A long time ago we did a Pepero Day video, but now that video is old and smelly. Time for a new Pepero Day video! Huzzah!

So, Pepero Day is November 11th. Pepero is actually a candy company that specializes in long, thin cookies dipped in chocolate. November 11th is Pepero Day because it’s 11/11, which looks like four Pepero sticks. Well, maybe it looks like 5 Pepero sticks if you count the middle one that’s slanted. Anyhow, the marketing team at Pepero decided to call it Pepero Day and make it so that everyone buys and gives Peperos to their friends and family on that day. What a freaking brilliant marketing strategy! Seriously! Can you imagine Pepsi trying to make a Pepsi day without being laughed at? Pepero somehow pulled it off, and it’s so successful that, on that day, they sell more Pepero than they do on all the other days of the year combined, supposedly. Don Draper couldn’t have come up with a better idea! In the video, Simon describes it as Halloween in Korea, but it’s really more like Korean Valentine’s Day, except with less sentimental value.

On a side note: Simon has two major goals in his life. One of them is to make a national holiday, somehow. The best we’ve come up with so far is Annual Stawski Lazy Day, which is on December 12th. It’s a great day, because you stay in all day, rent movies and order pizzas. It’s right before the Christmas rush, and it’s meant to give you a day to relax before you lose yourself in Christmas preparations. Seriously. Great holiday. Stay at home with your family and order pizza. Unless you’re a pizza delivery guy. Then the holiday does not apply to you. Sorry! Life goal #2 is to make Ranch dressing the most popular condiment in the world, more popular than ketchup and salsa.

Where were we again? Oh yeah! Happy Pepero Day to you all! Hope you like our silly video. We try to introduce the different kinds of Pepero and the many things you can do with them when you’ve eaten too many and don’t know what to do with the rest. Finally, thanks again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the awesome Korean subtitle translations! They’ve been really great, and really fast, too :D

  1. Does Pepero day have a meaning beyond just the candy sticks? I keep hearing mention of a farmer’s rice cake day as well. Are the two related? Or is that just coincidence, like today being Veteran’s Day in the US?

  2. I wanna have Pepero!! all I have access to is Pocky! (not that I’m complaining cos I like Pocky) but I WANT PEPERO!!!
    YAY!!!! Harry Potter reference!!!also you guys are funny cos this vid is from last year!!!

  3. Did you upload this video a while ago? because I watched it like a week ago… O.O

  4. Ha! No, Simon will not be growing a mustache. He'll probably never grow a mustache unless he wants to:

    a) Face Martina's wrath and
    b) Look just like his father

  5. You guys are too cute! Love the videos! Great fun!
    I need some pepero!!!

  6. this is awesome, too bad they don't do that here :(

  7. Have you guys ever thought about doing a vid on Aeygo?? I think I finally understand it… I came across a vid of SNSD's Sunny Aeygo today. I always wondered when I saw pics of someone showing their 'aeygo'… it's a certain kind of cuteness right? Although it seems sickly sweet to me, I can't help but be entranced but some aeygo impressions :p

  8. Aww, I love your videos!

    Surely the stuff tastes the sames as Pocky though? My favourite is strawberry pocky with strawberry flakes^^

  9. I started watching your videos today and I must say you made my day better :) You're so funny. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling xD Spudgy is sooo cute, love him :* Pepero looks like Pocky or maybe it's the same but have different name? ^^"
    Your video editing is really perfect. I will be visiting your page more for sure :3 Can't wait to see more videos!

  10. yeah, pepero day wouldn't catch on much in the US either/ or at least it would have to be on a different day because of Veterans Day

  11. I love Pepero!! sadly here in the USA they don't celebrate that :(
    love your videos!! they make me laugh so much!!

    • I don't think Pepero Day could fly in America, because it's celebrated as Remembrance Day instead. Two totally different vibes. Unless in North America they make Pepero Day November 1st, but that wouldn't be as cool.

      • Remembrance day is just in Canada. They call it Veteran's Day in America ;)

      • yeah it wouldn't be cool at all. lol not alot of people here even know what pepero is.
        since im a new fan of you, i went back last night and watched alot of your videos. LOVED IT ALL!!! my best went to Korea (i was so jealous) and im hoping to go soon. i have a penpal in Jeju City who wants me to visit her and she wants to take me to Seoul. so your videos are really helping me ^^

  12. In my country there are similiar sticks, but only not with chocolate:/
    I wish I could try them someday:))

  13. You guys are so fun,, !!! ^^ . you are really enjoying Korean life..
    may I ask you something? I'm always wondering what is your camera..? 5D mark II ?
    and what did you do for your living before teaching English in Korea? because,, video editing is perfect.
    did you make this website by yourself?
    I really like your website.

    • 5DMKII?! I wish! We just have a 550D.

      As for what we did before teaching in Korea, we taught in Canada :D We don't have any video training or anything. We just learned it here in Korea. And we learned webdesign here as well. Yes, we had a LOT of free time on our hands :D


  14. There's no pepero in Peru xDD I wanna try it *-*

  15. This was really cute. I totally want some pepero now!

  16. Yes! Good eye! We love that place :D

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