Ok, so this isn’t a big post to share. Last week, we showed you Part 1 of us being Animated with Anime Bancho. They released Part 2 today! Check it out now. Woohoo!

If you’d like to see the full playlist, with our intro and their two part segment, you can check it out here:


Also, I know some people have said that this isn’t Anime, but animation, because it doesn’t look like Manga. I’m not really sure if I perceive the difference. I mean, yes, this doesn’t look like Manga, but it’s still Animated in Japan. That makes it anime, no? Or is there another term for this? Guise?

Anyhow, just wanted to again say how awesome fun this was, and how we’d freaking love to have our own animation segment. I think we’ve got the personality and ideas for a cartoon. In fact, there are lots of videos we want to make and then we realize, umm, we can’t do that on camera. But if we were to have that drawn?! BOOYA! I’m pretty sure we just think of the world in anime terms, and see it as such. We just try to conform everyday life and pesky laws of physics to conform to our viewpoints. Ha!

  1. This is hysterical!!!! I love the lost in translation!

  2. Well, it is animated. . . Heck, i don’t know how you should call that.

    But since anime is explained as ” Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation” , I guess it lands in that category?

    Still, since manga and anime – as most of us know it – was a major part of my life while growing up, I immediately think of hand-drawn manga-style drawings in color *lol* ( as in, 2D and not 3D – thou there are also those in 3D – … if you know what I mean @.@ – gosh, I am confusing myself xD ).

  3. It’s definitely anime.
    For one, the word “anime” (アニメ) is linguistically just a shortened form of “animation” (アニメション) — cartoons (from anywhere). However, even if you think of anime in the colloquial “cartoons from Japan (made in Japan by Japanese artists)” way, you would still be correct in calling this anime.

    People might have a particular ideal style of anime, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this is anime, too. Like any other art form, there are many different styles of anime. Mainstream to obscure, old to new. This is a more modern form, but still anime. Otherwise, that’d be like saying, “I love ____(<3romantic historical<3)____ genre of books/music/whatever. All of those other books/songs/whatever aren't really books/songs/whatever!" Personally, I don't understand this mentality… Love what you love and leave others to love what they love. <3

    Heck, if you want to say "This isn't anime," at least compare your standard to older works that set the stage! Personally, I always think fondly of classics like マッハGoGoGo (Mach GoGoGo / Speed Racer) or パンダ・コパンダ (Panda Kopanda / Panda Go Panda) that I saw when I was a kid. *cough* Aging myself. ^_^ *cough* Others might think fondly of something else (with no less depth of joy than me). 'Tis all shiny-sparkly beautiful, you guise.

    I wonder if some people have a particular idea about what is "Japanese (or Korean or whatever other culture/nationality)" and think if something isn't conforming exactly to that standard, it isn't "Japanese/fill-in-the-blank enough (according to their standard)" — and perhaps not even Japanese/fill-in-the-blank at ALL. As if there is only one way to exist or express onself within a culture/population! I think it is better to appreciate individuals/individual artists within a culture without reference to nationality. If you like it, you like it. Yay! Personally, I would be offended if someone expected me to act or be a certain way "as an ____American/whatever_____" — as if I were an actor on a stage, playing some kind of role for their amusement. Be you and don't let anyone else make you feel that it makes you less worthy of belonging, my lovely unicorns.

    Sorry so ranty. I just… the feels. #^_^;
    "Peoples is peoples!" ~Pete, "Muppets Take Manhattan"

    • I agree with you though. Most people are used to a certain style of anime. Big eyes, unrealistic body proportions, clothes, etc. This animation was done in a style certain people may not enjoy. And animation is not easy! It takes hard work, lots of time and talented people!

      • Yeah, definitely. & I totally understand why people are drawn to the popular style a lot of modern anime use because I enjoy it, too! I think it’s so fun that there are lots of different styles from which to choose. (& Yeah, I can’t even fathom how much hard work it takes…I’m in awe.) :D

        • Have you noticed how feminized and in tune with their emotions guys are in like romance shoujo type anime? Oh and anime that has more of a male audience tend to have females with huge boobs, panty shots and what not. They’re all different but I enjoy all kinds anime!

        • Yeah, I think of it like one of many different recurring character types. I think it’s fun how different personalities are included and emotions are expressed.

  4. awesome! can someone explain the ‘damedesu’ & ‘amatatsu’ part? thanks heaps!

  5. The animation makes Simon and Martina look like they’re in their early teens.

  6. “Squat Star?” “High Heel? I want to be a male k-pop star.” Lol

  7. Very quirky… but I find this adorably funny!

  8. “Damedetsu” ROFL X”DD that was hilarious :’)

  9. Hmm… I guess you could call it anime… but when I think of anime I immediately think of high quality drawn characters… anyway it isn’t such a big deal :)

    ..thing is I think I prefer you guise in real life more than drawn or animated… I don’t know… just a personal preferance

    *yay* part 2 :D:D


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