(That was the sound of an explosion, by the way).

So, we’ve been stalking Alien’s Day Out forever. And by we, I mean Martina. She’s been stalking that blog forever. But that means, in the grand scheme of things, that I’ve been stalking it as well, because Martina tells me all about it all the time. I know all about the foods and the bunny.

Also, we’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. We went on our big diet a while ago and cut out carbs and lost a boatload of weight from it. Now, we’ve been reintroducing carbs into our diet, but we’ve been trying to eat healthier stuff instead. Trying lower carb options, vegan options at times, and exercising a whole lot more.

We were really excited when we heard that Alien’s Day Out was opening up a restaurant. There’s something really amazing, for us, in seeing online people take things offline. We have another friend, Dan Grey, who runs Seoul Eats, and he opened up a pub a short while ago, and we were just so happy for him. I don’t know what it is. We know a few bloggers in Korea that have expanded outside of just blogging, and it inspires us a lot. Hopefully, one day we can do something like this as well.

Anyhow, the point of all of this backstory is this: we were both driven by our desire to eat better, along with our respect for Alien Day Out’s success, and mashed that together with us being awake at a reasonable hour, so that all the planets aligned and we were finally able to make a video of this awesome place.

We went there before once just to test it out. Vegan food can sometimes be gross. Sure, it’s nutritionally delicious, but sometimes it’s just not palatable. We wanted to taste the food first before we recommended it, so we went a few days beforehand. It was lovely! We even met some awesome Nasties there as well, so it was an overall really lovely experience.

We came again on a Wednesday afternoon, in time for lunch and dessert. Though we ate more dessert than lunch. Did I say we were trying to eat healthier? Trying, ok? Trying! Trying! Stop judging meeeeeee!

No, but for really reals. This place is lovely. The food is lovely, the people we met there are warm and friendly. The thin mints are freaking delectable. It’s a bit confusing to get to if you don’t know the Itaewon area very well, but we made a video here to show you how to get there. BOOYA!


You can check out the Google Map of how to get there here:

View Larger Map

And here’s the address in Korean just in case you want to hop in a taxi and just go there: 서울시 용산구 이태원동 63-15

Oh! And we’ve got a few bloopers as well. Check em out!


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  1. I’m saddened that you think “Vegan food can sometimes be gross. Sure, it’s nutritionally delicious, but sometimes it’s just not palatable.” Animal products can sometimes be gross. Hell any type of food can sometimes be gross. In my experience, I find vegan food MORE flavorful on average to compensate for the (usually) low fat content.
    I would like to invite you to the monthly Seoul Vegan Potluck that I organize in the Itaewon area to try some amazing vegan foods by some great cooks. Maybe it will change your mind.

  2. I can’t believe you guys are at PLANT! I read Mipa’s Blog “Alien’s Day Out” she is the owner of PLANT. Amazing Blog!!! BTW I found EYK while looking for a guide to playing Go Stop, You all are a chuckle a minute!!

  3. Leigh’s editing is awesome! I wish more videos or other Youtubers were like this. I may have potential, but I’m aware that editing is time murder… XP

  4. Non-Vegan Bacon Deserts (say it three times fast): Candied Bacon , Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Toffee, Bacon Brownies, Maple Bacon Donuts (See Tim Horton’s), Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, and MORE http://republicofbacon.com/2011/06/20/top-25-amazing-bacon-dessert-recipes/

  5. My Crohn’s disease flared up and thus I have not eaten in 2 days. Why did I choose to watch this video *droooooooool* Must admit I’m making my way up to Seoul before this place closes!

  6. I’ll never understand this gluten-free trend.
    There isn’t anything wrong with gluten its just that some people can’t process gluten or are allergic
    but that a small percent of people and its not because theres something wrong with gluten
    its perfectly fine to eat!

  7. Those all look so unbelievably good. Pumpkin and salted caramel are my two favorite food things and I am seriously drooling over that cake.

  8. I would rather stab myself in the eye than east vegan food by choice. There is no vegan cake that would not taste better and also be easier to make with the addition of a few eggs and some milk or butter. I could learn what vegan options there are in order for me to have adequate amounts of protein and iron in my diet or I could just eat beef, maybe some liver too…

    I have nothing against people who are Vegan or Vegetarians for their own moral reasons. I just hate the pseudo-science of fad diets and the common misconception that it meat free eating is such a healthy lifestyle. What happened to just eating a healthy balanced diet, lowering calorie intake? The picky eating is why we have such rampant food allergies these days.

    Besides life is too short for it to be lived meat, butter, milk, cheese, egg, fat and general tastiness free!

  9. Fooooooooood!!!!! It’s really late and I can’t eat food. *sobs* well, I have eyk and doctor who to keep me happy until I can eat something.

  10. Intern Leigh has graduated into editor Leigh??? WHOOOO *cue graduation music*

  11. Im just wondering if its halal or not? And ive been wondering if they’re specific restaurants or places that serve halal food. please answer my question. I DYING TO KNOWWW!! T.T

  12. “I’m full so I can safely watch a FAPFAP”, I thought. And then you showed some yummy cakes. Cakes never fail to make me salivate. What I’m trying to say is: I liked this FAPFAP, that place looks relly nice. And good job, Editor Leigh!

  13. I was so happy to see you going to Plant! Ever since you recommended Mipa’s blog I have been an avid stalker of it. If I lived in Korea I would eat at Plant every day!!!

  14. That Canadian pronunciation of “about” at 23 seconds in the Bloopers XD

  15. Martina you aren’t go alone next time….

    You are going to take me with you!

  16. Awesome FAPFAP, I find it hilarious that Simon eats basically everything & Leigh did everything you to told her what to do in the final cut. ahahah. funny~ It’s nice to know your opinion on Vegan food. I hope one day there’s a session of EYK Cooking Show. Maybe add some “BAM!”, for entertainment. I want to see lots of EYK Cooking experience. & possibly have someone you know that’s a cook as a special guest.

  17. I loved the editing in this video Leigh! It made me laugh out loud :D And the end of the bloopers was awesome!

  18. I love how you whisper to the camera and the post it to the world…

  19. This is so great… needless to say I cannot wait to take my lunch… Not that it is going to be Vegan… (NOT THAT I WAS WATCHING THIS AT WORK) ehm… ermm… ahammm… Anyways, The thing about good food is just that, ITS GOOD. It just gives you bonus life points if its healthy, so if you can have the best of both worlds WHY WOULDN’T YOU!!!! Was It Pricey? That is always my concern when it comes to Vegan Noms, I have had the unfortunateness of having expensive.. bad Vegan food. Made me die a little on the inside.

    Also Bloopers, freaked me out a bit… I had literally made the same reference today at work “When I shake my maracas, they go boom chiki boom chiki boom boom” 0_0 GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!! :P Have a great trip to Japan. ^_^

  20. Re; The bloopers video. I’m glad Martina’s sister mentioned the “legitimately” thing. I wanted to but didn’t know how to do it without sounding like a school teacher. It was out of control.

  21. FYI SIMON- a lot people don’t know that desserts aren’t vegan. Literally every holiday and family get together- “So… why is this cookie vegan? What makes it not vegan” FRIGGIN BUTTER! MILK! EGGS! Then you get the whole debate of whether vegan butter is yucky. My sister always complains that it is “not natural” yet she slathers canned frosting on her boxed cake…. thanks sis. Thanks. *rant over*

    Point is that people don’t make connection of bi-products. At my job I have to teach probably 50% of the new employees that chicken stock is NOT vegetarian. And I interject all the time saying “No that has sour cream, that is not vegan, no yogurt is not vegan” Hell, I got asked once if the Chicken Noodle Soup was vegetarian.

    TLDR; Simon people are idiots that don’t know what they are shoving into their mouths.

    • What always baffled me was how people thought fish didn’t count as meat.
      It’s animal… therefore I cannot eat it…

      • XD I know. I am technically not a vegan since I eat some fish and eggs (cage-free/wild caught/sustanible). I occasionally eat dairy mostly because I get tired of having to tell people that I don’t eat cheese. I know some people who consider chicken vegetarian too. It cracks me up.

  22. Did you guys let Leigh eat some cake? Looking at you, Simon! And is Leigh done with school?! That would be awesome, possibly more videos, perhaps? :) That chocolate cake looked divine.

  23. Loved the edits for this one! And as a veggie I’m happy you did another video of vegan/vegetarian places in Korea. I was like “now I’ve just eaten, watching a fapfap won’t make me hungry” but I was wrong. I want cake and salad too :(( Looks sooo yummy!
    Also, when you said huddle up, I actually huddled up to the computer screen :D I hadn’t really missed your videos that much but it sure feels nice to have you guys back :D Hope you enjoyed your break!

  24. 2:44 : Menu Vegan –>> MOROCCAN STEW &Couscous !!!!!! SOoooo Haaappy to see this ^^ ! You should have ordered this !

  25. Martina, are you carrying a super cute bag/backpack? I can see some of it in the bloopers but…can’t tell! Please show us more! :D

  26. Great work on the directions video and the map! When I came to Seoul in November it was a challenge finding some of the locations of your trips but this is a great resource. Also, well done Editor Leigh, I look forward to more pig noses and similar in future :)

  27. My parents had a vegan doughnut and they told me it’s really good. I never got to eat it.. but one day I will.

    Vegan food is good, but it really depends on where you get it, and what you’re having. During the summer, Vancouver had this vegan food festival, and had all these products you can try. My bf and I tried the vegan chicken strips, and we couldn’t finish it. It was just nasty. I have Taiwanese vegetarian chicken nuggets in my freezer, and they taste really good and almost remind you of Chicken McNuggets.

    If you find a Buddist restaurant, it is heaven. All they sell are vegan dishes and the “meat” you get looks legitly like the original meat product and tastes pretty similar to the original product. (Since dairy products don’t sit well in Asian diets.)

  28. *weeps* i was going to go to korea in march, but the people i was going to go with are planning to go when i had already agreed to let a friend stay in my room. and apparently they can’t do any other time, so i told them i’d pass. AND THEN I SEE THIS VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; all the tears

  29. I LOOOVVEEE u guise so much!!! Do you know that all your videos from TL;DR, FAPFAP, WANK has help me during my Christmas holiday in SEOUL last year…THANK YOU SO MUCH (virtual hugs)..I love the vegan food edition cause I’m a Muslim so it really does help me a lot to find food..looking forward to more of your videos so I can plan my next Korea trip!!

  30. Okay, are there any straight roads in Korea? I would love to go there someday, but it seems like I would get lost ALL THE TIME. Is there some kind of trick, or do you guys just wander around until you eventually find what you were looking for?

  31. Thank you SO much for posting this :D When I go to Korea I’m definitely trying this place out. Good to know there are a few vegetarian/vegan friendly places in South Korea. :D

  32. This was like the best fapfap ever! So friggin hilarious! I missed you guys so much! My weekly dose of Korea life has returned! Never leave me again!

    Edit: omg you killed Leigh!

  33. Wow! This WANK/FAPFAP was super awsesome-sauce! It was funny, informative, and the editing was just top notch. I did looooooove the foiled sexy food porn shots of Simon and Martina stuffing their faces too – makes me extra hungry for some reason, and I even came prepared by eating already! Fooling around with the links and calling out the effects was really fun too, poor Simon, you’ll win next time. Interesting that you liked the banana pie when you don’t like banana bread, what did it taste like?

    Not all vegan food is horrible tasting but you have to work extra hard because some of the ingredients just don’t mix well. It’s great when you can find some good stuff. As for vegan/Korean pastry being bad, certain the basic pie pastry without butter is juust Crisco (whipped vegetable shortening), salt, flour, and cold water…..you can use any kind of “flour” for gluten free (ground acorns?) and it will usually be okay. I have seen upteenth frozen or store pies that mess it up (so yucky!) even here in North America, but I cannot imagine how, it’s not rocket science.

    Cyber_3 – points at mouth like Simon’s cat too……time for dessert!

  34. I feel like you kind of did a filming style shift and I love it. Its so fun to watch you use bribes on leigh and have the camera act like it is a person. I love love love Leigh (probably somewhat because that’s my mom’s middle name) and you should have her do more of the group naming. Personally I’m surprised that she didn’t get Tiffany or Jessica.

  35. Thanks for the wonderful W.A.N.K.ing F.A.P.F.A.P. or would it be a F.A.P.F.A.P.ing W.A.N.K…..hmmm

    All the vegan food looked really delicious, especially all those desserts. While I’ve learned I can’t whole heartily become a vegan or vegetarian (I’m infamously a chickentarian), I do enjoy interjecting those recipes/foods into my meals. Vegan meals can be tricky, so vegan desserts have always scared me away from attempting to bake them. Seeing how pretty those were, and how delicious you said they were, I just may need to give baking vegan a try.

  36. Guysssss ! Can you teach me how to speak martina ?

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