Woohoo! This was pretty cool! We were lucky enough to be contacted by Star Empire Entertainment and invited out to ZE:A’s showcase to do an exclusive interview with ZE:A. SWEET! We got to chat with them for the few minutes between their press conference and showcase, which was really quite nice of them. And they were loads of fun as well! Kevin told us that he knows our videos, which – again – is freaking odd, man, that idols watch our videos. They’re pro. We’re not pro. Pros shouldn’t watch non-pro stuff. Isn’t that a general rule in life? Guise?

Also, let’s just say this, KwangHee is freaking hilarious. Extremely infectious laugh, and he’s really charismatic. He made us lol.

Anyhow, the bigger thing we want to announce here is that we’ve got a BUTTLOAD of ZE:A CDs to give away. And not just any CDs. These are their special print, very limited edition CDs, autographed by everyone in the group. They’re not even released yet, so we had to blur out our copies of them. Check out their sexiness here:

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

We’re supposed to be getting 12 altogether, and we’ll be giving them all away to you guise. We’re giving them away to followers from all of our sites, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and this site as well. Two for each! Your odds of winning are much better than for our usual giveaways. GREAT SUCCESS! Here’s what you gotta do if you want to win:

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  1. 300,000! Subscribers nasty for life so happy for simon and martina

  2. haha Kwanghee is so quiet and less jumpy compare to We Got Married haha

  3. Of course I won’t say I love the whole MV (because I do).
    It’s really hard to tell because I love ZE:A since Watch out and I sleep with Minwoo every night. My friend gave me a pillow with his picture. :D My biggest loves are Hyungsik and Minwoo but I have to say I love the parts with Jungyoung. How he’s sitting in the chair and is pretending he doesn’t have any injury. I also love the dancing, rapping, singing, sexing parts. But the leader Moon always makes me smile when I watch it :)

  4. My favourite part is where Hyungsik begins singing <3

  5. EVERYTIME I watch this video my mouth literally drops when they say ‘czesc’ !!
    It’s just too much guys… too much. XDDDD

  6. I don’t know if you can still enter the competition, but I guess I’ll try ^^ I THINK THE BEGINNING IS REALLY COSY (lol) No, but with like the little city and Hyungsik in a red suit (OMFG AWESOME)!!
    And thank you for the interview! After 3 years as a ZE:A’s i finally learned how to pronounce their name haha :D

  7. My favorite part of the MV was the dance. I liked the dances the most, ZE:A looked so dazzling doing them and they
    were so in sync which was really amazing and it made the dances all
    the more enjoyable to watch! ♥♥

  8. OMG! I couldn’t stop laughing when Siwan mispronounced the word: DANGER! ROFLMAO~

  9. I love the beginning of the video when the props just magically fall from the sky lol!! Then suddenly when Z:EA pops up you realize it was all just a projection…a really cool projection. I also love the rap parts before the chorus so cool! And of course who wouldn’t favorite the chorus they look like they’re just floating . ♥ ZE:A FIGHTING!!

  10. My favorite part of ZE:A’s “Aftermath” video is the changing of the background.. because that’s the first thing that caught my attention :D

  11. For me i LOVE it all, i mean from start to finish, and specially the SONG and our leader junyoung T^T i miss him. ze:A is one of the idols on my top list i am a style, i appreciate every work they made, but if i am going to choose about my most favorite is. around 1:07 when the chorus start. i can’t stop dancing or shaking my body while listening to it. specially DJ voice their is so cool/cute :3 and the choreo too :D thanks to kwanghee he’s the reason why i started to love ze:A :) dec.2011


  13. I like the graphics for the background. They’re cool compared to rooms that just light up. :D

  14. Wow you guys are awesome you first had an interview with BAP then MBLAQ and Wonder Girls And know Ze:a you are so lucky and my answer for the question is……(drum stick sound) A:well no specific answer i liked the whole mv i mean its ze:a how can you favor someone over another if it was for other group i will absolutaly favor one than another but these bys they all have good talented voices,dancing abilities, plus they are cute and sexy This mv had me and other Ze:a fans realize how much these boys are talentedi wish for ze:a to acheive beter in the future Ze:a Fighting !Simon and Martina Fighting ! For confusion me and LoVeFoReVeR199977 in youtube ae the same person

  15. My favorite part is everything :))) I’m a proud ZE:A’S.It’s good to see them trying out something new but still have the ZE:A vibe :)) most of the time they have sets made up but this time it was moving backdrops :))) It’s not easy to dance in sync with the background but ZE:A made it look flawless! & its also nice seeing Moon Leader on the music video. It doesn’t look awkward even though he was sitting down. Overall the music video was awesome. ZE:A ZE:A Fighting!

  16. i liked the parts where they danced. it was pretty interesting

  17. My favorite part of ZE:A’s Aftermath is when Hyungsik was lord of the rings at 0:20 and then became father time at 2:25, yet they didn’t ask him to change back time. I guess his powers weren’t strong enough. OTL

  18. My favorite part is the scenery changes, the rainbow/strange hairstyles and accessories (Siwan) and Jun Youngs egg chair. :)

  19. MY FAVORITE PART WAS…..when the rose petals feel and it looked so sweet and while they were singing I felt like they were at the climax of the song(lol) and it fit perfectly with the set!!!<3 thank youu

  20. What I love most about ZE:A would have to be Kwanghee….He is so funny….^^…honestly the word funny doesn’t really describe Kwanghee enough–he deserves a stronger word than just funny…he is like next level hysterical….^^….Every time I see that he is going to be on a reality or variety show I wait in anticipation of Kwanghee opening his mouth because what most likely follows is me laughing my butt off…^^…his first appearance on Strong Heart, when he introduces his band mates, to this day still makes me laugh and have to watched the clip on Youtube probably around 20 times…^^…..maybe it’s just because I want to marry a guy that makes me laugh, but whatever the reason Kwanghee is the reason I love ZE:A….^^

  21. My favourite part of ZE:A’s MV: Aftermath was… umm, just about EVERYTHING *extreme emphasis* hahaha:) some specific part though were the awesome/unique outfits!! And the footwork especially!! All their voices sounded sooo heavenly and their all hawt!! XD!! Also, I liked how Minwoo rapped and Kevin’s hand coordination with the clock… that was just cool beans!!! :) ZE:A, HWAITING!! SARANG HAYEO!! :3 oh and Martina, ur Korean was DAEBAK!!!

  22. My favorite thing was Moon Junyoung’s necklace. It reminds me of the plastic things you put
    together to make molecules in chemistry class….I didn’t make molecules though I
    made cool little creatures.

  23. My favorite part would be the very beginning; when everything seems to fall into place. ^-^

  24. Is it to late to enter this contest? It’s still Sunday here in the states…

  25. Well I really love the whole video, but my favorite part would have to
    be when they are dancing and the flower petals are falling. ^_^ Their
    dancing just looks so epic, and the flower petals make it look dramatic
    and cool!

  26. My favourite part would have to be when they’re in the long corridor. The whole video tends to be very out there and in your face but those corridor scenes seem to wind it down a bit giving it a slightly more serious feel which I personally loved.

  27. my favorite part was at 1:41 when jun young had that “D.N.A” necklace.

  28. My favourite part of ZE:A’s MV: Aftermath was… umm, just about EVERYTHING *extreme emphasis* hahaha:) some specific part though were the awesome/unique outfits!! And the footwork especially!! All their voices sounded sooo heavenly and their all hawt!! XD!! Also, I liked how Minwoo rapped and Kevin’s hand coordination with the clock… that was just cool beans!!! :) ZE:A, HWAITING!! SARANG HAYEO!! :3 oh and Martina, ur Korean was DAEBAK!

  29. I thought that their choreography, as a
    group, has improved a lot. In some of their other mv’s, I didn’t feel
    like they were all on the same level with their dancing. But, in
    Aftermath, I think that everyone improved in their dancing ability
    and I really enjoyed watching it! I also liked the changing
    backgrounds. Sometimes when there are changing backgrounds, I get
    distracted by them, but in Aftermath I think they added to the feel
    of the song. All in all I think that this was an amazing mv.

  30. My favorite part would be the beginning. The set/backdrop of how everything fell into place caught my attention. I love the motion graphics as the use of a backdrop and set, which was simple and a great solution in worrying about the extra stuff such as set location and production. In a way, the motion graphic piece created the digital illusion of 3-D space that was pretty great to see as well.

  31. My favorite part is when they dance the chorus part. The stomping part. They look so cute!

  32. I like the part from 2:17 and out because of the emotion they seem to sing with and the pace, the change of the rhythm it goes a bit faster, and all those clocks swirling around and them saying “Wish I could turn back time” It’s something about it that reach my heart with a lot of power :)

  33. My favorite part is at 00:38 of the MV because I freaked out because I have a super similar necklace to his that I bought in London 3 years ago that I adore… so I went all “OHMYGOSH I finally have clothes like a KPOP idol!!! Oh wait its a guy idol… YAAAAY!!!” XD
    I love fashion and that made my day seeing the MV! :D

  34. I love ZE:A, but i didn’t understand the music video though…^_^ butttt, my favorite part must be where they changed those awful Hawaiian shirts to some kind of more well put together outfits. I also love that they had this egg-shaped blue chair placed in a random aisle. Okay.. jokes aside, the dance was awesome, and I must say the camera-guy/girl managed to please the fans, they all had approximately equal focus and screentime on each member.

  35. well,imy favourite part is it got nothing to do with math and the sideeffect aftermath!!hahahha JK!!well my favoutrite part is when dongjun hit the wall with his hand,around 1:50 ,the video practically shook…and when the stomp their..well actually they did not stomp but i dont know how to describe it but the video shook too… it is around 1:15 and 2:37 … :)

  36. my favourite part of the mv is,it got nothing to do with math or the side effect of aftermath.hahaha JK..no lah..actually,my favourite part of the mv is when the background changes!!its so cool!!ze:a dont need to change location.because the background changes from a street to a room and then to a room with big speakers that move to the beat!!so cool!!i think that i watch the background more than ze:a

  37. well,for me my favourite part of the mv is EVERYTHING!!!
    but i will just say that my favourite part is when they stomp their feet,well not practically stomp but i dont know the word…the video shook…it is around 1:15 and 2:37…and also when dongjun (white-haired) hit the wall with his hand..and it shook too.. 1:51

  38. my favourite part is when they stomp their feet,their video practically shook too…check it out..its around 1:15 and 2:13…and when dongjun(white-haired) hit the wall with his back hand,the video shook too…1:50
    im sorry if i enter this “competiton” late…sorry…

  39. Wow what a great giveaway !
    So my fav part is actually the dance parts, because they are all together, and i like at the begining how Siwan has a solo in dark with the background changing ^^
    I also love Moon leader’s parts cause…. it’s Junyoung oppa and he is in the MV even if he was hurt !
    Well I truly hope that this CD will be winned by a true fan, so all Ze:a’s over there good luck, and Simon and Martina thanks again (you lucky guys !! ^^)
    Ze:A fighting !

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