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WTF – Penis Massager

September 21, 2013


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Ok, we need to start doing some more wholesome WTF videos, because this, along with the S&M reenactment from the Face Mask video…I’m starting to worry that you might think that we’re getting a bit too naughty. That’s not the case! We’re doing exactly what anyone else would do if they were given these products. Right? Right? I mean, look at the pictures yourselves and tell us that you don’t think the same thing. No? You lie! Lie I say! LIE!

Sure, maybe you wouldn’t be following the instructions to a tee and doing the motions on video. We realize now, after seeing how closely the camera crops in on us, if you massage your stomach with the massager it looks…inappropriate. Kind of like that experiment when you close your eyes, stick out your tongue, an shake an imaginary salt shaker onto your tongue. Your mind actually tricks itself into tasting salt. You should try it. In front of your friends. Try it in front of your friends. Do it now. It’s ok. We’ll wait here. Tell us in the comments how they reacted.

Ok, for really reals, though, this massager wasn’t terrible. It’s great when you rub it on the back of your head. It kinda pinches the rest of your body, and the diagram makes it seem like that’s a desirable effect, but we didn’t like it. Otherwise, it was just…inappropriate. All around inappropriate. But fun to play with, nonetheless.

We also put in the playlist some of our older WTF segments, in which we’ve played around with massagers. This one definitely takes the cake as most awkward.

Anyhow, if you’d like to feel how awesome it feels to have this rubbed on the back of your head, you can achieve the exact same effect by clicking on the button here. It’ll give your body all the good feels it needs to survive.



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