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WTF – Panties Tug of War!

March 15, 2014


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Ok, this is the best video we’ve ever done. The slow motion made us cry with laughter. Holy hell. I’ve never been so proud of a video as I am of this one. Give me my oscar now. Eatyourkimchi doesn’t get any better than this.

Seriously WTF item we have here today. So gloriously, gloriously confusing and fun.

Well, not too confusing. The concept is simple enough. It’s a tug of war! First one to lose their grip wins! Except, you’re not tugging a string or using your hands. You’ve instead tied a string between two different colored underoos and put those roos on your head. That seems like an obvious evolution of the game, no?

Oh Japan. You’re so quirky. I swear, I feel like we can just go to Japan and doing nothing but WTF videos all week long.

Funny note about this video: we decided that the prize for the winner would be a cupcake, so we went to our favorite cupcake shop around the corner and bought just one cupcake. The lady there is really nice, probably because we eat there so often, so she gave us a small sample cupcake. That’s why Martina’s reaction to me eating the entire cupcake at once wasn’t as heartbreaking as it should have been. She already had a small taste of another cupcake. Darn! We couldn’t turn down the free cupcake, because IT’S FREE FREAKING CUPCAKE!

We kept the Panty Tug of War, though, for future purposes. I’m sure we’ll use it for one of our road trips this coming spring/summer. Hey, can spring come round now, kthx. Stop taking so long. I know we shouldn’t complain too much, though. It’s 8 degrees here now, which is better than the -20 my mom was telling me Toronto was going through. Damn.

Strategy talking time: we’re trying to figure out what’s the best way to win at this game. Smaller headed people are definitely at a disadvantage, because there’s less tension keeping the hat on. Taller people are at an advantage, because the string connecting the hats points down, and has more surface area drag, right? That’s gotta be a factor. It’s also a good idea to try to tuck your ears into the leg holes for some added grip, but don’t take my word on it: I’m worried that it might pull of your ear if you have a fierce competitor. Lastly, not conditioning your hair will make it less smooth, and thus will prevent the hat from sliding off. Remember all of these things, young ones, in case you ever find yourself in a Panty Hat showdown. These tips might just save your lives.

Anyhow, if you think you can beat either of us at the Panty Hat Tug of Wear, click on the button below to prove your strength. It’ll also subscribe you for more of our videos of the fun things we find and play with :D



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