Woohoo! We have finally moved in to our new apartment in Seoul! And, by the looks of it, we’re 95% decent enough to present it to you! But first, some disclaimers:

1) We’re still far from finished with it. We don’t have a couch. We don’t have a table. We don’t have any decorations. Our walls are pretty bare right now. But, all of our boxes are unpacked. TV, stereo, computers, Playstation are all set up. Bed is made. Clothes are reasonably organized in our closets. We can live here, comfortably. We just can’t sit in our living room or eat in our kitchen. Soon, though!

2) This apartment is not our new studio. This is just our apartment to live in. We need to be living in Seoul to register a business in Seoul, and we wanted to move to Seoul to be closer to all the sparkly shiny stuff! Indie clubs! Kpop headquarters! Big events! Imported limes! It’s all in Seoul! Also, the money for the Eatyourkimchi Studio Fundraiser, which we can’t touch until after the fundraiser is finished, (nor can we stop until it reaches its end date) is ONLY going into setting up the studio and hiring staff. It’s not going into this apartment whatsoever.

3) We’re SO SO SOOO sorry for falling behind on our regular video schedule. Really guise: we feel very bummed out about it. We really appreciate all of your support, especially with the overwhelming response we’ve received in the Crowdfunding of the Studio, and we feel quite poopy for not being able to put up videos regularly. We should be back on track, now, though! This WANK came out late, I know, but we can feel ourselves ready to get back into the groove, now that our move is finished. Gotta find time to find a couch and table somehow…and Martina is DYING to decorate. She twitches every time she looks at the barren walls. Barren walls are SOOOO not Martina!

OK! So, that being said: TA-DA! Here’s our new place! We’re so happy with it! We saw a lot of places, especially around the Mokdong area, but as we were looking for a place to film Music Monday in, it made finding the right place a lot harder. Our current apartment was the very LAST apartment of the day and we fell in love with it instantly. The other places in Mokdong were nice, don’t get us wrong, but they each had some small issues with them. One had an unremovable low hanging lamp that I would surely hit every morning getting out of bed. Another had a fridge stolen from it (seriously: it was supposed to have the fridge…but it didn’t). When we saw our current place, and that it had no issues with it whatsoever, we were blown away. It has a bath! WOW! Our other apartments did not have baths. NOW WE CAN BATHE! We shower regularly, sure, but haven’t had baths in SO LONG! Our apartment is clean, in a nice bustling area, has close amenities, and…wow. We feel like grownups now, and we’re totally stoked. We can’t wait to show you our area in future WANKs.

One thing we didn’t mention about our apartment: it’s got guards by the door, and you can’t get in without a swipe card! That’s exciting because we often got a lot of people knocking on our doors to sell us stuff at 9am when we went to bed at 4am after publishing a video, and you also get a gazillion flyers on your door. Anyhow, aa hilariously important detail that I (Martina) have to share with you. All of the staff working here are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING. In our old apartment, though we liked our guards, they were all men who were a lot A LOT older.a Super friendly! Don’t get us wrong! We’re gonna miss them a lot, but our place has – I’m pretty sure – budding Kpop idols. One of the guards even had used hairspray with sparkles in it. HE FREAKING SPARKLES OK?!?! WAIT…I only saw him at night time…so our guards are vampires?!! DA DA DAAAAA. Not that it’s a selling point for our place; we just found it amusing. Take care of us new friendly vampire guards!!!

Otherwise, check out our extra apartment footage for…extra…apartment…footage… *cough* The video was going on WAAAY too long so we included some extra stuff about how Martina’s vast earring collection, and more of our rambling. You really take couches for granted when you realize you don’t have an IKEA, The Brick, or Leon’s furniture store nearby.


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