So we’re posting our final Australia video on our bonus channel because we’re a little late on getting the last bit of footage from Australia together. We mention at the end of this video that we’re heading out to Singapore in five days, so prepare for some TIME INCEPPPTTTIOOONNN because we’ve already come back from Singapore and now we’re preparing for our trip to Europe! Australia was a really tight schedule organized in a really awesome way by the lovely people at SQ Entertainment. We actually arrived in Sydney, did the meet and greet at the Sydney event and literally said bye to all the awesome Nasties present and then went straight to the airport to fly into Melbourne! In Melbourne we did tons of interviews and the great event at Federation Square, and then the next day, which was our last day, we checked out of our hotel and had the chance to explore Melbourne for a couple hours.

Okay, so our first stop was Pie Face because we all wanted to eat meat pies for the whole time we were in Australia but just didn’t have the time. Simon and Soozee literally had to hold me back from getting more pies just because my taste buds were being piggies. I WANT MORE PIIEEE!!!! We had a chance to do a bit of shopping because all the clothing was on sale from the winter season in Australia but it’s winter season soon in Korea! What perfect timing! I found THE MOST AMAZING STORE which name I can’t remember…help me Australians! It was a kindof pinup girl meets rock store with funky clothing for both men and women. The women’s clothing was very vibrant with pink and red and black, it had stripes, polka dots, and cherries and was really my style! The men’s part was on the ground level and upstairs was the women’s store. I ended up buying a deep pink jacket with buttons for the fall time with an awesome Little Red Riding Hood feel to it, and it was super duper discounted! WOOHOO!! I also got a pair of great stockings with cats peeking over the knees similar to the pair I was wearing at the K Wave Festival (but those were bears). If anyone can remember the name of that shop, I’d love to know if they delivery because MAN is that shop my style! OH OH I also got a cute black cardigan with 3D cherries sewn all over it. GAHHH!!!!!

After our little shopping experience, we headed to grab some coffee and man, Brother Baba Budan was awesome. Soozee got a flat white with full cream and it was SO yummy. Simon and I got hand drip coffee and it was really well done. My coffee was actually a rare coffee from Panama and it seriously tasted like drinking earl grey tea in coffee format. It was totally delicious. After that we did some more shopping in hopes of finding winter shoes but no luck. Our final meal was dumpling and noodles and we actually ran into an awesome Nasty at the noodle shop who spotted us and brought us a care package with awesome spice rubs/dip and gourmet Australian cookies! The cookies didn’t make it back to Korea. HAHAHAAHA! In our tummies!

Afterwards, we went to an awesome nerdorgamsmic store, Minotaur, but things in Melbourne close at like, 6PM or so. Seriously why so damn early guise what the eff. So then we went to the Starbucks and Simon got yelled at for mistaking the toilet as a sex bar. Then, after attempting to throw a boomerang in the park and feeling like failures, we walked back to our hotel to meet the SQ Entertainment gang and to say goodbye. They were so so so exhausted from running the whole event. Most of them didn’t actually sleep overnight and were seriously awesome to come out and say goodbye to us all and to take part in our cheesy Kpop “wave” sign off. We can honestly say it was such a pleasure working with all of them since they had a great sense of humour, were professional, but also personable. Sometimes we meet companies that are so stiff you feel awkward making silly jokes around them but these guys were great. They were also food enthusiasts (and we are too) so they planned some great noms between event which we are grateful for! In fact, after the K-Wave event we all changed, rested a bit, and then headed out for awesome 24/7 Greek food at a restaurant called Stalactites. It was SO GOOD even though we were all hilarious zombies shovelling down food like crazy people. Good times!

So, with this video we wrap up our time in Australia. It was one of the most positive events we’ve ever had, we cried a lot, hugged a lot, ate great food and met great people. We hope to be back to Australia again some day, and we’ll have to head to different parts like Perth and Adelaide to meet more Aussie Nasties! Woot!

And, lastly, holy smokes, we published three different videos today. Damn we crazy. Time to sleep! We have a crazy week ahead of us. Really crazy. We can’t even talk about some of the things we’re doing, it’s so crazy. But we’re excited, and super chuffed to go to Europe. It’s in less than a week AHHHH!!! Hold me, guise. Hold me.

  1. I’M GOING TO MELBOURNE! In July! For a semester! Any Australian Nasties out there with advice and such? :D

  2. Martina if you want more pies than you can always bake them. i found a pretty simple recipe on the australian master chef website: http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-living-room/recipes/mini-beef-pies

  3. Maybe not so relevant but is the sex bar going to become a tshirt? I’m going to save my purchases until it becomes a reality if so.

  4. Lol looks like everyone else has said it, but yea, sounds like Dangerfield :p It’s certainly a very Martina-esque store.

    I’m sad you got kicked out of Minotaur so early. Australian closing times are indeed way too early :( They’re open during working hours, when we’re all busy, and when we finally knock off, they close. OTL It’s even worse in small towns, where they open like 11-5 Mon-Fri, and are closed all weekend. WHEN CAN WE SHOP THEN AAARRGGGHHHH (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Brother Baba Budan!! I personally can’t tell the difference, but lots of people say it’s great, so….

  5. MARTINA! Did you mean “Dangerfield”? Also, I have cat stockings exactly like the ones you were describing! We should be friends :P

  6. A babycino is basically just steamed milk topped with a dash of chocolate, nutmeg or something similar. Sometimes called a steamer, it’s for kids so they can join in coffee/cafe culture without them having caffeine – ah that sweet sweet nectar that is caffeine. Get them wanting coffee nice and young! Haha!

  7. at the 3 minute mark it was like Simon flashed his hatchet lol no?

  8. I want to do the kwave toooooo!

  9. I am so happy for you guize <3

  10. aww….Spudgy and Meemers at the end~~ :3 Too cute~

  11. oh god the last bit with spudgy and meemers…. can’t hold the feels for all the cuteness!!

  12. hahaha. the boomerang throwing was hilarious. Side note is that not all boomerangs are designed to return. Usually on the non-artsy side it says return boomerang or non-returning boomerang. (The artsier the boomerang, the less possibility it will return) and it wouldn’t be illegal to throw a boomerang because the government would not be ballsy enough to go against the aboriginal people.

    Also, in one of my high school camps a long time ago, they taught us how to throw a boomerang. SooZee had the correct throwing technique but wrong holding direction. Simon had the correct holding direction but wrong throwing technique.

    • EYK should have tried with a roomerang instead. its easier to throw and it needs lesser space to return. i remember once my teacher brought back 1 roomerang from australia and gave it to us (school band) and we were throwing it non-stop in the band room LOL

  13. its sad that you will be in Europe when i arrive in Korea this October argh! bad timing

  14. Ugh I’m craving savoury pie now…. Looks so damn delicious!

  15. Beat me to it!
    Dangerfield.com.au yo!

  16. Are you coming to Toronto one day?
    A canadian tour for your homecountry Nasties?

  17. Come to the states! And make sure you visit the capital (cough cough DC) cuz that’s really close to me!! :))))
    EDIT: But make sure you guys take a nice long rest, Okay? You’ve been so busy traveling everywhere I’m sure it’s been very tiring! You deserve a good break!~

  18. First comment ! TIme to shine …….. Wait ….. i have nothing interesting to say ….. -_-.
    Ok ….. don’t mind me

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