Finally! Proof that we got married! Not that you didn’t think we’re married. Right? Right. I know, I know, we act too happy to be married! Simon must be Martina’s gay roommate, brother, or best friend. Nope. We’re very happily married! Now, we’re not gonna show you all of our wedding pictures…since I’m sure our family and friends wouldn’t appreciate their photos being put up online, so here’s a few of us, along with our wedding story.

Umm…what else should we write in this blog post, really? We pretty much said everything we could say about the wedding. At least, I think we did. If there’s anything we missed, ask us in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

Oh! We didn’t give a moral to all of this. Grand moral here: don’t be a bridezilla. Simon here. Martina’s bridesmaids didn’t all dress in the exact same outfits, she told them “blue for the maid of honour (her sister) and chocolate brown for everyone else, pick a dress that looks good on you”. Who cares if everyone’s dresses didn’t match?! They looked rocking in the dresses that they picked out! We had an uneven bridesmaids to groomsmen ratio. Who cares?! We had a friend design our invitations and we printed them at a Kinkos’ Printer in Etobicoke. Who cares?! Martina’s photography teacher from High School took our wedding photos, not a thousand dollar photographer. We feel like the details of a wedding event aren’t as important as just being happy to get married, you know?

We know that people often get caught up in the details of the wedding day party, rather than what the wedding day represents: the beginning of the rest of your lives together. The most important thing about getting married is marrying the right person and communicating for the rest of your lives! A lot of people ask us if we fight, and while we do get into disagreements, we never fight yelling and screaming at each other. Communication and making an effort to understand your partner is the key to a fight free relationship. There is no point of holding things back and then blowing up a month down the line because you didn’t bother telling your partner that something upsets you. But, for example, we’ve learned that both our styles of thinking and expressing our opinions are different. Martina needs to burst out what’s on her mind right away in order to express her thoughts, and after venting out all her ideas she comes to a final conclusion, while Simon tends to think about things quietly for a couple days before he brings something up. Different ways and different times of expressing our opinions, it took a couple years of marriage to understand that about each other, BUT, we now understand that so there is no misunderstanding or fighting when that occurs. Even though we’ve been married for over five years, we feel like we’re still dating. Always giggling and excited to see each other.

If there is any advice we can give people dating or getting married it’s to never take the other person for granted. You aren’t dating or married to an enemy, it should be a person who is always rooting for you. A person who likes you makeup free, overweight, cranky, emotional, or depressed. Remind yourself that you’re always in the wooing time period, so buy them random flowers, make them a mix CD, leave them a sweet note, send them a sappy text message, drop by their work with a surprise snack. We feel like life is really short, and you never know what’s going to happen, so don’t forget how awesome it is to be loved or to love someone else.

Oh: and delicious cupcake towers. Cheaper and much more delicious than wedding cakes. You heard it from us. :D

  1. Win for Ben Folds; and awesome wedding story -.- i hope my wedding’s that cool but it pry wont be. XP


  3. I like that you guys went different for the wedding. Like the different colors for the maid of honor and bridesmaids, and that the dresses didn’t match, and a cupcake tower. Very unique and suits your guys’ uniqueness. I’m still young for marriage but I go to wedding banquets a lot so I often think about little details like what color theme should I have and whatnot.

  4. Wow, that seemed like one cool wedding! I hope I’ll have as much fun at my wedding…someday….when I get married…maybe….TT_TT

  5. I just got married this summer and the wedding went great! I mean I forgot his wedding ring in my purse during the ceremony so we had to fake it with one of the dad’s rings. XD And I also got a big square of cake in the face… Oh the pictures are awesome! Afterwards, we went to his band’s battle of the bands competition and they won it! Pretty much the best day ever.

  6. Dear Simon and Martina,
    Can you share with us your thoughts about the DBSK/JYJ lawsuit with SME ?

  7. If you have food allergy, like milk (which I have) or other things like egg or gluten, would eating out in Korea be troublesome? Are a lot of the Korean cuisine based on or made with milk?

  8. I have never been interested in weddings, I’ve always avoided even thinking about my own wedding, I’m just not interested in such kind of stuff – maybe because I also believe that not wedding byt getting married is essential.
    But after listening to your wedding story, for the first time of my life I thought that it’s an awesome wedding scheme! Small and pretty crazy! :D unforgettable ^^ THANK YOU!

  9. i have a question…

    Did you guys hear about WonderGirl’s Min Sunye’s wedding which will be held in january? What is the korean citizen typical response to these kind of situations? Does an artists popularity go down once they are married? I noticed that in america many of the most popular artists are married, but it seems like Korea doesn’t have that many married idols… what will you think will happen to the WonderGirls from here on?


  10. Have you guys experienced any death of your pet?

  11. I want to hear your comments and I want to see your reaction about WG’s Sunye marriage next year. :)

  12. Kind of an embarrassing moment. I looked up Ben Folds song (The Luckiest) and about half way through, I started crying! That never happens. Martina, Simon… what have you done to me?(…I don’t even know you guys… seriously… you’ve ruined me! Ruined me I say!)

  13. I know it is going to be awhile before you do anymore videos and I also know you have already answered a question about tattoos, but I’m still gonna ask since my question is a little more generic, what is the alternative community like in S. Korea? How do people who are heavily tattooed and/or pierced get by in such a conservative country? Are either of you involved at all? Do you have people you know or are close to who are?

  14. Hello mr. and mrs. Awesome! I have a TL;DR question for you. You got Spudgy in korea right, but you’ve also taken him with you abroad to canada. Didn’t you need to put him into quarantine for that? How does it work really when brining animals outside or into South Korea?

  15. Simon looks sooo stylish in this vid (so does Martina :) )
    It reallly looks good on him!

  16. I have a question for Wednesday’s TL;DR.

    Do Korean people ever talk about sexual intercourse? Like in school and other places. Does this conversation exist or not because I have seen a few K Dramas before and all of them don’t have this conversation. Though they do talk about dates and all that other stuff.

    Sorry if this is too inappropriate.

    Hoping this is not banned like Xiah Junsu is.

  17. So one thing I don’t understand about kpop is that it seems like there’s a new hit out every week unlike American music where it seems like we are listening to the same songs for months on end. Can you give some insight on this?

  18. For the next TL;DR, please update us on how studio hunting has been going!

  19. Hey Simon and Martina! It is getting close to American Thanksgiving and with that comes the rush of holiday “spirit”.With so many expats in Korea, do you see much of the “westernized” holidays? Do expats get together to have a big ole turkey dinner? (can you find turkey in Korea?) What about Christmas and Christmas trees? Is it more religious or more commercial?

  20. For having lived in Korea for so long, how well do you speak Korean or how badly do you speak Korean? For a lot of people, I heard that living in the country helps you to learn the language quicker and more efficiently. How does that apply to you?

  21. What countries have you visited and which one was the most memorable?

  22. Wow! That is the best honeymoon story I have ever heard! BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE AMAZINGNESS GOOD. Any Indie bands or venues here in Seoul? Thanks!

  23. hi sexy martina and handsome simon <3

    do u guys know if Korean banks have a minimum age for opening a new
    account? I just found out that KT only allows 20+ year olds (by
    international age, not Korean age) to purchase mobile phone service.
    It's going to be a pain in the ass for me to get phone service.It'll be
    an even bigger pain if I can't get a bank account.

  24. hi sexy martina and handsome simon <3

    do u guys know if Korean banks have a minimum age for opening a new
    account? I just found out that KT only allows 20+ year olds (by
    international age, not Korean age) to purchase mobile phone service.
    It's going to be a pain in the ass for me to get phone service.It'll be
    an even bigger pain if I can't get a bank account.

  25. This is another question about fashion: Are there many North American stores in Korea? Like Abercrombie and Fitch, etc. If so, are they popular, or ae they just kind of there but not doing anything? What are peoples’ opinions on American fashion?

  26. What other wedding that you’ve heard of has an after party with celebs? None. Best wedding ever!!

  27. Hi! I just recently “discovered” your blog/youtube page, Eatyourkimchi, and so far (Got a bit obsessed with comparing your thoughts on videos with mine, so I watched every single video. Stalkerish, yes somewhat ^^,) I really like it! You guys are actually my first real “connection” as to how it is living in Korea, and since I’m applying to spend a semester at a university there, I just want to ask one or two questions. You see I’m tall, and I know you talked about being tall in Korea in another video, but since I’m not a man like Simon, I really couldn’t do anything with the information you gave in that video. So I wonder, will I be able to find clothes in Korea? Will I be taller than every guy I’ll meet (I’m 178 cm)? Are all Korean girls tiny tiny?
    Hope you’ll take time to answer this question.
    Love, Malin

  28. How did you two learn Korean? What was the most difficult aspect?

  29. This post and all your tldr’s about you guys as a couple always make me do happy that I cry. Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now and although out long distance relationship is tough on us, seeing you and Simon be so amazing together really helps me to look forward to the future where we are married and just as happy as ever (: that being said. I WOULD SO SAVE UP MY MEAGER DOLLARS TO GO TO A VOW RENEWAL, (: and totally offer my makeup and hair services to Martina (:

  30. Here’s a question! Does anything bad ever happen to you guys?!? You two seem to be magnets of awesome events and all kinds of awesome things happen to you guys! And you are two awesome people who found each other and have an awesome relationship and have an awesome business doing things you love and EVERYTHING YOU DO IS JUST SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!

    What is this wizardry!?! Tell me your secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. LMFAO! @ the do not disturb sign xD so funny. May you guise be happy forevah! :)

  32. Your wedding actually sounds more amazingthan any of those super multi million dollar wedding. Im looking forward to someday having a small wedding myself, and congrats on being an amazing couple. :)

    P.S. Simon and Martina I have a TLDR for you, I feel like a lot of fans on Korea are obviously very capable of sending goodies and letters to their favorite kpop stars, here in the US and many other foreign countries I am positive its a bit harder to make that happen, specially finding accurate addresses where to send anything to. Whats your take on this, can you provide a place we can find lets say Mblaq or 2ne1′s fan mail address?

  33. well… my elder brother’s getting married on 21st November this year… and I totally agree with the fact that how couples get worked up about the details of the marriage ceremony rather than relax and realize that what is the actual result of this ceremony, that is, joining two lives together and starting a new sort of life together… the work up factor should be done by us, the couple’s families! :P We have been planning this wedding for nearly a year and we still have HUGE things left like which event manager’s gonna do the flower arrangements and whose gonna provide the cutlery and a chef to cook our menu… We tried to get them slightly worked up (after all they have they’re own opinions about their own ceremony right?) and they did their bit so nicely and like a really good co-op team, showing signs of a well communicated married couple… I personally hope and pray that they have a great life together! Oh, did I say my brother’s getting married to his woman with whom he had a relationship for 8 years? :P XDDD

  34. I find your personal life VERY interesting because you guys to enough of Korean stuff on K-Indie and Kpop music monday, WANK and FAPFAP lol…OMFG I ACTUALLY REMEMBER ALL THE NAMES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OPEN THE HAPPYYYY!!

  35. You guys are a match made in heaven. Such a cool couple!

    I completely agree with everything that you have written regarding marriage. Like you guys wrote, in the midst of preparing for the perfect wedding, a lot of people forget what the actual ceremony is for: dedicating the rest of your life to your partner.

    I know that your marriage is going to last forever. And we nasties are going to watch EYK even when you guys are old and wrinkly. :D

  36. Your wedding, proposal and love stories are worthy to be in a novel! (that’s how awesome they are!! > . <)
    2:48 very ingenious Martina :D

    04:43 your cupcake tower makes me think of a 'Bertie Botts every flavor Beans' tower :)))

    05:20 Omo… that song!! (; _ ;)

    Your wedding picture is lovely!! *___*

  37. First of all new to your site, but awesome videos, very entertaining, especially the one about korean group dancing…… BUT Seeing as how there is a lockout and all in the states, i want to know about the korean hockey league, have you guys been to a game, and what is it like?!?

  38. Thumbs up if you turned of Ad Blocker Plus soley for this site.

  39. Your wedding sounded awesome! What are veterinary clinics in Korea Like? Are pets treated differently in Korea verses North America?

  40. What is the banking like in South Korea? Is it different from American banking system, with checking accounts, savings accounts and other such financial items? What should a person moving to South Korea do beforehand in terms of gathering money, credit cards, and establishing a bank account?

    • Do this one! Do this one!

      They did do a short video on bill paying in Korea some time back.

      One thing they really need to have here on the blog posts is the date, so we know how timely they are.

  41. haha martina’s expression @ 8:38 XD

  42. Please, please, please, talk about what holidays are like in Korea. Like what’s Christmas like, the national holidays they have?
    It’s November and I wants to get all festive. =P

  43. Please, please, please, talk about what holidays are like in Korea. Like what’s Christmas like, the national holidays they have?
    It’s November and I wants to get all festive. =P

  44. OMG i love that song! (“The Luckiest”)

  45. I really liked this TL:DR. U make being married look like fun.. although I think it has more to do with just u guys then being married. :)

    I have a question that I think u might get asked a lot, but I’ll give it a chance. It’s hard to get to see the real city when u’re just visiting, for example even though I’ve visited Beijing more than 10 times it took a person who lives there showing us the real Beijing.

    So more or less I was thinking that it might be cool if u do a short blog post, video about the subject, since I assume a lot people might like it (or just me :D) I’ve been following u guys for a while now and I don’t remember anything like this being posted so I thought I might ask. I know it’s not K-Pop related, but I really like your FapFaps and Wanks and would love to see more about the Korean culture and lifestyle.

    Sooo.. long story short (too late.. hah) what I’ll probably do is I’ll check out old FapFaps and Wanks to “research” nice places to visit in Seoul area :D

  46. that is the luckiest wedding night and most awesome wedding day i ever hear of!! wow

  47. WOW what awesome timing after your wedding, the party continues! You got extra gifts too :D. LOL techno shoes, that is a great song…….. For a question, how do you guys like being so high up in your new apartment? Like is it inconvenient to have to ride the elevator so far down if you’re running late? I’m usually late :P

  48. You guys have a very interesting & unique wedding. I think the balloons is a great idea. It looks unique & a little fantasy like (LOL imagine the candles floating in Harry Porter). The poems is just sweet. Love the cupcake tower – everyone should have cakes that they actually want to eat. Such a memorable wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  49. that’s exactly the type of weeding I’d like : personal, with close relatives and not 100 of persons you barely know, nothing fancy and the part in the hostel was quite amusing. I’d love to have boyfriend and share such sweet relationship :)

  50. Uphighdownlowtooslow:D

    Your wedding sounds so FUN!! It might not have went the way it was planned to, but it still ended up great, maybe even better!!!

  51. You should do another wedding. :33 It could be Korean style. :D

  52. How is your new studio coming along? And have you gotten used to living in Seoul? Or are you both like sad lost puppies staring at a map every time you leave the apartment?

  53. I haven’t even watched the video yet and all I can say is…FINALLY! ^^. In my lifetime I’ve only met (not like we’ve met…well maybe for a little while in Cali….but I digress) 1 other couple that seems to fit together perfectly like you two do. I hope to have that one day. Sappy fan writings.

  54. kawaii_candie

    omg you guys, the hotel story was AWESOME!! it must’ve been amazing.

    and fyi, all of us nasties love when you talk about yourselves and not-necessarily-korea-related stuff ;)

  55. Could you please talk about recycling in Korea?

  56. Martina and Simon you look like your both royalty :P but Martina your the best with the bunny ears :P

  57. has simon ever tried to make home made ranch dressing?

  58. Awesome wedding!

  59. thats like the best wedding story ever!

  60. OMG, you’re the WEDDING COUPLE!! —– I seriously laughed so loud at that!! It sounds like you two had a ridiculously awesome wedding day and night!!

  61. I love the idea of someone watching this video, and exclaiming “So YOU”RE the peony thief!”

  62. Having heard your wedding story, and reading this, you two remind me a bit about my parents’ point of view regarding marriage and relationships. My mom and dad celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary earlier this summer, and have never, to my knowledge, had any doubtful occurences around their relationship. Surely enough, life is not filled with roses and pink clouds, and they have been arguing in their lives, but while practically all their friends have at some point gone through dirvorces, they’ve been stuck like glue.

    OK,, maybe not too true, since mom did get mad enough at him to throw a wooden spoon at his direction once (without aiming at him), but well… he did work a bit too much to be with us that year, and she soon got quite fed up with it. But that is, to my knowledge and memories, the worst fight they’ve ever had.

    With this written, I wish the two of you another 30 years (as I believe you said a while ago you celebrated 5 years), like my parents have. Because no matter what people say, some relationships do work until death do you apart. Or at least for more than 35 years.

  63. Wow! So you never had normal lives even before EYK! I don’t think I know of anyone who has lead such a crazy fun life as you have.

  64. I’m totally with you guys as far as wedding cakes go.. most times they are bland white cake. My husband and I chose spice cake with cream cheese frosting for ours.. first cake that didn’t have any leftovers. That totally made me sadface cause I was hoping to eat spice cake slices for the next week ;D

  65. you guys are so cute

  66. What a memorable wedding story and I think you guys provide good advice on marriage. Your wedding sounds exactly the way I would want mine….not too many frills style with personal touch. I have been to a destination wedding in a castle in Europe…which was very beautiful, but I seriously could not understand how they spent so much money on one day event…totally not my ideal wedding. But as they say, different strokes for different folks. Thanks for sharing Martina and Simon, you both looked beautiful and dashing on your wedding day!

  67. Aww you guys are my role models, good marriage and story~~ When I get married, I want it to be simple~

  68. This story was like the most warm-hearted, fuzzy wuzzy story eva! I’m so jelly!
    I hope I can find that kind of happiness.
    My mom and dad did.

    My mom and dad literally got married at court and that was it. He even forgot the wedding ring, but they kept their vows right to the end.
    It’s the marriage, not the wedding that matters, and you guys prove it whenever we watch you interact.

    Seriously though, if you guys decide to renew your vows, and Nasties are invited I’m on the first flight outta South Africa.

    And we gotta FLASH MOB!

  69. Are Korean students really conservative? Do they interact a lot with the opposite sex? Where I’m from (Australia), I’m comfortable about making dirty jokes with my friends of the opposite sex. Is that the case in Korea or they tend to not talk about these things?


  71. Not enough pictures =P

    Just joking =) Thank you for sharing your special day with us; yet another super sweet thing you’ve done for your viewers!

  72. This story was really sweet! It did make me sad for you at one point, though–when you said you’d never had really good wedding cake. Not that cupcakes aren’t a great idea, it just makes me sad that you’ve been deprived of fabulous wedding cake. I have had some in my time that was pretty freaking fantastic. To be fair, most of the good cake was stuff my mom brought me home when I was a kid–she worked in the wedding industry, would go to a lot of wedding fairs, and would bring me home leftovers from vendors who had samples there. But a few of my friends had really good cake at their weddings.

    Great, now I want Italian cream cake. I have to stop checking your blog at night, it always makes me hungry.

  73. Wow thats amazing and the best wedding story ever. You guys are so lucky :)

  74. You guys are my favorite couple ever, omg. OTP 5EVR.

  75. im dying to ask you this question

    when are you gonna have a baby?
    and please tell me what you gonna do if you have :D

    thank you! ^^

  76. That is one awesome wedding story. A nice quiet wedding and then an after party. So cool.

  77. They story was so cool! I love the way you two did your wedding was so wonderfully lovely and romantic! Props to the manipulation of the hotel!!!! That is so awesome!!!! I would love to see the guard and that would totally be the same reaction I would have lol!!!!! You two are so amazing and wonderful, you just make my life better.

    P.S. – I totally support the “choose a limited space scenario so your annoying family can’t come” approach, Simon you clever cookie!

  78. D’awwww I have the warm fuzzies in my belly. Lol
    But seriously, you guise are my relationship inspiration. I don’t have the best role models in my life, so it’s nice to see a happy couple who isn’t perfect but try very hard to make each other happy <3
    Also, in my future wedding, I will be stealing that candy idea. It's genius. Plus, everybody in my family has a sweet tooth, so I know it would be a hit :P

  79. I love your hat martina… so pretty!!

    and Here’s my p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l Question…

    Umm..,,”How can U earn your money?”

    I mean..by just uproading videos

    You said this is your job.. right?

    I always curious about that!!

    Please answer(reply) me please…I love U guys..

    사 ♥ 랑 ♥ 합 ♥ 니 ♥ 다 동 지 들 이 여…..훗

  80. i love u guys <3<3 i hope u'll stay coolly in love for the rest of your lives you're lucky to have found each other SIMON&MARTINA FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  81. I love your hat martina… so cute!!

    and Here’s my p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l Question…Umm..How can U earn your money?

    I mean..by just uproading videos

    I always curious about that!! Please answer me please…

  82. so nice…and ironic cause my parents just celebrated their 23 anniversary on Sunday. They had only dated for 3 months before they got married and they are still happy in love…even though they may fight from time to time.

  83. you guys always go to the parties with celebrities!! like on Martina’s birthday! Your wedding sounds amazing<3 I'm so having K-pop played at my wedding! and this was hilarious… I wish I was at the hotel..well not with you guys but for the party ^^

  84. pumpkin_spice

    so…. you guys are like the cutest couple I have ever seen! I want to have such a loving and simply adorable relationship with my future boyfriend (fat chance of me getting one anytime soon though :/) A lot of couples can learn from you two :3

  85. Martina, to quote my favourite person, Keith Lemon: “I want to smash your backdoors in!”.

  86. You guise… I awkwardly spit out my water when Simon said he would’ve naughty naughtied… But ’tis funny :D

  87. irritablevowel

    Stumbling accidentally into music scenes seems to be an ongoing theme for you guys!

  88. how do you get a pass to be in Korea more than 3 months (live) and work?

  89. awwww you guys are like, the perfect couple ;w; i hope one day i get as lucky as you two did and i find my perfect guy <3 (so far though, no luck :( )

  90. you guys are so cool! I’m happy for you guys and it’s great how you guys appreciate each other so much. Thanks for sharing your wedding story! It was really awesome!! what a crazy story haha

  91. You guys really inspire me! You’ve made me realize that, it’s true, the wedding doesn’t have to be crazy expensive as long as you see the deeper meaning! There’s a guy in my life that I’ve been dating and I hope that we get married someday :3 We’ll just be broke college students as well so it’s not like we can do anything fancy either, LOL~!

  92. :D you guys are soo cute! other couples that i know out there should take a few pointers from you two ^^ i wanna find my ‘Simon’ someday too hahaha

  93. Wow, you’re wedding seems so relaxed, fun and informal (i think) awesome :D

  94. you’re wedding sounds so sweet.
    what are Korean weddings like? do they have fancy garden or beach weddings or do they just hold the event at a wedding hall which is seen in most dramas?

  95. This is a really cute story. Definitely agree that having your friends and family there to celebrate your big day and getting married itself are the most important things. :) Btw, I am officially studying abroad next semester in Seoul, so I hope you guys do another meet up if you can! I would make sure to attend!!

  96. A nice cozy wedding at a low price AND free swag? Y’all were BALLIN’! xD

    I’ve been in two weddings as a bridesmaid, and both of my friends were far from being Bridezillas and also allowed us to pick our own dresses as long as the color matched. Well, ok, so in order to match colors they had to be dresses from the same company, but that made it even easier, in my opinion. The outfits were pretty much the only things “demanded” of us, and that relieved so much pressure on people. It pays to be friends with those who are so nice and lax because they’re likely to stay the same way when it’s wedding time. :3

  97. hm, my fiance and I are trying to plan our wedding. I don’t want a big thing, It’s okay with me if I just go to the courthouse but my family is telling me that I should do a little something. It sounds like you guys had a lovely wedding. Do you mind mentioning approx. how much you ended up spending for your wedding?

  98. Having just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary, I could not agree more! We can tell that you guys have the right attitude about marriage..

  99. You should do a “Boyfriend (Husband) does my make-up” video :D

  100. Martina, You always have the best hair pieces ^^

  101. Okay, your wedding sounds AWESOME o.O so much more relaxed and actually fun than most weddings! PS I’m a size 6, will be waiting for my techno shoes ;)

  102. i so love your attitude concerning the wedding thing. i mean how can it be the supposed best day in your life when you have almost a mental breakdown while the preparations? (ok i admit mental break down is a bit exagerated)

  103. Thanks guys this was really sweet and interesting, thanks for sharing :)

  104. What do Koreans think of the crazy election that just happened in the states?

    What are elections like in Korea?

    Are young people as involved in politics like in the states?

  105. Simon and Martina are THE most perfect couple I have ever encountered. Plus, love the cupcake tower idea! ^^

  106. Ahh you two are the cutest! Your wedding sounds like so much fun and i cant believe about the party! Your lives are AWESOME!

  107. This was absolutely beautiful! My bf and I feel exactly the same way about marriage and the whole “getting married thing”. Who knows when exactly we’ll be engaged? Who cares? When it happens it’ll be the biggest hodge-podge mess of a ceremony ever and we’ll have a blast with our friends!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it’s really awesome to see people who are as happily married as you guise.

  108. CANDEH!!!!!!!! I wish I could have gone!!!!! (Not that I would have gone just for the candy…….) So….. Korean Wedding!!!!!!!

  109. Yeah, so I’m totally putting that last paragraph up on my fb wall<3
    Seriously, couples need to watch your videos for an example of what marriage and love actually is. It's really sad that I see people everyday, some of them twice your age, who fight and bicker and say stuff about the other person behind their back(and when I say people I mean my relatives -.-). I hope that when I'm in a relationship, it can be as great and as wonderful as yours, and I hope all of us Nasties get to watch you guys in love and happy together for many many years to come :)

  110. Oh my gosh, so cute! I love you both! Can I come around and visit you when I’m on my exchange year to Seoul? ^^

  111. You guise got married at a church? I never knew you were religious people. I always thought you just got a civil marriage and a great party like you did.

  112. Cool wedding! I went to U of T too. Class of 2004!

  113. Still waiting to meet the Simon of my life =(

  114. I’m so glad you put together a playlist of all three of the stories so I could watch them right in a row.
    Simon. It’s awesome that you’re sentimental. The way you two compliment each other is also amazing.
    I love hearing ridiculous romantic stories like this~ (i also love WGM so it’s not a surprise!)
    Martina: You looked amazing in your wedding dress too.
    Random question to go along with this TL;DR: How much free stuff did you get from that party in your hotel?

  115. Your right, I’m jealous. Really, really, jealous. It’s doesn’t even matter that I’m not in a relationship right now.

  116. That is absolutely the coolest wedding night!

  117. <3
    we got married when I was 18, so almost everyone I knew was against it. My in-laws arranged most of it since we had it in his country. I chose the wedding cake (though they screwed up the flavor and cake topper), the church, and the wedding dress which I had custom ordered from china (2 grand dress for 200… yay!)

    but between the wedding and reception, we went to some colonial ruins for wedding pictures… and during the last black and white photo, I felt pricking on my leg. Being from a family of photographer, I ignored it thining it was just fresh cut grash poking me too much, and smiled for the last photo. *snap* photo taken, I got up as it started to burn, only to realize I had a whole nest of black fire ants crawling all over my legs.

    7 years married, with a 3 year old little girl now… I look back on that and laugh (as does my husband since it's caused me to be VERY jumpy around little black ants)

    What matters is the love poured into the marriage, not the money ;) Glad to see you guys give modesty a whole new spark! <3

  118. Your Wedding story literally could not have been more “Toronto”, if it had taken place on the glass roof of the CN tower, you all wore hockey gear, the groomsmen were the entire Blue Jays team, and you ate street meat at your reception… You guys are great! And you both looked lovely in your wedding photo :)
    Truly happy couples seem like such a rarity nowadays, so thanks for showing us how you guys make it work; and more importantly, that it CAN work.
    Lots of love from the friggin freezing great white (more grey, here in Halifax) North
    - A fellow Etobicoker (holla!)

  119. a bit hard to dance to Lucifer back in 2007 when it hadnt been released yet hehe

  120. do you think you guys will ever renew your vows? You could dance Nastily to K-Pop then :D

  121. Aaaaaw you guys! <3 Even your wedding was awesomely awesome! Martina, you're welcome to be my grandma when you're 80 cause I would love to hear all of your 'when I was young'-stories. :D

  122. This is seriously the best TL;DR EVAR, you guys are awesome :D ♥

  123. Wow! And I thought my accidental pirate wedding was cool! :)

  124. sooo AWESOME !! i am jelly jelly….

  125. Simon and Martina, can you do a TL;DR on politics in South Korea (such as what your thoughts are on the upcoming election, how South Korean citizens view the North, etc)?

  126. I LOVE that wedding photo!!! You both looked stunning… and I adore the Polaroid idea. I’ll have to remember that for a futur event.

  127. I want a wedding just like you guys, simple but beautiful…with alot of K-pop! :D Love a girl from Sweden with the name Caroline!

  128. KATHyphenTUN

    You guys are sooo adorable! You remind me of my boyfriend and I! we were highschool sweet hearts and also are in the same program/classes in university. So many people look at us confused and ask “how do you guys not get sick of eachother?!” and “how do you guys never fight?!”, but we are just best friends and can never imagine being apart from each other! I can only hope we will be as adorkable as you two in the coming future!

  129. Your wedding sounds perfect. Intimate and simple, which I want. Yes, some people get so caught up in wedding details that they forget what a wedding is actually about. And you two are just so cute!!

    Oh my bf and I are kind of similar to you two. We’ve been together for 3 years but before that we spent so much time together and we will get giddy seeing each other now. Also, I agree with communicating and understanding where the other is coming from. We never had a screaming match… we like to talk things out; however, I’m like Simon, I need to be by myself with time to think things through before talking about it.

  130. My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years and are about to get married too.
    No I’m not gay; Chris is short for Christine but being close to my bf, watching soccer together, watching anime together and so on; we get that a lot from people who just see our names and the fact that I call him hyung rather than “oppa” :))))
    We always make up after having a disagreement in like an hour keke
    He was my childhood sweetheart and I’m so blessed to be with him :X :X He’s the only and the best thing I’ve ever had and wanted :X

  131. wow, i like how your outlook on how a wedding should be like is so different yet unique and special! you found a way to use what you have and make ends meet. lol, that’s a very good idea Simon. “purposely” booking a x-numbered guest room to avoid inviting more than you can feed guests. my uncle John had 600 or 700 ppl at his wedding. all of which were friends we’ve never heard about. our family altogether was 30-50 something ppl. a cupcake tower, oo and candy to scoop and the decorations. lol, Martina stealing the peonies! you guys are too funny!! im happy to hear you guys as a happily married couple. we dont see many couples like you these days. all short-term relationships or divorces. the divorce rate in the U.S. is 50%. wowzers!

    how long ago when you were married? maybe Kpop wasn’t as big as it was these years but otherwise, it’ll be cool to have kpop songs to dance to. hehe. i hate to make this statement but when one is poor and has gone through a lot, wonderful ideas and things happen.


  133. Wow that is the cutest, most serendipitous wedding story EVAR. ;) Very cool. I’m not surprised seeing as it’s you two. It’s nice to know someone else out there has a sane and quirky and fun marriage just like I do. My hubby and I had a small wedding too, in a friend’s backyard, with a friend doing music and another friend doing photography. It was laid back and stress free! Being married to your best friend is awesome. :D Keep it up guise!

  134. Wow what an awesome wedding and the best wedding afterparty soooo epic

  135. I agree! I do admit, though, that lately I’ve been able to see how Korean wedding photography companies do “pre-wedding” photos at their studios and I really love that concept! They don’t really have that here in NC, that I know of.You guys are awesome!

    • Look up some wedding photographers in the area. If you ask one to do a pre-wedding shoot, I’m sure they could work something out. They might not have all the kool outfits that a Korean photographer would, but it still could be done.

  136. PunkyPrincess92

    aaaawwww!!!!! your wedding sounds so nice!!!! especially with all the sweets and cupcakes!!!!! sound like the perfect place for me to be! (…and stuff my face!)
    hhhmmm interesting….wonder what it would’ve been like if you guys did know kpop back then and what you guys would’ve danced to!! hahaha ‘pet the giraffe’ dance!!!

  137. What a unique wedding story! Love it! I also had my bridesmaids wear bluish purple chiffon dresses in their own chosen design and my maid honor wear the same shade but with we added a sprinkle of beads and sparkles. =)

  138. Oh gawd im crying over The Luckiest by Ben Folds. I swear I can make a hundred fanfics out of this.. haha.. and oh this would surely be in my wedding someday. great song!

  139. You guys seriously are match made in heaven! Or wherever unicorn and pegasus live happily frolicking around lol =3
    Cutest TL;DR ever ^^~

  140. i want to know if other people apart english teacher have the oportunity to go and teach in korea for example im colombian that is posible

  141. You guys have such a beautiful relationship. :) I love my man and hope to marry him someday.^_^ but I have patience and know if it’s meant to be it will be. I am inspired by your relationship <3

  142. Your wedding sounds really awesome! I totally agree with what you said about the meaning being more important than the details of the celebration.

    As for my question, while on the subject of marriage:
    I’ve seen in many dramas and also heard elsewhere, that Korean people tend to get married before they’re thirty, but at the same time, you guys have said several times that you are young to be married in Korea. Is there really such a short time frame in Korea when you should get married, for example 28-30 years old, as opposed to Western countries where you can get married at pretty much any age? Also, is it frowned upon to not get married, either to stay single or live together with a partner without getting married? And finally, what do Koreans generally think about divorce and/or getting remarried?

    This actually ended up being several questions instead of one…. If you answer just one question, I’ll be happy ^^

    • Recent Korean news said more and more young people are delaying the marriage or not planning the marriage until they get financially settled. A lot of young people in Korea are struggling financially. and some of them don’t want to get married cos they just don’t have the same idea about marriage as the older generation. Marriage has become our own decision, an option not an required part of life. No more K-drama in the reality.

  143. Wow, that sounds freakin’ amazing :p I actually agree with the whole small wedding situation… my family is HUGE and I haven’t talked to most them in maybe 10 years except for my close family because I’ve lived far from home most of that time. So honestly, I really don’t want to pay for anyone I’m not close with to go to my wedding…

    My bf and I will probably get married in Vegas… but not one of the cheap ones… probably at one of the nice hotels, they have decent packages for small weddings with lots of different settings ;) So yeah, i’d like to keep it to maybe 30-35 ppl… it’s usually cheap to fly to Vegas and then we can have dinner at nice restaurant hopefully ;)

  144. AWWWWW *sniffle :’) OMG Simon is such a romantic. That is adorable. My other half and I never did the whole proposal and marriage thing, but that is sooo sweet I kinda wish we had :D

  145. you restore my faith in humanity… haha

  146. I knew your wedding was going to be awesome after I had watched your engagment TL;DR video forever ago…
    You two are such an inspiration!!! I love the whole idea for the wedding and your wedding night sounded so much fun! I can just picture you guys danceing to some slow song and then the Dj screechen out and you two start busting out to Shinee! I loved the candy jars, such a great idea, as well as the balloons!
    I’m 18 and havn’t started dateing yet so I’m a bit nervous when thinking about being happily married, which is my life goal, because I’ve seen more broken families then happy bubbily ones. You two give me hope! Its like prepre-Marriage counciling by eatyourkimchi!

  147. WOW. You saw Chris Bosh!!! That’s so awesome.

  148. Favorite TL;DR Ever. :) And you were right, I am pretty jelly…lol <3

  149. I was wondering if you guys split the expenses or only one of you guys paid for everything?

  150. LOL.. The fact that we all want to know this stuff only shows that you guys have become celebrities. Thanks for sharing.

  151. I’m thinking of…
    a wedding vow renewal and the nasties get to be invitedddd! how awesomely nasty would that be?! xD

  152. haha this is exactly what i thought. simon and martina are so quirky and hipster i knew their wedding would be fantastic fantastic elastic elastic.

  153. Currently memorizing The Luckiest by Ben Folds. The song is amazing.

  154. Awh cute! My husband and I were the same way for our wedding. We might have spent a bit more, and my bridesmaids matched, but the important thing was that we were getting married. I refused to get all caught up in tiny details. Because all that mattered was that we both showed up. Though, it doesn’t bother me if people go all out if they have the means to. :)

    I love what you said about never taking the other person for granted. Some friends of ours never understand how we’re still all giddy with each other after 4 years. But we just are – we’re best friends, and seem to be forever honeymoon staging. Not to say we don’t have rough patches, but the good always outweighs the bad. <3 You guys are awesome. This post made me happy!

    • Great to hear! The world is lacking happy married couples, right? Especially in media!!! I hope we didn’t sound condescending about the whole matching bridesmaids thing, I know lots of people who were NOT Bridezillas and still managed to pull off weddings with awesome details. Gah, I just realized how that could have been interpreted after I wrote it. :

      • No no it didn’t sound bad at all! We ordered the bridesmaids dresses at Sears – they were cheap because my bridesmaids were all college students. Getting all nuts about tiny details can ruin a whole wedding – so I think it’s fine the way that you said it. Maybe one of your fans will be a bride to be and will simmer down about the details. xD
        Just finished watching the video. DAMN I wish I would have thought of the candy thing that you guys did! That sounds really fun.

        • Sears? You sound Canadian! We bought all our candy from Bulk Barn! Hahaha it was an awesome day to buy SO MUCH CANDY! :D

        • I am Canadian! Haha. I’m from the Maritimes. I love Bulk Barn! Damn you have no idea how much I wish we did that now. LOL you’re right, I’m jelly now. xD We did little purple pouches with candies in them. And a little thank you thing tied to them. They were a pain in the behind to make!

      • OMG! I am so envious of you! But in a good way! I am happy to know your story!

      • Don’t really, didn’t sound like that at all. We did similar thing… I had my 2 bridesmaids choose their own dresses and didn’t really even see them until a few days before the wedding, and it still all came together well.

  155. My question! I am going to B1A4′s first concert in December (a’ldfkgj;dklgj’lkd) because they conquered my heart even though I’m no longer a teenage girl. Well, the teenage girls are what I’m worried about. Their fans seem to be largely elementary to middle-school girls (my 3-6th grade girls LOVE bilasa!) and I am kinda concerned for my life. So the question is, how does one survive through and enjoy a KPop concert / hordes of screaming fangirls? (I’m probably bigger than them but they’re more numerous!) Thank you guys. ^^

    • We always wear earplugs to every concert we go to, you can buy them at any convinience store in Korea. Also, buy some glow in the dark bracelets or buy some kpop stuff (like the fan glow sticks) because you will feel sad and empty to not be able to wave something in the air. :( You’ll survive as long as they know you’re a fan! Hahaha! Have fun!!!

  156. simonandmartina i hope you could read this!

    okay, since both of you are always together 24/7 nonstop. i wonder what will you do if one of you is not around. or if you get a mission like in a variety show. for example, martina goes to army while simon becomes a house husband. i wonder what will you feel. i wonder how hilarious would it be for the to of you without your partner. hmmm…….

    • We actually react very poorly to being separated. Christmas shopping is the WORST. The beginning of the day is like, “YAY! Let’s meet up tonight after we’re done!” but as soon as we leave each other for an hour we start sadly text messaging…”I saw this funny sign but you weren’t here to talk about it…” “I saw this great coffee shop you’d like” “my hand is cold without you”. Oh man, we’re so sappy! O____________0

      • You two are too cute. I wanna have a marriage like yours someday. -Is totally jealous- I’m so happy there is proof that the ‘I want to be with you always’ stage can last for years. =)

      • Hehe.. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 10 years (we are both in our late 20′s) and we are exactly like you guys – my boyfriend is also very “unmanly” and people often mistake us for friends/siblings and him being gay. We are also very much into “childish” hobbies that we both share, we love racing each other in Mario Cart, playing with pokemon cards and taking care of our guinea pigs :)

        As to the separation thing: People here in Denmark think we are pathetic because we react so poorly when being separated, someone literally told me to stop texting my boyfriend so often when I was away for a few days with school (I only wrote him like once every few hours – I could have been much worse!!! XD ). I think its because most couples here aren’t “best friends”, they are very grown up about their relationship and everything revolves around work, sex and money – they really don’t share a lot of things besides those three.

        Anyway, we hope to live in Tokyo one day, and if we stop by Korea I hope we run into you guys!! ^_^

  157. best wedding after party ever!!! jealous!

  158. omg that last part was really amusing xD

  159. Why are all your life stories so epic? :D We should ask you more personnal questions haha

  160. A couple for the ages…they are just so perfect together!!! Love you guys!!!

  161. >>>> Since you have lived in Korea for a number of years, how would you say it has effected you in a POSITIVE way compared to how you were before you left Canada?

  162. Aaww this is really nice. When wanting to get married becomes a stage in my life. I am going to remember this blog post.

  163. She looks like Taylor Swift with that hair extensions!!!

  164. Aww what a cool story! So funny about the hotel!

    I totally agree that smaller, cheaper weddings are so much nicer. We actually had to have 3 weddings… registry office wedding, Australian wedding, traditional Korean wedding- so was pretty over them by the end of it all. We went for a vintage theme for our wedding in Australia and also set up a vintage style “candy shop” or “lolly shop” as we say in Australia. Letting the guests have unlimited access to candy makes everyone happy!

  165. seriously you guys were born to meet celebrities!!! xD such a cute story! <3

  166. I was picturing what you just described in my mind…your wedding story made me smile :D

  167. aww I was hoping for more pictures of you guys…
    the subway/flower story was hilarious!
    I would have done the same thing!

  168. You guys are just the epitome of adorable! Inspirational on so many levels! – also I love love it when you give us a little inside peek to your lives!

  169. Omg, I love peonies and I am not ashamed to say I only heard of Ben Fold’s The Luckiest today bcoz of this TLDR and I am legit crying and flooding my keyboard…jdkfjnrhnvehkdfiefkls…

  170. Awww I love you guise…… including Spudgy and Meemers!!!!! >:D<

  171. i’m so exciteeeed! i haven’t even watched this yet :D

  172. *_* …I’m touched because this is exactly my way of thinking about love and marriage…I’m still single but I won’t give up until I’ll find the person that’s just right for me ^_^

  173. The story was adorable! :D Your wedding seems like a ton of fun! :D Thanks for doing this. You don’t know how long we have been waiting for this. >.< Have many blissful years ahead of ya. :)

  174. “We feel like life is really short, and you never know what’s going to happen, so don’t forget how awesome it is to be loved or to love someone else.”

    I think Imma put this in my wall to remind me how awesome life is and that love really exists. :)

  175. Would you ever renew your vows with a Korean wedding?

  176. awesome story, especially the MTV after party in the hotel! rad.


  177. So great! Have you been to a Korean wedding as yet and how do they differ? xo

  178. A perfect example of simple and happy.

  179. This…faith in love = restored.


  181. AWESOME!!! MODEL MARRIED COUPLE ^v^ Wise words. Well-said. LOVE that u guys are so MATURE AND IN LOVE o>v<o It's BEAUTIFUL….and RARE~

  182. I completely agree with cupcake towers and best part is you can portion control unlike a cake where slices might be bigger for some and smaller for others. Your dress was beautiful btw.

  183. Guess that finally puts that gay rumor to rest Simon!! Maybe they will shut up about it now!

  184. I really thought that you guys were just friends…


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