Woohoo! Here’s the second of our interviews from our the Google Kpop Concert event. Last week we published our interview with the Wonder Girls, which was the easiest video to edit because they all spoke in English. For Sistar and MBLAQ, though, they spoke in Korean, so subbing them into English for you all took a lot longer. But it’s finally here! Woo ooh ooh oooooh! (that was our attempt to sing Sistar’s “Alone”. *Cough*)

We had a pretty hectic schedule to get to Sistar, since we were driving from YouTube headquarters to Google headquarters and we had zero time between events. In fact, they overlapped, so we were tearing out our hair trying to get there for the 5:30pm live broadcast. After breaking some speed limits (I mean, following the rules of the road perfectly legally) we arrived at Google headquarters juuust on time, and as we were running into the building we ran right past MBLAQ chilling in the parking lot standing beside their transportation. I was like, “Oh, isn’t that MBLAQ? NO TIME RIGHT NOW!!!” Yes. It was crazy.

We ran up to filming area and I ran into the kitchen to get water but I ran straight into Sistar! It was so funny, we’re all like, “OH! HI!” and started greeting each other awkwardly. But soon we started talking about my pink hair, and matching nails, and tattoos, and it turned into a funny conversation about using Korean slang, so that broke the ice. But, soon afterwards we were all rushed onto a tiny couch where we all squished together (oohh I was touching Sistar’s legs with my legs) and started broadcasting live before any of us knew it! Haha, such a funny start to the interview!

Anyways, here’s a secret for the blog readers only! The fan questions that were being asked to Sistar by the other live chat people were actually our interview questions, but at the last minute it was decided to to a live Google+ hangout, so the schedule got turned around and we were all flustered as to what the heck was going on, which is why any of you that saw the chat live, also saw the Korean-English translator as being flustered, as well as the rest of us looking around a bit confused. In the end, I think it worked out okay because Sistar were SO SUPER NICE and really understanding! They just rolled with the punches, and were really talkative both before, during, and after the interview. Unfortunately, we had to run downstairs to meet with MBLAQ right away (who were just dying of jet lag since they were the last group being interviewed) so we couldn’t stick around for too long for photos or anything. At that point, it felt like, 2 or 3am for all of us that flew in from Korea, so we were all just floored from jetlag, but luckily, we got CDs signed by everyone! YAYAAAA!!!!

Sistar Autographed CD Contest Rules

So, yeah! We’ve got three copies of their CD to give away. Oooh you saw them being signed, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!?! So, if you want one of those CDs, you’ve got three chances to win. Here’s how:

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And we’ve got some extra scenes from the event, for you die hard Sistar fans. It’s not much, but it shows some different angles, as well as Sistar talking about my foot tattoos before the show. They liked my tattoos. COOL!


  1. I Can’t believe you guys doing an interview with Sistar ..

  2. OK I’ve fallen for SISTAR now.

  3. I love SISTAR because the girls are the perfect examples of idols. Beautiful, refined, sexy, cute, talented, and funloving :) Their songs are always so catchy and done so well, these girls are probably one of my favorite Kpop groups <3 (MysteryMagic24)

  4. Hi simon and martina. Well my names Amy Huynh and i live in Australia. Wow. I’m to late. But or well. You 2are amazing by the way. If I got those CDs I would not give them away. I love SISTAR because of so many reasons so I will only share a few.
    They have amazing voices and they are so heavenly. I love how energetic they are. There always got a beautiful smile on there faces which just light up he darkness of my life. They enjoy things really well. They have an amazing sense of humor. They can speak English and sometimes its a bit fluent which is really good. ( especially for the fans in other countries lie, me).  They can defiantly act. Well Hyorin can. There personality is so childish but is cute and awesome at the same time. They are naturally pretty. I love watching dream high2 with Hyorin in it and immoral song episodes. They don’t lip sync. They support each other. They are caring. There so sweet and kind hearted. 
    Sorry I can’t do anymore cause its already 1:58am in the morning. It’s Monday. I could write a billion more things but it’s to late. GOOD LUCK TO THE WINNERS AND CONGRATS. WISH I COULD HAVE WON. I LOVE SISTAR AND THEY ARE THE BEST.

  5. Hi Simon and Martina. Well I know I’m late and I wont be accepted but anyways. My names Amy huynh and I live in Austrialia. I love SISTAR and they are so beautiful. If I were you two I would not be giving away such precious CDs. But anyways I’ll share some reason why there amazing. I won’t get the CDs though :*( I guess an 11 year old girl can’t get amazing CDs. But that’s fine.

    Well to start off with SISTAR have amazing voices that sound heavenly. They have an amazing sense of humor and have adorable laughs. There smiles can light up the room. There so beautiful and cute >_< there song are unique and are awesome!

  6. Hi Simon and Martin. I know a 11 year old would probably not win but I’ll try!
    Hi my names Amy huynh and I live in Australia. There are too many reasons why I love amazing SISTAR. So I’ll try to list and tell you why I love them.
    It already might be to late :*(

    They are amazing at projecting there voices and there voices are Truely heavenly. They are adorable and beautiful and have cute and funny laughs. They are inspiring and treat there bodies good and sing really good but also like Tom boys and stuff. There really confident. There kind hearted. They are fashionable and are soooo talented! They don’t lp sync. There good at acting. They are ok at English and sometimes can be fluent. There songs can be cute and a little different. They have a good sense of humor and there laughs are adorable. They are down to earth. They are my favorite Korean pop band. They are really energetic and cheerful. They support each other.

    Well done to who ever won. I LOVE SISTAR

  7. Hyorin and her big laugh! SISTAR so cool!

  8. That was so real; I loved it. You don’t get to see a lot of down to earth interviews here in the U.S. They are all played out and rehearsed (too perfect).  I guess you are lucky there was a mixup because it was much more fun this way. Ic an’t wait to see the MBLAQ interview next. Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm. I really enjoy it!!!

  9. Did someone already won?

  10. I was wondering where you guys post who won. No matter where I check twitter, FB, youtube, your site I can’t seem to find anything to see who won these giveaways. Edit: never mind I just saw the video.

  11. I love SISTAR for their sexiness and confidence that they have. They are all truly talented in their field and I hope to see more of them in the future! 

    youtube user name: sparklechick12

  12. I love Sistar because their angel voices <3 Especially Hyorin, that girl is a goddess! I wish them all the best!

    btw my youtube username is gajkin :)

  13.   I
    like Sistar because I love their song. I think Hyorin’s Husky voice is
    awesome and uniquely powerful. And in fact I love how she reacted to
    Martina’s question, she seemed friendly. I also like Bora
    (Pedo-Dongsaeng ON : Awesome body) and Dasom
    because they are as cute as M.Spudgy. Even if I don’t really like Soyu
    (She looked SO b****y in the interview) I think she’s got a good voice
    too. That’s why you Must give me prize or I’ll kill Spudgy (Simon too)
    with my thelepatic powers … Niahaihahia. *ehumm ehum* :)Youtube account : Parkyooo

  14. What I love about Sistar is how much they love their fans. They aren’t snooty and ignore their fans like a lot of celebrities or they don’t get all big-headed about how many fans they have. They are great singers and performers and I see a lot of good work in their future.

    Youtube Username : iturtleturtles

  15. SISTAR …they made my brothers like korean pop. :) AND THAT’S SAYING A LOT . .. . THEY’RE MAGIC. ..so now I could jam with my brothers to kpop especially during long drives.

    SISTAR’s just everything and more. thank you :’)

    youtube: alyel47
    twitter: @leylabellee:twitter 

  16. I love Sistar because they are all beautiful, confident women and their singing is very empowering to all girls. They are also so humble and sweet offstage you can feel their love for each other and their fans! Sistar is that older “sister” who will always look out for you and you’ll always look up too!

    Youtube: puppichu

  17. how much time does it take for you guys to read through all these comments?! There are so many of them on both here, facebook, and youtube! Looking at how much work you guys do just to give out 3 signed CDs, I need to say thank you! Not to mention there are more than one group! In the extras, was Soyu saying that the sun chips were really good? Do they not have sun chips in Korea?

  18. Hi Simon and Martina! Actually, I’ve became a fan of Sistar only recently – when I heard “Alone” :) I wasn’t a fan of girl groups, but it changed when I saw Sistar :) They really are so cool cool cool~ *dances* :D After listening to “Alone” I looked for other MVs and shows with them and I loved them :) They’re talented, have pretty voices, can dance (and they can dance in really high heels, which is, like, a skill beyond normal people’s grasp XD), they also have curves, which is not a prevalent quality in Korean girl groups ;) and they are funny and seem to be down to earth. They’re really nice and they opened me to listening to other Korean girl groups :)

    YT: Viacia

  19. mariiiejuuu0310 and my question would be “Which other sport would you have liked to perform in the “So cool” song?”
    love you guys thank you so much <3  

  20. Wow! this is awesome! They’re adorable! I appreciate you had this interview done for us! :) I hope you can have so many more opportunities! We’d like to have a concert in our country, but it seems no Korean agency has looked at us T_T we’re all suffering in Mexico!!! Sistar is one of my favorite groups cause they are different, I really enjoy watching their performance, and listening to the songs! specially Hyorin’s voice which is wonderful! :) I don’t know what they said they had to make the effort to feel pretty and shy in shady girl! They look amazing and cute! hahahaha They’re really good! :) Thanks for this interview! :D <3

  21. Wow! this is awesome! They’re adorable! I appreciate you had this interview done for us! :) I hope you can have so many more opportunities! We’d like to have a concert in our country, but it seems no Korean agency has looked at us T_T we’re all suffering in Mexico!!! Sistar is one of my favorite groups cause they are different, I really enjoy watching their performance, and listening to the songs! specially Hyorin’s voice which is wonderful! :) I don’t know what they said they had to make the effort to feel pretty and shy in shady girl! They look amazing and cute! hahahaha They’re really good! :) Thanks for this interview! :D <3


  22. Why i like SISTAR…well I can go on and write a list that would take me hours to complete, but the main reason I like SISTAR is because they are unique. Not many kpop idols can claim to have curves, can they? They also have other qualities like they can actually sing. As a guy SISTAR is not only hot, but they are also unique just like how they spell their name :)

    username for youtube: calculations123456

  23. In my opinion Sistar is one of the most talented girl groups in kpop. Moreover, they still exist (not like some groups-  after their debut they just disappear) and they make good music!~ not extremely skinny, talented, beautiful and friendly- it’s the best combination and that’s why I love them!~ [greetings from Polish fan kkkkk ] 
    [YT: xCandyxHolicx ]

  24. Hi Simon and Martina!! 

    There a million and infinite reasons why i love sistar, but just too keep this short so you guys don’t have to be like “oh my gaaaaah, why are these posts so long?…” My first song of theirs was a sad song from Playful Kiss’s OST. And to compare it to their songs now and days, it’s amazing to see their accomplishments. 

    Short Reasons:
    1. SexyBeautiful
    2. Singing is beyond wonderful
    3. The have a sense of humor! 
    4. Too adorable
    Love & Greetings from Texas, USA <3 (youtube name: l1y0azn0girl) 

    I love you Simon and Martina (: I've always wanted to be like you guys, being able to teach korean students, experience life in korea, interview k-pop stars, and just be able to have fun.  But this dream just feels so far away… I wish you guys the best of luck (: from Tina

  25. Well, I love SISTAR because they make a really really good music! all talented, kind, bubbly!..and i’m so fan of them since their debut! and the reason why i love them more! it’s cause of them i got to meet my best friend! (now) !!! Thank youuuuuuu sistar , because of you i have now a great best friend!! :3 forever your fan!!! 

    Youtube: HanxYumin

  26. Why I love Sistar? It’s not because they can sing awesome, it’s because
    how they are. They feel like sisters to me. I really love them.

    And that wasn’t the only reason why I love them. When I listen to their
    songs, I can’t just not sing with them. Their voice is so amazing <3
    Sistar is the new Tohoshinki <3

    And ofcourse, I know every song of them, but they don't have cd's in
    the Netherlands, so I started watching them on Youtube and found
    hilarious clips. Sistar can make you really laugh. Their personallity is
    just so good, it almost makes me cry of happiness.

  27. There are probably a million things I could tell you that I love about SISTAR. But you only have three hours, and I have school work to do… So, I will shorten it. ^^ The main reason that I love about SISTAR are their constant dedication to their career as idols, no matter the criticism they get or the hardships they go through, like Dasom and how she feels inferior to the other members and her being involved with a smoking/bullying scandal, how Hyorin had to leave JYP after a failed group formation and how she performed Alone live, even though she was sick, how Bora sustained burns during a performance and also fell when performing Shady Girl, and then Soyu’s criticism on her weight and also a drinking scandal. In the two short years since they debuted, they have been through many hardships, yet still come out on top whenever they comeback. This is why I love them. 

  28. I want their CD because they’re the B.E.S.T. Sistar ! 
    I’ve got a friend (who probbly entered this contest but two chances are better than one) who is their ULTIMATE fan so I thought I would enter and give him the CD if I win. He doesn’t know it, it would be an awesome surprise ! My youtube username is ItSandrine. And lots of love from France, you guys are GLOBAL ! 

  29. What I love about Sistar: To start off, I love Hyorin’s sexay husky voice, ooh she’s so nasty!!! But of course, all the Bora, Dasom and Soyu sing and rap well too, and their latest song “alone” is so smooth~ Lastly, nothing’s spunkier and sexier than Sistar.

  30. username : apushoot

    i love them not because they are sexy or beautiful, but i admire
    their talent. i am the kind of person who always looks for talents and
    skills. and with all of the singing and dancing abilities that sistar
    have shown, they made me love and admire them so much. :)

  31. I love Sistar, cause just they’re THE BEST! :3

    My youtube login is Arwenka93

  32. Hyorin Noona!! Please come here in the Philippines!! :D

    BTW, Martina and Simon you are so awesome! Thank You very much! :D

  33. What I love about sistar is that they are spontaneous, and are not afraid to show how they feel, and even though they seem like they are still teenagers, they have a mature side to them.
    My username is Alex Brown

  34. I don’t know if you have given the CD’s away yet, but I am gonna try anyway because I want them so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry that I didn’t post for this one earlier, but I only just started watching eat you kimchi videos today. I really like SISTAR! I first got introduced to them at the MBC Google Kpop Concert.
    Honestly before that I didn’t like Kpop in general too much because they turned my brother and sister into crazy people. They were always raving about new videos that were coming out and stuff like that and truthfully it was kind of annoying. Then my sister had a friend with an extra ticket and I thought that it would be fun to see what a read concert was like because I hadn’t been to one before. I fell in love with SISTAR right away! and mblaq too! SISTAR’s members were really memorable and I love their song Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Soyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After I watched Sistar, I still didn’t know their names, but I remember their faces and I was like asking my siblings what the members names were! I love Ma Boy too, especially when a lot of the people in the audience started dancing along!!!! It was so fun! I love you SISTAR! You guys earned yourselves a new life-long fan that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    youtube: evathemangafreak

  35. I love Sistar for:
    1) their amazing mixture of vocals. From Hyorin powerful and o so controlled voice, to Soyu’s almost indie sounding voice that breaks at all the right places, to Dasom’s sweeter softer voice, and of course Bora has one of the most colorful rapping voices
    2) their creativity and diligence. Props to Sistar for varying their set at the Google Mnet concert and preparing an awesome intro just for that concert
    3) being super humble and down to Earth. After this interview, I was able appreciate their work even more and liked them even more as people
    Also, I think they would make an awesome R&B album :D
    Youtube username: barcode119

  36. I love their uniqueness. Tomboys rock! haha And they all seem so friendly and easy to talk to. And funny, And i love their songs.
    (YT: hobooncouch567)

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