Woot! Here’s the first of our three interviews we did over at Google and YouTube headquarters. We’re doing them in the order that we filmed them (it’s only fair!), and the first group we interviewed was the Wonder Girls. Woot!

So here’s our interview with them. It’s in two parts, and we put it in a playlist. If you can’t view the playlist, here’s part 2 of our interview embedded below:


So, let’s just say how happy we were to do this interview. Not just because we were able to sit down with one of the most famous, most influential Kpop bands in the universe (though that IS hella awesome). We were just really happy during the interview because the Wonder Girls are so level headed and fun and easy going, and by no means as inflated as they should be. Seriously: THEY’RE THE WONDER GIRLS! They should be like “PFFFT Go Away!” in their best Snape voice, but they didn’t have a drop of arrogance to them. They laughed with us, were giggling with each other at our cheesy jokes, and were able to speak with openly and casually. They made us feel so comfortable, and had such a warm sincerity about them that gave the interview a really relaxed vibe to it. We had a great time with them. Wonder Girls, if you’re reading this, thanks!

Anyhow, if you don’t know, they’ve got a new song coming out in June! We can’t give you that song’s album signed yet, of course, since it’s not actually out yet, but we do have their LAST album covered with their signatures and DNA! OOOH YOU WANT IT DON’T YOU?!?! Well, all you gotta do to get it is:

A) Subscribe to our YouTube videos. and
B) Let us know what you’d ask them if you got the chance to interview them.

BOOM! That easy! Who knows: maybe one of these days we’ll get to interview them again and we could ask your question! Give us good material, and we’ll give you their CD. Yay!

Leave your answer either in our YouTube video’s comments, or in the comments here. If you’re gonna leave them here, make sure you leave your YouTube username as well, so we can know if you’ve subscribed, of course!

  1. I swan danced downstairs to make breakfast. Hehe. And the Wonder Girls are so chill. Lovin’ it! And the avocado thing. I grew up with an avocado tree in my front yard. I can’t imagine. Avocado deprivation is a sad state.

  2. I wish Sohee talked a little bit more TT But I still enjoyed the interwiew~ <3

  3. My question for the Wonder Girls:

    Which k-pop group does The Wonder Girls think is kinda their “competition”, or a k-pop group that has just as much skills as The Wonder Girls have?

    YouTube name: ipodchick313

  4. My question for the Wonder Girls:

    What k-pop group do they think has good skills as a k-pop group, and would be most likely to make it in America? Such as themselves, and Girls’ Generation.

  5. This is the first time i’ve seen an interview with the Wonder Girls and I am super impressed with their english! :)

  6. My Question :)))

    1.Any memorable think that happened to u guys lately ?
    2. Embarrassing moment on your live performances?
    3. Who’s a different person on and off cam?
    4. Who’s the dirtiest ? Cleanest ?
    5. Who ate the most ?
    6. Any beauty and diet tips for us?
    7. Do u get payed equally ? or who earns more???

    OMG! I waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnna win their signed CD :((((((((((((


  7. I would ask them if they were ever given a privilege to leave all their hectic schedules behind for a week and not be idols, what would they do? Kind of like a vacation where you are just a regular person.From Florida,

  8. Question: What were their first impressions of each other when they first met and how have they changed over the time they’ve been together?
    Username: Daiseybear

  9. I’m not sure if this question still will make it, but it’s worth the try:
    – Now that you’ve reached such a big status in Korea and Asia as a band. What’s your next step as “the Wonder Girls”? Do you guys plan any solo activity in the future? (i.e. BIG BANG’s TOP went for acting, GD likes producing and went solo too, Tae made a solo album too… you get the idea right?)

    Thanks for such a cute interview: to you Simon and Martina… and to the WG, they’re awes♥me.

  10. that intro… y’all running around clapping… PRETTY AWESOME…
    And … my girls… they’re so cuuuuuuuuuuute!!

  11. Ye eun ssi  ‘selamat pagi’ is good morning not good night.selamat malam is good night.but you said it with the right pronunciation though.i’m impress. Anyway didn’t know ye eun is such a composed young lady.Very mature.

  12. Q: Which of your songs did you like the most? Dance and tune wise. Youtube Name: MintArchAngel

  13. Well, I know these days this sounds crazy but I’m not a big Kpop fan. I mean, I like a lot of their music but I don’t even know the singers name… [So I’m not a true fan I’m afraid T.T] But, seeing that Wonder Girls speaks such a good English is impressing. It really looked like they understand what you say. I wish all of the Koreans could speak English better and not just run away from me when I try to ask something on the street! >.< Anyways, the main point: I really enjoyed this video :)

  14. My question: Both you and SNSD have ventured into the U.S. music industry. What sets you apart from SNSD and/or the other groups in Korea that could possibly lead to success in the U.S.?

  15. Check this out from NY :) http://queens.ny1.com/content/special_reports/the_korean_sound_wave/162260/korean-sound-wave—wonder-girls–await-all-english-album-release

  16. ok..i’m debating wether Ervin from the Philippines is my brother or not…
    and nice intro lol

  17. Q: If you were just a normal person in the streets of Korea, how would you react towards other major K-Pop idols?? 
    Youtube ID: kunmoyon93

  18. Youtube Username: yozo217

    The question I would ask them is…”If any of you were given a chance or time to go to college, what would you want to pursue?”

  19. Hey guys WG new song MV “Like This” have been released!! So sunny and fill with positive energy!
    and this time they do not have JYP WHISPER at the beginning!!
    Hope you guys can do a review on their “Flash Mob” MV!!

  20. I’d to ask WG: “Do you watch Eat Your Kimchi music monday videos on your songs? What do you think about eatyourkimchi?”

    Youtube username: fairyling219


  21. I live in a (stupid) small european country (Denmark) and I would like to ask the wonder girls what they love the most about Korea and Asia as a whole.
    Q: what do they love about Korea and Asia the most? Also what they found to be the biggest difference between USA and korea (as I have never been in either of those placeses…)?

    YouTube name: missnerdyfox

  22. Love this song :3 they should interview BigBang next!!!

  23. Q: Did you have any reservations or fears when you took the plunge and decided to be a trainee with JYP? What convinced you to do it, or was it easy from the start?

    Youtube username: kikofoshoyo

  24. My Question for Wonder Girls:
    What is their most unforgettable most funny experience ever since their debut (international or in Korea)???

  25. I would ask which video was the most interesting to shoot – what costumes, plot, co-workers, etc. they liked best.

  26. Q: What is the best part of being an KPOP IDOL?

    username: effer015

  27. My question is: If JYP provides you guys a chance, who in the group would like to have a solo project, and what genre would it be?
    YouTube name: chocolee21

  28. My youtube username is Tofusquares and I would ask them what they describe their fashion style as ^^

  29. Q: What do you think of the “fights” between Wonderfuls and Soshis ? 
    Youtube user name: laurettalol

  30.  Would you like to do another Wonderbang performance? Because we all loved those performances.
    Youtube username: DJTamBC

  31. Q: Everyone knows that ceo YG and ceo JYP are close friends. are you
    also friends with YG artists? if not, who would you want to be friend
    with in YG :D

    username: apushoot

  32. If I had the chance to ask the Wonder Girls a question it would be how they feel about JYP whispering throughout their music videos all the time. And what it is like to work under him, as he used to be in the kpop business as an idol himself (and still kind of is).

    youtube: tangledupemotion

  33. Random question to them : Do you watch kdramas , which one is your favorite ?Youtube : kpopinyoulanguage

  34. Q :  What do your families think about that you are famous, not only in Korea , but around the world? 

    User name : kpopclaycharms

  35. What are your favorite snacks to eat in Korea, and why? Have you ever tried any unique snacks during your international travels? Please share your experience! 

    Username: seanlee928

  36. How does it feel when you watch yourself preform? What about the music videos and variety shows? 

  37. Maybe it’s a bit late but I still wanted to put in my two cents (you know, just in case you ever interview them again!). 

    But I would have asked them who their favorite kpop bands are! I was kind of waiting for that question. It would be a fun to hear them talk about their industry colleagues and who they “fangirl” over. And also, if they could collaborate with any international artist (particularly North American) who would it be? Lady Gaga featuring Wonder Girls. That kind of thing.

    YT name: kaynichelle04

  38. have they ever or will they ever go to mexico?

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