Woohoo! This was pretty cool! We were lucky enough to be contacted by Star Empire Entertainment and invited out to ZE:A’s showcase to do an exclusive interview with ZE:A. SWEET! We got to chat with them for the few minutes between their press conference and showcase, which was really quite nice of them. And they were loads of fun as well! Kevin told us that he knows our videos, which – again – is freaking odd, man, that idols watch our videos. They’re pro. We’re not pro. Pros shouldn’t watch non-pro stuff. Isn’t that a general rule in life? Guise?

Also, let’s just say this, KwangHee is freaking hilarious. Extremely infectious laugh, and he’s really charismatic. He made us lol.

Anyhow, the bigger thing we want to announce here is that we’ve got a BUTTLOAD of ZE:A CDs to give away. And not just any CDs. These are their special print, very limited edition CDs, autographed by everyone in the group. They’re not even released yet, so we had to blur out our copies of them. Check out their sexiness here:

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

We’re supposed to be getting 12 altogether, and we’ll be giving them all away to you guise. We’re giving them away to followers from all of our sites, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and this site as well. Two for each! Your odds of winning are much better than for our usual giveaways. GREAT SUCCESS! Here’s what you gotta do if you want to win:

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Just answer the same question in the comments here! SO EASY!

We’ll announce the winners for our July 16th Music Monday! Good luck everyone!

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