Woohoo! Our interview with Eric Nam is finally up! Sweet! It took us longer than usual, because we were away in Japan for 11 days and didn’t edit videos as much while we were there. But it’s ready now! So, check it out and let us know what you think! We talk a lot about what it’s like starting off in the Kpop industry, and we also talk about Eric Nam’s video for “Heaven’s Door.” If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here!


Anyhow, we’ had a great time with this interview, which we were really interested in doing, because Eric Nam is still fairly new in the Kpop world. We get a lot of email from people asking us how they can break through in Korea as a Kpop artist, but – if you can’t tell – we have no clue how to answer this. If we knew how to be Kpop artists, we’d be Kpop artists. Well, that’s not true. We’re not interested in that. Being a Kpop artist is insane. BUT!!! Some of you want to go that route. So, speaking with Eric Nam about it, and seeing what his experience is like, is something we found fascinating.

Moreso, Eric Nam – though he’s Korean – grew up in North America, so his experience here is as someone with somewhat Western sensibilities, you know what I mean? It’s different for him since he doesn’t necessarily think wholly as a Korean person immersed in Korean culture, so we think it’s something that we can understand a bit more, and you can understand more as well. Let us know what you think!

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And, lastly, there are some scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut, like Eric Nam playing with our dog. You know, I almost wrote “like Eric playing with our dog” but that would suggest that we’re on a first name basis, which – I feel – we should be, considering he played with my dog, but…no. I can’t just call him Eric. Maybe he didn’t play with my dog enough. Anyhow, check it out!


  1. Curious, do we ever get to see their sticker pictures? I see the artists, Simion+Martina take the pics I wanna see some they look like they’re having so much fun!

  2. I know I saw this video so lateee (freakin 9 months)
    but..but…. will you guys upload or post the photobox that you had with eric nam? please.. please pleaseeeee~

  3. Does anyone know where I can find his CD in Seoul? I’m lost as to where I can find it, I looked at the COEX mall in Gangnam and Evans didn’t have it.

  4. ERIC NAM IS SO CUTTEEEE :) ur so lucky to meet him!!! he’s so inspirational:) and yay hes soooo good at english!!!

  5. Raine

    I vote he play cello in a video!! Cello power. Or he can invite me to do it! ERIC I’LL PLAY CELLO FOR YOu! Oh yeah, represent the South, I’m from Florida! I don’t know -16C either unless you want me to say COLD`

  6. Eric Nam should probably do a catchy and addictive pop or dance song. I’m sure a lot of people, especially me, would enjoy that :)

    Username: Chocomushy/fANNEEtastic

  7. Eric Nam should probably do a catchy and addictive pop or dance song. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy that :)
    Username: Chocomushy/fANNEEtastic

  8. Julianne Marie Balasta

    I really don’t know many genre’s of music …The only thing I could think of that would suit him is a slow ballad but he’s already doing that so maybe he could switch it up by doing a reggae version of a song? Or add some rap in it like in Lee Hi’s Rose. Username: (Juliii2ne1)

  9. Eric should soooo do pop/jazzy/cute/catchy song because he’s sooo FREAKING adorable!!!!! with his sweet voice, charm, & personality he’ll make a flipping amazing song that I would listen to A LOT!!!!!!!! :3

  10. @greenzone9

    eric nam should do sexy…MMM hahaha he really should :D like junsu’s intoxication….SEXAAAY :DD ERIC NAM HWAITING!!

  11. Eric Nam just debuted a few months ago, but I can already tell that I’m going to be his fan for so many years. A lot of people already mentioned this, but I’d love it if Eric did a fun dance or pop song, or maybe even rock like Jaejoong. I think those kinds of songs would bring out Eric Nam’s charismatic and cool side :)

    YouTube: Chocomushy

  12. I first saw Eric Nam in a music show and was instantly captivated by his voice. After watching his interview with you guys, I was positive he was my favorite solo artist and one of my favorite idols by far. I would personally love any genre Eric Nam would go into, but I guess I would love to see him do dance, rock, pop, or even rock ballads. Some upbeat song would definitely suit him :)

    YouTube: Chocomushy

  13. Does anybody think Eric reminds anyone of L from Infinite?

  14. He has an amazing voice and he is so adorable. He is so sweet and his personality fits his songs. I think the next genre he should do is pop and maybe put a little flavor into it. Maybe by putting a little bit of jazzy in the pop. To make it his own tone. Maybe name it JOP. Jazz and Pop mixed together. Thanks :) I’m a YouTube subscriber : Jeggingkissme.

  15. this was sad, i didn’t know when they were announcing the winners, so… :”””””””””””””””””(

  16. (my youtube username is chipmunkmelissa) – i would want eric nam to like sing…jazzy/dancy songs (if there is that sort of genre), sorta like Michael Buble (“Just Haven’t Met You Yet”) :)

  17. I a TheAlaniaJ or Alania Jazmine on youtube and i think Eric Nam should try entering the POP scene (since he’s a kpop idol) or something more punkish because i think a big change of scene would keep us fans wanting for more sides of eric nam. keke~ ^^

  18. I think Eric should try something a little jazzy! I think his voice would go really well with that^^ or maybe try a ballad where he plays the piano and guitar on stage while singing~ and there’s always the cute pop song he could do. Something like Huh Gak’s ’1440′? These are just a few suggestions, I think Eric would do well with any type of music!! I love you, Eric~=]
    Thank you guys so much for doing this interview! I really loved it^-^
    oh! And my YouTube account is B2STFREAKK :)

  19. I could really see Eric Nam doing a jazz type album. Something like Yoseob’s solo album that came out not too long ago. It would be amazing :) My youtube username is timbiriki007

  20. Eric’s voice, I think, would fit with indie acoustic music, like ballads with some rythm to it?
    I’d love to just lie in the grass during summer time, and listen to his voice! So relaxing :)
    (~Youtube ID is OceaneAiko)


    OMG ~ Simon thank you for this!!!

  22. After hearing Eric Nam say hello, thank you, and I love you in Spanish I say he should try Bachata. He sounds very good talking Spanish and I can imagine him singing as well. Love you Eric Nam YT: Animelover442

  23. I think he should get into pop and maybe folk rock! :) xxx (youtube: Jo1510Gio)

  24. helllo! for me, i would like to hear eric sings to pop song that include some awesome dance choreography! it will be great to see this cutie eric nam dancing on stage like those other kpop boy groups! keke! but no lips rubbing. =__= other than pop song he can try jazz song. i think jazz music suit him well,since he owns that sexy soft voice.

    my youtube acc : thesyazaaisyah

  25. Eric Nam should try a dance song next. Something that is completely unexpected and will challenge him. I think it’ll be an amazing performance just cause I think he can pull it off. Just hope the song won’t be a typical kpop tune cause then that’d be boring (:

    Thanks for an amazing interview. You guys did great! :D

    Youtube: x3traceyy

  26. YT username: Aisyah75
    Eric should try Trot because ayo! He’s gonna lose his pants while singing like BOOM SHAKALAKA!

  27. [email protected]

    Eric Nam should really try out R&B. His voice is perfect for it! Also, I think that if he tried any electro pop music, it would be really cool, as long his voice isn’t tweaked with that much because his voice is amazing the way it is :D ~fighting!~

  28. If Eric Nam wanted to do something different and yet similar to his vocal style, I would suggest the wide range of music that falls under the genre known as “Celtic”.

    There is a song by the title “You Raise Me Up” that seems very suited to him. It was originally by the duo Secret Garden, but became more popular when Josh Groban covered it.

    Other songs I would recommend for him from this genre are “Carolina Rua” (Lynn Hilary), “If All She Has is You”, (John McGlynn), and “Summer Fly” (Hayley Westenra).

    Thank you Simon and Martina, it is so hard not to add a new bias after watching one of your interviews. Not that I’m complaining! :-)
    Youtube: roseandradio

  29. Sorry to be a hater, but…Eric has the most annoying…poop eating grin. I’m trying to keep it clean by not using the “s” word, but it still sounds….NASTY!

  30. I personally think he should some soft rock or ballad style songs. Such a beautiful voice be a shame if the music itself was to strong. When all you really want to hear is him.

    Youtube name: LadyNataLove

  31. I think Eric Nam would be good in a rock genre. Not like, Jaejoong Mine type of rock, more like the snuggly one rock style. Rock ballad, I guess. Something in his voice’s tone would sound good int hat style of music, I think. And he played a bit of guitar in the music video for Heaven’s Door, didn’t he? I don’t know if it was real guitar playing, but it looked like it. So he could _potentially_ play guitar and sing in a rock ballad song. Anything really balladish would fit his voice well, I think. Just not dance pop. I can’t see him doing a dance pop song. Imagine Eric Nam dancing and singing to, say, Bonamana or Mr. Simple… :P

    Awesome interview guise! I love your interviews, keep them coming! <3~ OOH you so NASTY!
    (Youtube username: AngelaCat13)

  32. I think he would do great at jazzy and/or rock ballads :) (YT torntrof)

  33. Eric has already shown that he can work well with acoustic and indie styles, which makes me want to suggest that he do something acoustic but filled with angst similar to The Spill Canvas or Death Cab For Cutie.
    I think he should try a style like Marianas Trench vocally. Its like listening to a rock musical and could show the versatility in his voice by creating a story that flows from song to song in the album with a mixture between acoustic and ballad that fits his voice and image but also challenge him as he creates a playful style with aspects of pop-punk and the strain of a little bit of rock.

    I’ve enjoyed this interview as well! Thank you for interviewing Eric Nam and introducing me to him as an artist! :)
    Youtube: Selfishfiction

  34. I really like his acoustic sound. It kind of reminds me of Jason Mraz. If he meshed that with Jack Johnson’s laidback-ness and John Mayer’s musicality, he’d be even more gold than he already is.

    Can we please get his fan base to be called the “Om, Nom, Nams”? Lol.

  35. I live him so much! I think his voice would work really well with a pop rock sound maybe something similar to Maroon 5. Leaving thw sound really open to be instrument heavy and rocking or simple and somewhat acoustic sounding. He is so talented, I hope he has a long and successful career! YouTube: transparentdream

  36. youtube username: @1thousandcranesful

    twitter username: @seungchuis

    I want him to sing more songs like JasonMraz-esque, because it really suits his voice! Maybe also more ballad songs or a new genre that suits his own voice ;; I think if he has his own genre or songs that suit his voice really well, he can do really good! Either way, if he stays with his own genre or changes to another one, his voice is beautiful just like his face! And the dog in his MV.

  37. Eric Nam should try Epic Doom Metal! I think he would suit him considering he was in the Atlanta Boy’s Choir once (: You’re supposed to sing in a really operatic voice in Epic Doom Metal! Fancy Fancy Fancy. Youtube Name: Grace Lim / gracego595

  38. Since his voice is amazing… I would say… ballads or sth like rock :D or…….. it would be fun to see him rap ~ hahaha

    yt: callmepandachan

  39. I really wanna see him doing some jazz music since he likes that genre and his voice is so soothing that would just suit it perfectly. But beside that, why not trying out some typical pop song with a little bit of rap? After seeing his performance with No Ji Hoon I can see that he’s pretty good at rapping! The same goes with dancing so I hope we’ll be able to see that side of Eric soon! :D

    Youtube: TheSevelyn

  40. Well I think Eric Nam has a voice which goes perfectly with
    ballads or sweet songs because I think he transmits a lot of emotions
    when he sings songs like A thousand years but I think Pop can pushes his

    I really love Eric Nam’s voice so I think no matter what he does, I will listen his music.

  41. I think he should try a R&B song! I think his voice would be a nice fit with a sort of jazz-feel-ish song.

    YT username: SupremeLitchii

  42. He´s so funny and looks so humble not diva like :/ Awesome guy

  43. ^.^ cutenes and friendliness is just radiating from him..effortlessly!
    I’d like to hear him do light/soft indie-rock, someting of a MATE kind.. He’s voice seems too sweet to go beyond that..

  44. I think Eric’s voice fits ballads (perhaps with a jazzy twist), with like soft rapping. I heard him rap in his BROTHER19′s Ma Girl performance, and he sounded absolutely amazing. <3 He has a very soft voice, which appealed to his American audience back at home. I especially loved his cover of Jason Mraz's song, "I won't give up" and in his "If I Ain't Got You" cover.

    -Youtube Username: Yoogi77

  45. I THINK I HAVE THE CONVERSION (Someone most likely posted this already, and I did this in my head and I suck at math soooooo it may be way wrong.) Okay so freezing in F is 32, which is 0 in C so wouldnt it be like 16 degrees F?? Maybe?? My best guess!

  46. god i’m dying to hear him sing a rock song. whether it be soft rock or a little more on the punk side… his voice just suits it! especially in this video when he was mimicking Martina’s “ohmygerrrd” his husky voice is just to die for.

  47. -eric N am’s voice
    ——A ctually
    ——S uits a uplifting/energetic rockish
    ——T ype song
    reall Y well but
    ——S ince his
    ——T one is
    ——U nique and
    ——D oes
    ——-I ndeed
    ——O utshine others
    ——-I nabling
    -eric N am
    ——T o try
    ——E very
    gen R e
    —a V ailable
    —– I f
    —h E
    —–W ishes
    wow that took a while to write XD anyways yep that type of music suits his voice well since he has that type of tone…well to me anyways ^_~
    youtube username= Tokipop10

  48. I would love to hear him do some soft, relaxing R&B stuff; his voice seems so lovely, it would work very nicely. ^_^ (YT: rabbykin )

  49. I already think the type of music he’s doing now, acoustics and ballads, is the best for his soft, sweet vocals. R&B would really fit with his smooth voice too.

    But…I think it’d be really interesting if he experimented with some kind of jazzy doo-wop music (something like Lee Hi). His versatile voice might pull off alternative pop, neo soul, or even soft rock too.

    Or any other genre that just makes his voice shine. As long as there’s no crazy autotune, no intense dance choreography, and no generic pop with a random dubstep sequence ;)

    P.S. Just a tip for future success, Eric. Don’t ever, I repeat EVER, wear turtlenecks in your music videos. ‘Kay? I’m just trying to save you and the world from the turtleneck apocalypse (and Martina’s wrath XD).

    (YT: Tiffany Calandra)

  50. It would be great if he could do something like Michael Jackson meets the Backstreet Boys, I don’t really know what to call that genre :D Perhaps something FT Islandish….His voice is really nice and I swear I can listen to his songs for hours without getting tired from his voice! :D

  51. I love this interview, Eric is very natural and cute. I’m really anticipating his next songs and his new genres experimentation.

    Youtube username: Lanaseuhdu70

    I’m a big fan of Ra.D so I really want to see Eric Nam singing some r&b-ish/electronis songs like Ra.D make, I think his sweet voice can totally work perfectly with Ra.D’s compositions. Or modern rock, yes I’m a very very very very very very big fan of Nell. I really want him to work with Nell like they did with Sunggyu but maybe with more modern rock songs.

  52. I feel like Eric should do jazz, as it fits his rough voice. I would really love to hear him singing to jazz! Something more raw and I can hear his voice clearer rather than the blaring background music. Plus, it’s something different, other than the generic pop and dance music these days and I think that would make him stand out, not only does he have a young and handsome face, but he has the vocal capabilities to take on various genres. Talent and looks! It’s the best of both worlds haha (:
    username: lycheemichix3

  53. I wanted to leave my comment here for the CD interview. don’t know why discus isn’t working:

    My youtube: peterpanchan18
    and if i had to say what genre, he should call it :erickrolling, wouldn’t everyone love that? No seriously though i think alternative rock would be a good genre to try because it’s still versatile and he’s already got the ballad genre to add to that style of music :)

    i loved watching the interview. <3

  54. Oh god….his spanish~!!!! <3 I have officially fallen for him. Thank you Eric Nam ^^ <3

  55. Thank you for interviewing Eric guys! :D
    Funny thing is when I first saw him, it was through his cover of “I Won’t Give Up” and I had no idea he was a idol and just started replaying his cover repeatedly. And then I found out like last month and became a fan! I was so excited when I heard you guys were going to interview him omfg like seriously.
    Eric should sing some American Country styled music! It’s a style that South Korea is not used to and it would be a wonderful experience for everyone to hear. His usual smooth voice could be conveyed as a rougher/raspy tone to fit the country theme? LOL That is definitely something different for his “mother’s friend’s son” image. It expresses his Southern roots a bit (nationality wise) and shows off that Georgian feel.

    (youtube username omg: fishiesaysrawrr)

  56. Awww Ericc Nam is so cute when he laughs! and he’s really funnyy! he can be an entertainer in korea~~ :)

  57. I think Eric should develop his own sound! its kind of weird when artist jump from genre to genre for no reason, i think he should let this sound evolve and change with his personal style and voice and what kind of emotion he really wants to convey with the song. but personally i think he could do really well with a lot more powerful singing parts! :D youtube: hdflksdjf (i know, my 12 year old self was so creative)

  58. Personally, I think that Eric would really give a whole new meaning to funky jazz – I’m talking the style of Secret’s Poison music video, with a pin-striped suit (NO TURTLENECKS :D) and slicked back hair. With his smooth voice and charming looks, I think he would look great on a stage with a microphone stand and some saxophones in the background. Oooh, and maybe a slip-down hat :D Sure, he’s cute, but I’ve seen that sparkle in his eyes during the interview – he’s just hiding a whole lot of sexiness for this current concept. Since he’s got such an incredible voice, I don’t think he should hide it, and a jazzy, smooth sort of vibe will allow him to showcase his vocals and his charisma, it’s a win-win situation :D

    Youtube Username: Easy2Spot (PROOOOOOUD NASTY)

  59. Ohmygosh > . < such an awesome and funny interview!! *____* you've got yourself another Nasty *yey*

    Amazing work guise!! :D


  60. I think he should do electrockypop!! Username: Jade C’est moi

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you!! ^^

  61. I think he’d really be good at soul, blues, RnB and Jazz. I know you guys joked about him venturing into Opera, but has he ever considered Popera? It’s a mix between pop and opera, and I think he would sound beautiful if he sang like that.
    Username: Cedelily
    P.S I love you guys so much! <3 Eatyourkimchi hwaiting!!!

  62. Eric Nam oppa has stolen my heart ..< <3 saranghae~~ EYK FIGHTING~~!

  63. When and Where will we be able to know who won the Eric Nam Signed CD? I want to know sososososososososo badly..i am a huge Eric Nam fan and I absolutely LOVE HIM! Eric Nam Oppa Fighting~~! .< I Hope to come to Korea one day and meet you guys and Some of my MANY biases in person!

    -Teshni Kavi Dehipola

    *Oakville, Ontario, Canada :D

  64. When and Where will we be able to know who won the Eric Nam Signed CD? I want to know sososososososososo badly..i am a huge Eric Nam fan and I absolutely LOVE HIM! Eric Nam Oppa Fighting~~! .< I Hope to come to Korea one day and meet you guys and Some of my MANY biases in person!

    -Teshni Kavi Dehipola

    *Oakville, Ontario, Canada :D

  65. YouTube name: SJAjusshi

    Since Eric listens to many genre, I would like him to do a
    jazz song or even a swing song. I think his voice suits it. It would be
    great too, to see a MV with Eric and a band behind him, while he swings
    the stage xD and it would be great, if he adds some moves for
    entertainment and rocking the stage with his mic. Seeing him in a suit
    like a gentlemen would make me fangirling and I want to see how his
    stylist will gonna dress him. :D

    Yea, I know i have a weird fantasy lmao….xD

    Thank you simon and martina (and spuuuudgy and meemers) for always introducing me to such great artists
    and I think he should try some jazz. Like good old sinatra traditional pop jazz :)

  67. I love his music now, but I would like to see him do more of a pop-rock sort of music. I would totally dig seeing him in rocker clothes and make-up, which would be totally opposite of what he is doing now. Cough cough….Plus his voice would sound good too!

    Youtube name: JennaLaw24

  68. Another awesome interview!! Eric nam is so laid back and honest. He was loads of fun aswell, I can totally see him doing electro pop in the vein of Dj clazzi’s ‘How we feel’ I can see a collaboration there plus he has the looks to match Seulong from 2am.
    Love u guise long time! YouTube username: Caro4381 (Carolina Aguirre)

  69. I really want to hear him with like a powerful r&b vocal styles kind and plus a bit hip hop feel to the song.Am i weird for saying that answer…cause really who say r&b hip hop. But yeah I really want to hear that genre of music incorporated with Eric’s voice! Plus I also want to see him dance to. I bet he’ll be really cute! :) (YT: LiNnIe866 )

  70. I think he should do aegyo pop next! I mean, he so adorable and, and cute and it would be just perfect!! You know, like Bilasa’s beautiful target or Jo Kwon’s song the day I confessed, all cute and full of adorableness!!!

  71. I honestly think Eric Nam should stick with pop. If he wants to do something different he should sing songs that will really project and give power his voice like 이승기 in 여행을 떠나요 ^^ Or maybe pop rock like Adam Lamberts? It would definitely be an interesting challenge for him.

    Youtube: choomiechu

  72. I’m so glad that you introduced me to Eric Nam. I remembered seeing him in the “wedding dress” covers I watched when I went through my crazy obsession with Taeyang. His voice got even better and i’m so happy that he debuted!! Anyways, I think he should try doing some R&B/Indie sound next. This way, he stays in a similar realm of the acoustic/ballad that he’s rockin now, but is still branching out and showing how diverse he can be. Y’know, by expressing his emootionsss through song. Also, it trains his voice to become more versatile in a gradual way. Just like how Jaejoong had to train his voice for his solo album. He was always used to pop/ballad/etc. that he retrained his voice for the rock feel of his album (which was also pretty awesome).

    (Youtube account: musicluvr121)

  73. i would like to hear him in an electro song, he also has a really good voice for ballads and it would be interesting to hear him in a really manly type of song haha

  74. He’s cute & funny ♥ I absolutely adored the mv when i first saw it so i told my friend about it and she was like “ohhh he’s cute” and i was like “i know!”… after watching this interview she couldn’t stop humming the song. kekeke~
    I think he should try out some rock. It goes with his voice.


  75. I´d really like to hear him sing something with a rockerish vibe..
    He has a nice, smooth voice and that, plus a good electric guitar… yeah
    R&B also fits him n_n

    BTW, this was one of my favorite interviews you have done so far :D
    (lolz, mi u-tube is Daniie Luff)

  76. I think eric should get into pop and folk rock :) (Youtube : Jo1510Gio)

  77. I think eric should try folk rock :D (youtube : Jo1510Gio )

  78. I really like Eric’s acoustic ballad style he’s doing right now. It’d be
    awesome if he tried some different genres though. I’d like to see him do
    some R&B music and I’m really curious if he can rap. (Oh and don’t
    think your fans didn’t see you dance to SISTAR19 with Roh Jihoon on
    Birth of a Great Star 3. Eric, we know you’re not that bad of a dancer.
    ;D) I think any style that lets him showcase his vocal talent would be
    good. If he does branch out into other genres, I hope he keeps his
    lyrics heartfelt though. That’s something I really liked about Cloud 9,
    so I hope he keeps it up. I hate it when artist try to do different
    genres and then totally ruin their lyric style. Other than that, I can’t
    wait to hear him try some new types of music!^^

    Youtube username: AliSHINee1166

  79. He knows “the quiero”~~ I couldn’t help giggling hehe..

  80. christina ( @alwaysoriginalc)

    He seems super down to earth, and thats not a common quality all of the time. He’s like jay park, in being american and starting
    His career in korea. I think he should sing american style of r&b/duets with well known female singers. Or jazz electro like clazziquai.

  81. I think he should go into R&B-ish music, because he seems like he could do it well…but I’ll love him no matter what style he does!

  82. I watched videos of him in youtube and he can sing in RnB genre as well
    so he must try it in his next album! Coz his voice is sooooo smooth and
    with melissmas that I will really taste it with my ears~ ang ang
    Also obviously he is able to sing pop – electro pop but there are a lot
    of boybands doing it! so please… I want him to stand out, to shine
    in the Kpop industry! So please Eric Nam oppa~ sing RnB! *-* Youtube user: Norubi

  83. youtube name: shupdadupa (which was supposed to be shupadupa like the dal shabet song but i JUST realized i misspelled it. darn.)

    First off I think this interview was super adorable! Because he’s fluent in English I think his reactions/questions had more flow. Plus when he said “hello, thank you…ah luuuv yoo” I died but am now resurrected just to win the CD. Actually yeah this is the first and probably only time I’ll try super hard to win a CD…unless you bring on Wonder Girls or 2PM and then I’ll be baaaaack!

    I think he’d do really well with Soul/R&B…like musiq souldchild or go old school with Boys II Men! He’d also suit Jazz/pop really well too! I can imagine him singing with a nice saxophone melody in the back! Or go to a more mellow-ballad-pop kind of thing like Sinatra/Bublé. If he was experimenting a lot I think Pop/Rock would be pretty awesome. Like pretty upbeat but have the bridge super intense instead of rapping!

    Thanks again for this opportunity and this interview. Makes me proud to be a (lurking) nasty!

  84. [email protected]

    I think he should give a go at a little rapping or even branch off into singing a song in a different language because in the interview he was able to speak some chinese so may he could sing in chinese or may even PORTUGAL lol! Youtube username Rocker129678

  85. I love Eric Nam’s voice.His voice would suit rock songs,because he got a nice clear voice and rock genre is definitely something possible for him. It’ll be interesting to see him trying out new things too :)

  86. I thought Eric Nam was such a cutie pie before, and now that I got to see his natural side he’s even sweeter than I already thought he was before!

    I think the next genre he should cover are power rock ballads, like Bryan Adam’s Heaven (CWIDT lol)… I just feel like his voice would suit it well and that he could pull the image of a ballad rocker off well too! It’s a different genre from what he’s doing now but it’s not a complete 180, which I think would make it not too difficult for him to make that transformation (and he also said he’s not that good at dancing, o he wouldn’t have to worry about dancing with this genre!)

    Youtube: colorguard1218

  87. he’s open to trying new things.

  88. Even though Eric is already wonderful in Ballad type songs, I’m sure he would be awesome in other genres, Jazz and R&B because his voice is pretty unique, so I believe he will make the songs enjoyable. I’m pretty sure when he sings jazz, he would be able to fully express the emotions and intentions of the song. I believe, he will be able to achieve his best in all the other genres! Perhaps he could also go in the direction of Clazziquai’s type of style (electric music, acid jazz). Supporting Eric in his other styles and developments in the future! :) . Looking forward to his upcoming albums/ works! :) Youtube user: Annie Lu

  89. Eric Nam’s first AND last name is considered a first name!

    So what difference would it make? I have a cousin named Nam. XD

  90. I think he should get into ballads. It goes with his personality and his voice, he’s so sweet and charming that ballads would be his best shot :) But you know, they say a good singer can sing anything, and he is a great singer!! So I’m sure he’ll be able to pull off any genre just perfectly :D Te amo Eric Nam!! <3 YouTube username: Carla Cienfuegos :D I love u guys!

  91. I think he should try pop and more R&B. His voice is out of this world! He could try anything, but I’d like him to stick more to that.

  92. From HMartyMartin: I think Eric Nam would do well in jazz or R&B. Eric has a great falsetto and I think either of those music genres would be a great compliment his vocal range.

  93. I would think Eric would sound awesome singing r&b. thanks for the interview! He is so down to earth and funny. Love you guys Simon and Martina!

  94. I think Eric should go into soul/R&B. The boy’s voice is phenomenal! It’s got a bit of soul grittiness to it and so I think that genre would suit him well. Plus, it’s not too far from what he’s doing now so it would be an easy transition. BUT I might add I think he’s got such a great control over his voice that he could probably sing just about any genre. AND since I love EVERY type of music, I’d certainly listen to whatever he were to put out. :D
    YouTube name: chuckthegirl

  95. I think he would best suit RnB since it’s somewhat similar to acoustic and ballad. He’s still fairly new, so doing something completely different like electronic would be too risky – not that it’s necessarily bad – and it might be too big of a shock to some people. ;D
    - 1800pn

  96. Simran StrangerDanger

    Since Eric’s voice is really smooth, nice, and rich, I think the genre of music that he is doing right now, acoustic ballad is perfect for him. However, if he were to go into another genre, I would love to see how he would fare with a pop song with a nice dubstep dance break in between. That way, we can bob our heads and dance to his music and he can show us his awesome dancing skills as well :P
    Youtube: Witchgirl289

  97. I think Eric (NAMstar Eric!!!) should sing R&B because his voice is just so…tasty. I feel like it would strike an emotional chord in me (and girls all over the world) and bring awesomeness to the K-pop/korean music scene…

  98. My teacher introduced German Country to me and I would very curious as to how Eric would sound singing that. Hmmm xD

  99. ATL represent!!! Halla!! I love electronic music so I wonder if his voice would suit a Glen Check kind of song….i think it would so I say electronic rock album next….Go Go!! ^^~~

  100. I feel Eric Nam should go with a fun and positive music genre, one he feels is comfortable and easy to sing. I think he has a lovely voice and would work well singing ballads or maybe something that has surprising depth and breadth that expresses his life experience. It has to be both intriguing and refreshing. A song with him playing the piano would also be very fitting for him. R&B might blend well with his voice and singing talents, but a slight “jazzy” feel with smooth saxaphones would work.

    mia javier (Youtube username)

  101. Hardcore coffe x) omg that made me laugh so much. Anyway, Eric’s voice is really (how should I put it?) relaxing and pure. I loved his cover for Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up” so I think he could do Pop-rock, alternative rock and almost any type of ballads and happy up-beat songs are good, too. Honestly I think he’s perfect right now but if he wants to experiment with new genres then that’s good too ^^ But I also think he should stay away from mainstream beats, his voice is so rare and beautiful that it’d be such a pity that the beat doesn’t match his voice. (If that makes sense lol)
    (Youtube: TheMuufin)

  102. He is one of my favourite people that you guys have interviewed so far, he seems really easy going :) He should try soul or some jazz out maybe! oh, here is my youtube name:

  103. User name: Panny162002

    I follow him from the beggining and I know that he goes well with the ballads, I would like that he try the indie rock … something like CNBlue or maybe like “60 seconds”… His voice is powerful and can be adapted to different music genres. By the way …If he sings in Spanish I can die in peace!

  104. It would be pretty interesting to hear Eric Nam try some alternative hip hop- something along the lines of Tablo and Epik High. Songs like Tablo’s “Try” and “Thankful Breath,” which combine really beautiful singing and rapping, would suit his voice very well. Eric Nam has a lovely singing voice, and I think his voice could be very soothing and fluid while rapping, too.

    On the other hand, I would also love to hear him try some rock music along the lines of CNBLUE.

    (youtube username: SakuraSeraphim)

  105. This is an awesome interview… His personality really comes out… and it looks like he’s an awesome guy to hang out with.. Im going to buy his album! :D

  106. What an awesome interview! I am so glad you introduced me to a great new artist! Personally, I could see Eric Nam moving into the electronic/acoustic genre, or just fully electronic genre type of music. His style reminds me a lot of Clazziquais type of music/style and if these two artist were to mash up, I believe they would make an incredible song!! I would very much like to see Eric move into that type of genre one day. I think it he would do amazing and it would go along great with his voice and style, and suit him very well! :]

    Youtube: http://youtube.com/thedorkychild
    I’m subbbed and will always be subbed! :D

  107. He is soooo down to earth and a bag of fun! His has this soulful tune so perhaps a blues or jazz track next?

    Where’s Spudgy?! Eric Nam and Spudgy footage seriously needed.

  108. Poor Martina, you don’t have that bad a voice!!

  109. Eric speaks Spanish. Yay (^.^)/. Well I think Eric can sing any style and and would be good something like a alternative rock or flamenco. But I think he should try the next time soul and R&B. Those two genres would be sound well with his ​​voice.

    (yt: hana27natsuki)

  110. wha!he’s really sweet~ and natural! he has an amazing aura!FIGHTING!

  111. he is cute…

  112. What a nice interview! Well done for succeeding Eric. Fighting!
    I think his voice would fit very nicely with jazz in a modernized way. He has a very charming and relaxed atmosphere around him, which I think would suit that category. My youtube name is kawowl :)

  113. Eric Nam looks like Hyungsik from ZE:A(from afar).

  114. I think he should do jazz next since it’s a genre he said he enjoyed listening to. The best music a musician can make, is the music they love.
    Plus he has the perfect voice for scatting.
    Youtube Username: ninjaaax3

  115. Thank you Simon and Martina for this interview! I love his voice :) Acoustic Ballad really suits him. I guess he can also try bossa nova and jazz & blues :) – Sab Gallardo (youtube username)

  116. This guy is a total win!

  117. So what happened to the B.A.P. CD? O:

  118. I love how interviews make me love a musician. I’ve been listening to his song-and liking not knowing who he was, and now I know he super duper adorabawesome! He should try some rnb or rock :D


  119. Honestly, i think he will fit really good in like Rap, pop, or electro-disco pop, if thats even a genre xD he seems like a type to sing that. hmm, maybe some dancing, i like dancing, them dancing is fuuuun! well i think is a great ballad singer, so he should continue that too ^O^ auuuright, well thats my opinion! Eric Nam is AWESOME! will be waiting for more songs from him. hope he mixes into different genres!

  120. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I am now a fan

  121. He has such a nice personality! I think he should do some hip hop and rap. I love rap. >___<

    Youtube: akina24

  122. i would like him to do like a rock rnb stile with a little country mixed in. its crazy i know. but i think it would work with his voice. youtube name is thealexrevan. thanks. i realy love it when you interviw peoples.

  123. Amyaco

    I think I’m in love.

  124. this has probably been answered twenty bajillion times by now :) but -19 degrees C is -2.2 F

    the first time i heard this song was on inkigayo when he sang live. I’m really bad about fast forwarding through the slow songs, but this one caught my attention (and survived my picky tastes) and i watched the whole thing.

    He has great stage presence and his personality shone through. I couldn’t help but love the song.

    thank you Simon, Martina, and Eric for this wonderful video!

  125. Isabel Ruby

    wait can i change my answer? cuz since it seems like you all get along pretty well, i think he should do a comedy album with you two!! :D all the kpop parody covers with an actual idol? all the views you’d get ;] youtube: notachibisuke

  126. hapagirl

    You guys are totally hoarding the videos of celebrities giving Spudgy tummy touches. This is definately a ploy to have us all as your nasty minions to help take over the world~

    I honestly am gonna become a fan of his. I always smile listening to Heaven’s Door and his covers are amazing. And he’s very attractive. I’m blaming you two for making me realize how cute Korean guys are!

    Edit: Totally random, but can we have him and Kevin of U-Kiss have a nice off? They seem like two of the sweetest guys ever!

  127. I think his next CD should be some kind of combination of bluegrass and Euro-symphonic metal with a hint of polka/throat singing. Or, more seriously, something more folk-y, similar to Mumford and Sons. (YT: Robert Radyin)

  128. I’m so glad that you guys interviewed Eric! I’ve been following him since he first started making YouTube videos, and it’s great to see how far he has come since then. I think his voice has a really calming, soothing quality to it, so R&B songs are something I’d like to see him do in the future. Something along the lines of the Mario cover he did way back.There are playful, soulful, and sweet qualities to his voice that suits the genre so well. I do admit, I’d love to see him do something edgier, but his voice in R&B-esque and ballads is just ermehgerd amazing.

    This is one of my favorite interviews that you guys have done thus far! He seems so at ease and comfortable. T^T That charm hahah.

    YT: xXUchihaxHaydenXx

  129. Wow he actually killed it when he spoke Spanish I was instantly smitten ♥ He seems so nice and cute and I can’t help but wanna support him (≧▽≦) He is really good at singing ballads but since he is just way to cute I wanna see him maybe doing some rock kinda and have him do smokey make-up *w* but that’s just me xD (YT: luisanayeli1992)

  130. Loved the interview! You guise really hit it off with Eric~ He seems like a really chill dude!

  131. I would really like to see the finished photos from the picture booth, I wish you guys would post them.

  132. I honestly think Eric should go into Jazz. When I heard him sing 2 different tears (by the wondergirls) I was absolutely amazed by how soulful his voice sounded. His voice is so strong and powerful, it totally enraptures you. I think Jazz best suits his epic voice.

    Youtube username: Skullskum

  133. I honestly think Eric should try doing Reggae or R&B. Because I think his voice may really suit those genres. Maybe Jazz as well?

  134. his voice is so nice, i think he’d really suit something like rock ballad… not only because that’s my favourite genre… >__ > youtube username: Curubb86

  135. his voice is so nice, i think he’d really suit something like rock ballad… not only because that’s my favourite genre… >__ >

  136. Definitely r&b especially more of the slower kind. freaking love his voice!
    my youtube username is carwoolz

  137. Ahhh, thank you for interviewing him!! You just made a new fan–I’d seen his videos in the recommended section on YouTube before, but I never clicked on them until now. Thank you for showing what I’ve been missing this entire time TT TT

    I really love his current style–it’s really soothing, and not the type of music I usually listen to. Literally, the first time I heard Love Song, I could feel the muscles in my chest relaxing, and halfway through the song I realized I was smiling. He makes me want to lie down in the grass at the park on a summer day and do nothing but listen to his voice. Haha, maybe that sounds kind of creepy.

    Even though I love what he’s doing right now, I think it would be cool if he did some funky jazz or rock music. Like Maroon 5′s older material!! He has the perfect voice for it too. I think he should do some rock ballads too, a la FTIsland’s Severely. Ahh, he would rock that song so much. I think this would fit perfectly because I think his voice is perfect for songs with deeper lyrics… his voice is so beautiful and emotive, I cannot get over it. If he wants to get into more mainstream pop someday, that’s his decision, but I hope he stays unique no matter what.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to such an amazing artist =D

    Youtube username: lovelysarang789

  138. First of all, OMG!!!!!!!!!! ERIC NAM!!!!!!!! CUTES THING EVER!!!!!! Ok now for the answer to the question. I would see him more in the Jazz genre.. I think it would be a little different in Korean (since it is what he is going for) and i believe it fits his voice perfectly. I mean seriously. I can even imagine a jazz and ballad mix with his voice and cuteness. I kind of don’t see him in any other genre though i would love too. I also believe that he has a voice to die for and he is cute and funny.

  139. Simon’s shirt at the end looks like it came from SHINee’s wardrobe.

  140. Eric should do Tibetan monk chanting next.
    Youtube: mufflerwarrior

  141. I loved this interview!! As for the competition, ERIC NAM CD COME TO MEEE >> Youtube: MeaganMichelleM

    Being somewhat of a Georgia girl, woo Eric being from ATL!! He should introduce some more Country-infused Kpop to the scene!! Like 2Yoon’s 24/7 song, but with a little less cheese

  142. I love your purple couch, it’s so vintage and awesome, but the more I look at it the more I feel like maybe it’s not right for the studio? like interviews and stuff…. Idk… anyone else think that?

  143. Something R&Bish, a la Justin Timberlake in “Cry me a river” Youtube: Ilbakee

  144. After downloading his album and giving it a good five times listen to, I could see Eric Nam releasing an album in a “Bruno Mars” fashion where each song almost has its own genre. R&B to Pop to Reggae-ish… etc. A sort of cross-genre album that really appeals to his talent as an artist. Hell, throw some great covers in there and I am sold on it already.

  145. I don’t know.. is the MBC kpop star audition the same thing as SBS kpop star audition? Cause last year me and a friend went to do the SBS kpop start audition in LA… and god it was SO crazy!

  146. I commented my answer as to what style I thought Eric should try on youtube already, but I’m going to comment it here too… That’s not cheating is it? o.O …I only commented once!…

    YT username: Ella020115

    Well I thought that he should try for an orchestral ballad type of song, with a bunch of strings and such, I thought that it’d suit him and would sound freaking awesome. Another style or type of song that I thought would suit Eric would be a sort of ethereal rock ballad. I think it’d be an interesting combination considering his tone and way he sings. I couldn’t decide between the two, but I think they’d both sound pretty darn cool.

  147. YT username: DazzlingLoves

    Eric is just so amazing, sweet, natural, and bubbly~ I love him so much, that is why he is on my bias list :3 I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz and Lonely by 2NE1 were covered very well and even if he wasn’t an idol I would still be a fan >///< The interview was cool!
    I think he should try out jazz, ballad, and maybe pop. These genres totally fit his personality and voice perfectly!

  148. a small request: I’m guessing it’s because (super tall) Simon is behind the camera, but could you guys lower the camera a little? The view is so high, we’re almost looking at the tops of their heads.

  149. Eric’s voice would match swing/big band music really well in my opinion. His voice is smooth and nice with that perfect hint of scratchy when he sings, so i think he would sound great doing some classic big band type music! my youtube name: myworldsraining

    it mite sound dumb but i actually thought really hard about my decision cuz i first heard of eric nam through eyk (love simonandmartina! and the spudge and meemers aaand lovely eyk crew~~) and i decided to go take a listen. i fell in love with his voice right away! heaven’s door is a great song and eric nam is a talented singer with an awesome voice! kpop industry needs more eric nam voice types! definitely became an immediate eric nam fan as soon as i heard his voice. finding out that he’s american made me a fan all the more ^_^v eric nam hwaiting! eyk crew, stay awesome!

  150. Eric Nam has such an awesome personality! I really enjoyed watching your interview with him =)
    Now for my answer as to what genre he should sing next.. AFRICAN TRIBAL. Hahah my serious answer is that I think it would be really enjoyable to hear him have a go at American pop or folksy music! I think it would be a good fit for his voice and tone and I hope the opportunity for him to go that route appears in the nearby future!
    Youtube: ChocoChipCookies02

  151. O.O WOAHHHH~~~!!!! <3 This Eric guy is so down-to-earth and open than all the other interviews that I have seen.

  152. irritablevowel

    He’s funny!
    Oh yeah, according to the internets -16 celsius is 3 degrees fahrenheit.

  153. He should like make his own genre of music… the eric nam genre… who wants
    to hear that? PUT YO HANDS UP *raises hand*
    No but seriously, I really like him with the acoustic love song kind of genre…
    I don’t even know what that would be categorized into.. OMG SEE THERE YOU GO!
    yeah either that or pop his voice would suit that… and I just hope to God he
    never raps in his songs… or who knows? He could make that awesome.

  154. funnyface_bubblegum

    YT username :Strawberryturtle96
    Eric should try jazz and more acoustic tunes cause his voice is really unique and would really suit simple tunes that enable his voice to shine. I don’t think he needs all the fancy techno,electro-pop stuff because his voice alone is BRILLIANT! (because he doesn’t need to try too hard, he is great the way he is) and BALLADS I love ballads and yeah.it would be nice if he sticks to that cause its my two favorite things combined. Proud to be an original subscriber to him before he got signed , I’m no stalker but I feel like I was there with him on this journey because we followed him every step of the way :)

    Thanks EYK simon and martina ;) And good luck to everyone else ~

  155. YT username : Strawberryturtle96

    Eric should try jazz and more acoustic tunes cause his voice is really unique and would really suit simple tunes that enable his voice to shine. I don’t think he needs all the fancy techno,electro-pop stuff because his voice alone is BRILLIANT! (because he doesn’t need to try too hard, he is great the way he is) and BALLADS I love ballads and yeah.it would be nice if he sticks to that cause its my two favorite things combined. Proud to be an original subscriber to him before he got signed, I’m no stalker >_> but Glad that I knew him before cause I feel like I was there for the journey :)

    Thanks EYK and good luck to everyone else ~

  156. The interview’s out, the interview’s out!!~ //spazzzzz. Now excuse this long post. 8D
    I love how Eric seems so chill and comfortable.
    xD I can so imagine Eric being told that he’s saying something completely weird. Sounds like me and my Mandarin teacher. “You’re either asking the waitress how much it costs for a plate of dumplings or how much does it cost to sleep with her for one night because of your tones. How do you keep saying the wrong one?!” o -o All I can say is whoops….? Pronunciation is a pain in a different language. x.x
    Ahh yeah youtube. I remember after listening to Eric for the first time, I checked out his youtube and was like, “Wait… I’ve seen one of these before…. Wuhhh….?” And then this other time I was rewatching some of Megan Lee’s (who, in case you don’t know, is another youtuber who recently signed with a company, whoo~) videos and just stared at one of the collaborations and was thinking: That guy looks a lot like Eric Nam. //reads description. Oh. . . . -mindblown-
    From someone who tries their best to avoid coffee as much as possible, I don’t really know how bitter black coffee is. o.o //thinks she’ll be referring to it as hardcore coffee now.
    And pfft Eric, ya dork. “Well, I don’t know if I’m an idol. Am I an idol? . . . Well, that’s weird. That’s awkward.” I think that just made my day. -giggles-
    MALAMUTEEEEE. So fluffy. T_T That is brilliant with the treats though. :3 (-16 degrees C –> ~3 degrees F)
    Mom’s friend’s son is the story of my life, but daughter instead of son. Oh stereotypical Asian parents, y u so judgemental and comparative?
    Love the Polish and Eric’s enthusiasm when he said I love you in it. Simon, you’re gonna spread it to every idol out there~
    I demand Spudgy belly rubbing footage. D: You tricksters, you.
    And lastly, thank you to the whole EYK crew for this awesometastic interview and making my day so much more awesome~ <3

  157. I’m curious about something… since the person who won the contest wasn’t a subscriber, are you going to have to pick a new winner?

  158. I’m such a huge fan of Eric Nam! I’ve been a fan ever since I
    heard his debut song, “Heaven’s Door” and found out that he is from Atlanta,
    just like me. I love his voice, and he’s also super cute! I honestly was super
    excited when I saw you tweet a pic of the interview with Eric Nam. I’ve been
    anticipating this interview ever since I saw that pic. I’m not quite sure which
    genre he should try next but maybe an R&B/acoustic style song, similar to
    the various covers he’s done like “Someone Like You”. I think that would really
    suit his voice well! It would also be interesting if he tried a pop/dance song,
    even though he said in the interview that he can’t really dance. I still think
    it’d be really cute. He’s already done covers of pop songs like “Loving U”, “Lonely”,
    “I Need a Girl”, and “2 Different Tears”, so it’d be interesting if he had a
    pop song of his own. However, I don’t really mind which genre he decides to pursue
    next because I’ll still support him no matter what he decides to do :)

    Youtube username: xSARAHLYx

  159. Ohmygoodness, Eric Nam.
    “I don’t know if I’m an idol. Am I an idol? Huh, that’s weird.” STILL IN SHOCK
    I cracked up when he said that. :D
    And I really love Heaven’s Door too!! NEW FAN!!

  160. OMGOMGOMGGGG. IT’S ERIC NAM!!! < (haha no pressure… but Eric Nam Fighting!!! :3)

    YouTube username: foreversuperfanz


    2nd: Oh gosh *haha* if Eric Nam were to do another style, then I would say…like the kinds of music he listens to. He said he listens to jazz, electronic, pop, and all bunch of other styles music, so I think since he listens to them, why not try it himself? I bet he'd do really awesome because he's just that amazing! Whatever he does in the future with music, I'll always support him because he's super talented! :D

  162. Eric Nam is seems so sweet, adorable, down to earth, and bubbly so I think that he should choose a genre that fits his personality! In my opinion, I think he should try jazz, pop, or a ballad. His voice would definitely fit those!

  163. I
    really really love his voice and I agree with what he said that his
    type of voice is really hard to find in korea and I would totally love
    to hear a song from him with sexamophones and trumpets ! I guess that
    makes it like R&B and Jazz …I don’t know I just want to hear him
    sing really soul full music the kind that gives you goosebumps every
    time you hear it :) <3

    youtube: SweetPoisonTwins

  164. Starsania

    I definitely think he could pull off a light rock style. K-pop needs a touch more rock now and then and from there he could always branch out further. ^-^ – Starsania on Youtube as well.

    Oh and he should totally do English tracks as well as Korean ones. He’s got that to his advantage.

    I have to say I didn’t know much about Eric at all but I’m loving the vibe he gives off. Thanks so much for the interview! =D

  165. 1) I feel that this interview might have turned me into a fangirl. And not only me, I guess ;]
    2) What surprised me (positively) about “Heaven’s Door” was that it’s entirely in Korean. Knowing the tendency to throw English phrases into Kpop, I would rather expect his company to take advantage of his perfect English and insert some catchy lines, easy to remember for international audience. But nope! No soft options.
    3) Simon Stawski – makes Kpop idols speak Polish since 2011. Bardzo, bardzo dziękuję!

    4) Yay yay yay, giveaway! I’m gonna stick to my first thought and the first thing that came to my mind when you asked what genre Eric should get into was: “I wanna see him do SKA!” Or something ska-like, I’m not really good with genres. You know, happy Jamaican-sounding music with trumpets. In collaboration with Baro! And maybe with others as well so that more people would share the happy, but Baro is a must be. I think it would match Eric’s optimistic attitude, he seemed so fun and full of positive energy despite his busy schedule in the interview :)
    YT username: Agatapaszcza

  166. forgive my sad youtube name: lildigiboy

    I would say a song type like NU’EST’s Yoboseyo would be nice. Small dance
    sequences like in yobosayo would kill two birds with one stone. It
    would still be ballad-y for his voice and a dance sequence would help
    him gain some dancing skills.

  167. I think he would actually do really well with Clazziquai’s style of music. He has a wonderful voice that I feel would go well with a
    soothing electronic vibe. Just as Alex can do ballad type, and obviously electronicy jazz/pop style hah.

    Erics voice is very soothing sounding so honestly hed go well with anything. :P But i say electronic/jazz/pop

    (giannathekiller on youtube)

  168. Eric Nam should get into electronica like Clazziquai because he has a unique sound and it would be interesting to hear his sweet, gentle voice creatively autotuned. He should try to do a collaboration with Clazzi like Seulong did for “How We Feel” (still can’t get over how awesome that song is!). The ultimate reason why this would be an awesome collaboration is that EYK could help initiate and/or organize it since EYK has both of their contact info! *hint* *hint* ^^

    for YouTube account… I just log in using my Gmail ([email protected]) so my name just comes up to be Sara Lee… I think that’s how it works x.x I promise I’m subscribed to (only) EYK! >.<

  169. A style that’s kind of like Humanoids and Catch Me by TVXQ! It’s a lot different from Heaven’s door, so the contrast would be chill.

    Yu2WaLi is my username.

  170. So do we ever get to see the photo booth pics? How else are we to vote on the cute contest
    between Eric and Simon? ;-p

  171. It may sound weird but I can see Eric doing some sort of Alternative
    Pop, or even Ska. He could also probably be genuinely good at K-Trot if
    given the chance. I think those 3 he should try out some day~

    my youtube UN is puffypandaa ^____^ I posted this on your YT but since you stated it has better chances to be seen here I did it here.

  172. omgoodness, i am going to MARRY this man xD definitely my ideal guy :)))
    ANYHOW, onto ze answer:
    With his voice, Mr. Nam would be great at ANY genre he chooses to pursue ^^. But if I HAD to pick one, I definitely would say that he should go into RnB or pretty much that genre with ANGSTY ballads ahah. My FAVV song from his album would have to be 지우고 살아, or Erase and Live or whatever if i translated it well enough because he really sets the mood and POURS HIS HEAR OUT into those 4 minutes and 20 seconds. RnB would fit his voice because of how smooth like luscious hot chocolate with those awkwardly half melted marshmallows bobbing up and down is xD. ERIC NAM TOTALLY has the boy you have that BIG CRUSH ON image going on (im the creepy girl that has the “secret” crush :PP) but I really hope that he goes into more soulful music in the future. And who knows, maybe when he gets into singing and HOPEFULLY DANCING, you guise can give him some NEASSTYY hip thrust and lip rubbing lessons ). Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH for interviewing him EYK. He’s definitely my favorite singer AND LIFE ROLE MODEL– no, he is MY IDOL even if he finds it awksauce ahah . anyways, THANKS!
    YOUTUBE USERNAME: MooMoo4173435

  173. ATLANTA?!?!?! I’m from Atlanta! Go Eric Nam!!!
    And he seems really sweet – so.. I’m a new Eric Nam fan!

  174. He seem’s so sweet and funny, he’s like a waft of fresh air. I think he would do great with some Jazzy saxamophone, but I can totally see him doing something Roh Ji Hoon-ish. When he said he is a part of B2M ent. I was all excited because Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong are there also! I think the three of them should get together, their voices would match well in a ballad :)

  175. Youtube name: starlight23ful

    I think Eric Nam should do a rock concept ;D Or maybe an upbeat dance-ish song (of course with a simple choreography so that anyone could dance to it xD) ^_^

  176. Angelina Widener

    Thank you for the interview >.< Eric is a very sweet guy ^^

    Well if he had to change his music style he could do what I call the "Boyfriend change" which is going from "cutie style/sweet colors" to a more "sexy/dramatic style/dark colors" (minus the dancing parts, even though he did OK in his performance of Ma boy in the unit Brother19 with Roh Ji Hoon). If he happens to do it I think my heart will explode and my soul will rest peacefully~
    But whatever he comes out next with, if it's completely different or it sticks to acoustic, I will support him because I love his music. He is very hardworking and passionate about music, and I admire that. I'm proud to be his fan :)

    Youtube username : KawaiiKuroNekoSan

  177. Hareem Siddiqi

    He’s so cool, i’ve become a new eric nam fan!!

  178. unicornsgalaxy

    *sad pouty face* Why do you always tease us with saying the interviewees are playing with your dog and then never show us? It’s mean to get out hopes up to see idol puppy love (that sounded better in my head) and then only to have our bubble pop (bubble bubble bubble pop) when it’s not included.

    How cute is he!? I mean seriously he seems like such a sweet and fun person!

  179. He was like “WHERE IS MA FOOD” haha I loveEric nam ,cant wait for part 2!

  180. I’m glad that this interview didn’t have random broll of Simon’s nostrils.

  181. He’s is such a lovely person and the interview is so much fun I even made a wallpaper from the “I can do this” part XD.

    As for the new style, he may try some Jazz it’d sound good with his voice *0*

  182. I love Eric’s tone and his acoustic style! But if he had to try another style of music, I would love to hear him in an up-beat song, super fun and catchy. It would be nice for spring and summer :) I could sing along during the hotter days to come. OR, to contrast with all the other songs from the kpop industry, a jazzy-edgy-groovy song would be amazing! Especially with his voice!

    PS: I’m a subscriber! My user name is MissMarieLouiseT on youtube.

  183. Are you guys planning on uploading the sticker booth photos you take during your interviews? I’m always curious how they come out – I bet they’re super cute! Loved this interview. Eric seems really down to earth! I think it’d be interesting to see him dabble in Indie Rock :) (YT houkouonchirere)

  184. Are you guys planning on uploading the sticker booth photos you take during your interviews? I’m always curious how they come out – I bet they’re super cute! Loved this interview. Eric seems really down to earth! I think it’d be interesting to see him dabble in Indie Rock :) (YT houkouonchirere)

  185. woww when I watched yall talking I couldn’t help but thinking that he seems so American!!! Not Kpop like/ Korean at all. He seems really friendly too! I think he should look into R&B music… similar slow tempo and beat as ballads are. I also love R&B as well. :)

    YT: XoceanxsunX

  186. I really love Eric Nam and this interview was so enjoyable to me. ^_^ So funny and relaxing! Yay for EYK and Eric Nam!
    Now, onto the question, although I really love the acoustic ballady songs he has right now, I think another style that would really suit him would be rock ballad songs (Kim sung kyu) because I think his voice could really work with the power and flow of them~ I think he could succeed with many other music genres as well. [ jazz sounds, pop-rock...]

    ( Youtube username: AnimeLoverMusic <—- so original. 8D)

  187. omg he’s so cute!! and also when he spoke in spanish I was like *o* !!! te quiero! :D haha

  188. …I read this and I was just thinking I should post this here too because I read that youtube won’t get noticed much, my answer isnt really good either but my fan girl side for eric makes me want to post here…so I think eric should do either a soothing genre or a pop song! His personality and voice suit those genres! my youtube username was changed to Yena Kim..but I am suscribing to you :-P wow this was long…°~°

  189. Such an awesome interview!! I would love to see Eric Nam as an alternative rock artist. I could so see him jamming out with his guitar (if he plays it) and jamming! Plus his voice is very apt to do so!

    Eric Nam fighting!! :)

    Youtube username: whatshappening17

  190. Youtube: I Am A Person
    Although I’m not a huge fan of ballads, I’d love to see a 0330 or maybe Love Song (Bigbang) type song from Eric Nam~

  191. I think pop-punk! Like “All Time Low- Remembering Sunday” or “Mayday parade” for a couple examples. I know they are groups but I would love to hear his voice in some of those songs!!! Even if he did something like “LIGHTS” or “Automatic Loveletter” who are single artists!! >_<
    In all honesty he probably could sing the dictionary. So anything would probably do. I like it all! :)

  192. I think he suits the style of soft hip-hop songs or maybe some ballad style rapping!! R&B is nice and natural with his type of voice:D I checked out his YT channel and saw his videos…his voice is really nice and special with no auto tuning at all.He’s just an amazing singer and cute!!xDD
    YT: Kyomica27

  193. In polish “Kocham cię” is more grammatically correct than “Ja ciebie kocham”
    Anyway I still can’t believe he said that ! and that Simon is speaking polish ^u^
    Natalie from Poland

  194. First off I’m a total Eric Nam newbie and would never have listened to him if I didn’t watch your interview with him. Since he was so cute I just had to check out his music video and got stuck for his voice. So I’d like to say thanks Simon and Martina for doing this interview.

    Second off all I would like to hear Eric Nam do jazz or rapping. I want to hear him sing jazz because I felt that it would be interesting when he mentioned it in the interview. And I would love a song where he raps because I want to know how it will turn out.

    Youtube: FinxFlicka


    To be honest, I really like the acoustic sound going on. He's so cute and squishy and I just wanna huggle him~

    BACK to the point, if Eric would go for different type of genre, I think either K-Indie (like Urban Zakapa) or R&B (maybe like 4MEN..?) would suit him! Because of his powerful vocal skills (and that angel voice of his), it would be really awesome to get that "soulful" feel from him. I could totally see him playing the piano and singing away and hitting the falsetto (oh dear heavens, my fangirl feels)

    But ya knooooooow, I'll support Eric for whatever music he does! :D

    (Youtube: inspiritmaryanne)

  196. He’s soooo cute!! …n im with him on the Fahrenheit turning into Celsius thing and viceversa lol…I’m an American too sooo..I dont use Celsius loll. And also I feel like if I were around him I would be able to talk normally cuz he reminds me of one of my friends ^^ n lol at the Hard Core Coffee :D you guise made me laugh a lot ^^ (like always buuut with a new addition ^^)

  197. He is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen~! Well, person… ^^

    I feel he should be a little SHINee (Sherlock) or MBLAQ-esque (This is War, Mona Lisa) or maybe like Jaejoong’s ‘Mine’. By that, I mean a little more fierce with a song that you can’t help but get stuck in your head. Ya know what I’m sayinnn’? ^^

  198. where can we see the funny photos that you made with him?

  199. WOW! I am so happy you interviewed Eric Nam. He is certainly a breath of fresh air! ^^ Also, I dont feel like a pedo for liking him! ^^ LOL

    I would love to hear him do something like Blues/jazz. His voice is silky smooth and would go so very nicely with it. Also something along the lines of Indie-Country.

    BTW my youtube name is Janet Marie i think lol!!!

  200. OMGGGG i just love his song and I just love his way of speaking and *lovestruck* Wahhh this interview thanks so much for uploading it. :D <3

  201. Hmmm.

    He has a really unique voice and really it seems as if any genre would suit him. But there are already so many korean pop songs already he should maybe aim for something kind of indie rock-ish.

    There aren’t many korean rock songs (in proportion to how many pop songs there are) and I really like rock (hahaha)

    Maybe he could also try something smooth and ballad like because it also sounds like his voice would match that genre perfectly.

    To be honest anything would suit him and it would really depend on what he felt in his heart he most wanted to do… just go with the flow and hope something good comes out ^_^ the music that comes from the heart is always the best.
    (but with a voice like that, anything that comes out would be good haha ^^)

    my youtube is: TheJapannah

    PS: he is so adorable… i mean… he’s an ’88er isn’t he? how is this possible???

  202. Eric has a great personality and seems like such a chill, genuine guy (with a gorgeous voice to boot). His album was fantastic, and I’d love to hear more ballads from him. That being said, I’d love for him to experiment with different genres. Definitely R&B but maybe rock and boy-band pop too. Maybe even an English track? :) With his voice, anything is possible. Can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

  203. Eric Nam should go into pop next, he should start dancing. Hehehe. Youtube: kaijuandy

  204. Eric Nam is the greatest! I can’t believe it! HOLD HIM TO HIS PROMISE Simon and Martina hahaha :]

  205. youtube: misskategray
    he should try having jazz as a new concept. The thing that stood out with Eric Nam was the fact that he sounded different from typical debut artist. I think he should keep up releasing different styles of music in order to stand out. much love! (:

  206. I saw those cute slippers at the end and Martina who took your stool?

  207. Can I just say he’s so AH-DO-RA-BLE! Thank you again, EYK
    for introducing us to new artists!

    Personally, I feel like Eric Nam is the male IU version and
    IU is probably my favorite female Korean artist. So I guess that technically
    makes Eric my favorite too? I also think that Eric is in the right genre for
    now because I think it really suits him. But I am thinking maybe R&B
    in the future? Even though I like all kinds of music, I’m particularly R&B
    bias. I know it’s kinda similar but I can see him doing that. I don’t know if
    you guys know 4men? They’re my favorite too and collaboration with them would
    definitely be soooooooo awesome! (Although,
    I would pay to see 10cm & 4men together…)

    I think alternative rock is also a good fit for him. I feel
    like Korea needs more of the likes of Coldplay and The Script, don’t you?

  208. already wrote this on facebook, but posting it here is also okay, ne? :D
    Eric (see, I used his first nameyou should too, after all he played with your dog!) has a voice that goes well with nearly anything as long as he wants to sing it. Personally I’d love to hear some soul from him, or maybe acoustic songs like Jason Mraz’ I’m Yours, but I really, really think he’d be awesome with slow, ballady rock. He just has this voice that gives you goosebumps all over, and imagining him sing some low, sexy notes makes me shiver xD
    Still, all in all I think that the music that would suit him best is actually the one he wants to sing. Doing something you love passionately is always better than singing songs that are just given to him I don’t doubt that he can pull that off, I think even if it’s not his choice he will do it well, but I believe singing songs he personally loves will make him sound the best >3

    Oh and YouTube: MephMelle

  209. bigbangfosho

    I love his laugh. Gosh, it’s really nice. Plus his answer to ideal girl was so pices like, I’m surprised he’s not one.
    I think his voice would beat suit a song like Fiction. Not sure what kind of genre that is, but definitely something pop ballad-y?
    YT: jessicaaaturbox3

  210. He just is so adorable and funny. Lovely interview. :)

  211. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG! hes so adorable!!! loved this interview! thanks guise!<3

  212. I definatley looked up how cold that would be xD it would be 3.1999 degrees F.

  213. I think he should do jazz, because of the sexophones :D (but I would like to order a heavy metal album too, please) It would allow him to show the other side of himself (ooo, you so nasty!)

    (my yt: Lexie McAdams)

    [by the way, why is he so adorable and funny? I was literally squealing when he said 'I love you' in Polish (and Simon, it's 'Kocham Cię' instead of ''Ja ciebie kocham', but it isn't a mistake, it's just way more natural this way xD Still, I love you Simon for making kpop idols speak Polish ^^]

    Aww, he is just so cool, like, he just completely messed up my list of coolest people out there (he is even coming close to Kevin, how is this even possible? <33). He is just so honest and natural, unlikely some other people who are really awkward and speak only what their agency tells them to say. I wish more people knew about him (it's my mission from today! let's show this mv to every kpoper I know <3). I hope he can stay healthy even with those crazy schedules.

    PS. S&M THANK YOU for introducing his music (and him <3333) to me. Without you I wouldn't be able to hear his angelic voice


    Sorry for my english T.T

  214. I think he should do jazz, because of the sexophones :D (but I would like to order a heavy metal album too, please) It would allow him to show the other side of himself (ooo, you so nasty!)
    (my yt: Lexie McAdams)

    Aww, he is just so cool, like, he just completely messed up my list of coolest people out there (he is even coming close to Kevin, how is this even possible? <33). He is just so honest and natural, unlikely some other people who are really awkward and speak only what their agency tells them to say. I wish more people knew about him (it's my mission from today! let's show this mv to every kpoper I know <3). I hope he can stay healthy even with those crazy schedules.

    PS. S&M THANK YOU for introducing his music (and him <3333) to me. Without you I wouldn't be able to hear his angelic voice


    Sorry for my english T.T

  215. I think Eric has and extremely unique voice that is soothing yet powerful at the same time. I’d really want to hear him sing an alternative rock song, like the kind of music Phoenix, Nell, and the snuggly one from Infinite does.

    youtube: candymoonbeam

  216. I think eric nam should go on doing love ballads. his voice is so sweet that just melts my heart hahahha It would be perfect for him to realize sone kind of american pop music as well.. something like sweet dreams of MFBTY, making able to us listen his perfect english,, and doing a colaboration with Ailee would be great as well (she has a perfect english too) hahaha love him,, cant wait for him to realize another song!! 에릭 오빠 파이팅~ ㅋㅋ

  217. Wow, I’m a new fan after watching this interview, he’s a total fresh air amidst the many many performers in the KPop realm. Wonderful, wonderful voice. I checked out the songs from his album and it’s totally my style (acoustic-y… idk what it’s called -sadface-).

    I can imagine him doing rock-jazzy genres in the future. He’d sound great singing something jazz related and he’d probably be comfortable doing so too. Genre aside, I’d love it if he could also release an English single one day soon. Just a hopeful thought ♥ :’D

    YouTube name: BeEnvious

  218. I love his voice and I could see it working with well with country music because he has this twang in his voice, especially in Heaven’s Door. I also think he could do many other genres like rock ballads and R&B though.

  219. Honestly, I was kind of hoping that he could stay in this cutie bubbly natuaral aegyo fillled genre (I dunno what it’s called) and do a couple collaboration songs with like Juniel (Something similar to her song Stupid) but If he had to get out of it, I would say something ballad-y like BtoB’s Father or 2AM’s I wonder if you hurt like me. Not something sissy cry baby sounding, but something very powerful and passionate.

    Youtube: KiRAWRra131

  220. WOW I can’t believe how cool and laid back he is. Seems like this was one of the most natural interviews I have seen in a while.
    I mean what a great aura he has! Great interview!!! you made a new fan! (^-^)/
    (I wish we could see him playing with Spudgy though!)

    His voice and sound is soothing so I think he could do well in many genres BUT I personally want to hear him do some kind of jazzy R&B style music. His voice would suit it so well!! (YT: MiNmaXluvr92)

  221. I watched the extra scenes video twice and didn’t see Eric Nam playing with Spudgy. Am I blind or was that part left out despite what the text says? D:

  222. After this interview I wanted to listen to his music, so I did, he’s amazing!!! WOA his voice! Love it! Thank you EatYour Kimchi to have introduced me to an awesome person, I shall try and win the cd! And I shall love him even more!

  223. the parent thing is not only in Korea in mexico too ugh i can stand, I’m going to follow him,
    i would like to see him sing, ballads but with a orquestra vibe to it i know a metal band that does that and they are awesome Maybe some heart break songs with a rock vibe too
    P.S. thank you EYK you are introducing me into new awesome k-pop artists like K.Will and know Eric Nam BUT JYJ is still my number one and TVXQ

  224. OMG YOU GUYS GOT ERIC NAM TO ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! And he even said my name <3 <3 Thank you thank you THANK YOU so much! You have made my week! :D
    Anyway, my suggestion would be he should do some salsa kind of crooning, with really popping acoustic guitar and maybe a little french horn in the chorus. I think his smooth voice would be great with a spicy, latin style.
    -Margo Kaller

  225. First of all, I’m so glad to see this interview! Eric should definitely try Indie! It’d not only suit him, but his voice as well. Maybe even sing English Indie music too! His voice is amazing and sounds good in both Korean and English. In my opinion not many K-pop idols have that talent/opportunity to sing in both languages. So to see that from him, would be nice and refreshing!
    Thanks for the awesome interview! I know I’m not the only one who would love to see him in another Eatyourkimchi interview! :)

  226. OMG!! Im so proud to say that you have gone so far!! I’ve seen all your videos since the beginning of time…anyways back to business …I say that Eric Nam should do a pop/R&B style…kinda like Bruno Mars style :D Youtube name: yvera93

  227. So, i don’t know if someone answered this …but I will still write it: -16 degrees Celsius is 3 degrees Fahrenheit…

  228. First I have to say that this interview was really great! I absolutely love Eric Nam’s voice and think it would be perfectly suited for jazz. But I would prefer something not really jazzy jazz, more like slightly jazzy because I’m not a huge fan of actual jazz. (Does that make sense to anyone besides myself..?) Anywho, I really think he could do any genre he wanted to with that voice. (youtube: pumkinpatch22)

  229. thisisjustforfunval

    I didn’t know that Eric Nam was with B2M! It would be wonderful to hear him do a duet one day with Heo Young Saeng or Kim Kyu Jong one day. I think all three of their styles fit well with each other, especially him and Young Saeng.

    This interview was really great and it has kind made me want to seek out his album now and get to know more about Eric Nam and his music.

    It would be interesting to hear Eric Nam do a very R&B dance track ala the sound of Usher. You know smooth not overly dance track bouncing off the walls sweating off your….uhm anywho.

    My YouTube user name is thisisjustforfunval

  230. Honestly, before I watched this I only watched Eric Nam’s Heaven’s door music video once. I liked it,but that type of music for me is usually a every now and again thing. But after watching this:

    I COMPLETELY fell in love with him! OMG he is so sweet and kind and adorable. And he seems so down to earth.

    Thank you so much for having this interview

  231. No Idea what as far as music is concerned, but can I just say, as a mom, what a sweet, gentle young man he appears to be. As I watched his interview I kept thinking, I wonder what his mom and dad and family are thinking right now. How proud of him they must be! I hope his life goes well and he stays as happy, healthy, and peaceful as he appears to be….whether that means being an ‘idol’ or just being able to do and be what he loves.

  232. I don’t think he should do pop. I do think he should try rock music though. :)
    (YT: Gelousie)

  233. I Think Eric Nam would be great for indie rock style, his voice is great :’) R&B would also would be great for him :D

  234. u guise need to scan the sticker sheets and put them on the website!

  235. OMG I Love Eric Nam so muuuchhh~~!! klsjgyrafueksjg *I’m having seizures right now but don’t mind*

    Hi guys! It’s a pleasure to watch this interview with Eric Nam here in Eat Your Kimchi!!

    *That aegyo-photo part was so freaking awesome, wanna try that…*

    And for Eric Nam’s new music genre I would say “Rock ballads”. Yeah, that’s it. Because he has so extremely good-sweet voice and I think some rock will ROCK US, I mean, that would be absolutely awesome to hear Eric Nam singing rock ballands. I’m going to cry with Eric Nam’s new songs, really.

    Waiting your next video!

    Youtube: YuuTakahashi382

  236. I think Eric Nam should try R&B or something with a similar style to Jay Parks Star because after watching this interview I thought that he could pull off the man-aegyo quite well~ lolol xD (YT: TachesDeRouge)
    Loved the interview~! ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)

  237. I think his voice would be amazing for a rock type ballad, something like Journey’s style :)
    I also think he would sound great doing trot!
    Youtube: Harshkpoptruths

  238. I really love the acoustic guitar sound with his voice, I think he’s
    perfect already :3 But yeah I’ll be lame and agree with everyone that
    he would also sound amazing with a jazz sound. SEXY SAXOPHONES FO LYFE

    YouTube username is BrittBeastly as well :3

  239. I think that Eric should do some blues because his voice is so sweet … and i want to see him dancing too!! *O* . He has a great voice, so i think he can do any genre. And he should sing in spanish too!!, that would be so cool!! Really great! *O* I’m from Chile! ^^

  240. He’s a great dude, artistic and humble. His soft voice is really great. He is not an idol, he is an artist :’)

  241. Eric has a cute face with heaven voice. I really like ‘Heaven’s Door’ and ‘Erase’ in his album. He fits songs with sweet and flying melody. If he want to try new thing, cuz he is good at english too, can try rap/hip-hop. But if it’s a risk, just do pop and R&B. I think he can pull off every genres. I think he should cover some English songs to get ppl’s reaction first. But recently, powerful voice and energetic songs bing to us so much energy, he can think about. I think some songs like Kelly Clarkson’s Because of you and Stronger, Ailee’s I will show you, One direction’s what make u beautiful, … are good suggestions.

    YT user name: trytomakeitperfect

  242. So nice and homey interview~Thank you. So who had won the cutest title?
    It would be interesting, if he could sing rock style song. He’s cute and young, maybe it doesn’t fit him perfectly, but that would be really interesting to listen. Now his voice is sweet and then BAM another album with opposite style music and singing. I like acoustic songs and ballad, but it gets boring time to time, because it’s all about love and that stuff …Rap is also challenging, but it has to be good and I hope that words not be superficial, but what reminds you the true world and grabs onto your heart.
    YT: Imiliukea
    Yeah, so rock and rap for Eric Nam.

  243. I always enjoy all of your interviews. It’s like your calming yet hyper aura soothes anyone that comes into the studio and thus produces funny, relaxing, honest conversations. *beats chest lightly with fist* Props, yo… It’s hard to translate my wannabe gangsta moves in text format. Did it work? ..Ahem.
    Truly, big companies can learn from you two. I don’t feel uncomfortable watching your interviews like I do with other journalists, if you will. Sometimes musicians can be stiff in interviews, but they never are with you two and that in itself is talent.

    As for the awesome possum sir (he could have been a Knight in his past life) Eric Nam, oh he can sing me to sleep. Like most are saying, indeedy he has such a soothing almost “clean” raspy voice if that’s possible. It is unlike most voices in the K-pop world, which is really nice. Hold up, don’t get me wrong, I do love me some other K-pop voices, no hating here; simply change is nice, ya.
    Anyhoodles, I can definitely “see” him fitting into either jazz or a kind of pop-rock–the sort of rock that Jaejoong has put out.
    Ooh myy gaaawd, I’m totally jazz bias. I think sir Eric Nam could have a lot of fun experimenting with his voice in this rather soulful area. As for the rock, which has a special place in my heart, oh he can make me weak in the knees if he does any screaming (powerful notes, you know).

    ….Sorry, had to take a moment there thinking about it. I’m good now. Overall, I am rather excited to see his progression, see where his passion for music takes him. With his attitude, I know he can reach cloud 9… Was that too obvious? I thought it was clever. Fine.
    (youtube: the3rdbar)

  244. I’d like to see him try his hand at Funk. K-pop needs to get funkafied.
    (YT: TallWaffle)

  245. I’ve seen him before and I listened to his songs but I never realized the connection. x) The genre he’s doing at the moment is perfect for him since he has a soft voice, but I think (pop-)rock would a great challenge for him as well. Especially since his high notes sound angelic and he has this husky tone to his voice! And he could sing those songs in English :p
    My youtube: Myumeful

  246. Oh Gawd Martina, your face shall be made into 523094823094 gifs and memes on Tumblr XD

  247. Been loving Eric Nam since his youtube days, and I was very excited when he finally debuted. He is such a sweet, humorous, down-to-earth, and inspirational person. We may be the same age but I GREATLY admire all of his accomplishments, and he inspires me to do so much more. I just love his voice and I believe he can sing anything and everything. With that being said, I would love to hear him cover an acoustic version of “Hero/Heroine” by Boys Like Girls. He should try indie rock, indie pop, or pop rock.

    Twitter: @doubiELF

  248. Wow didn’t expect him to be so funny hehehe

  249. -16 Celcius is around 3 Fahrenheit. Yikes!

  250. i think the style of singing ballad kind of songs really suits him, because of what i’ve seen of his personality in this interview. But if he had to do another style, i would love to hear him rap :D don’t know if that would be terribly awkward, weird and funny.. Or totally awesome and sexy ^^

  251. Soft ballad-y rock definitely with just his voice and a cool guitar at first. Cue a drum beat halfway through the song and let all instruments die out towards the end leaving us with Eric Nam’s sweet voice. I heard his other covers on youtube and he has a soft, almost raspy undertone. I would love to hear this type of song from him. Hwaiting! :D (Just in case you didn’t see my submission on youtube/fb) ;)

  252. I follow him from the beggining and I know that he goes well with the ballads, I would like that he try the indie rock … something like CNBlue or maybe like “60 seconds”… His voice is powerful and can be adapted to different music genres. By the way …If he sings in Spanish I can die in peace!

  253. I agree that R&B and/or jazz would sound really good with his voice. The timbre of it, as well as his range, would sound awesome~ His voice sounds really smooth, which matches with those genres pretty well. But I think to be a true artist, all different mediums and genres should be explored. So try everything eventually!! Your voice is great! Eric Nam, 화이팅!! YT: katibear1000

  254. User name: Panny162002

    I follow him from the beggining and I know that he goes well with the ballads, I would like that he try the indie rock … something like CNBlue or maybe like “60 seconds”… His voice is powerful and can be adapted to different music genres. By the way …If he sings in Spanish I can die in peace!

  255. Youtube: Panny162002

    I follow him from the beggining and I know that he goes well with the ballads, I would like that he try the indie rock … or something like CNBlue … His voice is powerful and can be adapted to different music genres. By the way …If he sings in Spanish I can die in peace!

  256. I think Eric’s right, he voice matches more on the side of acoustic and ballad songs. Its more unique! :)
    Youtube : Val7898
    Valerie Chan

  257. I love you – Kocham Cię

    That’s easier :3

  258. I think Eric should try the rock or jazz genres. His voice is really smooth which I think would really suit jazz, but at the same time I think it would be interesting to see how he would change and play around with his voice for the rock genre.

    Youtube username: musicmiss18

  259. I think Eric Nam’s voice is one of those rare voices, it’s not a very technical voice, he has a great voice color which is great for portraying emotions, reminds me of 4MEN…I would love for him to stick with the acoustic and ballad songs–I’m a sucker for Ballads!!!

  260. He pronounced the words in Spanish perfectly!!!

  261. ok… you guie have to stop this. seriously .. I have enough kpop people to follow i don’t need more.. EVERY freaking time you interview someone or even if you do a review of their video (a band or singer i haven’t heard of) I end up becoming a fan.. this is taking a lot of time out of my life! ahhhhhhhh

    ok im finished..

  262. I think indie would suit him or maybe jazz, even though he sounds really sexy with his acustic guitar!!

  263. Aaahh~~ //fangirls~! He is so adorable!! I mean LOOK AT HIM~!
    And thank you Martina, because of you i can’t say his name without going “namnamnamnam~” xD

    And for the album contest [ooh~ first time doing one of these online things]
    I feel his music style would be this kind of sweet music, but then if he’s willing to try new genres, i would say, go for sexy Synth-pop! Because his voice would definitely suit any kind of genre, so why not try this too~
    Youtube Username; Cutemyxn Rahman [[DON'T JUGDE ME, MAN! I MADE THIS ACCOUNT WHEN I WAS TEN! //sobs]]

    [[And sorry if my english isn't up to par, or un-understandable, i'm not really the brightest star when it comes to writing stuff like this, but i try :c do i get a star for that? XD]]

  264. AmyShoua is my youtube username
    Eric Nam’s voice is a very soothing sounding voice…He has the ability to portray an array of emotions in his voice. He has a very 4MEN-esque sounding voice…I think he can continue doing what he’s doing in this genre or I think he’d make a really nice ballad singer…I’m just a sucker for ballads

  265. I also want to know where is the footage of MFBTY with spudgy !! I can’t find it anywhere !

  266. He kinda reminds me of a young SE7EN…who apparently cannot dance. Unfortunately. Well, I think Contemporary R&B would be best suited for his voice. HE DOESN’T HAVE TO DANCE TO IT IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO! I mean, his tone is more of a soulful, and as Eric himself would say, ‘acoustic-y’ feel to it. Eric doing Contemporary R&B would be like a blissful eargasm…CUE COMEBACK TEASERS!

    yt: missnadster

  267. I click on the interview without knowing him… how could I have missed this? his voice is just perfect and he is so adorable irl!

    OK, now to serious bussiness… I know nothing about music genres, but I do know I want his voice in the kind of music you listen when it’s sunny but cold and you are indoors drinking a cup of tea. that kind of calm happy songs like Sunday morning by Maroon 5 pop rock? or I shall call my new genre: the happy-sunny-morning-kindofsong genre.

    Btw my youtube name: xochitlBTK

  268. Didn’t really know much about Eric before this, thank you EYK for this interview! He is so sweet and cute ^ ^

    I think Eric would probably try a mix of R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz. I think it would be cool if he raps and also be able to still showcase his amazing voice. (YT: Kitty12591)

  269. OMG thank you for such a lovely, lovely interview! Eric Nam is adorable, articulate, and it was SO awesome to hear little bits of the behind-the-scenes for him. I can definitely see him going the route of smooth to mid-tempo R&B stuff (kinda like Roh Jihoon…didn’t they just finish a collaboration together?). I wouldn’t want him to jump into anything flashier–he’s already got killer looks and I kinda would love if he focused on the amazing vocals.

    Please don’t stress on the dancing! Great performers aren’t always great dancers. Instead, be your already-awesome self.)

    YouTube name: Alexis Aragona

  270. That was a really fun interview!! He’s so funny! he has this ‘nasty’ personality xD so random

  271. Youtube name: timbiriki007 …..This is tough. He’s so good at acoustic/ballad! But I think he should try a jazzy theme, kinda like the sound from Yoseob’s album. I’m really thinking about the song “But I” B)

  272. Guise, maybe all the Spudgy footage is saved for uploading onto OpenTheHappy or something. Guise?

  273. eric nam-nam-nam rubbing spudgy’s tummy – 어디에서? ㅠㅠㅠ

  274. Oh my gosh! You got the opportunity to interview Eric Nam ?!? I’m so jelly jelly !!! ㅠㅠ
    But…. Genre wise I think he is amazing singing what he is now. His voice is so smooth it just flows so well. Like me melting over his velvety voice. But as a new artist in the kpop industry, I would like to see him do more vocally things, such as Lunafly or 2Bic. Ahhhhhhhhh anything from him would be amazing….
    Oh! And seeing him do an English and Korean version of a song would be so cool!!
    Sorry….. Getting too excited
    YouTube: bdx96

  275. I think he is so adorable. I think that the next thing he should try should be R&B. I think he would have a good voice for it.

  276. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Nam, I LOVE YOUUUUUU~tube. (Love Song is a great song, I’m glad he’s promoting it aside Heaven’s Door. Gotta say though, one of my other favourites off his album is track 3 – 지우고 살아. His voice is just so uniquely soothing even if he may not fully understand what he’s singing about~)

    Congrats to the EYK crew on another awesome interview!! From the moment I read the whispers of an Eric Nam interview, I was so excited for you to have him in the studio~ I watched his Artist Spotlight on LOEN Ent’s channel and find him to be a breath of fresh air in the K-Pop industry – he’s just so down to earth and aware of who he is and what he wants to do, despite facing initial hardships. Go go Eric Nam! (Aside from his death-defying language skills, Mr. Nam also happens to be an amazing photographer. And if you’re reading this, Eric, Bang Yongguk also has Tumblr so don’t be afraid to return to it! Your travel photos are awesome! Just be wary of scary fans…. Welp.)

    Martina, were you a little betrayed there? XD

    Can I just say how flippin’ awesome that sticker booth is – BEST ADDITION TO THE EYK NASTY STUDIO EVARRR. So many fun memories made! So many more fun times to be had! OOOH YESSSS.

    P.S. Nice slippers there, guise. Eric Nam, chillin’ in the Nasty Studio EYK Nasty style.

    I love being a Nasty.

  277. I know you guys are not great fans of ballads, but I seriously think he’d be great with jazzy ballads (I’m thinking allong the lines of Michael Bubblé). (YT torntrof)

  278. Holaaa…I really like Eric voice, so soft and sweet; and I love his fun and positive tune. But I think it would be FANTASTIC to hear him sing something Indie pop or indie folk (more edgy ). Thanks for the interview, I get to know a new singer thats diferent from the usual Kpop idols.

  279. The scene you guys said that Eric Nam played with Spudgy was a lie?! *stabs myself*

  280. Moira MacDougal

    Thank EYK for introducing us to Eric Nam, I actually really prefer this style to more pop stuff. But I think Eric could probably do a more dreampop/shoegaze type style. So working in something that suites his really sweet voice but is something very different, it’d be very interesting.

    Youtube: iveysbananas

  281. I think an acoustic type of song or acoustic rendition of songs (r&b, ballad etc) would be the best for his voice. Something like Jason Mraz type of songs :) Somehow his voice is something that is addicting to listen to. I think it would a treat to his fans (especially the international fans) if he releases and english version of his songs. :)

    Youtube @ mangofrappucino

  282. I want him to try out a Clazziquai-esque jazz, electronica sound from him; we don’t have enough of that. Maybe even a remix or just a concept, one-off album track, I think that would be pretty cool.

    Youtube: yanjaex2

  283. He should try disco polo, he speaks Polish very well :)


  285. I could see Eric doing some R&B in the future, but I would love to see him continue releasing ballad’s!! His voice is soft and sweet, but I think think that he could branch out and do some more upbeat and funky songs!
    P.S. – Great interview, and it’s awesome that he is from the States!!
    Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/feed/?feature=guide

  286. I think Eric Nam should try some rock music! Something hard and edgy but not too crazy! The plus side is he doesn’t necessarily have to dance! Lol

  287. This is such a lovely interview and I really enjoyed it but it nearly made me choke on my lunch when you asked his advice for becoming a Kpop idol and he said “…getting yourself out there, exposing yourself…”. I don’t know if this is only in the UK this but here that means becoming a flasher. I’m really sorry because I know that’s not what was meant at all and I couldn’t stop laughing!

  288. This interview was so fun! I like Eric Nam. I think the next genre he tries ought to be jazz. Simon and Martina, you guys know John Park–his style of jazz singing and almost even blues is really lovely, and it’s rare as well.
    YouTube: ztigr777

  289. I think Eric should do a soulful jazz number. :3 His voice seems versatile enough to do that. :D

    Youtube: yijern

  290. How can a grown up man be so adorable?! And it’s not like you guys said “Show us some aegyo” or anything, it’s so natural! Plus his appearance and personality -as far as I can see- matches with his soft and soothing voice ^^ So if he wants to try something different, rock ballads would suit him I think. (YT: kendisinsan)

    PS: It seems that Eric Nam’s schedule is really packed, I hope he takes well care of himself :)

    Thanks for the great interview by the way. Loved watching it!

  291. He should try disco polo, he speaks Polish very well :)


  292. Eric’s voice, as well as others suited for ballads, would work really well for smooth, jazzy tracks. I’m thinking some sexy saxamophone, piano and trumpet in the background… Yeah. You think he’s sexy now? He’ll be on a whole new level singing jazz.
    Youtube: misskylamarie

  293. Eric is so talented that he would fit to any style he want but I personally have a suggestion of reggae music. He could mix reggae and pop or jazz it would be so new and in his voice it’d be even more amazing ’cause he has a sweet and harmonic voice that brings us into the music as any other artist doesn’t.

    My youtube user is: JunzyCouple

  294. You keep lying to us! First you said there was footage of MFBTY with Spudgy, and now Eric Nam, and the footage is nowhere to be found!! Lies. Is Spudgy in witness protection or something?

  295. omg he’s so cool. ^_^

    He seems to know how to speak Spanish, so I’d like to see him do something Latin American inspired in Korean that would be really cool.
    YouTube: doramaprncss

  296. I think he should try RnB/more ballads (: He can even be the next ballad prince in the kpop industry! Youtube username: youngstars710

  297. I think he should try RnB/more ballads (: He can even be the next ballad prince in the kpop industry!

  298. Eric could totally pull off some sort of Electroswing (like Parov Stelar). I’d love to hear that. He’s a great singer and seems like a very awesome person. Lovely that you were able to interview him! (TheNovemberer @ YT)

  299. He’s so sweet

  300. Did anyone else saw at the beginning of part 2, that Eric still wanted to talk when Martina interrupted? :D Still a great interview though ^^

    • If you mean right at the very beginning before Martina says “Okay so we’re back,” they were just including Eric’s intro from the first part of the interview. It was cut from the first part and edited into the beginning of the second. :)

  301. And please please please upload the scenes of Eric Nam playing with spudgy!! Please please please??

  302. Oh my god he’s so adorable in that interview~ ^^ :3

  303. Isabel Ruby

    i think he should start introducing some sex– i mean, SAXaphones into the acoustic-ness, and start building up to funk!! EXPLORE ALL THE STYLES!!!! youtube: notachibisuke

  304. What a great interview! He seems so natural and funny.

  305. He’s so adorable! I can’t wait to see what his next album will be like! :)

  306. With his voice, i’d love to see him do some metal or ballad-y rock.. None of the bubblegum stuff though,, Youtube id @miah5mirotic

  307. I think Eric’s voice is almost similar to B1A4′s Sandeul, it still has that calm/romantic/soothing tone so I think if he went for some R&B or typical pop while throwing some rap into it as well, it’ll just become ear candy! Just imagine him rapping about hardcore coffee, ahaha! Ohhhh so nasteh!

    Youtube: Choco Usagi

  308. He should do celtic metal with bagpipes! Now that’s going to be shocking~~ (and also friggin’ awesome!)

  309. I would love some soul/jazzy songs. He has such a warm tone that would fit those songs perfectly. Take Michael Buble, Lianne La Havas, Corinne Bailey Rae :)
    My Youtube Name is esmyaly.

  310. Eric Nam has just stolen my heart. What a cutie pie! He reminds me a lot of Seo In Guk, and I think Eric could explore the same musical direction. Perhaps branch out into some R&B a la Roh Jihoon’s ‘Punishment’ or Seo In Guk’s ‘Tease Me’. Loads of potential to show off that smoky voice and get started with some laidback, smooth dancing. Pelvic thrusts are optional because I’m feeling nice.

    On that note I’d love to see him cover Gangnam Style or Fantastic Baby.

    YouTube: bubblesnbroomsticks

  311. Eric should try some Brian Jooish songs :) I’d love to hear some punkish songs from him too

    Youtube: MiyoKatsune

  312. Eric Nam should try Epic Doom Metal! I think he would suit him considering he was in the Atlanta Boy’s Choir once (: You’re supposed to sing in a really operatic voice in Epic Doom Metal! Fancy Fancy Fancy. Youtube Name: Grace Lim / gracego595

  313. i think Eric’s voice is so sweet and soothing that he could do many genres. But i also think he would be really awesome at more up beat, rocky songs in the future. That would be really interesting to listen to :)
    For the moment i love the genre of music that he’s singing, very similar to Jason Mraz so his singing automatically makes me smile :D
    oh yeah, i think this was one of the best EYK interviews yet ^^
    Youtube: eepschizzin

  314. I could see him doing some R&B tracks! He gots Seoul in his blood! :)

  315. I’d love for Eric to try a style more similar to sistar19′s new song more mellow but with a catchy beat and amazing climax! It would suit his voice hehe !!
    Youtube: babyvee47

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