Woohoo! It’s LiveChat time again! Now, we usually do our LiveChats on Friday, but we had to come in on Sunday, today, to do some extra work, so we figured that we’d do our LiveChat at this time. We’re trying to figure out a good time for everyone. Last time we did our LiveChat, people were off going to school or work, which would suck for them, I’d say. So maybe, now that it’s the weekend, more people have free time? I hope so!

Also, just wanna put this announcement out there now: no videos this Wednesday…because it’s gonna be Martina’s Birthday! So, that’s why we’re in today, to try to prepare for the videos that we’d lose out on. Sorry guise! Birthdays and Anniversaries are specifically no-work days, and – though we’d love to do a TL;DR for that day (a Spudgy Draw My Life?) we’d be giving into our workaholism a bit too much. So…yeah! I’m sure we’ll post birthday pictures along the way, though, as well :D

So, I guess today’s like, a pre-birthday party, with Martina opening a bunch of presents. Yay! Thanks to everyone whose packages we opened today, including:

– (fan art) Alma (Lancaster, Cali USA)
– (fan art) Jacob (Halifax, Canada)
– Diana (Los Angeles, USA)
– Sarah (Pennsylvania, USA)
– Shannon + Sean (Flordia, USA)
– Jenny (Washington, USA)
– Deb + John [and Tiffany from Everything In Between] (Missouri, USA)

A whole lotta North America this time around! We’ve got some extra packages from other parts of the world in storage, but we just didn’t have time to open them today. Tonight’s a busy night!

See you guise tomorrow! The Indie Playlist is uploaded now. We just gotta finish annotating it. We’ll publish it later this evening, so stay tuned :D

And, umm, sorry for ending this so abruptly! Someone special came by the studio and we had to leave right away ;)

  1. Hey! Martina what size shoes do you wear? I want to send a gift.. You will never guess what I want to send. ^_^ mwhahaha

  2. Happy belated birthday Martina! :)

  3. *** This is doesn’t really have anything to do with the live chat, but I didn’t know how else to share this with y’all. ***

    So, I’m not sure if Simon knows who Tyler Oakley is, but apparently he keeps a pepper grinder full of crushed Cool Ranch Doritos in his kitchen. Oh yes. Is it genius? Madness? Only time will tell.

    Anyway, I was wondering: we all know how Simon feels about ranch dressing. But what about Doritos?

  4. can anybody finish the tongue twister martina mentioned about the royal loyal **** something….. i want to use it in my next class with my students and ive scrolled through this live chat a million times trying to find it :'(

  5. YOU GUYS WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY TOO?!?!!?!!!!?!!?! dying I loooove Downton Abbey

  6. Do you have Facebook or Twitter? If you like/follow them you will be able to see when they post the details of the Live Chats. The time and day changes a little bit depending on when they are available, so keep an eye out and hopefully you’ll be able to catch the next one :)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EatYourKimchiPage
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/eatyourkimchi

  7. lol i have those rose clips. i totally loved the oh crap they are here shut of the camera lol.

  8. Happy early birthday, Martina! I hope you have a great day!
    Yes, you guise should definitely not give in to your workaholism all the time. I worry sometimes that you two (and now SooZee and Leigh) work too long and hard. I know you have fun with your work, but I hope you regularly remember to take breaks, not just for birthdays but on a regular basis. Rest and recharge your batteries! Anyway, I hope you all have a really great week!

  9. :O Is that watermelon? I want this!

  10. OMG I got the Seinfeld reference haha yesss

  11. since it’ll be tuesday where i am when it’s wednesday in Korea, i’ll be celebrating my birthday on the same day as Martina!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m not missing another Livechat ever T___T

    “Someone special” *________*

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Aww, I wanted Simon to wear the hypotenuse shirt around AJ! D: And if you didnt want to wear it for the livechat (since it would have given it off that you were interviewing them) then maybe you could have worn another shirt on top of it? xD Then when Soo Zee’s like “They’re here!!” you’re all like “takes off shirt. Hypotenuse shirt underneath.* “OH YEAH” lol just kidding, but still, awesome livechat & hope the interview with uBeat went well! Can’t wait to see it :D

  14. OMG you have to come to Norway! You just have to!!! :O

  15. I am so glad that you liked the hats that John and I sent you. But did you find the little package that I sent for LeStat? It was in a clear zip lock baggie. Perhaps the customs people thought it was something else. Just in case you didn’t see it, it was a baggie of “dirt” (actually some thread, cut paper and a pinch of potting soil) from Missouri just in case LeStat was tired of “eating” Korean food. In any case, hope that y’all get a lot of use from the hats and that Spudgey’s coat fits him.
    God bless you and yours
    Debbie (Hears The Water)

  16. y simon not wearing the t-shirt that he always wear for ukiss KMM??

  17. ubeat will be suprise to see a bunch of fanmail there…

  18. Arrgggg now I know when you interviewed uBEAT and the wait to see it is going to kill meeee T^T ( .-. I’m not trying to rush you guise though, I know it takes forever to edit *sighs*)

  19. Qatar? omg I’m living in Qatar at the moment too! Where art thou fellow nasty? D:

  20. We didn’t actually want to say who it was, in case some crazy fans decided to rush the studio, you know? That’s why we had to be vague.

  21. i’m sure people already pointed it out but it was ledapple who did those covers, not lunafly^^

  22. Martina your hair is VE~RY pretty!!!
    aawww Spudgy dram my life would be so cute!!!

    SIMON!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!!!!!!! TAKEOVER NIGAHIGA’S YT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …well just post a video really…BUT DO IT!!!!!
    i mean he really must know a little about kpop since he had that bromance vid with Jay Park….(i think)

  23. Hahahaha. Yes, that was it. They came here earlier than expected :D

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