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Our Interview with MBLAQ

June 9, 2012


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FINALLY! You saw our Interview with Wonder Girls and our Interview with Sistar. Here, at last, is our Interview with MBLAQ. Yay! No more people emailing and tweeting us every day asking when the video will be up!

We put the interviews out in this order to be fair, since they were the last group that we interviewed in a totally freaking hectic day. It was a good hectic, of course, but an exhausting one. If you haven’t seen our Behind the Scenes with Wonder Girls, Sistar, and MBLAQ video, then check that out. That was all in one day. All of the interviews happened within, like, three hours. We ran from the Wonder Girls from YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno over to our Sistar live chat in Google Headquarters in Mountain View. While running in the parking lot to get to Sistar, we saw MBLAQ sitting in the parking lot, but didn’t even have a chance to say hi. Then, when we finished with Sistar, we ran downstairs to interview MBLAQ. BOOM!

We were exhausted by the end of it all, but didn’t feel it, mostly because everyone that we were interviewing were a lot more exhausted than we were. Hell: all we had to do was just sit down and chat with them. They, on the other hand, had to sit down and chat with us AND plan for, you know, a HUGE FREAKING CONCERT the next day. So, yeah, we’re all a bit dead. We’re glad that they agreed to our CRY skit, though. Ha! That was…embarrassing and awkward (but when are we NOT embarrassing and awkward? That just how we roll!).

We had another skit planned with them that would have been epic, but we didn’t have the time to do. We were going to start off the interview by telling MBLAQ that we had asked you all to submit your questions to MBLAQ, which you did, when we announced that we were going to the Google Kpop Concert. Then we’d say that we printed out some of the questions, at which point we’d pull out a ridiculous stack of papers. Then we’d read the first page like “Susan from Alabama asks ‘Dear MBLAQ. PLEASE MARRY ME!'” We’d then apologize for the awkward question, and then move on to the second question, which would ask for them to take their shirts off. Then we’d look at the third question and not even read it since it’s OOOOH SO NASTY. We’d flip through the huge stack of papers while MBLAQ would look around awkwardly. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! But we didn’t have time to do both that skit AND the Cry skit, so we stuck with the easier one. Yay!

But wait…didn’t we say something about MBLAQ signed CDs?

MBLAQ Autographed Album

You want an MBLAQ Autographed Album, don't you? OOOOH YES YOU DO!

And, yes, you saw that right. MBLAQ wrote their names all over their CDs. They touched those CDs, breathed on those CDs. Some of them even licked the CDs! That last part is not true. Anyhow, for those of you who want us to give you an autographed MBLAQ CD, here’s what you gotta do.

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Also, like in last week’s Sistar Interview, we’ve got some unused scenes that you’ll hopefully like. Check em out below!



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Our Interview with MBLAQ


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  1. thanks! I have been waiting for this interview for so long.

    8 years ago
  2. Btw….it’s a shame you guys couldn’t speak much Korean. Some of the things they said were so funny(don’t forget to take a shower??? lolwut), but we only got to see your reactions after the interpreter explained it…but across these last 3 interviews, I was pretty impressed at Martina’s Korean. WURK IT GUUUURL

    8 years ago
  3. YT username: 3xie

    The one that made me fall in love with MBLAQ is their song “G.O.O.D. Love” and the moment their show “Idol Show with MBLAQ” aired cause it shows how adorkable they are !!! HEHEHE…

    Also, for your subscribers who can’t understand Tagalog (by the way, Simon, it’s TUH-GAH-LOG, not TAG-AH-LOG! :P). Here’s what Cheondoong said: 

    “I love you. I miss all of my friends in the Philippines. I love you all”

    8 years ago
  4. My mom found the opening skit really funny – especially since she thought it was real.

    It wasn’t until we saw the bloopers then she realised it was all staged. “What….they were acting??” Haha I still love you Mummy <3

    8 years ago
  5. Wait a sec – didn’t you say you couldn’t do the Stack of Questions skit because Simon forgot to bring the stack of paper….??

    Simon I’m looking at you *squints*

    8 years ago
  6. i seriously feel bad for you it is going to be a difficult decision to make… i mean i had tears in my eyes reading some of the comments! i was actually planning to tell you why i love MBLAQ but after reading the comments… i changed my mind… + i live in Saudi Arabia so i’m guessing it is going to be hard to send me a CD…. and i can not believe i am giving reasons why i should not get a CD…. yes, i am ~crazy like that.

    8 years ago
  7. MBLAQ was my first introduction to all things Korean! From Kpop to dramas to exploring the culture, through you guys of course, it all began after stumbling across Hello Baby on Youtube.
    Obviously the members contributed to my initial interest in the show ;) but it was the entire concept of it as well.  Even still I can’t get over how lucky asian fans are. They are given such an insight into their favourite artists’ lives whereas here in Ireland we have no such outlet :/ Luckily my obsession has KIND OF eased into more of an appreciation but I know that once my exams are over I’ll probably be back online, crazy as ever!
    I fell in love with MBLAQ and have followed them since then. They seem very genuine, hardworking and I have a lot of respect for them.

    I turned 18 yesterday.. and you know, I’d really love my first piece of KPOP merchandise.. just saying :) My Youtube Account Username is: ZarahOox Thanks for the opportunity aswell, you guys are AWESOME.

    8 years ago
  8. It would’ve been so awesome if you did the other skit, sounded so funny!! so unfortunate

    8 years ago
  9. I fell in love during they’re Hello Baby and Sesame Player ♥ from the first second on, i was in love with all of them~ ♥
    Yang Leader Seungho ♥
    G.O ♥
    Joonie ♥
    Thunder ♥
    Mir ♥

    Twitter: seokiekie
    YouTube: xFanTaLiCious
    Facebook: Kim Min Yeon

    Proud A+ from Germany ♥

    8 years ago
  10. when I fell in love with MBLAQ? i guess even before they debuted. lol at first i was just interested because rain is going to debut these boys but then i saw their MV and their songs and their shows. BAM i love them. i even like Lee Joon from Ninja assassin even before i know he’s a part of MBLAQ so yeah it was a huge shock for me when i found out he’s the same guy in MBLAQ lol anw, i love their cheerful carefree personality and i love how they’re so playful and doesn’t maintain their image too much. I also love their music. I love everything about them. :’) they might be underated but i don’t care. They’re talented and i will always support these amazing boys. :)

    YT username : Seoulchae

    8 years ago
  11. Simon thank you for mentioning Poland! it is indescribable how it feels to hear kpop stars giving greetings in your native language and thanks to you my heart once again exploded with happines! >_< 

    8 years ago
    •  I know how you feel~ Especially when Thunder oppa spoked tagalog once more! OMG! I think I died for a moment! HAHA. :))

      8 years ago
    • Yay!  Glad you liked it :D  I’m thinking it should be a staple in every interview we do from now on!

      8 years ago
      • Yesss~~ ! Hearing “DZIEŃ DOBRY” or “CZEŚĆ”  in every interviev will be nice : )))) Well, probably I will faint if MBLAQ will say “Kochamy Was” or something more personal to their Polish fans XD Thank You so much Simon! I love EatYourKimchi even more and more every day ! :) Simply thing and it gives me so much happiness and joy! :)

        8 years ago
      • YES!!! :) I’m looking forward to one in French!! :)

        8 years ago
    • Yeah, we love you so much for this <3
      First, Super Junior, then Wonder Girls, now Mblaq, seriouslyyy!

      8 years ago
  12. when I fell in love with MBLAQ? i guess even before they debuted. lol at first i was just interested because rain is going to debut these boys but then i saw their MV and their songs and their shows. BAM i love them. i even like Lee Joon from Ninja assassin even before i know he’s a part of MBLAQ so yeah it was a huge shock for me when i found out he’s the same guy in MBLAQ lol anw, i love their cheerful carefree personality and i love how they’re so playful and doesn’t maintain their image too much. I also love their music. I love everything about them. :’) they might be underated but i don’t care. They’re talented and i will always support these amazing boys. :)

    8 years ago
  13. The moment when I fell in love with MBLAQ; well there are sooooooo many reasons why I love them and it sort of progressed over time, I can’t really think of a moment. But first of all of course I loved them for THEIR MUSIC. But I suppose the moment when I really really fell in love with them was probably when I met Mir. Not personally, I have never even been to a kpop concert (sad problems of a non-korean who lives in a distant part of the world) but I saw him in videos. His rapping skills are crazy and his ENGERIIISH!!!!! HIS ENGRISH IS SUPER CUTE^^ I was really hoping that you guys were going to ask him to say waaafuur that would have given me so much joy….WAFFUR!!!!!! haha well your little cry skit gave me enough joy I guess :)  but I am also addicted to their music as well, its just sooooo EPIC – thats the word, EPIC. Stay, Y, Cry, This is War, all their songs, are just the definition of ULTIMATE EPICNESS!!!! The instruments, the beat, the tune, their voices, THEIR VOICES – I AM OBSESSED WITH THEIR VOICES!!!!!! Lee Joon and G.O. especially have incomprehensibly amazing voices^^ Their songs like My Dream and Scribble are just so beautiful, I know you guys aren’t real fans of ballads but I AM and MBLAQ probably have the best ballads of allll kpop – well I think so anyway because they have a really nice balance, with rapping in them and stuff and a nice flow and eb in the music. Also they really are Live in Absolute Quality; their performances are just so full of energy. Look at run, MBLAQ NINJAS – thats another reason why I love them – BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER AWESOME ASSASSIN NINJAS – I looovve ninja’s….actually secretly I am one but don’t tell anyone :P I also love their little opening’s to their songs – they are so addictive especially in Baby U! “hey I’ll find you, I’ll catch you, I’ll come and ge-e-e-e-t you, I can’t stop thinking bout you, I am so crazy for youuuuuuu!” (sorry for that) and I love their style, their clothes are always sooo cool especially Super Squirrel Mir in Mona Lisa hehe And their dances are always insane and their everything is amazing <3 <3 So yeah I think I went a little off topic but you asked the question and I can't really stop when I start haha but I have fallen in love with MBLAQ definitely <3

    Youtube name: laURen00pris
    facebook: Lauren Caesar
    twitter: I don't have a twitter account or may actually do nothing in my life!!!!! Hopefully I still have a chance for the other two though^^

    8 years ago
  14. om omg omg mblaq !!!!!! finally ty ty ty ty ty ty ty soo much for all the videos!! uh are daebak

    8 years ago
  15. I fell in love with MBLAQ right after my friend showed me Cry MV. I already knew that they’ll become one of my favourite kpop groups. I live in Europe so it’s hard to even imagine seeing them here, but after I watched Sesame Player I knew that one day I’m gonna meet them no matter what. They are so funny & nice, I don’t know how anybody could not like them. When they were promoting ‘I don’t know’ they showed their cute side, that’s why I fell in love even more. And after watching Hello Baby.. omo. How could I not love them?! It’s impossible. Forever hoping to see them live & tell them how much they mean to me. ♥ THEY ARE SPEAKING POLISH IN THIS VIDEO. *fangirling like crazy* you made my life complete with them speaking my language & it made me fall in love with MBLAQ even more.

    YouTube username: zuzqa92

    8 years ago
  16. Every time I see MBLAQ I feel happy. I suppose the moment I realized I’d fallen in love with them was when they were teasing Mir–on MBLAQ Goes To School–about his English skills or lack thereof. They’re something more than co-workers. They seem like family, brothers. I don’t always feel that from groups and love their music as well. I hope they succeed into the future.

    YT User: Mel81Sh

    8 years ago
  17.  I fell in love with MBLAQ when they debut with “Oh yeah”.They danced well,sang and of course they looked good.My love increased when they showed in variety shows.I found out that they aren’t only good singers but also good people.Each member has own charm and this makes them amazing.I don’t have a favourite member cuz I love them all.I love:Seungho piano skills,GO moustache,Mir engrish,Joon scream from Ninja Assassin and Thunder baby face.I think they was the most promising band in 2009.

    8 years ago
  18. i cant specify what made me fall in love with mblaq because theres so many things but i can narrow it down to 2 things. The first was when i was in year 10 of highschool and i was having a shitty day. One of my friends showed me MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah and when Joon lifted his shirt up and revealed his chocolate abs it made my day. The second would be when i started watching MBLAQ’s Idol Army. They were just so dorky and fun so you can’t help but fall in love with them

    8 years ago
  19. I fell in love with MBLAQ after seeing Lee Joon on a program. He made me laugh a lot and I got curious about who he was. I looked it up in wikipedia, and saw he was from MBLAQ. I watched some MVs, like Cry and Mona Lisa, and loved it. 
    Then I started watching Idol Army, just because of Joon, since he seemed very funny. But after some episodes, I just liked them so much. They were seriously funny, and when I finished watching it, I really liked each one of them. They are awesome.
    Also, I respect them a lot because of how hard they work. They are amazing.

    8 years ago
  20.         Their band name is MBLAQ. What more is there to say  ? Yes each member is special and unique as seen through variety shows and interviews. But what makes this band stand out from a gazallion Korean boy bands is their name. Their band name is hilarious and memorable, easy to search for because of their name. Every time I think of MBLAQ, I imagine Lee Joon in the shower just whispering I am black. The name begs me to make fun of it. The full name ” Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality ” is horrifying but yet I still love them.
              What made me to become a die-hard A+ is that the members don’t care. They managed to overcome the burden of having a ridiculous name( they’re in the top with H.O.T and G.O.D) and still shine through their music. It’s like opening an oyster, murky and dirty, then finding something precious inside, a pearl. Each member work hard in what they do. They surpass the limits of ridiculous Korean boy bands name and made themselves to be remembered for ages to come.  
    youtube name: judemoonsong 

    8 years ago
  21. The moment I fell in love with MBLAQ was around their Oh Yeah days, I was losing hope with all the english songs and I couldn’t handle them anymore. We were on a school trip and this girl sitting beside me playing G.O.O.D Luv and I was immensely touched by the sweet tune and heaven-like voices, so I fell asleep to this amazing lullaby. When I reached home I started google’ing the lyrics until I found it. I clicked on Oh Yeah and while listening I had goosebumps all over and my body was shivering I was amazed by this k-pop world I never knew existed, I replayed it till I fell asleep to them and until now my body loses control everytime I hear them. And what really won me over was Seungho’s piano skills. ♥
    YT user : Yellowish666

    8 years ago
  22.  am a fan of them for two years, I have all their clips, their musics, I saw all the possible broadcasts in which they were able to participate. I adore them they for what they are even if sometimes they play certainly a role, and their music which has its own identity, their songs do not look like those the other groups also for choreography who can seem strange in the first glance but they are so well executed.
    I hope I can with all my heart have their dedicated CD and that the distance between You, Simon and Martina, will not be a problem (I lived in France)

    8 years ago
  23.  am a fan of them for two years, I have all their clips, their musics, I saw all the possible broadcasts in which they were able to participate. I adore them they for what they are even if sometimes they play certainly a role, and their music which has its own identity, their songs do not look like those the other groups also for choreography who can seem strange in the first glance but they are so well executed.
    I hope I can with all my heart have their dedicated CD and that the distance between You, Simon and Martina, will not be a problem (I lived in France)

    8 years ago
  24. Thank you Simon&Martina…love you guys so much!!!!
    -This is my story-I watch Joon in one program and wondering who is him since i was new with this KPoP few years ago. So, i’ve searched for it and finally Oh Yeah video was shown in the youtube…and saw G.O in mustache..who is this ahjussi??? haha.. then later Y come out and this ahjussi is missing.(i thought there was member changing) So i searched for MBLAQ profile and found out that the good-looking-man with superb voice in orange pant of “Y” video was the same person!!!! OMG!!! what have he done?!! I fall in love with the song, as well with G.O voice and since my favorite color is orange and later find out our birthday is same!!! It’s that a fate?? haha..and i’m officially became A+ and always proud with them. MBLAQ is the first group i fall in love and brings me to the KPoP world. My first KPoP album i bought online was MBLAQ.They also bring me to ‘Eat Your Kimchi’ when you review ‘Cry’!!! I watched all their program and love all the members. They are just dorky boy outside but so different in stage.Since then G.O become my favorite member and he was my funny-hillarious-sexy-hairy-octave man in this planet earth (”,)…username: vryborgvrangelya

    8 years ago
  25. mandasai12 @ yt  but I originally got into mblaq because someone mentioned hidden camera pranks and said how Joon’s was the best on Idol Army. So I went and watched it and they were hilarious and so mean and I felt so bad for Joon. And I just kept watching and they seemed like a really funny group of guys. Well, this seems backwards huh? I should have liked them for the music first? Hahaha true true but I like their music a lot as well. Mona Lisa was such a good song it is ashame that it didn’t win. 

    8 years ago
  26.  Ah…I think there is a lot to say about me and MBLAQ ^^ it was so long time ago…I think I fell in love with G.O mustache… ^^; I think he looks manly but cute at the same time with his mustache… I know he hates it but I really wanna see him again with it T-T

    I love their music~ It’s so sensitive and sincere~ I love how they work hard~ I love their brother-like relationships with each other! And I started to be a real A+ when was started their show Sesame player~ it showed their real life, how they look like not on stage~ so it makes me love them MUCH MORE! ^^♥ And I really impressed how they are talented! Espacially Seungho leadah ^^ More I know about him then more I love him ^^♥♥♥Youtube username: russianbigbangfan ^^Thanks you for this interview ^^ Even if I don’t win their album I had a lot of fun watching this video ^^THANK YOU! LOVE YA! ^^

    8 years ago
  27. I know a lot of fans have said this and I stated it on facebook but when Joon ripped his pants and had me laughing my butt off is when I really started to pay more attention to them. I knew who they were and enjoyed the music but seeing them being silly and all is what made me love them. Gotta love a guy (group of them ^.~) that can make you laugh (like Simon! but he’s taken by our beautiful Martina). =)
    ps, yt name is niemabuggy

    8 years ago


    Luhan’s name maybe in my acc. or ID

    YOUTUBE: IselfyMeI
    Twitter: stitch_luhan
    facebook: Mikalhi Horiuchi

    8 years ago
  29. Since youtube has character limit: 
    username: denixified comment:It’s very hard to choose the exact moment, i can’t say i fell in love with them the exact moment i saw them for the first time, but as i kept watching over their activities on variety shows, i realized how honest and fun and open and hard working they are, the industry now calls them “idols” but to be honest in my opinion there are a few “idols” who truly represent the word idol for role model, and to me mblaq is one of them, they truly worked hard following their dreams, not giving up upon difficulties, and that is something that i admire from them. They seem like they really love doing what they do, and get involved on what their concept and songs are, the relationship they have with eachother also is admirable. And their relationship with A+ is waaaaay different than i’ve seen with other groups, watching the videos from fan meetings they truly show how much they love their fans and how much they care for them. They have made me smile and laugh more than anyone with their silly and fun personalities…better stop  before this turns into a love letter haha

    8 years ago
  30. YouTube: phaaaaaam
    The Google concert was what made me into the fan I am now ;____;
    I was on the side closest to them during the Arirang stage at the end, and they were just ;~; They gave us a lot of fanservice and waved to everyone. They were so smiley too. I knew they were super tired and jetlagged too but I was so thankful they took care of us as their fans.

    /CRIES I want to relive that day so badly.

    8 years ago
  31. youtube account: kandakaoru <———— subscribed
    the moment i fall in love with mblaq was when i saw their mona lisa comeback live in inkigayo. the moment they started singing, i was like "damn these guys can sing live!" seriously they live up to the name "music boys live in absolute quality". not to mention the concept is so special and the music is unique. i can never imagine spanish accordians in a kpop song!

    8 years ago
  32. I fell in love with MBLAQ because I saw Lee Joon at a programme. His crotch ripped. I laughed so much and I said who is Lee Joon later I learnt and I listened cry… I loved so much later MBLAQ’s other songs. Then I understand.. I have to follow them. I joined MBLAQTURKEY facebook page as timer and translator. I bought all MBLAQ’s albums and it’s my first time in my life because I haven’t bought any album in my life @[email protected] I don’t like only Lee Joon I love all of them. I think all of them are very intelligent.. So I love them ^^

    8 years ago
  33. The Reason Why I loved Mblaq Is because Of lee joon :3 The First time i saw him in Star golden Bell I knew That I would Fall inlove To him So I searched him up  and the group,  Mblaq Do their best to make us A+ Happy I love their music i love their Styles And their Everything Even thugh theres so much New Kpop Group  Mblaq Will be always my first I kept wishing that i will meet them soon. They make me laugh Oh. and Thunder her sister dara Unnie Yeah… Im Filo So I was like Oh.. Better search this group When i went back too philippines And went to a Kpop nation all the Merchandise i Bought is Mblaq. :D  I love the Group A+ Their like my Sisters Their the ones who i can spazz with. and i can see how they take care of kids in hello baby that whats make me more love them I study Korean By my self For Lee joon just incase i meet him. I love Mblaq So much Mblaq Will be the first and wishing i could meet them in person. Andi wish iWIll win the Sign ALbums
    Youtube Username:Chonnyiscute
    Thanks Simon and martina You guys Are sooooooooo Lucky! ;A;
    Martina Your so Cute In the Start <3 :3

    8 years ago
  34. youtube name : hoddylim
    i first fall in love with mblaq due to their charismatic which is what they portray a lot in ‘OhYeah’ debut song since im a Cloud (rain’s fan) and listening to rain’s introducing mblaq in the opening oh yeah was kindda exciting !!! their stage was really strong and the song makes you wanna stand up and do some body waves. The love for mblaq got even deeper when i watched their variety show with they trash talking their boss (rain) and being all dorky which actually shows much more of themselves rather than the serious mblaq on stage. Each member never fails to impress me with their desire to stand out in the group. In addition, i could never choose a bias between mblaq !!! its IMPOSSIBLE i love all members !!! 

    8 years ago
  35. I fell in love with Mblaq when i watch their Sesame Player and what makes me fall in love with them is that they are so mischievous and they are so nice to everyone especially to their fans. Those charismatic Mblaqians on stage would turn to 5 cute, funny village boys when they are not on stage and that makes me totally throw my heart to them! <3~ winterly96 on Youtube :) 
    Love Simon and Martina so much!  Love Eatyourkimchi at the same time!

    8 years ago
  36. I’ll be really honest, I didn’t get into MBLAQ until recently when I watched their Hello Baby, but they are so funny and cute that you just can’t help but fall in love with them. <3 Then seeing This Is War (Along with the eatyourkimchi review) just made the love more concrete. =)

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: They are actually taller than I thought they would be! I mean, Simon is still a giant in comparison but at least they aren't looking like dwarves. <3

    8 years ago
  37. woooo the second skit would be really epic

    8 years ago
  38. Aww Poor Mblaq looked so tired! :[

    8 years ago
  39. I’ve been waiting to see !^^ thank you so much :)
    I fell in love with MBLAQ since the first time I saw them dancing ! (especially joon :p , when he does… you know… shekshiii move~ !!! -#__#- ) ! They have a strong personnality, and they’re really funny ! I love the chemestry between them and they were so cute in hello baby ! -^___^-
    btw,.. Martina, how could you stand in front of such pretty guys ? hehehe
    thank you again ;) . ruckiie

    8 years ago
  40. I fell in love with them because they are unique. They are idols who can be sexy an charismatic on stage, but out of stage they can be adorkable and cute~ Their music is really different to other male idols music, and when you listen to one of their songs or watch one of their performances you know fastly they are MBLAQ! They love each other like brothers, and they are always telling the truth on interviews~ And they do their best to have a perfect performance! Also, in my opinion A+ is one of the most caring and lovely fandoms, I felt really well when I met other A+
    Youtube’s username: ayamekisaragi

    8 years ago