So, we didn’t talk much about our trip to Singapore last week, primarily because it wasn’t really a fun playtime event, like what we did at the YouTube Fanfest a while back. This was mostly us doing panels and presentations about YouTube and Social Media and stuff. We got to meet a bunch of really interesting people, though, including Bethany Mota, Kurt and Sam, and Marquese Scott, all of whom are immensely more popular and cool than we are. But we were all there together, all talking about our channels and stuff, and all of them were cool people.

On our downtime in Singapore, though, we did the only thing that matters to us: eat freaking food. Nonstop. We just went from place to place and ate until we felt sick. We’re not really sight-seeing people. Tourist attractions bore us. The lineups are long and you don’t really get a feel of what a country is like. But eat some soul-shatteringly good food at non-pretentious holes in the wall and that, THAT makes us feel a lot more connected, I think. I want to eat the food of your people. I don’t want to go to the places that show tourists how glamorous or wonderful a country is. FOOOOOOD AND ONLY FOOOOOOOOOODDDDD.

So that’s why we wanted to share this video. There’s no commentary. Nothing for us to say but just to sit back and marvel. We went to the food stalls in Chinatown. I’m not sure if there are many different centers for this, but it was in the second floor of a building. We saw the lineup to this place here in the video. It was half an hour deep. The other stalls around him were totally empty. That’s one thing we learned about Singapore: the longer the line, the better the food. So I waited in line, and watched this guy so dedicatedly work on the food. He never put his head up. Never looked at the people in line. The woman with him took your money and belted out the order to him. He wouldn’t acknowledge the order with a sound. No “ok!” Not even a grunt. He just kept his head down, and knocked out a freaking gloriously delicious dish.

We’ve got a few pictures of our tip to Singapore as well. You can check them out here, including pics of the food we ate:

And, yes, I know this video came out before our Melbourne video. We’re working on that, too! That video requires editing while this one didn’t, so it went up first. The Melbourne video might be up, umm, someday soon. Yeah!

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  1. i know this is off topic but you know g dragon song ” who you?” well he’s asking fans to pick idea for the mv. so his mv will be the fans idea. so simon and martina you guy may be able to review this video. do you have any ideas?

  2. That’s how “thrifty” we are. :p

  3. Just got to love the asian efficiency and hygiene with the noodle shops. I mean if this was in Australia, pretty sure Health and Safety would have taken it down immediately since it is very strict over here.

    Personally, I believe the lack of hygiene is what makes street food in asia that much tastier. I mean sure there might be the odd occasion where hygiene might get the better of you but street food always seems to taste so much better than normal restaurants.

  4. it’s really cool how you guys are willing to go to hot and sweaty places like the hawker centres, wait 30mins to eat good food :) plus you guys are willing to post such videos without your faces in it? :) love you guys for being so down to earth and hope to see you guys in singapore again!

  5. You know dinner didn’t fill you up when you start getting hungry while watching videos. Oh wait, it’s 2 am, that explains it. But wow, gramps is just working his ass off in that kitchen, no wonder there’s a line up. I just wish it was more obvious in other places if there’s a line up because they’re so slow or that it’s so good. But for the most part, it usually means it’s good.

    I can get what you guys mean by wanting to see a more authentic side to a place. I think for me personally, since I live in Hawaii tourist stuff is intertwined with local things. So for the most part, I find that stuff still charming in a way. But nothing is cooler than really getting to know a place, except when that place leads you into a shady smelly part of town, unless it’s a zoo with lots of shade.

  6. Dat Mee Pok… you make me jealous guise. But thanks for sharing a little bit of your time in Singapore!! :D P.S. DID YOU EAT CHILI CRAB?

  7. you guys are so busy and still manage to post videos. Thank you. *infinite hugs*

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