Ok, this is the best video we’ve ever done. The slow motion made us cry with laughter. Holy hell. I’ve never been so proud of a video as I am of this one. Give me my oscar now. Eatyourkimchi doesn’t get any better than this.

Seriously WTF item we have here today. So gloriously, gloriously confusing and fun.

Well, not too confusing. The concept is simple enough. It’s a tug of war! First one to lose their grip wins! Except, you’re not tugging a string or using your hands. You’ve instead tied a string between two different colored underoos and put those roos on your head. That seems like an obvious evolution of the game, no?

Oh Japan. You’re so quirky. I swear, I feel like we can just go to Japan and doing nothing but WTF videos all week long.

Funny note about this video: we decided that the prize for the winner would be a cupcake, so we went to our favorite cupcake shop around the corner and bought just one cupcake. The lady there is really nice, probably because we eat there so often, so she gave us a small sample cupcake. That’s why Martina’s reaction to me eating the entire cupcake at once wasn’t as heartbreaking as it should have been. She already had a small taste of another cupcake. Darn! We couldn’t turn down the free cupcake, because IT’S FREE FREAKING CUPCAKE!

We kept the Panty Tug of War, though, for future purposes. I’m sure we’ll use it for one of our road trips this coming spring/summer. Hey, can spring come round now, kthx. Stop taking so long. I know we shouldn’t complain too much, though. It’s 8 degrees here now, which is better than the -20 my mom was telling me Toronto was going through. Damn.

Strategy talking time: we’re trying to figure out what’s the best way to win at this game. Smaller headed people are definitely at a disadvantage, because there’s less tension keeping the hat on. Taller people are at an advantage, because the string connecting the hats points down, and has more surface area drag, right? That’s gotta be a factor. It’s also a good idea to try to tuck your ears into the leg holes for some added grip, but don’t take my word on it: I’m worried that it might pull of your ear if you have a fierce competitor. Lastly, not conditioning your hair will make it less smooth, and thus will prevent the hat from sliding off. Remember all of these things, young ones, in case you ever find yourself in a Panty Hat showdown. These tips might just save your lives.

Anyhow, if you think you can beat either of us at the Panty Hat Tug of Wear, click on the button below to prove your strength. It’ll also subscribe you for more of our videos of the fun things we find and play with :D

  1. I would totally lose at this game. Haha I’m 155cm, anyone has an advantage over me.


  3. LMFAO! I can’t even! I almost wet my pants laughing! You Two! ♥♥♥

  4. omg! that’s hilarious! i love the disembodied laughter from Leigh when Simon stuffed that cupcake into his gaping maw! ;)

  5. WAS THAT DHOOM 2 MUSIC AT THE END or am I crazy. Probably crazy. I need this thing. But Dhoom 2…

  6. kawaii_candie

    why am i not surprised this came from Japan???


  7. andrea chan

    Can you imagine world leaders using this to solve all problems? Axis vs. Allies, over in seconds because Hitler is really not that tall or something.

  8. YouTube suggested oodles of Korean Porn for me to watch after clicking on this video. Hurrah..

  9. best. episode. evar


  11. I don’t even know what red velvet is.

  12. Graciela Ivonne

    omgosh i haven’t laughed so hard in a whileee! this video had me crackinggg upppp ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))

  13. Dear slow-mo cam: You rock my world!…and I might’ve popped a rib from laughing so hard HAHA

  14. Videos like these are why I love you guise! That slow cam, epicness..no words…

  15. The whole time I kept thinking your should definitely make anyone you interview play this game.

  16. Omg can’t stop laughing!! Awesome slow cam..I think big heads has higher chances of winning!!

  17. The awesomesauce of this video was leaking out of Simon’s mouth, I think. Or maybe that was frosting. The sweet, sweet taste of victory.

  18. so good to see married people have so much fun together!! maybe makes me want to try it. lol at simon for downing the cupcake then and there.

  19. Couldn’t stop laughing. Hahahaha!

  20. Visit SoCal it was in the high 80s (Fahrenheit) today

  21. Veronica S

    Hilarious! Just what I needed after a trying day! Thanks!


  23. Hahahah such good editing

  24. Is that a honey badger picture I see on the wall? I love the crazy nastyass honey badger. It’s so… nasty.

  25. Wow all for that cupcake. *shakes head* By the way, that’s SOOOO attractive Simon. Like really.

  26. I would braid my hair in two.Put the braids through the panty legholes and then tie the braids at the back. Nobody’s gonna win against me! (I have quite long hair)

  27. I’m going to say something now that I haven’t said in about three years: ROFL

  28. KATHyphenTUN

    Lol my boyfriend peaked in to see what I’m watching on youtube… his words:
    “That looks like us!”
    I don’t know how to feel…..

  29. When I saw Simon devour that cupcake, this was all I could think.

  30. Oh no! I’m only 5′ 1″ !! With a small head! I don’t think I could win unless I glued those panties on!

  31. hahaha PANTIES FIGHT one of the best treasures find

  32. simply awesome. I’m sharing this all over the place

  33. I, too, was crying with laughter at the slow mo scenes. Everything about this was perfect!

  34. I DIED!!! of laughter!!!!!

  35. You just completely made my day! I agree, that HAS to be the best eyk video ever!

  36. You guyz had too much fun with the slo mo camera….i love it!

  37. My face hurts now, thanks. I’ll have to go massage my cheeks to recover from all of the grinning and uncontrollable giggling. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

  38. Omg I was dying of laughter at this video! Definitely one of my favorite WTF vids :D

    You guys just keep getting better and better! And I know I can say that truthfully because i”ve been watching EYK for over three years now!!! YAYAYAYYYAYAYYAY!

  39. A couple of youtubers have already done this challenge but this is the most hilarious one !!!


  41. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Nice video guise!

  42. epic WTF. I literally bust out laughing, several times :P

  43. i laughed, so damn hard at martina’s facial expression during the slow mo shots XD XD XD XD

  44. Sweet slow mo Simon. Better luck next time Martina. You got robbed by the height difference for sure.

  45. Gosh! I’m crying! best WTF ever!!

  46. i live in the states, Connecticut to be more exact and i am over by the large casinos. so we have a great mix of races most of the Asians in our area are Chinese. So we have a lot of Asian markets mostly geared to the Chinese there is one place that has some Korean food only because the owner is Korean other wise we have to travel about 45min to an hour for Korean restaurants and grocery. Or to go to home and home or h mart i go to flushing NY about 2 hour drive.

  47. Oooo – Martina, I like your nails!

  48. Isabel Ruby

    i really thought i would asphyxiate from laughing at the slo-mo battles. my laughing muscles hurt now

  49. LongClawTiger

    Pimp daddy Simon got some cream all over his face. Ooh, so nasty!

  50. holy flying baby cows! best freaking WTF ever! I may have peed my pants while watching this xD

  51. hahahaha!! i nearly peed a little while watching hahahaha!!

  52. Have you guys seen This is the End?

    I couldn’t stop thinking of this scene as Simon was talking xp


  53. Marian Quah

    Simon’s Mr Gross McGrosserson chewing with his mouth open so wide! I’m traumatized :(

    Other than that, that episode got me laughing from start to finish — fave WTF EVA

  54. It’s things like this that fill my heart with pride to live in Japan.

    Do yo thang, Japan. Just keep doin’ yo thang.
    Another awesome WTF. A+

  55. omg i want to play with this at school so i would get a detention for playing with underpants

    • Omg can you imagine what the report would say? :D

      • It would say “Chaewon has been suspended from school for inappropriate behaviour of playing with underpants with her friends. She put them on her head and started to pull underpants off her head in public.” But I wouldn’t care I’ll just go to another school and get suspended again~:P

  56. BAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! You guise are the best!! You made my day (it’s morning here)….
    And Simon, IT’S NOT FAIR!!! You’re taller than poor Martina….. :P :P

  57. God bless the slow-motion! xD That was the most epic WTF ever!

  58. Sara Napsey

    You see, this is Japan~

  59. Oh my, this is brilliant, I want one of these! Bwahahaha, the slow-mo shots looked epic. But Simon was in a favorable position because of his height, I’d love to see a pantie battle between him and Brad.

  60. All I can think now is: UNDERWEAR TUG OF WAR COMPETITION! Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people staring at the Studio from across the road went, ‘WTF?!’.

  61. omg Simon and Martina. My cheeks hurt so bad to the point where I can’t grin anymore.

    lol. What a good way to end my day.

  62. oh god my sides I’m dieing of laughter!! XD

  63. is that the cupcake place that was shown in this Tasty Road episode????????
    the shape of the cupcake frosting and colour (most accurate way to tell what cupcake shop it is from^^) looks really similar…


  64. That was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen!!! At least it was entertaining like the package said!!! XD

  65. That was glorious! I feel like you need a warning telling kids not to try this at home though – they could use old undies or something! Plus: I love how all undies are called ‘panties’ in Korea (and Japan?) – it’s really hilarious when kpop guys or say Running Man members start talking about their ‘panties’… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  66. hapagirl

    Oh jesus, couldn’t stop laughing. Totally not surprised that this is from Japan. Also I wonder how many male viewers you’ll attract with this video or the title at least.

  67. This was an epic WTF. How will you ever top this in the future?

  68. Jase Aaron

    I like how Simon immediately proved the zero possibility of sharing. Martina’s expression and Leigh’s laugh made it perfect.

  69. Nice how you can actually make your own versions! But that’s potentially gross. *old undies*

  70. Amyaco

    I would really like to see this used as a prop in a k-pop interview…. *hinthint*

  71. Renee

    Sounds like a brilliant drunk game ^_^

  72. Martina, you remind me of Pipi Longstocking sometimes….this was one of those times…

  73. lady_kire

    why in the world… would u want to play tug of war with underwear?? then again… it would be funny…

    Question: can you wear them where underwear are meant to be worn? (i srsly want to know if u can actually wear it)It must be real underwear, therefore u can wear them to the bathroom

  74. Omgosh you guys are so ridiculously funny and awesome!

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