So a lot of Nasties living in Korea having been mailing us and asking about if they can drop by the studio to buy our hats and shirts. We were hesitant to do so since we don’t have a store staff, but if you’re willing to come by while Martina and I ruffle in boxes looking for your size, we’d love to see you!

This Sunday, December 15th, from 3-7PM, we’ll be here! Spudgy will be here! So will his brand new shirt design!


Here’s a Google Map of how to get here:

View Larger Map

And here’s a Google + link on the studio!. When you’re here, you can even check in via Instagram or Facebook or Google+ or whatnot. We’re locatable in each :D


If you’re taking a taxi here, you can tell them to put in the GPS Mapo-Gu, Seogyo-dong, 363-1 You’re in the right place if you can spot Boons, Club NB2, Monster Pizza, and Cafe Guinaru. We’re on the 4th floor above Monster Pizza and Coffee Guinaru.


Fast Walk, 5 Minutes
Sangsu station, Seoul Subway Line 6: Exit 1
Go up the stairs and swing right immediately. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes (you’re walking towards Hongik University) until you arrive at the lights with the VANS Shoe Store on the corner. Keep walking straight at the lights and just as you pass the building on the corner under construction, you’ll see two bright red doors on your left (and Club In2deep). Head inside and up to the 4th floor! If you pass the Monster Pizza you JUST missed our entrance, back up!

Longer Walk, 15 Minutes
Hongdae Station, Seoul Subway Line 2: Exit 9
Go up the stairs and walk straight to the first set of lights. Turn left and walk all the way up the main road until you hit the end of the street. Don’t cross the street, just turn right at those lights (you’ll be facing the entrance to Hongik University). Walk straight for 3 minutes. On your right you’ll see Monster Pizza and right after it is a set of red doors and Club In2Deep. Head into those doors and upstairs! We’re on the fourth floor above Monster Pizza and Coffee Guinaru!

We also doodled our own map with lines and stuff. Try this picture out as well!


The prices for stuff in our shop is gonna be cheaper than how much it costs online because you won’t have to pay for shipping. Yay! But, because we’re going to be selling these in person, rather than online, our accountant said we’re going to have to charge VAT, which is 10%. But it’s still going to be cheaper than if you paid for shipping.

Shirts – 21,000 won
Nasty Snapbacks – 29,000 won
Bunny Beanies – 23,000 won
Patches – 12,000 won
Bunny Beanies with Patches – 32,000 won
Cat Bowlers – 35,000 won

We can only take cash, because we don’t have a credit card machine, because we’ve really never done anything like this before! Eeeeeeee! We’re really excited, and really nervous, because we have no idea how this will turn out, but it’ll be exciting to see some nasty faces in the studio! We can personally sign your items, rub our butts on them and even have Spudgy sneeze on them. Wow, fantastic baby!

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