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Our Wedding Story

November 7, 2012


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Finally! Proof that we got married! Not that you didn’t think we’re married. Right? Right. I know, I know, we act too happy to be married! Simon must be Martina’s gay roommate, brother, or best friend. Nope. We’re very happily married! Now, we’re not gonna show you all of our wedding pictures…since I’m sure our family and friends wouldn’t appreciate their photos being put up online, so here’s a few of us, along with our wedding story.

Umm…what else should we write in this blog post, really? We pretty much said everything we could say about the wedding. At least, I think we did. If there’s anything we missed, ask us in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

Oh! We didn’t give a moral to all of this. Grand moral here: don’t be a bridezilla. Simon here. Martina’s bridesmaids didn’t all dress in the exact same outfits, she told them “blue for the maid of honour (her sister) and chocolate brown for everyone else, pick a dress that looks good on you”. Who cares if everyone’s dresses didn’t match?! They looked rocking in the dresses that they picked out! We had an uneven bridesmaids to groomsmen ratio. Who cares?! We had a friend design our invitations and we printed them at a Kinkos’ Printer in Etobicoke. Who cares?! Martina’s photography teacher from High School took our wedding photos, not a thousand dollar photographer. We feel like the details of a wedding event aren’t as important as just being happy to get married, you know?

We know that people often get caught up in the details of the wedding day party, rather than what the wedding day represents: the beginning of the rest of your lives together. The most important thing about getting married is marrying the right person and communicating for the rest of your lives! A lot of people ask us if we fight, and while we do get into disagreements, we never fight yelling and screaming at each other. Communication and making an effort to understand your partner is the key to a fight free relationship. There is no point of holding things back and then blowing up a month down the line because you didn’t bother telling your partner that something upsets you. But, for example, we’ve learned that both our styles of thinking and expressing our opinions are different. Martina needs to burst out what’s on her mind right away in order to express her thoughts, and after venting out all her ideas she comes to a final conclusion, while Simon tends to think about things quietly for a couple days before he brings something up. Different ways and different times of expressing our opinions, it took a couple years of marriage to understand that about each other, BUT, we now understand that so there is no misunderstanding or fighting when that occurs. Even though we’ve been married for over five years, we feel like we’re still dating. Always giggling and excited to see each other.

If there is any advice we can give people dating or getting married it’s to never take the other person for granted. You aren’t dating or married to an enemy, it should be a person who is always rooting for you. A person who likes you makeup free, overweight, cranky, emotional, or depressed. Remind yourself that you’re always in the wooing time period, so buy them random flowers, make them a mix CD, leave them a sweet note, send them a sappy text message, drop by their work with a surprise snack. We feel like life is really short, and you never know what’s going to happen, so don’t forget how awesome it is to be loved or to love someone else.

Oh: and delicious cupcake towers. Cheaper and much more delicious than wedding cakes. You heard it from us. :D



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