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Our Interview with MBLAQ

June 9, 2012


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FINALLY! You saw our Interview with Wonder Girls and our Interview with Sistar. Here, at last, is our Interview with MBLAQ. Yay! No more people emailing and tweeting us every day asking when the video will be up!

We put the interviews out in this order to be fair, since they were the last group that we interviewed in a totally freaking hectic day. It was a good hectic, of course, but an exhausting one. If you haven’t seen our Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ video, then check that out. That was all in one day. All of the interviews happened within, like, three hours. We ran from the Wonder Girls from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno over to our Sistar live chat in Google Headquarters in Mountain View. While running in the parking lot to get to Sistar, we saw MBLAQ sitting in the parking lot, but didn’t even have a chance to say hi. Then, when we finished with Sistar, we ran downstairs to interview MBLAQ. BOOM!

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but didn’t feel it, mostly because everyone that we were interviewing were a lot more exhausted than we were. Hell: all we had to do was just sit down and chat with them. They, on the other hand, had to sit down and chat with us AND plan for, you know, a HUGE FREAKING CONCERT the next day. So, yeah, we’re all a bit dead. We’re glad that they agreed to our CRY skit, though. Ha! That was…embarrassing and awkward (but when are we NOT embarrassing and awkward? That just how we roll!).

We had another skit planned with them that would have been epic, but we didn’t have the time to do. We were going to start off the interview by telling MBLAQ that we had asked you all to submit your questions to MBLAQ, which you did, when we announced that we were going to the Google Kpop Concert. Then we’d say that we printed out some of the questions, at which point we’d pull out a ridiculous stack of papers. Then we’d read the first page like “Susan from Alabama asks ‘Dear MBLAQ. PLEASE MARRY ME!'” We’d then apologize for the awkward question, and then move on to the second question, which would ask for them to take their shirts off. Then we’d look at the third question and not even read it since it’s OOOOH SO NASTY. We’d flip through the huge stack of papers while MBLAQ would look around awkwardly. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! But we didn’t have time to do both that skit AND the Cry skit, so we stuck with the easier one. Yay!

But wait…didn’t we say something about MBLAQ signed CDs?

MBLAQ Autographed Album

You want an MBLAQ Autographed Album, don't you? OOOOH YES YOU DO!

And, yes, you saw that right. MBLAQ wrote their names all over their CDs. They touched those CDs, breathed on those CDs. Some of them even licked the CDs! That last part is not true. Anyhow, for those of you who want us to give you an autographed MBLAQ CD, here’s what you gotta do.

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Also, like in last week’s Sistar Interview, we’ve got some unused scenes that you’ll hopefully like. Check em out below!



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Our Interview with MBLAQ


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  1. Baaah, missed it because of school and finals TT^TT I had to study hard, unlike some idols… ;))) But hey, I watched it now AND heard MBLAQ say “dzień dobry” *_* Like, OMG, right?! And it’s so awesome G.O knows you! ^^ You have another famous fan :D
    Love <3

    5 years ago
  2. The first time I fell in love with mblaq was when I watched Y, 15 seconds into the video. The beat was freaking catchy and I mean, Joon showering? Their dance was mesmerizing. I fell even more in love when I watched Idol Army and a bunch of other variety shows. they were just so charming and so hilarious. That was when I got to see the offstage side of them, and I just loved them even more. And watching this video, I feel like I love them even more. They’re just so honest and I just love them <3

    5 years ago
  3. I first listened to oh yeah :)

    5 years ago
  4. Actually, I first fell in love with her sister Sandara Park way back when she’s still popular here in the Philippines. I’ve been a constant fan of her until she became the member of 2NE1 group. Have continued being crazy fan when I found out that she has a brother (Thunder with the strikes of lightning LOL) that was also in a popular group. <3 <3 <3 My love for the members and songs of MBLAQ started with Thunder and eventually with the other members. I just really really LOVEEE them!! ^___^
    youtube username: crazyoverkhj

    5 years ago
  5. Because of MBLAQ I discover youuuuuuuu (eatyourkimchi ) :)

    5 years ago
  6. Watched this video for hundred times already TT♥

    5 years ago
  7. I’m really hoping to win TT *fingers crossed* but my chance of winning is just .00000000000000000000000000001 % TT

    5 years ago
  8. I’m really an avid fan of MBLAQ :) I’ve watched them since their debut and really supported them . I’ve watched Hello Baby because of them , watched MBLAQ Sesame Player and because of it I love them even more :) They’re cute and witty sides are seen :)♥ They are all handsome , Lee Joon , Cheondung , Mir , GO , SEUNGHO . I’ve never had any CD of them because it really cost a lot :( And I still have no work yet but having an opportunity to win was just so awesome .:( Because of MBLAQ I made friends :) I really want to win TT

    5 years ago
  9. Please choose me!!! ^^

    I’m a big fan of MBLAQ! They immediately caught my attention when they debuted and I loved everything about them, singing, rap and dancing! They are the best!!! ^^


    5 years ago
  10. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I first heard their album “BLAQ style”. I had just met my best friend Hannah and she’d introduced me to MBLAQ music. She played for me SHINee, MBLAQ, and Boyfriend. Of course, I had chosen MBLAQ because the talent I heard in their voices. When I first bought the song I had looked up many of their other songs. For example, “Y”, “This is War”, and “Stay”, those are just a few. I immediately bought all of their songs and introduced them to my other best friend Katie. She loves them now, too. Every time I open my cell phone, I see two pictures of MBLAQ, even that fills me with joy. I have been looking, ever since I first heard of them, for when they’re coming to America. I’ve spent the past three weeks watching “Hello Baby”, “Sesame Player”, and also “MBLAQ goes to school”. Many people tell me I’m obsessed, it’s true. Yet, overall, I originally fell in love with MBLAQ because of their talent, their personalities, and because, well, what’s not to love?

    5 years ago
  11. Hi Simon, Martina, and Spudgy! Um so I thought I would share
    how I fell in love with MBLAQ anyway even if I don’t win, it’s a nice story (I promise
    ^^). I won’t be able to write exactly
    what I feel about them down into words because honestly there are no words in
    the dictionary that would come even close but I can at least try :)

    MBLAQ were actually the band that introduced me to Korean pop culture. It was
    two years ago on the 27th of June when I was with my cousin Rebecca the day
    before she had to go back home and we would not be seeing each other for, I
    think it was, 8 months. So we had a few minutes left and she just out of the
    blue asked me if I had ever seen or listened to kpop before, I kind of
    dismissed the subject because I honestly had no idea what she was talking about
    but she insisted I watch ‘Oh Yeah’ and started playing the video… Well, I wasn’t
    really that interested and I got up to go but I remember as soon as the opening
    sequence started playing I turned around and I was drawn back to the computer.
    In the first few second of the song I was amazed at how 5 people could move in
    such perfect synchronization so that they looked like one. Of course my cousin
    was rambling off about Lee Joon’s abbs or Mir’s puppy face but I was more
    interested in the connection between the boys (sorry men) and how they seemed
    to work together (for lack of a better simile) like a machine – when one part
    moved: The other reacted. But then like
    all tragedy’s I was cut short as I was forced to move and say goodbye, but for
    the rest of the night I couldn’t stop replaying in my head their fluid dancing
    that seemed as if the music was the one trying to keep up and not them, or Mir
    and Cheondung’s (I didn’t know their names at the time) raps that just seemed
    to roll of the tongue.

    It wasn’t until a few months later when this had all been
    forgotten that I found myself sat up in the middle of the night with ‘Oh yeah,
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah yeah yeah’ constantly replaying in my head (try sleeping with
    that on the brain). So I grabbed my laptop and did as much research as possible
    until I finally found them. Watching Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Thunder, and Mir
    performing body rolls in HD at 3 in the morning was when I realised that I had
    lost all sanity (god help me) and I just started clicking on every video/reading
    every article about them that I possibly could.

    See, in my family I’m kind of isolated and where we live
    there is literally no diversity of race. Our community is almost all white and
    I had grown up with millions of stereotypes about different cultures being
    driven into me but seeing 5 TALL Asian boys dancing extraordinarily well,
    singing in English (or Engrish in Mir’s Case) and not doing math homework… It
    was like all these new possibilities opened up to me. I started downloading
    their music (legally might I add) and trying to support them as much as possible.
    I watched all of the video’s and was amazed by their talent on variety shows,
    the way they could make everyone laugh just by being themselves – that is what
    I aspired to be like.

    In the beginning I only knew a few key moves of the dances
    or some simple words that I could imitate but eventually as time passed and I
    started listening/practicing more: I found myself falling in love with dancing
    and I surprised myself as I found I have a talent for learning languages. I’ve
    made friends in the k-pop community that I feel closer to than anyone and
    without MBLAQ I would have never found Eat Your Kimchi! In fact I’m not sure
    what I would be doing If I hadn’t found MBLAQ, I’m planning on travelling the
    world and learning as much as I possibly can all because of them.

    If I was to pick a point in which I truly fell in love with
    MBLAQ I’m not sure what I would say, I knew from the beginning that they were
    special but I feel that my love for them built up over a long period of time. I
    know whenever I’m having a bad day that I can just watch an episode of Sesame
    Player and I’ll feel so much better, or when I’m feeling sad/alone I can just
    put my headphones on and the Bibimbap song will make me laugh. MBLAQ is one of
    those groups that you can just feel so close to as they are so natural, they
    aren’t really celebrities – they’re my oppa’s. I’ve come to love more bands and
    I have even gotten into Japanese culture too but I know that I will always
    remember MBLAQ because they say you never forget your first love right?

    I love them all individually and I hope that one day my
    children will too, they will continue on to make great music as they get older
    and of course will one day settle down to have families of their own but every
    A+ knows that they will forever be our young boys. They have proven to me that
    you don’t have to live within the boundaries and pushed me to get out into the

    Sorry for such a long essay but I just couldn’t think how
    else to show my love for them, I’m not really much of a writer but when you
    feel that passionately about something, the words just come to you. Thank you
    for reading and forever Viva La Spudgy! Love you, EmmaLouise14100 (my youtube username) xx

    5 years ago
  12. The first time I saw MBLAQ perform was on Music Bank. I had been walking by while my sister was watching the show and all of a sudden MBLAQ caught my eye :) And I’ve loved them ever since! After that, I listened to all their songs and watched some of their variety shows. I fell in love with G.O.’s amazing voice, Seungho’s charismatic leadership, Thunder’s cool appearance, and Mir’s and Joon’s quirky ways :) they’re all such amazing people and they’re definitely one of my favorite Kpop groups. I love their musical style and unique personalities. I can’t wait for the day I’ll get to meet them or at least see them perform because they got me more interested in Kpop and Korean culture.

    YT: pbandjamie3
    Twitter: pbjammy3

    5 years ago
  13. At first, I didn’t really like MBLAQ. But as I was scrolling down, looking for the next episode of Infinite’s Sesame Player, I saw a link to MBLAQ’s. I said “Why not”, clicked on it, an watched how crazy and whacked and childish they actually are. I found each of them to be super unique, and different in all of there own ways, but their differences brought them together, and made them like a family. I listened to a few of their songs again, and found that through their quirkiness, all of their hard work in singing and dancing was pulled through to make a completely wonderful and very successful song and dance. I absolutely adore them, and they have quickly climbed the poll that consists of my favorite K-Pop artists. <3 Plus, I super adore Thunder. If I could, I would marry that man.

    5 years ago
  14. Honestly,I started loving MBLAQ just after I saw your interview with them because other than that I haven’t seen them “in real action” . ( That was the first time I watched MBLAQ talking and laughing ,because before I just heard two of their songs : Mona Lisa and This Is War.)Of course I liked them before , but I didn’t LOVE them like I do now . I fell in love with them because they are really…umm…I can’t express myself..They are really nice and cute and they made me laugh(by that they won my heart).+ I was very impressed by the fact that one of the members is a fan of eatyourkimchi . P.S. There’s a lot of space in my heart , so don’t worry Spudgy , you’ll never be replaced .You’ll always be my number1.And I love you too Simon and Martina >-<. Bye ~
    My youtube username is : hiijuh .
    My twitter : @hiijuh
    My facebook :Shin Hee Young

    5 years ago
  15. There were many moments that had me fall in love with MBLAQ. But the first moment that I fell in love with MBLAQ was when I was watching a video where MBLAQ were inhaling helium and making helium voices. I thought it was so funny and cute. I then went on to see who exactly MBLAQ was and voila here I am now with almost all there songs on my Ipod and anxiously waiting for their next album to come out. I LOVE THEM AND ALL THEIR WONDERFULNESS! Not to mention I even got my family hooked on them too! They are amazing and if I can get my entire family to like the same artist as me, then it’s a miracle in itself since they don’t care for foreign music all that much. So that was the first moment I fell in love with MBLAQ! So I hope I win, ^^! (Along with everyone else who wants the signed CDs)

    5 years ago
  16. I’m from Honduras, I never miss any of your videos and always fav them x_x next time could you please mention Latin America. Kpop is becoming huge over here. Also, please give me a chance with the MBLAQ CD giveaway. I always try, and never have I lost faith that once I’ll receive something. MBLAQ is the boy band that has changed my life with their music <3 – youtube account: @kawaiikiss14

    5 years ago
  17. YouTube username: iluvkittens2008 (yes i know, awkward username but hey, i was 11, cut me some slack) anyway, i started liking MBLAQ because of their unique voices and the way they blend together. . . plus the whole air-guitar-crotch-grab move in Mona Lisa ;P AHHH!!! jk (sort of) now i sound like a creepy noona even though im younger than them!!! okay, im going to stop now before i say something even more awkward.

    Gaby “Bria” Wannall

    ps i REALLY want that cd!!! please??? :)

    5 years ago
  18. I fell in love with MBLAQ right at the moment their debut music video came out! ‘Y’ was the first music video I watched and I just immediately drowned myself with that song. I didn’t know the members at first but I fell for Lee Joon’s looks in that mv. After that song came out, I just wanted to learn more about them so I stalked them like a typical fangirl would do. I still love them and I follow them through their comebacks and promotion activities! When I saw them live for the first time at the Google-MBC concert, I screamed so loud everyone gave me weird looks. I love them so much and I’ll continue loving them.

    Facebook name: Cecilia Yip

    5 years ago
  19. i fell in love with mblaq because of seeing joon’s funny variety shows. I first saw mblaq on gayo daejun of 2010 but didn’t really acknowledge them. once i saw joon and mir though, i had the urge to look into their music and…… basically watch a crapload of videos with them in it LOL. so ive been in love with MBLAQ for two years now ♥ hope thats enough for good luck in this contest haha. but hwaiting to everyone else too :3

    (Youtube Username: victoriavho)

    5 years ago
  20. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ is when I saw them on Hello Baby. They showed more of themselves no one has seen before, such as their fatherly side, and took great care of Leo, Lauren, and Dayoung. I got to know the member’s personalities better than any other show they’ve been it. Thank you for reading.

    5 years ago
  21. Well the reason why I fell in love with MBLAQ is when i saw Mona Lisa. I thought the dance was really funny. Especially the moving head thing. lol. Then, when they had their second comeback with the song It’s War, I realized that their really talented and are really good dancers. Also, i fell more in love when i saw the video of Mir trying to say waffle. It was hilarious. Their so Hot and Cute. This is why i <3 MBLAQ. Also. MBLAQ i the Reason that i got my Little Sister into KPOP :D

    FACEBOOK NAME: Cynthia Martinez

    5 years ago
  22. FoxFirePast
    I fell in love with MBLAQ when I randomly came across their Y video on youtube. Joon’s acting was amazing and I loved the dance and song. Looking up a video of them waking up and Mir speaking English cemented them into my heart.

    5 years ago
  23. I was unfortunately a late comer to hearing about MBLAQ, but their music is awesome, so Im glad I found out about them even if it was only last year :)
    (Youtube: Squishfie)

    5 years ago
  24. Hey, Simon and Martina… ^_^
    I fell in love with MBLAQ when I first saw Lee Joon dance in Oh My School, and I start to listened to all their songs and watched their mv.. I fell more in love with MBLAQ when I watched MBLAQ Hello Baby, they are so cute taking care of the babies.. I love them so much.. I’m proud to be A+ <3
    – FarahAtiqah98

    5 years ago
  25. I think it was in late 2010 I discovered them, right when I discovered kpop. It was their song Stay and I immideatly fell in love with them! Such a unique showoff with five amazing voices that sounds even more amazing together. They had such a manly power to them that I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been an A+ since then and basically enjoying every minute of it.

    My YouTube is xNinnie.

    5 years ago
  26. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was the day I first experienced seeing men wearing make up and funny outfits. THE DAY I GOT INTO KPOP! From then I’ve seen them grown and see that they’re still dorks and awesome guys. And.. I love dorks and awesome guys. Especially when they’re in one… EM BELLACK<3

    YT: nicollabal
    Twitter: @vanillaskiin
    Facebook: Nicol Labal

    5 years ago
  27. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I was first getting into kpop. I was watching Oh Yeah and I was like… ‘Wait, so they’re Korean… singing a Spanish sounding song in Korean/Spanish and English, and one of them has a mustache. Yeah….’ And that was the moment I knew I was gonna love them.

    5 years ago
  28. One day I was watching MBLAQ Sesame Player episode 9 where
    they were playing tag at the playground. Watching them do that and genuinely
    enjoying each other’s company gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling as I thought of
    all the times I ran out of the classroom with my friends to play tag. Ah.. the
    good old days…

    Anyway, I had always really liked MBLAQ’s songs and , but it
    was their ability to make me take another trip down memory lane (YAY!! MEMORY
    LANE!!!) that made me really fall in love with them!

    Youtube: theBoatface1234

    5 years ago
  29. For the youtube thingy) (Username: JubbaJubbaRex) Why I love them? WHY I LOVE THEM!? THEIR FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! And when Joon is going crazy XD. Their just the perfect grown up childs that exisct!!!!!!!! Btw, my favorite is Lee Joon.. Love him. When I will be in korea, I’m SO going to meet them!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  30. (Sorry about my poor english, it isn’t my first language) At first, I didn’t really like MBLAQ. To me, they didn’t seem like the most attractive group, or the ones with the coolest dances. They were just there. But then I fell in love with the reality show, Maknae Rebellion (MakBanShi). That’s when I met Mir for the first time. His aegyo and cuteness *sigh* But it didn’t end there. I was already a huge fan of the groups, SHINee and U-KISS, so obviously, I would watch Raising Idol. And guess what? Cheondoong was there too. :) (Proud to say he is now my bias from MBLAQ). I realized that they had their own charm and couldn’t even be compared to other groups after I watched their Hello Baby. They’re such a good group on shows… and in dramas (coughJooncough). I am in the process of watching the rest of their reality shows (yes, I am in love with those as well ^_^). I would say that I’m a fairly new A+ but I do indeed love their music and they are slowly crawling up my bias list. Oh and I think another reason why I got into their music was because they sang one of the opening themes for anime that I really like so that worked out quite well XD. So there you go, I fell in love with MBLAQ because of their amazing-ness on reality shows (and because of Mir). So yeah, thanks for giving us A+ a chance to win something as cool as a signed CD! Gomasseumnida!


    5 years ago
  31. *and variety shows they’ve been on plus hello baby.
    sorry for the typo /sigh

    5 years ago
  32. :D When that guy spoke Tagalog (tah-gah-LOHG, extra emphasis on the ohhh sound XD it sounds so funny when other people say it like tag-along lol), he definitely got the accent 100% right. :3 When he spoke English XD OMG, IT WAS SO HEAVILY ACCENTED WITH THE FILIPINO ACCENT THAT I WAS LIKE, “Yup, DEFINITELY raised in the Philippines!” XDDD

    5 years ago
  33. AHHHHH. I was SO EXCITED when I found out you guys would be interviewing MBLAQ because they are my absolute favorite.

    The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was during their sesame player. I already was a huge fan of Cry, but this was their first show I ever watched. There was a short cut at the beginning of one of the episodes and it was Seungho KNITTING. I was ECSTATIC when I found out when he could knit. I knit when I watch Korean TV, so you could probably imagine my reaction. It is always really exciting to see a celebrity or musician I really like enjoying a quirky hobby or skill that I also enjoy! Also, Seungho + magic tricks + knitting = ultimate idol bias of ALL TIME. ALL TIME.

    Thanks for being so awesome you guys! (My youtube username is Hannieah)

    5 years ago
  34. Martina, you are so brave for doing that in front MBLAQ! I’m only a very recent fan but I love you guys already! You are so luck to have met so many groups :D:D

    5 years ago
  35. Hi Simon and Martina! This is my first time leaving a comment and I really want to tell you that I love your videos and that you look so cute together!

    What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was their ‘engrish’, their simplicity and their choreographies.
    Last year I went to my english class and one of my friends showed me a video of MBLAQ speaking english. I thought they were funny and when I got home I started to watch their music videos and what really got me into them was that the choreographies were so easy that I could do them too (and I suck at dancing!). But What I like the most about them is that they seem to be humble and easy going. I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t know MBLAQ and I came across them on the street I wouldn’t realize that they are idols!

    Youtube username: TaVnXaQ

    5 years ago
  36. The first time song I heard from them was the song “This Is War”, I’m been honest. I fall in love with Lee Joon’s smile, I just keep my eyes in him and G.O. (who doesn’t appear to much). I love the song so much that I begin to find more music about them. Every single video I love it, and I love how you guys (Simon and Martina) comment about their videos, I’m just so distractic looking at them that in the first time I don’t know what is going on in the video, thank you Simon and Martina. One of my favorite videos of MBLAQ is “Y”, and when I say the word “why”, the next thing that I say is, “Give it to my Y, listen to my Y”. This one of my favorite bands, and I know that this guys going to succeeded in the future.

    Youtube: PauGirl1518
    TWITTER: PAUhyun

    5 years ago
  37. Oh my goodnessss!!! You guys are going to be reading through
    sooo many comments, so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

    Since I just started getting into Kpop not too long ago, my friend told me to
    watch the Google Kpop concert. I thought it would be a good way for me to get
    exposure to different groups. I didn’t really pay attention to them, but when
    it was over my friend asked me which band I liked, so I said MBLAQ and TVXQ,
    because they were the only names that I remembered. So then she sent me a
    picture of G.O with a mustache and I was like “OMO! I’ve never seen a Kpop
    idol with facial hair!” And then when that was over I completely forgot
    about them.

    This next part may sound like I’m trying to kiss up to you guys, but it’s not
    like that…

    Afterwards, I started getting into your videos and I saw the interview with
    SISTAR and then I tried to win that CD. Since I didn’t win I decided to watch
    the MBLAQ interview and see if there would be a giveaway. 48 seconds into the
    video a clip for “This Is War” came up, and then I was like “Oh
    yeah, I think they did that one at the concert.” And then at 54 seconds I
    saw “one of the guys” (now that I’ve gotten into them, I know his
    name) fall to the ground wounded, and then I was like “Hmmm, maybe I
    should watch this video later.” 65 seconds into the video a picture of
    G.O’s facial hair popped up and I went through my surprise phase again. I
    finished watching the interview, and I was like “Maybe I’ll try competing
    for this CD.”

    But I hadn’t really fallen in love with them yet, so I put it off. But 2 days
    ago I decided to watch “This is War” and I was like
    “GAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Why did I wait so long?! This is amazing!” and then
    I cried a little at the end of the video. Then I decided to watch the Kpop
    Music Mondays review for the video. Then I heard Simon mention the “donkey
    kick to the balls” which I hadn’t noticed, so I had to rewatch the video,
    not that I minded…

    Then I thought, “the guy that shoots himself looks kinda hot,” so I
    looked up his name and then typed his name into YouTube and one of the first
    videos was of him ripping his pants. And that’s when it happened. I fell in
    love with MBLAQ at that moment. So now that I have seen that video I can write
    my entry for this contest…

    Hmm I guess I didn’t really do a good job of keeping this short, but yeah,
    that’s how it happened. I may not be a life-long fan, but I just started
    getting into Kpop, so… yeah.

    TL;DR: I saw Lee Joon ripping his pants >.<

    I don't know how YouTube works, I think I'm suscribed and I think my username
    is FlorMoHdz

    So now that I wrote this I'm going to try to catch up on MBLAQ…

    5 years ago
  38. youtube: angelicad7

    The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when I first started watching their Idol Army show. The members were so AWKWARD at first because it was their first big show. They were absolutely hilarious and I laughed so hard in every episode; since then I have become a huge fan due to their outright silliness. Especially Seungho’s Old Man personality that comes out when he lets loose and forgets that the camera is rolling =D

    5 years ago
  39. youtube: angelicad58

    : D You guys are so lucky & sweet! Its so awesome that you got to interview MBLAQ!

    MBLAQ’s leader, Seunhgo, actually made me fall in love with MBLAQ. His laugh is addicting so when he laughs at the smallest thing it becomes the most hilarious thing. Also his random old man dance cracks me up!

    5 years ago
  40. The first time song I heard from them was the song “This Is War”, I’m being honest. I fall in love with Lee Joon’s smile, I just keep my eyes in him and G.O. (who doesn’t appear to much). I love the song so much that I begin to find more music about them. Every single video I love it, and I love how you guys (Simon and Martina) comment about their videos, I’m just so distractic looking at them that in the first time I don’t know what is going on in the video, thank you Simon and Martina. One of my favorite videos of MBLAQ is “Y”, and when I say the word “why”, the next thing that I say is, “Give it to my Y, listen to my Y”. This one of my favorite bands, and I know that this guys going to succeeded in the future.

    Youtube: PauGirl1518
    TWITTER: PAUhyun

    5 years ago
  41. I know this is really off topic, but in places where a lot of Asians live like southern California and where Kpop is popular like Vietnam, they tend to cut their hair just like Joon, Thunder, and my bias Seungho and watch a ton of kdramas. Back to the topic.
    Reasons I fell in love with mblaq
    1. I fell in love with mblaq when the last episode of hello baby came out. Mblaq was the funniest and saddest season I watched and I needed to see more of them.
    2. I cried watching this is war and y
    3. Mblaq is really funny on variety shows like when they were on mydol with vixx. Agil agil fantastic!
    4. Mblaq is really nice and they make awesome songs
    I’m not entering for a cd(but I wanna)

    5 years ago
  42. Wannnnnnnnnnnnnna win this :((((((((((((((((((((((

    5 years ago
  43. youtupe: Hoejfeld
    at first MBLAQ was just another kpop group, I had heard a couple of songs and I really liked them, it was Sesame Player which made me fall in love with them. The fact that they where completely and utterly themselves, dorky and not caring what people would think, that they where so honest made me fall in love with them. I have always struggled with my self-confidence, thinking too much about what others think of me, and MBLAQ help me a lot to get rid of it, to dare to me myself 100% all the time. And besides their dorkyness and honesty they make some of the best music out there, and puts their hearts into it, and you can hear that. I love these boys – without them I would still be stuck a very insecure version of myself – and every time I’m down, they can always make you laugh – I don’t care what they do, how many albums or songs they make, or how long it takes them, as long as they’re happy and healthy, and I’m gonna be here – on the other side of the world – supporting them all the way, no matter what they’ll do :)
    you’re so lucky you got to meet them ^^

    5 years ago
  44. Hello, I’m Sylwia, and I’m addicted to MBLAQ. You as ‘Y’ I fell in love with them? (see what I did there ;> ?) Ekhmmm… Honestly speaking… I have no idea how that happened. I wasn’t fan of K-pop at the beginning ( I was young and stupid!). I saw one MV. My friend made me. ‘Let’s watch it’ she said, ‘It’s fine,and completly safe’ she said. I thought: Yeah, well, why not… One MV. Few days later I woke up with mind full of Korean Idols mostly MBLAQ… I think my love for them started somewhere in between those 2 moments… Yeah that must be it ^^ I guess I was watching some variety shows back then. And then came ‘Hello Baby’. Why did they do that to me!? I think those kind of programs are scary> Getting to know idols from more every day side, makes you feel really attached to them. And than there is war with your common senses… Anyway, finally answering question….They are indywiduals acting as one, they are funny, caring, and sincere. They can be serious, but they are not afraid to look a bit silly sometimes…and they are handsome <3 aand…I think I have to stop now, because my mind is getting out of control…
    YT: SylwiaMycha
    Ekhmmm… You are reading this? Then Happy Anniversary ^^ Yaay ^^ And uhmmm… if first part was akward… I wan’t you to know that It’s late here now, and that Poland lost our sink or swim match and… and… and my best-best-friend is far away.
    Sorry… I’m too talkactive. Bye

    5 years ago
  45. Btw, You guys are awesome :D

    5 years ago
  46. Hi~ :3
    I knew about MBLAQ because my friend made me watch their mvs, at first, I didn’t wanted to watch it because I only loved SHINee and I wasn’t interested in any other groups (Oh My gosh, so SHINee biased, I was really obsessed over SHINee at that time…) So,when I watched “Y”, I liked the song and the whole music video itself, I repeated the mv for a long time and started watching videos of MBLAQ after that.
    I don’t really ‘believe’ in reality shows and variety shows, because I think they are scripted. Besides watching their mvs, I felt in love with them while watching fancams, sometimes fancams shows what the tv didn’t showed me before. In a lot of fancams I saw them really playful and cute, all dorky too; but at the same time, I saw them tired and sleepy, That made me realize that idols put a lot of effort on what they do, and at how time passed, I kind of stopped watching fancams because I noticed some fans can get really annoying while filming them. I can’t say I’m the one who love MBLAQ the most, but I do what I can by voting for them and supporting them, even if it is from afar. They have hard times, but manage to smile at the end, and times when they win, and they tweet about it saying “thank you”, when I should be the one who thanks them (Eww, that sounded cheesy, sorry xD) Anyways, even if they aren’t the best kpop group to others, as long as they keep smiling and enjoying what they do, then yes, they are the best kpop group to me. ^-^
    MBLAQ Saranghae~ <3
    Youtube username "XxStrawberryJuicexX"

    5 years ago
  47. YouTube Username: KiRAWRra131

    Okay, so I continue to fall in love with MBLAQ, every time I see them, even to this day.
    One of my most memorable “I think I’m in love with them” moments though is when I watched and listened to their MV ‘Cry’. I’m not a ballad lover, but this song has got to be one of my most favorite KPOP songs, ever. They show a lot of power in this song. Not only in singing, but in dancing. For example, 0:18 – 0:25 seconds into the video, the teamwork control in their dancing is amazing. And i really love Seungho’s Caterpillar wiggle hand dance. Also, that dance at 0:45 – 0:52 seconds gives it that feel like their tied together. And I mean really, that amazing G.O. groan at 1:58 – 2:00 gives me chills.
    Now not only did I fall in love with them for their singing and dancing, but also their personalities. I defiantly fell in love with them again during your interviews. In the bloopers when they’re watching that video on the giant YouTube phone, it shows a less posed side of them, a normal human side that you can’t always find in stars. They way they laugh at each other and play with each other makes me proud that the stars I love are more that just societies play puppets.
    I can’t say my reasoning is good enough to win the CD seeing that it’s taken me over a week to think of an honest response, but I am glad that I got to watch you guys mingle with my favorite idols.

    5 years ago
  48. What made you fall in love with MBLAQ!

    There are some simple reasons~ They’re good looking. I like their music and dances. My first time, when I saw MBLAQ was their dance battle. Then Joon showed his ballet skills and rent his T-shirt, so it left a very good impression. MBLAQ are good in variety shows, later even my stomach hurts from laughing. Their personalities are nice and they all have some special talents. Seungho can repair bicycle and play piano~ G.O have a wonderful vocal abilities. Joon can dance a ballet. Thunder are the best at languages from MBLAQ. Mir, the maknae, are good at rap and he is adorible. I like their teamwork and finally I also want to live in absolute quality.
    Oh yeah Mona Lisa, it’s war~
    Youtube: Imiliukea
    Twitter: Miliukea
    FB: Indre Lebedevaite

    5 years ago
  49. I fell in love with MBLAQ during their “This Is War” promotions xD I know Im horrible for finding out so late, Im a bad A+ But I remember I kept hearing about them & was like “Oh Dara’s brother I guess I’ll go see” and then BAM. fell in love, it also helped that all the A+ on the channel were so helpful & friendly to me when I first joined the fanclub ^^ Soon after I started looking up all their old songs & shows not to mention HB just started & I just fell in love with their crazy personalities

    5 years ago
  50. Their personalities made me fall in love with them, especially Lee Joon’s aegyo and Thunder’s evil laugh.
    Youtube Username: moonstar275

    5 years ago
  51. The moment that make me fell in love with MBLAQ was the
    first time I saw one of their video, their voices and amazing looks made my
    heart jump with emotion and my brain explode with though of happiness in a
    wonderful world where MBLAQ rule the universe and as I was watching the most
    amazing video ever a miracle happen, sweet Leen John show me his abs for the
    first times ever, my eyes melted while my heart pumped blood so fast that my
    nose started to bleeding, I have finally found heaven in earth
    Youtube: Raquelcesi13

    5 years ago
  52. Hello Simon and Martina! I am Laura from Austria! I wonder if i can still participate in the CD-competition, but I still want to tell you this even if I am too late ^_^

    To be honest, I didn’t like K-POP in general at first and was forced to listen to it by my friend. I was used to Alternative Rock which is so different, that I couldn’t stand the beat and the sound of K-POP songs. But my attitude to K-POP changed drastically when I listened to MBLAQ’s ‘CRY’. It was somehow love at first sight – or at firsten listen? ^_^
    From that point on I loved MBLAQ, especially G.O with his outstanding voice. And with MBLAQ my love for K-POP grew too <3 now I am a proud A+ and hope i can see them once in reality…

    My Youtube's account name is 'TheNochamol'; Twitter 'LaLoewenherz'; Facebook 'Lala-chan Palaoro' xD

    5 years ago
  53. I love and miss you too CheonDoong

    5 years ago
  54. Ooh, this is such a hard question… I guess the way I really fell in love with MBLAQ was partly because of you guise. The first time I even heard about MBLAQ was through the This is War Music Monday. I LOVED your review, and I had to watch the music video. When I did, I fell in love with the song and the video, and I started laughing at all of the parts with the plot holes, even though it’s SUCH a sad video, and when Joon died I loved it, even though it was so sad and realistic. It still almost makes me cry when I watch it today.
    Speaking of Cry, I loved that music video too. It’s so artsy and such a creative, expressive dance and amazing vocals. Mona Lisa, Y, Oh Yeah, Stay – all of these songs are amazing, and the dances and videos are so great too.
    I guess that I really love MBLAQ because all of their songs, dances and videos are so artsy and creative – well, not artsy, not all of the time, but certainly creative. They’re all very…MBLAQian. MBLAQ has a style that shows up in all (or almost all) of their songs, dances and videos. And no, I’m not just talking about the accordions. Though I like those, too. It’s something else, something purely MBLAQ, and I can’t quite place it. There’s something about them that only a few other groups have ever had in them for me.
    I also really love watching things like your interview with MBLAQ, where they’re not on stage, not really, and they’re just laughing with each other and playing around, because many idols in different music cultures around the world (cough cough…America…cough cough) are often portrayed as better than regular people, or they don’t appear to be regular people because whenever you see them they’re always acting or singing or dancing. K-pop is less like this, I think, than some other places, but maybe I haven’t really looked into American culture – I mean, other cultures – in that way much. I’m Canadian (where the most popular music is American), so I’m not just saying this with no experience of American music culture. Anyway, these interviews and such make you see that MBLAQ (or any other idols, for that matter) interact with each other just like everybody else. Your interview (especially the goodbye part, where the rest of MBLAQ were teasing Mir about saying goodbye just to HIS fans) and other times like these really make me fall more in love with MBLAQ.
    Sorry if this is too long and boring for you to read, but I really love expressing my feelings about this kind of thing.
    I’m a YouTube subscriber, by the way, and my username is AngelaCat13.

    5 years ago
  55. I fell in love with MBLAQ because of their differences in personality and how genuine they are. My fav maybe Mir but I love each of them to where sometimes I can’t tell who’s my favorite. They each have this flair about them that appeals to me. Like how sweet and funny G.O is and how comical Mir and Joon are together and how Seungho can keep them under control and still be a kid and how Thunder is so protective of his noona, Dara. MBLAQ definately has made me happy in many ways and one of them is inspiration. Thanks so much MBLAQ for giving me something I didn’t have before, inspiration to be myself.

    5 years ago
  56. I first fell in love with MBLAQ when Lee Joon was a guest on Running Man and after seeing him, I started to scour the internet for other variety shows that he was on, which led me to watch Sesame Player in which I totesmahgoats fell in love with every single one of them. After Sesame Player, I started to watch any variety show that they guest starred in cause I adored how playful they are. I saw them three times in concert and I’ll continue to watch and support them and their music. Hwaiting!

    5 years ago
  57. I can’t really explain what made me fall in love with them… It’s really hard to put my love for them into words. When I first saw ‘Oh Yeah’ I knew that this group was going to go really far in the music industry. The catchy rythm, beautiful vocals, and amazing dance skills is what made me (and so many other fans) keep coming back for more. So, I began looking more into the group. I bought their album, watched their interviews, and supported them as much as I could. At the time I was still a noob in the K-Pop world, but that didn’t stop me from giving them all my love.

    Now, even after these past few years, I continue to love and support them by watching their shows/interviews, buying their merchandise, and I’ve even sent them letters and gifts (although I’m not sure if they REALLY received them…). I want to thank them SO much for being so amazing and unique! I’ve been an A+ since the beginning, and I’ll be one ’til the end! MBLAQ and A+ hwaiting!

    Youtube: xEmoAngel7x
    Twitter: _J00NiN_
    Facebook: Alli Taylor

    5 years ago
  58. I first got interested in MBLAQ when they debuted with “Oh Yeah” because I liked that it didn’t sound like everything else. I then started watching them on variety shows like Idol Army and then Sesame Player and so on. I instantly loved their personalities becasue of how down-to-earth they all seemed and just how goofy they all could be. I am always surprised to this day at how G.O. and SeungHo both can be so serious one moment and then pretty much do a 180 and be complete goofballs! G.O. in particular beacause he can say and do soem of the funniest things with a completely straight face! Also, SeungHo always amazes me with his piano playing skills! So overall the moment I fell in love with MLBAQ was upon seeing their “chic-dol” image on stage and then seeing their goofy and down-to-earth personalities on Idol Army (mainly during the first episode). I sincerely hope they have continued success in their careers because they are truly a very talented group of great guys!
    My youtube username is: ladidadidodida
    P.S. I also wish EatYourKimchi all the luck in the world to have continued success with this blog and any other ventures you guys take on! You guys truly are awesome!!

    5 years ago
  59. I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes me love them. They were one of the first groups I found when I discovered Kpop and their videos really impressed me. Then following AKPF, I discovered all the quirky hilarity that generally ensues. Lee Joon pretty much always makes me laugh. Your interview displayed all the things I like best about them :)
    YT: cloiebuggeater 

    5 years ago
  60. <3 

    5 years ago
  61. I am a much older unnie/noona who listened to S.E.S., Baby V.O.X., Turbo, H.O.T. and Fin K.L. back in high school. I rediscovered KPop in 2009 after a 12 year break, right around the same time MBLAQ debuted with Oh Yeah. I have to honestly say that I have Joonie’s abs to thank for reminding me about my first true love. When I saw those abs I knew I was in love again. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, this was why I loved KPop so much before. Why did I ever stop?” Joonie’s abs got me hooked on MBLAQ. And brought me back to KPop again. I’ve been a dedicated KPop lover ever since. YouTube : svang0001Twitter : svang0001Facebook : Sheng Vang

    5 years ago
  62. Oh, and Simon, you are pretty cool too! lol

    5 years ago
  63. Martina… a moment…. uhhh… you are awesome!!! it takes some serious guts to make yourself silly like that in front of strangers, and famous strangers at that!
    Props…. props!

    5 years ago
  64. Honestly, I fell in love with MBLAQ when my friend sent me the MV for Y. Initially, I died laughing at the pants they were wearing, but I loved the song! From then on, I’ve been a big fan of MBLAQ. I even have a poster of them in my college room, which receives a lot of questions such as “why are they majestically floating underwater with bubbles all around them?” and “is this some weird asian version of the little mermaid?”. In the end, their amazing vocals and powerful dancing style won me over!!

    youtube username: Ghiblijp

    5 years ago
  65. ouh and. WELCOME to malysia on 30th june :)

    5 years ago
  66. kyahhh, simon and martina, you guys are AWESOMEEEEEEEE :) and the skit tooo ! haha thanks for this awesome video. i love it,,,-from malaysia- 

    5 years ago
  67. Thunder is so adorable in this interview. I really adore seeing them dressed down and goofing off like regular guys. :)

    5 years ago
  68. i first fell in love with MBLAQ when i heard their song cry. it was such an amazing song and then i started watching shows with them in it and found out more about the whole group. they are all equally amazing with their own characteristics that stood out in the group. not only are they talented but they have wonderful personalities and awesome looks (; LOVE MBLAQ!!!

    5 years ago
  69. I first fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched them on Hello Baby. Only because before I didn’t pay attention to them as much. At the time they were just another kpop boy band to me, but after watching Hello Baby I got to know MBLAQ when they were off stage or a different side of them. Seeing them act as themselves made me like them even more. Also, I didn’t first like them for their looks. They have amazing talent and I love how childish they are because It’s always good to be not so serious. Furthermore, I fell in love with ALL their songs. I just became so attached to them that I constantly listened to their songs, literally all day. Even if the songs weren’t recent they were still great and catchy. I really love MBLAQ now and will never forget the moment I fell in love with them when watching Hello Baby. It was very touching and I felt like it brought me closer to them, thinking, they aren’t just another boy band. Even when I never been to any of their concerts because I live far away, I’ve watched majority of their performances and tv show appearances. I really loved them that much(: I thought that they are unique in their own way and that’s why I love them so much.

    Youtube: Skychasergirl

    5 years ago
  70. Who is the member in the white stripped shirt? He is too adorable :)

    5 years ago
  71. A

    the moment i fell in love with MBLAQ was when i realized that they are not only amazing singers but really cool guys as well. i would love the chance to hang out with them because they seem like super awesome people. especially Mir lol he’s so crazy (but not in a bad way of course). they just seem like such great down to earth guys.

    5 years ago
  72. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a lot of time to get to this website in a while… and what do I see ? An interview with MBLAQ :D I’m so freakin’ jealous! They have been my favorite boy band since I got into kpop… so glad I saw this before the CD contest ends!! 

    Thanks for all the hard work you do btw, I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it… Martina has some seriously big balls too. I would be nervous just talking to them much less acting out a small skit with them… you should share your secret with us ;) 

    5 years ago
  73. I want a schticky~ ^^ kekeke! :-P

    5 years ago
  74. G.O I’ll be your 외국인 친구~ ^^ I’ll practice 영어 with you and you can teach me 한글. ^^

    5 years ago
  75. Well, I heard “Y” by them when I first got into kpop and I really liked it, but I really fell in love with them after I gave up tumblr for lent haha, all I had was youtube and I think I randomly found out they were doing “Hello Baby” so I started watching that and I loved it! They were so dorky and funny so I would get bored waiting for the new episodes and I started watching their other variety shows and I just loved how spazzy and ridiculous they could be and I loved how they left me dying of oxygen loss from laughing so hard. It was sort of funny to go back and watch their MV’s after that because they’re so serious in their MVs and it’s so different from how they really act. I feel like they, more than any other band, would get along with me best if I were to ever meet them because I’m a huge spaz and a dork to boot and I think that’s what I love about them best. They’re not afraid to make fools out of themselves or “ruin their image”- I personally think it gives them a better image because I like dorky MBLAQ more than “sexy” MBLAQ…though I do like sexy MBLAQ too but oddly enough I choose dorky over sexy ;p Sorry…that was really long but it was sort of instant love for them once my other bands stopped promoting and I’m pretty sure I’m a fan for life of MBLAQ. Wafurrs for the win!! (youtube name: spzimefrk16 (lol you recognize the name? ;p))

    5 years ago
  76. Martina you are such an amazingly, hilarious, lovable dork (I mean that in the best way possible!) I don’t have the courage, confidence, nor the comedic timing to ever do what you did in front of MBLAQ in the intro! So jealous!!  Love your skills and talent. Makes me crack-up, love, and idolize you more. You are a role model and an inspiration!!! <3

    5 years ago
  77. The moment when I fell in love with MBLAQ is hard to explain. Love is a strong feeling that can’t be explained through words. Love is when you know you can’t live without that experience with that person or people. I feel the same way with MBLAQ; I wondered to myself ‘what was I doing and not knowing that MBLAQ existed.’ I encounterd MBLAQ by just watching random videos, at that time I was still new to KPOP and I wanted to find out more about it.

    The first video that I saw from them was “Mona Lisa” and that caught me of guard because the song has a spanish vibe to it. I decided to get that song, but I didn’t get to check out the group itself. That’s one mistake I made. When I found out about you guise, Simon & Martina, my love for MBLAQ increased when I found out that you have reviewed a song from them. I was being more exposed to MBLAQ without even knowing.

    My friend, who was also being exposed to KPOP recently, told me about MBLAQ. I got excited since theyre one of my fave groups. We both found out about the show they got featured in which was “Sesame Player”. From there on out, MBLAQ has won over my heart.

    Love builds up, and yes there’s such things as love at first site. But you still have to ‘test’ them out. My teacher told me and the class that there’s 5 stages of getting through love. I’ve pass those stages with MBLAQ, but of course in a different way xD. MBLAQ is a unique group, and they’ll be that way.

    Thank you Simon & Martina for making me like KPOP in general. You guise rock!!

    YouTube username: devourtheinferno23

    5 years ago
  78. I first fell in love with them when I watched their STAY mv and they told me to ‘staaayy in their heartt~~~~’ <33
    youtube username: JinjuRhee

    ps.Simon & Martina: ilove all of your guy's video's XD u guys r great~
         MBLAQ: u guys r great too! keep up the great work!! XD

    5 years ago
  79. When did I first fall in love with MBLAQ… well the first song adn MV of theirs I heard and watched was “Oh Yeah” I thought it was pretty good (I thought the Oh Yeah arm dance was weird at first but after awhile I just kept dancing like that when I said or someone else said “Oh yeah!”) I wasn’t really too into them then though, but when Mona Lisa came out I became their fan :-) What can I say? They’re actually really talented men. I also became an even bigger fan as I watched them in Idol Army and Hello Baby, they seem like really cool guys.
    Anyways, hope I win a signed CD.

    My youtube user name is: a66k91
    My twitter is: klay_i_am

    Thanks for all the great videos Simon and Martina


    A fellow Canadian

    5 years ago
  80. I liked MBLAQ, when I started to listen kpop. They were one of the first idols I knew about.
    But I think I fell in love with them when I watched Idol army, OMG! I really loved that show, and I liked that they were so real, funny, cute, kind and of course handsome! (:
    Actually my bias of MBLAQ is Mir<3, but when I was watching that show, I always changed my favorite one in every episode! LOL, THEY MADE ME LOVE EACH OF THEM

    And my love for them is growing everyday!

    I would like to have their album, because it is impossible in my country (Mexico) to find any kpop cd, is so sad ㅠㅠ, and OMG! Those cds have MBLAQ's signatures! I would be the happiest girl on the earth! (:

    Ps. Sorry for my bad english ㅠㅠ

    YT: SayraMcCartney
    Twitter: Sayraloveskorea
    FB: Sayra Paola

    5 years ago
  81. OMG! i ♥ MBLAQxD

    5 years ago
  82. Its so great to see you in these videos. When I see your old videos then I’m so happy that your together & also do something what both of you like. & you are like my role model :D because its a dream for me to travel in different countries & you do it together how good is that? ^^

    SO proud of you & happy to know about you. :)
    Thank you because of you I also learn new things. :) xxx

    5 years ago
  83. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw that they are so nasty.

    and my youtube usrename is mblaqlover96.

    5 years ago
  84. I fell in love with MBLAQ since I watched Oh My School and Lee Joon was their guest and he dance MBLAQ songs and it was really amazing.. After that, I listen to all of MBLAQ songs and the first song that I listen is OH YEAH~~…After watching MBLAQ Hello Baby.. I really really really love them sooo much… They are really cute… I really hope that I can get their CD… Pelase please please… ^_^Hye Simon and Martina ! I’m your Malaysian fan ^__^ . Can wait you guys come to Malaysia !!
    Youtube username : FarahAtiqah98

    5 years ago
  85. Hi! I love the skit and I think you are amazing Martina, that you just do that funny stuff in front of all those people and MBLAQ ^-^  I really love this interview and I wanna thank you both for posting it ^-^<3

    5 years ago
  86. oh, oh, OH GAWD THE HAWTNESS HURTS ME!!! *hyperventelates…* nuuu…i cant even watch an interview without hyperventalating. how could i go to their concert!? or worse…. dun dun dun…

    5 years ago
  87. I fell in LOVE with MBLAQ after listening to their song Good Love as i fell in love with GOs mustache Mir is just OMG i just wanna hug him he just seems so lovable Thunder I really dont know what to say but i LOVE HIM Seungho i really wish he was my oppa because he seems really sweet and caring WHAT AM I SAYING HE IS SWEET AND CARING and last but not least Lee Joon his abs and his (You souldnt do that) line it just looked so cute when he did it but this is why i just really really love MBLAQ <3
    TheFunnycrazychick – username on facebook

    5 years ago
  88. I remember exactly when I fell in love with MBLAQ! I was watching Hello Baby and I saw the interactions between them and the children. When one of the children was upset, they all wanted to make sure they were ok. I also loved how much the guys wanted the approval of the children and would stop at nothing to get it. I guess I just loved being able to see them in a more down to earth kind of setting. They were real people, not just performers in that moment, and they were so easy to relate to. That moment really broke down the wall for me and made me love them so much.


    5 years ago
  89. I probably fell in love the moment I saw the rockingout-grabyo’crotch-and-bodyroll dance in Mona Lisa. From then on, I’ve been randomly doing the dance in public and making all my friends in college at Texas ashamed. But I’m pretty sure they secretly want to do it too. It’s all just a matter of time. MWAHA.

    Not to say I don’t love MBLAQ’s other songs/videos and I’m definitely a big Thunder fan, being half Filipino and all. I’m glad someone asked him about the Philippines – it’s really quite remarkable Sandara and he grew up in various places and were able to adapt/integrate so well. I’m happy for them :D

    My youtube username: AwsuhQ
    Thanks Simon & Martina! Wish I could’ve met you guys at the concert, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets even though I live so close to Shoreline Amphitheater. Hope CA treated you well <3

    5 years ago
  90. First off Mblaq was trained by Rain, and that is what
    sparked my interest in this group of boys in absolute live quality or as I like
    to call them, Men being loud and quirky. There is really something different
    about this group to me.  It may be the
    fact that G.O can rock some well groomed facial hair, Grandpa Seungho’s serious
    attitude, Lee Joon’s ability to be a King of dorks and rip his pants in style,
    the ageyo Mir with his powerful rapping or Thunder’s charming grace, but in the
    end these boys are all special.


    One reason I love Mblaq so much is the fact they never do
    “watch me be grossly sweet and adorable” videos. They sell the idea of manly,
    and they do not switch back and forth from being lady-killers to innocent boys
    that bat their eyelashes. Not that there is anything wrong with being or acting
    adorable if you are a male. I just find it horrendously awkward when I can
    openly admit that a male can out cute me.


    Mblaq is defiantly a group with good lucks, and I would be
    lying if I said I did not enjoy being a creepy fan girl every once and awhile.
    Alas looks will only take you so far in the world, and that’s why I am glad
    Mblaq has a good mix of dashing looks, and interesting music. The Spanish
    guitar playing in Oh Yeah, the
    flamenco flare to Mona Lisa, the simple
    beat and techno in Y, or the use of Orchestra
    instruments in It’s War to create a crescendo.
    I am by no means a music major, but their creativity with different sounds, and
    instrument sets their music apart.


    I watched Music Monday for the first time because of your
    review of Mblaq’s Cry.  Although at first
    I thought, “What in the world are these grown adults going,” but after
    finishing watching the review I fell in love with the sense of humor you two
    have and your enthusiasm. That’s when I become an official Little Kimchi,
    Spugenators or whatever the fan group will be called.


    My sister often dramatically copies after Martina, because
    yes I have spread my K-pop and EYK virus to her as well, “Cry, just tell me
    why, why I am so crazy,“ when ever I mumble on about Mblaq. I drive my sister completely
    crazy about Mblaq.  I think Mblaq will
    always be a group close to my heart because it  is one of the first K-pop groups I found with
    out the help of my close friend. I just clicked on the Oh yeah video and those boys stole my soul, and claimed me as an A+.


    While Simon has his Ranch I have
    Mlblaq. Even though it is hundreds of miles away from me I have to have it just
    like Simon needs his special Canadian sauce.


    我爱 Mblaq.我祝你们好运!


    Youtube Username: PinkPencilColored

    5 years ago
  91.  It was the moment when I first watched “Cry” MV, and you guys reviewed that first for MBLAQ~ And to be honest, it’s because of MBLAQ’s Cry that I know Simon and Martina’s channel.

    5 years ago
  92. “Mona Lisa” was my first MBLAQ song and I knew within the first few seconds that I like the song.  I listened to a few other songs and then watched Hello Baby to get to know them better.  I fell i love with MBLAQ after watching them interact with each other and with the babies. It was so cute to watch them be so infatuated when the kids would call them “appa” and them them thank you or give them kisses.

    LASTY, I just fell in love with G.O. for the first time while watching this video because he thanks you guys for introducing the world to kimchi. All my korean friends are so shocked but proud that a foreigner likes kimchi so it made me smile.

    Youtube username: imnotgonnatakeapill
    (by the way, the username is a reference to my friend who is lactose intolerant but doesn’t take her lactate pills and eats dairy anyway, resulting in a lot of bathroom trips)

    5 years ago
  93. This is awesome! Were you nervous meeting them? I would have been talking sooo much because I talk alot when I am nervous. I love them, one of the things that made me love them so much was that they seem so easy to talk to, and that I feel as though G.O. would be super nice about my nervous blabbering. I love ‘Cry’ because it looks so sad and sexy all at the same time, I fell in love with them because their personalities are so different but collide so well, while singing and being on Hello baby! :)) I love them!

    5 years ago
  94. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa MBLAQ son lo mejor y ustedes aun mas gracias por hacer tan divertidas tus programas son lo máximo saludos desde PERU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    5 years ago
  95. Hey simon and martina ^.^ .. First I just want to say I love your funny and creative kpop videos and thank you for interviewing mblaq
    I have always thought that mblaq songs where unlike any other kpop songs. They always impress me with their dances and outfits they wear for their mv’s. They are a unique band. 
    The first mblaq song I heard was oh yea and that was the moment when I started liking them. Oh yea was unlike any other kpop song I had ever heard before. I was surprise when lee joon said Amigos. I was lik WHAT? SPANISH? EVEN THOUGH ITS ONE WORD ..STILL I LUV THEM !!!! I had never heard Spanish in kpop before. The song had a Spanish feel to it . The same thing with mona lisa. Just like simon said SPANISH GUITAR ^.^ it made me glad it was a little multicultural since I only speak and understand English and Spanish .. But im hoping that in the future I can learn how to speak Korean as well 
    it wasn’t until I watched hello baby (eng sub) that I fell in love with them. I got the chance to see each of their wonderful personalities. They each had various different wonderful personalities that they weren’t afraid to show. Such as lee joon’s crazy and fun side. I saw how Seungho, Thunder, G.O, Lee Joon and Mir were very caring and amazing individuals .They showed their crazy, fun and even overprotective sides. 
     They are normal just like us. I wish one day I could meet them but that seems highly unlikely to happen or maybe…. one day I will ^.^ . One can‘t never know .. Right? I will continue to cheer them on . I hope mblaq will continue to grow in the path of success and make their unique and catchy songs that I greatly enjoy. 
    Thnx 4 taking ur time to read this 
    MBLAQ FIGHTING !!!!!!! ^.^                        YOUTUBE: 

    5 years ago
  96. I own a lot to Mblaq because if it weren’t for them I would not know what K-pop is. Their song Cry was the very first K-pop song I hear and it was love at first sight. Everything was so amazing, fresh and new and I loved every minute of it. Their voices I found to be just amazing as it touched my heart, even though I had no idea what they where saying. Ever since that day I have been thrown down the path of K-pop and I never looked back. Plus now I have a strong erg to splash in puddles whenever it rains, but that is a side affect I’m willing to take. Even though they opened up this new world for me it isn’t the reason why I love them as much as I do. The reason why is because to me at lest they are real and true to themselves. Just from watching them you can tell they truly love what they are doing and it makes us fans love them more. Also it seems their idol image isn’t as impotent as being real and true to themselves which I respect a lot. So they ten to revile things more about each other even when it can hurt there image. (Like G.O. and the pigeon folder) But because of this us fans can fill like we are closer to them. This closeness they have with us fans makes it so that we slowly fall more in love with them.

    YT: tigerSoul

    5 years ago
  97. I fell in
    love with them when one day i listened about them on kbs radio so i searched
    about them, i found many music videos i began to like their songs a lot then i
    saw them in many variety programs, i saw them in sesame player ^^ that was
    really funny and i liked it a lot because i could knew more about them. Also
    because last year Mir and G.O. came to Peru where i live, and they helped many
    people here (: Finally I saw them in Hello Baby too. I really like their
    personalities, their music, they are really hardworkers, they are down earth
    guys, they have such a good hearts ^^. They always do their best on stage. They
    are humble, honest, funny AND MORE. MBLAQ FIGHTING ^^
     Youtube user: ilovesinging0696

    5 years ago
  98. Dear Martina (ladies first) and Simon,
    I don’t know if I am suppose to write my reason why i love MBLAQ on this page but I love them since this year. (I watched every video that you guys posted) I know that wasnt earlier enough but I am obsest with them (ask my firends trust me they will be like talking for you know like ever!) I watch every TV show that they were in especially Hello Baby and I have posters of them all over my room A.K.A my mom told me that I was CRAZY and should open a gift shop In my room. Everyday I play their songs on the piano, and sing their songs. When I listen to thier songs I think of them just meeting them and I cry. I know thats crazy but that’s how obsest I am. When something good happens I do the OH YEAH dance…… it’s cheesy but what else can I do. MBLAQ is the FIRST IDOL GROUP I fell in love with. I soon I watched this videos I’m like Step 1:OMG
    Step 2: I should get twitter
    Step 3: Follow Simon and Martina on Twitter
    Step 4: Always follow Simon and Martina onTwtter
    Step 5: I cant believe I am talking to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess that was a bit lame but its true. I LOVE YOU MARTINA AND SIMON!!!!!!!!!

    5 years ago
  99. Dear Martina (ladies first) and Simon,
    I don’t know if I am suppose to write my reason why i love MBLAQ on this page but I love them since this year. (I watched every video that you guys posted) I know that wasnt earlier enough but I am obsest with them (ask my firends trust me they will be like talking for you know like ever!) I watch every TV show that they were in especially Hello Baby and I have posters of them all over my room A.K.A my mom told me that I was CRAZY and should open a gift shop In my room. Everyday I play their songs on the piano, and sing their songs. When I listen to thier songs I think of them just meeting them and I cry. I know thats crazy but that’s how obsest I am. When something good happens I do the OH YEAH dance…… it’s cheesy but what else can I do. MBLAQ is the FIRST IDOL GROUP I fell in love with. As soon I watched this videos I’m like
    Step 1:OMG
    Step 2: I should get twitter 
    Step 3: Follow Simon and Martina on Twitter
    Step 4:  Always follow Simon and Martina onTwtter
    Step 5: I cant believe I am talking to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess that was a bit lame but its true. I LOVE YOU MARTINA AND SIMON!!!!!!!!! Also 1 more thing I dont know if you are sending the CDs to Canada but
    fingers crossed. <3

    5 years ago
  100. It didn’t take me long to fall for MBLAQ.  In the end, it was not because of their passionate dancing, amazing acting skills (Joon in This is War OMO), or good looks and six packs (though I admit that that may have been a contributing factor *guilty*).  I fell in love for the exact opposite reason  that most people do.Because, behind the scenes, THEY ARE SO FREAKING UNCOOL.
    As an uncool internet nerd myself, this is extremely appealing to me.  In my mind, and I’m sure the minds of many others, kpop idols are kind of like gods.  It’s not that I worship them, but that they just seem untouchable, seemingly too cool or attractive for normal folk to relate.  But MBLAQ is different.  They are dorky, crazy, playful, strange, and idiotic, and the best part is that they act this way without any shame. (Do you ever see Jay-Z or Justin Bieber acting like that?)  The MBLAQ weirdos have my heart, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  
    youtube username: ramennoodling

    5 years ago
  101. The first time I fell in love with MBLAQ:
    It was their debut with Oh Yeah, not only was the song easy to sing with. ( oh yeah) but when I saw the G.O. with a mustache automatically he earned some brownie points with me ( I have a thing for mustaches :D ). So I was so sad when it was gone.
    Not to be upset by the ‘stache  being gone, I looked at videos of them and watched variety shows.
    Man… I love these guys. I started to like k-pop around the same time they debuted so I’ve grown up with them.

    Youtube: sorrymori

    5 years ago
  102. Rin

    first, a question for you: are multiple submissions allowed for the MBLAQ cds on Youtube &Twitter? not so much that Youtube automatically marks them as spam, but spaced out? and multiple tweets of your interview video? thanks :)

    I’ve been watching MBLAQ since debut, and although I liked them since
    the beginning, the 5 boys have grown on me so much since then. I came
    to love all of them through watching them on Sesame Player because the
    show solely focused on the members and it let us get to know each
    member more. And because they taught me the “apartment game” and the
    “mandu game” XD

    5 years ago
  103. I liked MBLAQ for their music, but I fell in love with them while watching “Hello Baby”.  Watching them with the children on the show was amazingly cute!!

    YouTube: Dfullerton82

    5 years ago
  104. I fis

    5 years ago
  105. Tell us what made you fall in love with MBLAQ!

    I’m from France and I discovered MBLAQ by chance last year with the song “Stay”. I really liked it but I wasn’t really fond of their other songs.
    Many months later, I watched your K-POP Music Monday about their “This is War” MV which made me curious about the song. I listened to it and really fell in love with it. The intro with the violins gave me chills. This song is amazing.Then I watched “Hello Baby” and I found them really funny, sincere and natural. 
    So I decided to listen to their other songs again and finally I like them very much today. MBLAQ is really one of my favorite K-POP groups.They work so hard to be great performers and to deliver great performances. They are role models for me because I would like to be a singer so I’m working hard like them. / Youtube Username : AlexanderBMusic

    5 years ago
  106. I saw a random sesame player episode on youtube and they were playing with this yellow pointer. G.O poked Joon in the face and jokes about how Joon needed to blow his nose ensued. And that was it. That’s all it took.

    yt: wererhino

    5 years ago
  107. “tell us what made you fall in love with MBLAQ!”

    So I was searching around youtube for Anime soundtracks when I saw a video with the title:
    “MBLAQ MIR Adorable ENGRISH !” needles to say, the rest is history. This was not just my first encounter with MBLAQ, but also with K-pop in generall, which eventually led me here to you! <3//Youtube: safiercherismew

    5 years ago
  108. i fell in love with MBLAQ when i watched army idol! i really liked them in that so i looked up their most recent video at the time, y. I was HOOKED and there was no getting away from it. mblaq is an awesome group. fighting!!!! 
    ps. seeing Lee Joon shirtless in y helped a lot ;) jk
    Youtube username: kenna0805

    5 years ago
  109. I fell in love with MBLAQ not long ago, because I’m a rather new kpopper. I’m a picky person, so even though a like a lot of korean boybands, just a few of them make me “fall in love” with them, like MBLAQ did. What I like the most about them is that they really surprise me with every concept that they pull off, making each song really different to the others. 
    Also, after watching Hello Baby I started to like them even more, because that kind of TV shows make you remember that they are human beings too, and not the perfect idols they are on stage.

    Youtube username: Daebakiya90

    5 years ago
  110. I don’t remember how I stumbled on them but I certainly remember why I fell in love with them! It was definitely because of Lee Joon, he wowed me with how adorably dumb he is, repeatedly over and over again. And then Seungho turned out to be such a Bamf and still like perfect husband materiel! Im also fairly certain that the first song I heard was Mona Lisa, and that I would never like G.O’s mustache, but that grew on me! Thunder proved himself to be a devious little cutie pie and Mir’s trolling makes me think that he would be an awesome best friend! I have watched all the shows I could with them on it and they are such cute little dorks, It’s likely i’ll never see them in person but I’ll keep cheering them on from home no matter what! (And I’m sure Joonie isn’t as dumb as he comes across XD I mean thats what he says anyways~)

    Youtube: Kokololio

    5 years ago
  111. I can’t really remember the first moment I discovered MBLAQ and “fell in love”with them but my interest in them grew up constantly. ( I think I can say that I fell for
    Lee Joon on the first sight! hihi)

    I propably watched every TV shows they appeared on and
    especially liked them in Hello Baby and MBLAQ goes to school. I don’t know them
    in “real life” if I can say that but they seem really natural and
    open. Being talented idols they still seem approachable and kind. And their dorky-
    crazyness is really cool and funny too! 

    I really hope to see them in France one day! MBLAQ

    Simon and Martina chaego!!! (Your dog is awesome by the

    youtube: bapbera

    5 years ago

    Thunder speaking in English with Tagalog accent and HIM speaking in Tagalog!!!
    Mahal ‘din kita Thunder!! (I love you too Thunder!)

    I only knew him as Dara’s brother but I’m TOTALLY checking out MBLAQ now!!

    5 years ago
  113. i forgot to put my username in my comment on youtube! :(

    is anything bad gonna happen? 

    5 years ago
  114. my youtube username is Maya Mc Diaz
    I fell in love with mblaq, because.. one day one of my best friend told me about them and I was like .. o yeah sure, maybe other time, in that time i always ignore her about k-pop music, soooo one day she was botherme and I was like me:”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGG stop okay I´ll do it  ¬¬#”friend: *u* you will love them and blah blah blahme: o yeah sure, ¬¬ -sarcastic–looking the video of mona lisa -me: o my that one  – seungho- have hoot lips, and the other one it have a good looking -G.O-friend: I know *3* and you will help me to rape them  and asdasadadasdame: o_O?——Now a days I see, all programs they act, or participate  and any videos, they have.I love seungho, when he is playung piano, is sooooo beautiful, and paceful.Mir, its so hug-able (?) and I want to bite him -good mood-G.O, have a sdasasda *///* his voice its so good Joon, is joon, it have a beutiful smile, its a good dancer and a special guy who take care about the others.. some times… and its sooo hot! and funny xD Thunder: Ilove him because he want to act.. like a man, but he have a cute pose… pd:sorry about my poor u_u english.

    5 years ago
  115. Hey, Simon and Martina, here’s the story of how I became a fan of MBLAQ ^^

    When I first got into Kpop, I didn’t know much about any groups. So, to find songs that I liked, I started watching videos about the top ten kpop songs of each week. In one of the videos, I encountered This is War. At the time, MBLAQ didn’t make a huge impact on me. Still, I liked the song and listened to it quite a bit.

    It wasn’t until I started watching Idol Maknae rebellion a couple months later. MBLAQ were on a special episode, and Mir ended up joining the regular cast. Along the way, I grew fond of him, and his aegyo ^^ I also liked G.O (and his moustache).

    Before long, I was watching other videos about MBLAQ. Now, normally, I prefer my kpop idols to speak fluent English, but Mir’s “waffur” was so cute, I couldn’t deny the smile on my face. Haha, I guess that’s it. The story of how MBLAQ just kind of grew on me. Even though they’re not my bias group, I’ll support them forever and always!

    MBLAQ fighting!
    Youtube username: otaku_mel

    5 years ago
  116. I have been a fan of MBLAQ ever since seeing their music video: Mona Lisa. Every K-Pop group is special in their own way. However, I really liked the choreography and music coming from MBLAQ. Their music videos were really one of a kind and I love them! I haven’t been a fan for a long time like many others out there, but I still adore them nonetheless ^^. MBLAQ is really one of a kind and I will always be a fan of them.
    After watching some of their music videos, I began watching them on Sesame Player & Hello Baby :)! They are so funny and cute off stage which makes me love them even more ^^. It’s amazing how they can be so cute and be so serious and charismatic in their MVs. They are so entertaining to watch and they never fail to put a smile onto my face. I love everything about them, even their flaws like Mir’s engrish xD. I’ve never actually been to a MBLAQ concert or any K-Pop concert to be exact (mom :/) but I still watch their music videos and shows that they appear on when I get the chance. So I support them… from my computer… TT_TT Honestly, there are so many good things I can say about MBLAQ >A<!!
    I don't really have anything K-Pop related atm. but plan on getting some later. I subscribed to your three Youtube channels too. I love your K-Pop Music Mondays :D. It would be great if I could win a CD though *^*. Thank you Simon and Martina for being kind enough to give away free CDs! You guys make awesome videos. I know a lot of other people are probably dying for one too. Good luck to everyone! <3

    Youtube: xLittleAndromeda

    5 years ago
  117. my youtube username: Nikki Lee
     I fall in love in MBLAQ when I saw them in the music video “cry and stay”. It was the songs i heard after not listening to kpop in a year and it made me fall in love with South Korea again!♥♥ 

    5 years ago
  118. Hi  Simon and Martina,
    :) thank you for posting interview for people all around the world that love kpop 
    thank you and Canada thank you too <3

    5 years ago
  119. my youtube usrername: oranjgejuice11

    i  fell in love with mblaq when i saw them cry in cry and when i saw in making an artist when they got scolded for doing a really good !st preformance. from there i’ve loved them!

    5 years ago
  120. Martina, I got red for you at the beginning of the video xD I really loved the interview, I laughed so much. Thank you!!

    5 years ago
  121. My sister kept on playing “전젱이야” all over again on the laptop until the time came that I became curious of who they really are~ then she told me they’re MBLAQ. And I was OHH! I know them! I actually thought they’re just another Kpop group who debuted with the same concept as others (most probably cute concept) before so I hate myself for not listening to their songs in the first place. Since then, I started loving their songs from their first to the latest. I watched their videos (including M/Vs, variety shows, and guestings) on YouTube because of so much interest on knowing them more… 
    I say I’m not an A+ from the time they made their debut, but being an A+ is truly in the heart of an individual fangirl who supports MBLAQ all the way. 
    They’re very dedicated, open, and true to their fans showing who they really are (like showing their true emotions even on-cam (when Joon got pranked) or their dorky and funny attitude [Mir’s funny Engrish/Seungho’s dark clouds/Joon’s ripped pants]), which makes me love them more and more. I felt more connection from them than other groups because they aren’t denying but they explain what happened when there are misunderstandings about them, and most especially they tell/show what they feel whole-heartedly. 

    MBLAQ isn’t #1 on the KPOP society, but they’ll always be #1 on A+’s hearts!
    Thank you Eat Your Kimchi for this chance! ^^~

    YT Channel: DENMIR961121

    5 years ago
  122. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched their ‘MBLAQ 깨알 플레이어’ show. What made me fall in love with them is how real and comfortable they are in that show, and also how close they are in that show. Aside from that, I like how friendly they are, how hard working they are, how united they are. I also like how they like kids! They looked really cute and happy with the kids in ‘Hello Baby’. I also like their passion for music. I like how serious and concentrated they are when they’re on stage but off stage, they’re dorky, friendly, warm and humble towards not only each other. I also like how talented they all are! And I also like how they include their parents in when they talk. I also like how caring they are towards not only each other.
    Youtube username : BB5members

    5 years ago
  123. Firstly, i would like to thank you for the interview, it was really great, as an international fan, i’m thankfull that you spoke about us ~ * I totally loved the last question haha *

    Now for the question, I fell in love with MBLAQ since their first music video ‘ Oh Yeah ‘ .. When Joon started to … show in abs … * Okay, i’m just joking haha * More seriously, i fall in love with them every time they’re releasing a new album.
    Each time, their styles are just totally differents, it’s always something fresh and new, i really appreciate it :D They are improving everytime and we can see that the members work really hard to show us awesome songs

    I also love their personnalities, in hello Baby, they were so lovely daddies, they are really sweet and kind, sometimes, a litlle bit excited * No i don’t point at you Mir .. i don’t  haha * or awkward, but they are so lively and adorable.. You can’t hate them ~

    Thank you ~and good uck to me haha

    Youtube’s username : HaeGirlEunJoo

    5 years ago
  124. Answer:  I started to fall in love with MBLAQ when I first listened to Mona Lisa. I’m from Spain, so when I found by chance that song, its “latin” sound really caught my attention.From then onwards, I started to pay attention to their new songs and such, and little by little, I became a fan of them.I loved the interview! <3Youtube username: OoyupiworldoO

    5 years ago
  125. Nice try to compete Lee Joon, Simon xD

    5 years ago
  126. Your teaching style really shines through your interviewing…you two make it so much more than Q&A lol, you make it fun :) Oh and these boys are too stinkin cute ><

    5 years ago
  127. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ you ask? 

    G.O. mustache **le me watching my first ever MBLAQ video 3 years ago**MBLAQ: Yo! Amigos!Me: WUUUUUUUT spanish in kpop!?!?! inconceiBUBBLE!
    **G.O.’s mustache parades in front of me**G.O.: Are you ready my fellas?! 
    Me: WUUUUUUUT facial hair in a boy band?!?!?!?! impossiBRUUUUUUU!!!!!  

    5 years ago
  128. The moment I fell in with MBLAQ was when I watched After School (I think it was) feed them ice cream. Blindfolded. I know that’s kind of a weird way to start off my MBLAQ love affair, but I remember thinking, ‘Wow, these idols are brave!’ as I laughed myself half to death. I mean, they had ice cream everywhere: on their clothes, on their faces, and in their hair! It was kind of cute, actually. I was so impressed by how much they didn’t seem to care about their image and found that those guys… they’re, you know, real. They revealed a lot of things about themselves that others would be hesitant to and they have done some pretty ridiculous (yet entertaining) things. I found that their music brought me to them, since I first heard of them when you guys reviewed Cry and loved every single song they have made since, but their personalities and individuality made them stand out and obtain my loyalty as a fan. I don’t know, I guess they just make me happy. :]

    I didn’t really mean for it to be that long, it just kind of happened! Sorry~! Also, I want to thank you guys for doing such a great and funny interview with them even though everyone was really tired and for giving everyone an opportunity to come into contact with MBLAQ’s DNA (hehe). It really means alot. :]

    (YouTube: LovelyLittleLoser412)

    5 years ago
  129. I’ve always known about MBLAQ, only fell in love when I watched their goodbye stage for “I Don’t Know”. Their personalities during the performance really shone through. & I feel deeply in love with MBLAQ when I watched “Hello Baby.” 

    YT username: argieshines

    5 years ago
  130. I first heard on MBLAQ through you guys on kpop music mondays when you reviewed Mona Lisa. i did like the song but i didnt know much about the group to love them right away.so i started to watch some more music videos they had and grew to like their music more.I grew to love MBLAQ more as musicians through this process of just listening to their music and watching their videos.i also grew to love them as a group of individuals seeing them on programs and different shows they would go on.they have become on of my top kpop groups because they are such great performers and are just awesome all around guys.

    Username: emoishgurl666

    5 years ago
  131. MBLAQ first caught my attention when I saw them on Super Junior Miracle Show. They were really humble and charming so I was just curious. I fell in love with them the moment I watched their debut music video. They were the kind of group that seemed to break every stereotype I had of idols at the time. Having been new to K-pop and only knowing SS501 and Super Junior, I was under the impression that idol groups were full of pretty flower boys that could do aegyo and perform fanservice. When I watched Oh Yeah, I thought they had to be the most badass mofos to every hit K-pop. I was actually a little intimidated by them. They seemed like a bunch of tough guys who would beat you up if you just looked at them the wrong way. Then I watched them on their variety show Idol Army. MIND BLOWN. They didn’t seem like tough guys to me anymore. They were just batshit insane. And THAT is why they’re my bias. A+ forever!

    5 years ago
  132. When I saw this, my jaw literally went slack. Watching the interview, I think I was just squealing and crying (heh, Cry, get it?) The main reason I love MBLAQ because they’re the first group to get me interested in K-pop <3 I clicked on a K-pop mash-up which I ended up liking a lot, so I decided to search up each and every song separately (I believe there was 37 xD). "Oh Yeah" was the first one and I played it over and over and over again for the next few days and forced my friends to watch the video (they were not nearly as impressed as I was, unfortunately :d) I eventually searched up their shows and watched them as well ('Art of Seduction' was my first Korean show). I fell in love with their personalities and not just their music, and then I got to watch them grow up and now they've even been fathers! (Hello Baby<3) allofmymblaqfeels uhh
    I think they're really sweet people, I love their music and I'll be their fan forever :) They've introduced me into the wonderful world of K-pop and Korean culture (I used to think Korean boys were ugly, haha, I only liked Japanese boys). I've found so much because of them, and I still love them soooooo much :3 So, they pretty much mean a lot to me. If I got a CD signed by them, I'd probably cry disgustingly all over it, which I realize isn't a very good incentive to get you to send it to me, but maybe you'll appreciate my love~
    (appreciate it!! …please~!)
    Thanks a whole bunch!
    Rosetta~ YouTube: Rosettaismynameo
    P.S. I really love you, Simon and Martina! Y'all crack me up to no end :D say hi to Spudgy for me~

    5 years ago
  133. I can’t explain well how much I love MBLAQ with English, but I hope you could understand.
    I fell in love with MBLAQ because of Lee Joon.
    Once, he was on a TV show named “Radio Star”.
    He was so funny on the show that after the show there was even a big article about him that how much he was funny on the show.(그는 그 방송에서 정말 재미있었고 그래서 방송이 끝난 후에 그가 얼마나 재미있었는지에 대한 기사도 났어요)
    Since I like funny man, I started to search about him.
    (재미있는 남자를 좋아하기 때문에, 그에 대해 찾아보기 시작했어요.)
    And eventually, I fell in love with him.
    I watched so many his pictures and TVprogram that I feel like he is really close to me.
    Then I found about MBLAQ.
    And I realized that all members are SOOO COOL.
    양승호 is manly and his piano skill is gorgeous. He is also thoughtful.
    정병희(G.O) has wonderful voice and charisma >_<.
    이창선(Lee Joon) is a good dancer, actor, singer. And I love his smiling.
    박상현(Cheondung=Thunder) is a man. But he is also cute!!
    방철용(Mir) is really really really cute but when he sings, he could run the world with his charisma.
    I watched ALL their TV programs and Music Broadcasting.
    It was tired but also happy.
    I joined their fan club, A+, and wheresoever they go, I followed them with other fans.
    I wrote a fiction about MBLAQ and posted it on fan club homepage.
    They were even in my dream.
    I can't live without seeing their pictures.
    (그들의 사진을 보지 않고선 살 수가 없었어요)
    Yes, you are right. I AM ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT MBLAQ.
    I really really really want to get the CDs.
    I don't have any CDs because my mom doesn't want me to spend money for entertainers.
    It's so sadㅠ_ㅠ
    I can't miss this chance.
    I long for get the CDs.
    I love you, Simon and Martina.
    I have promoted about you to my friends and foriegners.
    I always feel thankful to you since you guys introduce about Korea lot.
    Please help me!!!
    Twitter : 박성혜(@Shake_by_gone)
    Facebook : 박성혜
    Youtube : shye0715

    5 years ago
  134. I can’t explain well how much I love MBLAQ with English, but I hope you could understand.
    I fell in love with MBLAQ because of Lee Joon.
    Once, he was on a TV show named “Radio Star”.
    He was so funny on the show that after the show there was even a big article about him that how much he was funny on the show.(그는 그 방송에서 정말 재미있었고 그래서 방송이 끝난 후에 그가 얼마나 재미있었는지에 대한 기사도 났어요)
    Since I like funny man, I started to search about him.
    (재미있는 남자를 좋아하기 때문에, 그에 대해 찾아보기 시작했어요.)
    And eventually, I fell in love with him.
    I watched so many his pictures and TVprogram that I feel like he is really close to me.
    Then I found about MBLAQ.
    And I realized that all members are SOOO COOL.
    양승호 is manly and his piano skill is gorgeous. He is also thoughtful.
    정병희(G.O) has wonderful voice and charisma >_<.
    이창선(Lee Joon) is a good dancer, actor, singer. And I love his smiling.
    박상현(Cheondung=Thunder) is a man. But he is also cute!!
    방철용(Mir) is really really really cute but when he sings, he could run the world with his charisma.
    I watched ALL their TV programs and Music Broadcasting.
    It was tired but also happy.
    I joined their fan club, A+, and wheresoever they go, I followed them with other fans.
    I wrote a fiction about MBLAQ and posted it on fan club homepage.
    They were even in my dream.
    I can't live without seeing their pictures.
    (그들의 사진을 보지 않고선 살 수가 없었어요)
    Yes, you are right. I AM ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT MBLAQ.
    I really really really want to get the CDs.
    I don't have any CDs because my mom doesn't want me to spend money for entertainers.
    It's so sadㅠ_ㅠ
    I can't miss this chance.
    I long for get the CDs.
    I love you, Simon and Martina.
    I have promoted about you to my friends and foriegners.
    I always feel thankful to you since you guys introduce about Korea lot.
    Please help me!!!
    Twitter : 박성혜(@Shake_by_gone)
    Facebook : 박성혜
    Youtube : shye0715

    5 years ago
  135. I can’t explain well how much I love MBLAQ with English, but I hope you could understand.
    I fell in love with MBLAQ because of Lee Joon.
    Once, he was on a TV show named “Radio Star”.
    He was so funny on the show that after the show there was even a big article about him that how much he was funny on the show.(그는 그 방송에서 정말 재미있었고 그래서 방송이 끝난 후에 그가 얼마나 재미있었는지에 대한 기사도 났어요)
    Since I like funny man, I started to search about him.
    (재미있는 남자를 좋아하기 때문에, 그에 대해 찾아보기 시작했어요.)
    And eventually, I fell in love with him.
    I watched so many his pictures and TVprogram that I feel like he is really close to me.

    Then I found about MBLAQ.
    And I realized that all members are SOOO COOL.
    양승호 is manly and his piano skill is gorgeous. He is also thoughtful.
    정병희(G.O) has wonderful voice and charisma >_<.
    이창선(Lee Joon) is a good dancer, actor, singer. And I love his smiling.
    박상현(Cheondung=Thunder) is a man. But he is also cute!!
    방철용(Mir) is really really really cute but when he sings, he could run the world with his charisma.

    I watched ALL their TV programs and Music Broadcasting.
    It was tired but also happy.
    I joined their fan club, A+, and wheresoever they go, I followed them with other fans.
    I wrote a fiction about MBLAQ and posted it on fan club homepage.
    They were even in my dream.
    I can't live without seeing their pictures.
    (그들의 사진을 보지 않고선 살 수가 없었어요)
    Yes, you are right. I AM ABSOLUTELY CRAZY ABOUT MBLAQ.

    I really really really want to get the CDs.
    I don't have any CDs because my mom doesn't want me to spend money for entertainers.
    It's so sadㅠ_ㅠ
    I can't miss this chance.
    I long for get the CDs.

    I love you, Simon and Martina.
    I have promoted about you to my friends and foriegners.
    I always feel thankful to you since you guys introduce about Korea lot.
    Please help me!!!

    Twitter : 박성혜(@Shake_by_gone)
    Facebook : 박성혜
    Youtube : shye0715

    5 years ago
  136. The first thing that me fall in love with MBLAQ was probably Joon’s honey abs. (THANK YOU JOON! :D) And then as I started replaying “Oh Yeah”, I heard this AWESOME rapping from none other than our “aegyo-full” maknae. And then I saw the MV over and over again just for Mir’s rapping. Which then led me to watch some of their variety shows, which Joon is a master of now, (pants ripping, I almost died.) and then I started to obsess over them (as quietly as I could at home at twelve in the morning). And now, I’ve gotten some of my friends addicted to MBLAQ, which I hope will turn into full-blown K-POP obsessing. I absolutely love, love, love watching them live and feeling like I’m a part of them, watching them laugh while laughing with them even if I don’t get their jokes, and seeing them being themselves and making me smile in return. I may not go to their every concert, or try to stalk them, but I hope they know that I’ll always be supporting them, in good times and bad, just so that they know that yes, there is a person out there that loves them, that will wait for them, and that will never be disappointed in them. 

    Youtube Username: Dragon21Dreamer

    5 years ago
  137. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was after I saw Joon in Ninja Assassin saying, “You shouldn’t do that.” Then I discovered Mir and his amazing Engrish. “Waffer” … “Duh Engerish” … Ahh. I love MBLAQ’s English so much~

    YT Username: ashleysheafferTwitter: Ashleyx1000

    5 years ago
  138. To be honest, I keep falling in love with them every single day more and
    more, when I finish watching a video, listening to a song, seeing pictures…
    but I think that what makes me start falling in love with MBLAQ was their talents(the way they dance and their voices are really impressive),
    their personality, the way they have fun together and the fact that they keep
    their feets firmly on the ground, which I think it’s one of the best qualities
    that idols can have, especially when they’re becoming more popular. Seungho made me fell in love with him because of his
    leader side, actually, especially when he does that death stare that really
    scare but it’s cute at the same time. G.O is my favorite. I started to like him
    in Sesame Player, because I really like his competitive side and intelligence.
    Joon, actually, was the first member that I liked. He’s so simple, emotive,
    kind, and I really thing that he’s the most sincere member when it comes to
    emotion. Thunder has this cute side that makes everyone fall for him and I
    really like when he talks about the “dark side” of each member,
    revealing things that nobody knows, haha. When I started to like MBLAQ I didn’t
    like Mir, but when I watched “MBLAQ Goes to School” and his lovely Engrish, I started to pay more attention to him and I just love his funny and childish side. They’re simply Multi-talented
    Brilliant Lovely Affectionate Q(ok, I don’t know.. Q from charismatic!?, hahaha :p)  ..

    And this question is really difficult to answer, since it`s hard to put
    a feeling into words. Easy question next time, please ㅠ.ㅠ

    REALLY SORRY about my English, ..I know it’s really terrible, but I really
    wanted to try, so really sorry if I made many mistakes L

    yt: pberlanza

    5 years ago
  139. I did pay attention to MBLAQ when they were still rookies (Y) but then I drifted off because I started listening to more and more kpop groups and I had trouble catching up. However, “It’s War” really made me fell in love with MBLAQ, more than the time I first heard about them. Through the MV, and behind the scenes of “It’s War” I was able to see their individual talents and I feel like they matured a lot and they each have something that lures me into them. They act naturally and they don’t overdo things (or exaggerate) which is what I appreciate the most. Plus, in “It’s War,” there was no auto-tune so I was able to see and listen to their true voices and that makes the song even more powerful. I really hope I can get this. It’s really hard to buy any kpop cd’s, shirts,posters, etc and this would be the best b-day gift ever!
    Thank you~

    5 years ago
  140. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when I watched them at the MBC Google Kpop Concert. Honestly before that I didn’t like Kpop in general too much because they turned my brother and sister into crazy people. They were always raving about new videos that were coming out and stuff like that and truthfully it was kind of annoying. Then my sister had a friend with an extra ticket and I thought that it would be fun to see what a read concert was like because I hadn’t been to one before. The concert was awesome and I loved it when MBLAQ sang this is war! I have to say that their performance was awesome and since then i have been listening to the song this is war over and over again. I have lost count of how many times I have repeated it on my ipod. I will always remember MBLAQ as one of the groups that got me into Kpop.
    youtube: evathemangafreak
    facebook: Eva Chen
    twitter: Eva Chen @pantherinshadow

    5 years ago
  141. Didn’t Mir said Waffle???:)

    5 years ago
  142. I WANT A SIGNED CD!!!! CAN I BUY ONE? :'( …. i have the worst luck at winning prizes (i never do…but oh wells, at least i have to try). I fell in love with MBLAQ when I first saw them in skin-tight pants :3 … no scratch that lolz. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was the way they interact with each other. It seems like they always have the most fun when they’re just by themselves (makes me want to be one of them so I can be in on the fun). Plus I think they genuinely care for each other, which makes all warm and happy inside :). Not to mention they’re very hard-working, honest, and talented.

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM IN JULY!!! Martina, are you guys gonna be at their concert?

    youtube & twitter username: TheElleWu

    5 years ago
  143. while i was watching this video a spider crawled across my keyboard

    5 years ago
  144. I seriously could not keep my eyes off of Seungho. Had to watch this about 3 times in order to see all of their reactions. He is so beautiful *_*

    5 years ago
  145. nah

    what did Martina say in Korean about kids? 

    5 years ago
    • Well, Seungho said that he wanted to be a young dad, since he likes kids and so Martina was like, “We’re married but we don’t want kids since we have a dog.”

      5 years ago
      •  Yea, Spudgy might get jealous. Y’know, sibling rivalry and the like?

        5 years ago
  146. Youtube Username: Kristialli
    Twitter: Kristi Seng (K_Alli)
    Facebook: Kristi Seng

    I’ve been a K-Pop fan for a very long time now and MBLAQ has always been one of my top favorite male kpop groups, (right up there with BIG BANG; ultimate VIP ;D)

    I must admit I fell in love with MBLAQ at first because of their looks; when I saw the music video and the live performances of “OH YEAH”; that moment Lee Joon lifted his shirt to reveal those beautiful chocolate abs singing “oh yeah oh oh oh yeah I’m feelin’ good…” that was just a very beautiful moment. :”D

    Then I saw MBLAQ on many variety shows like Hello baby and I started to fall in love even more with their funny sense of humors and charismatic charms and their way of handling children. I now know almost every MBLAQ song from “OH Yeah” to “Y” to “Cry” to “Mona Lisa” and to “This is War” yes, I am a very proud A+ and I would be a very very proud and happy A+ If I won one of the signed CD’s 

    YOU COULD MAKE A FAN’S DREAMS COME TRUE! DON’T YOU LIKE UNICORNS AND SPARKLE’S?!? that didn’t really have anything to do with my explanation but still…. unicorns are nice. <3. 

    -Kristi Seng-

    5 years ago
  147. I love MBLAQ is that maybe it is a dream, but I would be with them I love them because they are so cute, they do not hide what they feel or want them are as they are that’s what I admire about them but I love the most is Mir has a charm that would not know me describe it like to have something from it, so his autograph would be happier because I can not fence them that my comment is short and pointless but while I really like everything I do is think I do not concentrate them in anything else other than them I feel that I go crazy if I see them several times a day … my username on youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/serenatskino

    5 years ago
  148. I fell in love with Mblaq pretty late actually. I started liking k-pop pretty late too :P
    When I fell in love with them was when I first heard their song this is war. What hit me about them first was of course the song, I love songs that are strong and sort of sad like that. As a result I fell for Joon’s emotions and the way Thunder just seemed really cute to me :3 I really loved all the emotions and vocals that came through in this video and, for once, the dancing. Put together I was really weak to it all.
    Now I have a growing/undying obsession with all of their songs and videos :P
    I’ll admit they weren’t my first favorite group, but now that’s all changed and that’s why Mblaq’s number 1 ^_^
    Youtube: Apocalyptichist

    5 years ago
  149. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ?

    Everything! lol Their music/voices, their cuteness.. ect… 
    I loved them since I first saw them.. which was they had barely begun ^^ They are soo awesome! 
    Thank you Simon and Martina for this great Interview, it was great! ^^

    Youtube username: Jenny10161

    5 years ago
  150. I spazzing and fangirling when Thunder spoke in Tagalog ><

    5 years ago
  151. I’m a new fan of Mblaq and I’m pretty new to kpop overall since I’m usually more into the rock genre. I was scrolling down a blog when I stumbled upon a Super Junior video among their posts. From there I found “Lucifer” by SHINee and instantly fell in love. I searched for all their MVs on youtube and soon my account was flooded with suggestions of other kpop videos to watch and amongst them was Mblaq’s “This Is War”. A lot of people would probably comment on their looks only and I don’t really blame them, but what really blew me away was the confidence that radiated from both the power of the dance and the emotion in their voices. 
    What really bothers me is that most artists out there at the moment seem so unsure of themselves even when singing songs written by themselves and I’ve always been looking for artists and bands that can feel sure of themselves both on stage and during recording without having to take their clothes off. The tricky part about a kpop group like Mblaq is that they are being completely choreographed. Knowing this I still couldn ‘t help but be drawn to them. What really surprised me with Mblaq was their ability to take something and make it their own. Even though some of their songs are completely different from eachother and sound nothing alike they manage to give it the same feeling. You can instantly tell that it’s a song by Mblaq. And that’s what really made me fall in love with Mblaq. They’re not just any group but they have full control of themselves and their music and manage to perform their songs with enough confidence to blow me away.

    Youtube: Jalisd

    5 years ago
  152. I can’t explain well how much I love MBLAQ in English, but I hope you could understand.
    I fell in love with MBLAQ because of Lee Joon.
    Once, he was on a TV program named “Radio star”.
    He was so funny in the program that after the program, there was even a big artcle about him that how he was funny in the program.
    (그 프로그램에서 이준이 정말 재미있어서 그 방송이 끝나고, 이준이 그 방송에서 얼마나 재미있었는지에 대한 기사도 났어요)
    Since I love funny man, I started to search about Lee Joon.
    (재미있는 남자를 좋아하기 때문에, 이준에 대해 찾아보기 시작했어요.)
    And eventually, I fell in love with him.
    I watched so many his pictures and TV program that I even feel like Lee Joon is really close to me!! (그의 사진과 방송을 TV프로그램을 너무 많이 봐서 심지어는 이준이 저랑 정말로 친한 것 처럼 느껴졌어요)

    Then I found about MBLAQ as he is in MBLAQ
    (그러다가 MBLAQ에 대해 찾아봤어요 그가 MBLAQ에 있기 때문에)
    I realized they are really close to their fans.
    I started to watch ALL TV shows that they were on.
    (그들이 나온 모든 방송들을 보기 시작했어요)
    It was really tired but also made me happy.
    Each members were so cool, and close to their fans, A+.
    I joined a fan club and wheresoever they go, I follow them with other fans.
    (팬클럽에 가입했고 그들이 어디를 가든, 다른 팬들과 같이 따라다녔어요)
    Such as their TV program, music broadcasting, performance, etc.
    (방송, 음악방송, 공연, 등)
    Yes, you are right. I’m absolutely crazy about MBLAQ.

    I really really really want to get the CDs.
    Because my mom doesn’t want me to spend money for entertainers,
    I couldn’t buy their CDs.ㅠ_ㅠ So sad.
    (엄마가 연예인 때문에 돈 쓰는 걸 싫어해서 CD를 살 수 없었어요)

    I really long for get CDs.
    I love you, Simon and Martina.
    I always feel thankful to you. I recommend you to my friends and other foriegners.
    Please help me to get CDs.

    facebook : 박성혜
    twitter : 박성혜 (@Shake_by_Gone)
    youtube : shye0715

    5 years ago
  153. When I feel in love with them it was when they were on Hello Baby! I thought they were absolutely funny and cute! It was fun watching them trying to find the babies because they kept getting the wrong ones and they were all trying to outdo each other! They all seemed to care for the babies a lot too :3 username: amuletdevil300

    5 years ago
  154. I didn’t follow them until you made a music Monday on Mona Lisa. I was so curious about them, so I did some research about them and I listen to they previous promotion and album.  I already liked Mona Lisa but Cry was the straw that broke the camel which declared me as an A+ :)

    The traduction in french `cause my answer is translate with google tradution ^.^’

    Je ne les ai pas suivis avant que vous fassiez un MusicMonday sur Mona Lisa. J’étais si curieuse à propos d’eux que j’ai fait ma petite recherche sur eux et j’ai écouté leurs anciennes promotions et leurs anciens albums. J’aimais déjà Mona Lisa, mais Cry a été la goutte qui a fait débordé le vase qui m’a déclarée A+ :)

    I hope you understand me :)
    Thanks guys by the way :)!
    Youtube username: yakihol

    5 years ago
  155. I’ve been a humble Kpop fan for years, from lip syncing songs to knowing dance moves. Though if I had to be honest, I didn’t really know about MBLAQ during their debut period other than hearing about Joon’s hollywood acting. It wasn’t until I saw “It’s War” on Korea Billboard that I became more and more familiar with them as a group. I’m not lying when I saw that when I saw the music video, I cried because I was so moved (that aside, I’m an emotional person in general ><) by both the message and the vocals. 

    What won me over with MBLAQ (other than the obvious personal entertainment skills and shining personalities of each member – though Seungho will have a special place in my heart, even before and naturally after Hello Baby), was their  interview on "Oh Happy Day." They were honest about the feelings about the time period for releasing and promoting songs – they spent 7-8 months putting in their heart and soul for wonderful albums but because of the fast moving music industry, they were criticized: "Why did MBLAQ come out that late?" Hearing how honest they were about such a sensitive topic, how much genuine effort they put in regardless of the pressure of the industry, and then I noticing more and more that MBLAQ stayed strong against conforming to the industry mentally and musically – it was the moment Kpop music idols were most human to me. Truly, MBLAQ was and regretfully are still undervalued (such as with the Seungho photo with the foreign fan incident) but they'll ALWAYS be A+ in my (and I'm sure one day everyone else's) hearts.

    This is side note too but I won my ticket to go see MBLAQ at the MBC Google concert through an MBLAQ forum. I was so completely grateful since I traveled 3,000 miles back to see them (as they're harder to see in America) and it was my first and probably will be my only Kpop concert. Knowing that opportunity was provided through MBLAQ-related connections to go see MBLAQ, I can't help but feel that was somewhat fate. I hope everyone feels this honored by MBLAQ and their wonderful work in whatever setting . 

    And thanks always Simon and Martina for the wonderful, consistently adorably cute videos! MBLAQ and Eat Your Kimchi fighting~ <3

    Youtube name: jadedkismet

    5 years ago
  156. Even though I don’t listen to music anymore, I can’t help but like these guys. Every variety show I’ve seen with them I’ve enjoyed.

    5 years ago
  157. Heyo!
    I love MBLAQ, because they definitely stand out and don’t follow the general ‘kpop’ normal boy band. They are more carefree with their image and it’s really neat how they have impact on their albums. With Rain as their mentor, I think they can each make their careers really successful, and I can’t wait to see them grow even more! I’ve been an A+ since I saw Oh Yeah (Lee Joon chocolate abs… yum) and I love the rest of their videos!

    5 years ago
  158. I became a HUGE MBLAQ fan after my best friend introduced me to EYK. I just couldn’t stop watching your videos and I watched How to dance K-Pop 2008,9, and 10.  I saw the K-pop music monday for Mona Lisa and just fell in love with the unique style and incredilble vocal range of each and every member. To this day Mona Lisa and of course War will be some of my all time favorite songs by MBLAQ.

    5 years ago
  159. Alright, so the moment that I fell in love with MBLAQ…mmm well the first time I heard of them was when they were promoting Y…I saw them on a music show and I was like, cool…but they didn’t leave a lasting impression…however, when they started promoting Mona Lisa is when I really started to take an interest and I went in search of info…lots of info…and then I found lots of other amazing songs by them, such as Cry and now they continue to amaze me with their awesome songs and their fun personalities…
    Youtube username: rebeldemoongazer8

    5 years ago
  160. MBLAQ is what made me fall in love with KPOP.

    5 years ago
  161. I fell in love with MBLAQ when their “Oh Yeah” MV came out. “Yo! Amigos”. kyyyaaa!!! They were all super HOT! Joon with his sexy body, Mir with his arousing face touch, G.O. with his voice, Seungho with his manliness and Thunder with his fierce dancing! I fell in love with all of them. I kept replaying the video over and over because of their “Oh Yeah” Dance. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, yeah, yeah”!And from there on, I became obsessed with them, I watched every video they were on, and I still try watch every video of them. They’re so funny, talented, handsome, etc, etc… :) 

    5 years ago
  162. The moment i fell in love with MBLAQ when i heard “Cry” on August 9th 2011. It was midnight and the dance really inspired me, mv was great and their voices … fabulous ! I liked it a lot. It’s one of my favorite songs. The first member who i saw before i heard ab MBLAQ was Lee Joon. He was speaking english with Yoseob , Onew and Shindong on Star Golden Globe. That was hilarious tho ! :) Anyway , after watching some more videos of MBLAQ i realize that i had some kind of obsession with them. I want to know them more and more i wanted to be part of the family … i start to love them so much because their dorky personalities and gorgeous voices. They’re absolutely fantastic. I’m proud to be A+.♥ :) My twitter :[email protected]:twitter 
    My youtube:  

    5 years ago
  163.  Martina you were so funny, it was a great Interview, thank you!! The only thing I missed was WAFFUR!!! XDD

    5 years ago
  164. Kay

    I believe it was about that time when they were doing promotions for “G.O.O.D. Love”. I bumped into MBLAQ because of SHINee, who were doing a “Hello Baby”. I found the whole concept: bands + babies, very interesting & funny.

    Then I searched in YT “kpop + kids” (thinking I could find other bands who had done similar shows) and MBLAQ popped up!! That song never fails to cheer me up. I think I started liking them, right at that moment. That video gave me a different vibe from the band. Like they we’re NOT just another bunch of pretty faces, who also happened to be able to sing and dance well. They could be fun and silly, cute,caring, simple… real.

    Ever since I’ve been a fan of them and I can’t wait to be at one of their concerts “one day”, be it in korea or in my country. Who knows, with some luck I might catch a glimpse of papa Rain too.

    (lol I remember I kept wishing they had a “Hello Baby” and now…)


    (btw “KayDalle”, is my YouTube user)

    5 years ago
  165. this is sooo coool. mblaq is my second favorite kpop group. it was like a dream watching you guys meet them :o thank you for this video :D i was fangirlng the whole time

    5 years ago
  166. bit off topic but i have to tell.

    so i went to prom on thursday, and when a guy tried to dance (grind-_-) on me, all i could think about was Spudgy trying to hump my leg because of his blue shirt. Here began my hysterical laugh in the middle of the dance floor. Poor guy. Viva la Spudgy!!

    on topic: 

    I love MBLAQ! Martina’s acting was awesome! Simon, I thought you were an OG. What’s with the ballet? lol
    And G.O watches your videos?! How many idols is that so far? You guys should keep track! It can be like a “how awesome are we?” kind of mete. The highest being when TOP says he watches your videos ;) 

    5 years ago
  167. Guys thanking so much for the interview you guys are amazing keep the good work that ur doing fighting !!!!!!! Ok Si I first fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw monalisa song I agree with you guys tht the video didn’t make sense but the music was just amazing they are really awsome also I love them when I saw hello baby I just die with that they were really funny and nice. But once again I love their music I always see their music videos an I have KBS in the USA thank god an I toon in every time try were going to be in it. I hope they keep doing a great job and to stay healthy. Also you two Simon an Martina stay strong. Thanks again for all you guys do. ^_* my YouTube user name is [email protected]

    5 years ago
  168. Well to be honest, the moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when Lee Joon lifted his shirt in “Oh Yeah” with that smile on his face. They are also the reason I fell hard for Kpop. I would never get anything done when I would come home from school and immediately sit down at the computer and fan girl over all of them. Example: I should be studying for finals right now…oops…
    But they are all so talented AND attractive and seem to love what they do.
    Simon and Martina, thank you for bringing Kpop closer to all of us so far away!

    5 years ago
  169. Well to be honest, the moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when Lee Joon lifted his shirt in “Oh Yeah” with that smile on his face. They are also the reason I fell hard for Kpop. I would never get anything done when I would come home from school and immediately sit down at the computer and fan girl over all of them. Example: I should be studying for finals right now…oops…But they are all so talented AND attractive and seem to love what they do.Simon and Martina, thank you for bringing Kpop closer to all of us so far away!
    On youtube I am otherfakerfaster :)

    5 years ago
  170. there is not really a moment when i fell inlove with mblaq but each member individually 
    Seungho- Watching any and all interviews. He is always himself and funny but at the same time he is still a leader. & watching him and Lauren on Hello Baby melted my heart
    G.O.- watching him on immortal song. He has a voice that could **SIGHS*** Are there even words? I could listen to him sing all day & night <333
    Joon- He actually got me into MBlaq with Ninja Assassin. How can you not love Joon? He is so funny but put him in front of a camera and he is an AMAZING actor!! And I love that he is not afraid to say what is exactly on his mind unlike alot of other idols.
    Thunder- Watching him & Leo on Hello Baby was so heart warming <3 He has always been so shy but then watching him on MBlaqs Seasme Player, you got to see his crazier side and i loved it. And i love watching him and Dara, he such a sweet and protective brother he reminds me of my older brothers!!
    Mir- Mir is hands down my favorite Maknae. He is always so energetic about everything he does. He never does anything half way. and i just love people like that.
    And MBlaq as a whole is just an amazing group. They never fail to amaze me with every dance or Music Video that comes out. Every A+ owes Bi(Rain) a huge thank you for putting such amazing guys in our lives!
    I would be so happy and thankful to receive one of their signed CD's
    youtube name- Mossgrl615

    5 years ago
  171. MBLAQ was one of the first kpop groups I followed and since then, Seungho oppa has forever been my ultimate bias~ *____*

    5 years ago
  172. Dear Simon, you make me wish I was polish and that so interferes with my usually nationalistic point of view xDDD

    5 years ago
  173. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was their orginal sound in music. Also their perfect dancing and vocal skills!
    Youtube Username: Kpop526

    5 years ago
  174. I Liked MBLAQ since they
    started their career !! i LOVE their style , i LOVE their songs beacause
    they are very original with everything they do, i’m a really big fan of
    them and one day i hope to got to korea to see them in a show and talk
    to them, They are funny, very unique and creative with both their lyrics
    and their style , they know how to rock in their shows !!! and they are
    sooo sweet in hello baby !! i hope they come to canada one day !! i’m
    totally addicted to MBLAQ and i wish to win this contest, it would be
    the BEST THING EVER !! they are so sexy and they know their fans loves
    them not only for their body but also for their musics !! i’m an A+ for
    life !! and i know every fans qant to say how much they love them !! i
    always watch MBLAQ programs and every MV that comes out !! I really hope
    you see my feelings for them because i REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA WIN
    THIS !!! ♥ and i also LOVE YOU GUYS !! YOU TOTALLY ROCK !! thank you for
    creating that contest and i hope you choose me xD ♥

    Facebook : Alexandra Sylvestre ( Already posted a comment on your page <3 )

    Youtube : xParkYeongSo

    5 years ago
  175. Youtube name: noimnotaznWell, I didn’t know about K-pop untill last year, and at first I only knew about Bigbang, 2NE1, and SNSD. While everything was still really new to me, Mona Lisa came out and I really liked the song, but I didn’t really know MBLAQ. I started listen to their other music and then I liked MBLAQ, but still didn’t really know them. It wasn’t until Hello Baby that i started to fall in love with them.^^ I liked how they all have such unique personalities and styles; so I started listening to all of their songs. Then I found out that Rain created MBLAQ and, well, that made me like them even more! However, what really “sealed the deal” was Sesame Player. Oh my gosh, “Bathroom Interviews” was the funniest thing I had ever watched, I was sad that Mir wasn’t there but it was still hilarious. I think thats when I actually fell in love with MBLAQ. G.O., Seungho, Thunder, Joon, and Mir are great at singing and dancers, they are hilarious, and I know some groups fake that they are close, but it seems to me like they actually are and that they actually care for each other, and their fans. They (with Ukiss) are my favorite K-pop group! MBLAQ HWAITING! ♥

    5 years ago
  176. good job martina the opening was hilarious lol i can’t stop watching the clip

    5 years ago
  177. Username on Youtube: AnnekoRiko

    I fall in Love with MBLAQ when I see “Sesame Player”, but the exact moment when I fell in love with them, was when after practice came to have fun at a park nearby and a neighbor asked them to keep quiet, after that Seungho said that the real reason of their dark circles was because in the night him grown broccoli in that park. The boys show how they really are a group of talents, humble, capricious, competitive, loving, forgetful, clumsy.

    5 years ago
  178. The first time i became interested in MBLAQ was when i saw Joon die in their performences for This is War. It was such an awesome move so i looked them up more and i watched their interviews and their other songs like ‘Y’, etc. What solidified me as a fan for them was their song ‘Cry’, even though their dance for this song was pretty simple, everything worked perfectly – the dance with the song lyrics. I downloaded the video and song and now ‘Cry’ is one of my most played songs on my ipod ^_^ 
    youtube username: Emeraldgem3

    5 years ago
  179.  MBLAQ OMG I CANT EVEN…I started to like with mblaq around their Y time…but i really fell in love with them when I watched sesame player with them… i mean how could u not. Mblaq is so different from other kpop bands because of their music style. they arent everyday kpop idols. Mblaq is special ♥ while i was watching sesame player i realized that i had never laughed more. Mblaq with their funny games and reactions it would be hard for anyone not to smile !! I thought they were hilarious and funny but because they were kpop stars who were making total fools of themselves so that the everyone watching could laugh rather than trying to preserve their image. Thats what make them varitey show kings ♥ Even though mblaq arent really that popular they try !! Mblaq always always manages to bring a smile to my face ♥ Which made me watch every single one of their variety shows…twice… Honestly mblaq are just overgrown children with amazing voices and great talent… Mblaq are one of my favoritetist groups. A+ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
     I just wish I could win this contest, because having an MBLAQ album that was signed by them (even if it wasnt signed) would be the best thing ever. AND MY LIFE WOULD BE COMPLETE. I COULD LITERALLY DIE A HAPPY DEATH Even though i know my chances arent really that good Im still here typing :3
    Live in

    5 years ago
  180. Falling in love with MBLAQ was something that happened really gradually for me: my initial attraction to them was, of course, their upbeat addictive music and stylish, sexy looks. But there are lots of talented, hot groups out there that I really enjoy, so what makes MBLAQ stand out as a group that I really “Love”? It was only after watching them on many interviews and shows that I submitted to the magic that is MBLAQ. I feel like they are one of the few idol groups willing to say exactly what they feel, especially Seungho and Joon. They aren’t afraid to say “I’m more interested in buying a house than dating someone right now” or promote eating delicious food you love rather than starving. They are funny, up front and charming. A lot of people like to write them off as fools, but they are actually one of the few idol groups who have breached topics like gender equality, sexuality, happiness and life with a wise and realistic approach. Now that they are a well established group, I think they feel more comfortable discussing these sorts of things and show off their real opinions, which is fairly rare in the Korean entertainment world. They know exactly when to be entertaining and simple, and when to reflect and give an opinion (a REAL opinion, and not just a typical idol cop-out answer).

    It’s easy to find famous people, or talented people or nice people or even understanding people in the industry, but it’s difficult to find someone who exhibits all these traits, let a lone a group that does. The members of MBLAQ fulfill their jobs as musicians and entertainers amazingly, but still manage to keep their humanity and friendliness. They’ve been known to say things on tv like “I’m an idol so I probably shouldn’t say this but I’ll say it anyway”. I think they, more than anything, understand that they are allowed to be human and that it’s only the media who wants them to be “idols” or “objects”, and that their real fans, the people who really love and appreciate them, want them to be themselves.
    In whole, you could say MBLAQ has found the perfect balance between working in the exciting fantasy of the entertainment world, and the reality of the world around them. It’s this paradoxical balance, being both fantastical and real, that makes me love them. They are perfect to me because they are more than willing to be imperfect. They aren’t striving for perfection, they are striving for happiness and growth. What more could you ask for?

    If you want to see an interview where MBLAQ discusses several topics with unexpected wisdom (mixed in with moments of hilarity, of course), I would suggest this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D59pgfHJwz4
    It’s rather long, but it’s worth watching all four parts just to hear and understand a bit more about how each of them think and feel. Everyone knows the funny and talented MBLAQ, but if you really want to fall for them, you should give their more heartfelt interviews a try. I’ll be the first to admit that I took a while to fall for them, but I think it’s better that way. You don’t make best friends in a day, you don’t fall in love in a day, and you won’t with MBLAQ either. Be patient! Get to know them! Grow with them! Take your time to understand them! You’ll fall in love with them too, I promise.

    -Leora the Canadian Mushy Music Enthusiast Extraordinaire
    (Youtube Name: Perogogo)

    5 years ago
  181. i hope to get either sistar album or mblaq’s album.
    it is impossible to get both album.

    5 years ago
  182. I officially fell in SUPER love with MBLAQ with Mir’s attempt at saying waffle~ <3 (Youtube: ryuritanaka)

    5 years ago
  183. I fell in love with MBLAQ when they were on Idol Army. I already liked their music, voices, and dancing skills but Idol Army showed me more of their personalities and their goofy side. The part were I really fell in love with them was in edisode 8 (I think) of Idol Army when they had to dress like power rangers and GO and Joonie were playing on the kiddie rides (the horse and duck on the spring coil thingy). They had the rides leaning 180-degrees in all directions. I laughed so hard when I saw that. I kept playing it back and laughed til I cried when I noticed GO had his poker face on the whole time. I still go back and watch their old shows.

    I fell in love with them even more when they were on Hello Baby. The way they took care of Leo, Lauren, and DaeYoung showed their loving and caring side. I really liked how they would post pictures of the kids on their Twitter accounts. It was so cute. But I think I love them the most for the way they constantly push themselves to do better. They’ve been through a lot of ups and downs but they keep going. They taught me not to give up.

    YT: tidbit03
    (yes tidbit is a nickname given to me because of my height (5’3″-ish or 161cm), but I like being short. No really, I do. I don’t see a problem with my height but that’s probably because I’m a girl)

    Twitter: MusicLoverJJ03

    5 years ago
  184. Just seeing MBLAQ participate in an American interview made me want to cry with happiness. I will always support and love them. A+ 화이팅! 

    5 years ago
  185. If you ever interview U-Kiss again or SHINee can you ask them to say hello in Spanish? Hello in Spanish is hola. 
    Hearing the idols you love so much speak your native language is such an awesome feeling~
    Like when i heard SHINee’s señorita and U-Kiss’s Te Amo <3

    5 years ago
  186. I`ll have to leave my comment here since youtube has a limit for words… and mines is kinda long. lol

    I fell in love with MBLAQ on the day of the Google concert.. I was sitting on the 2nd row right in the middle of the stage. When MBLAQ first came out, my eyes were already on Thunder (Cheondung) and I was like omg! that guy is hot! I also love the way he dances and I love his voice! What made me even more crazy was that when they sang Oh Yeah he did his little wave and smiled at me! It was way too crazy, because I was sooo close to him! >___<"
    http://youtu.be/dgajjYQ9PbQ  (On 1:15-1:20) Yea.. I was crazy enough to try to find it. It took like 2 weeks. I will never forget about this moment XD It really felt like a dream..

    I was really disappointed in myself for not knowing them! I wish I knew them earlier, so that I could've sang along to their songs! Instead, I was just sitting there watching Thunder the whole time and cheering for them. Even though I knew them so late, I will catch up to the other fans! (:

    As soon as I got home after the concert, I searched for MBLAQ. I wanted to know about them more and catch up to everything so I listened to all their songs on youtube and watched a whole bunch of videos. At first, I was only interested in Thunder, but after watching some of their shows, I knew about the other members more so I like all of them now!!  But I love Thunder especially of course! (:

    Hope I get one of these CDs!! I love you Thunder!! and the rest of MBLAQ too! haha <3
    I forgot to tell you guys that I even dyed my hair the same color as Thunder because he looked so hot with red hair! hahaha.

    Youtube: xlilrowx
    Facebook: Rowena Huang
    Twitter: xlilrowx

    5 years ago
  187. i knew MBLAQ in early 2010, when they only had Oh Yeah MV and about to release Y. and from the first time i knew them, i instantly love them until now! i love how hard-working they are, how care they are to the fans, how close they are to each other, and how dorky they are and they never hide it. I always be a proud A+!

    5 years ago
  188. The impression I got when I saw MBLAQ first clip in Y (and that not long ago) was “how beautiful”, good dancers and their songs were good. But over time I was seeing that they were not only that, they are charismatic (which few artists have.) I’ve always been fascinated by Eastern culture, which has increased the interest in knowing more about them. When they came to Brazil (I saw the Youtube, it is the only way I got to know the world) has shown that Asians are not as cold as people think, they were very sweet with fans, and that made me fall in love by MBLAQ. They are much more than a band, they have what most artists should have, which is respect for their fans. I hope to be one of the winners. PS: I could not post on youtube my user is in the sam85152.

    5 years ago
  189. i commented on the youtube video, my user name is karenkyujong~ ^^

    5 years ago
  190. I fell for MBLAQ when I saw the MV for Cry which ismy favorite video! <3 The moment Thunder started speaking in English I was like "OMG" and it was all over and I became a hardcore A+ ha ha… I loved how unique there concepts and style were (I loved the clothes in cry a lot a lot a lot!) and how AMAZING the rapping sections were!!! Then I started to look up videos of variety programs and saw just how crazy and goofy and ernest there personalities were :D Leader Ho is the Appa! G.O. is the resident comedien! Joon is ridiculous (and scary flexible)! Thunder is the hard worker! Mir is the sweetie pie!
    I had Stay as my text message ringtone for at least a year and a half just so when people texted me I could hear Thunders opening lines xD (I'm not a creep I swear! I just love his rapping!)

    My YT: MsInternationalCHIC

    Thank you for interveiwing my favorite Kpop group of all time!!! :D I was having a horrible week and this made my day!!!!!

    5 years ago
  191. The moment I really liked MBLAQ was when I had watched Hello Baby. I didn’t really follow KPOP closely, so I had never really seen them before I watched Hello Baby. In Hello Baby their personalities, honesty (Lee Joon and his incident with his mom), and seeing how they genuinely cared for Leo, Lauren, and Dayoung really got to me. By the end of Hello Baby I had listened to and loved all their songs. By the time I watched Sesame Player, I was at the point beyond return. <3 
    Youtube: itofux3
    Twitter: xokuma

    5 years ago
  192. “Who studied the hardest in high school?”

    No one points to Mir or Lee Joon.

    5 years ago
    • I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out!!!
      I think it’s because we ALL know that Lee Joon is our favorite babo
      and I think Mir might be a LITTLE too into anime/manga… Love them anyway <3

      5 years ago
  193. The first moment was when I’ve heard “Stay”. Before that song I’ve only liked them, like every other Kpop group, but since I’ve heard ‘Stay’ I’ve fall in love with them :)♥. – anna8999

    5 years ago
  194. Thank you so much guys!!! You are amazing and I love Martnia’s acting, so cute! ^__^ 
    I almost fainted during the video! MBLAQ oppas are so handsome! :DI’m having stress with finals these days but because of you I could relax and enjoy myself. Thank you again. Love you! <3Greetings from Denmark. :-)

    5 years ago
  195. i didn’t know if i was supposed to leave my youtube username on the facebook post so i’m gonna repost my comment here;for me, i didn’t instantly love them. i used to be one of those fans that were BIGBANG exclusive and despite listening to all the latest groups and songs in kpop, still paid more attention to BIGBANG and YG groups. yet, somehow last year, when MBLAQ was most active i was just randomly browsing some kpop blogs and by fate landed on a post about MBLAQ’s sesame player and decided to check the show out. to my delight, they were hilarious!!! especially the bathroom interview sessions on that show and from there i just fell in love. i couldn’t keep them off my mind!! i backtracked and searched everything about them! every performance, interviews, everything. from there i got to know just how amazing they were in terms of personality, talent, and their life principles, their ethics and just overall how they carry themselves. they have the honesty that most idols don’t have. they don’t try to please everyone or try to fit into whatever expectation people have of them. they just try to be the best performers that they can and give the best for the people who will appreciate them and love them for who they are regardless of their flaws. i really respect them. they’re just amazing and surprisingly profound. now i’m proud to say i’m a solidified A+ forever and always!youtube: hayakatsu
    twitter: naninoona
    facebook: Hanani Azransubscribed, followed and liked. i hope i win the MBLAQ CD!!

    5 years ago
  196. i definitely fell for mblaq once i saw them on idol army~! they were just so funny and i just love it when they have their own variety shows or they’re guests on other shows ;u; any show with mblaq in it is definitely a must-watch! their music also made me love them even more since they usually have unique and catchy and their albums always have a variety of different songs~!


    5 years ago
  197. OHAI!  I fell in love with MBLAQ when Lee Joon’s face first eclipsed the surface of the interwebs in Oh Yeah, dyed orangey brown locks flowing above his glorious naughty-boy smirk. “Yeah. Amigos. Hah.” DIDN’T CARE that he didn’t really speak Spanish. Not at all. That boy in all of his rippling six-pack wonder made me turn away from 2NE1 and Big Bang for a wee moment. His awesome dancing mixed with his crazy personality-like splitting his pants in the crotch area when dancing to Push Push on Star Golden Bell-and strong vocals made me take an interest in the group as a whole.From Ripped Umbrella on Youtube

    <3 you guys & Spudster

    5 years ago
  198. I’m not looking to enter the contest, but I do want to say that the moment I fell in love with them was after this interview. Seriously! I’ve liked MBLAQ for a while, but this interview just makes them more awesome. Awesome job guys! And great beginning :D 

    5 years ago
  199. MBLAQ caught my eye the first time because of G.O. I had never seen a kpop idol with facial hair and he reminded me of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. And I LURVE Johnny Depp. Then i began to see them on variety shows and Joon’s crazy personality and just overall awkwardness pulled me in and made me want to listen to their music. Mir’s rapping and G.O’s voice has made me stay all this time lol

    5 years ago
  200. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! the candy bar falling/cry dance was tooo funny. It had me rolling. Too clever

    5 years ago
  201. MBLAQ was one of the first Korean bands that I listened to and I just love them all to pieces, especially Joon :) I fell in love with them because I love the details and acting that they put into their music videos, especially This Is War. It had a very real feel to it and I wasn’t expecting there to be that much blood since not a lot of KPOP groups go for that kind of theme but overall I really liked it. I felt like I was watching a mini movie and I just love how the plot really tied into the song. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that noticed but their outfits while they’re dancing reminded me of Darth Vader, I know its a rather serious song but after I saw that I just couldn’t un-see it :D all they were missing was the mask and the cape! The details in Mona Lisa were very good too and the setting reminded me so much of Fast And The Furious with all the cars and the gas station even though a bit of music video didn’t make that much since.

    YouTube: MsSilentPianist

    5 years ago
  202. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw them on Shin PD. They did a lot of games and they were just so charismatic and sweet. They had fun and I loved Mir’s antics and all of their laughs. I had known them through the video Mona Lisa but wasn’t sure if I liked them completely yet. I needed to know they’re personalities. When I saw them acting goofy, I just couldn’t help but fall in love with them. I loved them even more in Hello Baby! They were all such caring oppas to the kids! Charismatic and approachable, MBLAQ really is a group to be admired! MBLAQ FIGHTING!

    5 years ago
  203. Kat

    I actually first fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched an interview when they were in Brazil. They seemed so honest, hilarious and I liked their personalities, not to mention they were all super good looking! And so I was hooked, with their catchy beats, sexy f.a.r.t.ing, crotch rubbing, how could i say no? To this day I still have not been able to escape from MBLAQ’s grasp.

    -Youtube Username: Kenaz734

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  205. I admit, I didn’t follow MBLAQ throughout the years they debuted because I thought they were just any other kpop groups, so I didn’t pay much attention to them. I would occasionally hear their early songs, ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Y,’ but never bothered to really look at their music videos and promotions. Until I watched their Mona Lisa performances, I began to fall in love with the group when they continuously smiled towards the camera and the fangirling me just kept replaying & shrieking. When I found out about the KPOP Masters Billboard concert in Las Vegas, I just died and came back to life in order to enter the little VIP ticket giveaway they held with the objective to gain the most likes on a picture/ video. In the end, I only collected about 200 or so likes, which was nothing compared to the ones with 1000+ likes. Luckily enough though, my mom was able to grab a few free tickets for me with nice seats. At the concert, I cheered and sang along to the English lyrics since I can’t understand any Korean words. I wish MBLAQ the best of the best and continue to create great music and give us all A+’s plenty of laughter with their dorky selves. MBLAQ HWAITINGGGG!! <33

    ~ YouTube: PandorazDomo

    5 years ago
  206. I wouldn’t say that there wasn’t a specific moment that I fell in love with MBLAQ, it’s more as though my perception of them gradually changed drastically over time. To be honest, before I became an A+, I thought that they were simply yet another chic and cookie-cutter kpop boy group out there – nothing special, nothing extraordinary. Just another normal boy group, like the many hundreds out there.

    It wasn’t until one day, when I was randomly flipping through youtube videos, when I stumbled across an episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Army. Being bored and having nothing to watch, I thought: Hey, why not give them a try? And ever I starting watching the first episode, I couldn’t stop. Their plain dorkiness, their natural flair for variety, their love for fun, as well as their pabo-ness that made them adorable and funny that the same time, was just too addictive. I found myself searching through youtube videos every single day after that, wanting more MBLAQ shows. I really just couldn’t get enough of these boys.

    And then came “It’s War” promotions. I saw the seriousness, the charisma and the pure talent these boys exhibited, as opposed to the dorky, pabo-like image they often put up in their variety shows, and then I realized that these boys were deeper than they had previously seemed. Even though they had the name of Rain on their backs, they didn’t take it for granted, but rather, they worked even harder to prove themselves. Their down-to-earth attitude is what I admire them the most for – how they always continuously strive to improve, and how they always remain such real and open idols. They are never afraid to bare their true self to their fans (both metaphorically and literally hehe ;D), as opposed to how most other groups out there who fear of spoiling their image. I, and I believe every other A+ agrees with me on this, really appreciate it as it makes them feel more real, more reachable, more like friends.

    I hope you don’t mind my long answer, but really, my respect for these 5 boys cannot be simply expressed in a few words. 

    YT username: hkdramaaddict

    5 years ago
  207. Wow Martina! you sure had the guts to ROFL in front of MBLAQ! Seriously, you’re as cool as they are for me! (Now, now Simon, you’re cool too.. But you should do more crazy stuff once in a while) =D

    5 years ago
  208. my username on youtube is : motaharehbf
    At first i didnt even know them well but now i am IN LOVE <33333
    pretty much when in idol army, sesame player, running man and hello baby i watched them i fellz in love <333

    5 years ago
  209. I fell im love with MBLAQ with thier “Cry” MV. I love that song and then they later amazed me with thier “It’s War” MV and song! I love MBLAQ, not only for their music, but for their personalities. They are very hard working and the have been through alot, having to compete with other boy idol groups that are way younger then them, but beating them in contests all the time. MBLAQ doesn’t get the recogniton that they deserve. They have been through alot and it is so amazing that they haven’t given up!
    I have watched alot of variety shows and interviews with MBLAQ and you fell like you get to know their personalities. They are all great guys that continue to persue their dreams and are doing great! I really like MBLAQ, but I also really admire their hard working attitude and perseverance.
    MBLAQ, I will always give you my support and will always pray for your waiting success!

    5 years ago
  210. My usernmae on Youtube is: IloveMalfoyandCena

    I fell in love with MBLAQ because they always tried their hardest. They wouldn’t win awards but they would still work their butts off. Thier songs are some of the catchiest and yet they just now started winning awards. Alsothey aren’t afraid to be themselves. They are dorky and embarrassing and yet they just go with it. They each are unique and don’t try to be perfect beasts. Not all of them have fantastics bodies and yet they are proud of what they have. And they don’t whine about the hard conditions they just do what they have to do for the fans. We love them and they know this . They have one of the best relationships with their fanclub . the honestly love us and it shines through in all that they do.

    I even remember when I first found out about them. I’d seen Ninja Assassin and wanted to know more about those in the movie. I found MBLAQ and just knew Joon was my bias. I mean he’s gorgeous. But then I found Seasame Player and realized that they are all just a bunch of talented dorks and my love for them grew. I’ve come to love them all for having the courage to just be their heeling selves. From Seungho’s black eyes and electronic item love to Mir’s old looking Maknae title. They are just wonderful and I am truly just glad to be a fan.

    5 years ago
  211.  hey!! thank you so much for the awesome interviews!! they feel much more personal than the kinda standardized korean interviews I’ve seen with them so far ^^ hmmmm what made me fall in love with mblaq– honestly they were never really favs of mine, but a few months ago I went to the KMF music festival in LA and they also performed and were MINBLOWINGLY AMAZING!! totally convinced me to love them by their stage presence and performance alone ^^ and then at the very, very end, after the last stage with all the singers, lee joon suddenly shouted “I LOVE YOUUU!!” and then ran off the stage >.< officially an mblaq fangirl now hehehe <3

    5 years ago
  212. T 3 T poor guys jet lagged!
    i remember when i went to greece ( it was torcher ) so much tiredness
    huh…yet they managed to smile ^^

    5 years ago
  213. honestly this interview made me fall in love with MBLAQ, they’re so sweet and friendly. It’s really nice to know that they can take a joke and don’t get bothered by being made fun of :)
    Youtube username: Judithlebreuilly

    5 years ago
  214. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw the Y MV.  Ever since then I have been a die hard A+ fan.  MBLAQ FOREVER!!  I seen MBLAQ twice in concert here in the States, and because of them, my dance crew and I are planning on auditioning for J.Tune Camp next year.  사랑해 MBLAQ!!

    5 years ago
  215. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was when i first saw ‘Y’. It was the time that it first came out, and they just debuted. Watching the music video, I became a bit Lee Joon biased.( can’t blame me, they’re’s probably a billion girls that became biased towards him after the shower scene) but during their promotions for ‘Cry’ my eyes, and my bias feels, felt for the sexy vocals of MBLAQ: G.O. ( I was confused at this point, because i also felt for sexy charasmatic Seungho) and at different promotions and reality shows, it was really hard to pick between all of them, especially during the “Hello Baby” season, With all of them being the best fathers and seeing them interact with children, My bias list blew up and i came to a conclusion: You can’t have one bias in MBLAQ. I never really had a point where i just fell in love with them, because even through now, everything they do makes me fall in love everyday. Even though it’s hard that they’ll always be in south korea and at some point visit the states (1 state away from me), it’s hard for an A+ like me that has no money, to support them and watch them. Winning this album might be the closest thing i get to supporting them. 

    A+ fighting!
    MBLAQ fighting! Youtube: rawritspriscillaTwitter: priscillaslegit

    5 years ago
  216.      I want to say that I fell in love with MBLAQ the moment they debuted, but that would be a lie. I wasn’t into kpop until B2ST debuted; which isn’t even THAT much of a time frame, merely 2-3 days apart~ Of course when you “discover” something new like kpop/B2ST, you want to do all the research you possibly can! :) Although B2ST was a HUGE part in my love for kpop, I also took time to look and acknowledge other groups that debuted around their time; like SECRET & MBLAQ! I was really amazed at how talented and wonderful both groups were, so I started looking for some variety shows they might’ve been on. MBLAQ’s Idol Army TOTALLY caught my attention! It was incredibly funny and really memorable; I admired the members for being true to themselves and also controlling their emotions! :)  

         Although I always like to have my iPod updated, hence meaning having to delete some songs here and there; I’VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DELETE ANY MBLAQ SONGS! I just CAN’T do it. My fingers will slide over the song and slide back over it; it’s really impossible for me to remove their songs! MBLAQ’s musical creativity and skills are always improving; from their debut with “Oh Yeah” to their most recent comeback “This Is War”, they’ve pushed themselves to the max and are always striving to be better! They have undeniable determination and tough endurance! I’M SO PROUD TO BE AN A+! ;~~~~~~~~; 

         I also love how they are REALLY GOOD friends with B2ST! MBLEAST is a really strong friendship bond that I hope never goes away! They both have the 91-line maknaes {Mir & Dongwoon}, the muscle babos {Joon & Gikwang}, the visual maknaes {Thunder & Yoseob}, the group appas {G.O. & Doojoon}, the anyang boys {Seungho & Junhyung}, and the pretty boys {Joon & Hyunseung}! THEY’RE PERFECT!<3 =LOOL, no one will notice I used Joon twice=  

         SOO, I guess the moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was when I realized I can’t go 2 days without hearing or seeing their amazing smiles and laughs! Which is when I’m watching their variety shows! >___< MBLAQ HWAITING! B2ST HWAITING! SIMON & MARTINA HWAITING! 

    Twitter – shiningbeasts
    Youtube – b2stlybeasts
    Facebook – Jessica Olivares

    5 years ago
  217. Awesome interview :D The intro was epic, Martina XD And thank you, Simon, for making MBLAQ speak in Polish!!! I love you guys <3
    I fell in love with MBLAQ since "Oh Yeah" :D I thought this was a really good debut. The song, the dance and their image were powerful! I liked the fact that they didn't start their career with the image of super cute & colorful boyband, but started with a more manly image :D Well, having Rain as a mentor obliges. XD I had high expectations of them since then and they didn't disappoint me :D They impressed me with every song, dance and video and on variety shows they showed how awesome and funny they are :D So my love for them only gets stronger and stronger. :)

    Youtube username: Viacia

    5 years ago
  218. The moment I heard their voices…. sorkai2 is my youtube.

    5 years ago
  219. awe ,  good job guys , you guys did really good for preparing and stuff  . i wouldve been so nervous if i were to interview them :P i really liked how you guys interacted with the idols, like saying how simon doesnt like ageyo, and how martina’s a twilight fan, etc :)

    it was AMAZING , (Y) ~ xoxo

    5 years ago
  220. Hello!
    I started to watch a show where Joon was a regular guest and he showed the dance to Stay. That’s when I decided to give a try to their songs and I liked them. When I find something that I like I have to pretty much watch everything that is on the internet. I guess after I saw some shows they were in I couldn’t help but to like them… a lot.I guess their adorkable personalities made me like them…. and Seungho’s fondness for gadgets.
    My youtube username is: aeerdna2410

    5 years ago
  221. What made me fell in love of mblaq? I believe that it is that always during hard moments they have been the first group that with their music, their beautiful songs,  their awesome dances and  mostly their adorable, dorky, hardworking personalities have  made begin to experience  feelings that have made me happy up to a point  I think that I know them haha. I think that the simple fact  that there are persons as wonderful as mblaq, that though they’re tired  or sad  they still continue to smile :)  is worth admiring and of making myself to fall in love with them. I am really really proud  A+ :D
    Sorry for my english ;)

    Youtube name: misslulu97ft

    5 years ago
  222.  Hi Simon and Martina! ^W^
    We are two sisters, Valeria and Silvia, from Italy!
    (Sorry if our english is not that good ^^”)
    We have seen/heard MBLAQ for the fisrt time back in 2010, the video was “Oh yeah”.
    Well… honestly, at first we were like “OMG WHAT’S THIS?!”  “WHAT ARE THEY WEARING?!” “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS GUYS?!?!” “NO, STOP IT. I CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE.”
    And yeah, at that time we had never heard about Kpop because here in Italy is not so famous.. (and we were kind of shocked LOL X°°)
    Just for joking, the next days we continued to watch their videos, but at our eyes they were no longer so “shocking”! And our comments were “Oh, that guy is not so bad..” “This song is catchy..”
    That’s what happened 2 years ago.. If you are asking to yourselves what are our reactions now that 2 yeard passed by.. well..
    We are grateful to MBLAQ beacuse they introduced us to the Kpop world and we were able to know more groups and idols! ^^

    Obviously, we would like to win the CD not only because it’s hard to find Kpop CD’s here in Europe, but also because they are our “first Kpop Love” and we’ll never forget this!

    Thank you,
    Valeria and Silvia!

    Youtube Username: SibyFlake

    p.s. we LOVE your videos! :)

    5 years ago
  223. Sorry for my terrible english!!!!!!
    In MBLAQ fell in love at first sight. I’ve never listened to Kpop. Only this team opened my eyes. The first song I heard was “This is war.” I literally cried watching the video! Since then I’ve become the one of the largest and most loyal fans. MBLAQ loved not only because of their imiejętności and look ^ ^, but why not go for nothing. They are honest and Tune, świtnie get along. This is one of the best bands I’ve ever seen and “heard” ;-)

    W MBLAQ zakochałam się od pierwszego wejrzenia. Nigdy wcześniej nie słuchałam kpop. Dopiero ten zespół otworzył mi oczy. Pierwszą piosenką jaką usłyszałam było “This is war”. Dosłownie płakałam  oglądając teledysk!! Od tej pory stałam się ich jedną z największych i najwierniejszych fanek. Pokochałam MBLAQ nie tylko ze względu na ich imiejętności i wygląd^^, ale dlatego ponieważ   nic nie udają. Są szczerzy i zgrani, świtnie się dogadują. To jeden z najlepszych zespołów jaki widziałam i “słyszałam” ;-)

    5 years ago
  224. I fell in love with MBLAQ the moment I heard Mona Lisa. You won’t even believe how many times I listened to that song, and obsessed over Lee Joon, and then saw your Music Monday on it, and BUGRIEJF. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG. I especially loved Thunder’s random man-skirt :DD The beat was so great and catchy, and to me it was such a dramatic moment. -Music plays, I stop what I’m doing, HEAVEN-

    Even when they stopped promoting Mona Lisa, I kept listening to it and having awkward dance parties in my room by myself with that song. Eventually I moved on to watch Sesame Player, and DIED. THUNDER’S LAUGH <3 It turns out that they were really different from performing, and they were really sweet and bromantic, and hilarious offstage. I LOVED THAT. I proceeded to watch more Variety Shows, and be a creep, then to watch Hello Baby, and they even made me cry the last episode. That showed me I really could connect with them.

    So I definitely fell in love with them as soon as I heard their singing and saw their dancing, and found out what dorks they can be offstage. I love that they really are guys, and weirdos, and they can still show their awkward fatherly sides <3 They really are Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality :33 [disregard the engrish, lololol]

    My Youtube username is IThinkILikeStuff :DD

    5 years ago
  225. i love that MBLAQ starting watching an Oh My School or 100 Points out of 100  video which Lee Joon was a regular on. hahaha. 

    5 years ago
  226. I am sosososo sad that we didn’t get to hear Mir say, “Waffur.” Hahaha. But it was a great interview! The skit was really cute~

    5 years ago
  227. When I fell in love with mblaq was at the time when I was still new to kpop so I didn’t them but when I Hurd their songs it touched my heart and I couldn’t stop listening to them not only their song but they really inspired me their character is honest fun and all going they will ruin their image for the fans that’s how sweet they are. There may act childish at times but are honest and serious when comes to work which I liked, they are also very mature and sweet 
    I can go on for long saying how I fell in love with them. I havent met them yet but hopefully in the future I can.
    Thankyou xtwitter;- Honey_anjell
    facebook;- honey anjell

    5 years ago
  228. oh so…. you guise didn’t ask MIR to say waffle… oh well :(

    5 years ago
  229. the best part of the video for me is when they send a message for his fans. When Mir talks in chinese and the rest laugh, it was funny…. but the best part is when Joon say: “Health is the most important thing. The flu in the summer is going arround, so be careful, and always be happy…. and take showers often”…. it was realy realy funny!! I love this boys!!!! MBLAQ are amazing!!! and I loves Joon!!!

    Yotube: jennyanjella
    Twitter:[email protected]_N_JELL_A:disqus 
    Facebook: Jenny Anjella

    Thank you!!!!

    a spanish follower!!

    5 years ago
  230. my obsession with mblaq started at the inception of their group, but deepened with this is war (omg so dramatic but soooo goooooddd). I mean, loving all of mblaq’s song is practically a given if you’re an A+ :) 
    Later on, i was introduced to mblaq’s variety shows which made me fall in love with them more. Those variety shows pointed out to me that they are honestly regular people at times and just like to have fun, like anyone would!! Mir’s engrish was HILARIOUS! it kept me laughing for hours! All their multiplication skills were really amusing too! especially how they kept losing their food and mir’s reaction (gotta love mir <3)  and their games are the best! the rock paper scissors one and michael jackson one. I once spent a full two days just watching mblaq videos instead of homework!
    essentially, mblaq is soooooooooooooooooo cute (all the members are ADORABLE!), talented, and down to earth. LOVE THEM! <3 

    5 years ago
  231. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was the fact that they are NOT AFRAID TO BE REAL. They are NOT AFRAID to be laughed at. They are NOT AFRAID to be called “babo” or “village idiots”. They DO NOT PUT UP AN “IDOL ACT” just to impress people. They are VERY REAL and VERY PASSIONATE about their music. Just as long as they are staying true to their music, that is all that matters to them. They are one of the few groups who do not only have PRETTY FACES, but also PURE TALENT. They are one of the few groups who can actually sing a note without have to be autotuned. The fact that they are a group with talent to go along with their pretty faces says a lot, especially nowadays where the industry has changed its focus from talent to just looks or if the group is “sell-able” As for MBLAQ, not only do they have the looks and the talent, they also strive to share their talent with all of their fans. That’s what made me fall in love with MBLAQ- THEY ARE TRUE, REAL HUMAN BEINGS WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE- 5 CRAZY SMALL TOWN BOYS WHO HAD BIG DREAMS TO SHARE TO ALL THE A+s ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    Youtube Username: dreamergirlfatale

    5 years ago
  232. Mia

    It really is, I was so happy when I heard they were coming to Australia, but so devastated when it was just Sydney.

    And thank you ^^ I appreciate it (:

    5 years ago
    •  I live in rural victoria, and was SERIOUSLY devestated when they didnt even come to melbourne. AUSTRALIA FIGHTING!

      5 years ago
  233. I’m relieved that G.O isn’t planning on growing a mustache again…and, hahah, does Seungho only want to get married to get kids…? That’s…not really a good reason, is it?

    5 years ago
  234. Hey! I hope that you’re doing great! :)

    (Wow, it’s the first time I’m writing here..) I just wanted to say that I’m also from Canada, and really, I’m so proud of you!! You’ve reached a high level of quality with your work for a lot of time, and you’re really good.I’m not that into the Korean culture but you made me love Korean music with your videos and it’s always a pleasure to see some of your videos each week!Have a really nice continuation because you’re really great! Much success for both of you :)

    5 years ago
  235. The moment that made me fall in love for MBLAQ was their silly but lovely personalities in MBC Idol Army in its first episode in the speed quiz… I had never seen an idol group so human so natural. An other moment probably Seungho’s black clouds in that program hehehe…
    Twitter: chukiestar27
    Youtube: chukiestar27

    Please say hi to Spudgy!!

    5 years ago
  236. I WOULD SAY THE RIGHT FROM DEBUT I LOVED MBLAQ! Watching Lee Joon in Ninja Assassin i was like OMG K-POP IDOL IN A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE! (i know rain was in it too but yeah)  Also The moment when Lee Joon lifted his shirt in OH YEAH I WAS DROOLING AND ROLLING ALL OVER THE FLOOR! HIS SEXY HOT PERFECT MAN ABS!!  lol enough about Lee Joon, THE MOMENT(S) I FELL IN LOVE WITH MBLAQ WOULD BE WATCHING THEM ON DIFFERENT VARIETY SHOWS! I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM COMPLETELY!!!! They’re so funny and crazy! The first show i watched was Idol Army!! GOD RIGHT FORM THE BEGINNING AS THEY WERE ENTERING THEY’RE SO FUNNY! I LOVE THEM! When ever i’m having a bad/sad day they’d always cheer me up! They make all the A+’s proud and feel loved!!!! THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY MOMENTS TO CHOOSE FROM! Every time they’re on a new show or release a new MV/Album i just keeping falling in love with them over and over and over again!!! It’s a never ending cycle! 

    5 years ago
  237. I’m so proud of you S&M u did the k-poper dream c’: 
    i wish you the best of luck n.n 
    -hug- ♥ ~ 

    5 years ago
  238. Im SO in love with MBLAQ! here is the story …. im a huge fan of 2ne1 and Sandara Park, so i googled her and i found out that she had a brother on a group called MBLAQ ! so i searched for them and i saw OH YEAH MV ! i fell in love with them there !  like love at first sight n.n i loved Joon and Thunder back then xD (Now im a Seungho lover !) so that’s it, now im a truly dedicated A+ who sees everything that they do! MBLAQ FIGHTING
    lots of love Simon and Martina!
     Maya from Argentina ! 

    5 years ago
  239. last year MBLAQ came to Brazil, as you know, but I could not see them. I was really sad, especially because it was my birthday. then I was looking for all that were posting about them, I waited fancams and tweets all day and I found lots of information about how they were cute and attentive all the time!! I loved to see them in the house of a fan, were actually engaged in approaching people who admire them a lot. then, after the coming of MBLAQ to Brazil, they are no longer just a kpop group for me, they took a huge place in my heart and in my bias list ^^

    5 years ago
  240. I first started to like MBLAQ when i first saw the Y music video and have been following them ever since, but I don’t think it was until This is War and their season of Hello Baby that i truly fell in love with them. I got to know who they actually were as individuals rather than just idols and found that they are really nice people. ^.^ Every one of them has their own unique personalities and styles and i could tell that they really did care about those kids. When Joon cried, I cried.<3 MBLAQ

    also, you should give one of the CDs to a fellow Canadian. *coughMEcough* CANADA REPRESENT!

    YT: hautdog11

    5 years ago
  241. Wow… I fell in love since the pre debut hehe in Rain’s concert…. I love their personalities and everything on them. Like.. since the begining watch every performance and every single varieties programs so, i really like the good mood they have cause they are like really honest and always says what they really think, they are like kid, always playing around and making other people happy, that’s why i love them… just watch them laugh or play or do something crazy, makes me laugh and makes me fell like I’m part of every moment in their life. they makes us fell like we really are part of a huge family with them, so some times I fell like we’re really closes friends for every thing that they say to know more about them…. I really love them for thir kind and sweet and amazing personalities cause they’re really nice andeach one has the own personalities that makes us fall in love without a prototype of an Idol… cause they’re really act like they are
     So that’s why I love them :3
    My username is NifelheimLand n.n

    5 years ago
  242. my brother wanted a sistar cd but thanks to him he ok with me going for an mblaq cd

    5 years ago
  243. last year MBLAQ came to Brazil, as you know, but I could not see them. I was really sad, especially because it was my birthday. then I was looking for all that were posting about them, I waited fancams and tweets all day and I found lots of information about how they were cute and attentive all the time!! I loved to see them in the house of a fan, were actually engaged in approaching people who admire them a lot. then, after the coming of MBLAQ to Brazil, they are no longer just a kpop group for me, they took a huge place in my heart and in my bias list ^^

    5 years ago
  244. Oh woow! i’ll tell you when i fell for MBLAQ it was the moment they made their debut. I’m Mexican. so the moment I heard the “amigos” part they stole my heart!!
    I mean I was new at kpop so I felt like they were meant to be my favorite group, after that I saw them in stages and saw their passion i couldn’t stop searching videos of them on the internet *-*. Plus they are so easy going and sweet i mean i never met them in person i hope one day I will, but in every interview they make me feel like i know them for years ^^. 
    Soo I hope I win the CD if not it was a pleasure sharing my love for them to you
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english :D(don’t kill me please *joking*) . Love you guys!!! keep making awesome videos ^^ 

    YT: NewSai21
    (YouTube didn’t let me put all of it so i’ll put here the extended version and the short version on the youtube video. is that ok?)

    5 years ago
  245. I fell in love with MBLAQ after learning that Lee Joon suffers from bipolar disorder but still manages to work as hard as he can in being an idol, it makes me deeply touched especially since I have a lot of loved ones sufferring from this disorder, and it brings a lot of hope that the disorder doesn’t have to be what stops you from doing what you love.

    YT Username: KPopManiacSFL 

    5 years ago
  246. First of all, thank you so much Simon and Martina for interviewing MBLAQ! I went to see them at the airport when they arrived in San Francisco that day and was so excited, but later I realized that they had such a long flight and were probably super exhausted (MBLAQ I’m sorry for bothering you!). Looking at this video, the jet-lag is very apparent. ; n ; But I still enjoyed it very much!

    What made me fall for MBLAQ: Honestly, it was Cheondung/Thunder who really caught my eye in their Oh Yeah MV. After I listened to more of their songs and watched as many variety shows I could find that they appeared in, I gradually started loving them all (but Cheondung is still my favorite!). MBLAQ is so unique – their hilarious and honest personalities make them stand out from every other group. They’re very caring of their fans and each other, but the thing that really gets everyone is how “real” and “down to earth” they are.

    MBLAQ is my favorite group! There’s no second or third place for anyone else in my heart. Cheondung, Seungho, Mir, G.O, Joon, saranghamnida! I hear you’re coming to the U.S. again this year? I hope to see you all again! Until then, please continue to work hard and take good care of yourselves and each other! Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality need quality food and sleep! Annyeong! ❤

    MBLAQ, A+, That’s Right! EXPECT THU┌┘DER!

    YT: AngelaSimple

    5 years ago
  247. The moment i fell in love with MBLAQ was when they was on Hello Baby It showed there real character 

    5 years ago
  248. I heard a lot of MBLAQ and then one day I accidentally heard their MV This is war and they just called my attention. I loved the song the orchestra everything and couldn’t stop listening to it. I looked at much more songs from their debut days to now. Then after looking at interviews, sesame player and many more shows they were featured in I fell in love with them! They are fantastic and talented and hilarious. I love how they are with each other, make fun of each other and then bro moments it’s fantastic. I love their performances they get into the music and dance amazing! I noticed their smirks when they dance and sing and ir melts my heart <3 . 

    YT: Pandabearmelmel 
    Twitter:[email protected]
    Facebook: Melanie Mares 

    5 years ago
  249. when martina dropped her chocolate bar i paused the video xD i don’t tjink i can see it xD it’s soooo embarrassing 

    5 years ago
  250. I fell in love the first time I watched Oh Yeah. That was the first music video of their’s I saw and I was blown away!!! It was really catchy and what girl wouldn’t fall for Joon after seeing his amazing smile and that one part where he lifts up his already see-through shirt!!! I am completely in love with him!!! Just look my picture for facebook! And also I fell in love with their personalities when I watched their Hello Baby. I can definitely relate to Joon and Mir because I am definitely still like a kid even though I’m a senior in high school. MBLAQ fighting!!!
    Youtube: lamune132
    Twitter: lamune132
    Facebook: Misa Adams

    5 years ago
  251. Sorry for my English!!!!
    I’ve never listened to Kpop. I saw the song MBLAQ (This is war) on one blog. I immediately fell in love with this song! I cried at the video. And so I became one of the most loyal fans MBLAQ. Now I try to bring them any new album, but not always I can afford it, because I live in Poland.

    Nigdy wcześniej nie słuchałam kpop. Zobaczyłam piosenkę MBLAQ (This is war) na jednym blogu. Od razu się zakochałam w tej piosence!!! Płakałam przy teledysku. I tak stałam się jedną z najwierniejszych fanek MBLAQ. Teraz staram się sprowadzać każdą ich najnowszą płytę, ale nie zawsze mnie na to stać, ponieważ mieszkam w Polsce.

    5 years ago
  252. I fell in love with mblaq because i was obsessed with variety shows. In many variety shows i watched , Lee Joon (of mblaq) was in it. So i thought to myself, this guy must be well-known. I quickly went to do my research on mblaq. What really caught me mblaq’s shows. Which mainly starred only them. I fell for their personalities, dorky-ness and almost everything about them. To me, they were so perfect. I couldn’t stop researching them, until no more could be done. So the main point is : Variety shows -> Lee Joon -> Mblaq -> Mblaq’s personality and dorky-ness -> me <3 them. I also know their background, and how hard they work so i really appreciate their efforts being put in and not to take them for granted. I always wish mblaq gets credit for everything they do. I want people to notice them more. :)

    5 years ago
  253. I fell in love with them when I watched Hello Baby. They showed a different side of them which I rarely see and as I got to know more about them, I was hooked. I also enjoy listening to their songs such as ‘Cry’. It’s a really good song and I even love the choreography for that song. Such things like that makes me admire them more.
    username : tinkletwinklelittles

    5 years ago
  254. i first saw mblaq when i was watching rains concert when they sang at first i just thought they were like any other idol but then i saw an interview by accident that had mblaq and they made me laugh the whole time slowly i started to get addicted to listening to their music and once they were having a concert in my country but my parents wouldn’t let me go and slowly i started to think that these people are so far away from me and ill never be able to ever interact with them i once even thought that they weren’t real and even though i would think these thoughts i cant spend an hour without listening to a song by mblaq and the have also cheered me up when i was sad. if i was able to win i would never ask for anything ever again 
    – a die hard A+

    5 years ago
  255. @feariekelly:disqus  twitter and feariekelly youtube
    The moment that i fell in love with them was when they were on a variety show called Idol Army i thought they were dorky and adorable. it made me mad when fans of other groups were comparing and bashing on MBLAQ, and i and many other A+ stood up for them in a rational and civil manner. Every Mblaq song that they have released from Oh Yeah, Y, Cry, Stay, Mona Lisa to It’s War, up onto Run, I have all enjoyed. I will always stand behind Mblaq, because to me they will always be #1.

    5 years ago
  256. The moment I realized “How did I go this long without hearing MBLAQ?”
    The first song I heard was ‘Why’ and it was awsome but, when I was watching ‘It’s War’ and he curved the bullet was when I fell in love..
    I listen to thier music when I’m angry and it helps me calm down.
    I just dont think I can imagine not listening to thier music now that I found it..

    P.S. They’re also cute, talented guys dancing and singing to what fells like olny you..what’s not to love?

    -hannahworkman003- is my youtube name.
    -Hannah Workman- is my facebook name.
    I’m not sure if this is the contest tread for the facebook..?

    5 years ago
  257. The moment I feel in love with MBLAQ… when they showed how adorkable they are… dork is the new sexy LOL at least for me <3<3<3<3<3

    5 years ago
  258. I fell in love with MBLAQ after watching Mir’s, girl band, dance against Key on Idol maknae rebellion

    5 years ago
  259. I think there was no exactly THE moment when I fell in love
    with MBLAQ. It started off when I was with my sister; we watched Hello Baby
    Season 2 featuring SHINEe then she told me that MBLAQ have already started
    filming Hello Baby S5. I kinda refused watching it because I was a Batoost (B2ST)
    fan back then and I thought that they were rivals, B2ST vs MBLAQ? I would’ve
    gone for Beast. After that whole scene, my sister insisted on watching it
    alone. I heard her laugh so much like she was literally LOL-ing and I kind of
    got curious and jealous so I watched it with her. By the time that we were half
    through with it, it clicked me; I’m already falling in love with MBLAQ. They
    were on my mind like, all day and I even think about them before I slept (up
    until now XD) I think what made me fall in love with them is their smile, their
    humility, sincerity and honesty in their work, during filming and interviews.
    They never wore masks, hiding their true colors on camera instead they show
    their true selves except of course when they’re performing on stage which is
    like an exception. I now have all their songs in my hand phone, I don’t have
    the money to buy their cds online cause I’m still a student entering college. There
    are only few stores here in the Philippines that sell Korean albums and I haven’t
    had any opportunity to buy them. So I’d like to thank you if every you’d choose
    me cause it means the whole world to me. Even if you won’t choose me, I’d like
    to thank you for giving us fans the opportunity and chance to even watch MBLAQ
    and other Korean Idols, and a chance to have an album. With that, thank you
    again. More power! God Bless! Take care always! Love from Rachel, Philippines. :)

    5 years ago
  260. first, i fell in love with mblaq when i saw their music video : Cry.

    it really catch my eyes;their performance on the music video, and also
    when i heard Oh Yeah for the first time, i love Thunder’s rap part in
    this song.
    that what makes me love MBLAQ till now ♥

    5 years ago
  261. the reason i fell in love with mblaq is because at the begining of the school tear at my school we had Korean foreign exchange students and i had no way to relate to them so i went on youtube and looked up top 10 boy bands of 2011 and they were in the top 3 their song y was the song featured in the video and i really liked it and wrote the band name and song down i looked up the music video and song and fell in love with my first K-POP band ever i found all of their songs on youtube and for about 6 month would talk almost alaways about mblaq i even put their band name in my email adress and their accatually the reason i found eatyourkimchi.com because i was watching one of their videos and i went up to the top 100 videos by mblaq and at that time your review on mblaq’s cry was at #6 and i watched it and you guys cracked me up and thats how i found you guys and from there on not only have i loved mblaq but alot of other bands too like SHINee B1A4 Super Junior U-Kiss and many more so mblaq has caused me to absolutly fall inb love with K-POP and also your videos so thank you simon and martina

    5 years ago
  262. the first time i fell in love with them was when i saw Lee Joon for the first time then i had to know what kinda music they made so i heard the son ‘Y’ and it was AMAZING! and then i was even more in love with them !

    5 years ago
  263. Well I recently got into Kpop like 10 months ago and while searching on youtube and clicking I found their Mona Lisa MV and I was like I like this group. I started to watch their variety shows and I loved their Idol Army season and Sesame Player. I fell in love with these boys then, especially pabo Lee Joon <3 They had this side to them that seemed totally real and not fake and I loved how they weren't afraid to show their real selves to all their fans. Now they are always on my favorites playlist on my iPod Which is significant because the songs in that playlist have a listening life of about a month, 2 months if it's especially good, but all of MBLAQ's songs have always been on that playlist since I discovered.  <3 <3

    Youtube Username: Witchgirl289

    5 years ago
  264. I fell in love everytime when they’re performing, because they’re talented and always they try their best for make us happy with their music. ^^
    (Sorry for my bad english) |:+Youtube: 0o0supergirl0o0+Twitter:[email protected]_94:disqus 
    +Facebook: Diana Sofía Valdivia

    5 years ago
  265. Ah…I remember like it was yesterday when I fell in love with MBLAQ. It was when I was in Korea for a visit and met saw them at their debut showcase!

    Youtube username: evan1enemy

    5 years ago
  266. Hey Simon and Martina, I would like to translate what Cheondoong (Thunder) said to English so that all the people who would watch your vid will be able to understand what he said. So here it goes,
    I love you. (Mahal ko kayo)
    I love the (Mahal ko ang) [I think he made a mistake here. He cut off the sentence.]
    I miss all the friends that I have in the Philippines. (Miss ko ang lahat ng kaibigan ko sa Pilipinas)
    I love you all. (Mahal ko kayong lahat)
    I’m Filipino by the way. :) Hope it helped.

    5 years ago
  267. After watching Hello Baby S5. ♥ While promoting their It’s War comeback. I really like the tracklist of their latest album, especially the song “Beautiful”. I didn’t even know that I’m falling for them already. I can describe that moment as one of the happiest that ever happened in my fangirl life. I’m just glad that I’ve met 5 amazing, adorkable, and heart-melting guys. Even though I’m just a new A+, I really love them already! On-stage, on variety shows, behind the scenes, wherever; I really like it when they show their true selves. Their bond is one of a kind and they’re not “just another kpop boy group”. They have such charisma with them and overflowing talents. That’s why I’ll continue loving them. (・ωー)~☆ ♡ MBLAQ FTW!

    username in youtube: mellomellokazu

    5 years ago
  268. Poor MBLAQies were so tired :(  When Seungho told Chundoong to say it in English I was like, exactly!

    5 years ago
  269. Zandra Pasia (zhie0690) 
    what made you fall in love with MBLAQ :

    What made me fall for MBLAQ was their different charms. They were equally unique and they just oozed masculinity. Each of the Mblaq members had unique charms: Seung Ho, had an “oxymoronic“ responsible but mischievous leader image, G.O, had a masculine (from his beard) but totally feminine charms (he`s a good cook, i think) (G.O umma), Lee Joon had a Babo Handsome guy image (he`s quiet funny when he projects that babo image)(and it also helped that he looks similar to Bi, so plus points on just looking sexy as hell like Bi), Mir with his weird babyish aegyo and uber charisma in stage (ironic to see actually) and of course Cheondung for his cool, laid back image. It also doesn`t hurt that I`m Filipino and was charmed that he could speak some Tagalog phrases, it also helped that he`s Dara`s brother. Its a good thing I didn`t dismiss them as just another K-Pop group (trying to break free of the aegyo mold) that will be overshadowed by giant Groups like Suju, BB, TVXQ. (who had lots of originality) 

    I was also mesmerized with their music. They were one of the pioneers to mix more latin influences to their K-Pop songs. Their songs always had a kind of mysterious, sexy and uplifting vibe that really diverges from those disgustingly cute aegyo filled songs. So kudos to Mblaq! I`m actually really not the type to stick to just one K-pop group (except BB and Suju) but Mblaq has kept my interest every time they come up with new material. Awesome Job guys. 

    5 years ago
  270. Why did I fell in love with mblaq? Because they are doing an amazing job for their fans! They always work so hard for us and they never give up :) I think they have amazing personalities (well, what we can see on shows XD) and with Hello baby, I just melted :3 They are all so adorable ^^ MBLAQ has a unique style that no one can imitate :)
    youtube name: magikia02 ^^

    5 years ago
  271. oh poop….that other skit would have been awesome!!!!!!!! But i liked the interview…even though i dont listen to MBLAQ

    PS I googled them and the meaning of their name had me dying in laughter!! :()

    5 years ago
  272. This interview was awesome! I especially loved Martina’s acting in the ‘Cry’ skit.

    When you guys reviewed the ‘전쟁이야’ MV, I decided to check them out. I was so absorbed in the MV and the song…the moment I saw 승호’s tears, I came back to reality and found myself completely in love with them. ^_^ Before that, I had never watched their MVs or listened to their songs; I didn’t know anything about them. Now I’m always searching the interwebs and trying to learn more. Thanks Simon and Martina; I’m totally obsessed with MBLAQ!!

    It’s time for breakfast now, so I’m gonna eat some waffles with my little cousin…who also happens to be named Mir <3

    Twitter: @teknet00
    YouTube: teknet00

    5 years ago
  273. Youtube user name:  noangeleyes2

    It’s easy! Since I heard the first song and saw them performing on Rain’s stage. But I fall in love again and again, more and more every single time I see and hear them. How can you not love “the waffuuur”-Mir, “the mustache”-GO, “Seungho appa”, the”you shouldn’t do that”-Joon and “the face”-Thunder. They aren’t my addiction, they are my daily dose of smile.
    Martina, you didn’t ask Mir to do the warfuuuur thinghy…you said you will!

    5 years ago
  274. Wow! I never thought Thunder can still speak tagalog!! I’m a proud filipino and I’m proud of him and Mblaq!! This was nice! Thanks Simon and Martina~~~ :)

    5 years ago
  275. I fell in love with mblaq( specifically joon) with one of their first songs ” stay”!! I love that song and it never gets tiring! Plus I watched joon on many variety shows and I fell in love with his character!!Z

    5 years ago
  276. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was watching them on Sesame Player and seeing how big dorks they are. I love dorks! Also watching them do the ‘Multiplication Game’ made me more interested… Let’s just say I feel for anyone who doesn’t have the best math skill as I do, okay? This made me look more into their dramatic music videos, hilarious wardrobe, catchy awesome songs, and awesome dance moves which made me love them even more :) MBLAQ DORK LOVEEEE FIGHTING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

    Youtubez: nicollabal
    Tweeterz: @vanillaskiin
    Faaaaassbook: Nicol Labal

    5 years ago
  277. i fell in love with MBLAQ actually 2 years ago , and when i 1st saw their Debut song Oh Yeah in 2009 . and i have continued liking them so much .especially their song This Is WAr and Run ,2012 Comeback Stage

    5 years ago
  278. The moment that made me fall in love with MBLAQ… hmmm… I guess it wasn’t so much a single moment as it was a process. Or playlist. Take your pick! Hahahaha~

    I actually came across them properly whilst watching 2PM’s run on Idol Army. I knew they were like uber BFFs with Batoost (LOVE<3) and debut buddies, but I wasn't very familiar with their music or their personalities. Anyway I started on IA season 5.. and I liked MBLAQ alot (specially PandaHo) by the end of it. There was something distinctly un-idol about them, but they were unmistakably idols at the same time? Like, unashamedly male (???). Idk maybe it's just me.

    What really sealed the deal for me was Hello Baby. OH MA GAWD Hello Baby. They were so.. normal (aside from the mostly-present make up). <3 It was the little things they did/said, like in the first episode where G.O says "우와 지구는 하나네요" ("Wow the world is one place"… roughly) and NOT yelling at the kids when they woke them up in the morning that made me love them more and more.

    I guess the most defining moment was the last episode of Hello Baby. The entire series wasn't just a show, it wasn't just another schedule they had to do (although I guess you can't totally discount the show-biz factor).. they really, really grew close to the kids, and seeing them cry made me realise these 5 men were as human as I am. Under all those layers of "idol" and "celebrity", they were still them. <3

    I hope they never, ever lose that.

    Thanks so much Simon, Martina, for the doing this for us! Love you! :D

    5 years ago
  279. well since i didn’t know anything about mblaq when thay had their debut, i came to know about mblaq really late. I started to love mblaq after i had seen maknae rebellion, i thought Mir was an cutety and wanted to know who he was, i searched and found their mvs and loved them! Now i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM ALL!!! i told my friends about them and made them love mblaq too!!! 

    twitter: m3tt3m
    facebook: mette marie bisgaard nielsen 
    youtube: missnerdyfox

    5 years ago
  280. Youtube user: Livillys

    The moment that I fell in love with MBLAQ was while I was watching “Hello Baby”. I started with a random episode and that was it. I just loved all of them (although G.O is becoming my bias.. XP) and had to learn more about them and their music. I have to say I was a little surprise because I had listened to one or two of their songs but wasn’t really impressed by them. And the funny thing is that even today these songs are not my favorites ones.. anyway.. I guess I needed some time to let them grown up on me. And I’m really happy that that happened. They are really talented, sweet and deserve all the success. And I really wish that one day the come back to Brazil to make a concert ^^ Anyway.. You guise asked what made me fall in love with them? well, the answer is seeing them on a TV show were they had to take care of 3 little kids and face some tough situations… love is a funny thing isn’t?

    5 years ago

    The first time I saw MBLAQ
    was on Super Junior’s Miracle Show. They were described as chic or beastly-idols.
    Through the whole show they brought so much laughter and I was amazed at that.
    They also seemed really nice. Although this wasn’t the moment I fell in love
    with them I slowly began to show interest towards MBLAQ. The moment they became
    one of my favourite bands was in MBLAQ’s idol army. Their childish acts and
    humour had me hypnotised. And now the songs don’t disappoint me, I’m satisfied
    with the MV’s and their stage presence is insane. Also because we are foreign
    fans we have to wait for the moments in which someone uploads a video of our
    idols so we can get to know them better. So I really have to say that I actually
    don’t have this one moment which made me fall in love with them but that I continuously
    fall in love with them. Which means I fell in love right now again and it’s all
    thanks to Simon and Martina.

    5 years ago
  282. I found them with Y. I was in love with Joon first for his looks, but then fell in love with all of them equally because they are THAT awesome. (not to mention friggin GORGEOUS)  I started watching Idol Army (their full variety show) and they made me laugh so hard i couldnt stand it. They were so CRAZY honest, i had never seen a musician (korean or non) be that open yet professional. i watched just about everything they have ever made just because i HAD to know more about them.

    Then CRY came out and i became even more obsessed than i already was. I watched all their videos a million times.

    Then when Mona Lisa came out, i became one of those crazy fan girls on ALLKPOP commenting continuously for WEEKS to raise awareness of them. I joined ABM (the biggest American MBLAQ fansite) because i had to know when the next song, or video, or news or anything was coming out. Through those i met A+. And let me just say that A+ are the funniest, friendliest, most accepting fandom out there. I instantly became friends with all the girls and boys that were as big of a spazz as i was. They became family, not just to talk about the boys but to talk about life, and trials, and relationships, and school. Basically, like any other friend does. We call each other by loving titles ( if any of my eonnies see this i love you ^^) And i would have missed out on meeting these wonderful devoted people if it wasnt for MBLAQ

    Why i love MBLAQ… there isnt enough time in the world. They are everything that i want to be. Dedicated, ever evolving, hardworking, funny, loving, and considerate. And they have introduced me to A+, who are just as awesome. i cant say enough about them ^^

    YT: DiamondRagDoll95

    5 years ago
  283. What made me fall in love with MBLAQ was not only their unique sound of their music, but their personalities on and off stage. They are professional and powerful on stage but playful and funny off stage. What made me like them as a group was how well they seemed like a close knit family on “MBLAQ Sesame Player” and “Hello Baby”. They are really a different group, not only because of their style but their personalities also. 

    5 years ago
  284. I fell in love with MBLAQ when I watched the Oh Yeah music video a year ago. I was immediately attracted to MBLAQ and could NOT stop listening to their music. My friends and family were getting annoyed with me singing at the top of my lungs while the music was in the background. Personally, I could care less what they thought LOL. Mona Lisa and This Is War just made me fall in love with them even more~ My parents threatened to take out the internet and I was silently laughing in a corner since I already downloaded half of the MBLAQ songs I liked on my computer already. 

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  286. Well, I fell in love with MBLAQ when they released
    “Mona Lisa”. They caught my attention as it is very catchy and I love
    the dance moves! It’s so cool! Also, they have variety of styles. Take an
    example of “I Don’t Know”. They don’t mind acting cute and being
    friendly! Especially the last part! HAHA. Mir will be like Thunder ah! HAHA!
    Makes me laugh and smile. In addition, they have a dark theme like “This
    is War” and “Y”. They tried various sorts of music including
    dance and ballad. Despite they did not win that much awards for “This is War”
    promotions, they are very sincere in congratulating the artists who won
    especially Ten Top! They went to congratulate face-to-face with a smile! How
    polite! Lastly each member has their own charms to captivate us, A+.

    Seungho- Although he’s the leader, he cares for each member.
    Like for Thunder, he will help him to train his muscle in a stern way. Even though
    he’s stern, this shows that he shows concern to them and really wants to help
    them achieve their common dream- to become a star as MBLAQ. Wow, he’s perfect
    in many ways like gymnastic, studies and others things. Wow, he really got a
    lot of things for us to admire.

    G.O- He has the best voice I ever heard. Really, he has a
    powerful and emotional voice when he sings. You can see how passionate he’s is.
    He’s also very polite! Like during eatyourkimichi interview, he thanks Simon
    and Martina for spreading the love of kpop. He’s a down-to-earth person and a
    grateful person too. He’s sociable as well. He can make friends regardless of
    the age or the gender. This guy is simple awesome and he’s my bias.

    Lee Joon- Did you see him during variety shows? Wow. He’s so
    honest during the questions when the mcs asked him. Like the beer one. He dared
    to admit the reason why he did not dare to drink beer again. This’s although embarrassing
    and may tarnish his image, he doesn’t mind. He only wants to state the truth
    and does not wish to lie to his audience. He always smiles to the fans as well.
    Isn’t him sweet?

    Thunder- Although he’s quiet but I can tell that he really
    cares for his family and friends! His cat as well! HAHA! Everyone knows that he’s
    2NE1’s Dara’s younger brother right? Yet, he chooses to stay with Dara instead
    of MBLAQ members in the hostel. He also takes photo with Dara to show their
    sibling love. He also likes his cat a lot! He too takes photo with the cat and
    some more, he took the cat watching MBLAQ video. HAHA. What a passionate guy.

    Mir- He’s the makne and he’s the funniest. He will always
    try to crack jokes to make it more fun and relaxed. This shows how optimistic
    he is. Even when the situation can be depressing, he will laugh it out and let
    others to be happy as well. Also, he is good at fan service. He dares to try to
    learn in Chinese so that he can thank the Chinese fans. How thoughtful!

    So, every member has their own charms to make us love and
    yes, I’m an A+ for life.

    Ps: I’m a male fan of MBLAQ. :)

    Youtube name: kpopmyworld

    5 years ago
  287. “Similar to the YouTube thread, in the comments to that contest thread,” thread, what..?  WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DOOOO?! orz

    5 years ago
  288. I had liked MBLAQ for as long as I remembered :3 they showed my a lot of good choices to follow your dreams and to enjoy your life even when it’s going to be difficult. Idol army showed me their passion and funny emotions. I truly enjoyed t…hem even before debut when I bought lee joins movie without knowing lee joon was a part of MBLAQ :p I had always said to my sister : ” who’s that beautiful man??!!” ^^ and for thunder I loved him when he was still in the phillipnes when Dara had her own show.Mir is soo funny and I love that about him. His smiles always make me smile and that’s what I love the most. I cried like a baby when I heard he hurt himself and I cried when leader hurt himself too. I truly love these boys :3 GO and leader will be great fathers and husbands. I truly see such amazing people in MBLAQ they all are good Oppas :3 I saw this in not only in your amazing epicness video but in hello baby when they cared and protected thoses babies with so much emotion (yup I cried too on the last episode :,( so your question is why do I love MBLAQ do much??? Well, my answer is this: MBLAQ show so much passion for what they do and show the real MBLAQ! They are the best at being funny and strong together as a group and that is what it truly means to be a group. MBLAQ is not my number one bias group without a reason. :0 and I just explain that :3 -3 ( sorry for the long explanation that I had to put it in three parts :3 ) ps. this on youtube too but its too long oops – (addi29145)

    5 years ago
  289. i fell in love with MBLAQ when i watched IDOL ARMY !! They always  make me  laugh and smile !! They have a different style then others groups of k-pop !! They always  keep me  exited by  their songs , concerts and dance routine !! 
    I love your interview guys , i love you !! and i really want this album !!  

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  291. I initially began to love MBLAQ because of their music. It was unique to all other groups. It portrayed angst, jealousy, and a slew of emotions all in just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes. The members of MBLAQ fit with each other naturally, kind of like a puzzle. I know they’ve gone through so much together, and that makes them seem like brothers to me. They’ve become more than just idols, to me they’ve become symbolic of friendship and persistence and hard work. Whether they realize it or not, the fact that they’ve made it so far inspires and causes thousands of people to push themselves. 

    5 years ago
  292. I initially began to love MBLAQ because of their music. It was unique to all other groups. It portrayed angst, jealousy, and a slew of emotions all in just a matter of 3 or 4 minutes. The members of MBLAQ fit with each other naturally, kind of like a puzzle. I know they’ve gone through so much together, and that makes them seem like brothers to me. They’ve become more than just idols, to me they’ve become symbolic of friendship and persistence and hard work. Whether they realize it or not, the fact that they’ve made it so far inspires and causes thousands of people to push themselves. 

    5 years ago
  293. I have always really liked MBLAQ ever since I discovered kpop and I have always bought their songs and watched their appearances but I can say that I honestly fell in love with each and every one of them during Hello Baby, even though it was quite far into their career seeing this new, fathering side to them just tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my face and that’s how I fell in absolute love with them!

    5 years ago
  294. Thanks a lot for this interview with MBLAQ! I love them so much. 
    I fell in love whith MBLAQ when i saw a kpop show Sesame Player(it was my first show). I have never laughed so much in my live before!! It was so funny and ridiculous =))) In this show they didn` seem to acting like stars or smthing like that. They were just guys playing  ridiculous games and having fun with each other =)) 
    Especially i love Thunder’s Laugh in this show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8q-tVt1pZ4Y

    My Twitter: _duplicity_

    5 years ago
  295. I can cleary remember the moment when I feel in love with MBLAQ. Since I had just became an avid k-pop listener a little over a year ago, I was always searching for new music to listen to. When Mona Lisa came out, I was hooked. The accordions were so cool! G.O.’s vocals were so amazing! I just wanted to listen over and over and over and over again. Plus maybe I’m an odd duck, but Thunder’s man skirt outfit was something that actually attracted my attention. xD  They all looked so good too, and the dance was fun. I always do the face arrousal part when I listen to it. Yes, face arrousal does in fact work. Haha. Ever since Mona Lisa, I’ve been keeping close eyes to them. They all seem so sweet and genuine. I can definitely tell that they care about their fans and work hard to make them happy. MBLAQ is a synonym for awesome. ^_^
    Youtube account: sma9401

    5 years ago
  296. I feel completely in love with them after I watched Hello Baby ~ 

    I mean I was a huge fan before, but after Hello Baby they were like my ultimate biased group. They were the only idols I’ve seen that were so nice, kind and down to earth :’) They always treat everyone nice no matter who it is or how exgushted they are. They should be way more famous. They could probably make it into the american industry if they wanted too ~ (especially with joon’s acting) ^ _ ^
    ^ My youtube name is “Sarah713707” i’ve been subscribed for over a year :’)

    5 years ago
  297. I fell in love the moment I saw MBLAQ’s reactions to Lee Joon’s running nose on Sesame Player. It was awkward. It was embarrassing. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. But the embarrassment didn’t stop there, being locked in a toilet and forced to confess to things like their secret pigeon folder, their baby tummies, Thunder’s dolphin scream and various members being tried into appearing as a serious exhibitionist . 

    Their personalities were so fresh, funny – and familiar. They remind me of my social group. I could be friends with these guys so easily. They’re simply beautiful people, I love them an incredible amount and the best thing is that I know that they love their fans back. 

    I’ve seen them for a scant 15 minutes from a very very large distance, and I want more than anything to let them know how much they’ve brightened up my life. 

    YT: travertineskies 

    5 years ago
  298. I actually only got into them recently, so I feel I haven’t a chance against A+’s.  My friend insisted I watch Hello Baby because we both loved SHINee’s so much. I knew and already liked Joon quite a bit, but I hadn’t actually gotten into any of their music, although I did know some songs thanks to Music Mondays.  It was only a few weeks ago that I realized I was already completely infatuated. I knew i was ‘in love’ when I could watch older shows, like Idol Army, where the quality was so low that faces were mere pixels and yet I could still tell who was who ><  I also watched MBLAQ Goes To School. I was heartbroken when they didn't make it and cheered them on through their studying, even though it was from a while ago.  I think that was when i knew I was already a fan and falling, hard. That was, 2 months ago now I think.

    5 years ago
  299. Youtube account: KateKl91
    i fell in love with Mblaq after Aleksandra Piegat started to spam me with vids of Mir’s fart jokes, Thunder’s epic epileptic laugh, LeeJoon’s sexy pole dance and awkward aegyo, Go’s awful moustache and Seungho’s everything (literally).
    then i watched This is War and saw Lee Joon falling down after kicking Thunder in the balls and it killed me xD srsly most epic fight move ever lol thats why i love Mblaq <3 they make me laugh even when trying to be serious :D

    5 years ago
  300. Youtube account: xikanimex

    I automatically fell in love with MBLAQ when I saw his moves in Oh Yeah, after that my love just get stronger with any program that they do. This programs, of some manner, let me see the true personality of MBLAQ and I love him everytime more and more. They are boys so hardworking for us, their loyal fans. Thanks Simon and Martina for this opportunity. ♥♥♥

    5 years ago
  301. When did I fall in love with MBLAQ? 

    I was in awe with them from their Cry & Stay promotions. So much charisma and emotion from these five amazing men. (I loved your intro by the way, so funny! I loved how MBLAQ went through with it and Joon was laughing quietly on the side) 

    Although I thought their music was top notch, it wasnt until watching them through Sesame Player that I fell in love, which was further enhanced by their appearance on HelloBaby! It is simply their personalities that I love the most. 

    G.O: Excellent vocalist who always tries to encourage and relate to A+. I love his sense of humor :D
    Joon: A man with many layers; Always tries to entertain when needed but is always thinking of the future and is certainly wise indeed. 
    Seungho: A thoughtful and caring leader who excels in many different areas. >.< Perfect
    Cheondung: A rather quiet person who always tries his best. Waaah! So cute yet manly at the same time! xD
    Mir: Always tries to put himself out there and puts A+ first. So kind :)

    A+ loves and supports MBLAQ! Fighting!

    Youtube Username: EmikoxD

    5 years ago
  302. I didn’t find out about kpop until December last year, and for the longest time all I listened to was SUJU ( I discovered kpop through mr. simple). I really thought they were the only ones worth listening to and that I’d never like any other group…. we’ll that was until I saw MBLAQ. Saw the Y MV and I was instantly hooked. Loved the dancing, the singing, the music…. just everything. I think they cought my attention because they seemed (and I believe they still are) a lot more manly looking than most kpop groups. It was nice finding a group which I could show to my friends and not get asked whether they’re boys or girls -.-‘! Now thanks to them I’ve opened my heart to many other kpop groups, I’m totally addicted to kpop and don’t think I’m getting over it anytime soon…. Really, they’re such cool, down to earth, hardworking guys… how can you not love them?

    username: isap21

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  304. Hello! My YT username is “lumberhunk”.

    been a fan of k-pop for a long time but I didn’t take notice of MBLAQ until
    December of last year, when Mir and four other entertainers performed Wonder
    Girls’ “Be My Baby” on a year-end special music programme. His energetic rap
    and stage presence made me curious as to what the other members of MBLAQ were
    like so I decided to look into them.


    began with watching the MV for “Cry”, followed by the MV for “Stay”. Almost
    immediately their talent, good looks and electric charm had me hooked. The
    following days were spent curled in front of the laptop, watching Sesame
    Player and various clips to learn more about their personalities. They each
    have their charms (Joon’s naivety, Thunder’s innocence, Mir’s playfulness, G.O’s
    femininity, Seungho’s bluntness) but as a whole I enjoyed their good sense of
    humour and honesty.


    a month after my “discovery” I was browsing through their past performances on
    YouTube. I clicked on the video of their goodbye stage of “모르겠어요 (I Don’t Know)” on Inkigayo.
    Although it wasn’t the best performance, it still had something that I don’t
    see too often in other idol groups – sincerity. Individually and as a whole
    MBLAQ stand out from their peers in not only looks and charisma but also in the
    way that they are not afraid to show their imperfections and be completely
    honest with themselves and their fans. This video really shows that and so much
    more. With smiles that light up every corner of their handsome faces and their
    interactions with each other while performing they show that they are in this
    business for more than just fame or money; they are on that stage because they
    love what they do, they love their fans and they love each other. With this
    performance I found a genuine love for these boys and am proud to call myself
    an A+.


    MBLAQ 사랑해!!

    5 years ago
  305. mblaq between awesome to me when was pushed into the water by hyuna 

    5 years ago
  306. I fell in love when i saw a
    “oh yeah” performance. couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. but i
    didn’t really listen to any other of their songs until i saw simon’s
    take at “cry” and the review of “mona lisa”. then i started researching
    like crazy for their other songs. and i LOVED “Run” !! joon really
    impressed me there. When i found out they were from Rain’s agency (THE
    sexiest korean idol), there was no turning back for me… ^^

    youtube username : XxLauriRainbowLoverX

    5 years ago
  307. The reason

    5 years ago
  308. I fell in love with Mblaq because of Rain!!! I’m a huge fan of Rain, and when I heard that Rain has a group, I was already a fan!!! After listening to their songs I was MORE than a fan! :D I love the fact that thy’re so pleasant and funny, I loved them even more after “hello baby”, they were so caring and nice to the children (well not always) :D and of course “this is war” was just DAEBAK!

    5 years ago
  309. And if i win the album, i really will be happy:)

    5 years ago
  310. At first  i listened MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa i really liked the song and the MV was very good..Seung Ho was really handsome in Mona Lisa MV so i 
    researched about him.But when i saw Seung Ho’s other photos I thought Seung Ho is not very very handsome.He is handsome in Mona Lisa MV only.After a few months i heard that Hello Baby’s new season is with MBLAQ! I started to watch 1st episode.And G.O was so handome:) I really liked him..As you know Seung Ho and G.O had to have bus tickets to be faster and to find their children  early…They had no money so Seung Ho said: I will borrow money from the manager …Seung Ho borrowed money for them!Not him only!They were rival but Seung Ho borrowed money for G.O too.G.O borrowed money from director/cameraman and didn’t wait for Seung Ho…This influenced me a lot.. After i  researched about Seung Ho again and realized that he was a perfect man and an amazing leader. From it day until today MBLAQ is my favourite band. I became an A+  and  had a lot of A+ friends:)MBLAQ is a perfect band and  their fans are sober…MBLAQ can sing, dance, act perfectly and they can be perfect fathers! MBLAQ! A+ are supporting for you…FIGHTING! 

    5 years ago
  311. Thank you so much for all the work you do to bring KPop to those of us in the States. The last week has sucked & I’ve been to the ER 2 times since Wednesday. I just got home from the ER and am feeling horrible as well as depressed. This interview made me smile, and for that I thank you!

    5 years ago
  312. OMG thank you for the Interview ♥ thank you for your hard work >..< *dream*

    SeungHo married the first…really?.. SeungHo i'll marry you ♥ ♥
    MBLAQ fighting ♥ A+ fighting ♥ S&M fighting ♥

    5 years ago
  313. I’ve followed MBLAQ ever since watching Rain’s concert when they first debuted, however I totally fell in love with them when they released Cry and Stay <3. All of the members are so talented and have such awesome personalities <3 FOREVER an A+!

    5 years ago
  314. First of all, I have to say that I really appreciate all your effort and work you’ve done~! Thanks so much for interviewing all these awesome bands. :D The short CRY skit Martina did was so hilarious xDDD Ohh I love you guys :’D

    So what made me fall in love with MBLAQ? Honestly speaking, even though I have known MBLAQ since their song “Y” I never really got into them until the beginning of this year. (o_o;)
    It all began with me listening to “This is war”, I suddenly felt like they have more awesome songs like that and I wanted to rewatch the old MVs of them. So after repeating various songs (old and new ones) I couldn’t get them out of my head anymore. And watching shows like Hello Baby and MBLAQ goes to school, only contributed to increase my interest in MBLAQ! xD
    I love their unique and adorable language “skills”, actually I can’t stand it if someone really sucks at English this much (-> despite learning it since a couple of years or whatever) but it’s simply so hilarious and cute I can’t even xDD I’m looking forward to their new album as well as I hope that I can see them live someday :D
    MBLAQ fighting! <3

    youtube username: sora2ii

    5 years ago
  315. Hello Baby was the thing that made me love them. Before that of course I was following them but not that hard. After that I felt closer to them. And their interaction with the kids evoke my motherhood instincts (which is way early for me now) and made me love them.
    my youtube name is felix62442

    5 years ago
  316. thanks! I have been waiting for this interview for so long.

    5 years ago
  317. Btw….it’s a shame you guys couldn’t speak much Korean. Some of the things they said were so funny(don’t forget to take a shower??? lolwut), but we only got to see your reactions after the interpreter explained it…but across these last 3 interviews, I was pretty impressed at Martina’s Korean. WURK IT GUUUURL

    5 years ago
  318. YT username: 3xie

    The one that made me fall in love with MBLAQ is their song “G.O.O.D. Love” and the moment their show “Idol Show with MBLAQ” aired cause it shows how adorkable they are !!! HEHEHE…

    Also, for your subscribers who can’t understand Tagalog (by the way, Simon, it’s TUH-GAH-LOG, not TAG-AH-LOG! :P). Here’s what Cheondoong said: 

    “I love you. I miss all of my friends in the Philippines. I love you all”

    5 years ago
  319. My mom found the opening skit really funny – especially since she thought it was real.

    It wasn’t until we saw the bloopers then she realised it was all staged. “What….they were acting??” Haha I still love you Mummy <3

    5 years ago
  320. Wait a sec – didn’t you say you couldn’t do the Stack of Questions skit because Simon forgot to bring the stack of paper….??

    Simon I’m looking at you *squints*

    5 years ago
  321. i seriously feel bad for you it is going to be a difficult decision to make… i mean i had tears in my eyes reading some of the comments! i was actually planning to tell you why i love MBLAQ but after reading the comments… i changed my mind… + i live in Saudi Arabia so i’m guessing it is going to be hard to send me a CD…. and i can not believe i am giving reasons why i should not get a CD…. yes, i am ~crazy like that.

    5 years ago
  322. MBLAQ was my first introduction to all things Korean! From Kpop to dramas to exploring the culture, through you guys of course, it all began after stumbling across Hello Baby on Youtube.
    Obviously the members contributed to my initial interest in the show ;) but it was the entire concept of it as well.  Even still I can’t get over how lucky asian fans are. They are given such an insight into their favourite artists’ lives whereas here in Ireland we have no such outlet :/ Luckily my obsession has KIND OF eased into more of an appreciation but I know that once my exams are over I’ll probably be back online, crazy as ever!
    I fell in love with MBLAQ and have followed them since then. They seem very genuine, hardworking and I have a lot of respect for them.

    I turned 18 yesterday.. and you know, I’d really love my first piece of KPOP merchandise.. just saying :) My Youtube Account Username is: ZarahOox Thanks for the opportunity aswell, you guys are AWESOME.

    5 years ago
  323. It would’ve been so awesome if you did the other skit, sounded so funny!! so unfortunate

    5 years ago
  324. I fell in love during they’re Hello Baby and Sesame Player ♥ from the first second on, i was in love with all of them~ ♥
    Yang Leader Seungho ♥
    G.O ♥
    Joonie ♥
    Thunder ♥
    Mir ♥

    Twitter: seokiekie
    YouTube: xFanTaLiCious
    Facebook: Kim Min Yeon

    Proud A+ from Germany ♥

    5 years ago
  325. when I fell in love with MBLAQ? i guess even before they debuted. lol at first i was just interested because rain is going to debut these boys but then i saw their MV and their songs and their shows. BAM i love them. i even like Lee Joon from Ninja assassin even before i know he’s a part of MBLAQ so yeah it was a huge shock for me when i found out he’s the same guy in MBLAQ lol anw, i love their cheerful carefree personality and i love how they’re so playful and doesn’t maintain their image too much. I also love their music. I love everything about them. :’) they might be underated but i don’t care. They’re talented and i will always support these amazing boys. :)

    YT username : Seoulchae

    5 years ago
  326. Simon thank you for mentioning Poland! it is indescribable how it feels to hear kpop stars giving greetings in your native language and thanks to you my heart once again exploded with happines! >_< 

    5 years ago
    •  I know how you feel~ Especially when Thunder oppa spoked tagalog once more! OMG! I think I died for a moment! HAHA. :))

      5 years ago
    • Yay!  Glad you liked it :D  I’m thinking it should be a staple in every interview we do from now on!

      5 years ago
      • Yesss~~ ! Hearing “DZIEŃ DOBRY” or “CZEŚĆ”  in every interviev will be nice : )))) Well, probably I will faint if MBLAQ will say “Kochamy Was” or something more personal to their Polish fans XD Thank You so much Simon! I love EatYourKimchi even more and more every day ! :) Simply thing and it gives me so much happiness and joy! :)

        5 years ago
      • YES!!! :) I’m looking forward to one in French!! :)

        5 years ago
    • Yeah, we love you so much for this <3
      First, Super Junior, then Wonder Girls, now Mblaq, seriouslyyy!

      5 years ago
  327. when I fell in love with MBLAQ? i guess even before they debuted. lol at first i was just interested because rain is going to debut these boys but then i saw their MV and their songs and their shows. BAM i love them. i even like Lee Joon from Ninja assassin even before i know he’s a part of MBLAQ so yeah it was a huge shock for me when i found out he’s the same guy in MBLAQ lol anw, i love their cheerful carefree personality and i love how they’re so playful and doesn’t maintain their image too much. I also love their music. I love everything about them. :’) they might be underated but i don’t care. They’re talented and i will always support these amazing boys. :)

    5 years ago
  328. The moment when I fell in love with MBLAQ; well there are sooooooo many reasons why I love them and it sort of progressed over time, I can’t really think of a moment. But first of all of course I loved them for THEIR MUSIC. But I suppose the moment when I really really fell in love with them was probably when I met Mir. Not personally, I have never even been to a kpop concert (sad problems of a non-korean who lives in a distant part of the world) but I saw him in videos. His rapping skills are crazy and his ENGERIIISH!!!!! HIS ENGRISH IS SUPER CUTE^^ I was really hoping that you guys were going to ask him to say waaafuur that would have given me so much joy….WAFFUR!!!!!! haha well your little cry skit gave me enough joy I guess :)  but I am also addicted to their music as well, its just sooooo EPIC – thats the word, EPIC. Stay, Y, Cry, This is War, all their songs, are just the definition of ULTIMATE EPICNESS!!!! The instruments, the beat, the tune, their voices, THEIR VOICES – I AM OBSESSED WITH THEIR VOICES!!!!!! Lee Joon and G.O. especially have incomprehensibly amazing voices^^ Their songs like My Dream and Scribble are just so beautiful, I know you guys aren’t real fans of ballads but I AM and MBLAQ probably have the best ballads of allll kpop – well I think so anyway because they have a really nice balance, with rapping in them and stuff and a nice flow and eb in the music. Also they really are Live in Absolute Quality; their performances are just so full of energy. Look at run, MBLAQ NINJAS – thats another reason why I love them – BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER AWESOME ASSASSIN NINJAS – I looovve ninja’s….actually secretly I am one but don’t tell anyone :P I also love their little opening’s to their songs – they are so addictive especially in Baby U! “hey I’ll find you, I’ll catch you, I’ll come and ge-e-e-e-t you, I can’t stop thinking bout you, I am so crazy for youuuuuuu!” (sorry for that) and I love their style, their clothes are always sooo cool especially Super Squirrel Mir in Mona Lisa hehe And their dances are always insane and their everything is amazing <3 <3 So yeah I think I went a little off topic but you asked the question and I can't really stop when I start haha but I have fallen in love with MBLAQ definitely <3

    Youtube name: laURen00pris
    facebook: Lauren Caesar
    twitter: I don't have a twitter account or may actually do nothing in my life!!!!! Hopefully I still have a chance for the other two though^^

    5 years ago
  329. om omg omg mblaq !!!!!! finally ty ty ty ty ty ty ty soo much for all the videos!! uh are daebak

    5 years ago
  330. I fell in love with MBLAQ right after my friend showed me Cry MV. I already knew that they’ll become one of my favourite kpop groups. I live in Europe so it’s hard to even imagine seeing them here, but after I watched Sesame Player I knew that one day I’m gonna meet them no matter what. They are so funny & nice, I don’t know how anybody could not like them. When they were promoting ‘I don’t know’ they showed their cute side, that’s why I fell in love even more. And after watching Hello Baby.. omo. How could I not love them?! It’s impossible. Forever hoping to see them live & tell them how much they mean to me. ♥ THEY ARE SPEAKING POLISH IN THIS VIDEO. *fangirling like crazy* you made my life complete with them speaking my language & it made me fall in love with MBLAQ even more.

    YouTube username: zuzqa92

    5 years ago
  331. Every time I see MBLAQ I feel happy. I suppose the moment I realized I’d fallen in love with them was when they were teasing Mir–on MBLAQ Goes To School–about his English skills or lack thereof. They’re something more than co-workers. They seem like family, brothers. I don’t always feel that from groups and love their music as well. I hope they succeed into the future.

    YT User: Mel81Sh

    5 years ago
  332.  I fell in love with MBLAQ when they debut with “Oh yeah”.They danced well,sang and of course they looked good.My love increased when they showed in variety shows.I found out that they aren’t only good singers but also good people.Each member has own charm and this makes them amazing.I don’t have a favourite member cuz I love them all.I love:Seungho piano skills,GO moustache,Mir engrish,Joon scream from Ninja Assassin and Thunder baby face.I think they was the most promising band in 2009.

    5 years ago
  333. i cant specify what made me fall in love with mblaq because theres so many things but i can narrow it down to 2 things. The first was when i was in year 10 of highschool and i was having a shitty day. One of my friends showed me MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah and when Joon lifted his shirt up and revealed his chocolate abs it made my day. The second would be when i started watching MBLAQ’s Idol Army. They were just so dorky and fun so you can’t help but fall in love with them

    5 years ago
  334. I fell in love with MBLAQ after seeing Lee Joon on a program. He made me laugh a lot and I got curious about who he was. I looked it up in wikipedia, and saw he was from MBLAQ. I watched some MVs, like Cry and Mona Lisa, and loved it. 
    Then I started watching Idol Army, just because of Joon, since he seemed very funny. But after some episodes, I just liked them so much. They were seriously funny, and when I finished watching it, I really liked each one of them. They are awesome.
    Also, I respect them a lot because of how hard they work. They are amazing.

    5 years ago
  335.         Their band name is MBLAQ. What more is there to say  ? Yes each member is special and unique as seen through variety shows and interviews. But what makes this band stand out from a gazallion Korean boy bands is their name. Their band name is hilarious and memorable, easy to search for because of their name. Every time I think of MBLAQ, I imagine Lee Joon in the shower just whispering I am black. The name begs me to make fun of it. The full name ” Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality ” is horrifying but yet I still love them.
              What made me to become a die-hard A+ is that the members don’t care. They managed to overcome the burden of having a ridiculous name( they’re in the top with H.O.T and G.O.D) and still shine through their music. It’s like opening an oyster, murky and dirty, then finding something precious inside, a pearl. Each member work hard in what they do. They surpass the limits of ridiculous Korean boy bands name and made themselves to be remembered for ages to come.  
    youtube name: judemoonsong 

    5 years ago
  336. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was around their Oh Yeah days, I was losing hope with all the english songs and I couldn’t handle them anymore. We were on a school trip and this girl sitting beside me playing G.O.O.D Luv and I was immensely touched by the sweet tune and heaven-like voices, so I fell asleep to this amazing lullaby. When I reached home I started google’ing the lyrics until I found it. I clicked on Oh Yeah and while listening I had goosebumps all over and my body was shivering I was amazed by this k-pop world I never knew existed, I replayed it till I fell asleep to them and until now my body loses control everytime I hear them. And what really won me over was Seungho’s piano skills. ♥
    YT user : Yellowish666

    5 years ago
  337.  am a fan of them for two years, I have all their clips, their musics, I saw all the possible broadcasts in which they were able to participate. I adore them they for what they are even if sometimes they play certainly a role, and their music which has its own identity, their songs do not look like those the other groups also for choreography who can seem strange in the first glance but they are so well executed.
    I hope I can with all my heart have their dedicated CD and that the distance between You, Simon and Martina, will not be a problem (I lived in France)

    5 years ago
  338.  am a fan of them for two years, I have all their clips, their musics, I saw all the possible broadcasts in which they were able to participate. I adore them they for what they are even if sometimes they play certainly a role, and their music which has its own identity, their songs do not look like those the other groups also for choreography who can seem strange in the first glance but they are so well executed.
    I hope I can with all my heart have their dedicated CD and that the distance between You, Simon and Martina, will not be a problem (I lived in France)

    5 years ago
  339. Thank you Simon&Martina…love you guys so much!!!!
    -This is my story-I watch Joon in one program and wondering who is him since i was new with this KPoP few years ago. So, i’ve searched for it and finally Oh Yeah video was shown in the youtube…and saw G.O in mustache..who is this ahjussi??? haha.. then later Y come out and this ahjussi is missing.(i thought there was member changing) So i searched for MBLAQ profile and found out that the good-looking-man with superb voice in orange pant of “Y” video was the same person!!!! OMG!!! what have he done?!! I fall in love with the song, as well with G.O voice and since my favorite color is orange and later find out our birthday is same!!! It’s that a fate?? haha..and i’m officially became A+ and always proud with them. MBLAQ is the first group i fall in love and brings me to the KPoP world. My first KPoP album i bought online was MBLAQ.They also bring me to ‘Eat Your Kimchi’ when you review ‘Cry’!!! I watched all their program and love all the members. They are just dorky boy outside but so different in stage.Since then G.O become my favorite member and he was my funny-hillarious-sexy-hairy-octave man in this planet earth (”,)…username: vryborgvrangelya

    5 years ago
  340. mandasai12 @ yt  but I originally got into mblaq because someone mentioned hidden camera pranks and said how Joon’s was the best on Idol Army. So I went and watched it and they were hilarious and so mean and I felt so bad for Joon. And I just kept watching and they seemed like a really funny group of guys. Well, this seems backwards huh? I should have liked them for the music first? Hahaha true true but I like their music a lot as well. Mona Lisa was such a good song it is ashame that it didn’t win. 

    5 years ago
  341.  Ah…I think there is a lot to say about me and MBLAQ ^^ it was so long time ago…I think I fell in love with G.O mustache… ^^; I think he looks manly but cute at the same time with his mustache… I know he hates it but I really wanna see him again with it T-T

    I love their music~ It’s so sensitive and sincere~ I love how they work hard~ I love their brother-like relationships with each other! And I started to be a real A+ when was started their show Sesame player~ it showed their real life, how they look like not on stage~ so it makes me love them MUCH MORE! ^^♥ And I really impressed how they are talented! Espacially Seungho leadah ^^ More I know about him then more I love him ^^♥♥♥Youtube username: russianbigbangfan ^^Thanks you for this interview ^^ Even if I don’t win their album I had a lot of fun watching this video ^^THANK YOU! LOVE YA! ^^

    5 years ago
  342. I know a lot of fans have said this and I stated it on facebook but when Joon ripped his pants and had me laughing my butt off is when I really started to pay more attention to them. I knew who they were and enjoyed the music but seeing them being silly and all is what made me love them. Gotta love a guy (group of them ^.~) that can make you laugh (like Simon! but he’s taken by our beautiful Martina). =)
    ps, yt name is niemabuggy

    5 years ago


    Luhan’s name maybe in my acc. or ID

    YOUTUBE: IselfyMeI
    Twitter: stitch_luhan
    facebook: Mikalhi Horiuchi

    5 years ago
  344. Since youtube has character limit: 
    username: denixified comment:It’s very hard to choose the exact moment, i can’t say i fell in love with them the exact moment i saw them for the first time, but as i kept watching over their activities on variety shows, i realized how honest and fun and open and hard working they are, the industry now calls them “idols” but to be honest in my opinion there are a few “idols” who truly represent the word idol for role model, and to me mblaq is one of them, they truly worked hard following their dreams, not giving up upon difficulties, and that is something that i admire from them. They seem like they really love doing what they do, and get involved on what their concept and songs are, the relationship they have with eachother also is admirable. And their relationship with A+ is waaaaay different than i’ve seen with other groups, watching the videos from fan meetings they truly show how much they love their fans and how much they care for them. They have made me smile and laugh more than anyone with their silly and fun personalities…better stop  before this turns into a love letter haha

    5 years ago
  345. YouTube: phaaaaaam
    The Google concert was what made me into the fan I am now ;____;
    I was on the side closest to them during the Arirang stage at the end, and they were just ;~; They gave us a lot of fanservice and waved to everyone. They were so smiley too. I knew they were super tired and jetlagged too but I was so thankful they took care of us as their fans.

    /CRIES I want to relive that day so badly.

    5 years ago
  346. youtube account: kandakaoru <———— subscribed
    the moment i fall in love with mblaq was when i saw their mona lisa comeback live in inkigayo. the moment they started singing, i was like "damn these guys can sing live!" seriously they live up to the name "music boys live in absolute quality". not to mention the concept is so special and the music is unique. i can never imagine spanish accordians in a kpop song!

    5 years ago
  347. I fell in love with MBLAQ because I saw Lee Joon at a programme. His crotch ripped. I laughed so much and I said who is Lee Joon later I learnt and I listened cry… I loved so much later MBLAQ’s other songs. Then I understand.. I have to follow them. I joined MBLAQTURKEY facebook page as timer and translator. I bought all MBLAQ’s albums and it’s my first time in my life because I haven’t bought any album in my life @.@ I don’t like only Lee Joon I love all of them. I think all of them are very intelligent.. So I love them ^^

    5 years ago
  348. The Reason Why I loved Mblaq Is because Of lee joon :3 The First time i saw him in Star golden Bell I knew That I would Fall inlove To him So I searched him up  and the group,  Mblaq Do their best to make us A+ Happy I love their music i love their Styles And their Everything Even thugh theres so much New Kpop Group  Mblaq Will be always my first I kept wishing that i will meet them soon. They make me laugh Oh. and Thunder her sister dara Unnie Yeah… Im Filo So I was like Oh.. Better search this group When i went back too philippines And went to a Kpop nation all the Merchandise i Bought is Mblaq. :D  I love the Group A+ Their like my Sisters Their the ones who i can spazz with. and i can see how they take care of kids in hello baby that whats make me more love them I study Korean By my self For Lee joon just incase i meet him. I love Mblaq So much Mblaq Will be the first and wishing i could meet them in person. Andi wish iWIll win the Sign ALbums
    Youtube Username:Chonnyiscute
    Thanks Simon and martina You guys Are sooooooooo Lucky! ;A;
    Martina Your so Cute In the Start <3 :3

    5 years ago
  349. youtube name : hoddylim
    i first fall in love with mblaq due to their charismatic which is what they portray a lot in ‘OhYeah’ debut song since im a Cloud (rain’s fan) and listening to rain’s introducing mblaq in the opening oh yeah was kindda exciting !!! their stage was really strong and the song makes you wanna stand up and do some body waves. The love for mblaq got even deeper when i watched their variety show with they trash talking their boss (rain) and being all dorky which actually shows much more of themselves rather than the serious mblaq on stage. Each member never fails to impress me with their desire to stand out in the group. In addition, i could never choose a bias between mblaq !!! its IMPOSSIBLE i love all members !!! 

    5 years ago
  350. I fell in love with Mblaq when i watch their Sesame Player and what makes me fall in love with them is that they are so mischievous and they are so nice to everyone especially to their fans. Those charismatic Mblaqians on stage would turn to 5 cute, funny village boys when they are not on stage and that makes me totally throw my heart to them! <3~ winterly96 on Youtube :) 
    Love Simon and Martina so much!  Love Eatyourkimchi at the same time!

    5 years ago
  351. I’ll be really honest, I didn’t get into MBLAQ until recently when I watched their Hello Baby, but they are so funny and cute that you just can’t help but fall in love with them. <3 Then seeing This Is War (Along with the eatyourkimchi review) just made the love more concrete. =)

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: They are actually taller than I thought they would be! I mean, Simon is still a giant in comparison but at least they aren't looking like dwarves. <3

    5 years ago
  352. woooo the second skit would be really epic

    5 years ago
  353. Aww Poor Mblaq looked so tired! :[

    5 years ago
  354. I’ve been waiting to see !^^ thank you so much :)
    I fell in love with MBLAQ since the first time I saw them dancing ! (especially joon :p , when he does… you know… shekshiii move~ !!! -#__#- ) ! They have a strong personnality, and they’re really funny ! I love the chemestry between them and they were so cute in hello baby ! -^___^-
    btw,.. Martina, how could you stand in front of such pretty guys ? hehehe
    thank you again ;) . ruckiie

    5 years ago
  355. I fell in love with them because they are unique. They are idols who can be sexy an charismatic on stage, but out of stage they can be adorkable and cute~ Their music is really different to other male idols music, and when you listen to one of their songs or watch one of their performances you know fastly they are MBLAQ! They love each other like brothers, and they are always telling the truth on interviews~ And they do their best to have a perfect performance! Also, in my opinion A+ is one of the most caring and lovely fandoms, I felt really well when I met other A+
    Youtube’s username: ayamekisaragi

    5 years ago