Ok, we’re gonna have to hold back our tears while writing most of this blog post. ALL THESE FEELS! Let’s just start off by saying that we had an absolutely wonderful time in Mexico, and that you Mexican Nasties are so generous and loving and OH FFFF I’M ALL TEARY EYED AGAIN.

Ok ok ok. Wait. Before we get to that part, let’s talk about how we got there to begin with.

We were invited by Hyunwoo Sun and the Talk to Me In Korea team to come along with them for their Talk to Me in Korean Around the World event. We were going to come as judges for the Kpop Dance Contest, and we were going to get to hang out and chat with some of you all afterwards. We were totally stoked at the idea! I’ve never been to Mexico, but Martina’s been once, loooong time ago. And, we’d get to stop over in Toronto for a few days as well and see our families. How perfect is that? We said yes the instant we were asked.

A few weeks passed by until the night before we fly out. Guess what happens? Martina’s pink eye spreads to me, and I get a nasty fever at 1AM. NAAAASTY fever. No, not “Nasty Fever” as in “OHHH I WANT TO MEET PEOPLE!!!” Nasty Fever as in 38.6 degrees. I was all sweaty and shivering, mumbling stuff that didn’t necessarily agree with what I was thinking, and just overall useless and very unhealthy. Great! Right before we fly out! Luckily for me, Martina’s awesomeness extends into being very caring, and she nursed my fever down to something manageable.

Next morning, we were all ready for our flight to Vancouver, which would then take us to Toronto for the night, which we’d follow up with our flight to Mexico. Great! Problem is, our first flight turned out to be SIX HOURS DELAYED! AH!!! We had to reschedule with a different airline, because we’d miss all of our connecting flights. Balls to that! Fortunately, Hyunwoo fixed this all for us in time. Woot!

Anyhow, we arrived in Mexico after flying and hanging out in airports for roughly 20 hours or so, and we were both pretty sick. Martina’s pink eye is still pink, and my throat was sore as all hell. Great! We’d meet lots of awesome people for the event, and we’d cover them in our Korean germs! We imagined scenes from Contagion being played out. No word yet on the first casualties, though.

We tried being as sanitary as possible! We brought hand sanitizer and used it profusely. At the event, we tried warning people that we were sick, but people in Mexico were all so affectionate, and all gave their hugs to us freely, even at the risk of infection. Even cheek-kisses! Oh boy! If you’re reading this and you were at the event, please tell us that you’re not feeling sick. Or, if you are, we’ll do our best to deny responsibility!

Ok, that part was easy to write about without getting emotional. What hit us the hardest wasn’t being able to chat with people for six hours (no joke: six hours, almost non-stop except for bathroom breaks, which people still chatted with us during (OOH YOU’RE ALL SO NASTY!)). What really hit us the hardest was the reception we got when we walked on stage when we were announced. People screaming and cheering for us…just…just…why? I don’t get it. We don’t deserve it at all, but we felt so overwhelmed with all the positivity and love that we could barely even say anything on stage. We just farted out a few words that were barely eloquent because all we wanted to do was just thank you and cry. Ah. MY FEELS.

Seriously, guise. The support you give us is so overwhelmingly awesome, and we’ll never take that for granted. Seriously: I have no idea how people can perform on stage. Kpop idols – how do you not collapse into sobbing heaps when you get on stage? You’re much bigger than we are, get much more love. How do you maintain composure? What kind of training gets you ready for that? Well, whatever that training is, we don’t want it. We never want to take it for granted that you’re all so wonderful and FFFFF stop writing this ok back to normal not-emotional thoughts.

Anyhow, we had a bunch of fun at the event. We got called out, abruptly, to sing something in front of everyone. WHAT THE EFF?!?! We’re not performers! We can’t do live stuff! Editing video means you can cut out all your mistakes! Doing stuff live is so stressful! We sang Eat Your Kimchi Style, though. Ha! What shocked us the most when we saw the footage afterwards was that PEOPLE WERE SINGING ALONG WITH US!!! What? How? I don’t know. It was amazing. Here’s someone’s video of it.


That was the last of my voice. Well, the last bits of it. After the singing contest and dance contest, we met some more people backstage and took some more pictures, but my voice cut right at the end of it. I now have what Martina had a while ago. Can only whisper, and write! Guess that’s why this blog post is so long!

More importantly, we want to seriously apologize to everyone who waited for us after the event. The lineup for pictures was really long, and we were on the brink of collapsing. My nose actually started bleeding. Who the hell does that? This isn’t an anime! People’s noses don’t bleed if they’re tired! But we were barely hanging in there, and we had to get snuck out through the back via security, and we felt guilty as hell for it. Really, really sorry everyone, but if we went on any longer one of us would have fainted. We went back to our hotel and collapsed into our beds and fell asleep instantly.

So, that’s it! We’re writing this blog post on the plane ride back to Toronto now, where we’ll start editing the footage ASAP. Funny: we never actually write blog posts until the video’s finished. We were just both so excited to write this that I guess we couldn’t hold back, though I think I wrote most of it before Martina got the change to write anything (she’s currently face-planted on the plane dinner tray, beside me, fast asleep).

Now, I know some of you are going to ask us to come to your country. And, WE’D LOVE TO COME! SERIOUSLY! We’re not NOT coming to your countries because we don’t want to come. We just don’t know how to event plan for something like that, you know? We can’t just say “AYO! MEET US AT THE STARBUCKS!” We’d need to rent a venue, set up audio and whatnot, and that’s not something we know how to do in our own country, let alone in someone else’s! So, if someone wants to set something up, we’re all for coming! We just can’t set it up ourselves.

Yeah! And there are bloopers for this video, as always. I show off my sexy airport fashion and the secret to being a celebrity at the airport:


  1. i laughed so hard at the lollipop simon ate XD his reactions was the best

  2. Eat Your Kimchi Style was so great!

  3. Oh my gosh! Martina, your hair at around 5:10 is soooo cool with the two braids in the back!!!!! I tried doing that but it ended up as two messy separate braids :/ Could you do a hair tutorial like you did for the milkmaid braids, please?!? ^o^

  4. Eat your taco style!!!

    On that day I came in a hurry to the event just few seconds behind you (my friend over the phone was shoouting at me when she saw you pass in front of her, haha)

    After waiting to change my tickets, I realized I made a HUGE mistake when I bought them online, long story short I wasnt able to get in. But at the end of the event my friends came out and took me to line to take pictures with you, so I could see you a bit closer and I was happy to know that you are really humble, funny and sweet PLASE DONT CHANGE!! that is the thing makes us love you for, among other things.

    Im not going to deny it, I was so sad beacuse the whole event I spend it outside, couldnt see the language contest, the dance contest, the teachers, and of couse you guys. I was almost in the front of the line and then those security guards… argghhhh, hehe.

    Anyway, so happy you had a great time in our country, which is now your country and you can visit it any time you want; mexican nasties won´t let me lie that even if you say you are in a Starbucks we can meet you there and have a wonderful time.

    As you mention that you are not taking us for granted, we wont either and you already expericence that. All the best for the future and so excited to have news about how the studio is doing!!!!!!!!!

  5. lol, guys, you shouldn’t have gone to VIPS to try good Mexican food. I wish I had known about this! I would’ve gone :(

  6. Wow, it seems like it would feel mind-blowing and surreal to get on stage with so many people and fans holding up signs for EYK. This is awesome!

  7. seriously I am really touched by these people and how they treated you like stars. You are good people and you deserve good things in your life. your parents should be proud of you. I am.

  8. Hahaha you guys crack me up.
    “It tastes like childhood torture”
    I grew up eating those . The first time I ate that I did the same thing as Simon did.
    I think it took me about two to three water batels for me to finish the lollipop

  9. eat your kimchi style live o____O oh the feels……. i have no monies to go to any of these events, but i’m so happy to see the eat your kimchi fans from different countries~ simon and martina, we appreciate all your hard work, dedication, and pure awesomeness :3

    haha borrachito = little drunkard in español so maybe if martina eats enough of them she’ll become borracha~

  10. You have to push through the outer layer of the watermelon candy to get to the deliciouse center, or you can do what i do and put under water to get of the outerlayer ;)


  12. oh man why am i so young!? i want to be old enough to do these things like go see kpop artists, concerts, or at least have my own money to buy things online. I’m 14 and still has to go everywhere with mom and dad. it’s not fun being the baby girl in the family but yet i have to keep reminding my self “one day, one day!” so ya. keep doing what ya’ll always do :)

  13. Eat your kimchi’s first concert ;) kimchi style. You two make my day ^^

  14. Simon!! You sound like Batman when your voice is gone!!

  15. jajajaja IT IS Jesus colored paper lol!! glad you enjoyed it X)

  16. didn’t see you guys in Mexico but saw you guys in LA!!! i was so happy to see you guys and probably had on a huge dorky smile when you came by with the camera lol. thank you guys for traveling to North America and doing all this~ ^^

  17. Simon and Martina! You two are a HUGE inspiration to me! I am also Canadian, (Toronto <3) and I had always dreamed of going to China to study but I didn't think I had the guts to be able to be in a foreign country alone, but you two showed me how it is possible to get through the language barrier as well as all the other hardships you face in different countries. As a result, I am here in Hong Kong now. ^^ Thank you so much guys!

    • Thats so awesome!! :D Im looking into getting internships in China during Fall as a co-op program in Uni. Did you learn chinese before you went there? did you already know a little bit? or did you learn over there? – Im thinking of giving myself a year of intensive chinese and then applying for the internship program :D

  18. simon losing his voice sounds like BATMAN.

  19. Hey guise…dunno if you’ve seen this but… apparently there are people dressed up you guise when they attended KCon. Cosplay as Simon and Martina! lol
    picture credit to
    SpiceyRicey —> http://heyspiceyricey.blogspot.co.nz/2012/10/kcon-2012.html

    • OMG! We saw them at our panel! They were so awesome! We feel terrible, because we didn’t get the chance to take pictures with them afterwards because of security issues :( But we really, really, really wanted to take pictures with them afterwards. Hell, buy them lunch as well! We’re totally honored that anyone wanted to dress like us!

  20. LOL I can’t wait see Simon playing Taemin with that sombrero on. Soy Un Dorito!

    I really felt all the love the Nasties there were giving you two, and rightfully so because you two are just so amazingly everything nice and humble and aofjeohfasjkdfbka

    I hope you two feel better soon, it broke my heart seeing you guys be so sick on your trip </3

  22. lol soy un freakin dorito. cant wait for future SHINee vids with the sombrero.

  23. This makes me so happy to see the reaction you get. It’s so weird. I don’t even know you and I almost started crying watching this video.

  24. Argh > . < missed you guys!!! T__T Are you guys any better now?
    P.S: I liked the song when you showed us your presents from Mexico (it gave me the feeling of Hogwarts students waking up on Christmas to see they got presents :D)

  25. Simon and Martina, have you not realised that you two have become K-pop stars in your own right?

  26. Hey when u guise coming to London we’d loe to see you here

  27. I love your glasses Martina! I was at KCON for the concert, but I coudn’t come in the day and I missed you guys. :(( So sad I missed you. Hope to see you both at some event in the future!

  28. For those of us who couldn’t made it to the event, but still want to show you our support and love, where can we send you letters and gifts?

    P.D. If we organize a fanmeeting in or near Cancun would you be interest to come??

  29. Oh my…. If you were that sick you should have told us and we would
    have, nicely, understood, after all your health is more important than
    some pics with us… I even could have told you to go sooner! But, it
    was really a great time with both of you :)
    You asked why there were so many people cheering for you, well it’s ’cause you’re really great!
    me you’re the first, and only, bloggers that I’ve ever followed! I love
    your well-balanced seriousness and randomness in every single video you
    Really thank you for coming to Mexico qith the TTMIK Crew, you all are simply amazing :D
    I really hope we can meet some other time in the future ^w^

    Love you, and Spudgy and Meemers, so much!!! <3<3<3

  30. OMG I love Simon’s ” Soy un FREAKING Dorito!”

  31. Btw im watching kcon live now if any nasties dont know about it.

  32. “At the event, we tried warning people that we were sick, but people in Mexico were all so affectionate, and all gave their hugs to us freely, even at the risk of infection. Even cheek-kisses! Oh boy!”

    Yeah, that’s love ‘a lo latino’ for you guise! That’s how we roll. I’m not Mexican, but I think we are all the same in that aspect!

  33. There’s other coffee shops we actually have a Mexican Versión but cooler of Starbucks Call Cielito Querido … Excelent Coffee and Design… for Real … It’s Great.

    I really hope you had a blast here … since I wasnt able to go to the event … but I’ll be looking forward to stalk you some day in Korea hahahaha. Just Kidding …

  34. simon! martina!! im so close to you guys! literally a 15 minute drive away from irvine D: but i couldnt go to kcon v.v so freakin sad right now that im missing out on a lot!

  35. WOOHOO! :D thank you so much for coming and being so nice, I was so happy that I got the chance to chat with you for a little while and also take pictures *w* !! and please don’t hate the spicy-watermelon lollipops they’re awesome and my childhood wasn’t miserable lol Love u guise <3

  36. OMG you guys!.. i was so over the moon, to see you guys here in MÉXICO!.. even tho i didn’t got the chance of taking a picture.. it was so frickin’ awwsome! it was TOTALLY worth it, driving six hours to Mexico City, just to be there!.. THANK YOU GUYS! REALLY THANK YOU!.. I hope you can come back soon, and eat more avocados & chilli flavored lollipops! haha!.. ok, not the last one! .. PS. i got a funny picture of Simon (My camera captured, the real feeling and true soul of a Dothraki Man Warrior!)..

  37. OMG you guys!.. i was so over the moon, to see you guys here in MÉXICO!.. even tho i didn’t got the chance of taking a picture.. it was so frickin’ awwsome! it was TOTALLY worth it, driving six hours to Mexico City, just to be there!.. THANK YOU GUYS! REALLY THANK YOU!.. I hope you can come back soon, and eat more avocados & chilli flavored lollipops! haha!.. ok, not the last one! .. PS. i got a funny picture of Simon (My camera captured, the real feeling and true soul of a Dothraki Man Warrior!)..

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