Hey guise. Patbingsu is delicious. That is all. K BAI!

NO NO wait. There’s more to this than just that. For starters, how about directions to the place we went to? You know: how we ALWAYS forget to do that with just about ever FAPFAP that we do? WELL NOT THIS TIME! We took a picture of their business card and are going to upload it here, so you can see their phone number and map. Great success!

Cafe Elefante in Bucheon

Where we get Patbingsu: Cafe Elefante in Bucheon

If you were to ask us directions in simple terms: we’d say it’s between City Hall and Lotte Department Store in Bucheon. That main street between the two? Well, there’s a street that runs parallel to it that touches the back of City Hall. On that street, at around the half-way point, you’ll see a Home Plus Express. It’s right behind the Home Plus Express. Yeah! There you go. We don’t know the street name or address or anything like that. You know, now that we think of it, we really don’t know any of the street names in our city. Weird! We know landmarks and areas, but not street names. That’s normal, isn’t it?

Ah! On a side note, we really needed to do this FAPFAP. We’ve been having some serious hankerings for this stuff. The diets that we’re on aren’t really diets anymore as much as they’re lifestyle changes. Basically, we stopped eating crappily. We’d eat junk food, ramen, street food, and drink sugary drinks and booze every day. It made us rather chubby. So we stopped, and we lost a bunch of weight in the process. Well, there’s more to our weight loss than that, but that’s the TL;DR version. Maybe we’ll do a full TL;DR on it later? Anyhow, point is, we don’t eat this stuff that much anymore, and – since we don’t eat much anything sweet anymore – one of the things that we’re hankering after lately is patbingsu. Today, we broke the rules of our diet…FOR YOU GUISE! Do you see the sacrifices that we’re making for you? Ok no for reals, we probably shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing. But we were also feeling poopy after reading a buttload of hateful comments about our latest TL;DR on T-ara’s breakup, so patooey! We just ate it all.

What am I saying again? I don’t know. I started rambling. Long story short, this stuff is really yummy. It’s not the prettiest of desserts, and the idea of sweet beans might be a bit off-putting to some people (as it was for us at first) but, once you do get used to it, IT’S SO GOOD! Do check it out if you’re in Korea in the summertime. You’ll appreciate it a lot more in the heat. Because WHOA Korea is nasty hot. Yesterday it felt like a blowdryer. Where’s all the rain at? We’re happy that we can go out and film, but – seriously – there’s no rain this year!

OMG SIMON AND MARTINA ARE SO COCONUT BIASED! Yes, yes we are. We love coconut stuff. It’s so good for you! We made a song about Patbingsu as well, but we didn’t include it in the final FAPFAP project, but we do have it in the bloopers! Check them out below :D


  1. I neeeeed ze patbingsu nooooooowwwww! It looks sooooo tasty! I’m going to beg to go to the Asian Market to get the red beans and buy everything else at Sainso’s. Because I neeeeeeed to eat it. Now.

  2. Dear Simon and Martina Can you do a tl;dr about grocery shopping in korea? the best and or cheapest places to go etc when you get back from Canada?

  3. I just ate patbingsoo today! mine wasn’t all gourmet-ie like yours… but it did have surprise guest appearances made by grapes and corn flakes! haha

  4. I like green tea bingssu :-)

  5. Dothrakbingsu sounds pretty awesome

  6. it’s always interesting to see how korean learners romanize certain words lol
    Patbingsu is a definite winner

  7. i would love to just try it…seems like it taste really good

  8. Not to sound gross, but it occurred to me to wonder if those brown sugar baked beans might be a tasty topping on ice cream if those red beans are good in patbingsu? <_< if anyone has input on that let me know that way I don't ruin good icecream lol.

  9. That looks so yummy!
    And also, BOOOOOOOO to the haters!!! You two did a great job with the T-ara stuff. You made very good points about it all. Don’t let crazies get you down. There will always be some people who won’t hear the voice of reason. Enjoy that Patbingsu, cuddle Spudgy and Meemers, and cheer up. Amidst those hateful comments there were some encouraging ones too. Just remember those ones. Your fans love you, you have kinda really awesome jobs (even though you don’t really get a break, on the upside you get to try and see awesome stuff!), and two absolutely adorable pets :D! Not to mention several other upsides I probably can’t think of or know about.
    Stay strong and keep being the awesome people you are!

  10. i accidentally watched the bloopers first and i was like “what is even going on here??”, lol

  11. oh it’s like Halo-halo only lesser ingredients.

  12. I’m so jelly – jelly! Crave patbingsu (or ais kacang in Msia – literally ice and beans), but I’m also jelly of the weather….our summer hasn’t rocked! Too much rain!

    And, you can’t please everyone, so just keep watching the number of likes and followers go up to know we all love you!

    Loving your weight loss and keep it up!

  13. I love how as soon as you started the sexy Korean food times a strawberry slide down the side of the ice cream like, “oooh, I’m so nastyyy..” Haha

  14. Oiii! Everytime I watch FAPFAP my mouth waters at those intense images GAAAA!!!! How jealous I become! >.< BTW whens the next live koodoot chat I really want to see you guys before school starts because this way I can wake up at 2 a.m. if I have to!

  15. hahahah loved the patbingsu songs on the bloopers!! you should’ve done one with t-ara’s bo peep bo peep!

  16. I love you guys so much, AGHHHH!

  17. Sounds like the shave ice we get here (Hawaii). Usually it’s green tea shave ice, with mochi and azuki beans with either a scoop of vanilla icecream or a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. I’ve had both versions and love them both. That strawberry one that Simon had looked super yummy esp with that crunchy granola looking thing that was around it. Would love to try :)

  18. That looks so delicious and it’s been hot here in SoCal too so that would be perfect for this kind of weather! OOhh I’m sooo jelly!!! lol xD

  19. I can’t decide if I’m more overcome by the gloriousness of the patbingsu, or my shock that people didn’t like your balanced, reasonable response to the T-ara scandal…

  20. coconut rocks! and so does having one’s own opinion! :P

  21. The business card is so cute! It’s a Heffalump!

  22. Aaww too bad there aren’t any in Canada ;c

  23. Haha “That’s getting cut right on out Simon” xD Simon so nasty lol

  24. martina, i love your pink feather earrings! where did u buy them? so pretty!! :)

  25. i am so jelly jelly~! TT^TT 팥빙수 먹어싶어~! ㅠ.ㅠ

  26. now i can never unhear that last commet by Simon

  27. Hello~!! Simon&Martina!^^ thanx for the video. It’s funny,look delicious as always!!
    and I was like “OH! That cafe is own by the bloger who reviews american dramas and stuff..!!!” and drooling all over…
    I always wanted to visit but I live in ilsan…so… thanx!! ;D

  28. After you FapFap you have white and creamy residue everywhere…. Yeah, ill just pretend i didnt hear that Simon .-.

  29. Sexy, Free and single and I’m ready to BingSu! haha.
    Oh god though, it looks so good. My stomach is rumbling ._…. I am so going to have to try some next year while I’m in Seoul and ignore the idea of ‘sweet beans’ because they just look like kidney beans and ew hahaha.
    But the cafe, oh my… it’s so cute. My list of places to visit are growing because of you guys XD and I think I’m going to get an issue with overeating while I’m there too… especially considering how crazy cheap food is compared to the UK.
    Thanks guys :D

  30. What kind of beans are those in Martina’s ?

  31. blooper 0:51 ^^
    real 팥빙수song

    cafe elefante shopkeeper’s blog(he’s famous movie bloger)

    팥빙수 in mart or c-store + strawberry-flavored milk = ^0^

  32. That looks soooo yummy!

    I hope you guys don’t get discouraged by the haters. You’ve got to know you’re going to get some pretty negative comments sometimes – considering the nature of kpop fans. Just remember that SO many people absolutely love you guys! Hwaiting!

  33. “..white and creamy residue everywhere.” LOL

  34. Oh man, I go to Cafe Elefante nearly every day! After I discovered that my favorite Starbucks drink costs close to $8 in SK, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it on a regular basis. I found Cafe Elefante when I was looking for a good alternative and I love them so much more than Starbucks! *gasp* They have some of my favorite coffee… and their Citrus Mojito is delicious too– that’s what I’ve been getting recently to combat the heat! Have you guys tried that one yet?

  35. KATHyphenTUN

    I REALLY WANT!!! so jealous!

  36. I didnt post on the last vid, but now i think I should have, I and alot of other people support ur thoughts on the T-ara thing, and u shouldnt get upset over what others say, theres more of us that agree (and/ or welcome ur opinion) and dont post than people that post and dont agree.

    Being nasty (in the bad way) should never be apart of this conversation, everyone should be aloud to express their opinion, just not meanly or hateful, and besides this is ur site, ur opinions should be respected most of all.

    On a side note, I think u guys rock, I love the way u interact with each other, ur animals, Im a big cat nut so im especially loving these kitten vids, cuteness overload!

    Hopefully u guys (Simon and Martina) get a chance to read this and it helps u feel better, keep up the good work, and now for me to watch the video. :D

  37. I am coconut biased too. I think I had this in Korea but I didn’t know what it was.

  38. really love u guys…… i can watch u videos over and over again…. pls more FAPFAP and WANK…… really like it so much…

  39. “Patbingsu you so nasty” XD

  40. You know I’ve never really liked red beans (I’ve tried it in Japanese and Korean desserts) but I love bingsu! Nokcha (green tea) is my favorite. I’m sure they must have looked at you weird since people normally share a bowl, but thanks for bravely doing it for science^^

  41. in singapore,the equivalent of patbingsoo is ice kachang but it is all shaved ice with syrup and corn and jelly and I would eat it if I did not have my time of the month =.=

  42. Simartina: I’m not all that into t-shirt buying or package-sending, but I would love to support you. I’m curious as to how your ad revenue works; should I be clicking things, or watching videos on youtube instead of your site? Which method gives you the most spudgy-outfit-buying won?

    p.s.- There should be a drink called the SiMartini.

    • The SiMartini: A&W root beer and coconut liqueur…? ;D?

    • I don’t suggest clicking the ads to help them earn. You could get them in to trouble :s. They aren’t allowed to ask it of you, from what I remember. Thats what was in the terms and conditions of mine. Because then its not a legit click. Its like stealing or something along those lines. Click only if its something you are genuinely interested in.
      Maybe ask if there is a way to donate like through paypal? Or or or, promote them! Spread the word. That will definitely help them.

  43. Looks yum! Better than a spider (shaved ice food colouring and ice cream) the western version is so lame :p I love bubble drinks do they have them in Korea? If so please do a fap fap on them :)

  44. LMAO coconut biased! you guys need some smiles in comments but i don’t like coconut so much and it got more screen time than the strawberry sooo… ;P

    I kid but recently it seems like you’ve been catching too much flack for doing as you’ve always done. I’ve been watching and reading for close to three years and have watched quietly as this site grew into something beyond impressive. I always come back because it feels like you guys don’t cover up your opinions with fluffy bunnies and kittens (even though those are nice). You say what you want in a well thought out and eloquent way teach me something i didnt know, show me me the awesome things that we don’t have back here in Canada and introduce me to new favorite songs. The people that are hateful are probably the ones with a hollow bit between their ears that echoes only the sentence they personally didn’t like.

    Anyways before this turns into an essay entitled “Why I love Simon and Martina” (I’ll bring you the essay later) i wanted to say I went and got the ingredients right after watching this and now i’m make myself a dalkibingu :)

    … also Dr Meemersworth looks just like one of my cats Poopy when she was a baby.

    Have a good week guise.

  45. 5:56 I see what you id there Simon… You kept eating from both bowls. (OoO)

  46. 5:56 I see what you id there Simon… You kept eating from both bowls. (OoO)

  47. irritablevowel

    Step 1: Remind self that in real life, people often don’t talk like they do on comment threads. You needn’t concern yourself with valueless babble. It’s just the inmates making a racket.
    Step 2: Eat delicious dessert!
    Step 3: Take nap with adorable pets.
    All is well with the world.

  48. I think I’m going to have to bug my sister to take us to the cafe near my school to get some bingsu~

    *does so*
    Awwww yeah, gettin’ bingsu tomorrow~!!

    I like how different yours is compared to the ones we get here. *points to pic* Of course, being in America, we get Fruity Pebbles and corn flakes, while you get granola. xD
    I appreciate the sacrifice you guys made to bring us food pr0n. :3

    Also, phooey to the haters for being so serious over something that well… isn’t so serious. The rest of us still love you guys for having your opinions~♥

  49. Mmmm. It’s not even that warm here and I really want some. And all the cute elephant stuff from that café. I don’t know whether you guys do requests but I was wondering whether for next week’s adventure you might go out to the Olympic park. It’d be kind of topical… Or if you’ve already planned or would just die of heat, the paralympics carry on way in to September, so it’ll keep being topical for a while. If you do, I promise I will cheer for Canada (along with Korea and Great Britain, and look like a total crazy person who doesn’t remember what country they’re from) when I go to see triathlon on Tuesday (though you would have to let me know to do that, cos obviously Tuesday is before Thursday. Or at least, it is over here!

  50. I live in Buena Park, California, and there is a place that sells boba drinks (bubble tea). Did you guys ever go to one or something similar in Korea?

  51. Funny, I make my own patbingsu at home with my older sister and parents. We freeze some milk in a bottle then we hit it with a dough roller to get it out. Add some fruit like watermelon and kiwis. Finally add the pat and eat! It was really good. You guys should try it too sometimes. But warning, the hitting part is a little bit too loud…. so best to do it in places that are empty… ^^

  52. Now I finally know what’s in this stuff! They’ve started selling “Korean shaved ice” in Japan as well, but until now I was always a bit aprehensive, because I had no idea what all the things were. Now I’ll make sure to try =)

  53. LOL I just had matcha bingsu yesterday at a local Korean cafe in
    Vancouver, they used mochi instead of dduk which was weird because mochi
    is Japanese…Anyways we had to split it amongst three people because
    it was kind of expensive. 7.50 Canadian.. =A=

  54. strawberry sliding down the vanilla ice cream…lolololol perfect timing

  55. Looks delicious but it has beans in it, I only eat black beans for breakfast, but never with ice cream!

  56. FOR SCIENCE!!!

  57. I’m sad to see the hateful comments on the T-ara post got to you :( but I totally support eating a desert to bring back the smiles! I’m not sure if you take suggestions for FAFAPs but I’ve been wondering about tea shops and tea culture in Korea. I can tell coffee shops are popular but is it the same for tea?

  58. Looked delicious, but as it is late here and it’s not so hot, the sexy food music and scenes didn’t get me hungry. And probably the fact that I don’t eat sweets that much affected me this time too. xD
    But I must say, I really wish we had something similar here for hot weather too, all we have is plain old ice cream and it gets boring with time. We had really hot weather a few weeks ago and I ate so much ice cream that I don’t wanna see/smell/taste it for at least a month.
    On a side note, the rain part in your post just got me all bothered, I seriously wanted to say “Rain is in army, that’s why it’s so hot in Korea now”, but at least i could type it up.
    Thank you for the video and sacrificing for us and science~ ^_^

    P.S. Oh, and you should really do a TL;DR about your diet, you got me kinda interested in the story behind it.

  59. 1) I’m very thankful to you two for eating Patbingsu in the name of science as well as all your viewers. :D 2) I loved this FAPFAP! 3) The sexy music and the Patbingsu could make for a seriously dirty minded moment. I thought “It’s melting everywhere” and instantly felt like I should go to church and confess. 4) The bloopers were too funny. “That’s going to cut right on out, Simone.” “Why? Tell me why.” ROTFLMAO

  60. Because of you I got hungry but sadly I dan’t have something so delicious to eat now ;( You really lost weight, I’m so jealous. I can’t bring myself to go on diet.

  61. ~Yummmy….similar to our HaLo-HaLo here in the Philippines!!=^.^=

  62. mmmmmmm I made my own Patbingsu last weekend. It was so tasty!!!!!!! I put kiwis on in it because I’m fruit biased and love kiwis above all other fruits.

  63. Seems super yummy and you guize look great^^ I have been a follower for 2 years so I just want to say; please be happy and ignore the hate that you get. If only I could find a Dothraki man warrior of my own my life would be complete. You’d think they would be easy to find in Sweden but they are surprisingly rare^^

  64. @simonandmartina:disqus

    In the Philippines we have “halo-halo” literally means “mixed altogether”. Beans, shaved ice, milk, sugar, boiled bananas, yam, sweet potato, flan, sugar, nata de coco, rice crispies, and the gourmet ones have a scoop of ice cream on top. You eat it the same way as Patbingsoo. you mix everything altogether and devour…although for me I like to eat the flan and the ice cream and purple yam first. Hm..maybe other Asian countries have their own equivalent too…

  65. you guys eat all of it and didn’t share with me lol. Well I hope you guys like it and enjoy it because now I want one and am going to see if I can find a place here in Orlando.
    Thanks for all the hard work :-)

  66. are the beans seasoned? i never thought of putting beans with ice cream O.o

  67. Patbingsu is so delicious!!! Have you tried the patbingsu from Ice Berry before? I’m not sure if it’s a cafe.. The only one I know of is located in Sinchon and it is so~~o good!!

  68. Oooh..it looks good! This reminds me of Halo-halo in the Philippines.. It’s similar..with shaved ice, ice cream, etc. You also have to kinda mix the different ingredients together..^^

  69. You guise are awesome to sacrifice the diet for us! I also thought your post about T-ara was well thought out and unbiased… so wtf people? You both are looking fantastic!

  70. This looks delicious.

    I’ll plead guilty, I’m coconut biased too! Except if they have mango. Show me mango ice cream ? I’ll be on that so fast you won’t have time to roll a sexy window! :p

  71. the taiwanese/chinese equivalent is bao-bing or tsua-bing :3
    & it’s super delicious. I’m so glad I live near Irvine so I can experience it whenever I want kekekeke

  72. PunkyPrincess92

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm i’ve wanted to try patbingsu when i first saw it in Super Junior’s full house!
    …maybe you should call it soyunbingsu!!

  73. FAPFAP is turning into FATFAT… thank youuuuuuuuu for your hard work! ;)

    I eat Patbingsu at 63 Building and i did not like it at all….

  74. Ahh, so this is Patbingsu! :D You know, we actually have a similar kind of food in Malaysia. Its called ABC (air batu campur, which means mixed ice). Not sure if its exactly the same, but it does have similar ingredients like shaved ice, ice creams, beans and stuffs. ^^

  75. Wow it looks so amazing!

  76. In the Philippines, there is a variation of this shaved ice dessert, called halo-halo. It is quite the delicious treat on a hot summer day. Upon seeing this, I have been influenced to go and get some now, whether halo-halo, or even try to find a place that has patbingsu.

  77. hahah PatbingsUUU so nasty! Isht’s love schpit! hahahahah!

  78. that looks delicious are there a lot of these places in seoul?

  79. I never tried Patbingsu. It’s definitely something that is on my To Do List if I ever go to Korea. It looks intimating. I usually like simple things (one or two basic tastes in one bite). Patbingsu looks very flavorful and sweet.

  80. you guys do look like you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight! looking goooood people! can’t wait to see a TL;DR on it. IT’LL BE INSPIRATIONAL! hahaha. (i might need to get out more often :/)

  81. I had this when I went to Korea! But it was like a coffee shop were we went to and I was pleasantly surprised they had this treat!
    ..I also got distracted by a graffiti on the wall on the said shop and I’d like to share this one <3

  82. bigbangfosho

    OMG…I WAS WONDERING WHAT THIS WAS…I read about it in this fanfiction, Maid in Love xD

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