Woohoo! Our interview with MFBTY is now ready for the world to see! It’s in three parts: the first being talk about their album and video. The second part is their actual video (check it out, yo!) and then the third is more personal questions about them as artists, the music industry, and just some more personal stuff as well. We hope you like it! We’re still experimenting with different interview formats, so this looks a bit different than our Clazziquai Project interview, and it looks different than our Eric Nam interview (which we’re still working on), so let us know what you think :D

Anyhow, we were really happy with this interview. We were supposed to only talk with them for an hour, but we almost went on for two hours because the conversation was going so well. We even told MFBTY that we didn’t want to go past their deadline, but they were totally down for staying longer, which was really awesome of them. Seriously, those guise are cool. And they have so much insight into the industry, and we would have loved to have sat with them for hours more and just gobbled it all up. We’re happy with what we got, though. It was just hella difficult to edit! How do you choose what to cut out and what to keep? It’s all so good!

More importantly, we were really amazed with what TigerJK told us. He was really happy to be able to do this interview with us, which surprised the hell out of us because – really – the honor is ours, not theirs! WE’RE the ones that are lucky to have them come by the studio! The point is, though, that he wound up thanking everyone on Twitter for organizing this. It was you Twitter Nasties who kept on Tweeting us, MFBTY, and their company, in hopes of getting this all arranged. It was your hard work that made this happen. So, thank you all, really, for setting this up. One of the things we always talk about when we describe our channel, even when we’re here in Tokyo talking to CEOs about what makes our channel successful, is that you guise, you Nasties, aren’t our audience. You’re our collaborators. We’re not making videos for you, but WITH you. The effort you put into this site and these videos we do our best to match. This interview is as much a product of your work as it is ours. So, thank you. Really. TL;DR – HARASS JYJ TO GET THEM TO COME TO THE STUDIO! Hahahaha no, I’m joking…

or am I?

Moving on, now for the CD Giveaway! Yes, we’ll be giving away a BOATLOAD of signed, not for retail purchase, MFBTY CDs! Good luck getting these anywhere else. We could have kept them all for ourselves, but we want to give them to you instead. Thank you all for making this interview happen. Here’s what you gotta do:

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And, lastly, we’ve got some extra footage from the event that didn’t make it in. Check it out!


  1. Omg, I laughed so hard when I saw the people next to the mini marshmallow sticker booth watching MFBTY take photos

  2. martina was it on purpose or a coincidence that you wore the same sweater design that tiger jk wore for these ads? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llzj_r1rIY4&feature=share

  3. BTw, I like this fimling style better than Clazziquai. I like seeing more of the interviewer. I would like a few group shots in there, just for cohesiveness, but they don’t have to be as long. I liked seeing Simon bts too!

  4. Amazing interview! They seem so fun to be with. I grew up in Miami and I definitely feel some city flava!

  5. Where did they announce the Google+ winners of the CD giveaway? >__<

  6. Bizzy somehow reminds me of P.O from Block B

  7. I love the sceen where he shoots out into space and sees the astronot animation was just astounding even the re entry, but it is rivaled with me with the english courus. It took a while and a few watchings to see but the car sceen near the begining seems to be an elution cause later their sitting on the medical bed acting like their driving off but in reality are stuck which is the meaning of the song as being stuck away from someone

  8. I fudging love this song! There are 3 parts that are recurring in my
    head. 1 When the mechanical tiger ripped into him, for me it showed how
    all the pain and suffering was holding him down how it was almost
    consuming, it was eating him up. 2 When he flew up above the ‘earth’, it
    felt like he was breaking free of everything that weighed him down.
    When he finally woke up in the end It was kinda like coming back to face
    reality, a new day; masking everything he subconsciously felt inside.

  9. The mv and the song were fantastic. It’s a man that is having problems going througth his life because there are lots of things that are holding him back and finally he can break the chains and set himself free and jump into the abyss or in this case be expelled into space. The detail that i like is the part that they show the astronaut that represent the austrian Felix Baumgartner, they use an actual event to give a simbolic meaning.

  10. I had this song as my ring tone since it first appeared, but I still
    love it. One of my favorite parts in this MV is when the three of them
    are in the car driving through the city and then underwater.
    I also loved the part when Tiger JK returned to Earth leaving that mass
    of air behind him. It was really awesome. The symbol that stood out to
    me the most is the “treatment” that Tiger JK had to endure. Obviously he
    had gone through so much pain and hardship, but in the end he is and
    will be fine.

  11. angelicad7: I couldn’t help but think about what Tiger JK has to deal with not being able to move and wanting to move freely. You can feel liked you are chained up & immobilize but the moment he broke free and rose up to space was awesomely wicked.

  12. Great interview!

    My favourite part of the video was definitely the outer space/flying up from the bed and then crashing back to earth part. It was just really beautiful to look at, and even the bed collapsing was nice. That’s almost what it feels like waking up from weird dreams sometimes, like you’re crashing back to reality.

  13. you said : “Our Interview with MFBTY: Part 1″!

    is that there will be some Part 2?

  14. I really liked the part with Jeep too! It showed them traveling together, exploring both on land and IN the sea~ Then the scene changes and you see them on the bed not really moving but rather living in the dream.

  15. My favorite part is when the tiger came and ate Jk ! I think a lot of the things on the video had to do with JK sickness !! Loke he not being able to moveand the tiger that came in and tore him apart, fot me it was a bit sad !! I liked also the part were he sees the astrounat and then you realize than that is Felix the guy that jumped form the space, I don’t know what it means but I liked it !

  16. To answer the contest question the Jesus move at the end with the one
    band member wearing a “crown of thorns”with his arms open and the face
    painted on his chest really stood out to me. It confirmed to me that the
    band are different “gods” Trying to bring this guy back to life or perhaps fighting over his soul.

  17. I really loved the part when they coat with flour the steak, I don’t know what kind or if it was a symbol at all, but when I saw it I was like yah, if you do it that’s how you do it man! XD

  18. I thought an interesting part was being on the table a la Frankenstein, connected to the electrodes. I also loved the jaguar/tiger.

  19. I think it’s when he woke up after everything happened

  20. The symbol that stood out most to me, was when Tiger was breaking throught Earth’s atmosphere, much like MFBTY is doing with Korean mainstream and hopefully other places around the world as well. Love the interview and hope to see more like it soon!!

  21. The entire video is like the formation of MFBTY. The Tiger JK that’s lying on the table isn’t TJK but rather the idea of MFBTY. The body is MFBTY.

    In the beginning we see Tasha as the one pulling the switch and somewhat “creating” the body (like she said in the interview, she’s kinda like the boss). When the car forms about the body we see all three of them so to represent a “vehicle of their expressions”.

    Then we see the three of them enter the room and start to work on the body and bring it to life. The first time, they “spark” the body and get it to start breathing. When they come back, Tasha is the one that labels the body as “MFBTY” (also mentioned in the interview). The Bizzy places the meat or “fuel” for the Tiger to tear it up.

    The body then explodes with pain, sufferings, and even excitement(firecrackers), perhaps a foreshadowing of future subjects of MFBTY’s songs. The body flies up to meet Felix, the one who looked fear and death straight in the eye, and then comes crashing down back onto the table at supersonic speed (breaking the SOUND barrier).

    Behind TJK are the words(not exactly sure but my guess) “Jaguar Africa” the jaguar perhaps as his inspiration to be a Tiger and Africa to show his respect for Tasha’s father. Tasha has “Jordan” behind her to tell us that it’s all for her son and the love she has for him.

    The end scene with TigerJK with his portrait on his chest makes him a Korean “Jesus” to show that with his sacrifice of his career (maybe he’s done with making his own music?) he’s going to bring life to MFBTY, which then the body gets up.

    It’s kinda long but i guess the symbol that stood out the most was that the body was MFBTY. We never really see its face clearly (to prevent us from thinking it’s TJK) , just the body.

  22. The symbol that stood out to me the most in this video is the concept of “renewal” or a sense of being “resurrected”. What I appreciate about this video is its stark resemblance to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly’s, “Frankenstein”. Placed on a surgical table, the main character is given life through artificial means, similar to Dr. Frankenstein granting life to the Creature via electrical storm. After his “renewal”, which comes at the expense of being mutilated by the “Machine” (a common metaphor to the ‘business’), the character is “on a whole ‘nutha level”. The industry has now made him into a creature that supersedes his former identify. Or something like that.

  23. Did I miss the video with the winners of the MFBTY cd?

  24. please interview bigbang

  25. Hm I loved the video as a whole, but my favorite concept was the human=machine idea. They had him all hooked up to these medical things, as if preserving his life, keeping him alive. But in the end, he is shown to be completely mechanical. I think this showed a really true contrast in human life. Our biological mechanisms versus the emotional, vulnerable aspect.

  26. I’m loving MFBTY(please forgive the month of ignorance since this has been out!!) and how different they are from most KPop I’ve heard so far.

    This song is mad eclectic – it jumps between so many genres of music but flows perfectly. Whether they stay with this style or not, I think it is amazing! And now I have a solid crush on Bizzy :)

  27. I’m loving MFBTY(please forgive the month of ignorance since this has been out!!) and how different they are from most KPop I’ve heard so far.

    This song is mad eclectic – it jumps between so many genres of music but flows perfectly. Whether they stay with this style or not, I think it is amazing! And now I have a solid crush on Bizzy :)

  28. I loved the correlation between the song and video during the part that talked about karma. The spikes and razors tearing him apart from the inside matched perfectly with the video and even the music at that point in time, and stood out to me a lot ^^

  29. (Worth a shot)
    The symbolism that really stood out to me the most was the shackles. Yes, they weren’t as “big” as the tiger going for the steak on Tiger JK’s stomach. However, the shackles could represent how he’s being held back by someone or something. He was trying to fight it and escape but he was not able to. He then gave up. He was then tortured by the metal tiger, was shot into outer space, and then crashed back down to Earth. In the end, everything in the room disappeared and you can see the shackles hanging open on the side of the bed. He is free.

  30. Loved their MV~ >3< The most interesting thing about this video is the editing and the special effects! My favorite parts were when TigerJK was in space and the part where all three of them were in the car underwater. And you can see them acting goofy in the MV too~ The symbol that stood out to me the most was TigerJK being held down by his disease, his struggles set against him, and Yoon Mirae in the present trying to save him and the past Yoon time travelling to come and save him. It showed she loved him no matter what time he was living in and wanted him to live. Then he was set free and became alive again. Once he was free, he was able to reach for the stars, beating whatever was holding him down! Love EYK & MFBTY~~~ <3 Fighting! Nomu saranghae~

  31. The symbol that stuck out to me the most is when Tiger JK at the end of the video had his arms outstretched and hung his head like he was surrendering to something (the music, to finding his own path, idk).

  32. This was a fantastic interview, you guys. Your best yet. Loved it!!

  33. I really enjoyed how the symbiosis between man and machine: the tiger, that represent dreams and creativity, with man as representing reality, the palpable. Once the two unite into a whole, the possibilities are endless and one can only reach for the stars and conquer the Earth.

  34. For me what stood out the most was that JK’s hands and feet were in chains and I also often feel chained down and this song and music video are a great inspiration to me. I love MFBTY! And EYK as well:)

  35. I just posted my comment a few hours ago but it went away when I log back in… :( well here are my thoughts again. :)
    The most interesting scene was the scene when the tiger started to have a taste of Tiger JK. I believe that the main symbolism was Tiger JK on the bed. In my opinion, it represented the time when Tiger JK began to experience the effect of transverse myelitis. He was restraint to his bed because of this terrible disease and Yoo Mi Rae would always looking down at him with feeling sadness and helplessness because she couldn’t do anything. This disease had put so much restraint on him that whenever he tries to break free, he couldn’t (noted by the part that he was revolting in his bed). But now he is resurrected, he will not let this disease constraint him any longer, he’s tiger, and he will show the world that he can do the impossible (noted by the scene where he was shot up into space). And whatever he does and wherever he goes, Yoo Mi Rae will go wherever he goes.

  36. what’s interesting was the scence when the tiger started to have a taste of tiger JK. I believe that the main symbolism was Tiger JK on the bed, I think it represent the time when he was realize that he had tranverse myelitis. He couldn’t leave his bed because of it and even Yoon Mi Rae couldn’t do much with him, looking at him with much sadness (although she tries to hide her pain with her half smile). Although he did try to break free, he couldn’t because the disease had put so much restraint on him. But he’s a tiger, he canfight back this terrible disease and wherever he goes Yoon Mi Rae go with him. With this new group his dream would just be to do things that out of this world and show people that you can fight whatever that’s holding you back.

  37. this is random, but I have that exact vacuum cleaner!

  38. This interview is gonna be so legendary! Definitely one of the best things EYK has ever done up to date!!!

    As for the video…… I like the part where they are travelling on the bed with Tiger JK on the wheel :D It’s like the travel going on inside his head when he dreams, shackled to that bed… Just now he’s steering himself

    my youtube name is taemunah

  39. guys vote this up if you want Simon & martina have an interview with JYJ…Pplz!!!~

  40. I’m not sure of the symbolism of this, but the most interesting thing about the music video to me was the inclusion of Felix Baumgartner/Red Bull Stratos. It gave me space feels and reminded me of watching it live and man was that ever terrifying.

    And this may be less symbolic and more thematic, but I like the elements of time in the lyrics (e.g. “We were meant to be another time, another life / Probably, possibly, you would be mine … I want to go where you are”) and the visual representation of it in the video with the different styles of clothes (most notably Yoon Mirae’s dress and hair), the technology/equipment that looks like it comes from different eras to the bits in space, etc. I guess I just like stories that deal with love over time/reincarnation/whatever, which this song/video seems to do. Since it’s almost entirely in Korean and I don’t speak the language, I’m at the mercy of online translators. I really hope I’m not too terribly off here.

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