Ok, we need to start doing some more wholesome WTF videos, because this, along with the S&M reenactment from the Face Mask video…I’m starting to worry that you might think that we’re getting a bit too naughty. That’s not the case! We’re doing exactly what anyone else would do if they were given these products. Right? Right? I mean, look at the pictures yourselves and tell us that you don’t think the same thing. No? You lie! Lie I say! LIE!

Sure, maybe you wouldn’t be following the instructions to a tee and doing the motions on video. We realize now, after seeing how closely the camera crops in on us, if you massage your stomach with the massager it looks…inappropriate. Kind of like that experiment when you close your eyes, stick out your tongue, an shake an imaginary salt shaker onto your tongue. Your mind actually tricks itself into tasting salt. You should try it. In front of your friends. Try it in front of your friends. Do it now. It’s ok. We’ll wait here. Tell us in the comments how they reacted.

Ok, for really reals, though, this massager wasn’t terrible. It’s great when you rub it on the back of your head. It kinda pinches the rest of your body, and the diagram makes it seem like that’s a desirable effect, but we didn’t like it. Otherwise, it was just…inappropriate. All around inappropriate. But fun to play with, nonetheless.

We also put in the playlist some of our older WTF segments, in which we’ve played around with massagers. This one definitely takes the cake as most awkward.

Anyhow, if you’d like to feel how awesome it feels to have this rubbed on the back of your head, you can achieve the exact same effect by clicking on the button here. It’ll give your body all the good feels it needs to survive.

  1. And there was also the freeze foam on the nipple, not too long ago. ;-)

  2. Guys… it’s a special massager to get rid of CELLULITE (not screaming, just emphasizing), that’s why it pinches your skin an the pictures show how to use it on your legs, hips, butt

  3. No, that horse was beaten into submission. SPUNK TRUMPET! SPUNK TRUMPEEET!

  4. reminds me of this other product to massage the face with… platinum coated and all shiny!! xDDD

  5. I lolled so Hard I might have peed a little!!!
    I loved the purr affect Guys!

  6. I am SO so happy you brought WTF back. These vids always make me laugh. <3

  7. …Jup better stop right there. Or not! ;)

    And thats where the Nastie-ness comes from!
    But honestly after watching 3 min of this WTF, one simply can’t control rather sarcastic comments right?

  8. I did the same thing too T.T

  9. ….i totally had to watch this in incognito mode….

  10. The person who designed this product is either very innocent or a dirty minded troll

  11. I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE!!! Lol it’s like the only episode of that show I’ve ever seen. I haven’t even clicked the link, but I remember it was a model of a building or something yea xD

  12. Is it just me or the package really looks like a lint roller was in it???!!!

  13. Don’t underestimate the power of FanMan to make it okay for male closet kpop fans to come out – he said it was okay, and it IS. ;)

  14. This is by far my favourite WTF and blog post, the comments made it even better xD

  15. I never knew he actually said that! I just thought it was a meme with words that matched the expression. Lol, thanks for sharing.

  16. hahahahahahah xD la cara de Simon…

  17. Pinoy Nasties, would it be a good idea to send EYK a ‘barrel man’?

  18. I watched this in total disbelief and with my jaw dropped….which now that I think about it and type this out may just add to the innuendos…oh boy!

  19. This video is overflowing with Hap-penis ;)

  20. OMG best WTF evar! Seriously, even the intro had me almost in tears! And how’d you read my mind? I WAS thinking that it was Japanese ><

  21. Hahahaha! What every student needs to get rid of their stress!! Good old penis massager!

    • Actually I want one now that I watched this WTF, don’t you too?
      I mean just what I need to get rid of during boring lectures in uni.
      – Just looking at it and thinking of eyk would have me rolling over the floor laughing my head off.

      Simon, Martina, you guys should start a teleshopping segment!

  22. Flag as Inappropriate :D until you watch it.

  23. In the Venus-Penis songs at the end, you guys forgot Hello Venus’ “I’m Your Venus” which totally sounds like “I’m Your Penis”

  24. Sees title: Wait… you’re massaging your…????
    Sees the roller: Why does it look like a…
    Finishes Video: Does it get dirtier if it went up the….?
    Mind’s cleanliness level: Destroyed

  25. You guys are such immature children xDDD. Love it!

  26. BAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHA! This is the ballsiest WTF I’ve seen yet. It would have been better if you WANKED to the place where you bought this. xD

  27. I just spit my soda all over my desk as you went through the color options! Also not only does that look like a penis it also looks like the female reproductive system.

  28. oh, my god. Simon control yourself! xD

  29. *sigh*

    No, Simon, not everyone is as dirty-minded as you. No matter how I look at it, that massager is definitely shaped like a lady with a very narrow head and massive boobs. :p

  30. I could NOT stop laughing. I honestly don’t mind the dirty videos lately because, well, I’m a perv, and I thoroughly enjoy this sort of humor. That said….. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

  31. Ok. Now Hurricane Venus will not be the same anymore.

  32. I think that was one of your nastiest and most inappropriate video ever…

  33. when I first saw the title, I really thought it was something to massage your … uhmm well, never mind.

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