So a lot of Nasties living in Korea having been mailing us and asking about if they can drop by the studio to buy our hats and shirts. We were hesitant to do so since we don’t have a store staff, but if you’re willing to come by while Martina and I ruffle in boxes looking for your size, we’d love to see you!

This Sunday, December 15th, from 3-7PM, we’ll be here! Spudgy will be here! So will his brand new shirt design!


Here’s a Google Map of how to get here:

View Larger Map

And here’s a Google + link on the studio!. When you’re here, you can even check in via Instagram or Facebook or Google+ or whatnot. We’re locatable in each :D


If you’re taking a taxi here, you can tell them to put in the GPS Mapo-Gu, Seogyo-dong, 363-1 You’re in the right place if you can spot Boons, Club NB2, Monster Pizza, and Cafe Guinaru. We’re on the 4th floor above Monster Pizza and Coffee Guinaru.


Fast Walk, 5 Minutes
Sangsu station, Seoul Subway Line 6: Exit 1
Go up the stairs and swing right immediately. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes (you’re walking towards Hongik University) until you arrive at the lights with the VANS Shoe Store on the corner. Keep walking straight at the lights and just as you pass the building on the corner under construction, you’ll see two bright red doors on your left (and Club In2deep). Head inside and up to the 4th floor! If you pass the Monster Pizza you JUST missed our entrance, back up!

Longer Walk, 15 Minutes
Hongdae Station, Seoul Subway Line 2: Exit 9
Go up the stairs and walk straight to the first set of lights. Turn left and walk all the way up the main road until you hit the end of the street. Don’t cross the street, just turn right at those lights (you’ll be facing the entrance to Hongik University). Walk straight for 3 minutes. On your right you’ll see Monster Pizza and right after it is a set of red doors and Club In2Deep. Head into those doors and upstairs! We’re on the fourth floor above Monster Pizza and Coffee Guinaru!

We also doodled our own map with lines and stuff. Try this picture out as well!


The prices for stuff in our shop is gonna be cheaper than how much it costs online because you won’t have to pay for shipping. Yay! But, because we’re going to be selling these in person, rather than online, our accountant said we’re going to have to charge VAT, which is 10%. But it’s still going to be cheaper than if you paid for shipping.

Shirts – 21,000 won
Nasty Snapbacks – 29,000 won
Bunny Beanies – 23,000 won
Patches – 12,000 won
Bunny Beanies with Patches – 32,000 won
Cat Bowlers – 35,000 won

We can only take cash, because we don’t have a credit card machine, because we’ve really never done anything like this before! Eeeeeeee! We’re really excited, and really nervous, because we have no idea how this will turn out, but it’ll be exciting to see some nasty faces in the studio! We can personally sign your items, rub our butts on them and even have Spudgy sneeze on them. Wow, fantastic baby!

  1. Is this pop-up store event happening again this year by any chance? :)

  2. Do it again next year!!!!!

  3. i wish i can come :( but omg i can see his reflection when he rolls out of the set LOL

  4. I have much need of this Spudgy shirt…..

    Also..have much need to visit Pop-up store but since that won’t be happening I shall moon over the shirt.

    good luck guise! I think…if I got the time frames right, this should be happening later today?

  5. Ahh! Sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun!! I’m waiting to get a Nasty Snapback and EYK shirt for when I reach my goal weight :D That and an AOMG shirt ^o^

  6. Oh the woes of not living in korea

  7. Words cannot even express how freaking excited I am. I want that spudy shirt. Or a hat. I don’t know! I just want something! EEEEE!!!

  8. Hahaha Don’t stop believing!!! i’m pretty sure that was my grad song… it got pretty annoying… and i’m pretty sure not an appropriate song in thinking about your future… Meeting people in bars and such

  9. I have that in my fridge and that stuff is goooood (ranch dressing). I think any ranch lover like Simon would love it.

  10. Aw wish I was there to come. D: You should play Kpop Christmas music. SME and ZE:A’s company have had Christmas music done!

  11. OMG. I am so sad. I will be in Seoul on the 28-30th not this weekend. I wish guys you had a regular store, not just an online store.

  12. Asfhoereugerpg I’m coming into Seoul on December 15th! Hopefully I can convince my travel partner to go! I so want to meet the Spudge and buy a kitty bowler hat and greet you guys!

  13. NNNOOOOO I WANNA GOO SO BAAADDD!!!! But I have plans!! I don’t even want to go to the plans I have I WANNA GO TO NASTY STUDIOSS!!! Uggghhh.

    *temper tantrum*

  14. So I will DEFINITELY be there!! And *ahem* you know…Spudgy might…disappear..after I leave…

  15. martina’s arm! the tattoo grew!

  16. AWWW MAAAAN, I would kill to be there.

  17. I’m going to be in Korea on January… NOOOooooo~ Oh well, at least now I know how to search the studio when I’ll come! XD

  18. That picture of Spudgy on Simon’s t-shirt really made me think of that big furry creature from ‘The Never Ending Story’. (sings) “The never ending sto-r-y. Na na na na na!”

  19. You guys are killing me with this. Sigh. One day I will visit the Nasty studio and find my name on the wall, but for now I guess I’ll have to live with the new insanely amazing Spudgy shirt and a bowler hat.

  20. I went to your studio during summer. Too bad you guise were having livestream at home instead! ^^;

  21. Congratulations! You guys are so awesome and Eat Your Kimchi has come such a long way! You guys really deserve all these great things! I’m so happy for you two and the crew~

  22. can you guys do this maybe once a month or at least again in march when i’m planning a visit to korea? i’m not trying to evade shipping so much as i want a guarantee i get to roll my nasty window down, pull out a wad of cash, and throw it at you two screaming just take my money already.

  23. *Remembers Boton event-shudders* O.O I think I’ll camp out a bit earlier so I don’t have to wait in a GINORMOUS line again. And plus, this will give me an excuse to drop off your Christmas gifts. Ah-Ha! It’s OK if I drop off some gifts, right?

  24. This is really awesome. I wish I could go. And this also will give you guys an idea of if actually having someone just deal with merch would be a good addition. And oh my god, so many celebrities are gonna be there, I mean who doesn’t maybe get the chance to see Soozee and Leigh up close. Oh yeah and Big Bang, but OMG SOOZEE AND LEIGH~
    I wonder if people will end up giving you guys stuff or buying you pizza and coffee?

  25. *lookes up last minute flights*
    probably more expensive for one weekend in Seoul than shipping, BUT totally worth it!!

  26. Man I wish we had these directions a month ago when I spent a solid hour running around Hongdae looking for the studio. Ended up finding it and getting some pictures though. It was late on a Saturday and you guys were probably out partying. :)

    • Same here: tired a few times, but always got lost [in Hongdae, that’s not too bad, lots to do]. HOWEVER on the last try I found the waterfall of lights that is the YG building. stop. fangirl spin. and BEHOLD! I found EYK Studio on my last day in Korea ^_^

  27. I think Mr. Brohoho would be a perfect candidate for selling these nasty stuff… ;D

  28. I would have pass by instead had i knownnnnnnn :( i put in my order this morning…but yeah i guess it’s cheaper for me since i didn’t have to buy a plane ticket as well…lol. But this is a great event yeahhh for the Korean living Nastiessssssss have fun :)

  29. WAIT! I thought the 4th floor doesn’t exist in Korea? XD lol I feel bad for the superstitious people

  30. Isn’t it the bodies automatic response that you are drunk the instant you hear or start singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’?

  31. Ooh, guise awesome event is coming but 3 months too early TT^TT Or too late,’cause I was in Korea just in September and I’m coming there again for next March~ But now.. I’m about 6000km away from you and your amazing stuffs *tears* But good luck for Post up Store, it’ll succeed ;D

    P.S DId anyone else see Simons roll out of the camera through the window XDD!?!? U can actually see his smooth moves ;DD

  32. LOL I wish I could go and get a t-shirt and beanie and get to meet you guys. And if the Spudgy was to sneeze on my items I would forever keep them in a glass container and put them on display in my house, lol, oh and it would be awesome if I could get some Meems cat hair to throw on it as well ya know for added flavor, lol.

  33. darn you people in Korea….darn you….
    *sigh* i’m just so sad!!

  34. Put a video out about it! :D
    I wanted a cat bowler, but like I wanted a snapback, it’s not gonna happen ’cause my head is too small :c

  35. OH MY GOSH i want that Spudgy new shirt! It is GLORIOUS!

  36. I’M SO JEALOUS. They get to buy all the cool merchandise AND see Simon and Martina and possibly Leigh and possibly Soozee?!? I WANNA GOOOOOO.

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