Woohoo! Here’s the second of our interviews from our the Google Kpop Concert event. Last week we published our interview with the Wonder Girls, which was the easiest video to edit because they all spoke in English. For Sistar and MBLAQ, though, they spoke in Korean, so subbing them into English for you all took a lot longer. But it’s finally here! Woo ooh ooh oooooh! (that was our attempt to sing Sistar’s “Alone”. *Cough*)

We had a pretty hectic schedule to get to Sistar, since we were driving from YouTube headquarters to Google headquarters and we had zero time between events. In fact, they overlapped, so we were tearing out our hair trying to get there for the 5:30pm live broadcast. After breaking some speed limits (I mean, following the rules of the road perfectly legally) we arrived at Google headquarters juuust on time, and as we were running into the building we ran right past MBLAQ chilling in the parking lot standing beside their transportation. I was like, “Oh, isn’t that MBLAQ? NO TIME RIGHT NOW!!!” Yes. It was crazy.

We ran up to filming area and I ran into the kitchen to get water but I ran straight into Sistar! It was so funny, we’re all like, “OH! HI!” and started greeting each other awkwardly. But soon we started talking about my pink hair, and matching nails, and tattoos, and it turned into a funny conversation about using Korean slang, so that broke the ice. But, soon afterwards we were all rushed onto a tiny couch where we all squished together (oohh I was touching Sistar’s legs with my legs) and started broadcasting live before any of us knew it! Haha, such a funny start to the interview!

Anyways, here’s a secret for the blog readers only! The fan questions that were being asked to Sistar by the other live chat people were actually our interview questions, but at the last minute it was decided to to a live Google+ hangout, so the schedule got turned around and we were all flustered as to what the heck was going on, which is why any of you that saw the chat live, also saw the Korean-English translator as being flustered, as well as the rest of us looking around a bit confused. In the end, I think it worked out okay because Sistar were SO SUPER NICE and really understanding! They just rolled with the punches, and were really talkative both before, during, and after the interview. Unfortunately, we had to run downstairs to meet with MBLAQ right away (who were just dying of jet lag since they were the last group being interviewed) so we couldn’t stick around for too long for photos or anything. At that point, it felt like, 2 or 3am for all of us that flew in from Korea, so we were all just floored from jetlag, but luckily, we got CDs signed by everyone! YAYAAAA!!!!

Sistar Autographed CD Contest Rules

So, yeah! We’ve got three copies of their CD to give away. Oooh you saw them being signed, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!?! So, if you want one of those CDs, you’ve got three chances to win. Here’s how:

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And we’ve got some extra scenes from the event, for you die hard Sistar fans. It’s not much, but it shows some different angles, as well as Sistar talking about my foot tattoos before the show. They liked my tattoos. COOL!


  1. I Can’t believe you guys doing an interview with Sistar ..

  2. OK I’ve fallen for SISTAR now.

  3. I love SISTAR because the girls are the perfect examples of idols. Beautiful, refined, sexy, cute, talented, and funloving :) Their songs are always so catchy and done so well, these girls are probably one of my favorite Kpop groups <3 (MysteryMagic24)

  4. jazminjhnsn

    I love this <3

  5. Hi simon and martina. Well my names Amy Huynh and i live in Australia. Wow. I’m to late. But or well. You 2are amazing by the way. If I got those CDs I would not give them away. I love SISTAR because of so many reasons so I will only share a few.
    They have amazing voices and they are so heavenly. I love how energetic they are. There always got a beautiful smile on there faces which just light up he darkness of my life. They enjoy things really well. They have an amazing sense of humor. They can speak English and sometimes its a bit fluent which is really good. ( especially for the fans in other countries lie, me).  They can defiantly act. Well Hyorin can. There personality is so childish but is cute and awesome at the same time. They are naturally pretty. I love watching dream high2 with Hyorin in it and immoral song episodes. They don’t lip sync. They support each other. They are caring. There so sweet and kind hearted. 
    Sorry I can’t do anymore cause its already 1:58am in the morning. It’s Monday. I could write a billion more things but it’s to late. GOOD LUCK TO THE WINNERS AND CONGRATS. WISH I COULD HAVE WON. I LOVE SISTAR AND THEY ARE THE BEST.

  6. Hi Simon and Martina. Well I know I’m late and I wont be accepted but anyways. My names Amy huynh and I live in Austrialia. I love SISTAR and they are so beautiful. If I were you two I would not be giving away such precious CDs. But anyways I’ll share some reason why there amazing. I won’t get the CDs though :*( I guess an 11 year old girl can’t get amazing CDs. But that’s fine.

    Well to start off with SISTAR have amazing voices that sound heavenly. They have an amazing sense of humor and have adorable laughs. There smiles can light up the room. There so beautiful and cute >_< there song are unique and are awesome!

  7. Hi Simon and Martin. I know a 11 year old would probably not win but I’ll try!
    Hi my names Amy huynh and I live in Australia. There are too many reasons why I love amazing SISTAR. So I’ll try to list and tell you why I love them.
    It already might be to late :*(

    They are amazing at projecting there voices and there voices are Truely heavenly. They are adorable and beautiful and have cute and funny laughs. They are inspiring and treat there bodies good and sing really good but also like Tom boys and stuff. There really confident. There kind hearted. They are fashionable and are soooo talented! They don’t lp sync. There good at acting. They are ok at English and sometimes can be fluent. There songs can be cute and a little different. They have a good sense of humor and there laughs are adorable. They are down to earth. They are my favorite Korean pop band. They are really energetic and cheerful. They support each other.

    Well done to who ever won. I LOVE SISTAR

  8. Hyorin and her big laugh! SISTAR so cool!

  9. That was so real; I loved it. You don’t get to see a lot of down to earth interviews here in the U.S. They are all played out and rehearsed (too perfect).  I guess you are lucky there was a mixup because it was much more fun this way. Ic an’t wait to see the MBLAQ interview next. Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm. I really enjoy it!!!

  10. Did someone already won?

  11. I was wondering where you guys post who won. No matter where I check twitter, FB, youtube, your site I can’t seem to find anything to see who won these giveaways. Edit: never mind I just saw the video.

  12. I love SISTAR for their sexiness and confidence that they have. They are all truly talented in their field and I hope to see more of them in the future! 

    youtube user name: sparklechick12

  13. I love Sistar because their angel voices <3 Especially Hyorin, that girl is a goddess! I wish them all the best!

    btw my youtube username is gajkin :)

  14.   I
    like Sistar because I love their song. I think Hyorin’s Husky voice is
    awesome and uniquely powerful. And in fact I love how she reacted to
    Martina’s question, she seemed friendly. I also like Bora
    (Pedo-Dongsaeng ON : Awesome body) and Dasom
    because they are as cute as M.Spudgy. Even if I don’t really like Soyu
    (She looked SO b****y in the interview) I think she’s got a good voice
    too. That’s why you Must give me prize or I’ll kill Spudgy (Simon too)
    with my thelepatic powers … Niahaihahia. *ehumm ehum* :)Youtube account : Parkyooo

  15. What I love about Sistar is how much they love their fans. They aren’t snooty and ignore their fans like a lot of celebrities or they don’t get all big-headed about how many fans they have. They are great singers and performers and I see a lot of good work in their future.

    Youtube Username : iturtleturtles

  16. SISTAR …they made my brothers like korean pop. :) AND THAT’S SAYING A LOT . .. . THEY’RE MAGIC. ..so now I could jam with my brothers to kpop especially during long drives.

    SISTAR’s just everything and more. thank you :’)

    youtube: alyel47
    twitter: @leylabellee:twitter 

  17. KATHyphenTUN

    I love Sistar because they are all beautiful, confident women and their singing is very empowering to all girls. They are also so humble and sweet offstage you can feel their love for each other and their fans! Sistar is that older “sister” who will always look out for you and you’ll always look up too!

    Youtube: puppichu

  18. how much time does it take for you guys to read through all these comments?! There are so many of them on both here, facebook, and youtube! Looking at how much work you guys do just to give out 3 signed CDs, I need to say thank you! Not to mention there are more than one group! In the extras, was Soyu saying that the sun chips were really good? Do they not have sun chips in Korea?

  19. Hi Simon and Martina! Actually, I’ve became a fan of Sistar only recently – when I heard “Alone” :) I wasn’t a fan of girl groups, but it changed when I saw Sistar :) They really are so cool cool cool~ *dances* :D After listening to “Alone” I looked for other MVs and shows with them and I loved them :) They’re talented, have pretty voices, can dance (and they can dance in really high heels, which is, like, a skill beyond normal people’s grasp XD), they also have curves, which is not a prevalent quality in Korean girl groups ;) and they are funny and seem to be down to earth. They’re really nice and they opened me to listening to other Korean girl groups :)

    YT: Viacia

  20. mariiiejuuu0310 and my question would be “Which other sport would you have liked to perform in the “So cool” song?”
    love you guys thank you so much <3  

  21. Wow! this is awesome! They’re adorable! I appreciate you had this interview done for us! :) I hope you can have so many more opportunities! We’d like to have a concert in our country, but it seems no Korean agency has looked at us T_T we’re all suffering in Mexico!!! Sistar is one of my favorite groups cause they are different, I really enjoy watching their performance, and listening to the songs! specially Hyorin’s voice which is wonderful! :) I don’t know what they said they had to make the effort to feel pretty and shy in shady girl! They look amazing and cute! hahahaha They’re really good! :) Thanks for this interview! :D <3

  22. Wow! this is awesome! They’re adorable! I appreciate you had this interview done for us! :) I hope you can have so many more opportunities! We’d like to have a concert in our country, but it seems no Korean agency has looked at us T_T we’re all suffering in Mexico!!! Sistar is one of my favorite groups cause they are different, I really enjoy watching their performance, and listening to the songs! specially Hyorin’s voice which is wonderful! :) I don’t know what they said they had to make the effort to feel pretty and shy in shady girl! They look amazing and cute! hahahaha They’re really good! :) Thanks for this interview! :D <3


  23. Why i like SISTAR…well I can go on and write a list that would take me hours to complete, but the main reason I like SISTAR is because they are unique. Not many kpop idols can claim to have curves, can they? They also have other qualities like they can actually sing. As a guy SISTAR is not only hot, but they are also unique just like how they spell their name :)

    username for youtube: calculations123456

  24. In my opinion Sistar is one of the most talented girl groups in kpop. Moreover, they still exist (not like some groups-  after their debut they just disappear) and they make good music!~ not extremely skinny, talented, beautiful and friendly- it’s the best combination and that’s why I love them!~ [greetings from Polish fan kkkkk ] 
    [YT: xCandyxHolicx ]

  25. Hi Simon and Martina!! 

    There a million and infinite reasons why i love sistar, but just too keep this short so you guys don’t have to be like “oh my gaaaaah, why are these posts so long?…” My first song of theirs was a sad song from Playful Kiss’s OST. And to compare it to their songs now and days, it’s amazing to see their accomplishments. 

    Short Reasons:
    1. SexyBeautiful
    2. Singing is beyond wonderful
    3. The have a sense of humor! 
    4. Too adorable
    Love & Greetings from Texas, USA <3 (youtube name: l1y0azn0girl) 

    I love you Simon and Martina (: I've always wanted to be like you guys, being able to teach korean students, experience life in korea, interview k-pop stars, and just be able to have fun.  But this dream just feels so far away… I wish you guys the best of luck (: from Tina

  26. Well, I love SISTAR because they make a really really good music! all talented, kind, bubbly!..and i’m so fan of them since their debut! and the reason why i love them more! it’s cause of them i got to meet my best friend! (now) !!! Thank youuuuuuu sistar , because of you i have now a great best friend!! :3 forever your fan!!! 

    Youtube: HanxYumin

  27. Why I love Sistar? It’s not because they can sing awesome, it’s because
    how they are. They feel like sisters to me. I really love them.

    And that wasn’t the only reason why I love them. When I listen to their
    songs, I can’t just not sing with them. Their voice is so amazing <3
    Sistar is the new Tohoshinki <3

    And ofcourse, I know every song of them, but they don't have cd's in
    the Netherlands, so I started watching them on Youtube and found
    hilarious clips. Sistar can make you really laugh. Their personallity is
    just so good, it almost makes me cry of happiness.

  28. There are probably a million things I could tell you that I love about SISTAR. But you only have three hours, and I have school work to do… So, I will shorten it. ^^ The main reason that I love about SISTAR are their constant dedication to their career as idols, no matter the criticism they get or the hardships they go through, like Dasom and how she feels inferior to the other members and her being involved with a smoking/bullying scandal, how Hyorin had to leave JYP after a failed group formation and how she performed Alone live, even though she was sick, how Bora sustained burns during a performance and also fell when performing Shady Girl, and then Soyu’s criticism on her weight and also a drinking scandal. In the two short years since they debuted, they have been through many hardships, yet still come out on top whenever they comeback. This is why I love them. 

  29. I want their CD because they’re the B.E.S.T. Sistar ! 
    I’ve got a friend (who probbly entered this contest but two chances are better than one) who is their ULTIMATE fan so I thought I would enter and give him the CD if I win. He doesn’t know it, it would be an awesome surprise ! My youtube username is ItSandrine. And lots of love from France, you guys are GLOBAL ! 

  30. What I love about Sistar: To start off, I love Hyorin’s sexay husky voice, ooh she’s so nasty!!! But of course, all the Bora, Dasom and Soyu sing and rap well too, and their latest song “alone” is so smooth~ Lastly, nothing’s spunkier and sexier than Sistar.

  31. username : apushoot

    i love them not because they are sexy or beautiful, but i admire
    their talent. i am the kind of person who always looks for talents and
    skills. and with all of the singing and dancing abilities that sistar
    have shown, they made me love and admire them so much. :)

  32. I love Sistar, cause just they’re THE BEST! :3

    My youtube login is Arwenka93

  33. Hyorin Noona!! Please come here in the Philippines!! :D

    BTW, Martina and Simon you are so awesome! Thank You very much! :D

  34. What I love about sistar is that they are spontaneous, and are not afraid to show how they feel, and even though they seem like they are still teenagers, they have a mature side to them.
    My username is Alex Brown

  35. I don’t know if you have given the CD’s away yet, but I am gonna try anyway because I want them so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry that I didn’t post for this one earlier, but I only just started watching eat you kimchi videos today. I really like SISTAR! I first got introduced to them at the MBC Google Kpop Concert.
    Honestly before that I didn’t like Kpop in general too much because they turned my brother and sister into crazy people. They were always raving about new videos that were coming out and stuff like that and truthfully it was kind of annoying. Then my sister had a friend with an extra ticket and I thought that it would be fun to see what a read concert was like because I hadn’t been to one before. I fell in love with SISTAR right away! and mblaq too! SISTAR’s members were really memorable and I love their song Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Soyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After I watched Sistar, I still didn’t know their names, but I remember their faces and I was like asking my siblings what the members names were! I love Ma Boy too, especially when a lot of the people in the audience started dancing along!!!! It was so fun! I love you SISTAR! You guys earned yourselves a new life-long fan that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    youtube: evathemangafreak

  36. I love Sistar for:
    1) their amazing mixture of vocals. From Hyorin powerful and o so controlled voice, to Soyu’s almost indie sounding voice that breaks at all the right places, to Dasom’s sweeter softer voice, and of course Bora has one of the most colorful rapping voices
    2) their creativity and diligence. Props to Sistar for varying their set at the Google Mnet concert and preparing an awesome intro just for that concert
    3) being super humble and down to Earth. After this interview, I was able appreciate their work even more and liked them even more as people
    Also, I think they would make an awesome R&B album :D
    Youtube username: barcode119

  37. I love their uniqueness. Tomboys rock! haha And they all seem so friendly and easy to talk to. And funny, And i love their songs.
    (YT: hobooncouch567)

  38. Andriella here from Canada:

    Why I like sistar?I like sistar because they are very talented; sing and dance awesomely in any genre (cute, sexy etc.), very athletic, entertaining in variety shows/interviews and lots more that will bring a smile or laugh. Most of all they act like themselves & are hard working :)SISTAR 파이팅 ! CANADIANS ROCK xP

  39. That awkward moment when I did the stretch dance with you….. YOLO?

  40. when will have MBLAQ’s one???

  41. I love Sistar because they’re all so unique. Each member has their different charms. They seem really easy going and friendly in their interviews. Most of all their performances are the best! I like how they are very versatile and can easily perform many concepts. They easily pulled off the cutesy, powerful, and sexy concepts!
    Can’t wait for your next interviews!

    Youtube username: jermzzz7

  42. SISTAR is one of my favorite K-pop group that has an easygoing personality that it shows in every member of the group, their songs are fun and can make you dance all day long. They are all healthy and doesn’t need to be skinny to be sexy, Every song that they make each of their voices stand out and their songs are very recognizable. Every time they perform they make it a hundred percent perfect. I will continue supporting SISTAR with all my heart and more power to EAT YOUR KIMCHI! SHAZAM..

  43. what I love about Sistar, first of all to their easy going leader; Hyorin, she’s so fun to talk with, fun to be with, has an amazing voice and everything about her is flawless. To their group’s dancer; Bora, has an amazing moves on the dance floor, her aegyo in the camera is effortless and super kind, To their maknae; Dasom, has a cute accent when she speaks in english, graceful in every way and a carefree personality and lastly to Soyou, whose voice is as amazing as Hyorin’s, and a great charmer… All in all, I love everything about them, they’re the group that is very easygoing and doesn’t afraid to show what they are. If I were to be picked as a winner, I will definitely keep on watching you guys and more power to your work! Keep up the good work guys! 
    My Youtube username: Lhadhiefpingk
    My twitter username: @eat_your_sushi:disqus 

  44. What i <. I've learned their dances "My boy" and "Alone" 

  45. Why I love them? Because they’re different and as they said on the enterview (great job guys!!!!): they’re not going arround doing aegyo, being cute just like other girl groups. I like their authenticity a lot. 

    Thanks for the enterview. We all know you’re so tired but you did all the enterviews full of energy triying to give us a special moment. When I watch this kind of enterviews, I feel like I’m there too! It’s a great feeling for which I want to say thank you ^^ 

    Big kiss from Spain!

    (YT username: TheOokamiGirl)

  46. I love Sistar because …
    They are so cute even though they don’t think they are
    They have fantastic music!!
    They always seem energetic and fun
    They get on really well
    I think they have so much talent !
    They are all really beautiful 
    They are great dancers and yeah … 
    I feel bad I don’t have huge paragraphs like everyone else :/ 
    Never stop being So Cool <3

    YouTube: SoMinSaranghae

  47.  SISTAR is without a doubt the BEST GROUP EVERRRRR. I love them for everything they are and all their flaws! They are so different and distinct in every way ! They are original and so real, they don’t try to pretend to be someone else and act like themselves. They laugh as unglamorously as they want and enjoy their job. They don’t complain because they love their jobs and don’t regret it. They are passionate in the way they dance and show so much energy and effort in every single performance for fans and viewers. They are polite and nice to everyone and despite their achievements, they remain humble to all their co-workers, sunbaes and everyone around them. They put their job infront of everything else even their own health which touches me and make me feel the need to show my support even more !They are such a talented group in singing AND dancing . I loved them and ALL their songs every since their debut!they can portray the style and right image well to all their fans ! It would be my biggest wish to get something handwritten by the band . SISTAR DAEBAK FIGHTING !!
    Twitter: dillonbaba

  48. Why I like Sistar? There’s no real specific reason but if I have to say, well I chose to love Sistar because of their carefree attitude and their sincerity. They’re so versatile, they can switch from ballad to pop to rock and still sound so wonderful. That’s not all, their determination to reach their goal is worth mentioning too when talking about why I like them. I still remember the incident 2 months back where Hyorin had high fever, she didn’t let that stop from continuing her schedule, she only stopped when it became so bad and she had to be rushed to the hospital. But even then she apologized to her fans and her group members for not taking better care of herself, I believe that this determination and versatility allowed them to become so popular in such a short period of time, and this is why I like them.

    Youtube Name: elainelala19

  49. Youtube Username: yozo217

    I love Sistar because they’re very different from the other girl groups. A typical girl group goes for cutesy but Sistar goes for sexy. And to be honest, they really pull off the sexy concept very well. I think they’re by far the hottest girl group out there. I find that very unique and that’s why I love them. 

  50. I love that SISTAR is not just a girly girl group but a group of empower females that show a side of courage and femininity not only on stage but in their every day life. I love that they are very lay back and chill, they’re not afraid to show who they are and what they like. I love that they do their best to inspired people and make good music for their fans and how they always try to go outside the box and do more. I just love that they’re true to them self and to heir fans…I LOVE SISTAR

  51. hello simon and martina
    what i love about sister is that they look really hard working people and nice and that they are great people to help spread Korean culture to other places and they have beautiful voices i would love to have one of their cds. keep up the good work your guys are great. 

  52. hyorin is so cute,, her laugh and mannerisms is kinda like Brenda Song, LOL :D

  53. I like SISTAR because I like their songs, they have a fun and kinda up-beat feeling to them. me and my friends danced to Push Push at our talent show, we had a great time learning the moves, lyrics, and the beat of the song! I also like So Cool and Alone. And when they did Hello baby with Leeteuk, that showed their real personality and who they and they are really sweet and cool girls that know *kinda* how to take care of Kyumin *their baby* and they really do show the fact that they love all their fans; which makes everyone happy!

  54. YAY!!! Hyorin wants to come to the philippines!! :D Have a concert here Sistar!!!!

  55. Sistar keep on being awesome ^^ LOVE everything about you~

  56. I love Sistar cuz they have meat on their bones. they a lil thick and not stick thin and sickly looking. plus hyorin is like Koreas Beyonce lol
    youtube username: jazzcatgirl1


  58. Just wondering- what happened to the U-kiss CD giveaway?  Maybe you already announced the winner and I missed it, or did you forgot about it last week since you just traveled back stateside (or really providence-side since you’re in Canada) which is totally understandable- when I travel it’s really impressive if I remember to pack all my clothes).

  59. i saw it live it was awesome! love SISTAR!!

  60. LOLLL okay omg i love them so mucho cause they can just totally be themselves and dont care THAT much about their image… i mean, seriously, they released that blooper version of alone, which is sooo dorky, which is why i totally love them so frickin much. 
    they are so talented and frickin gorgeouss omg i always am in awe whenever i hear hyorins voice and bora’s beauty holy crap. and dasom and soyu are so cutee!
    and theyre so buff. have. you. seen. hyorins. legs. holy. they are so muscular, i am jealous. and i am a dancer and i have more fat than her. and they’re not extremely skinny like snsd (which grosses me out) but theyre like lean and muscular and like curvy like SECREETTT. 
    theyve actually made me cry before… maybe it was just hyorin but it was when she and jieun and minkyung sang listen OMGGG IT WAS SOO GOOD. 
    and idk, seeing people like this in the kpop industry gives me hope because my personality is kinda like that? you could say… and i really want to become a kpop star. 
    anyways THEYRE JUST SO CAYUTEEE and i never say this about other girl groups because they always give the image of like “gorgeousness” and like “im better than you” kinda? you know? and like i can relate to sistar cause theyre just being themselves. 
    and in that interview, i could tell that they were soo friendly cause they were like touching your(martina) hair and like really interacting. and that makes me feel comfortable when people do that. 
    so yeah, sistar fighting! <3

    youtube username: jelly1139

  61. Why I love SISTAR! :
    [S] ingers with great voices – i love hyorin and soyu is also great.
    [I] ntoxicating songs – love how they can be funky and fun and SICK beats for all their songs
    [S] exy dance moves – sometimes a little too sexy but it’s those dance moves where they make it work (and i look like an idiot trying to follow along)
    [T] alented entertainers  – loud, fun and always cheery! ie. they’re fun to watch on variety
    [A] thletic – they win all the idol atheltic championship relays! And I love their healthy look (even though they’re still pretty skinny.. It’s nice to have an idol that actually has a body that girls SHOULD be looking up to)
    [R] efreshing! I find them refreshing. And I’m glad to know that they’re gaining popularity.

    youtube username: nutparksho

  62. You guys are my heroes ;w; <3
    Thanks for all this amazing things! :D
    Can´t wait for MBLAQ's interview *3*
    Greetings from Mexico ^^

  63. ahh, i love Hyorin’s voice, she looks like such a fun person to hang out with,

  64. wow, loved the interview ♥ and martina, you looked extra pretty, seriously, your dress, and your hair and everything, just perfect 

  65. I
    loved their style since the beggining, they’re vey talented each one, Hyolyn is
    amazing with vocals and gives sexyness to group, Soyu have great vocals too and
    gives a elegant side, Bora is full of energy and have a unique style for
    rapping and Dasom gives the cute vocals and also a cute image for the group. I
    think this is most girl group in kpop right now in all the ways, i remember
    that i loved “how dare you” performances, because they have a lot of
    energy and charisma in that performances, i enjoy it. I’ll wait and forward for
    their next comeback and albums, keep going with that love and hard work in the
    future!. Awesome interview BTW! 

  66. The reason I love Sistar is because I never get tired of listening to their music.

  67. Wow this was a very nice interview. 
    SISTAR really lives up to their name. They are very open, sisterly and candid about their reactions to things and questions durning interviews. They also show sexiness in a confident mannner that doesn’t rely on explosions of aegyo. All in all it was their danceable songs that attracted me to them but it was their personalities that made stick with them since their debut. 
    Side note: I love Hyorin’s husky voice!
    YouTube: FrozenFrijole

  68. I love that SISTAR is not just a girly girl group but a group of empower females that show a side of courage and femininity not only on stage but in their every day life. I love that they are very lay back and chill, they’re not afraid to show who they are and what they like. I love that they do their best to inspired people and make good music for their fans and how they always try to go outside the box and do more. I just love that they’re true to them self and to heir fans…I LOVE SISTAR

  69.  Haha~ new trend – Canada saram XD

    They are so cute and sexy at the same time! And I’m especially love
    Hyorin for her AMAZING voice! And I love her husky voice when she’s
    talking~ and her laugh! And she’s also very VERY beautiful ^^ and Bora
    she is so cute ^^ but a strong rapper ^^ she’s like a little girl but on
    the stage she is gorgeous woman ^^ And she is so athletic girl! Bora and Hyorin are my biases so I really really love them ^^♥♥♥

    If someone ask me what is my favourite kpop girls group I’m gonna answer
    – SISTAR ^^ Their songs are GREAT ^^ They are not copying anyone and in
    Kpop there is no one like SISTAR! Their dances are gorgeous~

    How I wanna say all this for them~ T-T

    SISTAR is AMAZING! SISTAR – FIGHTING! And 많이 많이 사랑 for SISTAR ^^♥youtube – RussianBigBangFan

  70. Why I love Sistar~ They’re not like any other girl groups. They don’t act cute or aegyo overload, they have their own concept which is sexayyy which suits them well! I think that’s a reason why I love them! Not only are their songs catchy, their personality is real. they don’t pretend to be something they’re not and they even admit that. they all have a unique skill in the group which we can relate or like them because of that. all their voices compliment each other, even if one’s voice is better than the other. Sistar’s personality is easily likable and brings a smile to your face whenever you see them act “cute” or a funny moment on a show ^^

  71. Why do I love SISTAR?

    S istar are gorgeous and Confident
    I love their coolness and style
    S inging is perfect whilst dominant
    T hey are beautiful when they smile…
    A ll their talents are special
    R eally on a multilevel

    Bora’s raps awesome
    dancing is incredible
    singing captivates

    Hyorin is GORGEOUS
    she leads with a smile
    her voice gives me chills

    Soyou – Lead Vocal
    she is cuteness overload
    such a hard-worker

    Dasom – The maknae
    charming personality
    can dance like a boss

    Hyorin is my favourite member. She’s been through a lot but she NEVER stops smiling and keeps her chin up, this makes her a massive inspiration to me to keep on going and smiling – even when things are tough. Even in this interview when she’s probably so tired she just wants to collapse – she smiles the whole way through, for her fans. Her voice really does move me to tears, as I can hear her emotions through her music. She’s a really strong, beautiful girl ><

    That's why I love these STAR SISTERS.
    SISTAR, Fighting ^^

    Youtube – leemabeans

    Twitter - @Hello_Haleema:twitter

  72. My youtube username is swirlofclouds .  I am not very familiar with Sistar, but I loved the sound of Alone. I am also not a big fan of kpop girl groups. I can’t stand what seems to be contrived aegyo and grown women acting like children instead of competent adults. It just rubs me the wrong way. Sistar though, they seem to have a different sound. It seems more mature and I like that about them. They are def. a group I intend to check out and I would love to win one of their cds.

  73. I love SISTAR for their openness. They’re really honest about their concepts and saying what’s on their minds. They’ve admitted that the cutesy concept isn’t what they feel is their right fit and they enjoy doing the sexy and energetic pieces. On shows they speak their mind about how they’re feeling (my heart broke when I heard Dasom said in an interview she didn’t feel like she was appreciated…) and they are truly themselves on and off stage. I also love SISTAR for their talent and passion. Hyorin’s vocals paired with their sharp dancing is a killer combo. I love watching their practice videos to see how in sync they are. I’m so glad they’re getting more and more recognition for their abilities. <3

  74. They’re are so cheerful, cute and pretty~ Can’t wait for MBLAQ interview… I wanna see them :)

  75. RandomRainbow11
    What I love about SISTAR is their passionate souls. They have true talent that can’t be seen in anyone else or any other group. They’re blessed with their beautiful voices, incredible looks, and ability to dance dances well that would make Simon and Martina look totally retarded when they attempt to do it (no offense, but I’d still be the same so it’s okay :D). They’re fun-loving, talented girls who deserve much more than they already have, which is a whole lot. 

  76. I CANT WAIT FOR MBLAQ!! The Sistar girls are such sweethearts =]

  77. What i love about sistar is that they are the best of both worlds. They
    somewhat fit the typical mold of kpop in their sound of their songs and
    their choreography, but they sort of have a different style and appeal
    that makes them unique. They have real, healthy S-lines that are
    possible to get with a healthy diet. They have sex appeal that grabs
    people’s attention. I have friends who don’t listen to kpop but want to
    know who SISTAR is because they have this captivating beauty. I LOVE
    SISTAR! :D

  78. YT: cloiebuggeater
    I really like how accessible Sistar is. All the fan accounts I read the always say how nice they are and how they are winning more fans by the way they treat people. I also really like the last single, the longer skirts and the cool dance in the video.

  79. aestheticexterior.      Hello from Ohio, USA.  What I love about Sistar is their personalities. They smile, giggle, and just seem to be having a fantastic time while they are talking to Simon and Martina. Their outfits are incredible, and their songs are amazing, but it’s how they appear on camera, in real time, that makes me love Sistar. 

  80. You guys are so rad, gosh. And Sistar are so cool! They weren’t like I expected, they were super neat and down to earth, I like it. :) (And they laughed a lot, which was neat!)

    I love Sistar because… Well, they were the first K-Pop group that I actually realized and discovered on my own, when I first got into K-Pop. My friend who introduced me to K-Pop of course showed me Super Junior, SNSD, and SHINee because they were the ones he knew were really popular — but Sistar was the first group I remember seeing current news about because at the time I found K-Pop, they were promoting Shady Girl. (Which is so sad they felt awkward because I love that song!! :[ ) And, I remember seeing something on Allkpop about Bora falling during a performance, and not a day later the video was on a Attack of the Show on G4TV, and I was like "I know them!!! It's K-Pop!! I like that song!!" It was just a really neat moment to see K-Pop on *my* tv, so early on in getting into it. It was exciting. I kept up with them after that -- and was always really excited to see them promote because I know them as the group that *I* discovered, on my own. It creates a really strange, personal bond that I don't think I'll ever break from, because there isn't any other group I have feelings like that with. I may not be a Star1, and I may not have been there for them the whole time they've been a group, but they've been there the whole time for me as a K-Pop fan, and that means too much to me to let them go. :) 

    My youtube name is LoveJitters. :]

  81. Wait. Is it wrong if I put my comment here AND on the Youtube page? Welp. 

    I LOVE SISTAR. They have amazing vocals. And i’ve been with them since their debut (not literally with them, BUT THEY’RE IN MY HEART). They have that kind of relationship where they really are like sistars (heh). Their songs are also really addicting. The song I love the most and was really surprised at though, was Alone. It was such a new sound from them, and I fell in love with immediately! It’s so different from what they usually do. I’ll keep supporting SISTAR! ☆

    YT user: Theatriics

  82.   username : apushoot

    i love them not because they are sexy or beautiful, but i admire
    their talent. i am the kind of person who always looks for talents and
    skills. and with all of the singing and dancing abilities that sistar
    have shown, they made me love and admire them so much. :)

  83. i like their hiphop electronic music style

    youtube: zolura

  84. Question Answer:  Before I saw this video I liked Sistar’s catchy beats and dances,  but now that I’ve seen this, I love how they are so open about teasing Hyorin (or is it throwing her under the bus?) in response to questions.   It’s funny, but they all seem to have good attitudes about it. 

  85. I loved their style since the beggining, they’re vey talented each one, Hyolyn is amazing with vocals and gives sexyness to group, Soyu have great vocals too and gives a elegant side, Bora is full of energy and have a unique style for rapping and Dasom gives the cute vocals and also a cute image for the group. I think this is most girl group in kpop right now in all the ways, i remember that i loved “how dare you” performances, because they have a lot of energy and charisma in that performances, i enjoy it. I’ll wait and forward for their next comeback and albums, keep going with that love and hard work in the future!.

  86. I love SISTAR because they are really talented, singing, dancing, or even sports.
    I love SISTAR because they have great personalities and never hide their real sides from cameras.
    I love SISTAR because they smile and laugh anytime.
    I love SISTAR becase of their healthy image, not too skinny like other idols.
    I love SISTAR because they are always energetic.
    I love SISTAR for who they are C:

  87. YouTube: gdbabyji

    I love many things about Sistar, the majority of which has already been reiterated countless times by the fans above me. One of the main things I love about Sistar is that they sound so amazing singing live! (I had the privilege of hearing them at the Youtube concert.<3) And even knowing that they're ordinary people just like us, it was cool seeing that in your extras too. I especially loved Soyu just chowing down on those Sunchips haha. :)))))

  88. My goodness, Bora is beautiful. She’s just so darn gorgeous and Hyorin keeps making me giggle with her cuteness in this interview. Soyu is just quietly sitting their and looking amazing. (her body… wow.) 
    Dasom. hehehe, she’s adorable. they seemed like they’ll trying hard to learn english…?

  89. I love SISTAR because of their tomboyish charm. ^_^

    youtube username: aznfn

  90. Awwwwwww… I HOPE I GET THIS!!!
    ———–SO HERE’S MY CHANCE!!!!!————————

    • i love sistar
      because they are so unique,
      different from many others,
      and they dont try to act like others but

  91. So uh…not to be demanding but uh… PLEASE UPLOAD THE MBLAQ INTERVIEW XD IM DYING TO SEE IT! and just really wanna know if you did the wurffle thing 

  92. Why i love sistar is easy. They have such powerful confidant vocals and they have an awesome concept. sorry but im not the biggest fan in the world of extreme aegyo girl groups. sistar portrays themselves as strong powerful women and that’s what i like about them.
    yt name: kenna0805

  93. YT username: michalinah

    I like SISTAR and enjoy their music but it is my younger brother that really loves them ~ like REALLY loves them ~ he dreams to  see them live one day [we're from Poland] ~ I hope we will get a chance to see them/other kpop artists/go to Korea together^^ anyways, back to the topic; I tricked him to write me why he likes SISTAR so much [I told him I need some honest opinions on favourite kpop artists to my essay to school] and this is what he wrote:Lubię SISTAR ponieważ są zespołem, który naprawdę potrafi zwrócić na siebie uwagę. Są wybitnie uzdolnione wokalnie i tanecznie. No i urody też im nie brakuje. Każdy teledysk miło się ogląda. Każdą piosenkę słucham z uwielbieniem. I do tego same musiały wypracować sobie pozycję na scenie muzycznej, a nie jak niektóre zespoły mieć lepszy start dzięki renomie/pozycji wytwórni. Z każdego sukcesu cieszą się jak mało kto, a dzięki temu widać, że naprawdę robią to co kochają. I’m submitting it in his place because I thought that this CD would make a perfect BDay gift^^ [he's born July 16th]here’s my translation of his words:I like SISTAR because they’re a band which relly grabs your attention. They’re outstanding at singing and dancing. And of course they’re really beautiful too. Every MV is fun to watch. I listen to their every song with adoration. And what is also important is that they had to work really hard to get where they are now, unlike some other bands which had better set off thanks to the established position of their companies [no hatin']. They are happy with each and every one of their success like no-one else,  thus it really shows that they LOVE what they’re doing! SISTAR HWAITING!!!

  94. sistar was the first girl group I liked in kpop fandom. When came to kpop I was pretty a tomboy, but after listening to sistar I wanted to be more feminine.

     first song I heard from them was madonna and I still remember that dance and I have this weird urge to sing and dance it once in a while.yep in public too :D 
    I like them really much. I have only two kpop girlgroups I like – feminine Sistar and tomboyish 2NE1. Others can’t win the spotlight.
     youtube username: misrage

    • “Madonna” was by Secret. There’s a lot of similarity between the two groups, but the main difference is the music: most — if not all — of Sistar’s featured songs were produced by Brave Brothers.

  95.   I love SISTAR because of their quirky personality,upbeat music,and talent.
      Youtube Username: Kpop526

  96. I loved Alone, their dancing is so great! I also just watched the episode of Running Man they were just in and they are super cute.

  97. I love Sistar and their songs, especially the way they weave
    K-Pop and R&B together so effortlessly. I remember the first time I ever saw
    and heard one of their video’s before they had begun to sing I saw how pretty
    they all looked and thought, “Well here’s another sexy girlgroup in the K-Pop
    world, how original”. But then Hyorin began singing and I knew their songs were
    going to be swirling around in brain. With girls who are not only beautiful but
    who have wonderful voices, and confidence to boot becoming a fan of Sistar was


    My youtube name is darkmoonearth

  98. Youtube UN: officialabbee
    What do I love about Sistar?

    1) Sistar are one of the very few k-pop girl groups that aren’t trying to be cute. They’re passionate about singing real, quality music and none of that crazy, pink, aegyo stuff that I’m used to seeing with girl groups these days. 

    2) They are all great singers. Hyorin and Soyu have such powerful voices, as do Dasom and Bora (even though they don’t sing as much). You can tell that they give every performance their 100% effort in both singing and dancing. 

    3) They are great role models for someone who aspires to become a singer. Hyorin is possibly the most influential. She struggled with countless medical conditions as an infant, but she pushed through and look where she is now. In addition, Soyu and Hyorin aren’t the skinniest k-pop idols which makes them more relatable to fans. They give off such radiant self confidence, that no one has ever really cared about their looks. They make k-pop fans that are on the curvier side feel better about themselves, and that’s important.

    4) Lastly, they’re just inspiring. I plan to become a singer when I get older, and they’re my ultimate inspiration. I want to be just like Hyorin. She’s my ultimate role model.

    Overall, they have powerful voices, beautiful curvy bodies and loads of confidence, and that’s what makes a great idol, not a stick figure and loads of auto tune.

  99. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT SISTAR! Everything i want to said had probably already been said. Sistar is beautiful, amazing singers who but their fans and above everything else. They are a talented group of girls with really nice vocals. Especially 
     Hyorin . Her power vocals are AMAZING! I JUST LOVE HEARING HER VOICE! I also enjoyed watching her in Dream High 2 she’s a good actress. I LOVE YOU SISTAR! Keep doing what you do and bring joy and happiness to people through your music! PS: I HOPE YOU CAME VISIT YOUR CANADIAN FANS!!!!!  

  100. I love how they are confident ALL THE TIME and also have energy no matter what<3
    youtube username: motaharehbf

  101. I love how they are so confident, classy and sexy! In a lot of Kpop, you can see classiness and confidence but they have their own way of making it look like they are strong, real women that work hard and are proud to be themselves! I get a certain vibe from them that is very different because they are tom boyish but are still very beautiful and elegant and I really admire them for that! Thanks Sistar for being ‘so cool’! haha get it! ‘Cause their song ‘So Cool’! :D

    Youtube Account: wiilittlegirl

  102. I really love that Sistar gives it there all on stage no matter who or where the fans are!  I love that they don’t look like the typical girl group and that they are tomboyish! i will keep supoorting them to the end!!!

  103. I love how Sistar are always soo energetic and full of joy which is so obvious during their live performances. Many kpop groups usually perform and it just feels so forced and awkward to watch, as if they’re doing it because they HAVE to. While Sistar is just oozing all this love during their performances! Most important of all as well is their never-ending smile :D They may have a few live mistakes here and there during their performances, but with that radiant smile of theirs it’s worth it! <3

  104. you guys are so amazing! thank you so much for your hard work :D by the way, I didn’t notice any confusion about the surprise live chat with google+ hangout, so good job rolling with the punches!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! And LOVE SISTAR! :D:D:D:D
    I totally got my friend into your blog :D It’s so amazing! She loves you guys now, especially your Kpop music mondays :D

  105. I love SISTAR because they are 4 beautiful and confident women that love their fans and music of other bands.

  106. The first time I saw a member of Sistar was not a long time ago. In fact, since last year, I wasn’t a big fan of K-pop. But my best friend was like trying to make me love it. And one day, I was very bored, so I listened to music and watched videos on the internet. As I was listening to ‘Listen’ of beyonce, I saw in the video selection next to the video on Youtube 3 korean names. I decided to hear their version of Listen. There was Hyorin on the video, and seriously I cried. Not too much but some tears fell. I was like ‘Oh my Gooood !’ ‘She sing so well !!’ . In the description they had write that this girl was named Hyorin. It was during the winter vacations and I had nothing to do, and believe me or not, in three days, I watched all Immortal Song episodes, which guided me to the full band -> SISTAR
    Now, I am like a huuuge fan of them ! I like how they can have differents feelings that came out of their songs, how Bora and Hyorin rap and how they all have differents personalities that matched so well. When you see their interviews, you can easily feel this sense of family between them that make us, watchers feel warm :) I also love the fact that they are not trying to be the stereotype of beauty in Korea like a lot of girls band, but they are more trying to be beautiful in they own way.
    I know that I am not a fan since their debut, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love them as much as the others. I know that some fans will say to me ‘we follow them from their debut so we love them more’ (that is what my best friend told me once) but for me I think I love them like they do, because I appreciate their works and songs very much and I think they are really great artists who are good in what they do.
    Finally, I’m sorry for my English, but I’m from Paris so English is not really my language :p
    Apart from that, Simon and Martina you are a really good couple that match so well !! You have all of my support ! And I hope you will make many many others videos that will make me laugh and learn lot of things about Korea !
    Love you Estellelapastelle

  107. Youtube user: Livillys
    Another thing that I love about Sistar is their team work. I mean.. all Kpop groups will say that they have a very good team work and most of them really does, but I personally thinks that Sistar has one of the best ones. The part were they say they pay attention to each other costumes and dance routines was really cute to see. It shows how much they care for each member and how each one is important for the group. Also I love they way they joke around.. I have seen this before and it is so nice to watch ^^ even if they are embarrassed and make a “I’ll kill you” face hehe
    I just love them very much!!!!  

  108. I never really thought Sistar was all that special. Sure Hyorin was known to be a great singer and their songs were catchy as hell, but that didn’t really impress me. Not until I saw them live in Music Bank Paris. I wasn’t expecting much from them but in the end they blew me away. I love Sistar because they’re a force on stage. All of their vocals are amazing, not just Hyorin’s. I was pleasantly surprised by Soyu and Dasom’s vocals. Their dancing is top and in sync with each other. They’re charismatic on stage and they absolutely adore their fans. That was the best part of all, the way they were so happy and treated their fans sincerely, waving and energetic. Not to mention how all four of them are just fluffy cuties. They proved me completely wrong about how I felt about them. That’s why I love Sistar.

    youtube: tangledupemotion

  109. I love Sistar because of their outstanding stage presence and personalities which are kind and out-going, very energetic. I love them even if they do and don’t do aegyo, I love them the way they are already. I love a girl group singer who’s full of confidence in themselves and in their concepts.I can tell they’re very passionate and sincere towards their fans. When they mentioned their thoughts about Shady Girl, I still loved them any way. I see Sistar as role models for me and inspirations. 

    Soyu and Hyorin enlighten me with their unique and powerful vocals, which I want to become a singer some day. 
    I admire Bora and Dasom for their outstanding gorgeous beauty. 
    After watching how amazing Bora is in rapping and I enjoy myself when I try to rap along with her while I listen to Sistar. 

    I make efforts to learn their choreography because their dane always looks fun and conident. I love their confident smiles because it gets at me, in a good way and makes me feel if I learn their dances, maybe I can feel confident as them. Being a fan of theirs makes me happier and I’m proud to be kown as one. 

    I followed them activities since their debut and being a long term fan without any copy of any their CDs would make my life happier than it is today.

    Youtube: purificaation

  110. What I love about Sistar, besides from their music, is that they are real. They don’t try to copy anybody and they are just themselves. Also, I like that they are down-to-earth and all the love that they show to their fans all over the world. They don’t think of them as the best and are very nice people (as what I see on TV shows).
    Youtube username: DJTamBC

  111. i love them! i love everything about them! theyre so athletic and sexy!!

  112. i love sistar’s body rolls! (S I S T T A R sistar! baby stop breaking my heart! (oh no!) (my friends and i always yell the beginning of ma boy as loud as we can whenever we hear it ^_^)
    haha they are quite amazing dancers but i love them in general. they admitted they were tom boys, but on the outside, they’ve managed to pull of the beautiful, sexy, and cutesy image. their songs are super catchy and caught korea (and the world! especially these USA fans ^_^ ) by storm.sistar honestly has true singing talent, an amazing fashion sense, and they can pull off any song. alone and ma boy are quite different from each other, yet sistar has managed to pull of both songs (and dances!) perfectly! i absolutely love sistar (Hyorin <3) and all them are so gorgeous and talented!! 

  113. What I love about Sistar is that they are different from other Kpop girl groups! All of them are unique in their own way, but Hyorin’s voice is especially epic :)

    (sideeffect222 on Youtube)

  114. username : apushoot

    i love them not because they are sexy or beautiful, but i admire their talent. i am the kind of person who always looks for talents and skills. and with all of the singing and dancing abilities that sistar have shown, they made me love and admire them so much. :)

  115. First, I died when Hyorin said she wanted to visit the Philippines. Hehehe.

    What I love about Sistar is their individuality but when they perform, they are “together”. (Can’t find the word to fit for what I’m trying to say.) They don’t overshadow each other but they shine together. They are also very lovely ladies who are full of talents. I consider them as one of my roles models.


  116. They were the first girl group that i fell in love with that weren’t in the big 3 entertainment companies. They are all beautiful and seem so down to earth. I love them for their personalities, talents and beauty. Through all their concepts, they make it seem flawless during their performances. I love watching them on variety shows because they never fail to put a smile on my face. SISTAR FIGHTING!! <3 

    youtube account: tougaya

  117. Haiiiii!!!!!! I love Sistar SO MUCH!!!! there are too many reasons why i love you guys but here is one!!!     
    I love how open they are and even though they were so tired they were able to stick through the interview with SO MUCH energy!!! thank you for being so honest and funny!!! Fighting!!!!! Love you Sistar!!!! ^^ ♥ Stay sexshiii!!!!! Keep up the great work ^^!!!!

  118. I like SISTAR because:

    They are extraordinary
    They are beautiful
    They are amazing at dancing
    They have nice personalities
    They are one of the most talented Kpop girl groups
    Bora is really funny on Invincible Youth 2 :P
    Hyorin was good on Dream High 2 :D
    They were awesome on Running Man <3

    Youtube ID: [email protected]

  119.  It’s My SISTAR’s anniversary today !!!!! ♥
    Proud be a a Star1
    ♥ Hyorin ♥ Soyu ♥ Bora ♥ Dasom

  120. I
    will always continue to support sistar and love them with all of my
    heart. What i love about sistar is… probably how they aren’t afraid to
    laugh and have fun, I’ve heard many people saying that they’re really
    polite too. And when i say they aren’t afraid to be themselves, I mean,
    they’re one of the two groups in SouthKorea that i consider healthy with
    the curves, and actually some meat on their
    bones. That’s sometimes hard to find in some of the girl groups.
    Another reason is that, they love what they’re doing, on stage, they
    sing, like full out. When they have a mic to their mouth and their
    mouths are open, they’re singing, they won’t just lip-sync without a
    legitimate reason. That’s just what I LOVE, they have talent, also hard
    to come by. They’re so down to earth and asdfghjkl;♥ I can’t stop
    fan-girling about them. I don’t care what concept they do, I’ll wrap my
    head around it so I can love it. Bora is such a child and it’s so cute.
    They’re just so down to earth and they love to have fun and be
    themselves and laugh. So humble. As a mother, i would be proud of all of
    them. aha.♥ GOSHH, their songs are like my energy, seriously,
    seeing their faces, just smiling and laughing away makes me pretty much
    happy in side. Even though they’re just like a group, I feel like…
    they’re more than that, like they’re actually MY IDOLS. Starship entertainment isn’t
    one of those big groups in Korea, so to debut and get popular is really
    hard, but they did it, because they were determined and they knew that
    they could. I knew that they could. They
    believed in themselves and they fought through the hard times. For me,
    as a student and a pretty messed up background, I learned to fight
    through all of my troubles and be determined enough to make something
    out of myself. Like they did. K-pop groups in Korea are just singing
    groups, they’re called idols though. To be an idol, you have to be
    someone to look up to, and Sistar is that someone. They kind of
    taught me to look at life in a different perspective in HelloBaby. They
    taught me how to smile and laugh at things, to be humble and nice to
    others and really be proud of who I am, and own up to who I want to be.
    Even if I never met them, probably will never, I’ll always love them and
    admire them, they’re more than a K-pop group to me, they’re almost like
    family. aha, if that even makes sense. One thing that totally shows
    Sistar’s love for their fans are how they remember their fan’s faces,
    like in interviews they remembered their fans and like their faces and
    everything, they never forgot about them. They’re just great human
    beings that i just adore and love, and will forever keep watching them
    grow and grow with a bigger fanbase. I’ll love them forever. HYORIN I

  121. youtube: joannamariesmile

    I love SISTAR because they’re sexy not because of their body but their confidence. They’re not trying to hard but it’s just natural for them :) 
    They’re playful and super nice. I saw Hyorin in Dream High 2 and she was amazing!

  122. I saw them debut with Push Push 2 years ago, and I started loving them already. They have this angst and sexiness that other groups don’t have. Their songs are really good and it makes me stand up and dance too (even though I am not a dancer), and I love how they perform on stage. And when they go out the stage, their cuteness appears (just like in Hello Baby) :D Anyhow, happy 2nd anniversary to Sistar!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHH <3

  123. I love Sistars bubbly and cute personality  
    Youtube account: CodeGeasserifyerify

  124. I love SISTAR for their playfulness! I have some good laughs during the interview. Of course, their ability to dance like sexy queens and with their godly vocals, who couldn’t pay attention to them? ;)

    - s2DoubleU

  125. Simon and Martina did a really good job in the interview. I don’t know why but I didn’t like the way Sistar came across. Especially because they seemed to be making fun of Martina a teeny bit because of her Korean. Just in comparison, Wonder Girls seemed much more open and sweet. But like they said, they were super tired and Jet-lagged, so maybe that’s why. Not being a big fan of kpop girl groups in general, the Wonder Girls interview made me kind of like them more, where this interview kept me at that level of indifference for Sistar.

    But again, I’m not bagging on Sistar. They were jet-lagged. Sure.

    • I don’t think they were making fun of Martina’s Korean. To me it seemed like they thought her konglish was funny, when she said an english phrase mixed with a korean phrase. 

      • Yeah, I’m not saying their intent was malicious. But it was just the typical, “haha, look at the cute foreigner trying to use our language lols” kind of thing.  Imagine if Martina had laughed at them when they said something odd in English. She’d look like a big jerk and everyone would be all over her for it. So even if they were just having an innocent laugh, I still find it a bit rude. Especially during an interview.

  126. The  reason I love SISTAR so much is because they are so down to earth. They like to have more fun songs that they can have fun with and they don’t try to act like something different to get fans. They seem like extremely real people and are the kind of idols that people can look up to and achieve to be someday. 

    Youtube name: rachael.cooktx

  127. Q: Why I love SISTAR?

    A:DUUH! THEY ARE SISTAR! THE AMAZING LONG LEGS BEAUTY SISTAR! I love all the three of them! You’ve got Bora who’s very funny in
    Invisible youth! You’ve got the shy Soyu! You’ve got Hyorin and her amazing
    voice! And last but not least the cute maknae Dasom! They always put so much
    energy in there performances! What I really like
    is there debut song! since then
    I’ve always been a fan of SISTAR! SISTAR! FIGHTING!

    SISTAR is amazing. I love them because they’re talented, beautiful and for the
    fact that they genuinely love and appreciate their fans!! I’m always
    anticipating what they’re going to do next and they never fail to impress me!

    -Eatyourkimchi! Fighting! ^^~~
    -from the netherlands! xoxo

  128. Why I love SISTAR? I actually really suck on writing stuff like this because I’m not that good at expressing myself and what I think, but I do love SISTAR a lot, they’re one of my favorite girl groups EVER! I love al their songs! To me, they have definitely one of the best vocals out there in the kpop industry. And they’re all so pretty and beautiful (I envy them TT^TT). To me, listening to SISTAR’s music makes me happy and in a good mood! Doesn’t matter which song, I love them all <3 I also like that they're not that kind of girl group that tries to be and act cute all then time, hehe~ And their songs can change my mood in just a few seconds, going from like.. being all sad to happy just by listening to their songs. They helped me through a lot actually. Probably sound kinda weird but it's true, should probably stop writing since I already wrote a lot…. SISTAR, I love and support you forever, HWAITING~ <3<3

  129. I LOVE SISTAR BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE. They have the beauty, the talent, the body, the flexibility, the dancing. ALL OF IT IS JUST <3. They expressed confidence and female sensuality. And they are consistent. There was never one release from them that I didn't love.THEY ARE CONFIDENT, TALENTED, AND GORGEOUS. I LOVE THAT <3 

  130. I love EatYourKimChi and Sistar :D
    Well I think they are all very talented and they seems to be happy doing the interview.  

  131. How should i start~ 
    First of all, some years ago I wasn’t really into girlsgroups. Sistar was the first one I’ve become fan of. Somewhere on a blog I saw gifs from their first mv – because I love everything colorful I decided to give it a try and… fall in love. They are probably one of few my fav groups thet never desapionted me. Their every single was great (I mean also the unpromoted songs^^). Ok, maybe I wasn’t digging it at first, but after some time I started to appreciate this song. 
    Even  though I’m a girl I fangirl over these 4 girls so much. In my opinion, they’re the prettiest girls in kpop (especially Bora, she and Hyorin have amazing bodies, haven’t they?) 
    It makes me sad that Sistar are(maybe were?) kind of underrated. Not only as a group but also individually. I watched probablly every show they were in. C’mon! Don’t say they aren’t funny or lovely. They all are talented, the Starship Ent. isn’t a big&rich company though so they had to put a lot of erffort to reach where’re they now. It’s admirable how only with their hard work they reach the top. They deserve much more love and attention. They’ll be great and big idols in the future for sure! Hyorin’s vocal is outstanding (God, she’s one of the best singers now!), Bora is athletic and funny, Soyu sings great and Dasom.. I think she’s my fav, so cute&lovely, she improved a lot and definitelly isn’t the weakest! These girls are really entertaining~ in hello baby for example~ it shows how real the are and how nice their friendship is. 
    I admire their hard work, passion, dance and vocal skills, everything. They’are all so gorgeous that makes me pity myself sometime lol. I think an idol should be like Sistar, talented, hard-working and..modest. Their lovely, lively and bubbly personalities just make love and support them for ever.
    my youtube: entstellte 

     I like SISTAR because they are really unique… Their choreographies unlike from other kpop groups are simpler but they give sth special to it. Their dances are confident and cool. They don’t need complex moves to make a good video…actually they don’t really need a video! Their great voices are more than enough! I really like their latest song Alone, it’s among top 5 on my mp3.  It’s really catchy and they look beautiful.
    I’ve always liked SISTAR, but ever since Hyorin with her amazing voice appeared in Dream High, I pay much much more attention to them. I hope I’ll win the signed CD because it will mean so much to me! *___* LOVE YOU SISTAR!!!

  133. I have to admit that they are very different from what I expected them to be!! I didn’t realize the girls of Sistar we so bubbly, fun, and dorky!! I LOVE IT<333 

  134. i`m not a big girlgroups fan… i think some of them lack personality, but SISTAR… they are one of my favorites group ever! 
    all the girls are very beautiful. what is interesting is that they are not the same type of beauty, each one has different looks but that look very good together. i also think its nice how they are not just a bunch of super skinny girls, they have some curves! being a curvy person, it makes me feel more confident seeing how you dont have to have that same type of body to look sexy and confident!
    also, SISTAR has great singers! hyorin`s voice gives me the shivers everytime! sooyu also has a beautiful voice (im happy shes getting to sing more!), dason has a sweet voice that is very calming. Bora`s rap is full of confidence and has that cocky feel to it that, in my opnion, is necessary to a rap, but she makes it sound very cool and “i own this” type of thing.
    seeing the interview, showed me how really nice they are! very outgoing and cute. i love every song sistar has promoted till now. when i listen to push push and how dare you i get all pumped up and start dancing, shady girl make me feel like an innocent girl ( im also not very comfortable with that type of concept, but they voices pull me into it), and alone.. oh my… i know its a sad song, but when i listening to it i get the powerful/sexy/confident woman feel that makes me feel like i own the place!
    when, the reason i LOVE SISTAR is because they are very unique in k-pop! they are beautiful, extremely talented, and most of all they can translate the feel of the songs the sing, and no matter how you are feeling in that moment, their voices will just sink into your body!



    youtube : brandynwong
    twitter : iamneverwong

  137. the AIRPLANE stretching of Simon and Martina is DAEBAKK!! :) ALONE STRETCHING~  

  138. Hi  Simon & Martina !!

    Good Evening since I’m from the Philippines…I am a really HUGE DIE HARD FAN OF SISTAR TOO. Well because they are

    1. UNIQUE
    2. PRETTY
    3. NICE
    5. AWESOME. 
    8. to me they are the B E S T !
    9. very FLEXIBLE in changing different concepts
    12. Bora being SUPER ATHLETIC
    13. Dasom’s superiority in other LANGUAGES
    14. Soyu’s Cute BABY face and VOCALS 

    and here are other reasons i love them : 
    Especially Sistar’s Leader : Hyorin, her powerful amazing vocal’s inspires me more in my singing practices..well Im having voice lessons. And her amazing dance skills like Bora’s too.. I’ve been watching online streams just to see them and some of my favorite KPOP Idols. Soyu & Dasom are really pretty and loving to their FANS. Dasom’s English is so good too. I love them ever since their debut song : PUSH PUSH to SHADY GIRL , from shady girl to HOW DARE YOU and from how dare you to MA BOY – SO COOL then after so cool the best concept ever ALONE <3 I like sistar's way of showing their CONFIDENT selves, & I can't even wait to see them if they visit the Philippines like what Hyorin said.. there are many beautiful places in the Philippines.. B E S T S I S T A R <3 FIGHTING!!! 

    Youtube Name: blaqb2stexo

  139. **Contest Answser**
      Well, I actually only found Sistar recently, thanks to Dream High 2. I loved Hyorin in it and she slowly became my idol after I realised she was in a band. So I checked out some of their songs and fell in love with them! All of the members have touched my heart in such a short amount of time. Funny, dorky, close together, kind-hearted – all the features of a perfect idol group [Not to mention adorable!!].
      I haven’t been in their fandom for long, but I’ve listened to all their songs. Even if I haven’t been here from the beginning, I know I’ll be here til the end ^^
    Sistar was actually the first K-Pop group I ever loved!!
    >>>Youtube Name : BleachManiac70<<<

  140. Hi  Simon & Martina !!

    Good Evening since I’m from the Philippines…I am a really HUGE DIE HARD FAN OF SISTAR TOO. Well because they are UNIQUE, PRETTY, NICE, CONFIDENT and AWESOME. Especially Sistar’s Leader : Hyorin, her powerful amazing vocal’s inspires me more in my singing practices..well Im having voice lessons. And her amazing dance skills like Bora’s too.. I’ve been watching online streams just to see them and some of my favorite KPOP Idols. Soyu & Dasom are really pretty and loving to their FANS. Dasom’s English is so good too. I love them ever since their debut song : PUSH PUSH to SHADY GIRL , from shady girl to HOW DARE YOU and from how dare you to MA BOY – SO COOL then after so cool the best concept ever ALONE <3 I like sistar's way of showing their CONFIDENT selves, & I can't even wait to see them if they visit the Philippines like what Hyorin said.. there are many beautiful places in the Philippines.. B E S T S I S T A R <3 FIGHTING!!! 

    Youtube Name: IselfyMeI

  141. YouTube name: haycheepoop - 
    I love SISTAR because well, all their comebacks and albums are always so fun, their music is so uplifting and addicting! They always have a fun and unique choreography (bums!) Not only do they ALL sing great, but their personalities all seem so fun and it feels like they really want to all connect with their fans (but damn oceans blocking us all)~ They seem sincere and really great girls! And because I’m also a girl, they give off this warm feeling, like if I’m close to them, they’d be great friends and I’m also at the age to be their little sistar (see what I did there? LOL :P) and they would be awesome SISTARs :3 Oh~ and not to mention, their sjfdghsdjghfsjgh voices ♥

  142. Why I love Sistar… because they are not like other girl groups. They are beautiful and talented, and they don’t have to be cute or doing the aegyo to be good. They show what kind of people they are through their music and I like this personality very much. 
    This is why I cherish them very much.

  143. Sistar is amazing because they have awesome vocals and their choreography is smokin’ :D most of all, HYORIN IS IN THE GROUP!!!

  144. What do I love about SISTAR? One sentence: They’re simply SISTAR!

    They are sooo amazing and wonderful not only as a KPOP group but also as persons. I’ve watched almost all their lives because they have AMAZING vocals-slash-harmony, perfect dance routines, and the fire of determination to perform even when they feel bad; their interviews to get to know more about them and find everything to love about them; and their variety shows which leads me to a conclusion that SISTAR is one of the most DOWN-TO-EARTH, KINDEST, and undeniably LOVABLE groups.


  145. Sistar, one of the most amazing girl bands there is.. we love them all the time, we know a lot of small details about them, we even try to imitate Hyorin’s corky laugh, and we will always support their MVs whether they banned them or not.. they’ve become undeniably strong, and amazingly talented . Love and Support from Jordan, Middle east. 
    Youtube User Name: Wassan20

  146. Why I like SISTAR…: They’re the very first girl group that I’m actually really interested in! xD Seriously! :D I haven’t been a fan since their debut but songs like So Cool, How Dare You, Ma Boy and their latest released song Alone impressed me a lot! I thought they have been around longer than only two years, so I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re this good~ <3 Hyorin has beautiful and unique vocals which are, in my opinion, simply outstanding! Bora's rapping skills always impress me anew as well! :D  I don't know much about them yet but after watching some interviews before and yours now, it seems that these girls are really down-to-earth and cute! They already captured my interest music-wise and now I'm becoming even more a fan of them! (^o^*) SISTAR fighting~

    youtube username: sora2ii


  148. Sistar – Cool and laid back.  And boobies!  Boobies FIGHTING!  Ulgo Bulgo!  ULGO BULGO!!!

    YT – mrbeeg

  149. OMG WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SISTAR?! I love them so freaggin much! They always have a signature move in  every song that makes me wanna learn and their music is so catchy! Like alone, they have the sexy floor sweeper LOL. and for the so cool, THEY’RE JUST SO FRIGGIN COOL…. OMG. AND ALL OF THEM IS SO SEXY AND CUTE AND HOT. THEY’RE JUST FRIGGIN AWESOME. i’ve been a fan since their push push debut until now. I LOVE SISTAR SO MUCH. <3 SISTAR HWAITING! <3

  150. Well, just wanna say you two did a great job. Actually I didn’t know that they had a k-pop concert in the USA lol and I don’t even imagine how you try hard to complete this video! (personal question/ how do you get all that subs in English? Do you understand all Korean they said?) Wooh! Anyhow thank you for the effort! And you’re so cute when you speak Korean, Martina. :) A bit surprised that Simon is Oppa :p

  151. “we ran right past MBLAQ chilling in the parking lot standing beside their transportation.” Why am I reminded of Mona Lisa and the petrol station LOL? I’m just picturing it now, suddenly S&M rushing past, stopping for a second to look at MBLAQ being very bored … and then rushing away again … it was funny in my head!

    And all the little sound effects when they state that Hyorin takes the longest to get ready LOL. So cute~

  152. I love their honestly and how relaxed and at ease they were during the interview:)  Hoping that I’ll be able to see them live during my time here in Korea!!!

  153. Hyorin was so amused lol
    And Bora repeating the “all around the world” comment hahaha x’D
    So CUTE
    Dasom’s English is really really good, I was impressed when I heard her in the concert o-o 

  154. What I LOVE about Sistar:
    They have natural beauty! There funny, cute, dorky, know when to have fun and when to be serious. Recently, with ‘Alone’ they showed off there classy sexiness, which I ADORE, it shows that you don’t have to show off 80% of your skin, and do pornographic dances to be known as “sexy”. They have only been around for 2 years in the industry and to me they are prefect role-models! <3 I love that they all have different personalities and that they are really passionate with music. Hyorin, has BEAUTIFUL vocals and a really nice figure, *Not too fat not to skinny*.
    Bora, can rap and sing beautifully, and i'm ABSOLUTELY in-love with her honey thighs, shes the dorkiest one of them all! Hehe ^^ Dasom and Soyu are SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEE. They are an inspiration to me, and even though i can't sing, I alway make a song cover and sent it to my friends *MUWAHAHA* My B-day is coming soon, and a signed Sistar album, would be they best present EVER!!!!!!!! 
    P.s: I've been following Sistar since Push Push ALLLLLL the way to Alone! :D           

  155. Honestly, Sistar is the first female idol group that I’ve come to adore and fully support. From their debut, I could tell they had the potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the saturated idol industry. This group’s charm is not only found in their looks, singing or dancing but also in their personalities. There’s something about each one of the members that gravitates me towards them, & inspires me to exude not only confidence & a likability similar to theirs, but humbleness as well. Their stage presence is remarkable, while off-stage they seem to be extremely down-to-earth people. They have this familiarity about them that makes it seem as if they’re our friends. Musically, I have enjoyed every single and for the most part, every album. They’ve also proven to be a “diamond in the rough” group that started off a bit lackluster with their first stage performance, but has grown and improved with each ‘polish’ of the ‘gem’. I could go on and gush about this wonderful group of girls for another five hundred thousand characters, but I’ll try to keep my last statement concise: I LURV DIS GROUP SO MUCH, GIMME DA CD S&M I WILL SEND U NOMS AND MAYB SUM NICE SHOEZ 4 SIMON’S BIG FEET (CUZ MA DADDEH’S DA SAME SIZE, MANNN). /ahem/ All silliness aside, I really do cherish this group. Even if I don’t receive the cd, the real prize will be basking in the Sistar love with my fellow Star1s. The end. :D

  156. I love SISTAR because they all have beautiful voices. They are all very pretty. and i just love their songs 

    youtube : Chaydxiv

  157. I love “SISTAR” because of their personalities! 
    1. They are so down to earth. 
    2. Have a fantastic sense of humor
    3. They know how to make people smile :) 
    4. I really love their hardworking personality, especially when i saw Hyolyn performs on their Alone comeback even when she had a 104′F fever :’( I was really worried for her. But she still managed to finish their performance on their comebacks! ♥
    5. Bora’s childish personality. When i see her do some of her childish acts, i go like : OMG OMG ASDAAZXKSDV! BORA BORA BORA ♥ Aigyeo!
    6. Their voices, especially Hyolyn :3 I dropped my jaw on the floor when i heard Hyolyn’s sang, seriously!
    7. Bora’s rapping skills ♥ For my point of view, Bora is the best girl rapper in the whole world!
    8. How they perform. I really enjoy when i watch them performs :D They really enjoy what they’re doing and at the same time the people who watch them enjoys it too. 
    9. Their figures. They are soooooo seeexyyy ♥ ! Their sexiness was the first reason that they caught my eye. ♥_♥ They’re not so thin neither fat. I think that their bodies are perfect.
    10. How they interact with their fans :) I have a lot of friends that was members of the official STAR1. And they said that they really give bonding time with their fans. How i wish i’m in South Korea. :/ 
    11. And finally, they motivate me. Seriously! :( Whenever I’m depressed, i just listen to their songs to get motivation and continue on with my life. I really had so much to go trough. I may not look like that and i know that commonly people thinks that everyone has problems. But mine is different. I personally wish that they achieve their dreams. I will be the first person to be soo happy if i saw them living their dreams! I have alot to say about how i love sistar. But my english skills are not that good, so i’m having a hard time writing this xD. I’ts just that i really want to express how i feel about them. They’re my favorite persons in the whole wide world! ♥ I wish them the best and to be the BEST even though they’re the best for me ^^ Haha! Sistar Fighting!

  158. I LOVE HYORIN and BORA~!!! ok, i admit, im not as big of a fan as i am for SuJu, but hey, SISTAR is one of the few girl groups i love/enjoy watching in variety shows!!! T^T lately they just guested in Runningman XD i love how bora tried (even if she’s already been caught) to escape once more XD ps. been a kpop fan for almost 6 years , never had a single CD purchased T^T can’t afford, im too poor to buy one >__< if i'll ever have this CD, it'll be like an anniversary gift for myself T^T

  159. Q: I can’t seem to choose between all the SISTAR members, but I think since I really aspire to become a singer that Hyorin is a big inspiration to me! They’re very funny and normal off stage, yet very powerful performers on stage. And they seem to really be sisters, since they look out for each other and know each other so well! They’re irreSISTAble! :D I loved your interview with them! <3 SISTAR & EATYOURKIMCHI Hwaiting! :) 

    username: musicsinger299

  160. What I like about Sistar is how they’re both very talented and relateable. They seem really down to earth, and especially after seeing this interview and how similar I am to Hyorin, I feel like I could connect to them like friends.  I like how they’re honest to everyone like that and it’s cool to be able to see them laugh like they do.
    Also, a bonus is it’s great to see a healthy looking/not so skinny girl group out there :P
    youtube: Apocalyptichist

  161. My youtube username is cheesypuffkins
    I love Sistar because…it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find something not to like! their voices are powerhouses of amazing, every single one of them! whenever they’re on stage live, they sound like they brought the entire recording studio with them because they sound SO FREAKING GOOD! no autotune needed! some other groups are inaudible and offkey when they’re live, but even when Sistar performs on stage, their voices lose NONE of that amazing power and melody. This is an absolutely amazing feat because they also have really vigorous dances, and yet all of them are able to pull off their performances really well. It’s comforting and inspiring to know that there’s a girl group comprised solely talented girls, not just the “visual” that gets about 2 seconds of song time and 4 minutes of screen time. I also love their personalities. Hyorin is just one adorable loveable girl, and I adore her bubbly determination. Bora is a fireball and very sweet. Soyool is that cute tomboy girl i just wish i had as a friend, and dasom is so humble and kind it breaks my heart whenever she says that she feels “inferior” to the rest of the group. their talent is so much more amazing than so many other groups combined! What I love most about Sistar is their confidence and yet humility when it comes to performing. On one hand, they can rock whatever sexy, catchy, yet classy dance for their new song, and on the other hand, they are always veryvery sincere and humble, not like the fake modesty that many celebrities will put on as a facade. They have the best bodies in the business. I’m so sick of seeing overly skinny, anorexic-looking bodies being lauded as the ideal, and with all my friends wishing they could look like yoona or taeyeon, i always say “i wanna look like hyorin. she’s HOT.” (overly skinny people look good covered in clothes, but once the belly shirts and tank tops are on, they just look scary!)  These girls motivate me to do my best and to stick with my daily workout because they are confident in their bodies, which reminds me that stick-skinny isn’t always ideal, and because of their kickass music, which makes running 2 miles actually FUN. well…as fun as it could be. I also love Sistar because of their amazingly fun personalities and genuine kindness. They are always very funny and genuine on shows, and truly love their fans. In short, I love and respect Sistar because of their incredible talent (both dancing and singing live), their ability to stand out with their classy and sexy image, their amazingly down to earth, relateable, sweet personalities, their refusal to take people’s crap about their hott bodies, and, of course, hyorin’s throaty, bubbly cackle/laugh. i honestly get cheered up whenever i hear that cute little sound. I LOVE SISTAR! I’m and ELF first and foremost, but for the short time i’ve known them, sistar has been able to melt my heart <3
    Thanks, Simon and Martina, for reading my incredibly long novel! haha i love you guys toooo <3

  162. I love Sistar cuz they are strong and feminine and funny and cute at the same time. And though they have many fans they still work really hard and stay humble. And they’re music is so catchy. :D Doo-doo -doo-tooo- trum-bum-bum-bum-bum-Doo-doo -doo-tooo XD
     YouTube: montmorensi

  163. Q: I like  sistar because they   are  a group of sweet girls and they don´t   act as princess just because they are famous, also i like them  because they have an amazing talent , and they have a very cool atitude  .

    User name : kpopclaycharms

  164. 난 누나에게 SISTAR을 사랑 ,SO FUNNY

  165. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SISTAR! Kiss ass dancingThe thing I love about them most is that they represent a different and confident type of womanly charms. Definitely role model material. They are not only confident in their musical talents, they are confident in their not ubber skinny bodies. As a woman I believe that curves are much better than stick skinny, they are the perfect example for younger girls that healthier bodies are much sexier. I also appreciate the type of music variety they bring into kpop. Their hip-hop, electric, RnB, dance music is definitely done right and is much different than other cutesy bubble pop girl groups, not that I don’t like that but its really refreshing to have SISTAR’s variety. STAR1 for life!
    Youtube ID: Scarsandguitars

  166. I love them cause their awsome, but not perfect. I love all of their imperfections, cause this is what make them special and unique for me.
    I think Sistar won me cause of this difference.   They’re kind and happy, but they know how to be sexy without been vulgar. And they’re hardworkers, they are really trying to reach the top. 
    YT user: SraParklins

  167. I love SISTAR because of their great songs, dances, and live performances. Their performance of Shady Girl live was AMAZING and really made me a fan of SISTAR. I love all of their personalities; they’re all so different and yet they work so well together. Although they said that they don’t pull off the “cutesy” image as well, I think they did a great job. This just proves that SISTAR is amazing on all levels, which is why I love them. Sistar fighting!

    Youtube : JYJNiko

  168. I love how sistar is down to earth. They are so sexy and pretty. A very good role model to all girls. Their music is very addictive and very fun. I pray for their success and joy. Sistar Hwating! btw, Martina, I would totally buy you an ice cream if you do that aegyo on me. hehe. <3

  169. That is so awesome that they mentioned the Kpop Masters Concert in Las Vegas. I was actually there and at the time I had only ever heard “My Boy.” Seeing them perform live made me a huge Sistar fan. I’m so glad you two got to interview them. <3
    -IslandUrban on YouTube

  170. AWESOME interview, and I love how comfy they are with you guise and each other and a badjillion fans on that live chat, lol. Martina! I would totally give you ice cream! 

    And I squee’ed like a dork when Hyorin said she’d like to go to the Philippines. WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU <3 

    I cannot even imagine the jet lag and exhaustion and logistical nightmare it probably was running from one office to another. LOL at the image of MBLAQ chillin by their car while you guise (complete with cartoony spirals under your legs) rush to the Sistar interview. Very well done! Woot! :)

  171. I love them cause they are different like in their personalities. I will say Sistar is one of the nicest people I ever met in my life. They treat their fans the best and they really try to remember fans name like Bora eonnie knows my name and she knows what I do too, I was shock that she knows things about me and Hyolyn called me with my job title which I really appreciate. They are so talented too and they are not fakes. I love them to the max. Sistar is the reason why I love KPOP now. Without Sistar I might not love KPOP..

    –Janelly21– from Hawaii USA but working in Osan South Korea…

  172. I love how SISTAR is very humble and still work so hard even though they are not rookies in the Kpop industry anymore. 

  173. what i love? Bora’s cuteness! and Hyorin’s confidence and awesomeness!

  174. I love Sistar because when I was lucky enough to see them perform live they impressed me so much I became a fan. 

    YouTube Username: Mel81Sh

  175.  the biggest thing i love about sistar, is the way the’re staying true
    to thereselfs. Sistar was one of my first kpop groups i’ve ever seen
    and i was really  fascinated about there passion and there live skills
    and talents. Besides that, sistar was the reason why i found out about
    eatyoukimchi!!!! you were reviewing “how dare you” (my favorite song)
    and i wanted to know why there were always american guys on youtube,
    when i keyed in the song’s name.

    So i became eatyourkimchi fan because of sistar!! :)

    Love and soupport from a german fan!! (sorry for my englisch :DD )

  176. I love Sistar because they’re sexy, confident, and playful. They have their own style. They’re divas! They don’t do aegyo to catch fanboys and fangirls hearts, they’re sassy and fierce but at the same time, their personalities are not intimidating. Their songs are great and their voices are to die for. The ALONE album, is so far, one of the best releases of 2012. Every track is a must listen. I became a fan because of that mini album.

    YT: luwilsays

  177. Oh My GOD! I am waiting for Hyorin to say that they’ll visit the Philippines. Im overjoyed when I heard her said that. My tears fell down my cheeks :”””””)

  178. the biggest thing i love about sistar, is the way the’re staying true to thereselfs. Sistar was one of my first kpop groups i’ve ever seen and i was really  fascinated about there passion and there live skills and talents. Besides that, sistar was the reason why i found out about eatyoukimchi!!!! you were reviewing “how dare you” (my favorite song) and i wanted to know why there were always american guys on youtube, when i keyed in the song’s name.

    So i became eatyourkimchi fan because of sistar!! :)

    Love and soupport from a german fan!! (sorry for my englisch :DD )

  179. Youtube user breeeexyo: I had the pleasure of seeing Sistar at the Korean Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl in 2011 and I was floored at how amazing they are live! I really love that they all seem genuine and nice and truly love and have a passion for what they do!

  180. YT: Yessyloves89
    Well I have been following SISTAR since their debut and what I really love about them is their style of dancing and singing. All the girls have wonderful voices and their dancing does not shy away~ instead they are sexy and they show it. I really hope to one day go to a concert by them and meet them and tell them how they inspire me to be sexy and cool too~ I send them all my love and support and hope they know that all their fans will always be here for them~! SISTAR THE BEST~~~~~FIGHTING~!!! :D

    AND THEN MABOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HYORIN ON IMMORTAL SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    hehehehee sorry for the CAP =w=""".
    ps: :D I have alot of sistar mp3rip in my channel – lululy1993
    pps: Simon and Martina and Spudgy , hope to see you guys soon <3

  182. I like how they can sexy, cute and elegant.

  183. I love SISTAR because they are the perfect mix of sexiness, talent, and confidence. They are all such beautiful girls who really know how to show off their curves. They aren’t the typical skinny, underweight idols that you see so commonly everywhere. They look more well fed and more relate-able as normal human beings who don’t starve themselves. I also love that chic, classy look they give off. Very sexy ^^ Each SISTAR member has her own unique voice and look and they never fail to put on a good show for their fans. They’re a hard working, dedicated group who continues to grow stronger each day. As they grow as a group, my appreciation for them as a fan grows. SISTAR FIGHTING! &i’ll keep eating my kimchi (:
    Youtube username: fionyhui


  185. Gotta love dem voluptuous bodies ;) HAHA <3

  186. Dasom’s really good in English ^^ 


  188. SISTAR! Good Looks, Good Personalities, and Catchy Music, what’s not to love?

  189. Youtube username :hoddylim
    gotta love Sister because they are not the typical ‘THIN = sexy’ idols that most female kpop idols tend to be.They really look like a normal sister with great body curves *which i totally envy*. Also, Hyorin worked her way up to get recognise with her great vocals. Nobody can deny that their dance in ‘Ma Boy’ was really good . With the new song ‘lonely’ it proves that SISTAR can protray different  types of songs and still look really good in every of them. GOOD LUCK TO THEM IN THE FUTURE and lets all love SISTAR !!!

  190. You guise. You got me all kinds of proud. From airport vlogs to interviews with pop-stars.  I feel like a parent that needs an obnoxious bumper sticker to tell the world how proud I am of you. You guys are so awesome and the things you do and create are beautiful and AWESOME. Not to mention a role model for people who want to have an awesome marriage. Thank you.

  191. I love sistar for their voices and style.

  192.  I love how they can sing any
    style of song and it still sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to see how
    much they improved on their next album!

  193. Saving the best for last, I see? Le me patiently waits for MBLAQ.

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