This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a personalized duck/chicken fan! Wear it around your neck, and turn the fan on when you’re overheated. Boom! Sure, we’ve seen personal fans in Canada before, but we’ve never seen them in this form. Cute duck form! Or cute chicken form! Either way, it’s some kind of cute baby yellow bird form. Tweetie bird, maybe? We’re still torn as to what animal this is supposed to represent.

Who cares what kind of animal it is: these things are awesome! We saw them a while ago when Simon did his goodbye video to his school, when one of the students opens up a Hello Kitty box and a fan emerges. Since we’ve already seen those before, we didn’t want to buy them, but this one we haven’t actually seen. We still don’t understand the concept behind them. Yes, it looks cute, but why does it have to be a spring-loaded torpedo that’s really, really loud when you open it? We don’t know. Is it really supposed to be the body like Martina suggested? Since when do duchurkins hide their bodies inside of their heads?

Hell, all we know is that we’re using these around Korea now because it is nasty hot outside. Yes, we know people in the US are complaining a lot louder than we are (rightfully so, because it’s REALLY hot over there) but that doesn’t make us feel any less sweaty over here. And what a great way to accessorize your wardrobe! Cool shades, a nice bracer or two, and a totally pimping chidurkin around your neck. Flava Flav ain’t got nothin on this!

You know you want one of these. Don’t pretend you’re too cool for one!

  1. crazy story nail clippers can be used as clamps for a bomb’s wiring…. thats why you dont get to cut your nails. My dad was a pilot for many years.

  2. chiduckin!!!!!!!! xD hahah that’s hilarious!!!

  3. Be careful you don’t leave that on for too long.  You could die.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death

    Go Korea!

  4. You guys know there’s no “r” in chicken or in duck? haha Just so you know, I love your show, I look forward to it every week :)

  5. yeah I think it is chick. haha 

  6. I think its a baby chicken!! Ducks are white! aren’t they?

  7. Please do me a favor and try this experiment: start your fan-duck or duck-fan and put it in a bucket with water. Does it swim? If not then it might as well be a chicken-fan or a fan-chicken ;)

  8. WHERES SPUDGY? haven’t seen him in a long time

  9. I thought it’s “fan” like “supporter”…so i expected after u put it on your neck it’ll go like “Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!! OMG! OMG! It’s him! Oppa!Oppa! Saranghae oppa!!! Hwaiting!”

  10. I have plenty of those. Hahaha

  11. you are SO beautiful girl :D im jelouss! 

  12. I am for a poll? Chicken or duck.

  13. Umm I think you know who should get the Ducky/Chick…AHEM!

  14. Looking at it… I think it’s… god, I keep changing my mind. The mouth looks like a duck but the feathers on the top of the head look distinctly chicken-like.

    But I like ducks so I’mma say it’s a Duchicky.

    I think I need one. Now.

  15. Oh Dang, That Chiduck is so cute!

  16. Its a duck. Its a baby duck. Their always yellow. Its not a chicken, end of arguement and Martina wins =D
    Too bad Simon.

  17. you guys should’ve put a clip of Onew making duck sounds ^.^

  18. Whenever I watch WTF I expect something totally bizarre. So, when I saw “personalized fan,” I thought it was a little toy that a person could use to pretend that they were a kpop star. As in, someone would do Karaoke, or rock out in their bedroom with a hairbrush, and then turn on a little toy that would hop up and down and praise them, saying things like “oppa! you’re amazing!” This makes a hell of a lot more sense. 

  19. why do not you invite your follow on ITunes? TT ^ TTU are so funny :’D

  20. why do not you invite your follow on ITunes? TT ^ TTYou are soooo funny ;’D

  21. you guys should call it a chuck (chicken +duck)

  22. Had the plain ones when I was a young’un and the fam was really into camping. What is even better on the hot days (if you can find them over there) are the bigger ones that also carry water, which you can spray on yourself. That way you can get a light mist along with being fanned.

  23. It’s totally a Ducken :D I ate this delicious food once, it turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken so Turducken ;DD I really needed one too, I think the heat in Finland ended but can you imagine the pain and suffering of 35celcius when you’re more used to -25 :/

  24. ohoho imagining it gets taken away at the airport… its heart breaking xD

  25. Kiss and touch me rub my chiducken.

  26. omg ur so right its SO SO SO HOT here in the US -.- today is like the hottest day of this month or smth..

  27. Oh. My. Gawd. I NEED THIS!!!!!1111

  28. Since when I Jurassic Park an old people movie???? maybe im just older than the target demographic……but im only 21 :(

    • they meant “old” as it came out a really long time ago making them “old”…
      i was 15 when the movie came out…
      martina and simon were 10…
      wow, am i really THAT much older than them?!?!?! O_O

  29. I definitely need one of those….cause it’s a hot hot summer.   xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  30. You’re method for luring the turduckin (wait….) away from us seemed awfully similar to the way the Grinch stole Christmas.

  31. Hehehe. Some Engrish on the wrapping.
    So what is the point of this ducky? A fan?
    Looks like a children’s toy.
    Somehow I doubt this is going to be very convincing in trying to hijack a airplane.

  32. Hey I know how Martina loves T.O.P.
    Here’s a cute video of him eating snow!

  33. it’s definitely a chick/duckling.
    They both look the same and they’re both yellow like the fan. :)

  34. I was in so *shit happens* mood. Thank YOU !!!

  35. So…is this related to that “Asian Brown Cloud” thing? You know – fowl air?

  36. @Simon, What an awesome shirt!!!@Martina…your makeup looks GREEEAAAATTTT! Love it!

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