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Pepero Day in Korea!

November 12, 2010


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A long time ago we did a Pepero Day video, but now that video is old and smelly. Time for a new Pepero Day video! Huzzah!

So, Pepero Day is November 11th. Pepero is actually a candy company that specializes in long, thin cookies dipped in chocolate. November 11th is Pepero Day because it’s 11/11, which looks like four Pepero sticks. Well, maybe it looks like 5 Pepero sticks if you count the middle one that’s slanted. Anyhow, the marketing team at Pepero decided to call it Pepero Day and make it so that everyone buys and gives Peperos to their friends and family on that day. What a freaking brilliant marketing strategy! Seriously! Can you imagine Pepsi trying to make a Pepsi day without being laughed at? Pepero somehow pulled it off, and it’s so successful that, on that day, they sell more Pepero than they do on all the other days of the year combined, supposedly. Don Draper couldn’t have come up with a better idea! In the video, Simon describes it as Halloween in Korea, but it’s really more like Korean Valentine’s Day, except with less sentimental value.

On a side note: Simon has two major goals in his life. One of them is to make a national holiday, somehow. The best we’ve come up with so far is Annual Stawski Lazy Day, which is on December 12th. It’s a great day, because you stay in all day, rent movies and order pizzas. It’s right before the Christmas rush, and it’s meant to give you a day to relax before you lose yourself in Christmas preparations. Seriously. Great holiday. Stay at home with your family and order pizza. Unless you’re a pizza delivery guy. Then the holiday does not apply to you. Sorry! Life goal #2 is to make Ranch dressing the most popular condiment in the world, more popular than ketchup and salsa.

Where were we again? Oh yeah! Happy Pepero Day to you all! Hope you like our silly video. We try to introduce the different kinds of Pepero and the many things you can do with them when you’ve eaten too many and don’t know what to do with the rest. Finally, thanks again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the awesome Korean subtitle translations! They’ve been really great, and really fast, too :D



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