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Pre-Birthday LiveChat!

April 28, 2013


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Woohoo! It’s LiveChat time again! Now, we usually do our LiveChats on Friday, but we had to come in on Sunday, today, to do some extra work, so we figured that we’d do our LiveChat at this time. We’re trying to figure out a good time for everyone. Last time we did our LiveChat, people were off going to school or work, which would suck for them, I’d say. So maybe, now that it’s the weekend, more people have free time? I hope so!

Also, just wanna put this announcement out there now: no videos this Wednesday…because it’s gonna be Martina’s Birthday! So, that’s why we’re in today, to try to prepare for the videos that we’d lose out on. Sorry guise! Birthdays and Anniversaries are specifically no-work days, and – though we’d love to do a TL;DR for that day (a Spudgy Draw My Life?) we’d be giving into our workaholism a bit too much. So…yeah! I’m sure we’ll post birthday pictures along the way, though, as well :D

So, I guess today’s like, a pre-birthday party, with Martina opening a bunch of presents. Yay! Thanks to everyone whose packages we opened today, including:

– (fan art) Alma (Lancaster, Cali USA)
– (fan art) Jacob (Halifax, Canada)
– Diana (Los Angeles, USA)
– Sarah (Pennsylvania, USA)
– Shannon + Sean (Flordia, USA)
– Jenny (Washington, USA)
– Deb + John [and Tiffany from Everything In Between] (Missouri, USA)

A whole lotta North America this time around! We’ve got some extra packages from other parts of the world in storage, but we just didn’t have time to open them today. Tonight’s a busy night!

See you guise tomorrow! The Indie Playlist is uploaded now. We just gotta finish annotating it. We’ll publish it later this evening, so stay tuned :D

And, umm, sorry for ending this so abruptly! Someone special came by the studio and we had to leave right away ;)



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