Woot! Here’s the first of our three interviews we did over at Google and YouTube headquarters. We’re doing them in the order that we filmed them (it’s only fair!), and the first group we interviewed was the Wonder Girls. Woot!

So here’s our interview with them. It’s in two parts, and we put it in a playlist. If you can’t view the playlist, here’s part 2 of our interview embedded below:


So, let’s just say how happy we were to do this interview. Not just because we were able to sit down with one of the most famous, most influential Kpop bands in the universe (though that IS hella awesome). We were just really happy during the interview because the Wonder Girls are so level headed and fun and easy going, and by no means as inflated as they should be. Seriously: THEY’RE THE WONDER GIRLS! They should be like “PFFFT Go Away!” in their best Snape voice, but they didn’t have a drop of arrogance to them. They laughed with us, were giggling with each other at our cheesy jokes, and were able to speak with openly and casually. They made us feel so comfortable, and had such a warm sincerity about them that gave the interview a really relaxed vibe to it. We had a great time with them. Wonder Girls, if you’re reading this, thanks!

Anyhow, if you don’t know, they’ve got a new song coming out in June! We can’t give you that song’s album signed yet, of course, since it’s not actually out yet, but we do have their LAST album covered with their signatures and DNA! OOOH YOU WANT IT DON’T YOU?!?! Well, all you gotta do to get it is:

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BOOM! That easy! Who knows: maybe one of these days we’ll get to interview them again and we could ask your question! Give us good material, and we’ll give you their CD. Yay!

Leave your answer either in our YouTube video’s comments, or in the comments here. If you’re gonna leave them here, make sure you leave your YouTube username as well, so we can know if you’ve subscribed, of course!

  1. I swan danced downstairs to make breakfast. Hehe. And the Wonder Girls are so chill. Lovin’ it! And the avocado thing. I grew up with an avocado tree in my front yard. I can’t imagine. Avocado deprivation is a sad state.

  2. I wish Sohee talked a little bit more TT But I still enjoyed the interwiew~ <3

  3. My question for the Wonder Girls:

    Which k-pop group does The Wonder Girls think is kinda their “competition”, or a k-pop group that has just as much skills as The Wonder Girls have?

    YouTube name: ipodchick313

  4. My question for the Wonder Girls:

    What k-pop group do they think has good skills as a k-pop group, and would be most likely to make it in America? Such as themselves, and Girls’ Generation.

  5. This is the first time i’ve seen an interview with the Wonder Girls and I am super impressed with their english! :)

  6. My Question :)))

    1.Any memorable think that happened to u guys lately ?
    2. Embarrassing moment on your live performances?
    3. Who’s a different person on and off cam?
    4. Who’s the dirtiest ? Cleanest ?
    5. Who ate the most ?
    6. Any beauty and diet tips for us?
    7. Do u get payed equally ? or who earns more???

    OMG! I waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnna win their signed CD :((((((((((((


  7. I would ask them if they were ever given a privilege to leave all their hectic schedules behind for a week and not be idols, what would they do? Kind of like a vacation where you are just a regular person.From Florida,

  8. Question: What were their first impressions of each other when they first met and how have they changed over the time they’ve been together?
    Username: Daiseybear

  9. I’m not sure if this question still will make it, but it’s worth the try:
    - Now that you’ve reached such a big status in Korea and Asia as a band. What’s your next step as “the Wonder Girls”? Do you guys plan any solo activity in the future? (i.e. BIG BANG’s TOP went for acting, GD likes producing and went solo too, Tae made a solo album too… you get the idea right?)

    Thanks for such a cute interview: to you Simon and Martina… and to the WG, they’re awes♥me.

  10. that intro… y’all running around clapping… PRETTY AWESOME…
    And … my girls… they’re so cuuuuuuuuuuute!!

  11. Ye eun ssi  ‘selamat pagi’ is good morning not good night.selamat malam is good night.but you said it with the right pronunciation though.i’m impress. Anyway didn’t know ye eun is such a composed young lady.Very mature.

  12. Q: Which of your songs did you like the most? Dance and tune wise. Youtube Name: MintArchAngel

  13. Well, I know these days this sounds crazy but I’m not a big Kpop fan. I mean, I like a lot of their music but I don’t even know the singers name… [So I'm not a true fan I'm afraid T.T] But, seeing that Wonder Girls speaks such a good English is impressing. It really looked like they understand what you say. I wish all of the Koreans could speak English better and not just run away from me when I try to ask something on the street! >.< Anyways, the main point: I really enjoyed this video :)

  14. My question: Both you and SNSD have ventured into the U.S. music industry. What sets you apart from SNSD and/or the other groups in Korea that could possibly lead to success in the U.S.?

  15. Check this out from NY :) http://queens.ny1.com/content/special_reports/the_korean_sound_wave/162260/korean-sound-wave—wonder-girls–await-all-english-album-release

  16. ok..i’m debating wether Ervin from the Philippines is my brother or not…
    and nice intro lol

  17. Q: If you were just a normal person in the streets of Korea, how would you react towards other major K-Pop idols?? 
    Youtube ID: kunmoyon93

  18. Youtube Username: yozo217

    The question I would ask them is…”If any of you were given a chance or time to go to college, what would you want to pursue?”

  19. Hey guys WG new song MV “Like This” have been released!! So sunny and fill with positive energy!
    and this time they do not have JYP WHISPER at the beginning!!
    Hope you guys can do a review on their “Flash Mob” MV!!

  20. I’d to ask WG: “Do you watch Eat Your Kimchi music monday videos on your songs? What do you think about eatyourkimchi?”

    Youtube username: fairyling219


  21. I live in a (stupid) small european country (Denmark) and I would like to ask the wonder girls what they love the most about Korea and Asia as a whole.
    Q: what do they love about Korea and Asia the most? Also what they found to be the biggest difference between USA and korea (as I have never been in either of those placeses…)?

    YouTube name: missnerdyfox

  22. Love this song :3 they should interview BigBang next!!!

  23. Q: Did you have any reservations or fears when you took the plunge and decided to be a trainee with JYP? What convinced you to do it, or was it easy from the start?

    Youtube username: kikofoshoyo

  24. My Question for Wonder Girls:
    What is their most unforgettable most funny experience ever since their debut (international or in Korea)???

  25. I would ask which video was the most interesting to shoot – what costumes, plot, co-workers, etc. they liked best.

  26. Q: What is the best part of being an KPOP IDOL?

    username: effer015

  27. My question is: If JYP provides you guys a chance, who in the group would like to have a solo project, and what genre would it be?
    YouTube name: chocolee21

  28. My youtube username is Tofusquares and I would ask them what they describe their fashion style as ^^

  29. Q: What do you think of the “fights” between Wonderfuls and Soshis ? 
    Youtube user name: laurettalol

  30.  Would you like to do another Wonderbang performance? Because we all loved those performances.
    Youtube username: DJTamBC

  31. Q: Everyone knows that ceo YG and ceo JYP are close friends. are you
    also friends with YG artists? if not, who would you want to be friend
    with in YG :D

    username: apushoot

  32. If I had the chance to ask the Wonder Girls a question it would be how they feel about JYP whispering throughout their music videos all the time. And what it is like to work under him, as he used to be in the kpop business as an idol himself (and still kind of is).

    youtube: tangledupemotion

  33. Random question to them : Do you watch kdramas , which one is your favorite ?Youtube : kpopinyoulanguage

  34. Q :  What do your families think about that you are famous, not only in Korea , but around the world? 

    User name : kpopclaycharms

  35. What are your favorite snacks to eat in Korea, and why? Have you ever tried any unique snacks during your international travels? Please share your experience! 

    Username: seanlee928

  36. How does it feel when you watch yourself preform? What about the music videos and variety shows? 

  37. Maybe it’s a bit late but I still wanted to put in my two cents (you know, just in case you ever interview them again!). 

    But I would have asked them who their favorite kpop bands are! I was kind of waiting for that question. It would be a fun to hear them talk about their industry colleagues and who they “fangirl” over. And also, if they could collaborate with any international artist (particularly North American) who would it be? Lady Gaga featuring Wonder Girls. That kind of thing.

    YT name: kaynichelle04

  38. have they ever or will they ever go to mexico?

  39. when are you announcing the winner?

  40.  Who has the most Aegyo in the group?
    Youtube Account: MapleproduceX

  41. You’ve done a lot to get this far into the K-pop Industry. Congratulations. My question to you is How did you feel as the first K-pop Group to Debut in the U.S.

  42. Question:  Have you ever had to promote a food item, only to put it in your mouth and think “OMG!  This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life!” but have to smile the entire time anyway?     If no,  how would you handle promoting a product that you hate? YouTube Username: PJtheFey

  43. Question for Wonder Girls : If you hadn’t gone into a career of entertainment, what other career choices would you have been? =)


  44.  Have you ever read fan-fiction about you guys? ;) Are you guys aware of OTP’s and shippings? Do you guys know about WonderBang? ^_^ - rereex3

  45. This question is gonna be all about the internet because you guys yourselves are on YT. Have you ever checked out articles about yourself on allkpop, soompi etc. ? Have you ever been on forums and read comments about yourself? If so, were there any hate comments that offended you? How do you deal with the critcism? – rereex3

  46. youtube username: fairyling219
    question: as a senior idol group, what are your tips for the new rookie groups who just started to survive in the industry?

  47. You should of asked them what K-Pop groups that inspire them as artists, and what country singers they like -w- My username is MoeAnimeLover

  48. Question: JYP has finally set you free and now you are allowed to date! Has anyone asked any one of you out on a date? What was the most surprising confession you heard??
    youtube name: park19807

  49.  wow, when i saw polish “dziękuję” i just couldnt believe it! WOW xD Simon ure Pole? or i just misunderstood?omg! omgomgomgomgomg wonder girls sayin dziękuje! simon i love u for thaaaaaaat!! such a nice supriceeee!

  50. Question to Wonder Girls : If you guys had not had a career in entertainment, what other career choices would you have? =)

  51. Youtube Username: I5love5anime
    If I have a chance to ask them a question, my question is:

    My question: If Wonder Girls was not debuted as kpop stars, (if they are just an ordinary/simple person like everyone else), what do they think doing right now? from Marian Grace Ticzon from the Philippines :) Wonder Girls saranghae!!!

    <3 Simon and Martina :)

  52. username: Kristialli 

    What is the wonder girls’ favorite music video that they filmed?

  53. Wow awesome interview. They seem so Wonderfully friendly. Thank you Simon and Martina for bringing this to us. :)
    My question is : “What were your feelings about leaving Korea in your prime to start all over, from the bottom, in America?”

  54. I have a feeling I might be too late for this, but my question i would want to ask them is ‘If they could switch groups with any other JYP entertainment artist who would it be and why?’
    YouTube Name: Lafemme17

  55. Correction for the WG: Selamat Pagi is Good Morning ( pagi = morning ) not hi or good night, but it’s alright since it’s their 10th language to learn kekekek Wonder Girls Hwaiting!

  56. i wonder if you would ever interview bigbang, 2ne1, snsd, etc ;oo that would be so awesome n.n

  57. my question would to the Wonder Girls would be how do stay stay so skinny and what is their daily routine like?

    Youtube name- iamcindy01 :)

  58. Aww they seem like such nice girls! My question for them would be: what is your favorite thing about your job? When do you most feel like all the effort and work that you put in is worth it?

  59. Can’t wait for Mblaq’s and Sistar’s interview :O

  60. my question for them would be: if they could try any concepts, which concept would they like to do in the future?

    youtube name: sparklechick12

  61. Question for Wonder Girls:
    Do you usually get free time? If so, what do usually do in your free time?

    YouTube Name: TechnoBoy2210

  62. My question to the Wonder Girls is other than singing do you have any other future careers?



  63. Oh they are so cute! ^^ That’s really amazing~ ^^ and the beginning is so COOL! ^^

  64. The question I would like to ask The Wonder Girls is: What was your most emotional moment together as The Wonder Girls?
     My Youtube username is: DoubleAAnime

  65. Did you guys film SISTAR and MBLAQ and are you going to upload soon?

  66. I have a question!

    There are so many different kpop groups out there. Which ones do you guys like to listen to or maybe even fangirl over?

    Thanks :) Youtube username: emmaisepicful

  67. If you weren’t in JYP Entertainment,which company would you like to be in?
    Youtube Username: Kpop526

  68. If you weren’t a singer,what career would you like to have?
    Youtube Username: Kpop526

  69. My Q: How does it feel to have the dating ban lifted? Also for Sunye what is it like dating a non-celebrity since the Wonder Girls is always traveling around?

    youtube username: AmandaTingley14

  70. “So The Wonder Girls, my question kind of turns the table on Simon and Martina: what would you ask Eat Your Kimchi about Canadian life or their growing internet fame?” –grsy97, EYK Press.

    P.S. My youtube username is grsy97, and you sculpted my love for Korea! Lastly, Happy 4 Years in Korea!

  71. Q: Do the wonder girls ever think about there memeber Sunmi that if she had stayed would they still be the same without her or would they be different ? Also would the wounder girls be different if Hyelim did not join the wounder girls?

  72. Wonder Girls were so sweet! My question [YT user: Vichuwan] is: how did you parents and relatives react when you said you wanted to be an artist?

  73. Who are your favorite american musicians, and how do they compare with your favorite korean musicians? Ms. Thugbear

  74. Q: How was it to work with 300 people for your new music video, Like This? 

    Youtube: JYCPROD 

  75. tiff_mash

    Q: What is dorm life like and are there times when you wish you didn’t live together?

    YouTube Name: mash4monkeys

  76. What! I did not know Simon spoke Polish. I feel dumb xD

  77. Great interview!

    I would ask the Wonder Girls what is their favorite fashion style/concept that they have worn on stage or film?

    Youtube name: saffronreynolds001

  78. My question for the wonder girls:
    Have they ever experienced being randomly recognized while walking around in the states?
    / youtube: safiercherismew

  79. My questio for them would be :

    which overseas fan that suprised you since you wont even know you would have fan from such far country?

    Youtube user : One1Nee

  80. My questio for them would be :

    which overseas fan that suprised you since you wont even know you would have fan from such far country?

    Youtube user : One1Nee

  81. I would ask them what it’s like to be THE Wonder Girls, in name and being famous, but also what it means out on the streets and in daily life. (YouTube: LittleLessTalentless)

  82. Hello! Here is my question I would ask them!

    What I really like about Wonder Girls is their unique night club feel and retro-style dress.  That really sets them apart to me.  This isn’t just in the video “nobody”, but it is carried through to their other songs as well.  My question is: are there any influences from decades ago that played a role in their unique style?  I would love to know!

    youtube user:  atreides19

  83. Q: How do you react to negative comments from anti-fans? 

    youtube username: rollinlikeabuffalo

  84. My question: If they could collab with any American artist who would they choose and why?

    youtube name: MissySeoulFlow

  85. can you do any interview with any kpop group for the arab fans???
    please Y_Y ?

  86. Question: What was your most memorable experience with your international fans? Youtube: angelicad7

  87. My Question For The WonderGirls:

    When you were in America, did people recognize you or were you able to walk around peacefully on the streets?

    Youtube Username: TrippHippiiee

  88. Q: My question would be if they went back into the past and saw their 10 or 11 year old self, would they be proud of what they have done with their life, and what they have become to the world?

    User name: kellie13467

    P.S. Martina i absolutely LOVE your dress the color was beautiful and i love how it had just the right amount of puff !!!!!!  Also Simon you were rocking the glasses :)

  89. Hi Simon and Martina!  My question is:  “Can you tell us the most exciting experience you have had since your debut?”

    my youtube name is aestheticexterior.
    Thanks,  Stina.

  90. Question: “Who is your Ideal type in the states?”

  91. If you could rename the group (Wonder Girls), what else would you name it?

    ~~~~~~youtube name: awesomeriffic3

  92. I would want to ask them what kind of concept do they really really want to do. I think sometimes they don’t get input on the concept, so if they had the freedom to choose it, what would it be? YouTube username: ChelseaDKTC

  93. Man I loved the intro.

  94. upload the MBLAQ interview please :’( 

  95. My question for the Wonder Girls is this:
    While dancing and performing in such short dresses, how do they prevent their clothes from riding up? (It seems impossible lol)

    Youtube username: xxAmayaHanaxx

  96. WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH!!!!!!! Tips?? There’s no law saying that you’re obligated to give tips in America. Its just a tradition basically, but its pretty common for people to think that you HAVE TO. You basically tip on good service, if its bad service, then they don’t get your tip. 

  97. Hi Simon and Martina! I love your show!
    Question: other than being a kpop idol, what is your dream career?
    Youtube name: hazelnutnutnut

  98. I would ask them individually if they have a favorite cartoon character in particular! And if possible, I would gift each one of them a toy version of their chosen character! =]
    My YouTube username is “PRBLMTK”.

  99. lol! So cute! Selamat pagi is Good morning in Malaysia. Good evening is selamat petang and if u want to go to sleep at night, it’s Selamat malam. Remember that when u come here guise!

    Anyway, my question is: 

    “I know WG is really busy with tight schedule and all. So how long have you guys ever sleep without eating a.k.a hibernating and how short was the least? Was it none? I know you guys did this for the fans, but please don’t over push yourself!”

    YT: xshirayuki

  100. i love all of this!! you are amazing!! 

    my question is:they ever would like to visit a country of Latin America? have ever visited one?

    Youtubename: adgwtf

  101. my question for the Wonder Girls :Which celebrity (idol) do you have a crush on?

    Youtube Name: ChaeRin Park

  102. Oh, and my question for the WonderGirls: If they could choose to be any mythological creature, what would it be? 

    Youtube name: datsuryouku


  104. So exciting! :D I’m freaking out a little. You’re so lucky, Simon and Martina! (And I had no idea that Polish was your first language.)

    My youtube username: scottadamsrules

    I would ask: What was the hardest part about being away from Korea during the last couple years when they were working on US promotions? Did they experience any culture shock? Do they feel like the time away was worth it?

  105. GUACAMOLE! -so proud of being mexican :’) 
    i love your videos ! you’re the best !!

  106. Q: How many entertainment industries did they interview with before they were chosen for the Wonder Girls girl group?  & How long before they are allowed to chose and give an opinion on songs and dances they want to do or don’t want to do? & Can they have an opinion on what type of style they can present as their character on stage?

  107. youtube username: Kristialli

    “Out of all the music videos you filmed, which one was your favorite (how it was filmed, how it came out..blah)”

  108. My Question For The Wonder Girls:
    When you leave Korea/home to go on World tours and such, what do you miss most about Korea?
    My YouTube Name: trlover555

  109. Q: Do you think that Kpop has a future in incorporating foreigners in
    the music? Do you think it would be possible for foreign (non-Asian)
    faces to become idols in Korea alongside the original ones?  (butternapkins on Youtube)

  110. Question: What other K-pop group, particularly girl-group, do they consider a challenge in music and in fan-gain?

  111. I would ask what were the struggles with learning english
    cause i really want to learn korean!!
    any tips they have?
    youtube user name: motaharehbf
    thx for the opportunity 

  112. YT User: FiLiChiQk

    What’s your favorite part in the JYP Entertainment building?

  113. UGH SIMON
    Why must you taunt me with hearing that and not letting me? D:

  114. Since the wonder girls don’t appear much on variety shows, we don’t know that much about their personalities so my questions will be:
    Q.Which member has the most celebrity friends?
    Q.Which member changes the most in front of the camera or in front of guys?
    Q.Who is the mood maker of the group?
    Q.Which 2 members are still awkward with each other? (still Sohee and Yubin lol)

  115. What is the process of making a song or album like? What are some things they would like to change?

    Youtube username: melranier

  116. I just watched “The Avengers” so my question is:
    If each member had a super power that suited their personality what would it be?

  117. Hi Guys, Saludos desde Costa Rica… I will want
    to know, If there is something the Wonder girls really miss in after becoming
    Public figure? 

  118. Question: 

    If you could turn back time and choose a particular Kpop song (by any other group) to release it as your own, what song would that be and why?

    youtube username: zemasrunner

  119. Q: IF you where able to bring a pet with you everywhere you went. What would you bring?

    youtube username:Blackflyerzee

  120. Q: Everyone knows that ceo YG and ceo JYP are close friends. are you also friends with YG artists? if not, who would you want to be friend with in YG :D

  121. What are the things or food you want that you miss from other countries you have been aside US?
    yt: twistedtine

  122. Q. My question for my favourite band EVER “THE WONDER GIRLS” is……. If you had the opportunity to take a year off of work and help in anyway you wanted, where would you go and whom would you like to help most?? Thanks xx ILY WONDER GIRLS <3

  123. Am I the only one who super loled at the exploding Wonder Girl fans? XD

  124. Q. Since you are not in korea most of the time, have you ever been asked out by a guy that was not korean? and would you ever consider dating a foreigner?

  125. Q. The Wonder Girls are known to be active in charity work and volunteering, so i would like to know more about their experience
    and how it effected them or changed them as a person? and if they have any interesting stories they would like to share with their fans?

  126. Q. How do you feel about the “JYP whisper”? And would you ever consider whispering your name in the beginning of a song you produced?

  127. Q. If you could perform or collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be? and why?

  128. Q: Since you (Wonder Girls) released a few albums already, do you get more artistic freedom—”hands on” in the production (i.e. song selections, concept themes, clothing styles/look) of your comebacks and albums?

    YT username: aznfn

  129. My question is:

    Can you tell us about how many years “Wonder Girls” will create and show their music to their fans?

    YouTube name: Imiliukea

    I really like this interview, also “Wonder girls” speaks english so well. :) Thank you Simon and Martina~

    we are so happy !!!i am a big fan of Wonder Girls
    thank you so much EatYourKimchi !!!!
    you are so nice and kind ^^
    okay my question is if you wasn’t a artist what will you be ?
    if you Exchange souls “like secret garden” who is the one you want to Exchange souls with ? XD

  131.  i really lived in America and i understand what you feel about the soft cookies ><
    i really miss the soft cookies
    BTW i loved you more simon and martina ^^

  132. My question to the wonder girls is:
    ” What is your relationship like between other artists in JYP nation and JYP himself? Do you all share a special bond like family or brother/sister? or do you just have a co-worker and boss relationship?”

  133. Hi, My question is, How to the Wonder Girls view JYP as a person? Do they see him as more of a mentor, a father figure in some way, or as a friend?, or maybe all three.

    YOUTUBE NAME: RandomCafeLounge

  134. Q: What are the disadvantages on being a K-Pop idol?

    Youtube Name: TechnoBoy2210

  135. My question!
    If you could collaborate with any music group, who would it be and why?
    YouTube name: sims4eva82

  136. This question is gonna be all about the internet because you guys yourselves are on YT. Have you ever checked out articles about yourself on allkpop, soompi etc. ?Have you ever been on forums and read comments about yourself? If so, were there any hate comments that offended you? How do you deal with the critcism?also, last questiooon. Have you ever read fan-fiction about you guys? ;) OKAY, OKAY. last question for realsies now. Are you guys aware of OTP’s and shippings? Do you guys know about WonderBang? ^_^- rereex3

  137. grreeeeeat video. i think you guys will one day have your own sweet studio and famous people will flock at your door!! hilarious ending by the way Martina

    my question for the WonderGirls:
    “who are your favourite KPop artist currently?”

  138. Hi! I’d like to ask them this:

    *What’s their favorite song among all of their songs and why? 
    And, considering that you can tell a lot of a person by the kind of music they usually listen to, what’s their favorite song of all time and what’s the main reason to choose it, is there some kind of story behind it or do they just feel strongly identify with the meaning? 

    And guys, WG and S&M, if you like mexican food you should come to Mexico to try it at first hand! I’ll gladly give you a tour! :)

    Youtube username: richph8

  139. my question:

    when are you planning to international release an album? not just on itunes or online but actual physical copies that you can buy in major stores.

    Best Buy/Target in US

    youtube user name: yupitsrickchannel

  140. My question for the Wonder Girls is: 
    Aside from listening to English music, do you listen to any other foreign music?

    YouTube Name: ChaeRin Park

  141. itsNinaLeeyo @ Youtube
     So uhmm, I have 2 questions….Q: When is Wonder Girls going to do a collaboration with Big Bang again? We miss WonderBang! AND Is there any new rookie groups that stick out to you girls or remind you of when Wonder Girls first debuted?

  142. My Question : What do each of them do on their free time ?
    My Youtube name: 2ne1isthebest

  143. simon and martina luv u :D

  144. youtube username: devourtheinferno23

    Q: Have you ever be jealous of your “co-worker” (any member in the group)?

  145. Great video!  You guys look like you had a really great time!
    My question would be: “Which artist (Korean or not) would you love to collaborate with?”
    Youtube user: princesspocahontaspowhatan

  146. youtube username: LynneBat

    My question for them would be: I know you toured in the States with the Jonas Brothers. How was that touring/concert experience different from when you perform in Korea?

  147. Question for the Wonder Girls:
    I know you and many other idols are of high school and college age. What is it like to have such a demanding job as an entertainer while also being a student? Can you handle everything all at once, or does one job tend to overshadow the other?

    Youtube username: thebashfulbadger

  148. Simon & Martina, great job with the intro, loved it.

    If Simon can not rate the English in a WG MV 5 out of 5, then the WG were having a very bad day when they made the MV.

    Posted a question on YT but thought of this question during the food discussion.
    Q. On a scale from 1 – 10 where would you rank Chick fil-A?

  149. And my question for the Wonder Girls would be:  If I were to listen to your mp3 player, what songs would I hear? – YouTube name Anlah.

  150. Really awesome job, Simon & Martina – your interview style is really awesome.  The artists always seem so relaxed with you guys – whether its the Wonder Girls or U-Kiss (when you interviewed them “backstage” on Jeju island).  Keep up the good work!!!

  151. Q. My question for my favourite band EVER “THE WONDER GIRLS” is……. If you had the opportunity to take a year off of work and help in anyway you wanted, where would you go and whom would you like to help most?? Thanks xx ILY WONDER GIRLS <3

  152. Q: What song was your favorite to sing and/ or which dance was your favorite to do?

    Youtube name: lovedamonkey1992

    ( love da monkey ) 

  153. Question: What impact do you feel you’ve had on Kpop?

    YouTube user ID: Mel81Sh

  154. YT Username: FiLiChiQk

    As JYP is also a singer, what things have you learnt from watching him and listening to his music?

  155. FiLiChiQk
    What has been the most useful piece of advice JYP has shared with you?

  156. FiLiChiQk

    If you could go back to a previous time in your life, where would you go and why?
    What have you regretted the most since you became singers?

  157. youtube name : saranghaeyou2am or Brooke Leigh (shows up as both sometimes)
    Q : If there was one thing you could change about Wonder Girls or yourself, what would you change?

  158. raintenshica

    If you could go to another country (besides the US) to film a music video, what country would you want to visit and WHY?

  159. OMG !! gracias por esta preciosa entrevista con este grandioso grupo que son la WONDER GIRLS !!   

  160. Q : Who are all the WG members closets to in JYP?

  161. Q : If you could add anyone to the WG group, who would you add & why?

  162. youtube username:



    Have you ever thought about what it might be like, in other Label Companies???
    If not, how do you feel about yours? When new artists were added to your company, did you have someone(s) that you like/disliked?

    (ex: you really enjoyed when “JoKwon” was added to JYP, or you really didn’t like the “JJ project” boys at first….) 

  163. My question for the Wonder Girls would have to be if you could do a collaboration with any non-Korean music artist, who would it be and why?

    YouTube Username: MsSilentPianist

  164. if you had a time machine and could travel to any musical era and be a performer there (e.g., the 60′s, the roaring 20′s, etc.), where would you go and why? 

    I’ve always wondered what today’s performers think of other music eras ^^

    youtube username = sushirox5961

    p.s. simon and martina, 
             i am insanely jealous of your rising popularity with kpop idols, but i’m super proud just the
             same. i love you guys!!! <3

  165. Q: Is there a lucky charm which you wear when you go on stage or everyday ? :)
    youtube username – misrage

  166. Q. Did you ever imagine that you would become so famous, what were your expectations when you first started out?
    (Youtube Username) ButterflyFapYTNew Zealand!!

  167. Question:  How is the Korean music industry different from the American music industry?  I’ve heard that K-Pop stars don’t get paid as much and do more TV appearances (commercials, game shows, talk shows, etc.). 

    YT username: tremorslanted

  168. Q: What can your music do to change the world? or What do you think your music has done to change the world?

  169. So exciting to see you two do such a high profile interview :D Plus, the interview still felt very “Simon & Martina” and made me like the Wonder Girls even more :) Congratulations, you two!!!

    ***If I had a chance to interview the Wonder Girls, I would totally ask them about working for JYP: JYP has been one of the most versatile and visible CEOs of an artist management/record label company. What has it been like to work for/work with a president who is also so involved with the artistic side of the industry (being a singer, dancer, actor, etc. himself?). Not to mention what is like to work with such a charismatic boss who is in front of the lime light just as much as you all are?
    (Plus, I think it would be fun to have all the members of the Wonder Girls try to imitate the o-so-popular JYP whisper :P)
    Youtube username: barcode119 ***

    It’s really nice to see how popular you two are getting and to see all these amazing opportunities come up for you two. Great interview and again: Congrats!!


  171. Question: What is the funniest experience and/or the best moment that they had since their debut?

    User name on youtube: Livillys

    PS. I loved the interview!! And the intro for the video is the best ever!!! I’m really curious now to see the other ones

  172. i would ask them how they felt about all the dance covers that people like jo kwon and wooyoung from 2pm did.

  173. How is it working with other JYP artists like 2PM/AM and miss A?

  174. Q: how do they feel when they see JYP rookies doing so well ? do they feel Proud or Threat ?and do they give them advice as a famous ( sanbia ) ?Q2: how is their relationship with the other JYP artists do they feel close or left behind because of there over seas schedule do they feel awkward and strange around the other artists ?
    Q3: who is the closes person from the JYP artists and why ??


    I really want the wonder girl DNA kkkkkk oh i mean the CD lol 

  175. Youtube name is DemiYori
    It kind of goes along with the question about any foods they miss from the US. When they come to the States are there any particular clothing stores they like to visit and if so what trends do they think are cool and which do they think bizarre?

  176. the questions thing should be asked before u’d interviewed them already
    it would have been awesome to hear them answer our questions …just sayin’n
    Q: why did u do the skipping swan dance ?
    Q2 : what was your choreographer thinking ?

    thank god Simon was sitting down in the interviews… or we would have seen another super junior incident lol kkkkk 

  177. Q: What do you see yourself as 3-5 years from now? 
    Youtube: 30kk15 

    Fighting! ^^ 

  178. Oh God, I have two questions squeezing my brain.

    Q1: Have you ever had any fight among you girls or with anyone from JYP Nation? 
    Q2: What’s the funniest experience that you have had since your debut?

    YouTube name: bulletsandcarnage
    Btw, I loved the interview, Simon you lucky guy, for having sunye whispering so close to you *—*

  179. question: does the wondergirls plan on doing a states tour anytime soon? 

  180. Q: If you guys weren’t idols (singers), what other jobs would have you pursued instead? (example: teacher, doctor, etc.)Youtube name: bigbangluver1996

  181. Do you guys think kpop music will be a big impact in the states? Who do you think would do well besides you guys?

  182. Love it, thank u guys so much for doing this for us and I cant wait to see the interview with MBLAQ ^_^…AND my question from Wonder Girls if u guys ever interview them again would be…Q: What do you think you guys have improve and achieve sense we last interview you? and What dod you expect from the future?Youtube Name: Raquelcesi13

  183. quesiton: what if and i mean if ur band broke up? would u try to bring it back together or go ur serperate ways? and would u relase a solo album?
    youtube name: Mimihibari1888

  184. Question: How do you feel about dating bans placed on artists by their agencies?

    YouTube Name: evan1enemy

  185. Q: How much money do you earn as artists? What percentage of what you earn goes to the company?
    Youtube User: Nelle909

  186. Q: Did you have any fears about debuting in America? or: If you weren’t a group, what do you think you would be doing?

  187. Q: What other job you would love to do if you wouldn’t be a kpop idol?
    Youtube usermane: vjork :)
    Thank you guys~ awesome interview!

  188. Q: Did you have any fears about debuting in America? or: If you weren’t a group, what do you think you would be doing?

  189. i wonder what it feels like after the long days of training 
    youtube name- mysticnekoji

  190. Q: Are there other groups that you get along with or don’t get along with?
    Username: Crysdrea

  191. Q: Do you think korean clothing style is different from american clothing style. If so, which stlye do you like better.
    Youtube Name: domdomissoawsome

  192. I would ask them:  Is there a meaning behind the name: Wonder Girls?
    Youtube name: LovelyQueenWitch

  193. I honestly never knew that Simon has a Polish background. 

    Although this isn’t a question, I’ll include my username either way. It’s Booyaka3. ^^ 

  194. Other than Korean men, what other ethnicity men do you find attractive? Can you name any non Korean stars you find attractive? (could be from Hollywood or any other country’s stars) “lilacsecrets” on youtube

  195.  Q: With the difference of genres in the music industry of Korea and the US would you say the transition was harder than your actual debut in Korea?
    YouTube name : PokemonQueen101

  196. Great interview Simon and Martina!
    Ok so my question to the Wonder Girls:
    When you look at celebrities like Madonna, who started her career when she was in her early 20′s and you look at her now in her 50′s still performing and singing; what do you see yourselves doing in your 50′s? Do you still want to be singing and performing or do you picture something different for yourselves?
    My YouTube name is: happymonkey06

  197. Very nice interview, you guys have a way with you when you conduct interviews. I would be very relaxed if you interviewed me! 
    Haha, they seem so sincere in their answers. Really enjoyable to watch :D 

  198. Q: With Shinhwa’s legendary return, how long do you see/plan on staying together as the Wonder Girls ?

    YT: AYtinaaachris

  199. What’s their favorite kpop band, excluding themselves?

  200. I think this is one of the coolest most chill WG interviews I’ve watched. Love how you got them to the the EYK Be My Baby jumping XD

    Q to WG: If any of you could form a sub-unit with any JYPE artist(s), with who would you like it to be, why and what kind of music would you do together (ballad, rock, hip-hop, etc.)?
    YouTube ID: n3ssachanWG

  201. Hello!

    This is would be my question to the Wonder Girls:Q: Hi, I’m curious to know if there is a singer/group you’d like to collaborate with one day. Which singer/group and why. Could be anybody, say a kpop group like Big Bang or Katy Perry or a singer from another country.

  202. Omg checked every day for this video ~_^!!
    So here’s my questions:
    So, wonder girls, you guys are like one of the most famous kpop groups in the world and I know it can get stressful with the pressure to meet your fans expectations. Do you ever think about what your life would be like if you weren’t a famous kpop star?

    YouTube username: kirawrra131

  203. Thank you so much for doing these interviews.  I dream of being able to talk with Korean artist and ask questions.  Seeing you doing it, gives me such joy!  Thank you for all your hard work and sleepless nights.

    I would ask them:  So you have worked with English groups and Korean groups.  What differences have you noticed between the two?

    Youtube Name: AminDelotha

  204. Q. Which member do you think will get married first? or who is the most domestic among you guys?

  205. Q. Do any of you have plans of making a solo debut? I know Yenny is really into producing and she released a couple of solo songsMiszSlik

  206. KATHyphenTUN

    Do you ever miss having a life away from the fame and being able to walk into public without a mob of fans following you? And if you weren’t professional singers what job would you go after?

    Youtube: puppichu

  207. My question is what is your opinion about JYP butting into your videos all the time? lol

    Youtube username: Syaimaral1

  208. Q. If you could perform or collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be? and why?

  209. I would ask them Who would they love to appear in a cameo in one of their videos? (Like imagine eyk cameo in a wg vid ;) )

    My username is josuejiar

  210. That interview was fantastic, I loved it.
    If I could ask something to the Wonder Girls, it would be : ” Do you still keep in touch with Sunmi? How did you feel when she had to go? And what about Hyuna? Do you think that she would suit in your style now? Do you miss her? And how did you feel about Lim at first? Did you think that she would do it good in the group?”
    To Lim: “How did you feel at first when you arrived to the group? Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with the girls?”
    And to finish: Do you think there is a possibility of being again with Sunmi and becoming a 6-member group?
    That’s all, I hope not being rude or anything like that, but I really want them to be all together.

  211. (SN: MiaTakahashi) 
    Question: How long did it take you to learn English? Was it a challenge to record English versions of songs? What was your favorite part and favorite track in the Wonder Girls movie?

  212. Wow! That was so cool! 

    The question I would like to ask them is :
    Which big differences did they feel about promoting in Korea and in USA? 

    Youtube name : YuChanCantStopIt

  213. Q. How do you feel about the “JYP whisper”? And would you ever consider whispering your name in the beginning of a song you produced?

  214. Q: if you were food – what would you be?

    YT michalinah

  215. Q: What are your favorite themes / outfits & hairstyles…and what have been your favorite dances?

    youtube name: Pappylolz200

  216. Q. Would you guys ever consider going out with a guy that is NOT korean?

  217. Q. what moment made you realize that every hardship you went through was totally worth it
    Bjasmine96 YouTube username


    Q: The Wondergirls are famous for their dances (which often become dance
    crazes). Which of your dances do you love to perform/are your

    YT Username: OMGitsSeppie

  219. Q: If they could have any animal as a pet what animal would they have?

    YouTube Username: Azulburrito

  220. Q:  How was your experience when making your movie? Was learning the script and all difficult for you? 

    Youtube username: hollagurls

  221.  How has being a famous popstar affected your relationship with your family? Is it the same or has there been big changes?
    Youtube Name: XxAnankaxX

  222. Q: How do you deal with the stress of people that are always harassing you about your features or your weight? 

    Youtube Name: Elvishd

  223. actually selamat pagi is for the morning not night

  224. Q: How long were they trainees before they got the chance to debut?


  225. Q: how do your parents/family feel about you being International stars and being away from home so much?  How often do you get to see or talk to them?

    username: cibahk

  226. Dear Wonder Girls, if you have to choose a member from F-art to be your newest member, who would it be and why? Thank you very much.

    YT username: lovingmonday

  227. What is their favourite song and least favourite that they have sung?
    YT Username: xiutimm

  228. QUESTION:  how often do they get to see their family? YT: melmusica 

  229. Q- Do you dislike the paparazzi and the editorials about you? If so, what are some things that you do to hide your personal life from the media?
    YouTube username: matmat19831

  230. Q: Do you hate it when JYP whispers his name in the beginning of all your songs?

    YT Username: KpopManiacSFL

  231. Q: What was their most awkward moment?
    For example, one of them farts or anything.
    Youtube Name:  mimialicous 

  232. Q: When people ask about being a trainee they only seem to talk about the difficult times they had. Did you ever have any memorable times as a trainee that was fun?

    Youtube Name: MrMonkeyEunhyuk13

  233. Well, I’m currently lying in bed, my roommates are all asleep and my earbuds are on the other side of the room, so I can’t listen to the interview yet, BUT. If you didn’t ask this during this interview, I’d probably ask

    Q: How has pop stardom affected your personal/family/social lives?

    It seems to me as though that’d be a negative effect of fame. Less time with close friends and family, and a lot of new fair-weather friends popping up, people who only care because you’re a star.

    I’m “stephenmockingbird” on Youtube.

  234. Q:  What would Wonder Girls do if they weren’t kpop idols? Like their dream job other than singer/dancer.
    youtube username: biralachana

    PS. Dziękuję! It’s so awesome to hear people speaking polish.

  235. That was a great interview, thank you Simon & Martina!! ^_^ ~ <3

  236. Q: Where do you see your-selves 10 years from now? (having a family? still making music? acting? a career? ect.)

    Youtube username: kktori

  237. Q : Now that you are POPULAR, what do you think about the new rookie groups debuting? 

    Q2: Was it difficult for the girls to practice speaking in different Languages? 
    YouTube Name: IselfyMeI

  238. Q: How difficult was it for them to learn English? And did you have any funny experiences or misunderstandings about certain words or phrases?

    Youtube username: rwt2591

  239. Q 1. What is your secret talent?

    Q 2. Who is your ideal guy?

    Q 3. What was the most ebarrising/touching moment you had?

    Q 4. Can you name your top favorite USA moment?

    Youtube acoount: OXOX1997

  240. Q: What is your favorite fan story (either a time when a fan was so wonderful, that it really surprised you or so crazy that it maybe freaked you out a little)?

    youtube name:  ZombieSlag36

  241. username: ebae306gmail.com 
    What country would you like to live in besides the US and Korea?

    What other occupation would you want to be besides a Kpop artist?

    What is your favorite Kpop girl group other than yourself?

  242. I would’ve asked them who their favourite kpop group was :D everyone wants to know who their bias are!

  243. Q: If you could teleport anywhere in the world, where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    YT Username: xxWiish

  244. Which artist, dead or alive would you love to collaborate with? (Youtube username: Judithlebreuilly :D)

  245. Could you ask them about their childhood? For example:

    1. Up till the age of 5, what was their favourite toy/s? (eg. Barbie, Lego, sandpit, piano….)
    2. Mention one belonging they still keep from childhood, and why.
    3. Is there anyone that they haven’t seen for over 10 years and really want to meet again? What would they do when they meet?
    4. What’s an event that happened in primary school that made them cry?
    5. When did they start taking formal lessons for singing/dancing/musical instruments? Did they enjoy it or resent it? How do they feel about it now?
    6. When they were young, did they have times when people would look down on them, bully them, or call them failures? Have they ever had the urge to now go back to those people and say, “Look at me now!”

  246. username: kpop4worldpeace

    have you ever had trouble trying to remember the same song in 2/3 languages? *i would forget at least one*

  247. If you could go to any country in the world where would you go and why?
    youtube username: koreanchick42

  248. If you were to go to any country in the world where would you go and why?
    Youtube username: koreanchick42

  249. *~
    My Question for The Wonder Girls~*:If you guys had like a One Week Vacation, what would you do and why? 
    Youtube Name: LittlemisscawaiiTV

  250. Question: if you have the chance for each member to compose a track in their new album ,how the album would turn out?

  251. Q: When you guys started out in the music industry, have you ever imagined you would become such big idols and rolemodels for a lot of people? 

    - Anne, Denmark / Youtube: Tafraid

  252. My Wonder Girls Question: What was the hardest dance move for you to learn, and what was the most fun?

    Thanks so much for doing the interview! I love them!!! <3 <3 <3

  253. Q: Why does So Hee starts laughing immediately when ‘farts’ are mentioned?
    youtube user name: laurettalol

  254. My question is, hmm.. in fact I have 2 questions! è_é :
    Q1: What do Wonder Girls think about SNSD?!
    Q2: What is their ideal type of man? (or which Korean Boys Band best fits their preferences?) <=== Is this correct! è_é ..xDAnyway, my Youtube username is: MayaSaraBmz.

  255. haha that intro was genius! 
    and you guys did a lovely interview with them, i wish i had that opportunity as well.

    as for my question, here it goes: “what’s your input on the process of your work, whether it’s in the studio or on the filming set of a music video, or even on creating a choreography?”

    my youtube usersame is “lucasolivdantas” http://www.youtube.com/user/lucasolivdantas?feature=mhee

  256. Q: How do the fame they have archevied effect their lifes? is there something they had to give up because of their job or not?

  257. Q: Since you girls are called “WonderGirls”, if there’s a chance to have superpowers, what kind of superpowers do you all wish to have?
    Youtube username: chewkachu



    hope i win :(( i want this album sooo badly….. :((

  259. Rowenah Marie Roberto

    Hi Simon and Martina!

    Here’s my question: Fans know how hectic the lifestyle and commitment schedules of K-pop idols are and how it seems to be taking its toll on their health, schooling, and personal relationships. Are there any bad experiences or hardships that you have been through as idols that you don’t want the younger/future idol stars to go through? What are these (if any) and why?

    UN: rowenahroberto

  260. Your English is very good! What was the hardest part in learning english?

    _Claire from FRANCE :)


  261. Q. My question for my favourite band EVER “THE WONDER GIRLS” is……. If you had the opportunity to take a year off of work and help in anyway you wanted, where would you go and whom would you like to help most?? Thanks xx ILY WONDER GIRLS <3 

  262. I have to say listening to them now I really wanna hear more of their music, so thanks S&M! I honestly haven’t listened to any of their songs except of course for “Nobody,” and now “Be My Baby.” 

    I LOVE that at a certain point when y’all were talking about food, it wasn’t the Wonder Girls and Eat Your Kimchi, it was a group of people who’ve traveled and are interested in the world. 

    If ever you guise were to interview the Wonder Girls again, the question I’d like them to answer would be: What’s one question you wish people would ask you? :P (actually I’d love to ask this question to any Kpop star!)
    YT username: Alexis Aragona

  263. They actually have a good english.I’m shocked

  264. Q. My question for my favourite band EVER “THE WONDER GIRLS” is……. If you had the opportunity to take a year off of work and help in anyway you wanted, where would you go and whom would you like to help most?? Thanks xx ILY WONDER GIRLS <3 

  265. Thank you for WG’s “Dziękuję”!!! <33 I totally freaked out!! Now I love this word even more~~

  266. Q: Will you try to be a girl group as much as possible or you will start on solo or other activities after you turn 30 ?
    youtube: montmorensi

  267. My question is how long do they train before filming a music video and do they get to add their opinions and ideas into the making of it?

    youtube username: pookXYZ

  268. what is the message that you want to annonce by your art

  269.  My User Name is : merirusama
    i want to ask them , what’s the US or International Habit they’d like to have in korea , like something that they don’t have in their culture and want to have it .

  270. Q:How do they feel about the “JYP” whispers in JYP artists’ songs?
    I dont have a youtube account though x/ i do have Twitter! IAmHappyAishah!!!!!

  271. Love the happy swan dance! You guise have no idea how much i do it xD interview was awesome!

  272. In the next interview, you should tell them about Spudgy and then ask them about their pets.
    (youtube ID: jraejjang)

  273. The beginning intro is super WIN hahaha, cracked me up when they joined in :)

  274. Q: Do you have nicknames you use between members?

  275. Q: Now that you’ve experienced both the Kpop & North American music scene, which one would you choose to start with if you had to do the Wonder Girls all over again?

    Youtube Username: robertlikeskimchi

  276. Q: Are the wonder girls close with fellow labelmates like AM, 2PM, Miss A and JJ project?
    Youtube Name: MarCee1122

  277. I would really want to know what their most embarrassing moment on stage was. Like, if they turned the wrong way during a dance routine, sang the wrong words, etc. and how they handled it. Did they laugh and make a big deal about it or did they try to pretend it didn’t happen? 

    My Youtube username is Kendronicus. :3

  278. Q:  Out of all the countries and cities you’ve been to, what’s your favourite and why?

    Youtube user name: sojer002

  279. Such a lovely interview, thanks a billion for providing us this :) They looked so down-to-earth with their sincere answers and also casual clothing.

    Question I want to know if there are K-Pop songs other than theirs that they thought “I wish this was our song”, or it can be singular like “I wish I was the one singing this song”.

    Youtube username: kendisinsan

  280. As a group , would you all be interested in song writing and producing  some of the music on an upcoming album?! If you have produced or written a song, how was it to be involved in the creative process of that ?

    YouTube user name: girliedy

  281. What is their favourite joke that they have heard?

  282. What is their favourite joke that they have heard?

  283. What would the Wonder Girls want to do in the future, after “retiring” from being a Wonder Girl? Seeing YeEun would probably be a producer since she is already writing songs under the name “Ha:tfelt”.

  284. If Wonder Girls could have a superpower each, what would it be, and how would they use it?

  285. If Wonder Girls could have a superpower each, what would it be, and how would they use it?

  286. TVXQ

  287. my question for Wonder Girls is how did they feel after they finished filming the Wonder Girls movie in US? Did they have any difficulty during the film?
    Youtube name: Shadowfire821

  288. Question: After being on so many shows, do you still get nervous before performing?
    Youtube: stinkychez35

  289. Q for the WG: how do you think being a celebrity has affected you social lives, and is there any aspect of your pre-celebrity life that you miss?

    youtube usename: Ghiblijp


  291. My question for The Wonder Girls.

    Both of Sunmi and Hyunah are the members of Wonder Girls previously.
    What’s your opinion to their departure? 
    Also, Lim and YuBin are added subsequently, how does you guys break the ice with the new members?

    Youtube user: SuperFastPace

  292.  If they were to choose a concept like they can choose a concept they like for their up coming album what would it be? and Why?
    -because they might give good ideas :)

  293. My question for Wonder Girls would be: Since you girls are super famous, which rookie group or just a group would you would like to mentor some day? 

    YouTube username: afriend920

  294. Q: How does it feel to be known WORLD WIDE and being one of the most POPULAR girl groups in ASIA bringing the name of JYP?

  295. YTname: puellamagnampraedam
    I would ask the Wonder Girls if they weren’t in the music industry, what other career would they have chosen or pursued?

    Thanks! ^-^ I loved the video, especially hearing them talk about their love for Mexican food!! <3 

  296. My question is, If one member of the WonderGirls became a solo artist in America, who would it be?

    Username: Japaneezgir

  297. dziękuję simon and martina:D!  Wondergirls speaking polish made my day.


  299. awesome interview!

  300. With the new album coming how do you think it differs from the previous and do you think you guys, both musically and personally, matured? 

    youtube username: overdosedondietcoke

  301. I would like to ask the Wondergirls what the loved most about growing up, if there is anything they miss as a child that they would like to have now. 

  302. I would ask them, if you only had one day to live what would you do?

    username: emmanuel3989

  303. question:  how hard was entering the k-pop industry ? 
    youtube name: Tsuki406

  304. If they had one question to ask Simon and Martina, what would it be?

    youtube username: Atalkii

  305. What is your most treasured memory since coming to the US? – mollyxface

  306. Question: 
    Is there any artist outside of korea that you would want to collaborate with to make a song or possibly an album with?YT: rainkkis

  307. Question I would ask: Do you feel like any foreign bands (outside of S. Korea) have influenced your work? If so, who and how?

    youtube: knightofzexen

  308. Question: If there were something you could change about the Korean music industry (especially regarding the k-pop genre), what would it be? 
    Youtube username: WereRhino

  309. 2 questions: (if that’s okay please?)
    1) What do you see yourself as or doing in the future? like maybe around 5-10 years? (as a wonder girls group together or something individual dreams.)
    2) If you are aware or not of the rumors or gossips spilling about the k-pops having plastic surgeries, do u have any thoughts, sayings, or feelings about it? Have you had any?….
    YT: WeTSeAl211

  310. Question: If you could bring one person along with you in every place that you go, who would it be and why?

    I have a second question too xD
    If you could change anything about the idol life, what would it be, and what difficulties have you faced because of this?

    youtubeusername: smileloveimurs

  311. my question for the Wonder Girls :
    What do the Wonder Girls think about the “JYP whisper” in the beginning of every song JYP has produced

    YouTube Name: abie70

  312. Thank you so much :D Fans really appreciate the interview. Their English has really improved :) I hope I win that CD xD 

  313. Thanks so much for the interview!!! It was great, the editing was fantastic, the skits were hilarious, and the questions you prepared were all SO good.
    The Wonder Girls are sooo lovely!!! It’s so cool that they did the swan dance and skits with you…..
    Not to mention their language skills are fantastic.
    Aaaaah soo happy right now~~~ ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

  314. Can a non-Korean idol have the same popularity as a Korean idol?
    Yt: SexyNinjaSakura

  315. I think I put my question in the playlist comment section, so I’ll do it again here:

    Question: So Simon and Martina LOVE to do your swan dance pretty much everywhere. My question for you is what is your favorite kpop dance maneuver and why? (spice this question up by asking what is their own favorite dance maneuver and another kpop artists maneuver)

    My youtube name is Epictrioandfriends. <3

  316. My question would be: If you could do one thing and succeed at it (no matter what it was) what would you do?

  317. My question: Who are your favorite American pop stars and who have you met? Do you know of any pop stars that just love the Wonder Girls?

    username: xtiggerytigerx

  318. i would ask “Why did you choose your group name the wonder girls? What is the meaning behind it?”

    youtube username: stephle02

  319. Listening to the English version of “Be My Baby” was really cool. So I wonder if you keep releasing an English Version of the promotion tracks of your albums. I think your international fans would really love that.

    youtube user name: RealAyuWebby

  320. Haha i loved the intro!!!

    Well i would ask them: “If you had a chance to go back to a moment in your life and change it, what would it be and why?”

    youtube username: ayaj

  321. Hi! I would ask them, Who started your dream to become a K-pop idol? Who inspires you? and Was everyone supportive of your dream? :) Hope I win!!! Username-amuletdevil300

  322. Waiting for mblaq interview…

  323. I’m not actually a Wonder Girl fan, but I liked watching the whole interview hahaha they’re really nice :D it’s nice to watch things like that of people you’re not really fan of, it opens your mind :)
    And wow, their english is very good O_o I mean, even though they’ve gone to USA many times, koreans usually struggle a lot to speak english, right? But they seemed very comfortable with it :D

  324. Question: Do you prefer to sing in English or Korean, and which language do you feel lets you be more expressive or creative?
    youtube username: kllrnohj

  325. Ummm.. This is just for Sohee…. Is SoHeechul real? I really wanted to get that out of my system.

  326. You are all working hard everyday and traveling from place to place is very tiring. And a job as an idol is very challenging too. So what keeps you motivated to keep on singing and performing despite all the hard work?

    How do you deal with the stress and pressure from being an idol? What do you do to relax and just have fun while still on the road performing?

    Youtube: millikinrocks

  327. Question: How often do they get to see their loved ones (family, parters, friends, etc), and what they’d wish to do more with them.

    - s2DoubleU

  328. Youtube username: joannamariesmile

    Question: What are some of your unforgettable fan moments?

  329. Sohee didn’t talk much but I loved just looking at her. The Wonder Girls are so amazing and warm! :)

  330. I would ask them why they chose to become idols C:


  331. Lollypopmassacre

    If you could take anything back from your career and go back to life with your families, or anything else that you aspired to do when you were younger, would you do it? If so, what would you do if you werent in the position you were today? Like what was your dream when you were little, besides being an idol if that is what you aspired to be? ^^

  332. you guise are awesome!!!
    loved the interview, and Simon is lucky to have heard the song before anyone else.

  333. If the members were crepe, what flavours/toppngs of crepes would they be/have? and why?

    Username: circleofflight 



    I just realised my question was asked in the interview – and it was the very first one!!!

    And who did they say it was from? WHO? friggin fuuko4869…….I totally forgot to add my name and country………AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH o

    I could’ve had my name spoken in front of the Wondergirls. They would have heard my name. But I MISSED MY CHANCE!!! Oh man I’ll never live it down T_T FFFFFFFffffffffffffff~~!!!!

    *cough*But more importantly, Simon and Martina, thank you so, SO much for choosing my question!!! I’m got super ecstatic and did a happy dance around the living room, and my parents are so proud~ xD

    PS. My name is Lalita Andersen, and I am from Australia.

    • AH!  Oh noes!  We totally forgot to say your name!  We just had a big list of usernames and questions and we sorted through them, but we totally know it’s you!  YARGH!  Next interview we’ll say your name…hopefully!

      •  You replied!!! Hahahaha it feels so much cooler getting replies from you now that you’re super famous lol!!! xD
        Ooooh don’t worry about it. In spite of all my ranting I’m actually really happy that my question got asked at all :D
        I still got messages from random friends who recognised me just from the username so….it’s ok…. :p
        There there I’m not upset~ (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_<。)

        • Hey I see you on the facebook EYK page all the time. So, you’re kinda famous in the EYK world. Be proud…be very proud.

        •  ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
          I’m THAT obnoxious? No way…..

          *hides in embarassment* (#/。\#)

        • Hahaha no you’re a great edition to the page! :D

    • OMG AUSTRALIA FTW :D made australians proud :,) LOL. soo lucky ur question got chosen ><

  335. Youtube username: veronica mejia, my question is:
    Your relationship with JYP, is it the same or has it change? 

  336. Youtube username: happyperson9412
    Do any of you have any crazy stalker stories? :P

  337. Question:  Having traveled a lot of the world, what would be your ideal city or place to live (besides Korea, of course)?


  338. Lol at the avocado portion!
    I would ask the Wonder Girls: Being as fluent as you are in English (Or atleast much moreso than some other groups), do you guys ever hear or see the Engrish mistakes by other Kpop groups?Username: arrrgiamapirate

  339. A_BraveNewWorld

    AAWWW now I love these girls!! 

    Q: Viewing the different lifestyles or looking at new fashion around the world, is there anything that stuck with them, and incorporated into their own styles? 
    Youtube: Lonelygraveyard 

  340. My question for the wonder girls! :)

    How do you guys stay down to earth and humble despite being hallyu idols? Who helps you stay that way?

    YT Username: mangofrappucino

    PS. Sohee barely spoke. Huhu :( Patiently waiting for the next interview! <3 

  341. Youtube username: brokajke7
    Question: If you could make a collaboration with ANY artist (Korean or not), who would it be?

  342. omg the Wonder Girls like mexican food :D! 

  343. Hi! I’m “MiSS405″ on YouTube! :D

    Ooo.. I hope I win their CD! (or the MBLAQ’s! hehehheheheee)

    I would ask them:
    “It’s natural to always compare ourselves with others, epecially in the same industry.  So tell me about a time where you felt jealous over another group’s sucess (on the music charts) when they released a song or an album the same time as you.  When was it and how did you feel?  Did any point did you get angry or feel like you want to give up?”

  344. A spin off of your questions! What do they miss the most (food wise) when they are touring?


  345. um um.
    This question is gonna be all about the internet because you guys yourselves are on YT.Have you ever checked out articles about yourself on allkpop, soompi etc. ?
    Have you ever been on forums and read comments about yourself? If so, were there any hate comments that offended you? How do you deal with the critcism?
    also, last questiooon. Have you ever read fan-fiction about you guys? ;)
    - rereex3

  346. What is the most touching thing a fan has ever said or done for you?

    ps: Sohee never spoke ;A;

    yt: MrTaraterrrific

  347. The question that I am really curious about would be: “How do each of you feel about how you’ve developed and changed personally through your journey as professional pop stars? Is there anything that you regret in choosing this career?”

    My YouTube account is BlazedWinter121.

  348. why did you become an artist?
    who inspired you to become one?

  349. If you weren’t singing or doing anything music-wise, what would you be doing instead?

    YT username: pastelcolors

  350. Hm I would ask what was their first impression of each other and what was it like for Lim meeting the group as a new member for the first time.
    yt: erins1317

  351. Question for the Wonder Girls:

    since you have so many people looking up to you, what is the one thing that you hope your fans will learn from you? What message do you want to portray?


  352. You can ask them to share some funny situations that happened between members :D

  353. Since they are going to have a comeback the same time as Big Bang. I want to ask them: “Would you guys like have another collaboration w/ Big Bang ? And are you guys aware of WonderBang ?”

    yt: argieshines

  354. my question for the Wondergirls would be: how do you think your style of music (as a group) has changed since you first released your very first music video? 
    - kiwimcnofishfish

  355. here’s my question: How they faced criticism out there? you know Haters around~~ 

    - YouTube username: crazytohyuk 

  356. Question: In what country is your favorite place to perform & why?
    User: elizay

  357. About time, I was going nuts waiting…..

  358. i would ask wonder girls what they feel is the hardest part as a kpop artist trying to break into the american music market and what were some of their own struggles in doing so


  359. YouTube username:mariahj622. I would want to ask them out of all super heroes  in the world, which one would they want to be and why? XD.  Also, i would want to ask them how their trainee experience in  jyp was. How they think changed  as a person from back then until  now. What careers did they first have in mind before thinking of becoming a singer? Why did they choose to audition for jyp out of all the entertainment companys out in Korea? Where there times when you and the other members have fight? If yes, for what reasons? What was the weirdest gift they received from a fan or experience they had with a fan? If had the chance to interview them, there would be way more questions but these are the top questions I would ask first lololol xD. I hope you consider me as a winner. Thank you for this opportunity :3

  360. Sohee didn’t talk :< But I loveee Lim's English, Yubin too~ 3 minute food talk? YESS. Haha

    Here's my question for WG:

    Q: The quantity of kpop idols debuting has been increasing with more and more groups debuting each year. In your opinion, has the quality of these idols also changed with the dramatic increase and if so, how?

    YT: MissCotton

    Thanks for the interview, anticipating the next~

  361. I want to ask them: If you had an ideal guy, what would he be like?


  362. hmmmm.. What would i ask them….do you guys ever have free time to yourselves to go run around and breathe, and what do you do on that free time?

    ~youtube name: ipwnda

  363. Who are your role models? What K-pop group do you follow or admire. What songs are in your headphones?

    Youtube account: MapleproduceX

  364. youtube name: yghopeful
    question to ask wg in the future: What do you girls think about American guys here? This question doesn’t have to be answered by Sun Ye, lol, since she has a man already ;).

  365. My question is… What are the negative aspects of being a famous kpop idol? Although its easy to answer, I would like to know from an idol’s perspective.

    YT username: ninjaxlovexo

  366. I would ask them:
    What is the most romantic city that you’ve visited?
    Who is your role model?
    youtube username: suziqueful

  367. hahaha… soo cute!
    speaking about avocado then you guys and yenny would love to try avocado juice or they call it “jus avokat” in Indonesia… it’s really thick and full of avocado…

  368. thatssumgoodcurry

    If I were to ask them a question, I’d ask how they feel about their CEO whispering “JYP” at the beginning of all their songs. I don’t know if they’d be able to answer honestly, considering he’s their CEO, but he seems like a pretty cool dude, so you never know…
    I’d also be curious to know what they’re favorite song they’ve ever done as a group is.
    I’d want to know so much more! But I’ll leave it with just those two questions.

    youtube name: thatssumgoodcurry

  369. Ohhh they’re are so adorable ❤
    My question: You have a lot of international fans that love you. Does that make you feel more pressured, knowing that when you release a song, people all over the world will hear it?
    YT username: sweetlysalty

  370. My question: if you were to do a subgroup, who would be part of it, what would you name it, and what kind of music would you do?

  371. If I had the chance to interview them, I would ask about how they felt when their albums are released (;
    youtube: littlechocolatte

  372. They read Harry Potter and love Mexican Guacamole haha  I love them more than ever

  373. my question .. i wonder why do you like wonder word so much??
    not funny? okay

  374. My question: What’s it like knowing fans from all around the world are
    watching you and listening to you? How do you feel about and cope with
    the pressure? YouTube: wallace074

  375. Awesome interview!!!!!

  376. Selamat Pagi is good morning in Malaysia and Indonesia!!!! not night LOL! but good effort i’d never be able to do that!

  377. did i just heard yenny said malaysia !! AWESOME !!! and the question i would want to ask is what if the wonder girls are not formed by JYP would they have that many opportunities to shine in the american market??? -hoddylim-

  378. i wanted to ask them if they werent famous (as in like they arent in the entertainment world) what would they be doing? xD


    PS: The wait for the video was worth it. :3

  379. I like the skip-dance with wonder girls from the first one! =) 
    it was totally epic! 

  380. where do we post our question? 

  381. What….you want us to ask moaar questions? lol fine.

    “What was the most annoying question you’ve been asked in an inteview?”

    K done.

    Youtube username: fuuko4869

  382. Worth it just to see you guys skip-dance together. xD
    So awesome. I love their genuine attitudes and sweet personalities. Great interview~!

  383. Lol Snape voice! And wonder girls are sweethearts!

  384. i love the intro… only Simon and Martina can do that… ^.^ 

  385. I want that cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT-TT

  386. Wooot! First to watch/comment on an eatyourkimchi page! :D

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