Remember when we did our fundraiser a while ago? We’re almost ready to mail everything out! All of the care packages are divided, wrapped up, boxed, left with a secret message (and secret video!), taped, and addressed. Boom! Now, we’re working on doing all of the polaroids, but – whoaaaaa, they take a long time to do. We’ve got roughly 1500 to shoot. We worked through 220 the other day. Shooting them all, signing them all, wrapping them, putting them in envelopes, and sealing the envelopes: that took us roughly 3 hours, and we only got roughly 1/7th of the way through. YARGH! This is gonna take forever!

Anyhow, we just wanted to show you how things are going. No, we didn’t forget the perks. Yes, we’re still working on them. There’s just so many things to make and send out, and we’re only a staff of a few people. We’re trying to get as much done as possible, but we’re definitely not forgetting about your perks at all. Thank you all for being this patient so far!

Also, we know that some of you who bought perks might have moved since the time of the fundraiser. If so, let us know via email and we’ll fix it before shipping it out. The first shipment should be going out on Monday, so please please please send us your new address before then!

Side note: posing for pictures is weird. We could, if we wanted to, just have stayed in the same pose for every single picture, but then that would suck.

#1) We’d fall asleep. We have to keep moving and trying new poses, or else we’d fall asleep after the first half hour.

#2) It teaches us new poses. We sometimes see Nasties in the wild and take pictures with them. Simply smiling for pictures is no fun. Why not make an awesome pose so that the picture is more awesome? Makes sense, right? But how do we learn potential awesome poses? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Sure, we’ve got a lot of poses that don’t really look too good, either, but some are great! We actually shot another batch recently, but we had our friend, Ryan – who you might have seen in some of our Korean Indie Segments – help out by shouting out different things for us to pose to. We played sexy photography model music while Ryan shouted out “You’re a dolphin!” “You’re a Tree!” “You’re sand!” Some poses were great. Sand wasn’t a great pose.

#3) We want to give you something different. This could be like Pokemon, and some people can be like “ermahgerd! Did you see the wild magi carp pose?” Though, that probably won’t happen. We just like the idea of giving something special, in some small bizarre way, to you guise. Errhm. Yeah.

Also, not sure if you noticed this, but when it comes to stop motion movies, it can get a bit repetitive at times. We tried doing different things to break up the monotony. Pretty much, after we shot 20 pics, we’d have to reload the cameras, and we’d also look at the pics. But that would make for a boring video if you saw us hunched over all the time. Dancing was required in the background, and so, dancing was provided.

  1. I saw a banana! Is this a Jusu trap?

  2. Hey I didn’t receive my polaroid… how can I get in touch?

  3. You need a bigger staff :(

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Wow! I can’t wait to get my package. I promise I will treasure it always :-)

  5. I’d love a pic, is it too late to donate/enter/whatever I need to do???

  6. What kind of Polaroids did you guys buy?

  7. Do you think you’ll do perk packages again for other things?

  8. Aww I wish I’d known about you guys in time to donate and buy a perk package >.<

  9. But have you tried Power Ranger/Super Sentai poses yet? 8D

  10. Hey, I changed my Address and e-mailed you. I was wondering if you got the e-mail. I’m the one that lived in Oklahoma but now lives in Germany. Not sure if what the best way to confirm is…

    Anyway, you guys are awesome. That seems like an amazingly huge project and you’re putting so much thought into it; that makes me as a Nastie feel all warm on the inside. lol. Though I agree with what nonprofit_tech said. If I was in Korea and you guys wanted help stuffing envelopes I would so be in. Maybe you should call in on your local Nastie support network for some slaves… I mean volunteers…

  11. damn, i found out about the fundraiser to late. i totally would have given money. its great you guys are actually going to autograph all 1500+ pictures, thats incredible.

  12. The next time you guys run into some Nasties on the street, you should invite them back to the studio, then put them to work. You could be like, ‘Oh My God! It was so great to meet you. You guys should totally come up to the studio, meet Spudgy, and stuff some envelopes.’ We all know, we’d totally focus on the, ‘…meet Spudgy!!!! I’m so there.’ Easily overlooking the agreed upon stuff envelopes. Pimp the dog.

  13. I was completely distracted by Spudgy and Meemers during the stop animation assembly line sequence. They’re just so cute!

  14. I can’t wait to hear the special donor song :)

  15. “We sometimes see Nasties in the wild and take pictures with them. Simply smiling for pictures is no fun. Why not make an awesome pose so that the picture is more awesome?” If I ever get to meet you and take picture together, I know what pose I’d like to make. If you let me rub your faces.

  16. I really like simple videos like this :) Thanks for updating us! I think it’s awesome how you made all of the perks super special by having unique poses for the pictures and adding cute packaging and stickers and secret notes and stuff. I know that must take a lot of work, but it shows that you really care. I’m so excited to get mine! :D

  17. go go guys!!! you can do it!!! HWAITING!!! (haha)
    ooohhh~ feels like i haven’t seen the Loverholic Robotronic room in ages!!!!!

  18. In three hours you took the photos, signed them, and sealed them. All you need is several more hours to fill in the address.

  19. Okay, this isn’t about this video but… is Infinite H’s Fly High video not going to be added to the kpop charts? I doubt it will be reviewed but is it even going to be added?

  20. WOW! that is amazing! I wish I could help out!

  21. Wow! After 1500 polaroids, will you ever want to take another photo again @_@
    Good Luck~

  22. Your studio is really turning out to look amazing!!!! It looks so chic and cozy at the same time. It reminds me of like a chic NY city apartment at christmas, lol.

  23. Woo! Thanks for posting this! (I was wondering when we’d start seeing your progress) :D
    Lookin great though~ ;)
    Good job you guys, keep it up! <3

    (btw seriously you guys look so thin! You're motivating me to try to keep my willpower up on my diet!) :O

  24. I feel a bit guilty that I asked for a polaroid when I saw how many you had to do but not so guilty that I’m not still looking forward to it arriving. *sorry*

  25. omg i laughed all the way through this you guys are Awesomeeee Simon and Martina can’t wait to get the package! thanks for putting so much effort into this thank you guys so much *tight hugs* >v<

  26. I don’t remember anymore, but are these Polaroids for everyone who donated or for those who donated a certain amount? Just wondering!

  27. Oh my god, I feel so bad for you guise! Haha! Almost like I wish I just donated without signing up for the perks! You’re truly amazing! <3

  28. Wow that takes a lot of work… but good job to you guys!!!
    And so lucky for some Nasties to be getting perks but you all deserve it for helping S&M on the studio =)

  29. What does the sand pose look like? haha

  30. I donated, but I didn’t do a perk. I figured you guys had enough perk things to do, so I didn’t want to add to that ^^;

  31. Wow… good luck to you guise!!! And the video genius…love the speed motion to see all the processs. U rock!!! love u guise!! keep on the hard work! Fighting!!!

  32. just wanna let you know that i appreciate all the work (and incentives!) you guys put into making ur fundraiser as amazing as you did. i bet those polaroids are just awf-some (awful and awesome) to get done. :D

  33. WELL DONE GUIES!!! 220, that’s like 1/7 … I suppose that means it’d only take you roughly 20 more hours or 7 more session of 3 hours? I can’t math ^.^’

  34. I did something similar to that assembly line thing. I was helping a friend who was hired by a cafe to make some souvenirs. I don’t evny you guys one bit. Doing the same thing for hours can get frustratingly boring and tiring real quick.

  35. Give SooZee her own show!

  36. Good luck getting through all those pics lol. Can’t wait to see which one i get. I think its awesome how you guys are making the Polaroids unique with different poses and such.

  37. You guise are so awesome <3 Do your best and hang in there!

  38. Polaroids and polaroids and more polaroids!! omgggg~

  39. My favorite ones are where you weren’t prepared for the picture. *dumbfounded look + nose picking*

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