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Our Interview with MFBTY

February 21, 2013


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Woohoo! Our interview with MFBTY is now ready for the world to see! It’s in three parts: the first being talk about their album and video. The second part is their actual video (check it out, yo!) and then the third is more personal questions about them as artists, the music industry, and just some more personal stuff as well. We hope you like it! We’re still experimenting with different interview formats, so this looks a bit different than our Clazziquai Project interview, and it looks different than our Eric Nam interview (which we’re still working on), so let us know what you think :D

Anyhow, we were really happy with this interview. We were supposed to only talk with them for an hour, but we almost went on for two hours because the conversation was going so well. We even told MFBTY that we didn’t want to go past their deadline, but they were totally down for staying longer, which was really awesome of them. Seriously, those guise are cool. And they have so much insight into the industry, and we would have loved to have sat with them for hours more and just gobbled it all up. We’re happy with what we got, though. It was just hella difficult to edit! How do you choose what to cut out and what to keep? It’s all so good!

More importantly, we were really amazed with what TigerJK told us. He was really happy to be able to do this interview with us, which surprised the hell out of us because – really – the honor is ours, not theirs! WE’RE the ones that are lucky to have them come by the studio! The point is, though, that he wound up thanking everyone on Twitter for organizing this. It was you Twitter Nasties who kept on Tweeting us, MFBTY, and their company, in hopes of getting this all arranged. It was your hard work that made this happen. So, thank you all, really, for setting this up. One of the things we always talk about when we describe our channel, even when we’re here in Tokyo talking to CEOs about what makes our channel successful, is that you guise, you Nasties, aren’t our audience. You’re our collaborators. We’re not making videos for you, but WITH you. The effort you put into this site and these videos we do our best to match. This interview is as much a product of your work as it is ours. So, thank you. Really. TL;DR – HARASS JYJ TO GET THEM TO COME TO THE STUDIO! Hahahaha no, I’m joking…

or am I?

Moving on, now for the CD Giveaway! Yes, we’ll be giving away a BOATLOAD of signed, not for retail purchase, MFBTY CDs! Good luck getting these anywhere else. We could have kept them all for ourselves, but we want to give them to you instead. Thank you all for making this interview happen. Here’s what you gotta do:

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out MFBTY’s “Sweet Dream.” You’ll need to know it well in order to enter the contest. Here’s the video, with contest instructions below

To Our YouTube Subscribers!
1) Click this link to Subscribe to us on YouTube. We only give CDs away to YouTube subscribers :D
2) Let us know in the comments to this video on YouTube, what you thought was most interesting about the Sweet Dream Music Video. MFBTY said there was a lot more to the video and a lot of symbols. What symbol stood out for you the most?

To the Eatyourkimchi.com Nasties:
1) In the comment section below, right here on this page, answer the same question. Boom!

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To the Google + Nasties:
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And, lastly, we’ve got some extra footage from the event that didn’t make it in. Check it out!



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