We got a new Robot Vaccuum, a Samsung Tango Smart, VC-RM84v. We just got it today, and tried it out for the first time. We were completely mesmerized and couldn’t carry on with our day. It’s got a camera on top of it so it can map out your ceiling. Seriously, yo. That’s amazing. And then it just eats all your dust and dirt and goes back to its docking station, AUTO-FREAKING-MATICALLY. Are we living in the future? Feels like it. What’s amazing about this is that we ran it three times today (yes, we were that amazed) and by the third time it had a better understanding of our apartment, so it was wrapping around corners more easily, and not going over the same area twice. Freak. That’s awesome man.

What’s not awesome about it is that Spudgy, the big sissy baby that he is, is terrified of the thing. He just kept on running away from it. Aww! So we got some footage to break your heart. Anyhow, he’s better with it now. We sat with him the second time and made him stay put as the Robot Vacuum approached him. He’s better now :D

Anyhow, that’s it! Just wanted to share this awesomeness. Hope you find it as cool as we do! Oh, and here’s a video of the vacuum. Sorry if you’re not interested in this stuff but holy slippers do we ever find this cool! And for those of you who are saying “It’s a vampire! You should have called it Mordney!” we will refute that by saying Mordney is a sucky vampire. Our vacuum is pretty awesome :D


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