mixing of the languages, probably because I am bilingual myself.

  75. I’m so happy for the EatYourKimchi Studio! Feels so good to see Simon and Martina’s dream take off with a fantastic interview with CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT. ::hugs::

  76. Wow, they all seem so chill and informal, which is awesome when it comes to kpop groups, because sometimes I think they can be too formal and it comes off as a bit fake(yes, I know that’s the culture, it’s just nice to see this side of them too). When you guys interviewed Urban Zakapa, the feeling was different, I can’t really describe it, more stiff I guess? I don’t know why, that’s how it felt to me, and this just felt like some friends getting together^^

    As for my favorite song, I really do love almost every song they put out (I mean, come on, Hora+Alex’s voices+Clazzi’s awesome beats, how can you NOT love their sound). However, I did particularly enjoy Love Mode. That’s just a song you can put on at any time in any mood and feel happier. It’s just so relaxing and sweet sounding. It also introduced me to Tablo which then introduced me to Epik High, so there’s that too :D

  77. Love Mode is my favorite Clazziquai song! I heard this song and I found out it was in a music game called DJ Max, because Clazziquai Project had their own game. So Clazziquai was what got me into DJ Max. And then DJ Max was my first entry into K-Pop. So I owe it to Clazziquai and Love Mode for getting me into K-Pop. (Note: My Youtube username is “MerroStep”)

  78. Hhahahahaha -no s not awesome no- XD

  79. First song I heard by Clazziquai Project, and if all their songs are like this one, I am going to rage so hard at myself for not listening to them sooner.

  80. LOVED the interview! I am so glad to be a Nasty! You guys are just awesome!

  81. Just one? :0 [**under pressure/panic attack!]I will have to say YOU NEVER KNOW, I just love Alex’s voice and Choi’s singing during a small part of the song adds very nice touch! ^^ They jazzy/electronic/ house combination to create this unique and fresh style is what makes them AMAZING!been a fan since 4ever and would love to have at least one of their albums autographed ;DTHANK YOU YOUGUYSES for this great interview. And don’t worry Martina, may be you’ll get an invite to Horans wedding ;D –> YOUTUBE USERNAME: liferockz7 ;D

  82. Just one? :0 [**under pressure/panic attack!]I will have to say YOU NEVER KNOW, I just love Alex’s voice and Choi’s singing during a small part of the song adds very nice touch! ^^ They jazzy/electronic/ house combination to create this unique and fresh style is what makes them AMAZING!been a fan since 4ever and would love to have at least one of their albums autographed ;DTHANK YOU YOUGUYSES for this great interview. And don’t worry Martina, may be you’ll get an invite to Horans wedding ;D cant wait till winners are annouced! ^^

  83. As a dedicated Clazziquai Project fan for over 5 years now, it’s quite hard to actually pick one song that I can identify as my absolute favorite. After much deliberation (it’s so hard to pick a favorite when they are all so good!) I decided that Gentle Rain is my favorite Clazziquai Project song. I might be slightly swayed by the fact that I know it is one of Alex’s favorite Clazziquai Project songs as well, but also, I feel as though it is a good example of what kind of music Clazziquai Project produced in its early years and is good to compare to their current styles. It’s a calming song that really shows how wonderful Horan and Alex sound together as well as on their own, and generally always puts me in a good mood. It’s such a great song and I always find myself singing it when there is a sprinkle of rain pattering on my window. :)

    my YouTube username: dannyskye

  84. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon you were so flushed! Do you get all red when you are nervous? I get super red splotchy face and rudolph ears when I’m nervous or overly excited or drinking. This was such wonderful interview. I have to say it was one of my favorite interviews you guys have done.

    Also, uhm Alex, yeah, he’s super cute and manly. I’d like to win him…I mean the Clazziquai CD! Off to decided my favorite song!

  85. They filmed part of this music video in a store in Itaewon! I recognize the store…I think it’s called High Street or something?

  86. Gobstoppers2- Its hard to really pick one but I’m going to have to choose “Be my love”. It was the first song i heard from them and i instantly fell in love with it and their music. It was just so refreshing and pure wonderful that I didn’t look at other music in general the same. Even though i might not know the language, I can still enjoy it because their emotions and their message can be easily felt when you hear their music. :) P.S I listen to “be my love” while doing chores or cleaning. Its such a delightful song.

  87. Thanks to all of you for the interview!
    The Clazziquai are really nice and fun, and the Love Recipe is a very charming song. Hope they will always do great! =)

  88. irritablevowel

    That Alex. Yes indeed. All I’m saying is that when I look at him, a Barry White soundtrack suddenly appears out of nowhere. Oh yeah.

  89. Before I even watch… CONGRATULATIONS to you nasty couple you! <3 #legit

  90. Really great interview! I really enjoyed it.

  91. Isabel Ruby

    it is hard to chose, but since “Can’t Go On My Own” was my first, it has the specialness factor marking it as my favorite. (notachibisuke)

  92. My favorite song by this awesome group is ‘Ping’ because it makes me want to dance! -MoarRamenPlz

  93. My favorite song is still Lazy Sunday Morning. It was the song that introduced me to Clazziquai Project. It will forever remain dear to my heart. (YT: lottedg)

  94. I really like this song because its more my style when it comes to K-Indie. I love the soft smooth sound of the song. I like my K-Indie songs to be something i can sadly sit by my window and listen to on a rainy day, or happily listen to under a tree on a sunny day, in a coffee shop or in the library, reading a good book in a random spot, or just stare at my ceiling. Alone. Just staring, listening to K-Indie. Yea, that sounds like a good time. I loved the interview, you did a good job by yourself Simon, props man! :D

  95. This interview was just amazing! I’m so happy to see Clazziquai being interviewed by you guys again!

    As for my favorite Clazziquai song, it would have to be Hold Your Tears, although Love Recipe is beating it right now.

    Just hearing how beautifully Alex and Horan’s voices meld together makes me weep. It’s incredible how inspirational this song is. Also Hold Your Tears is such a mellow song that can put anyone at ease and can invoke so many feelings. It’s something you would definitely hear while shopping or at a bar. I’ve always loved that bossa nova feel they have to their music.

    Seriously thanks eatyourkimichi! I love all these down to earth interviews!

    Youtube username: Ilvania Mendoza

  96. WOW.

    Okay so I just finished watching Part 1, and the MV, with my dad. We both found it really amusing and interesting how the interview was bilingual – slipping in and out of two languages without a hitch. OMG. So amazing, these guys. Oh, my dad also respected Horan for keeping her mole uncovered both in the interview and in the MV. Moles are awesome, man (I have 2 on my face :p)

    Now when I heard they were going all acoustic, I felt a little disappointed, because I really, REALLY liked their old electronic stuff. Go Clazzi!! Go Clazzi!! *chanting* – I especially loved Clazzi’s solo stuff; How We Feel was played on loop in my car when I drove outback for over 20 hours. 20 hours of Clazzi – no regrets :p

    But Love Recipe was surprisingly AMAZING!! All that harmonisation!! Wowie wowa!! It sounds a bit like Urban Zakapa, actually – but that’s ok, I love them too :p The video was so pretty and well-edited, heart-moving and spine-tingling. I got goosebumps everywhere. It’s so beautiful.

    I think I might actually try for their album – can I? I want a signed Clazziquai Project album…uuuggghh….but I feel kinda bad participating, Y’know how companies don’t usually allow employees to apply for contests? :p So I think I’ll just buy it. I already have all their old music, after all.

    Here’s my favourite song, btw – Tell Yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyv9cBhi7Yg
    I get lots of feels from this song, because I have self image and mental health issues – and it kinda speaks to me, y’know. Yeah.

    Now for Part 2 :D

  97. My favourite song is “I Will Never Cry” from their Instant Pig album. It’s so mellow and then the electronic parts pick up near the middle.. it’s awesome! I’m so happy you were able to interview Clazziquai, they really deserve more airtime and more people should know about them! <3 Youtube user name: MiSS405

  98. My favorite Clazziquai song is “PING.” I just love the sound of it!

  99. “She Is” was the first song I heard from my favorite drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon. The soft ballad song with the instrumentals and Alex’s voice was really beautiful. Listening to this one, I also listened to “Be My Love” that I started listening to all their songs and became a fan of theirs since then.

    youtube username: angelmaycry

  100. YouTube name “TimaTenshiChik”: My favorite Clazziquai Project song of all times has got to be “Tell yourself”. The song is so catchy and to me says Clazziquai when I hear it. It makes me literally bop around like an idiot everytime I listen to it haha :) I like the positive attitude and message that it projects.
    Not to mention the music video is absolutely adorably funny and so creative! Bursts of colour and silliness! Love it! All up a great song and mv that I never get sick of.

  101. This interview was great. I think it is really interesting when people switch languages seamlessly without realizing it, like Horan seemed to do. It makes me wonder in what language they think.

    My favorite Clazziquai song is “Flea,” but “Gentle Giant” is a very close runner-up. I think Flea is a good representation of the electronic side of Clazziquai, while “Gentle Giant” shows more of their mellow, sweet side.

    Youtube username: AnimosaCascata


    But ok ok calm down..

    My favorite song of Clazziquai Project…Wow.

    Flea was my first CP song, thinking they only did the rough, cool electronic music and then I found out about songs like Chocolate Truffle and In Love Again. But the one…the one song my mom hates me singing because I sing off key and LOUD is “She Is”. The first ime I heard that song, the emotion and everything , just amazed me. I listen to CP when I’m drawing because it soothes my mind and I can hum along and feel happy :D

    yt- debb0r

  103. Wow! Great and fun interview! They’re awesome people and musicians. My favorite song could be any from the album “Mucho Musica/Mucho Beat”, i just enjoy listening to the whole album. Love Again was the song that hooked me and although I like fun and upbeat songs the most, I pick Chocolate Thruffles as my favorite, since I can listen to that song over and over again and I never get tired of it.
    Youtube username: Luanbrro

  104. My favorite song is definitely She Is… it’s the ultimate song for dramatic moments in dramas! haha. And it’s so catchy. It made me discover Clazziquai <3

  105. i
    love the song ‘Love recipe’, and i’m going to be blunt, the only reason
    i know them is because of you guys ( and the past few bands that you’ve
    review or made videos of are now like my favorite and had never heard
    of them before, like JaeJoong, but i haven’t gotten into older Kpop so, that would be my explanation for that one [i knew him from Dr. Jin though :D ] and it was beautiful! i hope you interview and review so more awesome
    bands that i haven’t heard of (i.e., girl bands, i’m lacking in them on
    my itunes, only have 2ne1) Love you guys! <3

  106. I’ve only recently gotten into Clazziquai Project, but I’m totally in love with Love Recipe actually. It just has such a unique sound that’s very different from anything else I’ve heard in Korean music. It’s very refreshing. (youtube name: Tanya Colon *just logs in with google*)


    By far, strangest gift question was the best XD XD

    Martina is suffering from a TERMINAL CASE OF CUTENESS

    I love that it says Fluxus music. Makes a connection to Yoko Ono lol.

  108. My favorite Clazziquai song is “She Is”
    I could listen to it all day :)
    Youtube username: dqtmarie

  109. Looooooved the combination of English and Korean in this video, and the fact that you captioned in both languages. Also, nice use of different camera shots — it made it more interesting to watch than if you had just turned the camera to face them and left it there. And, the sticker booth… I mean, really, what’s there to say that could ever do justice to the awesomeness that is the sticker booth?

  110. So of my favorites song are be yourself and lazysunday morining but all their songs are awesome . If I ever need something cheerful or relaxing I just look for their music. youtube username Sakuchan 191

  111. For me the most touching Clazziquai song is “Hold your tears” … I can’t hold myself every time that I heard it ….This song has such great feeling that I can’t evoid sing louder thinking in my friends and how they help me and how I want to help them too…..

    I don’t know how to explain exactly how I feel when I listen “Hold your tears” …But it’s an incredible feeling, and this song really cheers me up … reminds me that life can be better if I’m not alone, if I can count on someone, and if that person can also count on me…and not just on a romantic way…..every time that I heard this song I remember my friends and my family….persons who truly love me and are there for me always…..

    Youtube username: Rafaela S

    And I have to say that it’s a great interview… Alex, Horan and Clazzi has a really good mood…They are really funny and nice!!!!

    Simon you’re a lucky guy!!!! …and again I feel sorry for Martina T_____T”” I think she would enjoy a lot this interview

  112. I am so happy for you guys! I contributed to your studio and I am so glad I did – this interview brought tears to my eyes, not because I am a fan of Clazziquai (although I am), but because I am so happy to see your dream realized with your first official interview!!! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see more interviews and fun happenings in your new studio!!!

  113. I actually didn’t really want to know about Indie bands because they weren’t as easily reachable as the pop stars so I avoided them, but I’m glad I looked into this interview, because I did not know ALEX was in Clazziquai! ALEX! :D Plus their MV was pretty and refreshing, which was something I haven’t seen in a while. Now I will look for as many of their songs as a new fan.
    Also, the subs confused me so much because all of them switched back and forth in English and Korean and I couldn’t pay attention to their voices and the subs. @_@

  114. I just wanted to say that I LOVE the sticker booth! I didn’t fully realize the awesomeness of that idea until I saw it in practice.

  115. They seem like such affable people, and I’m glad that they’re back together again! :)

    My favorite Clazziquai song is “춤 (Dance)”. It was the very first Korean song I ever heard, years before I got into K-Pop, but it was also my favorite song for a good long time. Alex and Horan have such beautifully smooth and mellow voices in it, and when I’m stressed out, it smooths all of that away for a time. I now own all of their albums, and they continue to be a favorite group of mine.

    YouTube username: YoukoKoryuu

  116. unicornsgalaxy

    I loved them in the Sticker Booth! Talk a little… then oh it’s getting ready to take the picture *POSE* then go back to messing around…*POSE*. So cute!

  117. 1) I love Horan’s speaking voice so much. It’s so sultry and wonderful.
    2) CONGRATS DJ DADDY CLAZZI and cool tie dude.
    3) I like you, Alex. You’re funny :P Stay funny.
    You did a great job interviewing Simon! I enjoyed the editing of the video and you chose really good questions.
    As for the contest, my most favore song by Clazziquai is a tie between “Love Again” and “Tell Yourself” I just really enjoyed Mucho Punk in general.
    YouTube name: thereadingchica

  118. Fun interview, but the shots of Simon’s mouth seemed distracting; I’d rather see more of the artist.

  119. I know you guys like trying to bring lesser known artists to our attention but I REALLY want an Orange Caramel interview! >_< See if Lizzy still remembers you! (Hey wait, they still haven't won on here so it's not like they're THAT big.)

    But yeah was an entertaining interview even tho I didn't care for their song very much. I like how they all spoke in English quite a bit. And their English was pretty good.

  120. My favorite clazziquai songs are Romeo and Juliet & Love Ends <3

  121. My favorite song is most definitely “She Is”. I don’t know why, it just has such a relaxing feel and I could get a sense of a million different vibes. So much feeling. Woo.


  122. My favourite Clazziquai song is Flea, because I played it so many times in DJ Max trying to get it perfect. Love the part in the chorus when Horan and Alex’s voices come together. Youtube username is either Masonvd27 or Mason van Dyk. I don’t know Youtube works with the whole “Real name” thing these days :(

  123. My favorite song was definitely Tell Yourself from Mucho Beat! I loved that one the most :)
    Close runner ups would be Romeo and Juliet, Mr. Salesman, and Dance.

  124. My youtube username is katibear1000 :D I think my favorite Clazziquai Project song is “Tell Yourself”. It has a musical color that never gets old~ It also makes me reminisce a lot, since this has been one of my favorites for a few years. Plus the beginning part is really unique ^^ Thanks Clazziquai~!

  125. Ah… our little EYKs are growing up and getting all professional!!

  126. Flea has to be my favorite song and m/v. You can’t deny it was quite seductive in a way. ^-^

  127. You guys should have a tiny bookshelf for all the tiny photobooks!

    My fav clazziquai song has to be ‘Ping’, sometimes when I play that song before going to sleep after watching Gundam Wing I have awesome dreams!

  128. My favorite Clazziquai songa are Ping and Tattoo! My youtube username is jeniiieee or Jennifer Kim on the google+ account :)

  129. Can’t wait to see more interviews of different Korean artists!! Keep up the great work EYK! FIGHTING!! ^^

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