We got a new Robot Vaccuum, a Samsung Tango Smart, VC-RM84v. We just got it today, and tried it out for the first time. We were completely mesmerized and couldn’t carry on with our day. It’s got a camera on top of it so it can map out your ceiling. Seriously, yo. That’s amazing. And then it just eats all your dust and dirt and goes back to its docking station, AUTO-FREAKING-MATICALLY. Are we living in the future? Feels like it. What’s amazing about this is that we ran it three times today (yes, we were that amazed) and by the third time it had a better understanding of our apartment, so it was wrapping around corners more easily, and not going over the same area twice. Freak. That’s awesome man.

What’s not awesome about it is that Spudgy, the big sissy baby that he is, is terrified of the thing. He just kept on running away from it. Aww! So we got some footage to break your heart. Anyhow, he’s better with it now. We sat with him the second time and made him stay put as the Robot Vacuum approached him. He’s better now :D

Anyhow, that’s it! Just wanted to share this awesomeness. Hope you find it as cool as we do! Oh, and here’s a video of the vacuum. Sorry if you’re not interested in this stuff but holy slippers do we ever find this cool! And for those of you who are saying “It’s a vampire! You should have called it Mordney!” we will refute that by saying Mordney is a sucky vampire. Our vacuum is pretty awesome :D


  1. And i shall name mine … Louie.. lol

  2. iv got a samsung one too but its an older version… its loud lucky urs makes no sound =D

  3. kpop idols need this i mean if u watch vid bout there dorm its like prison for tht vaccum

  4. That is the coolest thing I have seen all day!!!

  5. we have one here in canada too! It`s not by samsung tho xD But it does exactly what urs does, and my mom cherishes it like its her baby 

  6. Our beagle used to use her nose to bury her bones like the Spudge.  Funny when she was hard surface, made a little scuff on her nose.  Da Spudge is GREAT!!!

  7. Holy moly, how much did that cost? O.o I don’t even think it’s in any of our shops.

  8. well actually, i come here after watching an old episode of running man. Yes, I saw you there :). I just wanna see how good you are in presenting the korean food. My statement: YOU ARE AWESOME!
    ps: sorry for my bad english, still learning on it ^^

  9. well actually, i come here after watching an old episode of running man.
    I just wanna see how good they are in presenting the korean food. My
    statement: THEY ARE AWESOME!

    ps: sorry for my bad english, still learning on it ^^

  10. I so totally understand where you’re coming from. The robot vacuum was, for me, another life changing invention likened to anything wireless or bluetooth. Yes, yours truly is a gadget freak

  11. Were there any other brands you considered? The Roomba seems to be a popular choice.

  12. Spudgy Do not let the vampire vacuum eat you!!!

  13. i am now a high schooler that wants a vacuum for her birthday…

  14. OMG That is so cool! D: Please, Simon and Martina, the next time you do a giveaway, pleeaaaaseeee give away one of those! D:

  15. I loved this video. I kinda missed these random videos about stuff you found cool in korea. 

  16. I want that vaccuum is wonderful, I can let de vaccum do its works while I’m watching city hunter jajaja  ¿Spudgy doesnt bark?,ok guys I have to say it Spudgy needs to walk more.
    Greets from México.

  17. That’s amazing! lol We need to get with the picture, the U.S. is so behind…we need vaccuums like this! Spudgy is so adorable, I can see my dogs reacting the same way.

  18. Lestat! LOL! I like that a lot! I was going to suggest something like Jeeves Suckington The III or something like that, but I like the seriousness and general bad-assness sound of Lestat. 

  19. If every butler name is Sebastian, and your vaccum is like your personnal butler, shouldn’t you name it Sebastian?

  20. I was going to suggest Geoffrey Butler….because Fresh Prince is my world.

  21. i thought that stuff were like soooooo…… last year?????

    • My Korean friend has a super old edition from many years back that is really stupid, but apparently every year they keep updating it and making it better and better, so we finally went for this one! It’s not released in North America yet! BUUWAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAaaaaaa…but I think germany has it…

  22. You say it’s new korean technology but I’ve had a little sister called Roomba for at least six Years! My mother likes her more than me because she cleans after herself…

  23. I need this. I’m a lazy butt cleaner who very rarely sweeps (yes, I still sweep) my own room which is floating with nasty dust particles, therefore I need this.

  24. ohmyGOODDNESSSSSS spudgy is so cute it’s not even funny

  25. So, when are you doing the giveaway thing ? hehe

    Seriously, your vacuum is pretty awesome ! I bet Spudgy will end up ruuning after it expecting for somereaction. Fun hours are coming !

  26. LOL for some reason I can imagine when spudgy gets use to the vacuum him just chilling on the top of it while its cleaning the place xD 

  27. How about naming it Vamvap (vampire + vacuum)?

  28. I want one lol. I am obsessed with vacuuming. When I go home for summer holiday, I fight with my mother to vacuum. I like vacuuming but I think this is buggy/ vampire would help while I study. 

  29. Ohmygod, what if it maps out the floor plan of your house and sends it to Samsung?! Hahaha! Or some AI facility: ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD YO. The vacuum cleaner’s probably thinking: That’s right dog, you be afraid, be VERY afraid… Muahahaha.

    Oh andand thanks for doing a mini house tour!! xD

  30. Jealous!!!! I’ve been looking around to buy a robot vacuum but I havent seen smart tango here in my country…. want.it.so.much.

  31. The marvels of Korean technology!!

  32. Well your vaccuum sucks too o-o


  33. Isn’t this “Vampire” vacuum perfect for 4minute’s Vampire comeback concept? LOL! Coincidence? NOOOO!

  34. It nice to see that Spudgy has a new playmate.

    If I had one of those it would commit suicide, we have four cats and a dog, it would either kill itself or die from exhaustion!

    *Leave it to you guys to make a vacuum seem cute.
    * When it’s coming towards you it looks like a turtle, well that is what it looked like to me. :)

  35. If Mordney is a sucky vampire, that would have been the perfect name for a vacuum.  ba-dum-bump. Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week.  

  36. I say nice Engrisch WAT IS PROBLEM 

  37. i so didn’t think watching a hoover could be this interesting!!
    aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Spudgy is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38.  awwww…Spuuudgy soooo cute!!! But it’s amazing though, how he doesn’t bark / growl at it (*o*)….haha, talking about naming this awesome vacuum…I suddenly thought of “OMNIVOROUS” for some reason…it just sounds like those ye-olde Latin names that vampires would have, plus you did say it’s good at eating up everything in-“sight” XD

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