Woohoo! We have finally moved in to our new apartment in Seoul! And, by the looks of it, we’re 95% decent enough to present it to you! But first, some disclaimers:

1) We’re still far from finished with it. We don’t have a couch. We don’t have a table. We don’t have any decorations. Our walls are pretty bare right now. But, all of our boxes are unpacked. TV, stereo, computers, Playstation are all set up. Bed is made. Clothes are reasonably organized in our closets. We can live here, comfortably. We just can’t sit in our living room or eat in our kitchen. Soon, though!

2) This apartment is not our new studio. This is just our apartment to live in. We need to be living in Seoul to register a business in Seoul, and we wanted to move to Seoul to be closer to all the sparkly shiny stuff! Indie clubs! Kpop headquarters! Big events! Imported limes! It’s all in Seoul! Also, the money for the Eatyourkimchi Studio Fundraiser, which we can’t touch until after the fundraiser is finished, (nor can we stop until it reaches its end date) is ONLY going into setting up the studio and hiring staff. It’s not going into this apartment whatsoever.

3) We’re SO SO SOOO sorry for falling behind on our regular video schedule. Really guise: we feel very bummed out about it. We really appreciate all of your support, especially with the overwhelming response we’ve received in the Crowdfunding of the Studio, and we feel quite poopy for not being able to put up videos regularly. We should be back on track, now, though! This WANK came out late, I know, but we can feel ourselves ready to get back into the groove, now that our move is finished. Gotta find time to find a couch and table somehow…and Martina is DYING to decorate. She twitches every time she looks at the barren walls. Barren walls are SOOOO not Martina!

OK! So, that being said: TA-DA! Here’s our new place! We’re so happy with it! We saw a lot of places, especially around the Mokdong area, but as we were looking for a place to film Music Monday in, it made finding the right place a lot harder. Our current apartment was the very LAST apartment of the day and we fell in love with it instantly. The other places in Mokdong were nice, don’t get us wrong, but they each had some small issues with them. One had an unremovable low hanging lamp that I would surely hit every morning getting out of bed. Another had a fridge stolen from it (seriously: it was supposed to have the fridge…but it didn’t). When we saw our current place, and that it had no issues with it whatsoever, we were blown away. It has a bath! WOW! Our other apartments did not have baths. NOW WE CAN BATHE! We shower regularly, sure, but haven’t had baths in SO LONG! Our apartment is clean, in a nice bustling area, has close amenities, and…wow. We feel like grownups now, and we’re totally stoked. We can’t wait to show you our area in future WANKs.

One thing we didn’t mention about our apartment: it’s got guards by the door, and you can’t get in without a swipe card! That’s exciting because we often got a lot of people knocking on our doors to sell us stuff at 9am when we went to bed at 4am after publishing a video, and you also get a gazillion flyers on your door. Anyhow, aa hilariously important detail that I (Martina) have to share with you. All of the staff working here are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING. In our old apartment, though we liked our guards, they were all men who were a lot A LOT older.a Super friendly! Don’t get us wrong! We’re gonna miss them a lot, but our place has – I’m pretty sure – budding Kpop idols. One of the guards even had used hairspray with sparkles in it. HE FREAKING SPARKLES OK?!?! WAIT…I only saw him at night time…so our guards are vampires?!! DA DA DAAAAA. Not that it’s a selling point for our place; we just found it amusing. Take care of us new friendly vampire guards!!!

Otherwise, check out our extra apartment footage for…extra…apartment…footage… *cough* The video was going on WAAAY too long so we included some extra stuff about how Martina’s vast earring collection, and more of our rambling. You really take couches for granted when you realize you don’t have an IKEA, The Brick, or Leon’s furniture store nearby.


    Martina: …

  2. kaerys55

    Have you decorated your apartment since the tour of it? You should get a world map wall decal and place cute little stickers of all the places you’ve been!

  3. i really curious how much and where this apartment at O_O so naiceeeee

  4. I noticed that you guys haven’t really answered any questions on this post, but myself and many others would like to know the average rent you pay here? Many of us plan on moving to Seoul sometime soon and this type of housing is pretty much perfect and we’d like to know the key money and rent situation for something of this quality :) Please respond!

  5. May I please know the name of the apartment complex…because the roominess of your place and other apartments in your building…would be, I think, nearly a perfect size for me…as I am wheelchair dependent. I am moving to Seoul to start my life over, to live & work. Thank you. :) X

  6. May I please know what the name of this apartment building&where it is as well…because i am moving to Seoul soon & your apartment looks perfect. I’d like to find one like it in the building where you reside. I am wheel chair dependent…so I need more space than I have found in other apartments.

  7. You guys should updates on this now!!!! Let’s see how it’s with kitten now, and what decoration you guys have done to it.

    P.S. I rewatch all your new home video and the more I watch it, the more the hostel/apartment improve and gotten bigger lol

  8. Could you please tell us your new address in Seoul?? I’d love to send you guys a fan mail someday!!

  9. About your computer room, I think you should color the circles half with random colors

  10. Wow, your new apartment looks nice! And pretty spacious! Must be expensive huh.

  11. A huge WANK fan here!! Is this week WANK coming soon?! or I’ll just wait for North American trip footage ‘ㅂ’ Can’t wait for the new neighborhood edition, since you moved in to Seoul! Oh, I’m not pushing you guys ^^;; oh no I’m craving for more videos ^^ You guys are so additive♡

  12. I keep coming back to this video for the section where you introduce the new “master bath”. Simon making meemers talk makes my day 100% better. <3

  13. Ooh, nice apartment and great view of city. And you guys are looking quite svelte and lovely!! Martina–loving your eyeliner–have you tried the Clio Kill Black?

  14. simon, it’s hilarious how you lower yourself to get filmed by the camera :P, i could see by the window’s reflection

  15. I started to look your videos like 4 months ago, I was looking for videos about korean life and culture and all that stuff, and I found your videos, I´m so happy your really great!!!!, and now I´ve seen like tons of your videos and I´m really happy that you have a new apartment it looks really nice
    Keep making great videos, thanks for sharing with all of us your experiences
    sorry for my english;)
    Greetings from Mexico

  16. It seems an office-tel to me, but really looks like a mixed officetel and apartment as you said. kinda middle somewhere? I know the concept of ‘apartment’ is used in a different way between N.A and S.Korea. Anyhow your new house looks so cozy and very nice! That’s new, right? Congrats on settling a new fancy home :p and Martina, your pronunciation ‘Guro’ is SO different from mine, not like my cheapy sound. Haha
    I assume that you guise already know, but visiting ‘Daiso’ will be great where various items are sold like ‘Dollarama’ in Canada, if you want to decorate that empty wall! (unless you decorate it with K-pop star posters)

  17. are your door guards secretly prosecutors whose eyes turn blue when they go into vampire mode? that’d be kool

  18. Congrats, guys! I love your new place. About furnishing, why don’t you check some online stores to order some cool furniture – couch first perhaps? There delivery doesn’t cost much like in Canada. I used to LOVE online shopping in Korea (confession of a shopaholic).

  19. simon and martina: what brand is your camera? :)

  20. love ur new apartment so much room very
    luxurious .. and about that cool voting thing I think its hard to pick couz both of u are super cool ^^ I bet U were very popular at high school

  21. so happy for the both of u n thanks for explaining…about the fund raiser !! from a NEW…lol OLD nastie……… ohhhh yeaaaaaa

  22. 9:50 Simon’s legs are incredibly spread out…hahaha

  23. Y’all live close to me! (Gwanak gu here…) And I’m really jealous you guys have an oven! D: I miss baking…. Well done on the apartment score! I’m jealous!

  24. where do they live i want to send a letter

  25. @simonandmartina:disqus why not try blackboard/greenboard walls? you will be able to draw different designs whenever you want.


  26. What’s with Simon’s splayed-leg standing at the end? I can see it in the reflection on ze window O___o

  27. GURO-GU! Awesome! my work is in GURO! maybe it’s close to your apartment!

  28. You guys have a huge apartment considering you’re in Seoul! It’s beautiful. Congratulations =)

  29. congrats on your new apartment. it looks pretty awesome!

  30. Oh, and are you ready to come to Mexico?!!??!

  31. Guys I’m so happy for you!
    congratulations on your new nest guys!!!!!!

  32. You make the most awesome animal noises, Martina! :D

  33. nice place guys

  34. looks really nice, i like it, and i really do want to see whats in Seoul .

  35. Can I ask how much your apartment cost? I’m planning to look soon for a bigger place with an oven. I know every area is different, but how much does a place like that cost in mokdong?

  36. put up all the artwork made out of your fan mail, make a Canada room, turn your bath into a Spa or find stuff that helps you create….

  37. Love your new apartment. I’m so looking forward to see your living spaces! Best wishes!

  38. you two are so awesome together haha

  39. Yay air conditioning! Summer in many parts of Asia is like being inside the mouth of a large animal.

  40. I enjoy SImon’s power stance reflecting in the window in the end xD

  41. My advice for the plain wall for Music Updates, is to get one solid color and put art with neon colors in it. Or the picture I added :3 Even better, just put a bunch of pictures that you’ve taken while in Korea~
    I also had to add that parts of your apartment makes me think of the apartment in the Manga “Nana” especially that window area :3
    Anyway~ Congrats on your apartment!

  42. i was just wondering… all of the cool stuff martina made at walls n in the kitchen in the prev apratment – all of if u’ve left or u had to duno… wipe it off or repaint the walls? u know, you had to ‘leave the place at the state like before moving in’? just curious xD

    anyways – wooow ur new place seems to be HUUUUGE *O* kkkkk can’t wait to see how your new vids will look like now :D

  43. when simon introduced the bedroom, he remind me of the apartment tour from dbsk ^^
    watch this at 4:12 pls :D


  44. I always look forward to a new video post! God bless and best wishes on your new life in Seoul. You guys are so dorky, cute and fuzzy all around! Love your work guise!

  45. Wow, I heard apartments in Korea are really expensive… and your one looks like one of the more expensive ones!
    Did it cost a lot?
    Around how much was it?

  46. I looveee you new apartment!! XD cant wait for you guys to decor it ! .. but imma miss the cupcake decoration in the kitchen! :(

  47. Hey guise, the new apartment looks great, so exciting to make a proper home of it. I live in Guro too, I hope you like the area.

  48. I like how Simon stands with his legs spread so he looks shorter, reminds me of an English TV show called Miranda (specifically season 1 ep. 5 where she pretends to be shorter than she is).

  49. I’m so, so, SO freaking happy you guys got a new apartment! I love seeing you move into each officetel/apartment and watch it get bigger, but this one seems HUGE! So happy you have a place that looks more homely! Can’t wait to get a tour of your studio once you buy one too!

  50. O…M…G…! IT’S SOOOO COOL ! I… totally love your new apartment! And I totally understand why you fell in love with it instantly ! I am so amazed, really… u__u And it’s pretty much bigger than your last one, isn’t it ? o__o Haha, I don’t realize that you’re living in SEOUUUUUL ! May be a killer view through your window, huh ?

    HUUUUU, PLEASE LET ME LIVE WITH YOUUUU! ♥ (can’t wait for new WANKs in… SEOUL! :D)

    Ps : Meemers is soo adorable KKK

  51. I’m so happy for you guys. It looks so awesome. If this is how apartments in Seoul look like in general, DAMN IT I’M MOVING TO SEOUL! That view is perfection.

  52. I am soooo happy for you guys! But I do see you are lacking art for the time being. lolz. Maybe I might make you some art, if you like.

  53. how much does it cost an apartment like yours in seoul?

  54. This is amazing! I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 DONNNT GO CHNAGING

  55. Magicmike191v2

    Martina is the cooler one and u should put the cupcake idea and pic of the 4 of u guys and make an eBay

  56. I love the new place! I know this was said before but now I can’t find it to comment. But I love the idea of drawing little chibis inside the circles. That would be so cute!

  57. Hey, it just occurred to me that we are going to need a new address where we can send you stuff!

  58. We must have le video of the RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING budding kpop idols! pictures/vid or it didn’t happen!

  59. Oh my gad! I just had a great idea! You guys should put a picture of the winner of each kpop music monday in one of the circles and then you can keep up with all of the different kpop music mondays you’ve had since you started doing them professionally and it can be like your “Wall of Kimchidom!”

  60. For the decoration of the wall, why not have like a drawn open bottle of ranch with exploring figures of bananas, Doritos and vegetables that are used to make kimchi?
    Yeah I know I post it in Facebook but I wanted a bigger audience!

  61. All I can say is a huge congratulations and that your new home is absolutely beautiful and spacious, because it seems everything I want to say has already been covered by everyone else’s lovely comments. xD

    It really is beautiful! So happy for you guys. Also, thanks to you, my bf’s new endeavor in life is to buy a fridge just like yours! Thanks, S&M! <3
    (Btw, Meemers on the mat was glorious. Both she and Spudgy seem to be settling well!)

  62. Waaaa im so happy for you guys…. You have a lot to do, but the idea of you having finally a home makes me smile :D!!

  63. sarah bielec

    lol future kpop idols as your security guards. i agree with other people u shld def take pics ;)

  64. how much did it cost?

  65. Totoro? You can’t say no to Totoro.

  66. WOW! You’re new place is sooooo nice and looks huge! I’m jellooooooo!

  67. Now with every video I will be trying to notice new decorations. I wonder what they’re gonna be. I’M SO CURIOUS YEAH!
    And OMG, Martina, that bird imitating sound was so lovely! I have to listen to it again :D


      Sorry, couldn’t resist your SHINee reference! xD
      Don’t you just love when K-Pop clicks in your head? <3

      • I came to a point where I can’t roll car windows without thinking of K-Pop and a sexy intoxicating music plays in my head when I see bananas :)

        • Right!? S&M forever alter your way of thinking… Innocent minds out the window! (If there are any innocent minds left..) LOL
          And I eat bananas on a near daily basis… >xDDD

        • I spent last two weeks in Italy and every time I saw focaccia I thought of A-Cha… and there are a lot of focaccerias in Italy ;)

        • Really? Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing. I’ve wanted to try focaccia for a while ever since watching that review… Please tell me it’s really “so derricious” <3

        • So have I, but the first one I ate was probably the freaking saltiest thing EVAR so I was a bit afraid of trying another one. But then I did and it was yummy :) FOCACCIA, focaccia is (not always) so delicious!

        • LOL ! Sounds like a terrible experience. I cringe at the thought of too much salt, especially since, with my Cuban background, we put salt on errrr-y-thang, so over salting is…not nice at all. =. =

          I’m sure Simon and Martina will also benefit from this knowledge, although I don’t know how often they actually eat focaccia or the type that Korea carries specifically… Haha. In any case, good to know! Thank you so much, Agata! :)

  68. I know this probably seems like a dumb question but here goes. If we want to send fan mail, where should we send it? Thanks so much~!

  69. I like this new meaning to YOLO

  70. whats the rent for this beautiful apartment ?!?!? omg its sooo nice :#

  71. I love the space in your new home! I am excited to see you all grow in it. :) I dislike the modern “cold” look for houses, so:

  72. Martina’s double thumbs up made me drop my tomato juice on my shirt because I laughed too much…

  73. OMG love it. I cant wait for Marina’a designs! (Though, i’m going to miss the cupcakes on the cabinets) Good luck with finding a couch :D

  74. I love your new apartment!! It’s so spacious and pretty!! And the view is wonderful!

    Maybe you should decorate the walls with fanart from Nasties. It might be hard to do, but it could be cool ^^

  75. At the end you can see Simon and Martina’s reflection on the wall. I love how Simon has his legs apart to seem smaller next to Martina and still looks like a giant xD

  76. wowwwwww so awesome guise *-*
    good luck with all your apartment preparations and also you need to ask the security guards to be in a video so we can, uh, verify your claim. yes, yes *scheming face* >.>”

  77. daebak just decurite it very cutely!

  78. You guys are awesome! I loved the view more than anything…seriously you two are a total inspiration for me to actual get to Seoul one day…though I might be stick with my chef job though lol

  79. Love your new apartment and the view of Seoul <3 Serious I really envy you guys and I´m also very happy for you ^^

    Do you mind if I ask how much the rents and everything cost for an apartment like that in Seoul? It might be a bit too personal and privacy, but I´m just curious cause my dream was always to move to Seoul one day and have my own apartment =) I also think many other viewers have that dream and are curious too :p

  80. How much did it cost you guys for that apartment and is it like a big block of apartments? What’s the area you guys have moved to like? Sorry to intrude, it’s just I’m moving to Seoul soon >.<

  81. haha. martina and simon are so funny! ‘vampire guards’!

  82. You have ridiculously good looking sparkling vampire guards?! :O Winning. :D

  83. Wow! Nice place! It’s huge and so fancy looking.
    So are you renting or did you buy it? For the circle wallpaper, I would paint the circles a few different colors then also add the photos in some of them as well.

  84. Ahh i am so happy for you guys, the new apartment looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I wonder how much it is for rent etc i like to compare what money can get you in different countries.
    One thing though…NO CURTAINS IN THE BEDROOM :O its just like full on window, i would be covering that thing instantly. Like say i wanted to get changed and someone over the road in the opposite building was coping a look OH THE HUMANITY!!!
    Also i am with Simon on the breathing in Hot air, i simply cease to function in it and yes sleeping is actually just impossible :(

  85. You guys mentioned this finally being “home”. So I ask: Will you/would you raised your children in Korea? What are the pros and cons to doing so?

  86. YAY~ I’m so happy for you both! Your apartment looks amazing!! :]

  87. does your apartment name by any chance have the word “the sharp(#) _____” in it? cuz its alot similar to the apartment i used to live in.
    does your apartment name by any chance have the word “the sharp(#) _____” in it? cuz its alot similar to the apartment i used to live in.

  88. Love the new apartment. Can’t wait to see how you decorate the naked walls. can’t stand empty walls either so I am on a creative-decoration-on-wall mission as well.

  89. How about a green screen and then you can add background places behind you without even being there! Do you know how to do that?

  90. I really love your appartment and I can’t wait to see more and more videos, can’t wait to see more songs review or even dramas review ! I’m an S&M’s addict, is that serious guys ?

  91. For ideas to decorate your apartment you could try pinterest.com. If you don’t know, it’s kind of like a virtual bulletin board and you “pin” ideas of things that you like that you find on the web. The cool thing is that you can choose a category and then see things other people have pinned in that area, then you don’t have to search all over the Internet for ideas. You have to make an account to pin stuff but I don’t think you need one to browse other peoples’ ideas. Oh, you can also follow people and people can follow you (I don’t really get the point of that, but I’m old…..). The pin I have tried and use all the time is to cut off the root end off a bunch of green onions (about 1″), put into a small glass and let it sit in a sunny place. The onions will start to grow almost immediately and it an easy way to double the yield on your purchase. It’s really brilliant.

  92. There are some really awesome/cool looking ideas to store in this list. I know its not decorating ideas but some ideas are cool enough to STORE AND BE A DECORATION….and it will let you hide stuff and have more space to decorateeeee!


  93. I stayed in Seoul last month in Guro-dong for a week. I also stayed a little over a week and loved it. But I loved the time I spent volunteering even more so at a Children’s Home in Korea. Can you please do a FAP in that area sometime soon? The new apartment looks nice!!

  94. Pretty cool apartment!! Can’t wait to see it grow over time or overnight! =D

    About the boring walls, why not put up: 1) drawings done by the Nasties, 2) cute / cool stickers, 3) the Nasty wall of fame, 4) posters of different Kpop idols, 5) origami butterflies, frogs… (you can stick the flatter types of origami creations on the wall and for the cranes or something that’s 3D, you can make them into a mobile to hang from the ceiling or put some at a random spot on a table or something), 6) family & friends pictures, 7) gifts sent to you from Nasties that you can stick or hang on the wall. Just throwing out some ideas.

    I wish I can decorate my walls but unfortunately someone will either tear them down or I’m afraid something bad might happen to them. =3

  95. Congrats on the huge apartment..nice kitchen!

  96. You should do a Fan Wall with all the fan-art you guise get :D

  97. Gorgeous apartment. Can’t wait to see how you finally decorate it.

  98. you sat on Nogi and Pogi? XD

  99. you could use old cords, or ones that you leave plugged in to decorate. this picture isn’t that good but you can make it much neater if you sketch your design before you make it.

  100. Thanks guys for cheering up my day! The apartment looks awesome, I would love to have a bathroom like that, with a bath!!

  101. PunkyPrincess92

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! you obviously love Onew!!!!!! wasn’t expecting that to be written on the screen!!! yay!!!!!
    wow i’m loving your new apartment!!!!! can’t wait for you guys to be properly settled in and decorate the place!! you should buy nice wall stickers like Totoro ones http://www.spincollective.co.uk/acatalog/Anime_Stickers.html
    or game ones!! like space invaders and stuff!!

    oh and….i wanna see those vampire guards!!

  102. Wellllllllllllll…. u would be able to tape some papers on the wall.. right? u can find a huge paper and draw sth on it.. Also, there are many decorating stickers for the wall if u find it at cosco, Im pretty sure abt it :l

  103. irritablevowel

    The first thing I saw, and the first thing I exclaimed was, “AN OVEN! FINALLY AN OVEN!”

  104. how much did you pay for the apartment?is it really expensive?

  105. Love your apartment! So excited for you guys! We’ve missed you but get rested before you start filming again. And if you are looking for art – you can sometimes get great art pieces from college students for cheap. :)

  106. You’ve got a lot more space now guise, congrats… it must be horribly expensive though around Seoul, or so I heard.. looking forward to you exploring the area :)

  107. YOLO = You Obviously Love Onew. I’m so gonna pull that one out at the random-est time :P

  108. I was wondering, could u just make an example and show us the perks ? Like what kind of stuff is in the care package, and how many things are in the korean beauty care kit and stuff ? It’s nice knowing what exactly you get. ^^

  109. Guro-Gu sweet! Thats right beside where I live and whats even sweeter is…. you live so close to a COSTCO! mmmm, I love me some Costco.

  110. You guys have an oven! I’m so jealous right now! Your new apartment looks really great, I love all the light that comes in and it looks so big. Can’t wait for the new videos filmed there. =)

  111. Simon, Martina. There is an Ikea in Korea… just to let you know. it’s a new development.

  112. Your new appartment is really nice! Congratulations and take all the time you need, we totally understand :)!!

  113. One thing I will miss about you’re old place: the beautiful hardwood floors. D:
    * I have this thing for apartments/houses with hardwood floors… I think they look beautiful and stuff.* u_u,

  114. AWESOME guys….soooooo happy 4 ya’s….!!!…Love your new place…!!!

  115. Martina where can I get that shirt?!??! I Love it!!!

  116. Is Simon’s bird sound song Phantom’s ICE???? If it is, JDILJAIODSJSLKDJ. /calm xP

    And your apartment looks awesome! The view looks amazing!! xD

  117. i sooo want an apartment like that!!!>< the places in london are so small and old and old fashion and have ugly yellow walls…T_T

  118. Congratulations on Your grown-up apartment! It’s really cool. And about the IKEA – one day I looking at some websites and I found out that there is no IKEA in Korea! Is that true?

  119. Waah~ you guys should but stickers of spudgy and meemersworth on your wall, and chibis of you guys and kpop band logos~ ^^ thats what i want for my room TT TT

  120. Please tell me how much your apartment cost!!

  121. congratulations!!^^

  122. IKEA will open its first shop in Korea in 2014 …

  123. You should go to Google and type in Craigslist Korea. We found our couch there and love it!

  124. Might I suggest something a bit more old time Korean architecture meets modern touches with a light and refreshing main color to match with your personality but with a tad of monochromatic colors to keep the look timeless since you plan to stay here for a good long time??

  125. Your new home looks so spacious and nice! I’m super happy for you guys. :) Definitely excited to watch it get decorated.

  126. O.O !wows! your apartment looks so much prettier and modern than my sister’s! (and I thought hers was the nicest ever!) So happy for you guys!!!aww Martina looks kinda tired! I’m kinda new to this site but you guys seem so nice, awesome, funny and have this warm aura (ok that sounds weird >//<) and I'm happy to invade join this community!!…
    hmms~maybe you can ask U-KISS for some decorating advice? paint on the walls, vertical beds, broken lights?? :P
    PS: if possible could you show us the hot vampire guards?? so that I can facebook stalk them if possible or drool over them like the fangirl I am? …is SImon jelly of them??:P!

  127. Why do your videos look in higher quality now? Newer camera? Color correction? Dying to know!

  128. Isabel Ruby

    i love how in the last bit u can see Simon’s legs reflected in the window… makes me wonder how tall Simon is in comparison to Marina when he’s not power stancing

  129. Minecraft look alikes of yourselves!

  130. Congrats… welcome to my hometown.

  131. Yay! I’m so happy that you guys are moved in. Can’t wait for the new videos. btw, I choose Martina as the cool one. Sorry Simon, :P

  132. Wowza that’s a sweet place! Two bathrooms, think of the possibilities! I think my apt would fit inside your bathroom haha. Congrats guys!

  133. By the way, your apartment is kind of cute. I liked it. Your videos always bring a smile to my face because it reminds me life can have a happy side too. EYK fighting! <3

  134. Omgosh I am so jelli! I love the kitchen and not just because I love to cook!! That fridge is amazing and omgosh y’all have a oven now!!
    I totally think y’all need to make a “Vampire Staff” WANK! I would probably pic up and move there now!
    My best friend (laotong) went to school in Seoul for a year and so I can’t wait to see what she notices if anything. Hopefully y’all do some WANKs on places she has talked about! Can’t wait to see!! XD I am dying to see the UKISS videos yall have coming! >.<
    Martina you look so cute today! I love your hair and makeup! I can't find my earings in my storage unit so I am stuck wearing my diamond studs all the time. =,(
    Congrats guise! ^^

  135. Why cool people like you exist? I so have to meet you guys one day…

  136. Congrats!!!!
    Your place looks amazing! It reminds me of the “we got married” shows apartements, JoKwon and GaIns, if I remember correctly …. <<'

    on another note, how about MUFFINS as decoration? no? this was lame? ….

    But honestly, I liked the cupcakes and the stars.

    For the coolest: Martina, forever and ever, sorry Simon :P

  137. I got a really really really important question for Martina : where do you get your clothes?!!? I love all your shirts and want them so so bad.

  138. I think it would be fun to see you look for and pick out furniture for your new place.

  139. This place. This place is amazing. O_O

    By the way, I know Pinterest gets a bad reputation for a lot of its content, but it’s actually a great resource for decorating a place from “ground zero” since you basically have a blank canvas!

  140. I’m going to chime in on this as well, I must see proof of these attractive doormen! And yay for your new apartment looks good and will look even better once you give it your sense of style!

  141. Nice apartment guys! ^^ You have a lot of space and I’m sure Spudgy and Dr. Meemersworth will enjoy it! I’m glad you were able to move to Seoul ^^ And I hope the foundraising be great! ^^ Take care and, of course Martina is more cool! XD *always supporting female power* Greetings from Chile! ^^

  142. KATHyphenTUN

    Congrats!!!! I’m so excited for you two love birds!!! <3<3<3 (PS. don't worry about no video posts! This is sooo exciting for us too!! It definitely makes up for it! ^.^ )

  143. Did you guys rent or bought that apartment?
    And how much is it per month?
    Cos it looks awesome!
    Kinda miss the old officetel though…

  144. wow! your new apartment looks amazing!! i bet itll be 10x more amazing when you guys decorate and nest haha :D i want to see pictures of these good looking vampire guards!!

  145. It looks so nice, I’m so happy for you guys! Congats congrats congrats!

  146. as someone who will be going to Korea soon. Could you tell me about how much your rent is? That place looks like a dream come true… but I dont think I will be able to afford it… Please tell us in a vid or something! Thank you!

  147. Erhmergerd! LOVE IT!! So happy for you guys. The apartment is awesome and the vid was hilarious. Keep it coming! Please?

  148. I came here for a coolness poll and I didn’t get it. I DEMAND this from y’all.

  149. Felicitaciones!!! Estoy muy feliz por ustedes ^ _ ^

    Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you ^ _ ^

  150. The cupcakes were so cuute though~

  151. You can put your Nasty Wall of Fame n the ¨boring wall¨

  152. I know it’s super rude but could you give approx price … estimates??? cuz your new place is even more gorgeous than your old place and I’m wondering how much more expensive it is to live in Seoul … xoxo

  153. Yolo will never be the same to me ever again xD Yay new references between me and my friends who watch this now xD
    I vote Spudy as the coolest <..> Martina comes in second. Then the dothraki man warrior, then meemersworth. 8D
    I love your new apartment, it looks cool! And two bathrooms?! :O

    Hmmm decorations… I like Martina’s idea of cutting pictures to put into the circle shape.

  154. That looks like a fabulous apartment. As a girl who has lived in officetels for the last three years: so envious!

  155. SWAG- S-secretly W-we A-are G-gay sorry guys thats the true meaning of the word and its is miss used often, i used to be a code word for Gays back in the days when it was very very wrong to be openly gay.

  156. Woooow. The new apartment officetel thing is so roomy and nice and awesome. I miss the old officetel already, though.
    For the circles, I suggest drawing chibi versions of everyone and you’re peeking out or falling from the circles. Meemers could be sleeping in one circle! (I don’t get what you mean by boring circles, though. I THOUGHT THEY LOOKED COOL AND ELEGANT AND STUFF. WHATEVER.) Or maybe have faces in the circles? I don’t care what Simon says, circular cupcakes are cool, too.
    P.S. Some pictures of the vampire guards? Pleeeeeeeeeease?

  157. You’re new apartment looks so nice! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

  158. You guys moved all your stuff in reasonable order in like 2 days?? That’s not bad at all haha good luck furniture shopping! And decorating is the fun part. :D

  159. I love the new apartment. It looks like three times the size of your old one. and the view?? awesome!!!

    You should put artwork up: maybe photographs from around Seoul? Black and whites, cityscapes, that kind of thing. With enough fun pop culture images to make it interesting.

  160. For one of the walls, you could maybe make a cool tree design. Super easy to create with tacks and yarn. Here’s a pic of one that I did in my apt in college.
    http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/294687_10150279052656647_3177244_n.jpg And you could decorate it with cute decals or dangly things.

  161. For today, I must say – Martina is coolest. But this is only because during the games video, she lost every game and was subjected to terrible and embarrassing punishments. -shudder- And she rolled off the bed without almost dropping her mic.

    As for decor:
    You should have a contest for your viewers to make/draw/create pictures of you guys, Spudgey, Dr. Meermersworth, and all your episodes. Then select the best ones, print them out, and BAM! slap them on the wall!
    Or a big mural the subtly says “You so nasty” on it.
    Or a whole lot of Engrish!

  162. Can’t wait to see how Martina decorates! She is definitely the cooler one, sorry Simon love you still! So not to get too nosy, but what does an apartment like this in Seoul cost – you know just general price range. So glad to see ya’ll doing well!!!!

  163. Hey Simon and Martina. I was wondering if Martina could do something like a review of Korean beauty products and cosmetics like BBCreams ( wich are a huge trend now), famous brands…what the girls/women are used to do in relation to that and etc… People say that the Korean/Asiatic cosmetics are just amazing, and the tecnology that they use for the products is really,really,really good. Also that the girls put a lot of effort to keep their skin flawless.

  164. happy for u guise!!! .. i totally luuuuuuuv ur new apartment… imma miss the old one, buut can’t wait for what u guise gonna do to the new one…. God Bless.

  165. all the best to you both…..and spudgy and meemers!

  166. So…completely unrelated to the tour portion, but our wiener dog has the SAME toy as Spudgey in this video. We play with it every night before bed, and give make it have a pirate accent. So there is a lot of yelling “YARRRR!!” as we throw the hedgehog to his doom. Come to think of it, all of our dog toys have accents…Hmm…

  167. Your apartment is much nicer than I was expecting, especially because it’s in Seoul. You were talking about how you used your savings to get the money for the paperwork, etc, so I was thinking y’all were going to get a dinky apartment with stained walls and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling D= I’m glad you’ve been able to find a place big enough that you can stay there if you have kids (if that’s what the two of you want)!


  169. For the circles, my vote goes to the Super Junior Spy theme, where they’re in the circle like James Bond shooting at you…only, it could be…you guys shooting? LOL, idk, I would just put pictures of EunHyuk everywhere but that’s just me >w<
    Also, I demand video evidence of these good looking KPop staffers. NAO…pweez *awkward aegyo*

  170. Your new place seems really beautiful & spacious! I am so happy to see you guys in a nice comfortable place where you have enough room and space. To see spudgy and memers be able to run around, and see that Martina has a place to actually do her make up and not have it stuffed in the corner of a closet. The one room where all your stuff was still unpacked could be your equipment room. :) I’m so honored to know that we fans helped you get there. Really so happy for you guys.

    Oh and I vote Spudy as the coolest. ;D And Memers the cutest. <(^0^<)

  171. Awww, Martina’s impression of a bird was so adorable! The video itself is also very sweet; even though you guys are probably tired like hell from moving houses, I could definitely feel the excitement that is getting your own nest to be all lovey-dovey in. So congratulations on getting your new apartment!

  172. a pic of TOP’s face covering the whole entire wall would be nice:)

  173. Congratulations on your Love Nest!!!
    ヾ(^^ゞ) ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ) ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ)

    It’s so BIG!! 3 rooms….??!! That’s really quite…luxurious. At least now you’ll have a guest room for your family that comes to visit….? Or are you going to keep the last room as
    And it’s so pretty~ I love the wooden walls and floors. It just seems so classy. Contrary to what you said, I actually liked the circular wallpaper.
    And it’s so high!!! You practically have your own personal viewing deck!! What floor are you on guise? o.O

    OMG guys. You, must, MUST take a picture of your sexy man-guards for us. Please? Pretty please? If they’re cute enough I might even send them fanmail. HAHAHAHAHA xD

    Btw, you said your couch disintegrated, but I know what really happened: You were flirting on the couch and broke it. DIDN’T YA??!!! MWAHAHAHAHA now don’t you go saying someone else broke it: I know what you did~ xD

  174. Maybe you can place a curtain on the wall or those dangly door thingys that hang over doors but can be put on a wall for design.

  175. i love your new apartment! Its so cool and modern looking, with a great night view. And i really love your kitchen! How big is it exactly?(sq ft) It loos bigger than my families old apartment but it might be because theres only two of you and theres six of us.
    Show videos of your good looking people that work there plz! It would be cool to give them introductions!
    good luck!

  176. Wow! Yall’s apartment is so awesome! My husband and I are in a simlar situation to what y’all described, we’ve been living in mediocre apartments for the whole time we’ve been together. My hubby is like Simon, he wants to nest, too haha. Dreaming of the day he can have a super plush couch

  177. First, Martina is cooler. Second, for the boring background circle wall, how about a pull-down projector-like screen? It can either be a green screen for some high tech backgrounds, or decorated sheets that pull down and roll back up, kind of like the giant maps they used to unfurl in history classes. You could have a Nasty Art competition to get started. I love your new place, can’t wait to see it evolve

  178. To decorate my boring apartment walls, I made a couple hundred origami butterflies out of post-its and taped them to my wall. It looks really cool, but this only works if you really like making origami butterflies. Or you could have your Nasties each make a butterfly and you would have more than you could fit on your wall!

  179. Wow guys! I’m excited with this new experience!! I can’t wait to see Martina’s decoration. Congrats on your new place!! It’s so pretty and the view!! Don’t worry about being late with the programs, we know it’s hard on you, a pic of those guards will do… xD nah! have fun decorating. Hugs!!

  180. Why don’t you make the next few videos about finding your furniture and the cute things you want to put on your new apartment, that way you save time and show us how that works in Korea.

  181. I want to move into that place..

  182. The apartment is STUNNING! >o< Could you do a TLDR segment on the financial stuff to do with your apartment? It would be amazing to live in a beautiful apartment like yours someday and I'd like to know how much I should start saving now xD

    Love your new place! Hope you guys are settling in well!

  183. you obviously love onew XD yess martina i’ve married him internally and emontionally

  184. So if Hello Kitty would be a problem, then I’m guessing so would pictures of T.O.P. all over the place.

  185. i need to become matina and simons neighbor… those guards…ummmm…….

  186. Great place you guys! So much more room and everything (except the walls :P) look nice.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter of ‘Eat Your Kimchi.’ Wish you guys
    nothing but the best…and please don’t get bitten by any ridiculously
    good looking vampires! Otherwise you guys would be not only ridiculously cool, but ridiculously mindblowing gorgeous! Lol. Good luck with everything!

  187. So, right at the end of the bloopers, Simon was counting off Martina’s ideas. First he put up his thumb. Then he put up his index finger. Now: WHY DIDN’T YOU PUT UP YOUR NEXT FINGER FOR HER NEXT IDEA???! WHY SIMON WHY??!!
    As for your counting skills, you get 2 out of 5 :p

  188. Simon Martinaaaa, We loved your apartment. Very nice. ^.^
    Good Luck!!!
    xoxoxoxo (Luca and Aline from Brazil)

  189. For suggestions for decals, how about books and perhaps even literary quotes.

  190. pedobear wall paper xDDDD

  191. I’m so excited that you guys moved to Mokdong! It’s a great area and soooo easy to get to other places XD We live in Yeongdeungpo Sijang (only 4 stops away on the #5 line), so I hope we can meet you two some time!

  192. Don’t feel bad about being off on your schedule; we understand that you guys just moved and are super busy. Take your time. (: Also, your apartment looks A LOT like Infinite’s dorm, perhaps that’s why you have a lot of good looking staff workers?

  193. If being cool is being more suave, I think Martina won. However, Simon made a show of himself in an embarrassing manner without succumbing to the “I’m a loser” feeling. So I think Simon won!

    You’ve got such an open space and tall ceilings! I agree with Simon that you should go modern…but who is to say modern can’t have pink or teal or other really obnoxiously bright colors! They match up well with black and brown and chrome and other modern colors and finishes.

  194. my uncles name is Simon and my dad (his brothers) name is Martin. O.o And we’re also from Canada. Craaaazy!

  195. “YOLO=You Obviously Love Onew” How did you know? O_O

  196. I’m going to miss those electric blue walls..! But it looks AWESOME and I wish you all the best in Seoul!!

  197. oooh!! i have an idea for the kpop crunch wall. maybe you can paint the circles in different colors! actually i dunno~ haha. that’s abt the only idea that poppud up. um, please film your furniture hunting! hehe~ oh, is there really no IKEA in korea?

  198. Blackbird????? Clearly Simon’s a chicken. c;

  199. Wow, this is a really big place…ya’ll are rich now!

  200. Your new apartment looks so nice! The kitchen looks good :D Can’t wait for you guys to decorate the house!! Also did anyone notice Simon’s reflection in the mirror? He’s too tall to stand normally =P

  201. awww litter box=exciting
    Meemers loves the mat :D

  202. you guys could get wall shelves for dr meemersworth to climb on and have his own “space” up in the sky so to speak LOL. they would look really cool too and be used as decoration. you guys could also get new wallpaper (check out the place Hyori went to during Off The Record). I suggest going onto pinterest. I only go to Pinterest for solely decorating ideas and cooking recipes LOL. They had one where you could make your own big wide black and white striped curtains (which looked super chic and awesome). You could also make your entire apt Super hero themed LOL. or use the coloring from superhero costume stuff like Iron man or Thor or Captain America haha. just look at home decorating magazines. i love your new apt btw. you should do a oepn the happy video for like you guys decorating your apartments

  203. Love it! Can’t wait to see how you guys out your own style into it! Love that you guys have so much room now!

  204. please film the potential studios you guys are going to visit and let the nasties vote which studio you should rent. that’ll be awesome

  205. Wow your place is so much bigger! I am excited for you. I am getting married soon and am super excited about us going house hunting. Good luck with decorating. We have always gone with the modern contemporary theme, meaning everything is black, silver, or gray and either leather, glass, or metal. Now that I think about it, we are super unoriginal.

  206. Martina, where did you get those strawberry Bento boxes? I have the same ones, except I got mine from a store called Daiso in Japan.

  207. Spudgy is an ahjussi now! Lol I love your new home, though! coughyoushouldtotallykeepthecupcakesthoughcoughjustsayingcoughcough

  208. Where are you going to do the interviews with the kpop groups?? *o*

  209. Bright blue wall? XD

  210. Beautiful apartment – walls not included, so it’s only going to get better once you guise have marked your territory. LoL

  211. i’m really sorry but i was totally distracted by Simon’s spread eagle stance at 9:42 in the window reflection to pay attention to the end of the video!!! hahahahahahaha

  212. put the fan art collages that martina makes on the walls in the room that you are going to film kpop music updates that way you will always have a reminder of how much your fans love you as you are editing your videos. <3 plus i bet it would please fans to see their work in the background of the videos.

    • It would also be great if you do decide to put decals in the circles, for you to broadcast the size of the circle so we can make you decals already shaped to that size, and then send them to you in the mail of fans.

  213. You totally got me at “sparkly vampire guards”. I’m moving there!!! :))


    • THANK YOU! Martina totally doesn’t understand how uncomfortable it is. I can’t sleep if the air is warm. Wintertime, though, I sleep like a baby.

      • Same here :) it’s very uneasy for me as well.

      • Sucks for me though because I live in Texas. And it’s always hot.

        • OMG, I live in Texas too. I can attest for the horrible heat down here as well. And I also can’t sleep if it’s not cold. Thankfully my room is like ten degrees lower than the rest of the house. I dunno why. But yes Simon, you are not alone in your detest for hot air. lol

      • I have a problem with dry air, be it hot or cold. Sadly I moved to a dry area (Colorado) and now have had to acquaint myself with things like a humidifier and lotions.

        • Shalyn Philip

          i’m from Colorado too! I definitely wasn’t expecting anyone else from where i live. XD And yes, it’s good to stock up on lotions and chapsticks, and vaseline. I’m too used to colorado, that I have more trouble in humid and hot places, rather than dry and hot

      • Omg me too! it gets way to stuffy and my nose dries out. Its the worst if its humid too!

      • So do I!! my mother really gets really mad because I usually have my windows open all day (they can’t be rolled down though) because of how horribly hot the air gets D: the pain of living in tropical areas…

      • I love to sleep with cold air, and when I used to have an attic room (way back in high school) all the heat would rise up and practically congeal the air, so I slept with the window cracked. I live in Alaska, where that means letting in -40 C air….it was worth it. Love your new place!

      • Yep, same here! And I live in Vegas where it is HAWT. But with the AC blasting at 70 F I can sleep. Otherwise, no way guys.

        • NgocTranLe

          Southern California in the valleys where it reaches triple digits. ._. I hope you guys enjoyed that thunderstorm last week! xD I was in Vegas for 3 days for a mini vacation so…I got a blast of that thunderstorm.

          There’s no AC in my room though! :( I have this tiny fan for my face and the lowest it gets at night in the summer right now is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. RIDICULOUS. I HATTTEEE CAALLIIIFFOORRRNIIAAAAA….

      • I totally hear you, Simon. I live in NS and its unbearable when its 28 out with 91% humidity. Window AC was the best investment ever.

      • omg, noo~~! I can’t sleep at all when my feet and my nose are cold! >_<
        my bedroom is always really warm and I'm like "it's so comfy! ^__^" and meanwhile…my boyfriend is dying from the heat XD

      • I’m the opposite, I can’t sleep when my nose and/or feet are cold (which happens often, I should move to Florida).

      • You sound like my hubby. . . air conditioner AND fan on every night. It’s sub-zero in my bedroom. Good thing he’s like a heater to curl up next to! Ha. It must be your Polish (?) heritage, eh Simon? :-)

    • I think its really unhealthy to sleep directly under an aircon. Maybe it is because Im not used to it, but everytime I go to tunisia and sleep under the aircon I catch a terrible cold. I also heard some other stories about a girl who stayed under the aircon with wet hair and half of her face got paralysed. Mabye its only dangerous if you set it at a very low temperature, I dont know.

  215. Sascha_Wong

    Okay, am I crazy, Simon, or was your bird song that “Ice” song by Phantom? Now it’s stuck in my head!

  216. ” All of the staff working here are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING. “.. Um.. I’m not the only one that wants proof of this ya? ;)

  217. the new place is awesome!!!! can’t wait to see you guys fill it in and decorate!!!! good luck on the new chapter of your lives guys!!! xoxo

  218. Their apartment kind of looks like Infinite’s Dorm :D

  219. I like your shirt, Martina

  220. Nope, Martina’s cooler. LOL

  221. Wow, this is awesome, I’m glad you guys found something you like so much!!!

  222. Yay! Cool pad and even more fun cause of the crazies! Grats y’all!

  223. OMG! I love it!!

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