Woohoo! This was pretty cool! We were lucky enough to be contacted by Star Empire Entertainment and invited out to ZE:A’s showcase to do an exclusive interview with ZE:A. SWEET! We got to chat with them for the few minutes between their press conference and showcase, which was really quite nice of them. And they were loads of fun as well! Kevin told us that he knows our videos, which – again – is freaking odd, man, that idols watch our videos. They’re pro. We’re not pro. Pros shouldn’t watch non-pro stuff. Isn’t that a general rule in life? Guise?

Also, let’s just say this, KwangHee is freaking hilarious. Extremely infectious laugh, and he’s really charismatic. He made us lol.

Anyhow, the bigger thing we want to announce here is that we’ve got a BUTTLOAD of ZE:A CDs to give away. And not just any CDs. These are their special print, very limited edition CDs, autographed by everyone in the group. They’re not even released yet, so we had to blur out our copies of them. Check out their sexiness here:

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

ZEA Spectacular Limited Edition Album

We’re supposed to be getting 12 altogether, and we’ll be giving them all away to you guise. We’re giving them away to followers from all of our sites, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and this site as well. Two for each! Your odds of winning are much better than for our usual giveaways. GREAT SUCCESS! Here’s what you gotta do if you want to win:

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  1. My favorite part is when they dance the chorus part. The stomping part. They look so cute!

  2. My favorite part of ZE:A’s Aftermath mv was their beat in the music.
    When i listen to my favorite song it has to have to have a good beat
    that will make me be addicted within the first five seconds of the song
    and make me want to dance. That’s exactly what ZE:A did! Although the
    the lyrics in the song are sad i like how they gave this song a twist by
    giving it a good up beat wanna dance kinda feel instead of a depressing
    kinda feel like most sad song.

  3. My favorite part in Z:EA’s Aftermath MV was the beginning (0:00-0:27) because I really liked the tempo and how their group sign popped out since it grabbed my attention and thats when the tempo picked up. I also liked 2:44-2:57 when they start singing “I wish I could turn back time…” because I really liked how the background was a clock which matched with the lyrics and when Junyoung sang “If only I could turn back time, I wouldn’t lose you.”

  4. My favorite part of this music video was the veryyy beginning with the wonderful view of the city :) The city lights at night was breath taking! I also loved the effects that they had throughout the video. Each background behind them was fun to watch and ZE:A’s chorus dance was very cute :) It’s like they are wiping something off of them xD Just some of the things I liked about this music video! Have a good day Simon + Martina <3

  5. My favourite part of the video i like was about 3.03 in the video,whereby kevin,the lead vocalist had his part.even though i see many comments saying that why kevin as a lead vocalist,having his part in the song with only one line.but for me i think otherwise,in many other kpop songs,the highlights is the chorus part but for this song,i felt that the highlight of the song was kevin part,even though the one line was short but filled with emotions and with dongjun,hyungshik compliments in that part of the song and dance,this makes my favourite part and i could feel the chemistry between them while dancing

  6. For me,the whole video i Like…
    but if have to choose a part…i think will be their dancing part!
    Because i love to watch them dancing with this song~!
    between…i love the choreography of this song together with the melody!!!>/<!!

  7. First of all, thank you very much Simon and Martina for this interview and this giveaway. Well, I’m kinda lucky enough to meet them in person last January when they had a fanmeeting event here in the Philippines, but sad to say, I didn’t had the chance to meet my bias, Siwan. And I wasn’t able to send my question for them (or most probably for Siwan) before you interview them. I was going to ask if he envies the other members who met a lot of fans from all over the Asia during their fanmeet tour while he was recording The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Well, I guess that will be a biased question after all, so it’s okay. Kekeke~

    Anyways, here’s my answer:

    I’ve never seen a music video like Aftermath before. My favorite part was the 0:14 second because I was surprised when they suddenly appeared in the video. Instead of using a “box with a dim light effects” for the dancing part, they used it for the individual parts of the members where they can act their feelings. They did great in using a LED screen as the background for the MV, the sudden changes on it sets up the mood of the video too. I just didn’t like the part where there are 3D effects around them (floating clocks and gears, falling rose petals…). The part of Kevin (I wish I could turn back time) was expressed naturally by showing a clock on the screen behind them. And the ending part was great, their dark shadows while their logo on the screen.

    So, that’s it. Once again, thank you! :)

  8. My favorite part of the music video is ALL because from beginning to end everything was great loved every second of video in addition to what we had to wait almost a year was a wonderful gift his comeback songs from this album are very beautiful I love them.I follow them since their debut are my only favorite kpop group I’m from Peru i love ZE:A always!

  9. My favourite part of the video is actually Siwan’s hair accessory. He pulled off the look quite nicely. I think with something like that, especially when on a guy, it could have easily went the other way and looked ridiculous, but, to me, it looked quite aesthetically pleasing. It was very sophisticated rather than flashy which I liked a lot.

  10. My favorite part of ZE:A ‘s video is definitely the dance and how it compliments the moving background, my absolute favorite part is when they do that circular hand movement on their chest at like around 2:17 while the walls of the building behind flip with at the same time! That part/dance move stood out to me that most throughout the music video :D

  11. Favorite part of the Aftermath video is every time they tap their feet down all together. The effect looks like they are shaking the ground, mini earthquakes :)

  12. what i like about this song/ Mv of Z:ea ‘s is well everything but if i were to choose one specific thing i would choose the main dance of the whole song when they kick back and fourth i thought that was awesome and also that they made it even more awesome was the vocals in that main part it matched the dance sooo well I LOVE IT!!! i really can’t stop listening to it such a great song ^^

  13. Choose a favourite part?! UUGH ( TT . TT )
    Well for one, I totally loved the one room that had the constantly changing background. It kinda gave the feel of the members being on a bunch of stages a rather than just 2 or 3. It also had the feeling of watching a live performance with all the different effects, and personally, I usually like watching live versions better than the actual mv :P My other favourite part/thing about the mv would be the outfits. I mean. They were great. ^^

  14. I
    I have to say that my favourite part of Aftermath is around 2:44. When the background are clock gears when they sing ‘wish I could turn back time’. Pretty smart move with the clocks and the watch that Siwan gave the girl in the beginning of the video.

  15. hmm my favourite part is around 0:20. since watching this mv for the first time, all i can think at that moment is something like “that’s a hell of a lot of rings to destroy and it will be even more difficult, when your leader is injured, but hey! at least you’ve got already 9 guys, team completed, so good luck”…. yeah, that’s kinda doesn’t match with the rest of the video *scratching my chin* but whateverrr.

  16. My favourite part of the music video was during the “wish i could turn back time”!!!!! It was just few seconds but i really like that part. I liked the part when the flowers fall? In the background and that reminded me of miss A!!! :) oh ya i liked the “passage” too, this passage was shown in Mazeltov music video last time… XD memories….

  17. My favorite part of the video is definitely the dance. That run in place running man (that’s what I’m calling it) followed by the single foot movement (I really don’t have a name for that) had me entranced. I and yes I did try to attempt the dance myself but to no success. So I just ended up watching the video again and again (and again followed by a couple of more times that I lost count). Yesssss…….that was my favorite part of the video.

  18. My favorite part of ZE:A’s Aftermath was Dongjun’s red suit (which looks really greasy and classy) and his facial expressions. He looked sexy! Rawr ;) LOL And I enjoyed all the closeups the members got. They improved a lot!

  19. my favorite part of the video was the overall feel they added to the background of the vid
    even though they are in a confined space and room they sang and dance with style rather than looking trapped and homeless lol

  20. my favorite thins is the dance:0

  21. Simon and Martina: “Skyrim”
    Ze:A : *awkward silence*
    Simon and Martina: “for playstation”
    Ze:A : “oh playstation yea”

    Heehee my favorite part of the interview ^^

  22. thank ^^ i’m really want,,
    i’m hope i’m wins

  23. My favourite part is the leg dancing. It makes me think of Teen Top’s NMPOY mixed with Sistar’s Alone. I love it!

  24. My favorite part(s) is when any member is wearing a sweater, because I like sweaters.

  25. My favorite part of the music video was that the advertisement was at the corner so I didn’t really have a problem with it. And the advertisement that popped up could be easily be exited out of. Lol Just kidding.[not really] but my favorite part would have to be the dance to the chorus of the song. it gave me an awesome way to kill the bugs on the ground (: THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME THINGSSSSS. THE FEELSSSS!!

  26. *AHEM* My favourite part is at 2:50 where the camera is on a high angle looking down on Junyoung being spotlighted while on his egg chair. This portrays Junyoung’s new life as seen in the contrast with the blue chair and black surroundings. As well as his vulnerability to his new environment of his injured ankle since the chair is of an “egg” shape. ^^ did i read to much into an egg haha ^^

  27. My favourite part…(well one of them) was at the 3:00 mark when Heechul does the dance move where he pulls his hands away and the background changes as he does it ^^ I thought it was pretty cool.

  28. I loved the fact that it was completely different from what ZE:A has ever done before. The vocals sound absolutely amazing and the dance looked so fun I tried doing it after I saw it (and ended up knocking over a couple chairs BUT IT’S WHATEVER, REALLY.) It’s a really uplifting song, and I don’t think it’s possible for my indecisive mind to have a favorite part of the music video so I’ll just have to say the chorus kicking dance is my favorite!!! I really do like that dance. LOL I love ZE:A!!!!!

    P.S Rooting for Kwanghee in the upcoming drama “To beautiful you”!!!!!!

  29. My favorite part of the video… was Hyunsik :D
    And the dancing for the chorus… but mostly Hyunsik :3

  30. I absolutely love the beginning how the scene was set up. How the gates and the light posts just fell down from the sky. Now if only building my house was that easy.

  31. my favorite part of ZE:A’s Aftermath is ZE:A and their extremely great and talented voices. I love how they don’t just stay in one room and that the backgrounds keep changing instead of just one background for all of the members. I also like how their backgrounds relate to the lyrics where it goes turn back time~. there are clocks in the background. I loved the beginning where the objects drop from the sky to make the setting. and only one guy chasing after the girl. and i also loved the egg chair where Junyoung was sitting on. it was nice that they included him despite his injury. i like how the beginning and the ending was the same because of the sillouhettes. it was cool. I wasn’t a fan of ZE:A until now. I really liked this song and also their debut song.

  32. My favorite part was when Siwan was acting with the girl, he’s such a good actor *_* & Also, I really liked the dance for the chorus, it was really catchy & didn’t seem hard to copy; so we could dance & sing along at the same time ^_^

  33. My favorite part of Aftermath MV was the beginning when the set was being put together with the street lamps then it changes to a room scene and then to the view of the city. I thought it was really creative of them to take full use of the background an incorporate more visuals besides themselves as I was always looking behind them during many points in the video especially the clock background that was also one of my favorite parts!

  34. My favorite part of ZE:A’s new music video would have to be how they incorporated clocks into it. It shows me that, even during the “aftermath” of a break up, time still passes, and even if you may feel that you’re at a standstill, all those feelings of loneliness will pass.

  35. my favorite part is Heechul’s part in the song, he’s in his “best actor mode” lol! he gave the best emotion in the video for the song….just like in the interview :D

  36. The most I liked the part, that even one of the members were injured, they still managed to film a pretty good MV, and all of them looked great and enjoyed the filming itself.I guess the best part was a chorus dance routine.That one looked pretty great done ^^

  37. My favorite part in the mv was the telephone poles in the beginning. I don’t know. Levitating telephone poles intrigued me so much, I kept replaying that part. /brickd

  38. My favorite part of the MV was the dancing and the changing effects in the background ^^ I loved the part of the dance where it looks like they’re kicking the floor during the chorus xD I liked how the dancing and the song matches together and how the changing backgrounds create an illusion with the dancing. I especially liked the “I wish I could turn back time” part because of the gears and the clocks everywhere and how everything suddenly goes slow. Overall I really enjoyed the MV :)

  39. My favorite part are all the dance parts. I just really like that dance :D.

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