Woohoo! We have finally moved in to our new apartment in Seoul! And, by the looks of it, we’re 95% decent enough to present it to you! But first, some disclaimers:

1) We’re still far from finished with it. We don’t have a couch. We don’t have a table. We don’t have any decorations. Our walls are pretty bare right now. But, all of our boxes are unpacked. TV, stereo, computers, Playstation are all set up. Bed is made. Clothes are reasonably organized in our closets. We can live here, comfortably. We just can’t sit in our living room or eat in our kitchen. Soon, though!

2) This apartment is not our new studio. This is just our apartment to live in. We need to be living in Seoul to register a business in Seoul, and we wanted to move to Seoul to be closer to all the sparkly shiny stuff! Indie clubs! Kpop headquarters! Big events! Imported limes! It’s all in Seoul! Also, the money for the Eatyourkimchi Studio Fundraiser, which we can’t touch until after the fundraiser is finished, (nor can we stop until it reaches its end date) is ONLY going into setting up the studio and hiring staff. It’s not going into this apartment whatsoever.

3) We’re SO SO SOOO sorry for falling behind on our regular video schedule. Really guise: we feel very bummed out about it. We really appreciate all of your support, especially with the overwhelming response we’ve received in the Crowdfunding of the Studio, and we feel quite poopy for not being able to put up videos regularly. We should be back on track, now, though! This WANK came out late, I know, but we can feel ourselves ready to get back into the groove, now that our move is finished. Gotta find time to find a couch and table somehow…and Martina is DYING to decorate. She twitches every time she looks at the barren walls. Barren walls are SOOOO not Martina!

OK! So, that being said: TA-DA! Here’s our new place! We’re so happy with it! We saw a lot of places, especially around the Mokdong area, but as we were looking for a place to film Music Monday in, it made finding the right place a lot harder. Our current apartment was the very LAST apartment of the day and we fell in love with it instantly. The other places in Mokdong were nice, don’t get us wrong, but they each had some small issues with them. One had an unremovable low hanging lamp that I would surely hit every morning getting out of bed. Another had a fridge stolen from it (seriously: it was supposed to have the fridge…but it didn’t). When we saw our current place, and that it had no issues with it whatsoever, we were blown away. It has a bath! WOW! Our other apartments did not have baths. NOW WE CAN BATHE! We shower regularly, sure, but haven’t had baths in SO LONG! Our apartment is clean, in a nice bustling area, has close amenities, and…wow. We feel like grownups now, and we’re totally stoked. We can’t wait to show you our area in future WANKs.

One thing we didn’t mention about our apartment: it’s got guards by the door, and you can’t get in without a swipe card! That’s exciting because we often got a lot of people knocking on our doors to sell us stuff at 9am when we went to bed at 4am after publishing a video, and you also get a gazillion flyers on your door. Anyhow, aa hilariously important detail that I (Martina) have to share with you. All of the staff working here are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING. In our old apartment, though we liked our guards, they were all men who were a lot A LOT older.a Super friendly! Don’t get us wrong! We’re gonna miss them a lot, but our place has – I’m pretty sure – budding Kpop idols. One of the guards even had used hairspray with sparkles in it. HE FREAKING SPARKLES OK?!?! WAIT…I only saw him at night time…so our guards are vampires?!! DA DA DAAAAA. Not that it’s a selling point for our place; we just found it amusing. Take care of us new friendly vampire guards!!!

Otherwise, check out our extra apartment footage for…extra…apartment…footage… *cough* The video was going on WAAAY too long so we included some extra stuff about how Martina’s vast earring collection, and more of our rambling. You really take couches for granted when you realize you don’t have an IKEA, The Brick, or Leon’s furniture store nearby.


    Martina: …

  2. Have you decorated your apartment since the tour of it? You should get a world map wall decal and place cute little stickers of all the places you’ve been!

  3. i really curious how much and where this apartment at O_O so naiceeeee

  4. I noticed that you guys haven’t really answered any questions on this post, but myself and many others would like to know the average rent you pay here? Many of us plan on moving to Seoul sometime soon and this type of housing is pretty much perfect and we’d like to know the key money and rent situation for something of this quality :) Please respond!

  5. May I please know the name of the apartment complex…because the roominess of your place and other apartments in your building…would be, I think, nearly a perfect size for me…as I am wheelchair dependent. I am moving to Seoul to start my life over, to live & work. Thank you. :) X

  6. May I please know what the name of this apartment building&where it is as well…because i am moving to Seoul soon & your apartment looks perfect. I’d like to find one like it in the building where you reside. I am wheel chair dependent…so I need more space than I have found in other apartments.

  7. You guys should updates on this now!!!! Let’s see how it’s with kitten now, and what decoration you guys have done to it.

    P.S. I rewatch all your new home video and the more I watch it, the more the hostel/apartment improve and gotten bigger lol

  8. Could you please tell us your new address in Seoul?? I’d love to send you guys a fan mail someday!!

  9. About your computer room, I think you should color the circles half with random colors

  10. Wow, your new apartment looks nice! And pretty spacious! Must be expensive huh.

  11. A huge WANK fan here!! Is this week WANK coming soon?! or I’ll just wait for North American trip footage ‘ㅂ’ Can’t wait for the new neighborhood edition, since you moved in to Seoul! Oh, I’m not pushing you guys ^^;; oh no I’m craving for more videos ^^ You guys are so additive♡

  12. I keep coming back to this video for the section where you introduce the new “master bath”. Simon making meemers talk makes my day 100% better. <3

  13. Ooh, nice apartment and great view of city. And you guys are looking quite svelte and lovely!! Martina–loving your eyeliner–have you tried the Clio Kill Black?

  14. simon, it’s hilarious how you lower yourself to get filmed by the camera :P, i could see by the window’s reflection

  15. I started to look your videos like 4 months ago, I was looking for videos about korean life and culture and all that stuff, and I found your videos, I´m so happy your really great!!!!, and now I´ve seen like tons of your videos and I´m really happy that you have a new apartment it looks really nice
    Keep making great videos, thanks for sharing with all of us your experiences
    sorry for my english;)
    Greetings from Mexico

  16. It seems an office-tel to me, but really looks like a mixed officetel and apartment as you said. kinda middle somewhere? I know the concept of ‘apartment’ is used in a different way between N.A and S.Korea. Anyhow your new house looks so cozy and very nice! That’s new, right? Congrats on settling a new fancy home :p and Martina, your pronunciation ‘Guro’ is SO different from mine, not like my cheapy sound. Haha
    I assume that you guise already know, but visiting ‘Daiso’ will be great where various items are sold like ‘Dollarama’ in Canada, if you want to decorate that empty wall! (unless you decorate it with K-pop star posters)

  17. are your door guards secretly prosecutors whose eyes turn blue when they go into vampire mode? that’d be kool

  18. Congrats, guys! I love your new place. About furnishing, why don’t you check some online stores to order some cool furniture – couch first perhaps? There delivery doesn’t cost much like in Canada. I used to LOVE online shopping in Korea (confession of a shopaholic).

  19. simon and martina: what brand is your camera? :)

  20. love ur new apartment so much room very
    luxurious .. and about that cool voting thing I think its hard to pick couz both of u are super cool ^^ I bet U were very popular at high school

  21. so happy for the both of u n thanks for explaining…about the fund raiser !! from a NEW…lol OLD nastie……… ohhhh yeaaaaaa

  22. 9:50 Simon’s legs are incredibly spread out…hahaha

  23. Y’all live close to me! (Gwanak gu here…) And I’m really jealous you guys have an oven! D: I miss baking…. Well done on the apartment score! I’m jealous!

  24. where do they live i want to send a letter

  25. @simonandmartina:disqus why not try blackboard/greenboard walls? you will be able to draw different designs whenever you want.


  26. What’s with Simon’s splayed-leg standing at the end? I can see it in the reflection on ze window O___o

  27. GURO-GU! Awesome! my work is in GURO! maybe it’s close to your apartment!

  28. You guys have a huge apartment considering you’re in Seoul! It’s beautiful. Congratulations =)

  29. congrats on your new apartment. it looks pretty awesome!

  30. Oh, and are you ready to come to Mexico?!!??!

  31. Guys I’m so happy for you!
    congratulations on your new nest guys!!!!!!

  32. You make the most awesome animal noises, Martina! :D

  33. looks really nice, i like it, and i really do want to see whats in Seoul .

  34. Can I ask how much your apartment cost? I’m planning to look soon for a bigger place with an oven. I know every area is different, but how much does a place like that cost in mokdong?

  35. put up all the artwork made out of your fan mail, make a Canada room, turn your bath into a Spa or find stuff that helps you create….

  36. Love your new apartment. I’m so looking forward to see your living spaces! Best wishes!

  37. you two are so awesome together haha

  38. Yay air conditioning! Summer in many parts of Asia is like being inside the mouth of a large animal.

  39. I enjoy SImon’s power stance reflecting in the window in the end xD

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