Woohoo! Our interview with Eric Nam is finally up! Sweet! It took us longer than usual, because we were away in Japan for 11 days and didn’t edit videos as much while we were there. But it’s ready now! So, check it out and let us know what you think! We talk a lot about what it’s like starting off in the Kpop industry, and we also talk about Eric Nam’s video for “Heaven’s Door.” If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here!


Anyhow, we’ had a great time with this interview, which we were really interested in doing, because Eric Nam is still fairly new in the Kpop world. We get a lot of email from people asking us how they can break through in Korea as a Kpop artist, but – if you can’t tell – we have no clue how to answer this. If we knew how to be Kpop artists, we’d be Kpop artists. Well, that’s not true. We’re not interested in that. Being a Kpop artist is insane. BUT!!! Some of you want to go that route. So, speaking with Eric Nam about it, and seeing what his experience is like, is something we found fascinating.

Moreso, Eric Nam – though he’s Korean – grew up in North America, so his experience here is as someone with somewhat Western sensibilities, you know what I mean? It’s different for him since he doesn’t necessarily think wholly as a Korean person immersed in Korean culture, so we think it’s something that we can understand a bit more, and you can understand more as well. Let us know what you think!

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And, lastly, there are some scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut, like Eric Nam playing with our dog. You know, I almost wrote “like Eric playing with our dog” but that would suggest that we’re on a first name basis, which – I feel – we should be, considering he played with my dog, but…no. I can’t just call him Eric. Maybe he didn’t play with my dog enough. Anyhow, check it out!


  1. I vote he play cello in a video!! Cello power. Or he can invite me to do it! ERIC I’LL PLAY CELLO FOR YOu! Oh yeah, represent the South, I’m from Florida! I don’t know -16C either unless you want me to say COLD`

  2. Anything would be good really! His soothing voice will make anything sound AMAZINGGG!!!!!!!!

  3. If Eric Nam wanted to do something different and yet similar to his vocal style, I would suggest the wide range of music that falls under the genre known as “Celtic”.

    There is a song by the title “You Raise Me Up” that seems very suited to him. It was originally by the duo Secret Garden, but became more popular when Josh Groban covered it.

    Other songs I would recommend for him from this genre are “Carolina Rua” (Lynn Hilary), “If All She Has is You”, (John McGlynn), and “Summer Fly” (Hayley Westenra).

    Thank you Simon and Martina, it is so hard not to add a new bias after watching one of your interviews. Not that I’m complaining! :-)
    Youtube: roseandradio

  4. I think Eric should develop his own sound! its kind of weird when artist jump from genre to genre for no reason, i think he should let this sound evolve and change with his personal style and voice and what kind of emotion he really wants to convey with the song. but personally i think he could do really well with a lot more powerful singing parts! :D youtube: hdflksdjf (i know, my 12 year old self was so creative)

  5. Ohmygosh > . < such an awesome and funny interview!! *____* you've got yourself another Nasty *yey*

    Amazing work guise!! :D


  6. I love his music now, but I would like to see him do more of a pop-rock sort of music. I would totally dig seeing him in rocker clothes and make-up, which would be totally opposite of what he is doing now. Cough cough….Plus his voice would sound good too!

    Youtube name: JennaLaw24

  7. He’s cute & funny ♥ I absolutely adored the mv when i first saw it so i told my friend about it and she was like “ohhh he’s cute” and i was like “i know!”… after watching this interview she couldn’t stop humming the song. kekeke~
    I think he should try out some rock. It goes with his voice.


  8. From HMartyMartin: I think Eric Nam would do well in jazz or R&B. Eric has a great falsetto and I think either of those music genres would be a great compliment his vocal range.

  9. I think Eric should go into soul/R&B. The boy’s voice is phenomenal! It’s got a bit of soul grittiness to it and so I think that genre would suit him well. Plus, it’s not too far from what he’s doing now so it would be an easy transition. BUT I might add I think he’s got such a great control over his voice that he could probably sing just about any genre. AND since I love EVERY type of music, I’d certainly listen to whatever he were to put out. :D
    YouTube name: chuckthegirl

  10. I feel Eric Nam should go with a fun and positive music genre, one he feels is comfortable and easy to sing. I think he has a lovely voice and would work well singing ballads or maybe something that has surprising depth and breadth that expresses his life experience. It has to be both intriguing and refreshing. A song with him playing the piano would also be very fitting for him. R&B might blend well with his voice and singing talents, but a slight “jazzy” feel with smooth saxaphones would work.

    mia javier (Youtube username)

  11. Poor Martina, you don’t have that bad a voice!!

  12. “…or electro-disco pop, if thats even a genre xD”

    It is, it’s called disco-pop or nu-disco :3 I’m assuming you’re talking about something along the lines of Lovey Dovey by T-ARA or Lipstick by Orange Caramel

  13. No, it’s not just the UK; I kind of low chuckled at that too :3 We so nasteh~

  14. Eric speaks Spanish. Yay (^.^)/. Well I think Eric can sing any style and and would be good something like a alternative rock or flamenco. But I think he should try the next time soul and R&B. Those two genres would be sound well with his ​​voice.

    (yt: hana27natsuki)

  15. wha!he’s really sweet~ and natural! he has an amazing aura!FIGHTING!

  16. I think he should do jazz next since it’s a genre he said he enjoyed listening to. The best music a musician can make, is the music they love.
    Plus he has the perfect voice for scatting.
    Youtube Username: ninjaaax3

  17. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I am now a fan

  18. He has such a nice personality! I think he should do some hip hop and rap. I love rap. >___<

    Youtube: akina24

  19. i would like him to do like a rock rnb stile with a little country mixed in. its crazy i know. but i think it would work with his voice. youtube name is thealexrevan. thanks. i realy love it when you interviw peoples.

  20. wait can i change my answer? cuz since it seems like you all get along pretty well, i think he should do a comedy album with you two!! :D all the kpop parody covers with an actual idol? all the views you’d get ;] youtube: notachibisuke

  21. You guys are totally hoarding the videos of celebrities giving Spudgy tummy touches. This is definately a ploy to have us all as your nasty minions to help take over the world~

    I honestly am gonna become a fan of his. I always smile listening to Heaven’s Door and his covers are amazing. And he’s very attractive. I’m blaming you two for making me realize how cute Korean guys are!

    Edit: Totally random, but can we have him and Kevin of U-Kiss have a nice off? They seem like two of the sweetest guys ever!

  22. I think his next CD should be some kind of combination of bluegrass and Euro-symphonic metal with a hint of polka/throat singing. Or, more seriously, something more folk-y, similar to Mumford and Sons. (YT: Robert Radyin)

  23. I’m so glad that you guys interviewed Eric! I’ve been following him since he first started making YouTube videos, and it’s great to see how far he has come since then. I think his voice has a really calming, soothing quality to it, so R&B songs are something I’d like to see him do in the future. Something along the lines of the Mario cover he did way back.There are playful, soulful, and sweet qualities to his voice that suits the genre so well. I do admit, I’d love to see him do something edgier, but his voice in R&B-esque and ballads is just ermehgerd amazing.

    This is one of my favorite interviews that you guys have done thus far! He seems so at ease and comfortable. T^T That charm hahah.

    YT: xXUchihaxHaydenXx

  24. Wow he actually killed it when he spoke Spanish I was instantly smitten ♥ He seems so nice and cute and I can’t help but wanna support him (≧▽≦) He is really good at singing ballads but since he is just way to cute I wanna see him maybe doing some rock kinda and have him do smokey make-up *w* but that’s just me xD (YT: luisanayeli1992)

  25. Loved the interview! You guise really hit it off with Eric~ He seems like a really chill dude!

  26. I would really like to see the finished photos from the picture booth, I wish you guys would post them.

  27. I honestly think Eric should go into Jazz. When I heard him sing 2 different tears (by the wondergirls) I was absolutely amazed by how soulful his voice sounded. His voice is so strong and powerful, it totally enraptures you. I think Jazz best suits his epic voice.

    Youtube username: Skullskum

  28. I honestly think Eric should try doing Reggae or R&B. Because I think his voice may really suit those genres. Maybe Jazz as well?

  29. his voice is so nice, i think he’d really suit something like rock ballad… not only because that’s my favourite genre… >__ >

  30. Ahhh, thank you for interviewing him!! You just made a new fan–I’d seen his videos in the recommended section on YouTube before, but I never clicked on them until now. Thank you for showing what I’ve been missing this entire time TT TT

    I really love his current style–it’s really soothing, and not the type of music I usually listen to. Literally, the first time I heard Love Song, I could feel the muscles in my chest relaxing, and halfway through the song I realized I was smiling. He makes me want to lie down in the grass at the park on a summer day and do nothing but listen to his voice. Haha, maybe that sounds kind of creepy.

    Even though I love what he’s doing right now, I think it would be cool if he did some funky jazz or rock music. Like Maroon 5’s older material!! He has the perfect voice for it too. I think he should do some rock ballads too, a la FTIsland’s Severely. Ahh, he would rock that song so much. I think this would fit perfectly because I think his voice is perfect for songs with deeper lyrics… his voice is so beautiful and emotive, I cannot get over it. If he wants to get into more mainstream pop someday, that’s his decision, but I hope he stays unique no matter what.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to such an amazing artist =D

    Youtube username: lovelysarang789

  31. First of all, OMG!!!!!!!!!! ERIC NAM!!!!!!!! CUTES THING EVER!!!!!! Ok now for the answer to the question. I would see him more in the Jazz genre.. I think it would be a little different in Korean (since it is what he is going for) and i believe it fits his voice perfectly. I mean seriously. I can even imagine a jazz and ballad mix with his voice and cuteness. I kind of don’t see him in any other genre though i would love too. I also believe that he has a voice to die for and he is cute and funny.

  32. Simon’s shirt at the end looks like it came from SHINee’s wardrobe.

  33. Eric should do Tibetan monk chanting next.
    Youtube: mufflerwarrior

  34. I loved this interview!! As for the competition, ERIC NAM CD COME TO MEEE >> Youtube: MeaganMichelleM

    Being somewhat of a Georgia girl, woo Eric being from ATL!! He should introduce some more Country-infused Kpop to the scene!! Like 2Yoon’s 24/7 song, but with a little less cheese

  35. I love your purple couch, it’s so vintage and awesome, but the more I look at it the more I feel like maybe it’s not right for the studio? like interviews and stuff…. Idk… anyone else think that?

  36. Something R&Bish, a la Justin Timberlake in “Cry me a river” Youtube: Ilbakee

  37. After downloading his album and giving it a good five times listen to, I could see Eric Nam releasing an album in a “Bruno Mars” fashion where each song almost has its own genre. R&B to Pop to Reggae-ish… etc. A sort of cross-genre album that really appeals to his talent as an artist. Hell, throw some great covers in there and I am sold on it already.

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