Ok, so I’m not going to be emotional in this post. I’m just gonna share stuff and be chipper! Yay! We’ve got lots of pretty pictures at the bottom of the post. And we’re editing the footage for this week’s Music Monday as well, yay!

Anyhow, our second day in Poland was a very calm day. We walked around Stare Miasto for a while and took a bunch of shots. We sat down at a restaurant with patio seating, ate far too much food, and drank a couple of mugs of warmed honey wine. Then we went to the mall, Zlote Tarasy, and bought stuff. Poland’s so cheap! Norway was – good google-goo – prohibitively expensive! Five dollar Snickers bars! In Poland, we were able to buy a bunch of stuff. Like Goji Berries! We usually order them online for, like, 20 bucks a bag. In Poland, we got a bigger bag for three bucks. THREE! We got wheatberries as well for cheap! We also bought halloween costumes for twenty bucks a pop! WHOOOAAAA.

Also, when we were in Stare Miasto, I was looking around everywhere for this square. Not square as in shape, but, like, area. I remember being there as a kid with my family, and we sat down at a patio in this giant square where there were lots of restaurants. I don’t remember what I ate, but I remember thinking back then that Warsaw was gorgeous. I think it was under construction this time around, so we didn’t get to go. I think it was close to the statue of the soldier with a sword and shield up. Is that the area? I don’t know.

Anyhow, we’ll let our artsy fartsy pictures do the rest of the talking. Our Amsterdam Day 1 video is uploaded and we’ll be publishing that soon. Music Monday is still being edited, but we’re going to die of jetlag before we have enough time to finish it, so we’ll put it up tomorrow afternoon as a Kpop Music Tuesday. Sorry guise! We keep on waking up at absurd hours and falling asleep everywhere. Make sure you don’t miss it, though! It’s our first Music Monday in a bagillion years! Click on the button below to make sure you don’t miss it!

And now: pictures!

  1. Your hat is adorable, Martina! Where’d you get it?

  2. “I think it was close to the statue of the soldier with a sword and shield up”
    Mate, that was Syrenka


  3. I love how in the cast of the people retrieving the “scarf” had g-dragon as the daughter and exo as the tree xD lmaoooo

  4. I wonder how many other people save your pictures in their computer to be kept and look at them later on…



  5. I wish an average Polish person can say that Poland is cheap but… you know what? Nah… for us it’s not xP
    We keep complaining about the prices (but well… Poles complain about everything LOL xP)
    Anyways, I’m glad you came to Poland. It’s also really nice to hear that you liked the food kkk.
    Too bad I had classes the day of fanmeeting TT.TT

  6. OMG, all these videos, just, just…… *cries happiness and rainbows* THANK YOU!

  7. I absolutely lost my shit at the velociraptor. That kid has a good pair of pipes on him.

  8. You guys had me rolling the whole video but I cried tears of laughter by the time you got to Bruce Willis attempting to retrieve his scarf from the with the scarf eating EXO tree. It was indeed the best thing ya’ll have randomly caught on footage.

    Don’t even get me started on the velociraptor.

  9. u got all sj member in the vid??? :)

  10. Oh my god! You don’t even know how happy I am, because you two visited my country :D I love that video so so much ^^ I hope I’ll meet you in future, just come here again and tell us about it before ;) Pączki najlepsze x3

  11. man…you guys went to some beautiful countries!!!
    ahahahah PunchKey!!! and then “GDragon”!!!
    the movie credits were hilarious!!!

  12. I love looking at all the pictures you add on the bottom of your blog

  13. Tree All of EXO <- This
    I died laughing. :D

  14. I’m s happy for you guise! Watching these videos has really shown me how big the Nasty community is and how many lives have been touched… I really do hope to see you two someday. :)

  15. Meeting with you guys was really fun. Especially Martina’s “Oh… tall girl… Oh and another tall girl”. Photo time was great and hugging Simon TWICE! kekeke I was waiting for it a long time^^

  16. All these videos are making me so happy!! You guys must be editing like maniacs (*thank you*).

  17. my sides hurt now from laughing. I loved seeing Warsaw and i love seeing you guys travel so i can see places that i might otherwise never get to go. :3

  18. That wasn’t a scarf, I’m pretty sure it’s Piglet from Winnie the Pooh!

  19. So glad to see Simon and Martina visit so many wonderful countries! I loved it when you visited Japan (My favorite one!) And now your getting to visit Europe! I love watching your videos all the time, it lets me travel the world without all the costs! And we’re all with you two! Its amazing. I love eyk. Thank you guys! :)

  20. Poland’s so pretty. I wanna go there some day. :D

  21. Why Hewo Shimon! Meem meem meem~
    But seriously, I am really glad that you liked my costume. And that you enjoyed your stay in Poland ^w^
    It was amazing meeting the two of you x3

  22. Only you guys would see a Sad Panda and a family event like that in Poland, haha. Seriously, WANEYK wanike? But wow, Warsaw is sooo beautiful, we’re going to have to go there next year for our summer vacation. ^^

  23. omggggg all the food! Now I’m so hungry….

  24. Did you have Zapiekanka? : )))

  25. “Tradtional Polish food for lunch, what’s for dinner?”
    “It’s totally going to be fast food isn’t it?”
    “We are in McDonalds in Poland for a reason”
    Guys I was only half joking!


  27. oh god so hungry now :OOOOOOO

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