Woohoo! Our interview with Eric Nam is finally up! Sweet! It took us longer than usual, because we were away in Japan for 11 days and didn’t edit videos as much while we were there. But it’s ready now! So, check it out and let us know what you think! We talk a lot about what it’s like starting off in the Kpop industry, and we also talk about Eric Nam’s video for “Heaven’s Door.” If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here!


Anyhow, we’ had a great time with this interview, which we were really interested in doing, because Eric Nam is still fairly new in the Kpop world. We get a lot of email from people asking us how they can break through in Korea as a Kpop artist, but – if you can’t tell – we have no clue how to answer this. If we knew how to be Kpop artists, we’d be Kpop artists. Well, that’s not true. We’re not interested in that. Being a Kpop artist is insane. BUT!!! Some of you want to go that route. So, speaking with Eric Nam about it, and seeing what his experience is like, is something we found fascinating.

Moreso, Eric Nam – though he’s Korean – grew up in North America, so his experience here is as someone with somewhat Western sensibilities, you know what I mean? It’s different for him since he doesn’t necessarily think wholly as a Korean person immersed in Korean culture, so we think it’s something that we can understand a bit more, and you can understand more as well. Let us know what you think!

And, as always, whenever we do an interview we also give away signed CDs. We don’t keep them ourselves, obviously! We just give them to you guise. Thanks for setting up our studio, so – here are some CDs for you! We can’t give them out to everyone, of course, so we have random questions and tasks to be entered to win. For a signed copy of Eric Nam’s CD, here’s what you gotta do:

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And, lastly, there are some scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut, like Eric Nam playing with our dog. You know, I almost wrote “like Eric playing with our dog” but that would suggest that we’re on a first name basis, which – I feel – we should be, considering he played with my dog, but…no. I can’t just call him Eric. Maybe he didn’t play with my dog enough. Anyhow, check it out!


  1. Curious, do we ever get to see their sticker pictures? I see the artists, Simion+Martina take the pics I wanna see some they look like they’re having so much fun!

  2. I know I saw this video so lateee (freakin 9 months)
    but..but…. will you guys upload or post the photobox that you had with eric nam? please.. please pleaseeeee~

  3. Does anyone know where I can find his CD in Seoul? I’m lost as to where I can find it, I looked at the COEX mall in Gangnam and Evans didn’t have it.

  4. ERIC NAM IS SO CUTTEEEE :) ur so lucky to meet him!!! he’s so inspirational:) and yay hes soooo good at english!!!

  5. I vote he play cello in a video!! Cello power. Or he can invite me to do it! ERIC I’LL PLAY CELLO FOR YOu! Oh yeah, represent the South, I’m from Florida! I don’t know -16C either unless you want me to say COLD`

  6. Eric Nam should probably do a catchy and addictive pop or dance song. I’m sure a lot of people, especially me, would enjoy that :)

    Username: Chocomushy/fANNEEtastic

  7. Eric Nam should probably do a catchy and addictive pop or dance song. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy that :)
    Username: Chocomushy/fANNEEtastic

  8. I really don’t know many genre’s of music …The only thing I could think of that would suit him is a slow ballad but he’s already doing that so maybe he could switch it up by doing a reggae version of a song? Or add some rap in it like in Lee Hi’s Rose. Username: (Juliii2ne1)

  9. Eric should soooo do pop/jazzy/cute/catchy song because he’s sooo FREAKING adorable!!!!! with his sweet voice, charm, & personality he’ll make a flipping amazing song that I would listen to A LOT!!!!!!!! :3

  10. @greenzone9

    eric nam should do sexy…MMM hahaha he really should :D like junsu’s intoxication….SEXAAAY :DD ERIC NAM HWAITING!!

  11. Eric Nam just debuted a few months ago, but I can already tell that I’m going to be his fan for so many years. A lot of people already mentioned this, but I’d love it if Eric did a fun dance or pop song, or maybe even rock like Jaejoong. I think those kinds of songs would bring out Eric Nam’s charismatic and cool side :)

    YouTube: Chocomushy

  12. I first saw Eric Nam in a music show and was instantly captivated by his voice. After watching his interview with you guys, I was positive he was my favorite solo artist and one of my favorite idols by far. I would personally love any genre Eric Nam would go into, but I guess I would love to see him do dance, rock, pop, or even rock ballads. Some upbeat song would definitely suit him :)

    YouTube: Chocomushy

  13. Does anybody think Eric reminds anyone of L from Infinite?

  14. He has an amazing voice and he is so adorable. He is so sweet and his personality fits his songs. I think the next genre he should do is pop and maybe put a little flavor into it. Maybe by putting a little bit of jazzy in the pop. To make it his own tone. Maybe name it JOP. Jazz and Pop mixed together. Thanks :) I’m a YouTube subscriber : Jeggingkissme.

  15. this was sad, i didn’t know when they were announcing the winners, so… :”””””””””””””””””(

  16. (my youtube username is chipmunkmelissa) – i would want eric nam to like sing…jazzy/dancy songs (if there is that sort of genre), sorta like Michael Buble (“Just Haven’t Met You Yet”) :)

  17. I a TheAlaniaJ or Alania Jazmine on youtube and i think Eric Nam should try entering the POP scene (since he’s a kpop idol) or something more punkish because i think a big change of scene would keep us fans wanting for more sides of eric nam. keke~ ^^

  18. I think Eric should try something a little jazzy! I think his voice would go really well with that^^ or maybe try a ballad where he plays the piano and guitar on stage while singing~ and there’s always the cute pop song he could do. Something like Huh Gak’s ‘1440’? These are just a few suggestions, I think Eric would do well with any type of music!! I love you, Eric~=]
    Thank you guys so much for doing this interview! I really loved it^-^
    oh! And my YouTube account is B2STFREAKK :)

  19. I could really see Eric Nam doing a jazz type album. Something like Yoseob’s solo album that came out not too long ago. It would be amazing :) My youtube username is timbiriki007

  20. Eric’s voice, I think, would fit with indie acoustic music, like ballads with some rythm to it?
    I’d love to just lie in the grass during summer time, and listen to his voice! So relaxing :)
    (~Youtube ID is OceaneAiko)


    OMG ~ Simon thank you for this!!!

  22. After hearing Eric Nam say hello, thank you, and I love you in Spanish I say he should try Bachata. He sounds very good talking Spanish and I can imagine him singing as well. Love you Eric Nam YT: Animelover442

  23. I think he should get into pop and maybe folk rock! :) xxx (youtube: Jo1510Gio)

  24. helllo! for me, i would like to hear eric sings to pop song that include some awesome dance choreography! it will be great to see this cutie eric nam dancing on stage like those other kpop boy groups! keke! but no lips rubbing. =__= other than pop song he can try jazz song. i think jazz music suit him well,since he owns that sexy soft voice.

    my youtube acc : thesyazaaisyah

  25. Eric Nam should try a dance song next. Something that is completely unexpected and will challenge him. I think it’ll be an amazing performance just cause I think he can pull it off. Just hope the song won’t be a typical kpop tune cause then that’d be boring (:

    Thanks for an amazing interview. You guys did great! :D

    Youtube: x3traceyy

  26. YT username: Aisyah75
    Eric should try Trot because ayo! He’s gonna lose his pants while singing like BOOM SHAKALAKA!

  27. If Eric Nam wanted to do something different and yet similar to his vocal style, I would suggest the wide range of music that falls under the genre known as “Celtic”.

    There is a song by the title “You Raise Me Up” that seems very suited to him. It was originally by the duo Secret Garden, but became more popular when Josh Groban covered it.

    Other songs I would recommend for him from this genre are “Carolina Rua” (Lynn Hilary), “If All She Has is You”, (John McGlynn), and “Summer Fly” (Hayley Westenra).

    Thank you Simon and Martina, it is so hard not to add a new bias after watching one of your interviews. Not that I’m complaining! :-)
    Youtube: roseandradio

  28. Sorry to be a hater, but…Eric has the most annoying…poop eating grin. I’m trying to keep it clean by not using the “s” word, but it still sounds….NASTY!

  29. I personally think he should some soft rock or ballad style songs. Such a beautiful voice be a shame if the music itself was to strong. When all you really want to hear is him.

    Youtube name: LadyNataLove

  30. I think Eric Nam would be good in a rock genre. Not like, Jaejoong Mine type of rock, more like the snuggly one rock style. Rock ballad, I guess. Something in his voice’s tone would sound good int hat style of music, I think. And he played a bit of guitar in the music video for Heaven’s Door, didn’t he? I don’t know if it was real guitar playing, but it looked like it. So he could _potentially_ play guitar and sing in a rock ballad song. Anything really balladish would fit his voice well, I think. Just not dance pop. I can’t see him doing a dance pop song. Imagine Eric Nam dancing and singing to, say, Bonamana or Mr. Simple… :P

    Awesome interview guise! I love your interviews, keep them coming! <3~ OOH you so NASTY!
    (Youtube username: AngelaCat13)

  31. I think he would do great at jazzy and/or rock ballads :) (YT torntrof)

  32. Eric has already shown that he can work well with acoustic and indie styles, which makes me want to suggest that he do something acoustic but filled with angst similar to The Spill Canvas or Death Cab For Cutie.
    I think he should try a style like Marianas Trench vocally. Its like listening to a rock musical and could show the versatility in his voice by creating a story that flows from song to song in the album with a mixture between acoustic and ballad that fits his voice and image but also challenge him as he creates a playful style with aspects of pop-punk and the strain of a little bit of rock.

    I’ve enjoyed this interview as well! Thank you for interviewing Eric Nam and introducing me to him as an artist! :)
    Youtube: Selfishfiction

  33. I really like his acoustic sound. It kind of reminds me of Jason Mraz. If he meshed that with Jack Johnson’s laidback-ness and John Mayer’s musicality, he’d be even more gold than he already is.

    Can we please get his fan base to be called the “Om, Nom, Nams”? Lol.

  34. I live him so much! I think his voice would work really well with a pop rock sound maybe something similar to Maroon 5. Leaving thw sound really open to be instrument heavy and rocking or simple and somewhat acoustic sounding. He is so talented, I hope he has a long and successful career! YouTube: transparentdream

  35. youtube username: @1thousandcranesful

    twitter username: @seungchuis

    I want him to sing more songs like JasonMraz-esque, because it really suits his voice! Maybe also more ballad songs or a new genre that suits his own voice ;; I think if he has his own genre or songs that suit his voice really well, he can do really good! Either way, if he stays with his own genre or changes to another one, his voice is beautiful just like his face! And the dog in his MV.

  36. Eric Nam should try Epic Doom Metal! I think he would suit him considering he was in the Atlanta Boy’s Choir once (: You’re supposed to sing in a really operatic voice in Epic Doom Metal! Fancy Fancy Fancy. Youtube Name: Grace Lim / gracego595

  37. Since his voice is amazing… I would say… ballads or sth like rock :D or…….. it would be fun to see him rap ~ hahaha

    yt: callmepandachan

  38. I really wanna see him doing some jazz music since he likes that genre and his voice is so soothing that would just suit it perfectly. But beside that, why not trying out some typical pop song with a little bit of rap? After seeing his performance with No Ji Hoon I can see that he’s pretty good at rapping! The same goes with dancing so I hope we’ll be able to see that side of Eric soon! :D

    Youtube: TheSevelyn

  39. Well I think Eric Nam has a voice which goes perfectly with
    ballads or sweet songs because I think he transmits a lot of emotions
    when he sings songs like A thousand years but I think Pop can pushes his

    I really love Eric Nam’s voice so I think no matter what he does, I will listen his music.

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