Hey guise!

And thus ends another successful LiveChat! Two times in a row now that we didn’t have major lagging issues. Hooray! Screw you, former LG Router!

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun in this week’s LiveChat. You heard Spudgy drumming, my moose nightmare, and saw our fascination with Mason Jars. Special thanks go to those of you who send us awesome packages this week, including:

Lauren from Pennsylvania
Majya from California
And the special Orange Region box from, Crystal, K. Lyn, Kawehi, Sofi, Leilani, Kimberly, Cecilia, Kyung-Lee, and Veronica!

We also took some pretty pictures of the boxes beforehand, because we like putting pretty pictures on the site. Check em out!


Anyhow, here’s an update on how things are looking these next couple of weeks. In one word: crazy. We’re flying out on Thursday for Sweden, taking part of Narcon for a couple of days, flying back Monday night, then doing Coffee Shop non-stop till we open in August. EEP! We’ve got a few videos pre-planned already, but Music Mondays are a bit too time sensitive to film in advance. We’ll keep you up to date as much as we can. Sorry if we miss out on some videos, but opening a coffee shop isn’t something you can half ass. It takes a lot of energy. We’re gonna do our best to not neglect you guise online, but we might miss a couple of videos.

In other news, we’ve got some new faces coming into the Eatyourkimchi Studio to help out with all that we’re doing. We’ve got a really cool thing we’re planning for the coffee shop. I can’t say what yet, but it’s pretty big and awesome and very original. These people are gonna help out with that. We’re not sure if they’ll be comfortable on camera. Leigh and Soo Zee get recognized in public sometimes now, so we’re starting to warn people in advance that this might happen if they show up in videos. It’s their choice if they want to reveal themselves. If they do, we’ll gladly let you know who these lovely people are :D

We’ll keep you up to date with any LiveChats that we do. Make sure you don’t miss out on them by clicking on this pretty button below. Woohoo!

  1. Hey Martina and Simon! Are you planning to sell your goodies in your coffee shop? I’ve got my eyes on that oh so nasty! cap and I’m coming to Korea in August :D Anyway, wish everything goes as you like for the coffee shop!

  2. Hi Simon and Martina, I don’t know if someone else said, but in the US, smarties are a fruity candy – they’re like a compressed powder candy sold in a roll wrapped in cellophane. They are like sweet tarts or pez but they are smaller and the shape is cylindrical with concave ends. I’ve had both the M&M variety and the fruity kind but I’ve not seen the fruity kind outside of the USA, and I’ve not seen the chocolate ones in the USA unless it was in a store that sells international candies and such.

  3. Oooohhh I was the one who designed the Orange Region sticker on the box! Its awesome to see it on there as well on the t-shirt Martina was wearing after the Orange Region meet up!

  4. Whoo-hoo. I was superexcited when you mentoned my name on camera. Doing a little dance of joy!!

  5. Even though it was only because you couldn’t pronounce the name above mine it totally made my night to hear my name on live chat!! :D You guys rock and I love watching your videos!

  6. So, what I’m saying is….you should do your live chats on Saturday Korea time, so that the rest of the world who’s a day behind you, can enjoy them live on Friday night their time. Although I realize you guise aren’t usually in the studio on Saturdays, but hey, maybe you could do them at your soon to open coffee shop! :) On Saturday! In front of a live coffee shop audience. OMG, that would so be cool! :D

  7. for the secret drink of the week would u put it on instagram

  8. heeeeyyyiiiiii If you’re taking pictures beforehand, you already know the surprise! Just like i did every christmas : D
    I love your hair & makeup in this, martina! So gorgeous!
    I like using manic panic in my hair (i started using it after watching your vid) and i think it’s so fun to see the darker colour fade : D

    • We don’t actually see what’s inside. Other people are taking the pictures for us. That way the package can be checked to see if anything is about to go bad, and also we can get pretty pictures :D

    • Ha! This week was a bit strange. Sometimes, if the package mentions food/candy in the description, they won’t wait for the live chat, and just open it to check if there’s consumables that might go bad – then put up photos in the blog post later. But this time S&M were like WHAATTT that box is so prettyyyyy we wanna open it on camera!! So I re-packed it again for them =_=
      But hey, at least they hadn’t eaten any yet :p

  9. AHEM!! Purple region Nasties!! Philly may have great food but the Peeps are from Bethlehem PA!! :P Where I’m from, just saying. lol.

    • you’re one the Purple region on Facebook, right?? if you aren’t yet, join!! lol I was talking about the Greater Philadelphia area, in general (ha! more like the Greatest Philly area!)

  10. Wow! I tangented on youtube last night to a woman cooking who had these great bangs and I was like “hey, I should cut my hair like that too!” and then, less than 1 hour later, here pops up Martina with the exact same bangs! Thanks for scooping me Martina :P ;). Speaking of bangs – chin bangs? – ewwwwwwwwwww! Are you going all bearman or ZZTop with the beard Simon? It looks hot (as in sweaty, not as in smokin’ hot looking) Simon, I hope the summer stays cool for you. Great live chat as always.

  11. I can’t wait for you guys to open a coffee shop! Ohh and I’m so curious about the name. I wonder what will be your next project..

  12. Ooooh my Purple Box got to you!! I am so happy :D Incidentally, you should totally choose Philly as a destination some time…it’s the best… no really, it is! Martina, I made the tissue paper and pinwheels for you to repurpose! (I, too, love tissue paper; it’s the best.) love you guys!!

  13. What would be the spirit animal for British Columbia?

  14. Do you guise know the specific date for your coffee shop opening?

  15. Hey if u go to straya then u should try to come to nz too! Omg that would b awesome. Come to Wellington!! I think u guys would really like it :)

  16. If the European nasties are picking patterns, does the UK have its own pattern, if so what is it? ^^

  17. So the Canadian nasties have chosen their regional animals :) I’m so excited for the next LiveChat :D

  18. Oh! For some reason I keep thinking that the live chats happen Fri night/Sat morning here in the US. :(
    But now that I think abt it…it does not make sense. No wonder I keep missing them! Hope to see you for the next one! xoxo

  19. My second live chat and also my first time commenting and BAM! Martina mentioned and indirectly complimented my name.
    1. Martina: Yes, last name is Rasberry. 2. When Martina mentioned my name, I actually fangirled like crazy and yeah… Never expected that to happen and this just made the rest of my day :D


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