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Patbingsu – FAPFAP!

August 3, 2012


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Hey guise. Patbingsu is delicious. That is all. K BAI!

NO NO wait. There’s more to this than just that. For starters, how about directions to the place we went to? You know: how we ALWAYS forget to do that with just about ever FAPFAP that we do? WELL NOT THIS TIME! We took a picture of their business card and are going to upload it here, so you can see their phone number and map. Great success!

Cafe Elefante in Bucheon

Where we get Patbingsu: Cafe Elefante in Bucheon

If you were to ask us directions in simple terms: we’d say it’s between City Hall and Lotte Department Store in Bucheon. That main street between the two? Well, there’s a street that runs parallel to it that touches the back of City Hall. On that street, at around the half-way point, you’ll see a Home Plus Express. It’s right behind the Home Plus Express. Yeah! There you go. We don’t know the street name or address or anything like that. You know, now that we think of it, we really don’t know any of the street names in our city. Weird! We know landmarks and areas, but not street names. That’s normal, isn’t it?

Ah! On a side note, we really needed to do this FAPFAP. We’ve been having some serious hankerings for this stuff. The diets that we’re on aren’t really diets anymore as much as they’re lifestyle changes. Basically, we stopped eating crappily. We’d eat junk food, ramen, street food, and drink sugary drinks and booze every day. It made us rather chubby. So we stopped, and we lost a bunch of weight in the process. Well, there’s more to our weight loss than that, but that’s the TL;DR version. Maybe we’ll do a full TL;DR on it later? Anyhow, point is, we don’t eat this stuff that much anymore, and – since we don’t eat much anything sweet anymore – one of the things that we’re hankering after lately is patbingsu. Today, we broke the rules of our diet…FOR YOU GUISE! Do you see the sacrifices that we’re making for you? Ok no for reals, we probably shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing. But we were also feeling poopy after reading a buttload of hateful comments about our latest TL;DR on T-ara’s breakup, so patooey! We just ate it all.

What am I saying again? I don’t know. I started rambling. Long story short, this stuff is really yummy. It’s not the prettiest of desserts, and the idea of sweet beans might be a bit off-putting to some people (as it was for us at first) but, once you do get used to it, IT’S SO GOOD! Do check it out if you’re in Korea in the summertime. You’ll appreciate it a lot more in the heat. Because WHOA Korea is nasty hot. Yesterday it felt like a blowdryer. Where’s all the rain at? We’re happy that we can go out and film, but – seriously – there’s no rain this year!

OMG SIMON AND MARTINA ARE SO COCONUT BIASED! Yes, yes we are. We love coconut stuff. It’s so good for you! We made a song about Patbingsu as well, but we didn’t include it in the final FAPFAP project, but we do have it in the bloopers! Check them out below :D



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