Woohoo! Here’s the second of our interviews from our the Google Kpop Concert event. Last week we published our interview with the Wonder Girls, which was the easiest video to edit because they all spoke in English. For Sistar and MBLAQ, though, they spoke in Korean, so subbing them into English for you all took a lot longer. But it’s finally here! Woo ooh ooh oooooh! (that was our attempt to sing Sistar’s “Alone”. *Cough*)

We had a pretty hectic schedule to get to Sistar, since we were driving from YouTube headquarters to Google headquarters and we had zero time between events. In fact, they overlapped, so we were tearing out our hair trying to get there for the 5:30pm live broadcast. After breaking some speed limits (I mean, following the rules of the road perfectly legally) we arrived at Google headquarters juuust on time, and as we were running into the building we ran right past MBLAQ chilling in the parking lot standing beside their transportation. I was like, “Oh, isn’t that MBLAQ? NO TIME RIGHT NOW!!!” Yes. It was crazy.

We ran up to filming area and I ran into the kitchen to get water but I ran straight into Sistar! It was so funny, we’re all like, “OH! HI!” and started greeting each other awkwardly. But soon we started talking about my pink hair, and matching nails, and tattoos, and it turned into a funny conversation about using Korean slang, so that broke the ice. But, soon afterwards we were all rushed onto a tiny couch where we all squished together (oohh I was touching Sistar’s legs with my legs) and started broadcasting live before any of us knew it! Haha, such a funny start to the interview!

Anyways, here’s a secret for the blog readers only! The fan questions that were being asked to Sistar by the other live chat people were actually our interview questions, but at the last minute it was decided to to a live Google+ hangout, so the schedule got turned around and we were all flustered as to what the heck was going on, which is why any of you that saw the chat live, also saw the Korean-English translator as being flustered, as well as the rest of us looking around a bit confused. In the end, I think it worked out okay because Sistar were SO SUPER NICE and really understanding! They just rolled with the punches, and were really talkative both before, during, and after the interview. Unfortunately, we had to run downstairs to meet with MBLAQ right away (who were just dying of jet lag since they were the last group being interviewed) so we couldn’t stick around for too long for photos or anything. At that point, it felt like, 2 or 3am for all of us that flew in from Korea, so we were all just floored from jetlag, but luckily, we got CDs signed by everyone! YAYAAAA!!!!

Sistar Autographed CD Contest Rules

So, yeah! We’ve got three copies of their CD to give away. Oooh you saw them being signed, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!?! So, if you want one of those CDs, you’ve got three chances to win. Here’s how:

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And we’ve got some extra scenes from the event, for you die hard Sistar fans. It’s not much, but it shows some different angles, as well as Sistar talking about my foot tattoos before the show. They liked my tattoos. COOL!


  1. I love Sistar because they are all beautiful, confident women and their singing is very empowering to all girls. They are also so humble and sweet offstage you can feel their love for each other and their fans! Sistar is that older “sister” who will always look out for you and you’ll always look up too!

    Youtube: puppichu

  2. Andriella here from Canada:

    Why I like sistar?I like sistar because they are very talented; sing and dance awesomely in any genre (cute, sexy etc.), very athletic, entertaining in variety shows/interviews and lots more that will bring a smile or laugh. Most of all they act like themselves & are hard working :)SISTAR 파이팅 ! CANADIANS ROCK xP

  3. Just wondering- what happened to the U-kiss CD giveaway?  Maybe you already announced the winner and I missed it, or did you forgot about it last week since you just traveled back stateside (or really providence-side since you’re in Canada) which is totally understandable- when I travel it’s really impressive if I remember to pack all my clothes).

  4. YT: cloiebuggeater
    I really like how accessible Sistar is. All the fan accounts I read the always say how nice they are and how they are winning more fans by the way they treat people. I also really like the last single, the longer skirts and the cool dance in the video.

  5. Youtube user: Livillys
    Another thing that I love about Sistar is their team work. I mean.. all Kpop groups will say that they have a very good team work and most of them really does, but I personally thinks that Sistar has one of the best ones. The part were they say they pay attention to each other costumes and dance routines was really cute to see. It shows how much they care for each member and how each one is important for the group. Also I love they way they joke around.. I have seen this before and it is so nice to watch ^^ even if they are embarrassed and make a “I’ll kill you” face hehe
    I just love them very much!!!!  

  6. What I love about Sistar, besides from their music, is that they are real. They don’t try to copy anybody and they are just themselves. Also, I like that they are down-to-earth and all the love that they show to their fans all over the world. They don’t think of them as the best and are very nice people (as what I see on TV shows).
    Youtube username: DJTamBC

  7. i love them! i love everything about them! theyre so athletic and sexy!!

  8. Haiiiii!!!!!! I love Sistar SO MUCH!!!! there are too many reasons why i love you guys but here is one!!!     
    I love how open they are and even though they were so tired they were able to stick through the interview with SO MUCH energy!!! thank you for being so honest and funny!!! Fighting!!!!! Love you Sistar!!!! ^^ ♥ Stay sexshiii!!!!! Keep up the great work ^^!!!!

  9.  It’s My SISTAR’s anniversary today !!!!! ♥
    Proud be a a Star1
    ♥ Hyorin ♥ Soyu ♥ Bora ♥ Dasom

  10. youtube: joannamariesmile

    I love SISTAR because they’re sexy not because of their body but their confidence. They’re not trying to hard but it’s just natural for them :) 
    They’re playful and super nice. I saw Hyorin in Dream High 2 and she was amazing!

  11. Simon and Martina did a really good job in the interview. I don’t know why but I didn’t like the way Sistar came across. Especially because they seemed to be making fun of Martina a teeny bit because of her Korean. Just in comparison, Wonder Girls seemed much more open and sweet. But like they said, they were super tired and Jet-lagged, so maybe that’s why. Not being a big fan of kpop girl groups in general, the Wonder Girls interview made me kind of like them more, where this interview kept me at that level of indifference for Sistar.

    But again, I’m not bagging on Sistar. They were jet-lagged. Sure.

  12. I LOVE SISTAR BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE. They have the beauty, the talent, the body, the flexibility, the dancing. ALL OF IT IS JUST <3. They expressed confidence and female sensuality. And they are consistent. There was never one release from them that I didn't love.THEY ARE CONFIDENT, TALENTED, AND GORGEOUS. I LOVE THAT <3 

  13. I love EatYourKimChi and Sistar :D
    Well I think they are all very talented and they seems to be happy doing the interview.  

     I like SISTAR because they are really unique… Their choreographies unlike from other kpop groups are simpler but they give sth special to it. Their dances are confident and cool. They don’t need complex moves to make a good video…actually they don’t really need a video! Their great voices are more than enough! I really like their latest song Alone, it’s among top 5 on my mp3.  It’s really catchy and they look beautiful.
    I’ve always liked SISTAR, but ever since Hyorin with her amazing voice appeared in Dream High, I pay much much more attention to them. I hope I’ll win the signed CD because it will mean so much to me! *___* LOVE YOU SISTAR!!!


  16. Hi  Simon & Martina !!

    Good Evening since I’m from the Philippines…I am a really HUGE DIE HARD FAN OF SISTAR TOO. Well because they are

    1. UNIQUE
    2. PRETTY
    3. NICE
    5. AWESOME. 
    8. to me they are the B E S T !
    9. very FLEXIBLE in changing different concepts
    12. Bora being SUPER ATHLETIC
    13. Dasom’s superiority in other LANGUAGES
    14. Soyu’s Cute BABY face and VOCALS 

    and here are other reasons i love them : 
    Especially Sistar’s Leader : Hyorin, her powerful amazing vocal’s inspires me more in my singing practices..well Im having voice lessons. And her amazing dance skills like Bora’s too.. I’ve been watching online streams just to see them and some of my favorite KPOP Idols. Soyu & Dasom are really pretty and loving to their FANS. Dasom’s English is so good too. I love them ever since their debut song : PUSH PUSH to SHADY GIRL , from shady girl to HOW DARE YOU and from how dare you to MA BOY – SO COOL then after so cool the best concept ever ALONE <3 I like sistar's way of showing their CONFIDENT selves, & I can't even wait to see them if they visit the Philippines like what Hyorin said.. there are many beautiful places in the Philippines.. B E S T S I S T A R <3 FIGHTING!!! 

    Youtube Name: blaqb2stexo

  17. **Contest Answser**
      Well, I actually only found Sistar recently, thanks to Dream High 2. I loved Hyorin in it and she slowly became my idol after I realised she was in a band. So I checked out some of their songs and fell in love with them! All of the members have touched my heart in such a short amount of time. Funny, dorky, close together, kind-hearted – all the features of a perfect idol group [Not to mention adorable!!].
      I haven’t been in their fandom for long, but I’ve listened to all their songs. Even if I haven’t been here from the beginning, I know I’ll be here til the end ^^
    Sistar was actually the first K-Pop group I ever loved!!
    >>>Youtube Name : BleachManiac70<<<

  18. Hi  Simon & Martina !!

    Good Evening since I’m from the Philippines…I am a really HUGE DIE HARD FAN OF SISTAR TOO. Well because they are UNIQUE, PRETTY, NICE, CONFIDENT and AWESOME. Especially Sistar’s Leader : Hyorin, her powerful amazing vocal’s inspires me more in my singing practices..well Im having voice lessons. And her amazing dance skills like Bora’s too.. I’ve been watching online streams just to see them and some of my favorite KPOP Idols. Soyu & Dasom are really pretty and loving to their FANS. Dasom’s English is so good too. I love them ever since their debut song : PUSH PUSH to SHADY GIRL , from shady girl to HOW DARE YOU and from how dare you to MA BOY – SO COOL then after so cool the best concept ever ALONE <3 I like sistar's way of showing their CONFIDENT selves, & I can't even wait to see them if they visit the Philippines like what Hyorin said.. there are many beautiful places in the Philippines.. B E S T S I S T A R <3 FIGHTING!!! 

    Youtube Name: IselfyMeI

  19. YouTube name: haycheepoop – 
    I love SISTAR because well, all their comebacks and albums are always so fun, their music is so uplifting and addicting! They always have a fun and unique choreography (bums!) Not only do they ALL sing great, but their personalities all seem so fun and it feels like they really want to all connect with their fans (but damn oceans blocking us all)~ They seem sincere and really great girls! And because I’m also a girl, they give off this warm feeling, like if I’m close to them, they’d be great friends and I’m also at the age to be their little sistar (see what I did there? LOL :P) and they would be awesome SISTARs :3 Oh~ and not to mention, their sjfdghsdjghfsjgh voices ♥

  20. Why I love Sistar… because they are not like other girl groups. They are beautiful and talented, and they don’t have to be cute or doing the aegyo to be good. They show what kind of people they are through their music and I like this personality very much. 
    This is why I cherish them very much.

  21. Sistar is amazing because they have awesome vocals and their choreography is smokin’ :D most of all, HYORIN IS IN THE GROUP!!!

  22. What do I love about SISTAR? One sentence: They’re simply SISTAR!

    They are sooo amazing and wonderful not only as a KPOP group but also as persons. I’ve watched almost all their lives because they have AMAZING vocals-slash-harmony, perfect dance routines, and the fire of determination to perform even when they feel bad; their interviews to get to know more about them and find everything to love about them; and their variety shows which leads me to a conclusion that SISTAR is one of the most DOWN-TO-EARTH, KINDEST, and undeniably LOVABLE groups.


  23. Sistar, one of the most amazing girl bands there is.. we love them all the time, we know a lot of small details about them, we even try to imitate Hyorin’s corky laugh, and we will always support their MVs whether they banned them or not.. they’ve become undeniably strong, and amazingly talented . Love and Support from Jordan, Middle east. 
    Youtube User Name: Wassan20


  25. Sistar – Cool and laid back.  And boobies!  Boobies FIGHTING!  Ulgo Bulgo!  ULGO BULGO!!!

    YT – mrbeeg

  26. Well, just wanna say you two did a great job. Actually I didn’t know that they had a k-pop concert in the USA lol and I don’t even imagine how you try hard to complete this video! (personal question/ how do you get all that subs in English? Do you understand all Korean they said?) Wooh! Anyhow thank you for the effort! And you’re so cute when you speak Korean, Martina. :) A bit surprised that Simon is Oppa :p

  27. “we ran right past MBLAQ chilling in the parking lot standing beside their transportation.” Why am I reminded of Mona Lisa and the petrol station LOL? I’m just picturing it now, suddenly S&M rushing past, stopping for a second to look at MBLAQ being very bored … and then rushing away again … it was funny in my head!

    And all the little sound effects when they state that Hyorin takes the longest to get ready LOL. So cute~

  28. I love their honestly and how relaxed and at ease they were during the interview:)  Hoping that I’ll be able to see them live during my time here in Korea!!!

  29. Hyorin was so amused lol
    And Bora repeating the “all around the world” comment hahaha x’D
    So CUTE
    Dasom’s English is really really good, I was impressed when I heard her in the concert o-o 

  30. I love SISTAR because they all have beautiful voices. They are all very pretty. and i just love their songs 

    youtube : Chaydxiv

  31. I love “SISTAR” because of their personalities! 
    1. They are so down to earth. 
    2. Have a fantastic sense of humor
    3. They know how to make people smile :) 
    4. I really love their hardworking personality, especially when i saw Hyolyn performs on their Alone comeback even when she had a 104’F fever :'( I was really worried for her. But she still managed to finish their performance on their comebacks! ♥
    5. Bora’s childish personality. When i see her do some of her childish acts, i go like : OMG OMG ASDAAZXKSDV! BORA BORA BORA ♥ Aigyeo!
    6. Their voices, especially Hyolyn :3 I dropped my jaw on the floor when i heard Hyolyn’s sang, seriously!
    7. Bora’s rapping skills ♥ For my point of view, Bora is the best girl rapper in the whole world!
    8. How they perform. I really enjoy when i watch them performs :D They really enjoy what they’re doing and at the same time the people who watch them enjoys it too. 
    9. Their figures. They are soooooo seeexyyy ♥ ! Their sexiness was the first reason that they caught my eye. ♥_♥ They’re not so thin neither fat. I think that their bodies are perfect.
    10. How they interact with their fans :) I have a lot of friends that was members of the official STAR1. And they said that they really give bonding time with their fans. How i wish i’m in South Korea. :/ 
    11. And finally, they motivate me. Seriously! :( Whenever I’m depressed, i just listen to their songs to get motivation and continue on with my life. I really had so much to go trough. I may not look like that and i know that commonly people thinks that everyone has problems. But mine is different. I personally wish that they achieve their dreams. I will be the first person to be soo happy if i saw them living their dreams! I have alot to say about how i love sistar. But my english skills are not that good, so i’m having a hard time writing this xD. I’ts just that i really want to express how i feel about them. They’re my favorite persons in the whole wide world! ♥ I wish them the best and to be the BEST even though they’re the best for me ^^ Haha! Sistar Fighting!

  32. I LOVE HYORIN and BORA~!!! ok, i admit, im not as big of a fan as i am for SuJu, but hey, SISTAR is one of the few girl groups i love/enjoy watching in variety shows!!! T^T lately they just guested in Runningman XD i love how bora tried (even if she’s already been caught) to escape once more XD ps. been a kpop fan for almost 6 years , never had a single CD purchased T^T can’t afford, im too poor to buy one >__< if i'll ever have this CD, it'll be like an anniversary gift for myself T^T

  33. I love Sistar cuz they are strong and feminine and funny and cute at the same time. And though they have many fans they still work really hard and stay humble. And they’re music is so catchy. :D Doo-doo -doo-tooo- trum-bum-bum-bum-bum-Doo-doo -doo-tooo XD
     YouTube: montmorensi

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SISTAR! Kiss ass dancingThe thing I love about them most is that they represent a different and confident type of womanly charms. Definitely role model material. They are not only confident in their musical talents, they are confident in their not ubber skinny bodies. As a woman I believe that curves are much better than stick skinny, they are the perfect example for younger girls that healthier bodies are much sexier. I also appreciate the type of music variety they bring into kpop. Their hip-hop, electric, RnB, dance music is definitely done right and is much different than other cutesy bubble pop girl groups, not that I don’t like that but its really refreshing to have SISTAR’s variety. STAR1 for life!
    Youtube ID: Scarsandguitars

  35. I love how sistar is down to earth. They are so sexy and pretty. A very good role model to all girls. Their music is very addictive and very fun. I pray for their success and joy. Sistar Hwating! btw, Martina, I would totally buy you an ice cream if you do that aegyo on me. hehe. <3

  36. That is so awesome that they mentioned the Kpop Masters Concert in Las Vegas. I was actually there and at the time I had only ever heard “My Boy.” Seeing them perform live made me a huge Sistar fan. I’m so glad you two got to interview them. <3
    -IslandUrban on YouTube

  37. I love them cause they are different like in their personalities. I will say Sistar is one of the nicest people I ever met in my life. They treat their fans the best and they really try to remember fans name like Bora eonnie knows my name and she knows what I do too, I was shock that she knows things about me and Hyolyn called me with my job title which I really appreciate. They are so talented too and they are not fakes. I love them to the max. Sistar is the reason why I love KPOP now. Without Sistar I might not love KPOP..

    –Janelly21– from Hawaii USA but working in Osan South Korea…

  38. I love how SISTAR is very humble and still work so hard even though they are not rookies in the Kpop industry anymore. 

  39. I love Sistar because when I was lucky enough to see them perform live they impressed me so much I became a fan. 

    YouTube Username: Mel81Sh

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